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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  March 6, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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treatment center will start operating today. it is the first of its kind in north america. the senator for maryland spoke at its dedication. >> all of us know that every shift you take is a shift that you put your lives at risk for somebody else. >> studies show that being a firefighter is causing ptsd at rates similar to those found in combat veterans. the center will offer services for anyone who is a member of the international association of firefighters. s expected to be a busy day for the trump administration. president trump expected to sign a revised version of his travel ban today. been in the works since the original order was blocked by a federal court. the state department is expected to hold its first briefing under the new administration. but the world is consumed with the allegations that president obama tapped his
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news that over the weekend comey asked the department of justice to publicly reject the president's claims. it was first reported by the new york times but as of this morning no such statement has been issued. this comes as the president is now demanding congress investigate his claims. >> all we're saying is let's take a closer look. let's look into this. if this is accurate, this is the biggest overreach and the biggest scandal. >> on meet the press, former director of national intelligence denied there were wiretaps. a spokesman for the former president also rejected president trump's claims. we'll go live to capitol hill where edward lawrence will have more on the president's - explosive allegations. the president is expected to sign it today, a federal judge issued a temporary restraining order on the original ban over a month ago. it temporarily blo
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of seven majority muslim countries from entering the united states. it also put a hold on the refugee program. the revised program is expected to remove iraq from that list of countries and other changes are expected. the first official briefing from the state department is expected to happen today. former fox news anchor will serve as a spokes person. a fairfax county teenager is on her way home now and a man is behind bars accused of raping her. police in tulsa, oklahoma, found the suspect and a teenage girl at a motel on saturday. officers had been asked to keep an eye for the girl. once found she was taken to the hospital and 26-year-old jonathan lewis was arrested. the girl is in good health and detectives will work with her and her family. angie goff following news about a missing person. what's this about? >> we got this
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and they say this man, he may be in need of his medicine. please keep your eye out for 76-year-old george hines. he was last seen sunday in the 4400 block of hunt place. he was last seen wearing a coat, brown pants, brown shoes. we're going to share husbais ph online so you can get a closer look. right now the search is underway for a missing prince george's county teenager. take a look at the picture here. the 16-year-old was last seen near the andrews ridge apartment complex on friday. he was wearing pink tennis shoes. call police if you know where he is. if you're up early today because of safe track surge 13, if you take metro in virginia the latest surge does affect you. the surge impacts the blue and yellow lines. metro says you could end up waiting as long as 24 minutes
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hour. the passengers tell us the wait now will pay off later. >> i they they're doing the best job they can do actually. >> i would say probably it will help in the long run. i'm just hoping that get it better because i know a lot of kids in the summertime like to be on the train. >> the reason for those long waits, trains are single tracking between braddock road and the van dorn stations. for other ways to get around be sure to head to our app. we have some ideas to help you navigate these changes. the spotlight shining on maryland basketball. >> number three in a row for maryland. the women's basketball team just took first place in the big 10 tournament. they are ranked fourth in the country right now. this is their third tournament title in a row. since maryland joined the big
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they have won every single year. there's more to come too. and the men's big tournament starts later on this week. that will be at the verizon center. >> maryland the third seed there and the ncaa tournaments start next week. march madness, here it comes. we want to get another check on your weather and traffic right now. >> and the weather madness continues. a look at our monday morning commute, but sheena, first, this ever changing weather we're having around here. >> it really is. we were cold this week and all week and we're cold this morning. you still need a warm jacket, but this afternoon we'll have a big warmup and we're really watching the weekend closely because we've seen a little back and forth with a lot of the computer models so i'll talk more about that in a bit. for this morning what you need to know is you need a warm jacket, warm hat, it feels like 29 degrees in the district. actual temperature is 34 and as we go through the day today it's going to improve. the temperatures are g
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rebound quite a bit but for the bus stop by 7:00, and 8:00 this morning temperatures will be staying in the 30s so it is going to be one of those mornings where the kids do need to bundle up but this afternoon, maybe not so much. by 3:00 p.m., temperatures already in the mid-50s and we keep looking at tomorrow. the timing of some rain coming up in just a bit. problem on 95 this morning though. >> take a look here at southbound 95. again, the ramp to dale city truck scales right now we know a serious crash there and that help is on the scene, but the crash still blocking the ramp and then the ramp from the scales to southbound 95 is also blocked here this morning so that is going to be a little bit tougher, folks, through that area, but the main lanes are open. they did have to medi vac somebody out of there. you can see no big worries. remember safe track surge number 13. blue line single tracking betweenra
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dorn street and then on the yellow line runs through april 9th. all eyes are on north korea after that country launched four missiles into the sea of japan. what we're learning about the country's latest show of muscle. neighbors on edge in a northwest washington neighborhood. the crime that has some people keeping a watchful eye. and keeping your kids safe, the apps that parents of college students will want them to download asap.
