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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  February 10, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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alone. weather headlines for your friday morning, it's a cold and dry outside this morning. windchills down in the singles and teens. there's a beautiful full snow moon out in our sky now. it goes down at 6:42 this morning. feel free and encouraged to send me pictures on twitter@chuck bell 4. we'll keep the daily grade below average and you know, temperatures have to be below average once in a while. otherwise we'd just call it march. >> that's what happens. and we are seeing a cold spell and i only say spell because it's going to be very sholived bundle up this morning especially the kids at the bus stop. this is what really matters when you step outside is what it feels like when the wind hits your skin. feels like 13 degrees in the district. gaithersburg is now down to feeling like 6 degrees. feels like 14 in quantico. we're looking atl
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take a look at what's going to happen today. actual temperatures are in the 20s. we'll stay that way until lunchtime and then we finally get into the 30s. a cold day today. a closer look at what you can expect into your week and a warmup coming. let's check the roads with melis melissa. >> a couple of things that just cleared out of the way. beltway overall looking pretty good. this is gone as well. southbound 95 there at 630. stafford, work zone was blocking the right lane. it is now out of the way. this one is hanging around. northbound 295 at benning road. blocking the right lane here and taking a look up top at all of those routes in and out of town good northbound and southbound. >> the nomination is confirmed.
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has been confirmed as the new secretary of health and human services. with the latest cabinet confirmation, focus could return to republicans' plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act. president trump said the change would come closely after price was confirmed by the senate. >> in a new ruling the nooirintr s circuit court of appeals. >> people with valid visas from the 7 predominantly muslim countries are free to travel in and out of the u.s. as if the order never existed. but this is far from over. president trump made that clear saying in a tweet last night saying in all caps, see you in court. the security of our nation is at stake. the president spoke to ree
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shortly after the court's decision was announced. >> we'll see them in court. it's a political decision and we're going to see them in court and i look forward to doing it. >> we have a situation where the security of our country is at stake and it's a very, very serious situation so we look forward as i just said, to seeing them in court. >> the latest ruling also touched on the justice department's claim that presidential decisions on national security are quote, unreviewable. the court said that claim has no precedence and runs contrary to our democracy. >> hillary clinton tweeting 3-0. that's in reference to the judges' unanimous decision against the travel ban. close to 110,000 people have retweeted her tweet and coming up in ten minutes, we'll look at reaction from both sides on the court's decision. we'll also break down what happens next and the possibility of a supreme court battle. today, a parent and teacher vigil is
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jefferson middle school academy in southwest washington. the group is protesting a visit by the new secretary of education. the washington teachers union will be there at 9:00 a.m. when betsy devos shows up. the actual visit inside the school is closed to the news media, but mark sea graves will be there covering the protest. you can follow him on twitter for updates throughout the day. also today high school students if loudoun county are planning a walkout. this is in response to two of the trump administration's actions. the executive order on immigration and the confirmation of secretary devos. seven schools are participating. the time right now is 5:04 and in arlington county, the health department wants parents to keep their sick kids at home because a nasty stomach bug is spreading. >> we're live at oak rid ridge elementary school in arlington. what is going on over there? >> reportew
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their kids are really sick. there's a nasty stomach bug that's taking its toll on oak ridge elementary school in arlington. more than 80 kids are out sick this week as a result of this bug and health officials are telling people, stay home. if you don't feel well just stay home. now, health officials are testing for the possibility of the norovirus inside the school, those test results though, not back yet. they are taking measures like disinfecting various surfaces inside the school to get a handle on this. the symptoms include stomach ache, fever, vomiting, those are just a few of the symptoms and parents say it's really been a very difficult week. >> just got a phone call from the clinic that his stomach is not feeling well. >> last week our child had a fever. >> reporter: and the best way to avoid getting sick is to wash your hands frequently with warm
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your child is sick, keep them home. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. a 15-year-old girl is missing right now. take a look at your screen. this is sierra adams. she walked away from her home on gun smith terrace in the wood ridge area last night. her family has no idea where she is. prince williams county police say she could be in danger right now. she was wearing a hoodie with a yellow symbol on the front when she went missing. if you know anything, call police. metro riders, the next safe track surge begins tomorrow and will last for 18 days. the work will be done along the blue line. no blue line trains will be in service during the work. no stations will be closed except for arlington cemetery which will be served by buses from the pentagon station. now, in order to accommodate blue line riders metro will run is yellow line between
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franconia, springfield and green belt. metro is also adding yellow rush plus trains. if you take the green line, your travel time may be set back a bit in order to accommodate those additional yellow trains. we'll have more on the safe track surge on our nbc washington app. we note's a lot to keep ahold of. right now crews are make repairs at the waste water treatment plant. a spokes person says a pressurized sewer main ruptured yesterday afternoon. the facility provides drinking water to communities in prince george's and montgomery counties. >> it is just a great time to be a d.c. sports fan like me especially if you're going to games at the verizon center. >> she drops, score! >> so you remember how the wizards went 17 games in a w?
