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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 11, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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a terrible tragedy in prince william county claims two
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prince william parkway. these are live pictures from our news 4 traffic cam. one person is in critical condition. all of the victims are adults. roads in that area are blocked off. we have a crew heading to the scene and we'll bring you new development as they come in. we're going to be tracking a significant snowstorm impacting our area happening monday night into tuesday. the most snow falls overnight monday into tuesday morning. look here at the national weather service issuing a winter storm watch for all the counties in blue, pretty much our entire area except for southern maryland. this starts at 7:00 monday and runs until tuesday 2:00 p.m. here's what we know. we're talking about a heavy wet snow impacting the area. again moving in between 8:00 and 10
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to two inches per hour in spots. this will lead to snow covered roads and power outages outal. this forecast is still evolving. it can and will change. i'm going to have the latest look at timing when snow moves into your neighborhood and how much you can expect coming up at 11:18. he was a young father who spent his days working construction and his nights in school. new at 11:00 an outpouring of grief. andrew was killed last week a block away from his home in southeast d.c. tonight we spoke with his mom. >> reporter: it was here along wheeler road in southeast d.c. that family and friends
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with candles, photos and prayers to remember andrew mcfadder. his mother wiped away tears and spoke about her son. >> it does my heart good to hear all the wonderful stories that everyone is coming to my home and telling me about my son andrew mcfadder. he was awesome. >> reporter: he was gunned down in broad daylight on a stretch of road that saw several shootings in just a week. he died last sunday. the case is unsolved. >> the person that did this, god gonna take care of that. he already can't sleep. he already can't eat. he don't see himself, he see my son. >> reporter: there were tears and candles and a message about gun violence in the community. >> they celebrated a day without women. soon there's going to be a day without men. the womenll
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world because our men are leaving us. >> reporter: mcfadder was a father of four. one of his children spoke through tears and there were other reminders of how violence effects those left behind. >> he doesn't doidn't deserve t a teen-age girl in d.c. is missing. mo this is taylor innis. she's 13. she disappeared last night. she was seen not far from sherman circle. officers she may be wearing similar glasses you see in this picture and sweat pants and a navy blue sweater. call police if you see her. a young man could spend a decade in jail for scaling the white house fence last night. he will be back in court monday afternoon. we look at how he got around the
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secret service. >> reporter: 20 minutes before minute friday a frigid 33 degrees outside the white house and president trump was home. when officials say a backpack wearing intruder scaled a security fence between the white house and the treasury building on pennsylvania avenue. but the suspect was not stopped until he reached the south grounds of the white house. according to the police report, the suspect identified as 26-year-old jonathan tram said i am a friend of the president. i have an appointment. the criminal has no history and was arrested without incident. president trump talked about the incident. >> the secret service did a fantastic job. it was a troubled person. very sad actually. >> reporter: in january at a white house reception the president praised then secret service director who retired last week. >> what a job.
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>> reporter: but experts say the danger is real and persistent. >> it's going to happen again. this is going to happen again and the president right now is just not safe in the white house. >> reporter: back in 2014 a fence jumper armed with a knife over powered officers and ran around inside the white house. after years of debate, last month the federal agency approved plans for a taller harder to climb fence that will top 13 feet. >> it's in the interests of the country for our executive to be protected. we need to fix this. a devastating story, all new at 11:00. a 3-year-old girl was killed when a hoverboard caught fire and set her home up in flames. two other young girls are recovering. you can see how badly burned that house is.
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last night inside this pennsylvania home. one of the people inside the home jumped from a second floor porch to get away from the fire. >> keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers. also to include the police officers who were there. we had a very busy night and we were pulled in many different directions. >> a firefighter responding to the scene last night was hit by another driver and is now in critical condition. he's a 21 year veteran of the department. a couple accused of using a rifle, a stun gun and death threats to torture a teen boy. what police say the boy did to the couple the day before horrifying abuse.
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two teenagers car jacked a couple and the come wanted revenge. the couple tracked down one of the suspects and tortured him. the couple allegedly had an ak 47 when they put the boy in their vehicle in new mexico wednesday. according to police, they shot him with a stun gun 50 times. they tied him up and through him in a five foot deep hole and they threatened to kill him and somehow the boy managed to escape. >> i'm concerned about the allegations that this is retaliation for an incident and there is a video and a firearm was does charged. >> police arrested that couple yesterday in this video showing the takedown. that couple faces numerous charges. the boy is expected to recover. several women held hostage and forced to sell their od
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were finally able to escape. cameras catch a cross dresser robbing a store. organized is behind this heist. we're minutes away from a band new snl.
