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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  February 26, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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i'm darcy spencer in downtown silver spring where hundreds of people have turned out tonight for a town hall meeting. we're going to have the story next. former president jimmy carter sees the 2016
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and white. why he says race cost hillary and new information on that nasty weather that just ruined your saturday. we now have confirmation that the storms were just as bad as they seemed. >> announcer: news4 at 11:00 starts now. hundreds of people packed a plaza in maryland tonight to hear how local lawmakers plan to challenge the trump administration. good evening. i'm erika gonzalez. as news4's darcy spencer shows us from silver spring, they agreed it's going to take a team effort to fight the trump agenda. >> reporter: a town hall meeting outside the civic center in downtown silver spring to talk about resisting and challenging president trump and his administration. >> it's really important to send a very clear message that
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do the bad things that he wants to do. >> reporter: hundreds of people crowded onto the plaza and packed a room inside to hear from democratic maryland members of congress and other elected leaders. >> we are the party of the labor movement. we are the party of the environmental movement. we are the party of the women's movement. we are the party confronting climate change. >> reporter: they talked about the affordable care act, abortion, immigration, and other topics. >> we have to fight, but we want to fight in a way that's going to produce results. >> reporter: we spoke to one democrat who is actually a bernie sanders supporters. he said that he's disappointed with the format here tonight. >> that's what town hall meetings are about all across the country. it's people standing up and talking to the people they elected. that didn't happen here. >> reporter: but clearly most here in the crowd liked what they heard. some wanted to hear from more voices, more women's voices.
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like should haven tonight wasn't here, and i really believe that it is a slap in the face to the movement, the women's march. >> reporter: in silver spring, darcy spencer, news4. new at 11:00, president trump and the first lady hosted the annual governors ball at the white house tonight. 46 governors and their spouses attended the black tie dinner. the first major social event under the trump administration. the president will be meeting with the governors tomorrow. and monday we'll also see the white house release its budget outline. a senior administration official says the budget will include massive military, intelligence, homeland security, and law enforcement spending hikes. the money will come from cuts to other government agencies. nbc news is reporting that the trump administration budget would force the president to either raise taxes or increase the deficit. bond has been set at
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allegedly plowed igras crowd in night. police say neilson rizzuto was drunk with a blood alcohol content nearly three times the legal limit. witnesses say that he hit other vehicles before veering into the crowd that had gathered to watch a parade. 28 people were hurt. >> we were just watching with some friends and thought the person was a terrorist like they had in europe. but it's not. it's stupid, you know. it's a shame. >> three people spent the night in the hospital. if rizzuto posts bond, he'll be on house arrest with an ankle monitor. one of hollywood's most prolific actors has died. bill paxton passing away from complications due to surgery. paxton's career spanning 40 years starring in movies like titanic, apollo 13, and the terminator. he was currently starring in the new cbs drama, training day. paxton received three
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globe nominations for his role in the hbo series, big love. paxton once said the hardest part of his career wasn't the work itself but the time in between. just two weeks ago, he was on nbc's last call with carson daly. >> you see big stars who work all the time. i've never had that one movie that really put it all together for me. >> paxton was 61. actors are sharing their condolences on social media, and you can read some of those messages on the nbc washington app by searching bill paxton. and beloved tv judge joseph joseph died today. his family confirming that he passed away in his sleep. judge joseph has hospitalized a week ago and had been under hospice care. he was best known as the no-nonsense judge in the people's court. he was a real judge spending 20 years on the bench in los angeles. he was 97. new at 11, the national weather service has co