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scored 5 or more goals in ten straight home games. get to some of these games. they're only the second time to do that in nhl history. the caps also knocked their 11th straight win at home. the caps, that team is so good, they really deserve a stanley cup. i'm just saying. okay. in one year, a relatively unknown city in south korea will be at the center of the world stage. we're talking about pyeongchang, the host of the 2018 winter olympics. excitement is really building all around the world and the olympics will give more people a chance to learn about korea. you don't have to travel all the way to pyeongchang to do that. the korean cultural center in d.c. has performances and classes that show case the heritage. it's a great local resource leading up to the winter games. >> so now that korea is on the radar for people, this will be i think for a lot of international
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first upclose and personal look at what the country is like today and they'll see a huge change. >> there's been an explosion of korean popular culture over the last couple of decades. k pop. korean film drama, all very popular around the world. all types of arts and traditional and contemporary. you need to check out the center. the exhibits change once every month even and the center shared the olympic mascot. >> you could speak korean. >> white tiger for the olympics and this is the black bear. i've got to figure out how to get them out of these plastic wraps. >> these are the olympic mascots? >> yes. >> so cute. >> coming up on ten minutes after the hour now. >> good morning. i'm check bell. i'll be bringing a pen to the studio to help free
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from that bear from the plastic bag coming up at 5:21. right now you need to get bundled up. windchills back down into the single numbers and teens. sheena will talk about your commuter foreca and as i said i'll be back at 5:21 on a check on that five-day forecast through the weekend. it is a closure that could change your plans if you were going to grocery shop at this store this weekend. what we're learning about a popular whole foods store that abruptly shut down. and some of the items named product of t year. hohew z29kvz zstz
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just about 5:13 and the cold has settled in big time. >> this is going to be painful to be outside today. >> don't go outside, eun. >> okay. this is what we do. we warn people. but so this morning we're dry so that's good. as you go through your morning commute your tgif commute it is grij frigid out there. dry roads so that's good. it's going to stay cold all the way through the entire day today. take a look at the feels like temperature. teens and single digits. bundle yourself up, bundle the kids up. let's look at the commute this morning with melissa mollet. >> so everything rolling along well here. a live look here, you can see no worries there. 66 and 95 also looking quite good. northbound 295 at benning we still have that work zone there blocking the right lane this morning and right now 270 from 70 down to the spur is
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minutes. developing right now, local reaction still coming in after a federal court's ruling to halt president trump's executive order on immigration. >> we're live this morning with more on the reaction from both sides on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, you know, this is all about the constitution in action, really the system of checks and balances and of course this comes after that unanimous decision by a three-court panel of the ninth circuit court of appeals that voted to uphold a ban on the ban on travel from seven countries around the world, mostly muslim countries as well as a ban temporarily on all refugee travel into the united states. now, of course this decision comes after the government had argued that the um grags and national security and with the executive order that the courts had no jurisdiction to check o
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court in itself did say that's exactly what they are here for, to put a check on the executive power. now, what this means in the real thing of life for all those folks waiting is that the folk who is are against this ban are kind of relieved. >> so many people have been harmed by this ban, families, states, people who are coming back to their hospitals. >> reporter: and of course, the president's reaction was quick. it came in a tweet in all caps. it essentially said see you in court and that the country's security is up and what that could very well mean it could go to the supreme court, a 4-4 supreme court now. so that has a whole other set of ramifications yet to come. back to you. >> here's what happens next with that travel
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virtual certainty the government will try to move this case to the supreme court. the justice department could file that request as early as today. with eight justices on the court right now, there is a chance for a tie, which would uphold the current ruling blocking the executive order from being enforced. the message from the appeals court indicated that because the executive order was broad and covered green card and visa holders it harmed the u.s. now to an on gouing investigation into the prince george's police department. the justice department is looking into discrimination complaints into the department. >> i found that repulsive. repulsive. >> a 300 page report includes a complaint filed including this photograph showing a vulgar anti president obama license plate. another shows a training dummy with a black man's face and a wig to it. the police chief believes
