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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 12, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EST

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north korea threat. now on "news 4 today," the new promise from president trump as north korea launches a missile toward the sea of japan. church protest. why members of one of our area's oldest churches are planning to rally and the history they're trying to protect. first comes the rain, then strong winds are on the way. tom kierein is tracking a big change in the weather and how you can get ready for the workweek ahead. good morning, everyone. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm molette green in for adam tuss this morning. okay, so the rain has started to fall here. that's the beginning of some changing weather throughout the day. >> but what you're going to want to brace yourself for later is going to be all those high winds. there's actually advisories that are going to be put in place. to break it all down, let's go to tom kierein. >> all this is
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big area of low pressure that's passing just to our north. that's what's giving us some of the rain right now. it's also going to be drawing in some mild air by later this afternoon. as that storm goes by, it will rapidly and dramatically deepen as it gets over new england. that'll give us the wind later tonight into monday. right now we're getting the rain. storm team 4 radar showing the moving colors. this area in the yellow coming down pretty hard here in the shenandoah valley. that's tracking due east. it will be coming into the metro area in about another hour or so. this rain off to our west, that's going to pick up in intensity and come on through. hour by hour temperatures, we'll stay cool here then climb to near 60 by mid afternoon. we'll get that rain tapering off. a look at those winds and big changes on the way over the next ten days coming right up. >> thank you, tom. we continue to follow breaking news. this is out of calvert county. that is where a 52-year-old woman was killed as sheke
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it happened in the area of hallowing point road and stafford road. calvert county sheriff's office says brenda hill was hit by a man driving a pickup truck. the driver was not hurt and is cooperating with police. another story that we're following that we want to update. they were reported missing for almost a month, but this morning we're told that 16-year-old lizzy and her 5-month-old baby boy aiden are back home. fairfax county police say liz zzi returned home just before midnight. both, we're told, are in good health. police say they'll work and provide assistance to them as needed. president trump is facing one of his first international tests after north korea launched a missile into the sea. the u.s. military says it landed in the east sea early sunday morning. japan's prime minister, who's spending the weekend with the president in florida, condemned the launch. president trump pledged
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>> i just want everybody to understand and fully know that the united states of america stands behind japan, its great ally, 100%. >> the u.s. military says the launch poses no threat to the u.s. and was not an intercontinental ballistic missile. north korea has conducted missile tests in the past with its most recent in september. well, after spending the weekend with president trump, japan's prime minister is headed home. meanwhile, the president is hinting at trying a new approach on his controversial immigration executive order, which could come as early as tomorrow. nbc's kelly o'donnell has the details. >> reporter: presidential diplomacy marked with trump's personal brand. the white house motorcade carried the president and the japanese prime minister from the president's palm beach home at mar-a-lago to a trump golf club.
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the president sent out a photo of his round with shinzo abe on twitter. all part of a three-day whirlwind of hospitality from the white house, aboard marine one, to a patio dinner at the president's home. during the flight to florida, the president hinted that after court defeats of his seven-country travel ban, he's ready to try a different approach. >> we'll win that battle, but we also have a lot of other options, including just filing a brand new order on monday. >> reporter: mr. trump tweeted a statistic about the refugee flow. our legal system is broken. 77% of refugees allowed into u.s. since travel reprieve hail from seven suspect countries. so dangerous. here are the numbers. 882 refugees from those countries were admitted during one week. from syria, 359. from iraq, 252. none from yemen or libya. the state department says the figure cited by the president is
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had created a backlog of vetted refugees, so the number appeared higher than usual when the courts allowed them to enter the u.s. meanwhile, another milestone for melania trump, who hosted mrs. abe for a luncheon and garden tour, mrs. trump's first solo duties as the first lady. >> and that was nbc's kelly o'donnell reporting. you can catch up on all the politics of the week on today's "meet the press." chuck todd will have sunday exclusives with senator bernie sanders and former virginia senator jim webb. chuck will choin join us for a preview in a few minutes. a bethesda church fighting back against new construction that's happening right next door. >> and news 4's derrick ward is live to tell us why the church is so worried about what is under the ground. hi, derrick. >> reporter: hey, good morning again. the church we're
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is macedonia baptist church. you see it there behind me along river road. this is the last vestige of a community that sprung up after the civil war. this is all about development that began back in the '50s. take a look at this map. this is the area in question. now, over on the other side of river road, it's believed there was a burial ground there for those folks who had settled in this community, former slaves, freed slaves, their descendents. that's been built over. there's actually a parking lot there. we're told there were actually some tombstones that could be found there as far back as the '50s. now a new round of development is set to begin. the county planning board will be looking at some plans for developing that site where they say their descendents are buried. the folks at this church are going to have a demonstration la