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our area was hit with a tornado weather. storm team4 meteorologist amelia draper joining us with where the twister hit and just how strong was this? >> well, erika, the tornado hit in charles county right around 3:15. take a look at the map. i've mapped out the path of the tornado rated an ef-1 by the national weather surface. it originally touched down by rose wick road along the waldorf areas, kind of along route 301. maximum winds at 90 miles an hour. absolutely no injuries reported, but there were a lot of reports of damage to trees and roofs in that area. now, tornadoes are rare in our area for february. we have had some in the past, but it's unusual. as we look to this upcoming workweek, there's the potential for more severe weather in the forecast. i'm going to have more on that co u
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right now we're a 42. it's a cold start tomorrow morning. we're in the 30s here in washington. the suburbs will be in the 20s. clouds increase during the mid-morning hours, but we do warm up quickly. by 10:00 a.m., we're at 47 degrees. again, the potential for some thunderstorms this week as we look to the beginning of march. i'll have more coming up. thaa marine from ft. meade died after a hit-and-run crash in anne arundel county. this happened friday night. james walden was riding his motorcycle when a witness says a bmw crossed the center line and hit him. police say when they got on the scene, the driver of that bmw took off. officers found him nearby. charges are pending. family and friends desperately trying to contact this teenager, an gel lee ca rivas left work before her shift ended last night, and nobody has been able to get in touch with her
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she left around 9:00 last night. police investigators believe she may be in the new jersey area. she is 18 years old, and she lives in gaithersburg. if you've seen her, if you know anything about her whereabouts, police call montgomery county police. new at 11:00, william and mary has banned five people from the school's property after shotted were fired in the air. fortunately, nobody was hit and no property was damaged. williamsburg police say this happened just before 2:00 in the morning near the school stadium. officers heard four gunshots, and police were able to detain five suspects. they are not associated with the school. for the second weekend in a row, vandals target a jewish cemetery. this time, police say the crooks knocked over more than 100 headstones in philadelphia. authorities discovered the vandalism this morning. no arrests, though, have been made, and authorities have not released information on any suspects. if you'll remember, last week
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at a jewish cemetery in missouri. new tonight, former president jimmy carter thinks he knows why hillary clinton didn't win the white house. and for him, it all came down to race. >> i kept waiting for mrs. clinton to say, i'm for white workers too. but she mainly talked about gays and african-americans and hispanics and women and so forth. she never did mention white men. >> the former president discussed the election while teaching sunday school in his hometown of plains, georgia, today. carter said he wants his sunday school classes to pray for president trump and to pray for the country. meanwhile, virginia governor terry mcauliffe says he has assurances from dhs secretary john kelly that undocumented immigrants in the commonwealth will not be rounded up and deported. >> i take general kelly at his word that if you are here in this country and you are in virginia, and you have come
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illegally, they are not going after you to deport you. but i'll tell you this, they need to do a better job on their communications because they have scared people to death. >> governor mcauliffe became concerned after seeing a news4 report about i.c.e. arresting latino men who had just left a hype therm ma shelter in fairfax county. the governor spoke to secretary kelly this morning. it is hollywood's biggest night. we're live in tinsel town for the emotional speeches and the political statements. a very close call for a teenage driver. that is all that's left of his car. find out what went wrong. and one of our favorite stories of the night. a local couple exchanging their vows, and the hurdles they had to overcome to get to this very special day is making their wedding that much sweeter. stay up late with us. "sports final's" nominees are. bryce harper and the newest weapon in his arsenal.
