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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 3, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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another person. >> the crash was so bad, it split the car in two. derrick ward is live on the scene in waldorf. what are you hearing? >> reporter: we're at the intersection of smallwood drive and st. niklas drive. what you see in the intersection is the front of the car with the engine block attached over the front wheels. on the other side of those fire engines and the emergency equipment is the rest of the car. this all happened about 12:40 this afternoon. witnesses and investigators say the single car that was involved with three people in it was traveling east on smallwood when it came upon traffic. witnesses say it was going at a very high speed when that happened. you can tell by just the way the debris is spread about this intersection that it definitely was going at a high rate of speed. some idea of the forces involved in this. we talked to one person who said thisar
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came upon stopped traffic. then he saw it all happen. >> the speed was so super fast. my truck shook. i drive a big truck and it shook. i said what's wrong with this kid? why is he going so fast? next thing i see, the traffic light here and there was a car in front of him. what i'm guessing is to avoid hitting the car, he must have turned to his left, lost control and hit that pole. that all happened in front of my eyes. >> reporter: now, we understand that one person was medevaced from this scene. that person is in critical condition. however, two other occupants of that car did not survive. investigators have identified them to family members. it is very tragic indeed. as the investigation continues
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intersection, if you travel this way, may be held for another hour or two while they do reconstruction and cleanup here in waldorf. that's where we're live, derrick ward, news4. we're also learning new details about a house fire that killed a man in rockville. these pictures show the size of the flames that engulfed that flame on willow lane. we've heard some new information about what the neighbors did when they realized the house was burning. >> reporter: meagan fitzgerald talked to some of those neighbors today. what did they tell you? >> reporter: they're telling us they heard a loud bang last night, then they heard a crackling noise. when they looked outside their window, they saw engulfed in flames. it's reduced to rubble. it was 70-year-old larry polli
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make it out alive. this is what's left of this two story home that sat on this lot for decades. investigators spent hours sifting through the rubble trying to determine how this happened. just before 10:00 a.m. they found the body. neighbors say he was a kind man who has lived in this neighborhood for more than three decades. so far, investigators say they're still not sure exactly what started the fire that ended up taking his life. >> likely the fire burned for a while before it was noticed. there's good indication that the fire had been burning for a while before it was noticed by neighbors. >> you don't want anything like that happen like this. you don't want to see anybody dying. >> reporter: right now investigators tell us that the fire and the cause of the fire still under investigation. but they don't suspect any criminal activity. coming up at
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members remember his life. also new at 4:00 the fbi has joined the search for a missing teenager from fairfax county. jamia holland is 14 years old, may be wearing glasses. holland was last seen wearing sky blue pants and a back bomber jacket. fairfax county police are looking for more killers after the discovery of two bodies in a park. a tip led them to holmes run park where they began searching earlier this week. police say the victims' deaths are likely gang related. the bodies have been taken to the medical examiner's office for identification. back in 2015 the fbi found two other bodies in that same park. these are the third and fourth victims discovered in less than two months in northern virginia,
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violence. >> this problem is horrible. this is four murders in this park. obviously we've had other murders in the region in the past few weeks. this is getting out of control and we need to stop it. >> coming up, why this latest discovery intensifies the concern for other missing teens in our area. >> this afternoon dhchopper 4 w over the scene of a deadly car crash in montgomery county. two cars excited on the exit rach from northbound 270 to 10 9 in clarksburg. there was another big crash in clarksburg early this morning, this one caused by the weather. chopper 4 was over the clarksburg bridge around 6:00 this morning. police say black ice on the bridge caused seven cars to spin out. >> black ice. i can't even remember the last time we were talking about plac
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of winter. >> this is probably the coldest weekend we've seen in just about two months. you notice the snow out there early this morning that did cause some problems. came right down 270, did produce a little bit of a coating of snow from that area in clarksburg all the way down through d.c. >> overall it looks to be kind of cold the next ten days. >> that's going to be the trend here. the first two weeks of march may be on the colder side. look at the current windchill, 34 in d.c., 17 the current windchill at 4:00 in the afternoon, this coming out of two days ago at 80 degrees. what a big change. yes, we have more snow showers coming on through, the biggest of which right up here. hagerstown area. this will come down through hagerstown in about the next 15-20 minutes. heads up if you're up around