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we are getting international reaction to a new missile launch from north korea. this video is from a few weeks ago but the country launched four new missiles overnight. they were launched to japan. the closest landed about 200 miles from the mainland. the united states and south korea both condemned this launch. it was likely timed to coincide with cooperative military drills between south korea and the u.s. thousands hgathered. they intended to march that bridge in alabama but they were attacked by police. the day became known as bloody
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activists now say voter id laws threatened the right to vote that so many people fought and died for. >> we have less voting rights than we had in 1965. we have more voter suppression in recent years than we've seen since jim crow. >> that march is credited for building momentum for passage of the landmark voting rights act of 1965. we are worm frg you king fo. >> the death of a 26-year-old man of an alabama protester walked across the bridge that day. it was named after a civil war confederate general who became grand dragon for the kkk. >> some people who actually marched across the bridge fought to keep the name. black women played a key part in organizing
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all right. buckle up. the weather roller coaster rolls on. >> luckily today will be one of the warmer days. we're on the upswing. >> and the perfect graphic to use for that. today we're going up on the roller coaster and we're going to stay up as we go into tomorrow. now, it's by the end of the week and into the weekend that we could be dropping, so coming up i'll show you what i'm talking about for your weekend forecast. everyone is looking ahead. that's coming up next. some call her your honor, others the notorious rbg but the justice says you can call her diva. hear why in our sitdown interview. and repealing obamacare, when republicans are expected to unveil
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you'll want the warm jacket, similar to what we had this weekend. it is a cold start to your morning. temperatures are feeling like the 20s, but i think you'll be pleasantly surprised later on today and especially tomorrow. warmer air moving in again and i'll show you when you need to have that umbrella. that's coming up next. it is something a lot of parents worry about when their sons are daughters go off to college. their safety. the new apps that aim to ease parents' minds. 15 before the hour and the republican bill to repeal the affordable care act expected to be unveiled today. it would set in place a republican vision of health care. a senior house republican aide tells nbc news that meetings were held over the weekend to work out the outstanding issues. but the day on capitol hill will likely be consumed by president trump's allegations that former president trump tapped his
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>> the president made that claim without offering any evidence and now the white house is demanding congress investigate it. edward lawrence is live on the hill now. the big development is that the fbi director james comey asked the justice department to reject those claims. >> reporter: now, the issue is in order to get a warrant for this type of wiretapping you need significant evidence to show that there may be something there. so if this is true, they don't want this investigated to have some evidence possibly come to light. if it is not true, then they obviously don't want to have the embarrassment of this hanging out there, the allegation of this hanging out there. so the fbi director has come to the department and asked them to publicly condemn it. >> we're hearing that the president is supposed to sign this revised travel ban order today. what change dos s do we expe
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countries in the travel ban there will be six countries. iraq is expected to be dropped as one of the travel ban countries. the other thing is they will allow folks that have been in this country with work visas to come back into this country even though they are from those banned areas. >> thank you. it's 4:47 now. it will be an emotional day, back to school for teens in west lake high school. they'll be returning without two of their classmates. they held a vigil in their memory. the 17-year-olds were killed in a car crash on friday afternoon. another teen was also in the car and is now in the hospital with serious injuries. investigators have not released a cause for that crash. a sex assault suspect is still on the loose after a frightening attack in a d.c. neighborhood. a woman says she was blindfolded, tied upnd
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this happened friday night on california street northwest. that is just blocks from the homes of the former president obama and ivanka trump. police do not have a description of the suspect but are urging anyone with information to give them a call. when you call 911, one of the first questions they'll ask you is where are you. but in an emergency every second counts and you may not know where you are or how to get there. that's why some colleges are turning to a live tracking app to keep students safe. >> reporter: if you've been to a college campus, you may have noticed those blue light phones where you can call for help. >> sometimes they're out and they're all around campus, but if they're out they're not much help. >> that's why gw is turning to the phones in the students' hands. they can open up the app, hit activate and that pinpoints where they are. they can also send their
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help. >> i know they've been trying to implement it on campus and it's nice to see that it's done. >> you can't do your absolute best if you don't feel like you're safe. let's say you don't know exactly where you are. this alleviates this problem. >> reporter: without the app first responders might not know where you are either. just calling 911 isn't always enough. >> it's hard to get the pinpoint position from the cell phone. >> reporter: it isn't the only school using live tracking. georgetown, howard and the university of maryland, they've all got a different app called guardian. >> you open up the app and send your location to a friend. you set a timer based on how long you'll be walking. if the timer is up and they haven't heard from you, that's when they know something is up. these apps can provide peace of mind in the district.
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right now montgomery county police need your help to find this north bethesda man. they say 51-year-old reginald adams was last seen saturday around 8:00 p.m. his family says he left his home to go to work but he's not been seen since. he was driving a black 2010 lexus ls with a maryland tag 32808 cf. call police if you've seen him or his car. today one of the district's busiest fire stations is reopening after a $9 million renovation. engine company 16 on 13th street northwest was built in 1932. it is now more energy efficient ands ha gender inclusive accommodations for first responders. dozens of people will go to work and school today with a lot less hair. check out this scene. 60 people took part in a st.
