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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  March 7, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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you are likely to see several stories dominating coverage of the trump administration today. house republicans unveiled their plan to replace the affordable care act. we'll tell you what it means for you and your family. the administration rolled out a revised version of the immigration travel ban. this comes a day after north korea test launched four ballistic missiles into the ocean near japan. house republicans have released their long awaited bill to replace the affordable care act. here's what it does. it gets rid of the mandate requires people to have health insurance. the bill eliminates subsidies that help people with low incomes buy insurance and replaces it with limited tax credits. it also freezes the expansion of medicaid. but the bill does keep some of the popular parts of this law. it still requires insurers to cover preexisting conditions and allows children to stay on their parents' plans until they're 26.
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hill where edward lawrence will have more on how the replacement plan is being received by some conservatives. starting today, tour groups will return to the white house. tours were temporarily suspended during the transition. the first lady's office says there was a delay because of needed maintenance. the self-guided tours are free to the public but you do need to submit a request with a member of congress at least 21 days in advance of your visit. for more information search white house tours in the nbc washington app. >> now let's get back to angie at the live desk. >> this morning we are hearing from casey anthony. >> that's right. it has been years since she was acquitted and now she's breaking her silence about the case and the death of her then two-year-old daughter. in an interview with the associated press, anthony who says quote based on what was the media, she understands why people believe that she kill her daughter. she goes on to say she doesn't care what anybody thinf
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this day she doesn't know exactly what happened in the last moments of caylee's life. that the last time she saw her she believed she was alive. anthony still lives in florida with a detective that actually worked in her case. she does some social media and invest g investigative type of work. this is the first time she's talked to the media since her daughter disappeared. green belt police are looking for this man, james lewis. he was last seen on sunday at the dollar tree on green road. mr. lewis was also at the doctor's community hospital for a short time on sunday. mr. lewis suffers from schizophrenia and seizures and police need to find him quickly. before peter new sham is named police chief he has to go through the council today. the council wants community members to weigh int
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public hearings. the first meeting is tonight at 7:00 at rise demonstration center in southeast. two other hearings will be held later this month. you will pay more to ride metro but see fewer cuts to service in the latest budget plan from the general manager. this calls for a 10 to 25 cent increase to bus and rail fares starting in july calling the plan quote, tough medicine, the gm also wants an additional $130 million from d.c., maryland and virginia. rail service would be reduced during peak travel times with trains operating every eight minutes on all lines. metro's board will give a preliminary vote on the revised budget this thursday. we're getting a look at how well metro is performing these days. new numbers show that only 70% of trips were on time last year. the best performing line was the green line. the worst was the orange. it had a dismal 56% on time rate. metro blames safe track for most of the timing issues
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safe track is complete. your bill could soon cost you more money. pepco is asking for a $77 million increase from d.c. regulators which may lead to higher rates for district customers. a utility consumer advocacy group claims the 17% increase includes more benefits for executives and inpreesed profits for investors. a public hearing will be held tonight from 6:00 to 8:00. regulators improved a raise last november raising it about $7 a month. et wilet's get another look weather and traffic. >> let's begin with chuck and sheena and the rain moving in. good morning. >> good morning. >> rain drops are falling out there for many here early this morning. doesn't look like a lot of rain though. >> it's not a lot but if you're off near the higher elevations there's some. >> just not a pretty start to the day. that's probably the bestay
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weather, grab the umbrella. you're probably going to need it here early this morning and likely going to need it again before the day is done. we'll have plenty of usably dry hours during the middle parts of the day. milder weather for sure after that real chill over the weekend and into yesterday. much milder. back into the 60s for today, tomorrow and wednesday. friday unfortunately it may be a little on the rain gnu side and as we get into the weekend, much colder weather returns and sunday, sheena, don't tell me, don't tell me our best chance for snow this whole winter will be this weekend. >> yes, i think so. now, the models are still chiend -- kind of changing. we'll have updates on that in just a bit. here's a look at the radar. most of the area just cloudy but there you see the rain just off to the west near winchester down towards front royal seeing the light rain but when you see the yellow approaching 81, that's