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a frigid night tonight. freezing tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be another very cold day just like today. the coldest weekend we've seen in a month. and then warming a little bit next week before we go right back down. much more in the forecast in ten minutes. first at 4:00, a father's grief. his only son gone in an instant. now he's speaking out. and a virginia teenager's story is getting national attention. how his case is getting support of people from all over the country. since we're back to those cold days, on days like this it's tough to keep your skin healthy. be warned this ternoon why the af
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first at 4:00, national support this afternoon for the transgender teen in virginia who wants to use the boys bathroom at school. attorneys general from 18 states signed a brief for the supreme court arguing that allowing transgender to use bathrooms matching their gender identity creates no public safety or financial burdens. the court is expected to hear arguments later this month in the case brought by gavin grim of gloucester county. he was born female, but identifies as a boy. maryland lawmakers are making another push to institute mandatory paid sick leave across the state. today the house of delegates passed a measure requiring businesses with more than 15
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now the bill goes to the senate where a similar measure died last year. lawmakers are hoping the extra time will help them work out their differences and get a bill to governor larry hogan. the governor says he supports paid sick leave but wants to make it mandatory for companies with 50 workers, not 15. the father of a prince george's county high school student gunned down on his way home from school says he wants justice for his son. police say 17-year-old jayquan holloway of potomac high was shot and killed yesterday. it happened just before 3:00 in the afternoon. police are following leads in this case. meanwhile, the victim's father tells news4 he rushed to the scene but arrived there too late to see his son before he took his last breath. >> i get here, there's no son. my son's gone. people tell me that, you know, my son gone. he ad
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it's my only son, man. >> in our next hour, the father talks to prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins what about's next for his family and what he hopes will come out of this investigation. leaders of all faiths are standing in solidarity. the strong message being sent across our area to speak out against hate during some divided times. also have you noticed? winter has really made a late come back. tomorr at's in store for the whwe
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we're learning new details about the threats to jewish groups across the country. federal authorities say a jilted ex-boyfriend is behind at least eight of them. police arrested juan thompson in st. louis. he's due in court on a cyber stalking charge. thompson made some of the threats in his ex-girlfriend's name as part of a sustained campaigned to harass her. three schools right here in our area received threats this week. but it's not clear if thompson is behind those incidents hundreds of faith leaders came together today in fairfax and montgomery countys. >> it was a show of solidarity against hateful acts. chs
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gatherings. >> reporter: leaders of a wide variety of religions came here to speak out against acts of anti-semitism. and hate crimes against all religions. >> solidarity with our jewish community and many other religions throughout this region, especially here in montgomery county regarding the hatred we've seen expressed by so many throughout this county and really around the nation. >> reporter: on monday montgomery county police responded to a bomb threat at the charles e. smith jewish day school in rockville. on that same day at the gesher day school in northern virginia a separate bomb threat was called in and struck fear into if hear the hearts of students here. here at the jewish community center in fairfax virginia for their show of
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hate. this is what winter is supposed to feel like, but we are certainly out of practice. >> february felt like april. march is feeling like february. i don't know what's going to happen when we get to april. >> keeping you on your toes. >> the trees are all messed up. >> the trees don't know what to do. we've all got allergies. it's really quite amazing what's been happening. 80 degrees two days ago. and today it kind of hits you quick when you walk outside. down along the tidal basin the cherry blossoms were going to. pop out early. then they go, wait a second here. still predicted to come out march 14th-17th. but we'll see about that. next ten days may bring them back just a little bit. but still a very nice shot down there. notice the wind. the wind has been a big factor all day. 44 degrees the current number. temperatures dropping. it is going to be a cold night
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11:00. still gusting 30 to around 40 miles an hour. that's going to be the case for the next couple of hours. those winds creating windchills in the teens. the current windchill 17 in hagerstown, 31 in manassas, 29 in gaithersburg. in hagerstown, not just cold, but the snow. if you're going out tonight, bundle up, the coats, the hats, the gloves. you will need them all because that's how cold it will be. we will be windchills in the teens just about everywhere by 11:00 tonight. here's the current radar. we do have some more snow showers coming on through. hagerstown, some heavy snow. this is the same little squall line that came through portions of pennsylvania. we saw a lot of accidents a little bit earlier. this will come right down 70 in towards frederick coun.