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2000 it national weapon marylan you may have never heard before. and the present-day terps, a banner day for a dynamic duo. you're the winner when you stay up with us for "sports final," right after the news, rig here on nhtbc
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tonight, we are sharing the story of a virginia couple who tied the knot today, and the nonprofit that helped make it possible. an organization that's making wishes come true for couples facing the fight of their lives, who want nothing more than just to be able to say "i do." ♪ the day is february
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the top of the town in arlington. ♪ kanisha ashford walks down the aisle to marry her groom. today this couple thought might not be possible. tony has battled for years with kidney disease and just a couple of years into their dating, he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. now a nonprofit is making this virginia couple's dream day a reality. >> surprised and very, very grateful. >> wish upon a wedding grants wedding and vow renewals to couples facing serious illness and life altering circumstances. wedding vendors donate their services to the couples and just about everything is taken care. tanisha's wish
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i really am with everything that has been done. the generosity of all of the vendors and actually just the whole premise of wish upon a wedding. >> on their wedding day, doctors appointments and medical bills don't exist. this day is about celebrating life, a new life. >> mr. and mrs. tony and tanisha sims. >> with their closest friends and family by their side, the happy couple can dance the night away all thanks to a wedding wish that came true. ♪ i love this story. we are so happy for them. the couple shed a lot of tears throughout the years. a few years back, tanisha's father actually passed away from kidney disease. today was happy tears from all of us here too. to learn more about wish u a
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you my facebook page. switching gears, tomorrow the d.c. streetcar system will have been running for a full year. the cars run along a two-mile stretch along the h street corridor. there are eight stops along the route. they run from union station to oklahoma avenue at rfk's stadium parking lot. new at 11:00, a teenager is expected to be okay after driving a car off a parking garage in houston today. look at this. the vehicle fell seven stories and landed on its roof on top of a closed business. when firefighters got there, they found the teen covered in debris, sitting inside the locked hardware store. he had some cuts and had to be taken to the hospital, but credibly he survived this. police say he told them he accidentally got the gas pedal and the brake confused. it is hollywood's biggest night, and the academy awards didn't disappoint. we've got your wrap-up of
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the big inwithewinners, and the emotional acceptance speeches. some of the biggest awards are still to come. stephanie stanton joins us live from the dolby theater in hollywood with a look at some of the early winners. hi, stephanie. you look great. >> reporter: hi. thank you. good evening to you. you know, as expected, we did see some political jabs by first-time host and late night tv comedian jimmy kimmel. but so far a lot of politics has been very subtle. nothing too overt. however, as you said, some of the bigger awards still to come. but check out some of the winners so far. the night's first oscar went to mahershala ali of the coming of age drama "moonlight" with came into the evening with eight nom nations, including best picture. ali is the first muslim actor ever to win an academy award. >> everything that boy do, he do for you. >> the third time was the charm for viola davis.
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best supporting actress for "fences." davis won a tony award for the same role in a 2010 broadway revival of the play. suicide squad took the oscar for best makeup and hairstyling while fantastic bests and where to find them grabbed best costume design. it's the fourth oscar for that film's designer, colleen atwood. the war saga "hacksaw ridge" won for best sound mixing while arrival won for best sound editing. honors for best documentary feature went to o.j., made in america, which follows the childhood nfl career and murder trial of the former football star. the film also set a record at 467 minutes, it's the longest oscar-winning movie ever. and one of the more political moments so far of the night was when it came to the foreign film category. the salesman, that was the film thas
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iranian filmmaker. he boycotted the oscars due to president trump's travel been. he instead sent a nasa astronaut, an iranian born astronaut, who read a statement on his behalf. again, that was one of the more political moments we saw of the night. a lot of subtle politics weaved in throughout some of these speeches, but nothing overt. again, erika, the main awards still to come. >> stephanie stanton live for us there. so of course one of the big moments that's also getting a lot of attention on social media is the tour bus group that went through there. to see more about that, you can check all of our facebook and twitter pages. but since we have you here, stephanie, let me ask you about "la la land," a film that has so much buzz around it. how is that doing tonight? >> "la la land" so far has one three awards. of course it has been nominated 14 times. that is a record. that ties
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about eve." we'll wait to see for the best picture, best director, of course best actor and best actress. >> stephanie stanton live at the dolby theater for us tonight. thank you very much. we've got everything oscars right now in our nbc washington app, including a full list of the winners and photog galleries of the best dressed as well. really, really beautiful dresses tonight. you request open tcan open the oscars for that. and now your storm team4 forecast. >> as we look to the workweek, our temperatures, well, we start to warm back up. we only had one day where it actually felt like february today. tomorrow will be about 5 to 10 degrees above normal. we continue to warm tuesday and wednesday, but there are some rain chances in the forecast. you want to have the umbrella handy. wednesday potentially a storm team4 weather alert day with the potential for some severe thunderstorm thunderstorms. then before those storms move through, we're talking about near record warmth on wednesday, march 1st.