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where we have more moderate rainfall this morning so wet roads out there and we expect more as we go through the day today. look at this line of storms off to our west. that is very severe. we do expect more showers as we go through the afternoon, but overall we don't expect that severe threat like we're seeing out west. by 7:00 a.m., 49 degrees. it is a warm start to your morning. by noon, a chance of a shower. 5:00 p.m., scattered showers, mid-60s today. we'll talk more about your extended forecast. chuck will be back in just a bit. coming up now, let's check the roads with melissa mollet. good morning. >> good morning. so taking a look right now at the beltway, you can see we look pretty good here this morning. no major problems right now. a little bit of that radar showing moisture this morning on the west side of things. taking a look at 66 asyou're headed in from fairfax county parkway to the beltway you're on time so no problems into town, out of town same situation. remember to listen to wtop when you hop in your car today. bottom of the beltway, just fine here this morning and
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shady grove road no problems northbound or southbound there. i'll be back in just a couple of minutes. he is accused of trying to pass as a doctor in cities across the country. that's not all though. what this 19-year-old was just convicted of in our area. it is a shortage costing taxpayers millions. why are some employees earning bonuses? the shortage that has some earning double their salary. >> and a day without women and teachers. the local school district has
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welcome back at 4:40. you may remember this 19-year-old man. he made national headlines for pretending to be a doctor in florida. malachi robinson just pled guilty to trying to scam an elderly woman in virginia. he faces 30 years in prison for trying to use a 73-year-old woman's credit card to buy a car in stafford county last year. he'll be sentenced in may. he also faces charges that he ran a fake medical practice in west palm beach, florida. overtime costs of the fire department have nearly doubled in the last year. >> overtime costs jumped from 12 million in 2015 to 23 million last year. already this fiscal year, overtime costs are up to $9.5 million.
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mayor approved a 50% increase in the amount firefighters are paid for overtime. now, as those overtime costs go up, several members of the fire chief's top staff are getting bonuses. >> bonuses to the chiefs and that was for work that had been done. we've been working very hard for the last year and a half, two years and i felt that it was -- i needed to acknowledge the hard work that they did. >> now, the department has not hired in eight years. firefighter exams were recently reopened to fire more full-time staff. firefighter shortage has led to some earning well above their salaries. at least two paramedics made an additional $114,000 in overtime alone last fiscal year. if you're just getting ready to leave the house, don't forget your umbrella. >> she cleared her throat because i forgot my
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>> we're working for you to, aaron. we're trying to help you make the right decisions here early in the morning. grab the umbrella, everybody. don't be like aaron. have your umbrella ready to go for today. our best chance for steadier rains come in after the sun goes down this evening. breezy, mild weather for tomorrow. still keeping a close eye on what could be a cold and wet weekend. any snow chances? sheena will let you know coming up at 4:51. your office could look a lot different tomorrow compared to today. the women's movement gaining momentum and how it could impact your day. >> and mystery solved. the new research that explains y panda bears are blawhc fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month, for the first year with a two-year agreement. it's the only internet with equal upload and download speeds.
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y25eiy y16fy good tuesday morning. grab the umbrellas before you head out. we have more in store for later today but also some warm
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extended forecast but also we're talking about the possibility of snow for part of your weekend. i'll talk more about that coming up in just a bit. he's accused of murder while being monitored. what officials are now saying about the gps on ankle monitors after the startling discovery. and structurally deficient. the new concern for certain bridges in our area. >> tomorrow organizers of the march on washington, the women's march on washington want women to stay home from work and school to demonstrate how important women are to the country. with at least 300 staff members request the day off, alexandria city public schools are cancelling class. school officials sent a letter home saying in part, the decision to close is based solely on our ability to provide sufficient staff to cover all of our classrooms. alexandria schools plan to treat this as a snow day. teachers who show up will have a working day. we checked with some other local districts.