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emmettsburg are going to see a little bit of snow too. it's only going to last ten minutes or so but it could come down heavily. this is all from the great lakes. look at them form right along the lake and just progress right on down towards our region. most of these will die before hitting the d.c. metro area. but even here i think we could see some more snow showers or flurries in the evening hours. look at the cold air. it's finally here across the great lakes, the northeast. 44 in d.c. right now. tomorrow a very cold day. a high of only 42, breezy and cold, windchills 25-35 degrees all day. that's your saturday. yeah, you know you need to bundle up during the day on saturday. little bit better on sunday. sunday we'll see a high temperature of about 43. it will stay chilly but it won't be nearly as breezy. 60, though, on monday. 66 on tuesday. good chance for rain late on tuesday, maybe even some
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with falling temperatures. looking at next weekend, some of the computer models now have us in the 30s next weekend too. it's like they want to keep the weekends cold. >> those 20s in your forecast, they thought they were done for the year. they didn't know if they were ever going to get a moment in the sun. >> they're back. buyer beware. why doctors say the labels on your skin care products could be misleading. and we are working for you for the weekend. the movie you don't want to miss and why you might want to start making those summer plans.
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call today. comcast business. built for business. for your weekend, your best bet at the movies and something you may want to plan now for summer. >> wtop entertainment editor jason fr jason frayly is joining us. what was it like backstage during that whole best picture fiasco? >> it was absolutely insane being backstage. we were in the winner's room where you see after they win the award, they come back with their oscar and go up to the podium. all of us in the press were just as shocked as all of you guys watching at home.
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oscar history. then of course we're back there when emma stone comes back. she adds more fuel to the fire by saying, hey, i actually had my best actress card. it was only later we realized they have two cards for every category. so you feel bad for the "la la land" folks for having it taken away. but you also feel bad for the moonlight folks because -- he was very gracious, answered the same question about the snafu with the envelopes. after a while, he's like, can we talk about my best picture? hey, at least it gives us something to talk about. we'll remember we were backstage when that crazy event happened years from now. >> if you want to check out a movie this weekend, jordan peel has a new one out. it's cal
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it's number one at the box office. is it worth checking out? >> totally worth checking out. i can't say enough good things about the movie. it's written and directed by jordan peel who is most famous for his comedy duo key and peel. here he goes to horror, his first love. i'd describe it as sort of guess who's coming to dinner meets the stepford wives with a little ro rosemary's baby thrown in there. he goes with allison williams to meet her parents. while he's there, the parents claim they're open minded, progressive. but as the day wears on and you know you meet some of the creepy groundkeepers and maids, you realize something's not quite correct in this secluded family
4:26 pm
i'd urge you to give it a shot. jordan peel delivers an awesome, tightly crafted script where everything happens for a reason, if not two or three reasons. if you're a fan of the craft of screen writing, it's working on multiple levels with symbolic imagery with pieces of cotton or deer antlers that come into play. things are introduced early on that come back later in a big way. it's probably one of the best horror thrillers i've seen in a few years. >> interesting. >> that's high praise coming from you. on the coldest weekend of the year they come out with their summer concert series. >> right. it's been cold today but we're going to think warm here with these wolftrap concerts. you have kool and the gang, elvis costello,na
4:27 pm
blondie, beach boys. or in the millennial crowd, you get mary j. blige, fifth harm a ony. and they do the live movies and concerts. they'll screen a movie on a big screen and have an orchestra accompaniment. this year they have the little mermaid, "la la land" and jurassic park. i'm going to be there for that. it's going to be amazing. >> a couple of those appeal to me. thank you, jason. be careful where you park the car this weekend. the rule that just took effect and why you might want to do a double-take. inside the mind and heart of an iconic first lady. some of jackie
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now at 4:30 a massive service disruption that could have you looking for a detour. what you need to know as service slows down for more than a month. it's a sign of the times when it comes to thieves coming after your money. what just became more common than identity theft for the first time. and we're getting a clearer picture of what's next for the obamas as they transition into the role of former first family. you're watching news4 at 4:00. president trump went to or