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taken inside the old training facility. he also noted some of these wigs here were used on a white female dummy in a training video. news 4 reported on a training scenario about a year ago. meanwhile some residents have mixed opinions on this discrimination in the police department. >> if there's not a problem they need to see why they said there was a problem. >> our prince george's county bureau will be following up on this later today. those of you living in northwest d.c. have one less option for groceries. the whole foods is closed right now. the sign indicates they violated the health code. we're waiting to hear back from the health department to see what caused that store to close. >> the top products of 2017. the winners will be able to put a product of the year logo on their packaging. you can see some of the winners here. other winners,
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tropical skittles and energizer rechargeable batteries. >> you know what's going to happen? they got an award. we should eat skittles and oreos at home all the time. >> now f you're still looking for somewhere to take your valentine on tuesday, we have you covered. >> there are a few things you can do for a special night out on the town. the hotel's day to remember package offers a luxury suite, a moonlight monument tour with a professional photographer and dinner and a lot more. looking for something a little less expensive, ice skating is a tried and true choice. unless you're falling all the time. >> then you have to grab each other.
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up at 6:00 a.m. >> $867. >> it is a frigid cold morning but at least we don't have to be outside shoveling snow. >> that is what's happening pretty much everywhere in the northeast. we're joined live now from new haven. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. here in new haven, connecticut, folks are waking up to lots and lots of snow. we got a whopper of a storm that hit us yesterday and what a lot of people are going to see is exactly what's in front of me which is big-time piles of snow. here in new haven we got what is likely a little bit less than lots of parts of the state. about a foot of snow fell but in some parts we saw as much as 18 to 19 inches of snow when it snowed all day long yesterday and it was a storma
5:20 am
the winter had been relatively mild. we only saw one or two real snow incidents but nothing like what we saw yesterday. for hours the snow fell and now it's all about the cleanup. we are told that the city is going to be loading up all of the snow on to trucks to take out of the city and get this place cleared out. we are life in new haven, connecticut. back to you. thank you. good to see you. we covered the pope together in philadelphia and she's from here. >> we also love a little cold. it has to be a little cold around here. >> why? >> because, eun, mother nature doesn't like it to be warm all the time through the heart of winter. >> okay. >> and if you think it's been a mild winter you are correct. as of now, this is the seventh warmest winter on record. number three happened just a couple years ago in 2012. at the rate we're going we're likely to have a top five finisher and in fact,
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the ten warmest winters on record have been in the last 20 years. climate change is a real thing. you can always follow me on twitter to find out more about those climate facts and don't forget to have your storm team 4 nbc washington app fired up and ready to go. for this morning, yeah, put your tongue out. it's cold outside this morning. no, don't do that. temperatures in the 20s now with windchills in the teens. it will stay a mostly cloudy day today and cold too. highs today only into the upper 40s and look at the good news for the weekend. mostly cloudy for tomorrow but enough sunshine to get us into the low 60s. sunday also mostly cloudy. 50% chance of showers primarily after 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, this afternoon. certainly mild. upper 60s, some places central virginia might be flirting with 70 degrees on sunday. it comes to a big end monday, ferociously windy once again as another big storm
5:22 am
northeast coastline. we'll be back with a closer look hour by hour but now let's go over to traffic. >> taking a look at 95 in maryland coming down from 32 on the beltway, ten minutes southbound and then as you're headed northbound, no big problems there northbound either this morning. as we look elsewhere, southbound branch avenue at 301, that is now gone out of the way. that work zone has been eliminated from my list here this morning. 66 here and 95, you can see no big problems right now. looking quite good. see you here in ten minutes. thank you. it is video that's hard to watch. the terrifying moments a school bus crashed sending kids on one side of the vehicle to the other. >> and
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life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach.