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d.c. and fairfax county plan to be open. prince george's had no information to share. not everyone is sold on house republicans' plans to replace the affordable care act. >> and we're not just talking about democrats here. some gop conservatives are not happy with parts of the live. edward lawrence is live on capitol hill now. >> reporter: well, most of the concern actually from the republicans is coming from the senate side. they really haven't read the bill but there's a big concern that this will sort of entrench the entitlement program that underlies obamacare. the concern that big government won't go away. they're also concerned about medicaid in there. this current plan by the republicans that have been released here shows that medicaid levels for low income families will be frozen while four senators in states that expanded medicaid are concerned about their constituents. the final thing is tax credits. they're afraid it will help low income families afford
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instead of more money upfront. some republicans are still concerned about that. >> and what about the president's revised immigration executive order? what are some of the changes we're expecting to see? >> reporter: the order -- some people are calling it a watered down version of the first order. we do have a picture sent out by the press secretary showing president trump signing this executive order. there was no fanfare around this one, but it did make several big changes. iraq was dropped from one of the banned lists of countries. also march 16th is when it takes effect. anyone having a valid visa as of january 27th will be allowed to come into the country. that was not in the original ban. also the ban bans all refugees including syrian refugees for 120 days so it doesn't just single out that one particular country. also it does not affect green card holders coming in and out of the united states. >> all right. thank you.
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playing out in cities across the country including in rockville, maryland. dozens packed the city council chambers last night for a public hearing. the issue here involves the role the city's police of immigration enforcement. a petition in favor of making rockville a formerly declared sanctuary city has now received more than 1,000 signatures. >> kids afraid to go to school after the election because they were worried that their parents might be deported. >> i will sell my house considerably which i considered to move in after retirement. why? because i know for sure the house value will go down and the property tax will go up. >> no formal legislation has been proposed in rockville. montgomery county also recently hired former homeland security official leon rodriguez as an advisor on immigration issues. skroo . we want to go back to angie
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>> banning each other amid the ongoing investigation into the death of kim jong nam. and now saying it's not letting any malaysian citizens leave the country. malaysia fired up responding saying north cori where and embassy staff and officials they can't leave the country either and recently they expanded that to all north koreans in their country, a number that is believed to be at about 1,000 citizens. so far only two women have been charged with nam's murder. they said that they thought that they were participating in a tv prank show. >> all right. thank you. it's 4:49. a teenage gang member involved in the fairfax county court system is among the suspects linked to the abduction and murder of a maryland girl. news 4 has learned the teen began wearing a court ordered gps ankle bracelet four days before reyes was killed. her body was found in a wooded
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the revelation of the ankle bracelet raises a big question. how was that teenager able to commit a new crime while he was being monitored? although court officials cannot speak about the specific terms of supervision, they tell us there was no violation before the murder. >> i have no indication in this case that we have any dysfunction in the gps system. there was no formal violations filed with the court in the supervision of this case. >> the teen suspect was arrested earlier this month. detectives say he admitted his role in the abduction. a total of ten people are charged in connection with this case. right now d.c. police need help finding this man. he name is tung dao. police say he needs his medicine. he was last seen on sunday just before 8:00 p.m. they say he may walk with a limp and was last seen wearing blue jeans, a black shirt and
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if you see him, please call police. the bridges you drive across every day may not be safe. in northern virginia ddot says 36 bridges are structurally deficient. the bridge on 95 over the creek is in need of major repairs, a hole opened up in october. you can see it straight through the bridge there. repairs didn't hold up and now an emergency contract is being awarded. long-term the bridge needs either a complete rehab or replacement. there are 69 structurally deficient bridges in maryland and five in the district. i can't believe i'm about to tell you this. >> please do. i'm excited about it. >> i'm going to explain this. pandas being black and white has nothing to do with the fact that it makes them so cute. >> well, i mean, of course it has everything to do with that. biologists published a new study saying their color serves as a