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school choice, but russia is stealing the spotlight. >> there are new questions about members of the trump team and their ties to the country that's accused of trying to fix the election. tracie potts is tracking all the ins and outs. >> reporter: here on capitol hill, some lawmakers are say that they're satisfied now that sessions has agreed to back off and not be involved in the investigations that had anything to do with the trump campaign. but for others, that's not enough. they want the justice department to investigate. attorney general jeff sessions saying little today about removing himself from trump campaign investigations and failing to mention under oath that he met russia's ambassador. >> attorney general sessions should resign. >> reporter: that's democratic chuck schumer. president trump calls him a total hypocrite. tweeting this 2003 photo of schumer with russia's president. schumer responds, that happened in puic
4:32 pm
tower meeting between former national security advisor mike flynn, jared kushner and rush ambassador sergey kislyak, who entered through the back door. >> it's in the interest of the president and the people around him to get this all out. it's the drip, drip that's really going to be damaging. >> reporter: sessions told fox he and sergey kislyak never talked politics. >> i don't recall any discussion of the campaign in any significant way. >> reporter: some on capitol hill want sessions to come back and explain. >> the only way he can really restore full trust and credibility is to answer our questions under oath. >> reporter: the president calls it a total witch hunt, designed to suggest his team colluded with russia to rig the election. >> that's irresponsible. there's no proof of that. it didn't
4:33 pm
>> don't run for politics. >> reporter: congress has found no proof so far. they're still investigating. still unknown, will jeff sessions come back here to capitol to testify under oath again? some lawmakers want him to. sessions said he told the truth the first time when he thought lawmakers wanted to know about any russian connections in connection with his work with the campaign, not with his work as a senator. you can now once again enjoy one of the best views in washington. the "washington post" reports the clock tower tours at the trump international hotel resumed last month. the clock tower has been closed since 2014 while the historic old post office was transformed into the hotel. the national park service runs the tours. and has no connection to the hotel itself. the tours run from 9:00-5:00 thursday through sunday. there is one change, though. you need to use the south entrance of the hotel at 12th and pennsylvania in order to reach the clock t
4:34 pm
metro's next safetrack surge starts tomorrow in northern virginia. once again the massive repair project will mean reduced train service along rail lines and some pretty long delays as well. >> metro this weekend, safetrack surge number 13 is kick into gear, running through april 9th. this means on the blue line we'll be single tracking. on the yellow line single tracks as well between braddock and huntington. green line running on a regular schedule. red line running every 15-24 minutes. buses replacing trains between forest glenn and silver spring this weekend. the orange line, again every 15-24, buses also replacing trains there between smithsonian and federal center southwest. and the silver line running every 24
4:35 pm
have a fabulous weekend. in news4 your health now, don't believe everything you read on skincare labels. that's the message from dermatologist who is say much of the information is misleading and makes shopping for products difficult. for example, terms like hypoallergenic and for sensitive skin are really not regulated by the food and drug administration. that means there's no guarantee that those products that make those claims that won't irritate your skin won't do those things. if it says fragrance free, companies are allowed to use fray gagrance for a purpose oth than scent. consumer advocates are gearing up for a house bill that
4:36 pm
compensation center. a congressional briefing was held today. the house is set to vote on the furthering asbestos act of 2017. it would make it more difficult for measure themess theel owe m groups. >> it is not a bill that patients and families could ever embrace because it is so offensive to what it does to the balance of justice in your courts. >> proponents of the bill say it would prevent plaintiffs from claiming their juniinjury twice. it is the must-have item that everyone is looking for this afternoon. but where can you find it? the new gadget that's flying off the shelves and why its maker is
4:37 pm
taking a risk in the digital age. wild weather back on our doorstep after some brief snow today. what's in store for your weekend. how do you spot a real cherry tree and where else can you see blossoms besides the tidal basin? we have 13 things you need to know about the cherry blossoms in the nbc washington where's frank? it's league night!