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terrifying moments children experienced during a school bus crash. this is the moment a bus in ohio crashed with an suv and rolled over. several students on board. you can see they were thrown from their seats to the other side. the children were able to escape quickly and no one was seriously hurt. it's official. george clooney and amall clooney are about to be first time parent to twins. he confirmed it on a talk show appearance. the babies are expected to arrive in june. the couple married in 2014. >> i think they're going to be some very smart and good looking babies. >> they better be. >> wow. let's check in with sheena parveen. >> a frigid start to the morning. single digit feels like temperatures plus chuck has the look at the four things you
5:27 am
>> our weather is nothing compared to what people to the north of us are seeing. the impact that's having on travel and schools in new england. >> a local student seen beaten on
5:28 am
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good morning and welcome back to news 4 today. i'm eun
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minute the minute you're upstarting with the weather where you live. >> let's check in with chuck and sheena. how's it looking out there? >> it's good but it is cold outside. number one thing to know, shiver me timbers, windchills back in the single numbers this morning so bundle up if you're headed out. >> bundle yourself up and bundle your kids up. on the four things to know, shiver me timbers, the sunshine is not going to last. over the weekend, believe it or not, mild again for the weekend. we have another weekend warmup but on sunday, the rain chances are going to come back in the forecast. before you walk outside here's what it actually feels like, so these are the numbers that are important this morning. what it feels like when the wind hits you out there. 13 is what it feels like in the district. feels like 7 in gaithersburg. feels like 10 at dulles but we do have some problems in the district this morning. let's get a check on that with melissa
5:31 am
here talking about maryland avenue at 7th street in northeast. just getting reports that we have lanes blocked through the area. we'll look into this in the next couple of minutes. inner and outer loop of the beltway, no problems. at the bottom of the beltway, all those routes in and out of town, everything thaz cleared out of the way. had that earlier problem at 5 and 301 and that is out of the way as well. we'll take a look at travel times coming up. thanks, melissa. your time is 5:31 and here are the top stories we're following. a federal appeals court refused to reinstate president trump's travel ban. the president tweeted see you in court. this is shaping up to be a likely supreme court battle. >> if your kid seems to be sick, do not send them to school. that's the message from the arlington county
5:32 am
department. we'll explain more in about 15 minutes. metro's next safe track surge will start tomorrow and will last 18 days. during that time no blue line train service. they plan to add more trains to the yellow line to accommodate those riders. a student faces second degree assault charges. this is cell phone video of her attacking another student. we should warn you it may be disturbing. >> police say a 15-year-old girl attacked a 17-year-old girl at einstein high school on monday. the victim as changed schools fearing for her safety. the school is responding with this message. >> we always encourage students to stay in our school system. we want to provide them with safe place to learn. the behavior in this video is disturbing and disheartening. >> the parent who shared the video with us thinks it is unfair that the vict
5:33 am
attacker was just suspended. he was charged with plotting a terror attack in northern virginia and today he will find out how long he will spend in prison. chris gordon will be in the courtroom in alexandria this morning. you can follow him on twitter. jala is a naturalized u.s. citizen and a former national guardsman. he was arrested after a three month sting by the fbi. the fbi believes he was helping isis and wanted to carry out an attack like the shooting at fort hood. also in northern virginia this morning a developing case in stafford county. chase rook is facing charges of assault and abduction. the sheriff's office said rook slammed his ex- girlfriend against her car while her one-year-old baby was in the backseat and then they say he forced her into the car and started driving. deputies arrested him later after he drove back and she called 911. some fo
5:34 am
virginia neighborhood are on edge after a series of car break-ins. police say more than a dozen incidents happened in the old neighborhood. they were reported here on 41st street early thursday morning. crooks got into about 16 cars. >> showing your valentine that you care doesn't have to hurt your wallet. >> we're in new york city with ideas you can make on any budget. >> reporter: from studio 1a where we are getting ready to help you be mine on a dime from some wonderful photo gifts that are easy to make and valentines for the whole family. we are going to show you things that are so simple to do and don't cost much money. that's coming up on the "today" show after news 4 today. back to you. and right now in our app you can see some simple photo magnets that you can make for just a few dollars. dozens of students sick. the virus taking a toll on at least one school and what health officials are doing rigow