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i think we'll come close. it. right now, though, it is cold. it is feeling like winter. we're in the 20s and 30s in the suburbs. 42 in washington. mainly clear skies. we will start off monday with some sunshine but a cold start. 36 degrees. we do warm up quickly and also clouds move in kind of quickly. mostly cloudy by lunchtime. temperatures in the mid-50s. comfortable if you want to head out, grab some lunch. 4:00, a high of 58. maybe an isolated shower tomorrow evening. for most of us, monday looking completely dry. the weather having a pretty low impact on your day. the commute to and from work looking good. recess for the kids will be cool. light jacket kind of weather. exercise, really nice to go for a run tomorrow afternoon or during the early evening hours. maybe a little bit too cool to take the bike out, especially during the morning. and walking the dog tomorrow night after work, kind of
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warm weather. we're at least the second warmest february on record if not the warmest, but also the driest. not a lot of chances for rain on tuesday. a small chance for a shower during the early morning hours. notice mostly cloudy by dry conditions across the area. then we move into the evening hours. that's going to be the best chance for showers on tuesday. kind of similar on wednesday. 8:00 a.m., notice these showers back to our west. they don't really move much during the day. 1:00 we're still dry, but it's during the afternoon and evening hours. if we get that heat in, that's going to help fire up those storms. we have some potentially strong to severe storms moving in wednesday and thursday. biggest concerns, damaging winds. mid-60s or tuesday. mid-70s on wednesday. by friday, maybe some showers and highs in the upper 40s. we're going up, and then we're going down this week. >> we'll check back in with you
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thank you, ma'am. comi ng fireworks down in daytona. plus the wizards'
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. carol maloney joining us now. 6:00 we were talking about the wizards playing and you said that they were trying to jazz it up. >> yeah, yeah. >> who jazzed who? >> now we're moving on to awards and the awards for fastest way to get fans to freak out goes to -- the wizards. two-game losing streak. what happened is they looked flat in their first game back from the all-star break. but it wasn't too concerning since it was on the road and they were coming off eight days on the couch. now at home, a place they've only lost once in almost three months, somebody finally a panic button, please. then hide it from me. started as a happy
11:27 pm
g wiz celebrating his birthday with all of his mascot friends on hand. skip ahead, final seconds of the third. bojan bogdanovic. wizards starting the comeback. fourth quarter, wizards down 11. bradley beal for three. 22 points for him. wizards within eight. but utah's all-star gordon hayward taking over late. drains the three. jazz starting to pull away. a couple plays later, for from heyward. step back, nails it. 30 points in the game for gordon hayward. jazz hand the wizards their second straight loss, 102-92 the final. to college park. senior day for second ranked maryland. brionna jones, tory walker-kimbrough honored by the terps, both their jerseys in the rafters at xfinity center. they made it a senior day to remember. she knocks down that three.
11:28 pm
drive and finds the other senior, brionna jones. maryland clifrnches at least a share of the title with a win. 93-60. daytona 500. dale earnhardt jr., he's back. he missed 18 races last season with a concussion. lap 105 not exactly the way dale wanted. kyle busch blows out a tire, spins out and takes a lot of cars with him. just five drivers not involved in wrecks today. skip ahead, final lap. kyle larsen, here we go. in the lead but not for long. kurt busch making his move on the outside. it looks like larsen was running out of gas. kurt busch takes the checkered flag at daytona. his first career daytona 500 win. so much more coming up in just a few minutes on
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right now on "sports final." >> physicality. they had it. we did not. >> tough to take. the wizards on their rough return home. growing up harper. how the outfielder balances hard work and big fun. >> lard to believe it's been 15 years. >> remembering a championship. the stories that can now be told. >> i said to the players, i won't tell them you're here if i don't tell them i'm here. >> we're getting our groove on. "sports final" starts now. ♪ all right. good evening and welcome, everyone, to "sports final." if you are a wizards fan, you're probably hurting tonight or sl


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