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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  March 24, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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desk. we just heard about a homicide. what's going on? >> this is off of naylor road. police got a call last night from a concerned citizen so they headed out to the location. this is naylor road in southeast and they found a man shot in the head. they took him to the hospital. he did not survive those injuries. at this point, we have little information to go on as far as a motive or even a lookout for a suspect in this case. so again, this is now a homicide investigation taking place around shortly after midnight last night off naylor road in southeast. thank you. president trump is issuing an ultimatum to house republicans. vote on the gop plan to replace the affordable care act act today or it stays. >> this was delivered by his budget director last night making it clear that if there is noot
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to move on to other priorities. right now that vote is expected to happen at some point this afternoon. republican leaders postponed the vote last night. the big question remains, do they have enough votes to pass it? new changes were made to the bill overnight to both get moderates and conservatives to back it. news4's tracie potts will have details in a few minutes. and the plans on this can change at any moment. we will have continuing coverage of this health vote all day on the nbc washington app. just search health care. >> peter newsham will get a confirmation hearing today. more than 80 people are signed up to speak at a public hearing. he will be the last to speak and take question from the council. meanwhile, a local nonprofit group is now suing to get d.c. police records related to arrests during t
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protest. the partnership for civil justice funds says the information needs to be released before chief newsham is confirmed. the group suing npd says when officers use those kind of tactics they used that day they're required to file certain documentation to show why it was justified. now they're suing for those documents under the freedom of information act. >> it is one of the most important jobs of the chief of police to be able to uphold the constitutional rights of people to demonstrate. >> we reached out to d.c. police for comment. we're told they do not comment on pending litigation. new information about the terror investigation in london. police speak less than half hour ago. they say they made two new significant arrests here. this morning we know four people and the attacker were
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the suspect khalid masood drove a car into a crowd on the westminster bridge. then he stabbed the police officer before police killed him. they're working as fast as they can to learn what prompted him to do this. with those new arrests nine people are now in custody at this hour. friends are mourning the death of an american man killed in wednesday's attack. kirk cwas celebrating their anniversary. his friends told nbc news he was a warm guy, he was 54 years old. 4:33 now. we want to go back to the live desk. erika gonzalez has a new information about an ambulance worker in d.c. >> new overnight mark sea graves reporting the employees of the ambulance service that came on to assist d.c. fire for nonlife
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has voted in favor of unionizing. a spokes person confirming their vote. they would join the public service employee union american federation of state, county and municipal employees district 20. back over to you. it's 4:34 right now. the lights are low, there's a little teddy playing in the background. it's almost breeding season in the panda house apparently at the national zoo. they've noticed him watching his main squeeze through the window between their yards, making some noises at her apparently. she often responds to those calls with a moan. that means she's not ready just yet. >> you're doing your best barry white. she's like leave me alone. i've
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pandas. >> she makes a different sort of a sound when -- she will chirp. >> she chirps? >> she chirps when she's ready. >> i thought i knew everything i needed to know about pandas. thank you, aaron. >> meanwhile, bao bao is moving into her new home today. it's a conservation and research center for giant pandas. she's going to have her own housing area and a playground to share with her brother. she spent a month in quarantine after arriving in china. the zoo keepers say she's in good health and putting on a little weight. >> i'm so glad to know she's doing well. >> want to get another look at weather and traffic. >> melissa will have more on the roads after she finishes her snacks of course. >> that was not melissa's fault. she didn't expect to be on tv yet. >> she needs to eat. no one's going to blame her for that. >> people watching by the way have no