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welcome back. i'm continuing to track gusty wind across the area, anywhere from about 20-35 miles per hour. look at what's that's doing to our feels like temperatures. feeling about is the ining abo. snow squalls that way reducing vi visibilities. winds die down by 7:00 p.m. overnight they're really not a problem. but then throughout the day tomorrow it's a breezy day with winds about 10-20 miles an hour. we'll have feels like temperatures tomorrow in the 20s and 30s. it's still chilly on sunday, but at least the wind is no longer a problem. again exactly what you can expect throughout your weekend coming up at about 4:50. the price of your costco membership is going up. starting june 1st the yearly fee goes up to $60
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and business card members. executive members will pay $10 more for a total of $120. 35 million people are costco members. the club last raised fees about six years ago. it's been one of the most talked about stories in the nbc washington app. where to buy the new nintendo switch. >> the new game console went on sale at midnight. it's been nearly impossible to find on the store shelves. the system tries to merge a typical home gaming console with one you can take on the goal. you can use the switch like a gameboy or with your television. it's been selling pretty well so far but there have been a few challenges. >> the biggest challenge is getting it into the hands of an audience who is already addicted to playing games on the go on their mobile phones. >> the system has a three-hour battery life and costs about $300. one of the hottest selling
4:42 pm
it has all the classics, mario, zelda. you can take a look at where to get one over on the nbc washington app. just search nintendo. move over identity theft. there's a new ripoff on the rise. consumer advocates want you to know before you become a victim. whether you live in the district or not, there's a plea from street crews about where you park. what you need to kw so you no do this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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here are four things to know. investigators think speed led to this terrible crash in waldorf. two people are dead, a third is in critical condition. chopper 4 was over the scene. the impact of the crash wrapped the car around the pole and sent the front section of the car fly zblo . the latest safetrack surge impacts the yellow and blue line. trains from huntington to braddock road will be single tracking. the wait could be as long as 24 minutes between trains. neighbors describe the victim killed in this house fire as a gentleman. loved ones say he was in his 70s. the fbi is searching for a missing
4:46 pm
county. jamia antoinee holland is only 14 years old. 'tis the season for street sweeping again. that means parking restrictions are back. >> if you violate these restrictions be prepared to shell out 45 bucks and even get towed. >> reporter: as the sign says, it's that time of year again when street sweepers hit our roads here in the district. this is just a sampling of some of the crud they pick up off our streets. the director of dpw says there's a lot more where this came from. >> last season, just over 4,000 tons of loose litter and debris was picked up. we traverse about 26,000 miles in terms of making sure that all of those lane miles are cleared during the season. >> reporter: if you don't get out of their way, you could end up with a ticket. so officials want to remind you to pay attention to the street signs and don't park on streets w s
4:47 pm
scheduled. they say they're going to be giving out warnings for the next week. after march 10th, they'll start issuing the $45 fines. coming up at 5:00, we'll tell you just how many of you have gotten those tickets in the past year. this afternoon a maryland woman is safe and sound and back on american soil. but her journey to here has been a long one. >> we're working for you this afternoon. jim handly is in the newsroom with more. we have been following this story for about a year now. that maryland woman locked up in prison thousands of miles away. we're going to hear from her family this evening. and we're there as she and her family reunite for the first time in months. also, a cancer diagnosis is life changing, of course. but learning it was just a false positive can be expensive, not to mention bring fear and anxiety. doctors have a new tool now that could cut down on
4:48 pm
positives. you'll see one woman's journey as she waits to learn whether or not she has breast cancer. it's a busy end of the week. more people are complaining about debt collection practices now than any other problem. today the federal trade commission released its top frauds of 2016. when it comes to your personal information, susan hogan reveals why the top four paint a groloo picture. >> scammers are coming to us in all different ways now. we have something that they really want, your identity. what's interesting is which complaint, though, took over the number two spot. for the first time since the ftc has been monitoring complaints, imposter scams replaced identity
4:49 pm
now the rise in imposter scams is due to an increase in complaints about government imposters, most notably as we've been reporting for years those scammers posing as irs employees. telephone and mobile service comes in at number four on the complaint list. our nbc 4 responds center also keeps track of complaints while the top three are the same as the ftcs. car repair ripoffs come in at number four for us here. >> pat and i talked about your story on facebook live. it's surprising how many people say i got one of those calls. >> absolutely. >> and disturbing how many people still fall for them. >> they're keeping me in business. well amelia, you've been busy today. this is one of the coldest days we've had in a long time. >> so. yeah,
4:50 pm
not something we're used to this winter. but i do have some snow on storm team 4 radar. i want to thank a viewer for calling in saying it's really coming down up in parts of washington and frederick counties. we're tracking a snow squall moving toward the southeast quickly at about 30 miles an hour, impacting thurmont. you can anticipate visibility in this squall less than a mile and gusty winds as well. moving into frederick right around 5:00. braddock about 5:10. some winter out there, definitely feeling the chill, though. we'll have some scattered snow showers maybe knnorth of the district during the evening hours. this greets you tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m. on your saturday it's filing like 16 in
4:51 pm
and 21 in manassas when you factor in breezy conditions. saturday, a high of 42 at 4:00 p.m. temperatures in the 20s overnight. by sunday morning it's just as cold, even a little bit colder. take a look at the feels like temperature on sunday at 8:00 p.m. about 12 in gaithersburg, 17 in washington. we are in for a cold, cold weekend for the first weekend in march. the weather is going to have an impact on your weekend, but at least it's friday, right? as we look to the weekend, though, we're going to be seeing temperatures in the low to mid 40s both saturdays and sunday. as we take a look at bloom watch, the cherry blossoms already in stage 2 of 5 before they hit peak bloom from the 14th through the 17th. people ask me about their plants that have started to come up like daffodils. if you are concerned about them over
4:52 pm
be cold. you can cover them up with a sheet. we we're not under a freeze warning because technically the growing season hasn't officially started in our area yet. monday and tuesday, we're in the 60s. then some rain looking likely later in the day on tuesday, mainly in the evening and overnight hours. out of the spotlight but maybe not for much longer. what's on the horizon for the obamas as the former first family's plan for the future becomes clearer.