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desecration of sacred land. they want a study done to see where those graves were and then perhaps some sort of observance or commemoration those graves existed. we have seen word from some planning authorities that they're, too, awaiting studies to see that this cemetery would be observed, at least remembered somehow, even with a plaque or some sort of observance and parkland that could be built along that area. it's a very complicated situation. what it comes down to is folks here, descendents of a century's old community, want to make sure the last vestiges of that community don't get paved under. more on that story later on today. right now we're live in bethesda, derrick ward, news 4. >> thank you, derrick. we'll stay on top of the developments there. it is warming up, but you can see there in derrick's shot and this one, it's cloudy and there's rain out there. tom is updating his forecast with when you can expect showers and those strong winds to roll
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and take a look at this video here. rushing water and a driver in danger. a child on that car as well. the dramatic rescue as flash flood waters surrounded this vehicle. y27mly y16fy
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now during havertys presidents day event. havertys. life looks good. welcome back. take a look at these dramatic images that are coming out of california. firefighters lowered that life vest to the man and that young girl as the water continues to race and rush underneath them. they, along with another man who was in another car, were caught in flash flooding out in santa clarita. this is just north of los angeles. president other man was also rescued and no one was hurt. you don't have to drive very far to visit one of the oldest churches in america. take a trip to falls church, and you will come across the falls church e miss k
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yesterday it honored the slaves who helped build the church brick by brick. the congregation dedicated a plaque inscribed with the word "repentance." >> be with us now as we pause with gratitude and repentance to honor the slaved people whose skill and labor built the falls church. >> the word repentance and the connotation really made a difference. >> and the church says this is an effort to acknowledge the past and help with healing. well, turning to the weather, a live look at storm team 4 radar. you might feel that sprinkle out there. it's happening. lots of sprinkles. tom is closely tracking how soon those showers will be moving in. you see them all over northern virginia, mostly around school time, right. crossing guards. this crossing guard, ana hernandez, she's s
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i want you to meet ana and get to know a little bit more about her on news 4.
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so this is an important job that isn't always appreciated while you're sitting in traffic. >> i know. we've been talking about this story. it's a big talker. an arlington county crossing guard now has this new honor, and she deserves it. she's one of only six recognized this week by vdot for her
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northern virginia reporter david culver introduces us to this woman on a mission to safely guide children. >> crossing! >> reporter: from arrival to dismissal -- >> okay! >> reporter: she's that guiding force outside arlington's ash lawn elementary school. meet miss ana hernandez. >> someone who starts the day right for kids. >> and she's so happy. doesn't matter what the weather is. >> reporter: for three years, this wife and mother of two from el salvador has cherished her job. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: but suddenly she's starting to get more praise,
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more attention than she's used to. >> oh, thank you. can you give me a five? yay! they were saying congratulations. i said, why? then i asked and they told me where to go to find it out. >> reporter: ana among the last here to find out. she's been named a most outstanding crossing guard by v-dot. >> it's been hard for me, you know, especially when you don't know that much english. but people here are so wonderful. >> i actually trained her when she came. so i got the pleasure of getting to really know her. >> you're feeling really proud then. >> right. >> reporter: one little boy handing miss ana a personal thank you. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: she's trying to take it all in. >> it made me so happy. i never know that the people appreciate me this much. >> reporter: in arlington, david culver, news 4. all right. so we're live on facebook right now.
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that they are seeing sunshine in southern maryland already. >> yeah, a little sun breaking out there. it may get to near 70 degrees there this afternoon. here, maybe near 60. our northern suburbs may only be in the low 50s this afternoon. all this associated with an area of low pressure passing to our north. right now a live view from our tower camera overlooking reston, virginia. a cloudy sky, some of the pavement getting wet there as we've had the rain coming on through. we'll have this off and on here into the afternoon. the heavier rain, this area in yellow, coming into the shenandoah valley, will be passing into the metro in about an hour. by 11:00, though, it should be starting to push a little bit east of us. then by later in the afternoon, just a few scattered sprinkles coming on through. we'll have the sky then clear out. we'll get the winds picking up tonight. temperatures will be hovering near upper 50s to near 60 just in the metro area. chillier to our
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just to our south. we've got this high wind warning, these areas in orange. that's for 11:00 tonight through monday. 60-mile-an-hour gusts, spotty power outages and maybe wind damage. for the commute tomorrow, blustery winds throughout the day with sunshine, highs in the upper 40s. a cold morning tomorrow. then milder on tuesday and wednesday, chillier toward the end of the week. look at next weekend. another mild pattern. remaining dry, sunshine, highs in the 60s. that's the way it looks. >> like that, tom. thanks. talking politics now. almost three weeks into the trump presidency, and we're seeing a major court battle play out over immigration. >> and joining us now, moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd. you came running in here because you wanted to set this all up. >> of course. >> so nice of you to show up. >> you've got two great guests. >> i'd like to think i have three, so there. and a great panel. i'm up to seven. come on now. >> you're doing great things. but of course