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we're not on tv. >> and with good reason. >> that's right. probably better that way. >> most offcamera things should stay offcamera. four things you need to know about the weather, number one, this is probably our last cold morning for a while. in fact, national airport could -- could potentially be done with freezes for the season. we'll see. just about to that average last freeze day for us. still tracking a chance for a few sprinkles here between 8:00 and lunchtime. the afternoon looks great. a big warmup coming our way for tomorrow and a wetter pattern overall for the early parts of next week. here's that rain chance out here racing towards morgantown, west virginia now. best rain chances today will be up north and west of the city, but even kids in and around town should at least carry that umbrella between now and lunchtime. good morning, sheena. >> good morning, chuck. it's cold this morning to you will need the warm jacket. temperatures in the 30s. they feel like the 20s. the rain is not here yet but it does feel like 29 degrees in the ri
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out they'll want a warm jacket. before you head out you'll want a warm jacket outside. but you're not going to need it this afternoon. we'll get mild after the showers move in. by 7:00 a.m., 37 degrees. 10:00 this morning we're looking at that chance for some showers. mid-40s. 3:00 p.m., 57 degrees and by 7:00 p.m. we're going to be in the low 60s today. into the weekend a bigger warmup. we'll talk more about that coming up. let's check the roads on this final friday. >> i'm ready for you this time. everything is away, i'm good. inner loop after rockville pike, that work zone blocking the right lane. ov overall the beltway looks good. inner and outer loop looks fine. rock creek parkway or northwest -- sorry, north of virginia avenue, left lane gets by that bridge work in each direction. 15 north of hay ward road, left las
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zone. a live look at 66 coming up. thank you. she died after being tied up and stabbed inside a d.c. apartment, but it's the way she lived that one murder victim's friends want you to know about. >> it's official. your ride on metro will soon cost you more. how much extra you can expect to pay and when. >> and it's the change that has dunkin' donuts lovers
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you feel every mountain we've ever conquered. in our sports cars, you feel every podium we've ever climbed. and now, they've come together to create something you've never felt before. introducing the glc coupe. part suv. part sports car. all mercedes-benz. y2ay1y y16fy
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all right. metro riders, get ready for big changes coming. >> this summer you'll have to pay more to ride metro. the board voted in front of a packed room to approve fare hikes to close the budget gap. expect to pay an extra quarter to ride the bus and trains during offpeak hours and an extra 10 cents for rail service. you'll have to wait longer for trains too and will cut some of the most inefficient bus routes. >> we eencourage you on trying to double down on trying to find some sustainable funding source. >> we have to put our needs out there so people understand what we're up against. >> general manager hinting that he will have to work harder to get more money for metro and although riders are threatening to leave once and for all, metro leaders say they don't think that will happen. >>
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asked former secretary of transportation hood to conduct a top to bottom review of metro. he thinks there needs to be an independent assessment of what's troubling the transit agency and how much it will cost to fix all the problems. the study could cost up to a million dollars. the report should be issued in november, two months before he leaves office. dust off the patio furniture. the weekend plans may include dinner outside. >> absolutely right. it is going to be a great day for all your outdoor activities tomorrow. today as the kids get ready for that big friday day at school, not a bad start. we're dry and cold. temperatures in the 30s this morning. may need that umbrella during the late part of the morning, recess could be impacted by some rain drops here but by later on this afternoon after school activities will be mild and dry. it will turn into a very good
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sheena coming right up. >> he vowed to repeal the affordable care act. now president trump says he'll leave it in place if congress doesn't approve his new plan. what your family can expect if the new measure does pass. >> an update to a story we rought you yesterdaymorning.