5:35 am
keep it from spreading further. >> and where you can now take a nap for a price. first let's check on your forecast. >> all right. thanks, aaron and eun. it is indeed a cold start this morning. it's cold there along route 120 out in fairfax county as well and temperatures right now are in the teens and 20s and the feels like numbers are down near about 7 for the current windchill in gaithersburg, so layer up on your way out the door this morning. coming up at 5:51, sheena's going to have your whole ten-day forecast and mostof those
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some breaking news coming into the live desk. >> details on what appears to be a thwarted terror attack. >> we are getting some information into the live desk out of southern france where anti terrorism forces say they've uncovered a makeshift laboratory with explosives in it. as a result of that they've arrested four people including a 16-year-old. the type of explosives that they found is the same type they say was used in the november 2015 attack in paris as well as the march 2016 attack in brussels. one official saying that one of th
5:39 am
be planning a suicide attack. as soon as we get more information on this story we'll have it for you from the live desk. back to you. it is now 5:39. this morning cleanups continues in parts of the northeast after the biggest snowstorm of the season there. >> folks are digging out from philly to new york. but their cleanup, it seems pretty minor compared to places like boston and northern new england too. the powerful noreaster shut down schools and businesses all along the mid-atlantic and made travel miserable for millions. >> my boss said i'll see you guys monday unless i get snowed in. i was being facetious but now maybe not so much. guess who's back on saturday night live this weekend? if you guessed alec bald
5:40 am
would be right. he has been in pretty much every episode that portrays donald trump this season. there is another familiar face you might see on the show tomorrow night. this one, look at this. r rosie o'donnell and this is what she might look like. she looks an awful lot like steve ban non. earlier this week people called on her to play bannon on the show. president trump vows to fight for his so-called travel ban in court again. what could happen next after an appeals court refuses to reinstate his executive order. >> and maryland governor larry hogan under fire. what he appears to be doing on social media that has some people upset. >> and coming up, it is a frigid friday but i'll show you just how warm the weekend will be. yes, another warmup coming. that's next.
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now at 5:45, if your kids are staying home sick today you're not alone. >> the bug hitting one northern virginia school hard. >> and i'm chuck bell. your outdoor planner, it is cold and dry outside this morning but we have increasing optimism and increasing temperatures that you're going to enjoy the weekend. sheena's got all the details in your ten-day forecast coming up next. >> plus, this problem in the district, maryland avenue at 7th street northeast, all lanes blocked there and we'll have travel times for you coming up. covering northern virginia now, the arlington county health department wants parents to keep their kids home if they're sick. that's because of a nasty stomach bug spreading. >> we're live at oak
5:45 am
ridge elementary school in arlington. that school's been seeing dozens of absences this week. right? >> reporter: yeah, it's really taken a toll on the elementary school. this nasty stomach bug, they're not sure what they're dealing with but more than 80 students have been home sick with whatever this is. it's a variety of symptoms, stomach symptoms, fever and the like and basically health officials are saying if your kid is sick, keep them home. health officials are testing the school for the norovirus. they're also disinfecting surfaces inside the school. those test results though are not back yet. so they're still not sure what they're dealing with here, but it apparently is contagious and it's making its way around the school. parents say it's been a really tough week. some students yesterday actually came to school only to start feeling lousy later in the day. we bumped into a few parents yesterday who came to pick up their kids and take them home because they were not feeling well. remains to be seen how many stud
5:46 am
but certainly if your child has symptoms, keep them home. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you. there are dangerous conditions on the ground in new york. >> and it is brutally cold outside there right now. that's causing some concerns as people wake up and head into work this morning. >> we're joined live from long island now where there was a blizzard warning yesterday. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, eun and aaron. i'm on islip where the brunt of the snow hit. more than a foot of snow here. but if you take a look at this, this is what we're seeing on the parking lots and sides of roads. this is blowing back as the wind blows as well causing some problems but we're seeing trees down about every half hour yesterday and you can see why. the snow, wet and heavy,