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cameras catch a cross dressing thief investigators say is part of an organized crime ring. the suspect grabbed gift cards and shovels this home depot employee and activates the gift cards. authorities say the same c
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have been hitting stores throughout central florida. they called him boss. police say he took eight women host animal inside a georgia mansion and forced them to work as strippers and one of them called 911. we have the human trafficking investigation. >> reporter: the 911 call. >> i'm in a bad situation and i inside to get out. >> reporter: the voice altered to protect the woman, the 20-year-old who tells the operator she's being held captive and she's not alone. >> did you say you're in a house full of girls? >> uh-huh. >> and somebody threatened to kill you if you leave? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: when police arrived they found eight women ages 19 to 22 held inside this rented million dollar home and they found this man charged friday with false imprisonment and the trafin
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>> we believe he's been making promises to ladies for modeling careers and financial assistance. >> reporter: here he is on instagram counting money, holding a gun, and showing off tattoos the 911 caller says he required the women to get, all while allegedly forcing them to work at strip clubs and threatening to hurt them if they left. the 911 caller told police she met the suspect on a website for mutually beneficial relationships. oftentimes sexual. >> you can raise your children up in the right setting, but they get in the hands with the wrong guy at the right time and they can be lured into this lifestyle. >> reporter: more than 20 million people around the world are victims of human trafficking, 55% women and girls. for one woman in atlanta a phone call might have saved her life. >> i'm scared to leave. vice president mike pence asking for total gop
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congressional support for his party's health care bill. the vice president spoke in louisville, kentucky today. the house is expected to vote on the bill in less than two weeks, but the overhaul faces resistance from many gop critics. it's time to spring forward. most cell phones update automatically for daylight saving time, but the clocks in your car, house, coffee pot, you'll want to move those ahead one hour before you call it quits tonight. the one good thing about daylight saving time is we get a later sunset. sunset tomorrow you can see here will be at 7:12 in the evening. 7:00 a.m. it's a cold start. 26 degrees and cloudiness around tomorrow giving way to more
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a high of 42. it will be breezy tomorrow afternoon. i'm jumping ahead to monday night. this is future weather at 8:00 p.m. notice the snow moving into washington and in parts of southern maryland, fairfax. as we continue into the overnight hours, snow is everywhere and it's falling fast in some locations. i mentioned earlier i wouldn't be surprised if you saw snowfall rates of one to two inches per hour, a slight chance for thunder snowle as well. the most snow will accumulate by 8:00 a.m. tuesday. i want to point out this rain/snow line. right now it looks like the line for the most part stays to our south and east, but we're going to keep a close on this. does it come up in washington or does it stay to our south. if it comes up in the district, it cuts down on totals.
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forecast is so tricky. we're literally looking at the potential for two inches in washington or 12 inches. something we'll continue to monitor. i want to take you back though. 9:00 a.m. seeing areas of snow and snowshowers and wintery mix throughout the day on tuesday. here are snowfall amounts. this is our first look. we'll update this map tomorrow if we need to, but what i'm saying right now northern prince william up into washington county, the panhandle of west virginia, five to ten inches and isolated amounts will be around a foot. notice washington. right on that line of two to five inches and five to ten inches. this line might sink down in the district. right now washington, prince george, charles county picking up two
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head further south into southern maryland not a lot there with one to two inches in the forecast. a high likelihood that school is closed on tuesday and i think we'll see a lot of delays on wednesday. we're looking at snow covered roads because unlike every other event this season it's cold and we'll be below freezing for a part of the snowstorm monday night. a weather alert day and it's windy on tuesday and wednesday and we could have a few snowshowers around on wednesday as well. folks want to keep that in mind. thursday we're dry. highs in the mid 30s. right now i would say snow lovers rejoice. >> i am one of them. i'm doing my happy dance. another late night for the capitals and their west coast trip continues. highlights coming up next.
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washington has lost two in a row since their february break. still they sit on top of the metro division. they would have to stop their recent spin against a team fighting for a playoff spot in the west. the fan club going national out to l.a. the calves with the man advantage in the first. a good look for alex, but he can't bring it home. they stay aggressive. they have the mean dish to jacob. washington, l.a. tied 1-1 at the first intermission. the wizards playing their
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road. tonight they're in portland. they're undefeated on their road trip. washington not looking tired at all after their overtime time win. bradley getting the job done on the fast break. a theme is happening here. john wall hitting the jumper. the next up is morris, the wizards connect on their first five shots. this game started after 10:00 tonight and it's still in progress. washington down big at the half 70-49. for a state final red army invading college park, they take on perry hall. watch out for anthony higgs. they take the seven point lead. it's kelly into the basket. we go into overtime tied at 48 in the extra session. hall gets the bounces and tyler is putting back his own rebound. perry hll
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overtime win. high school hoops, baltimore against potomac. down by as many as 13. moore ties it at 55. next possession they lose the ball, but he gets it back and gets the bucket. baltimore outlasts a comeback 64-63 for the title. better news for prince george's county in the 1a final. number 35 can shoot the three. he lead the team with 17 points, including three three pointers. first title for fair mount heights since 1981, 65-52 win. richmond meeting in the
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atlantic ten semifinal. richmond gets the three-point advantage. lewis with the shot that maybe he shouldn't take, but he gets it to drop. great shot. they go into overtime. extra session for bcu. the rams score the first nine points. tillman puts the game away. they advance to the championship. the 87-88 overtime win. the team that eliminated maryland from the big ten tournament has been eliminated from the tournament themselves. hayes gave wisconsin a 7-0 lead out of the gate. start of the second half he showed the outside touch. led the way 18 points, ten rebounds. wisconsin advances to the big ten tournament championship with 76-48 win. second seeded badgers will face eighth michigan. the wolverines knocked off
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they beat purdue on friday. walton had a great performance. 29 points and nine assists. championship game will be played tomorrow at 3:00 in the verizon center. back to you. >> thanks. want to switch gears with breaking news for you. we were mentioning to you at the kb beginning of this broadcast on the prince william parkway, we are on the scene live. >> reporter: we are just now getting here within the past few minutes on the prince william parkway. this is a double fatal crash as reported by the prince william county police department. look behind me. you can see the police cruisers here on the scene. you cannot get on eastbound prince william parkway off 95. this is shut down with the the police telling us that two men died in this crash
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a third victim was thrown to the hospital with life threatening injuries. this road will be shut down for the next several hours so plan ahead if you're planning to drive through this area. back to you. >> thank you. we'll be updating this story tomorrow morning. until then thanks for joining us tonight. "saturday night live" is coming up next. have a great evening.
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