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you'll want the warm jacket this morning. maybe the umbrella too. a chance of showers mostly before lunchtime. then the afternoon is going to be milder. coming up i'll show you that ten-day forecast. we'll take a look at a much warmer weekend straight ahead. >> another day, another way hackers find a different way to trick consumers. the new warning you'll want to hear before you check your e-mail. >> and coffee lovers fired up. the menu item
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taking away that has a lot of people sounding off on social media. 14 before the hour and the frenzy on capitol hill continues today over the vote to replace the foeaffordable care act. >> house republicans are expected to vote on it this afternoon. tracie potts is live on capitol hill. do republicans have the votes to pass it at this point? >> reporter: at this point it's not clear. if you just go by the numbers our latest count is 32 republicans against it. then no, they don't have the votes, but some of those seem to be softening, waivering especially now that the president has issued this ultimatum that the vote has to happen today. >> and tracie, republican leaders unveiled some new changes to the bill overnight that are designed to get more people to get on board with this. what are those changes? >> reporter: they're still tweaking it. so first of all there's a near 1% medicare tax that would get extended for six years. there's a patient and state stability fund, but the big
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here is cutting essential benefits, things like maternity leave, mental health, maternity care, i should say. mental health benefits. emergency room benefits. obamacare guaranteed that any insurance plan would cover these things. conservatives want to see it go away. they say it would give people more options, and the president said that he would be flexible with that. what they're looking at is making that a state by state decision. >> all right. tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you. changes to the health care system could have a big impact on local families and many are concerned especially christine farley. her son was born with cystic fibrosis. the rest of his life will depend on costly medical supplies and drugs. she hopes lawmakers can strike the right balance. >> i'd like to see those things that are working very well in the affordable care act stay and i'd love to see a discussion
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the united states even better. >> farley is thankful for good health insurance from her employer but she wonders about her son's future coverage as he gets older. today we could learn what kind of deal the man police say took a gun into a pizza shop. there will be a plea hearing for edgard welch. this case received national attention for its implications about fake news during the presidential election. in december, welch was accused of taking a gun into the pizza shop and fired shots. police say he told them he was investigating a fake internet report about democrats and child sex trafficking. the search continues for the man police are calling a person of interest after an artist was found murdered in the district. police are also looking for a blue toyota prius. her body was found on tuesday in a basement apartment near
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friends of hers from the cincinnati area describe her as a loving person and they say they can't understand why someone would hurt her. >> she was someone that brought people together in a positive, constructive way that for the -- for the good of people. i think that would be the way she wanted to be remembered. >> now, here's a look at her car. the blue prius has a yellow diamond shaped bumper sticker. a look again at the person of interest here. he is not being called a suspect right now but police do want to talk to him. >> a police officer is suspended and facing charges after police say he crashed his cruiser while under the influence. we first brought you this story yesterday morning on news4 today. officer christopher brown clipped the back of a tractor trailer on the beltway near pennsylvania avenue. he lost control and hit the guardrail. brown was offduty at the time. sources tell news4 he left the scene andet
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no one was hurt. the chief says he was gravely troubled and promised transparency saying as always, when i have the facts i will take appropriate action to remedy this and i will make the facts known to the public. officer brown pled guilty to dui in 2012 after another crash in his cruiser. the son of legendary basketball coach john thompson jr. is out. john thompson, iii was let go yesterday. he led georgetown for the last 13 seasons. they haven't made it past the first round since 2007. georgetown's president released a statement reading in part, quote, his performance as a coach has been exceptional and he has served our community with remarkable distinction and integrity, sustaining our commitment to the academic performance of our students and providing them with the very best preparation for their lives beyond t
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a northern virginia restaurant says parking problems are forcing it to go to court. jackson's mighty food and lucky lounge is filing a lawsuit against the parking company boston properties. the restaurant in reston town center says it struck a deal to allow guests and employees to park for free, but the parking validation system is too confusing. we're working to get a response from boston properties. well, baby eagles every day. we just had two new baby eagles born in southeast washington. now there are eggs waiting to hatch at another nest right here in d.c. you're looking live at the nest of mr. president and the first lady. it can be confusing. there are two locations and both have eggs. >> and both of them have cameras too. >> according to the american eagle foundation, one of the eggs in their nest could hatch as early as this weekend. the other is supposed to crack open the following