5:47 am
weighing down the trees across long island. take a look at some video that we have to show you what it looks like here in new york. in the city things are fairing a little bit better. schools are back open after being closed yesterday but here on long island, many schools still closed. a lot of travel problems. there are ice on the onramps, the offramps. more than a foot of snow in some places and the cold temperatures this morning really causing a problem. i want to show you back out here, this is the long island railroad where many people catch the train into new york city for work. trains running back on schedule today. take a look at some of the cars we're seeing from people who may have left their cars here overnight. i just talked to a gentleman who said it took him about 20 minutes to dig his car out of the snow especially when plowed had pushed snow back on
5:48 am
vehicle. reporting live, back to you. thank you. it's 5:48 right now and fairfax police say they do not plan to release the name of an auchser involved in a deadly police shooting so the federal judge cancelled a hearing on the restraining order preventing the release of that officer's name. this man shot his two brothers and then came to the door with a knife. police shot and killed him. the officer who shot and killed gear later pleaded guilty to manslaughter. a silent protest against plans to build a pipeline beneath the potomac river and the national park in hancock, maryland, we're with the potomac river keeper network and he helped organize a demonstration last night at an open house to discuss the plans. the project would carry natural gas from pennsylvania to
5:49 am
transcanada says the pipeline would increase supply options but critics say the risks outweigh the benefits. >> if you've got your own water or even well water, you know, you don't know what could happen in the future. >> we're going to drill sideways. it's going to eliminate the impacts to people who use the river. >> the pipeline plan still needs government approval before ground breaking. white house advisor kellyanne conway facing new questions over whether she broke federal law during an interview with fox news. >> go by ivanka's stuff. i'm going to get some myself today. it's a woerndful line, i own some of it. i'm going to give a free commercial here. go buy it, everybody. you can find it online. >> that high profile plug has democrats and republicans demanding answers from the white house. >> sources
5:50 am
crossed the line with that on air endorsement and now the committee wants conway punished for that plug. this all comes from snowboanord decision to no longer sell the product line. >> it was out of bounds. of course we're going to call it out and there needs to be dealt with. >> the white house says conway was quote, counselled about her remark. conway sas president trump supports her 100%. president trump faces his next dig diplomacy challenge. he will spend the next few days with japanese prime minister. the two leaders will meet at the white house this morning and then travel to golf together this weekend. see you in
5:51 am
his travel ban will be restored. >> that legal showdown is shaping up to go to the highest court. edward lawrence is live on capitol hill now to explain what this latest appeals court ruling means. >> reporter: it's very interesting in this decision. it was unanimous and one of the judges was appointed by a republican. the judges did not -- or the three-panel judge did not rule on the merit of the case but they did say the government showed insufficient evidence to overturn the ban on the travel ban that was set in place by the lower court. the attorney for washington state who brought this case says that he recognizes the authority for donald trump to write checktive orders b-- executive but says he needs to follow the constitution. donald trump tweeting he will see you in court. he can appeal this to the u.s. supreme court or he can ask all of the judges in the ninth circuit to write their ruling. >> live on capitol hill for us. thank
5:52 am
5:51 right now. we just heard that allegheny county schools have a two hour delay today. i'm going to guess they have snow out there. >> from yesterday as well but also some refreezing this morning so we could be seeing some icy spots. it is cold. look at the feels like temperature right now. yes, this is what matters when you walk outside. this is why we're saying it is a frigid friday start and to bundle yourself and the kisd ds too. 13 degrees in the district. feels like 9 in frederick. 10 at dulles and it's going to stay cold as we go through the entire day today. if you have the friday plans it's still going to be cold but it will be dry so at least that's good. lunch, 35 degrees today. happy hour, 41. by dinner time, right around 40 degrees so yes, cold but dry so that is the key here. this is future weather. we'll see the clouds move back in so clouds will be increasing. saturday a warmer day, but a dry
5:53 am