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combination of communication and camouflage. panda's white bodies and heads blend in to snow where as the black lens can disappear into the shadows of trees and vegetation. >> it's all about being cute. >> and they're tell tsneaky apparently. >> they have pictures of eun on all the panda zoos. >> the panda lookout. >> run baio baio, run! >> in china where bye bye went, your picture is up. >> let's talk about the weather. it's warmer this morning. i bet you like it. >> i like that too. great morning. >> a fantastic morning, but you're not going to like the weekend if you don't want the cold to come back. but if you do want the cold to be back it will be colder this weekend. grab the umbrella before you head outside this morning. we'll have showers this
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chance on friday. we're watching the weekend closely. currently the temperatures are in the mid to upper 40s for most of the area. look at clinton coming in 50 degrees. fredericksburg is 54. frederick one of the colder spots coming in at 41 degrees. winchester is 39. that's also we have some rain so that's a cold rain there. most of the area is dry but if you look right down 81 near winchester down towards the more moderate rainfall, frederick across 270. hagerstown that's where we have some more rain starting to fall and we're watching that line back off to our west. as we go through the day today we don't expect that severe weather but we do expect those rain chances to stay up. 4:00 p.m., scattered showers around. 3:00 tomorrow morning, still that rain. quickly it clears out. friday, small chance for a few showers. maybe some rain and snow showers and we're watching sunday, chances for snow, there you see it. the computer model still on the fencit
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the most current a little bit farther to our south. that would be putting snow to our south on sunday. but those tracks will be changing until we get there because we're still very far away from sunday. we have the 60s the next few days and much colder as we go into the weekend. let's see how those roads are doing this morning. good morning, melissa mollet. >> good morning, sheena parveen. so northbound 295, that work zone there at benning roadblocking the right lane. that one likes to hang around for us in the mornings. 95 quantico to the beltway you're on time. you can see it's going to take you 17 minutes and you can go about 66 miles per hour. same thing outbound. no problems there. outbound there 95 in virginia. beltway after branch avenue inner and outer loop looking okay and top of the beltway is all right as well. thank you. call it what you want, flap jacks, hot cakes, pancakes, heaven, whatever you want. they're free. where you can get a free short
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dinner today. >> and it caters to the same people fans of all those tiny homes. what you get when you book this new micro hotel in dc. >> and the school that
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♪ ♪ the day's looking new and bright, ♪ ♪ and you're gonna start it right, ♪ ♪ the best part of wakin' up is folgers ♪ ♪ in your cup.
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some people who stay at hotels want everything. the big room, the big bed and room service. >> but others just want a place
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option in the district what is called a microhotel. 83 rooms and why while the amenities are updated, what they don't have is space. some rooms do have double beds though. the plan is to target millennials who favor activity over space. >> when you look at the millennial approach to business and hotels and as well as development and housing, less is more. >> the new hotel partnered to have a restaurant inside. there's no room service though. they can compete here on lower costs where average room rates top $250 a night. two other microhotels are expected to open in d.c. in the next two years. the company tells the wall street journal that it's buying new machines. they will have fewer parts and will be easier to maintain for your mcflurries. you might want to celebrate with a short stack
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milk pancakes covered with syrup and all that goodness. it is national pancake day today. you can snag free pancakes all day long at some ihop stores. in return pr the flap jacks ihop asking that you leave a donation for miracle network hospitals or another charity. not a bad trade. >> stay with us. news4 today continues right now. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we are talking about a warmup and some rain. >> let's get a look at your traffic in just a second but first chuck bell and sheena parveen. >> it's in the 40s. i was freezing this morning. >> e oh, because you just got bk from mexico. >> it was a little cooler outside. >> the temperature difference on your skin. >> i think
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there early today as well. not looking for a driving rainstorm but there are certainly rain drops for the morning commute here from i-81 and those rain chances are coming eastbound towards the i-95 corridor, so the umbrella ready for today. this first patch should be out of here by 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. most of the late morning into the early afternoon hours likely to be dry, mild and breezy before more rain chances come back in later this evening and especially overnight tonight. as far as temperatures are concerned here is sheena, a good tuesday morning to you. >> good tuesday morning, chuck and we're talking about mild temperatures this morning but also those showers that chuck mentioned, so make sure you have that umbrella before you head out. the tuesday morning commute, a few showers around, especially if you are west and near the valerie, winchester, those areas seeing that rain for the morning drive. by noon we'll still see some scattered showers chances but temperatures close to 60 degrees. i think we'll see some rain nd


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