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>> i think it's such a great cause and a great opportunity and you know, anything to buck beauty standards, i'm about it. >> hair grows back too. two local breweries will be har pi participating and they'll be competing to see who can raise the most money for childhood cancer research. >> hair grows back for some of us. >> you still go to a barber. >> he doesn't need to see me as much. >> put a hat on it. that's all. >> today you'll need that. >> yes, you will. they say you lose the most heat from your head. if you don't have hair -- >> this is what i'm telling my children. but they don't listen to me sometimes. >> do you know how much warmer you feel like when you have a beanie on?
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we were cold all weekend long. we were around 10 degrees below normal. this morning we are coming in at 34 in the district feeling like 29 though, so it is a cold start to the morning and the entire area is feeling it too. look at these feels like temperatures. feels like the 20s. feels like 24 dulles right now. quantico feels like 29 degrees. gaithersburg feels like 28. clinton feels like 23. so yes, if you are planning on exercising today you definitely want a warm jacket this morning. we're going to keep the clouds in the forecast today but we will, in fact, be getting warmer than yesterday. yesterday we had a high of 40 degrees. today we'll be more in the upper 50s in some areas so it's going to be much milder. i think a pretty nice day. here's a look at future weather. no rain out of these clouds, then tomorrow that's when the rain chances start to go up. mostly later in the day. most of the day tomorrow will be
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overnight and by 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning so this time tomorrow morning we could be looking at some showers moving through. take a look at what's happening though. we keep tapping into that warm air mass. look at this cold air coming back. this weekend we could be talking about cold air with our next weather system. so if this all continues to play out the way it looks like it could we could be looking at a chance for some rain and snow showers. of course we will be watching that very closely but for most of the week we will stay above normal. need an umbrella later in the day tomorrow. looking ahead it does look colder but we spring forward so we gain more sunlight in the afternoon on sunday. let's check the roads with melissa mollet. >> taking a look at the one issue we had. southbound ramp, the ramp from the scales to southbound 95 so you cannot access that area right now. that is also blocked here this
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the main lanes are just fine. you can get through with no worries there. southbound 95 after 100, vehicle fire there in the right lane but not seeing too much of a slowdown. beltway, no major issues. just had this bridge repair happening outer loop. so the right lane gets by. that bridge deck repair there and taking a look at the beltway, you're nice and on time. all right. thank you. sky is the limit for this supreme court justice. some compare her to biggie smalls. ginsburg what she says she would have to go into instead of law. >> what you need to know before leaving for work. the latest safe track surge that could impact your commute. >> and we're looking to learn about a house fire that killed one person and h
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a statue of elvis presley, could it be headed to the capitol? the beginning stages whether to replace one or both of its statues in the capitol representing its state. elvis is one of several choices someone wants to use. if the state decided to make a change it would require the approval of the state legislature and the
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elvis in the halls of the capitol. it is the highest position an attorney can ever obtain. united states supreme court justice. >> but ask justice ruth bader ginsburg what she wants to be when she grows up and you might get an answer that surprises you. here's a preview of her sit-down conversation with so called rbg. >> yes, i spent a wonderful evening with justice ginsburg the other night. we saw a new contemporary opera at the kennedy center that opened over the weekend. we spent some time after wards talking about many, many things, but of course, we started with her love of opera which she told me began when she was just 11 years old. when i asked her what she dreamed of becoming someday, she responded certainly not a lawyer. >> by the time i was a high school senior, if you asked me what i could -- what i would want to be if i had any talent
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would be i'd be a great diva. i might be beverly hill, but as i'm monotone, the only two places i sing, one is in the shower and the other is in my dreams. >> but of course her voice has been one of the most important of the united states since she became a lawyer, then a judge and then a justice on the supreme court of our country. in my ber view, we are also joined by her dear friend opera star and star of the new opera at the kennedy center, washington's own denise graves. they're both wonderful. we laugh a lot, we learn more about both of them, and that's all coming up tonight on news 4 at 6:00. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >>
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get ready for some more weather whiplash. our storm team is helping you get ready. >> good morning. it is a cold start kind of like this weekend. this weekend has felt a little bit more or a lot more like winter and this morning we're in the same boat. temperatures are feeling like the 20s. you'll want the warm jacket, the gloves, the hat and maybe the scarves too. i don't think you'll need all that this afternoon. we'll be running about 15 degrees warmer than we were yesterday afternoon. so the first thing you need to know here, a warm jacket. probably won't need it later on today. we'll be hitting high temperatures in about the mid to upper 50s. yesterday we only hit 40 degrees. tomorrow though we'll be seeing some changes. you'll need your umbrella later in the day tomorrow. possibly early on wednesday and over the weekend we are watching the potential for some rain and snow. i'll talk more about that coming up in just a bit. but right now there's potential there. temperatures are feeling like the 20s across the area. 30s is what it


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