start to your weekend. more warm air moving in on sunday. by sunday afternoon we have a chance for rain. no snow. we'll be way too warm for that, but we are looking at some showers in the forecast. take a look now because i mentioned the warmup through the weekend. look at this temperature trend heading our way. today a little below normal. we're going to go into tomorrow with a high of 62. by sunday, 67 degrees. we're going to go back above normal. today though, 42 for a high temperature so you see the big temperature swing coming again. then we go into next week. we're back around 50 monday. next chance of rain and snow comes thursday. let's take a look at the roads this morning with melissa. >> so right now maryland avenue at 7th street onorth ooers,easte response there. beltway you can see 66 and 95, no big issues right now. same thing when you're looking through the prince george's county area this morning. let's take a look at travel times. 270 south
5:54 am
south, looking good. 66 inbound and 95 northbound, no worries there. remember to listen to wtop when you hop in your car today. there is a renewed push for the boy scouts of america to allow girls to join. the national organization of women is spear heading this effort. last week it sent a statement urging the group to change its policy. the group cited a 15-year-old girl from new york city who wants to become an eagle scout like her brother. the youth group recently opened their ranks to gay and transgender boyce. we all know that sleep is one of the keys to good health, but some of us just don't get enough of it. >> i never get enough sleep. >> the world of napping pods and where you can pay money for some extra sleep in d.c. >> reporter: in a
5:55 am
known for power suits, many take pride in their ability to power through. >> washington likes to push, push, push, push. >> reporter: that's where the nap comes in. >> consistent power napping will increase your productivity throughout the week. >> reporter: she's the manager at the new nap studio in downtown d.c. >> you'll have a greater sense of calm. it will calm all of your stress. >> the first time some of my colleagues and i came down we were so giddy after wards, like we almost had like three cups of coffee. >> reporter: here 15 bucks guy buys you 25 minutes of shut eye. >> we've heard about the den fits of rem sleep. if you don't stay in that long enough you wake up more tired than when you started so the best power naps are only about 20 minutes so you don't fall in that deep rem sleep. >> if you can change your life by taking
5:56 am
>> reporter: she knows this all too well. her daughter fell asleep at the wheel and had a crash. her daughter survived. it was a wakeup call on the importance of sleep. >> the cdc says one in three adults gets less than 7 hours of sleep a night. good morning i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. apple expected to release three new iphone models and reports say they could all come with wireless charging. last year reports said apple is working on cutting edge technology that may be able to poir devices at a distance. apple already uses wireless charging for the apple watch. >> thanks, landon. the tsa says it is no longer giving a free pass to people for the precheck line. the agency was allowing some travelers to use the line even if they weren't enrolled on
5:57 am
flight by fliegght basis but it says going forward it you have to be a member. here's a story to share on your facebook page. where is sierra adams?
5:58 am
z29kuz zstz y29kuy ysty
5:59 am
the ruling is unanimous. president trump's immigration travel ban is still on hold but the legal battle is far from over. racially charged photos, a new look at why minority officers claim there is rampant discrimination inside a local police department. >> massive snowstorm, it skipped us but we are still feeling the impact as the northeast digs out from the winter storm. just about 6:00 a.m. let's check that breaking news now. >> we're following a fire in northeast washington right now. >> we are hearing that this is in northeast as you just mentioned, a row house there and as a result of this we are now hearing that two people have been transported to the hospital. we've got news 4 on the way to the scene. we're hearing from first responder that when they arrived fire was visible from the home. we're talking about a row home on the 7
6:00 am
so 600 block and 800 block are now blocked due to that police and fire activity. as soon as we get more information we'll bring it to you here from the live desk because we don't know what the extent of the injuries are for these individuals. these two people have been transported to the hospital. good morning, everybody. it is 6:00 a.m. now. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. you have to bundle up big time. we're talking about temperatures that feel like they're many the single digits. we're getting your day started with weather and traffic. the good news is the weekend is going to be warmer. >> sheena around chuck, the bearers of good news. >> that may be the first time he's ever said that about us especially in the wintertime. tower cam looking out to the west, there's tyson's corner on the left side of your screen and up here on the right hand side of your screen, that is the full snow moon


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