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stories, many big stories with this new presidency and the new administration, the executive order and what donald trump says he might do tomorrow. >> in fact, we end up in a long conversation with the president's senior policy adviser on two of those executive orders, the one that's been in the court system with the travel ban, and they're continuing on this path of we're pursuing all the options right now. yes, it could be a repeal and replace with a new order, or they could challenge it or i've been told they can do both at the same time. have a new order in place and still fight the legal fight on the old order because they believe they want to establish those grounds, that they are on legal ground on that. the second order that will be part of the conversation that will live a lot longer has to do with what exactly is the enforcement procedure that border agents now have when it comes to these immigration surges, this immigration surge we've seen around the country. does now -- before, president obama said you prioritized
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that have committed multiple crimes that are not citizens, deport them. >> which we're seeing happening. >> that's right. the question here, is simply being here as an undocumented, which is a crime, a misdemeanor, is that now something that's being enforced in a way that it wasn't being enforced before. that's where the trump administration is essentially say thairg n saying they're not going to tell people how to enforce the law, which is different from president obama. >> a lot of complexities. real quick, i want to get a question in about russia and the national security adviser, michael flynn. is he in jeopardy now that it's being reported that he talked with the russian ambassador prior to trump taking office? >> when you are an embattled white house aide and nobody is speaking publicly in your defense, you should be nervous. president trump didn't do it on friday. he made it seem as if he'd not heard about the story. we know what a voracious consumer of media he is. tha
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were mike flynn. this morning, steven miller, senior policy adviser, made it clear that the white house gave him not much to say on mike flynn and wouldn't say whether it is a fireable offense if you mislead -- if you knowingly mislead the vice president, which ultimately i think is a personnel matter between the president, his trust with the vice president, and his trust with the national security adviser. i think ultimately, that's what this is going to be about. >> never a dull moment. >> we know flynn and pence talked on friday, trying to contain the fallout. a lot to talk about on your show. >> nine minutes. >> catch that in nine minutes with chuck, 10:30 right here after "news 4 today." don't miss it.
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y27mky y16fy
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all right, mr. trump. do you have one legitimate reason we need this ban? >> of course i do. it's so simple. the bad people, they're pouring in, and you see them and it's isis and san bernardino and chicago. i mean, look at chicago. it's hell. they're bad dudes coming in here, bad hombres, bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do. >> alec baldwin at it again, back as host for this week's "saturday night live," playing president trump. ball w baldwin's version of the president took the judges who refused to reinstate the travel ban to people's court in an effort to get it reinstated. but the night also featured the return of melissa mccarthy as white house press secretary sean
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spicer. >> that's nordstrom's loss. these are high, high-quality products. in fact, i'm wearing one of her bangles right now. it's beautiful. it's shimmery. it's elegant, and at 39.99, that's unbelievably affordable. >> but she's not done yet. there you go. she bought the shoes too. we also have jeff sessions here. kate mickinnon playing the fake attorney general. there was also a fake elizabeth warren, a fake kellyanne conway. they worked beyonce in. it was a jam-packed "saturday night live." i think the ratings are going to shoot through the roof. >> they've been through the roof. alec baldwin, how many? >> 17 times hosting. >> how many times as president? >> well, 17 hosting. four things to know this morning, president trump pledging to support japan 100%. it comeser
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launched a ballistic missile into the sea. u.s. military says it posed no threat to the u.s. and was not an intercontinental ballistic missile. an update to a story we've been following. 16-year-old lizzy and her 5-month-old baby are back home this morning. they were reported missing on january 15th. fairfax county police say both are in good health. montgomery county police trying to figure out if a road race caused a terrible crash on connecticut avenue. two people were hurt, one critically, saturday night. today, members of the macedonia baptist church will protest planned construction happening next door in bethesda. that's because they think there's an african-american cemetery underneath the construction site, and they want to preserve it. tom, those winds. >> you can track the rain too with the storm team 4 radar on the nbc washington app. winds moving in later tonight. it's going to be a windy day tomorrow. off and on rain ending here this
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strong winds tomorrow. may cause some power outages and maybe tree damage. the wind will diminish by tomorrow afternoon. highs near 50. storm team 4 ten-day outlook. after the alert day monday, we'll have settled weather. getting chilly toward the end of the week. next weekend, another mild pattern returns. >> nobody is complaining about that. those temperatures are feeling great out there. >> and tuesday looks love-ly. i had to get it in. >> well played. >> that's it for "news 4 today." "meet the press" coming up next. >> thanks for joining us. mom, i just saved a lot of money on my car insurance by switching to geico. i should take a closer look at geico... you know, geico can help you save money on your homeowners insurance too? great! geico can help insure our mountain chalet! how long have we been sawing this log? um, one hundred and fourteen years. man i thought my arm would be a lot more jacked by now. i'm not even sure this is real wood.
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r bills. there are times when it's nice that things go up. and it's sometimes even better
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this sunday, immigration fight. president trump's travel ban is struck down unanimously by a federal appeals court. >> courts seem to be so political. >> but the president vows to fight on. >> we'll win that battle, but we also have a lot of other options. >> so what happens next? i'll ask president trump's senior policy adviser, stephen miller. plus russian intrigue. after white house denials, national security adviser mike flynn concedes that, yes, he may have spoken to the russians about obama-era sanctions before donald trump became president. >> i don't know about it. i haven't seen it. >> is flynn's job already in danger? and hostile takeovers. angry


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