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several letters from jacqueline kennedy onassis are going on the auction block in england. they document a relationship between the former first lady and a former british ambassador to the u.s. they were both widowed at the time. the letters reveal how their relationship blossomed. but it all ended suddenly when kennedy chose to mary a greek shipping magnate. he's only been out of office for six weeks but in that time former president barack obama won a high profile award and scored a lucrative book deal. andrea mitchell looks into what's next for him. >> reporter: nearly two months after leaving office, former pren
4:56 pm
planning his return to the spotlight. named this year's winner of the jo john. >> if -- john f. kennedy profile in courage award. this year's award is especially significant, being presented in may on the 100th anniversary of jfk's birth, to be award bid caroline kennedy. her endorsement was a pivotal moment for the obama campaign in 2008. thursday's announcement of the honor for mr. obama now jump starting speculation about the next phase of his public life. >> i will be right there with you as a citizen for all my remaining days. >> reporter: this after eric holder, his former attorney general and close ie
4:57 pm
reporters mr. obama is, quote, ready to roll, looking to help elect democrats thout throughou country. he is still months away from reentering the public fray. but the 44th president has been busy. both he and michelle obama have signed record shattering book deals for their white house memoir. industry sources say the obamas will earn upwards of $60 million for the two books. he talked about his book on a podcast. >> i've given that some thought. hopefully people read it too. >> he was very honest in his first book. it will be interesting to see if he is as honest and open in this memoir. i expect to be pretty close to that. >> reporter: now out of office, the former president seems to be enjoying himself. causing a stir outside a
4:58 pm
york city starbucks and lighting up social media with photos from the family vacation. in france, obama 2017 posters are appearing on paris street corners. with activists there wearing obama masks, unhappy with their political choices in this year's presidential election. hoping to recruit america's popular former president. >> good luck with that. i don't think mrs. obama would take too kindly. well, the obamas say their're going to mostly be focusing on their foundation. the news continues right now with jim and pat. news4 at 5:00 starts now. >> reporter: the cleanup and investigation continue after two lives are lost in a single car crash in waldorf. i'll have the latest
4:59 pm
>> reporter: a search in this park leads to the discovery of two bodies, victims of gang violence. coming up why it's a case of deja vu for neighbors here. >> reporter: i'm meagan fitzgerald in rockville. we are learning new information about the 70-year-old man who died after a fire rips through his home. first up tonight, two people killed in a violent crash. we're now learning they may be teen agers. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. wendy is off tonight. the wreck left another person in critical condition. police say the driver may have been speeding when this car slammed into a pole on smallwood drive in waldorf, maryland. >> news4's derrick ward joins us from the scene. >> reporter: as you can see behind me now, the cleanup continues. what's left of that car is now up on a flat bed tow truck.
5:00 pm
how this crash happened and why. a single car crash at the intersection of smallwood drive and st. niklas drive in waldorf. it happened just after 12:30. it was as quick as it was deadly. this man was waiting for the light to change when the car came by. >> the speed was super fast. my truck shook. >> reporter: there were about four or five others cars as that speeding car came on. >> there was a car in front of him. what i'm guessing is to avoid hitting the car, he must have turned to his left. >> reporter: the car hit ra utili -- a utility pole and broke apart. emergency responders arrived. >> they had two individuals deceased inside the car. there was a third individual located. he was transported via helicopter also with life threatening injuries. >> reporter: those who travel this road and who work around this intersection say this isn't


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