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wow kn i wonder if the weather has anything to do with this. >> but they -- the eagles keep the eggs warm. right? >> i can't wait to see that. remember the last one cracked and we were all watching, the little baby sticking their heads out. >> anyone checked on that giraffe lately? still pregnant? all right. >> she's stressed out. you can't do that when people are watching. >> it's a lot of pressure. >> so i saw the eagles' feathers flapping there. a little breeze this morning? >> a little breeze. the windchill makes it feel like 29 degrees. it's going to feel like 29 when you walk outside. now, we do have a south wind so this morning it is on the cold side but that south wind is going to help to warm us up this afternoon. that's a warm wind direction. we'll be in the 60s later on today. here's the feel like temperature for everybody else. feels like 30 degrees in quantico. 28 in gaithersburg. 26 in leesburg. in lorton you feel
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so if you are exercising today actual temperature by 7:00 a.m., around 37 still, but again, possibly still feeling like the upper 20s so make sure you have the jacket this morning. between 7:00 a.m. and noon we have a chance for some showers. by noon today a chance of a sprinkle around 50. this afternoon we're dry with temperatures in the 60s. there's a look at the rain that's entering parts of western p.a. and that's going to get here as we go into the day today. so we are looking at the chance for showers. the first half of the day only. 9:00 a.m., there you see some showers near frederick, martinsburg. that's all going to approach the district by 11:00 a.m. but it's going to start to break up. so i think most of the morning commute should be dry. later on today more sunshine developing and take a look as we go through saturday. nice and dry and saturday is going to be a lot warmer. look at the temperature tomorrow. 76 degrees for a high. i hope you're making outdoor plans this weekend. 68 on sunday. most of sunday will be dry with some very late rain. next
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too starting in the 70s. let's check the roads on this friday morning commute. >> good morning to you. so right now, a live look as promised. 66 there at germantown road. everything is looking good right now. still have this road work. inner loop after rocksville pike. that should clear out soon and right now it's blocking the right lane. you can see it's really not affecting anything there. 270, a live look here at clarksville road and then bottom of the beltway, no major problems there. >> thank you. well, lunch is usually a fun time for a lot of students but not on this day. the teen who started choking and who rushed in to save him. >> also, ahead at 5:00, the latest on a tragic story coming out of southern maryland after a toddler was shot and killed. we're live from the scene where detectives are trying to piece together how everything unfolded. and cracking down on so-called robo calls. what the feds are doing that chll cut your
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a wisconsin high school student being praised for his quick thinking and calmness under pressure. take a look at this video. he was eating lunch wednesday when his friend will began motioning that she was choking. brown calmly sat up, gave will the heimlich and was able to dislodge the food from his th
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received in a youth police training program. you know what? >> they're going to be friends for a long time. >> for a long time. that's amazing. it just reminds you. those cpr, heimlich, knowing those things are important. as our technology gets more advanced so do the scamming targeting us. >> things you do every day could be putting you at risk. it's vital not to let your guard down when it comes to cyber security. one scam to look out for targets online banking sessions. >> and all of a sudden there's a pop-up that comes up and asks you for a bunch more information and you fill it in assuming you're connecting to your bank when you're really connecting to a bad actor. >> now, it's actually a form of mal ware and be ware of clicking unsubscribe on links and e-mails. those could lead to more spam. you're better off just deleting
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me up may be going away. dunkin' donuts is getting rid of the coffee frulatta. the chain claims the new frozen coffee is way better than its predecessor. >> we'll have to try it out. it was like a slushy coffee. >> but frozen, what's the difference? >> i think the consistency. >> for the discerning palate. yes. >> there's a difference. >> stay with us. news4 today starts now at 5:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we made it to the weekend. can we start celebrating now? >> not yet. we have to work first. we have to get you through the rest of this day first. >> the show. >> melissa will have a look at how your commute is shaping up, but let's start with sheena and chuck and this forecast. >> it's straight up friday. >> it is a
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and then the weekend, tomorrow is going to be so nice. i hope people are making plans outside. >> you're a flipper flopper person. >> i love my flip flops. i just painted my toes, chuck. >> nice job. i did not paint mine. outside the skies are going partly to mostly cloudy here this morning and if you follow melissa, yesterday she put out this great picture. he said i can no longer see my toes. >> i got a new pedicure. >> more about the weather now. there's a little chance for rain drops between 7:00 this morning and 11:00 this morning so you may want to have that umbrella ready to go just in case. not everyone is going to get wet, but there will be at least a little chance so have the umbrella ready to go just in case. >> really just the first half of the bay but this morning temperatures are cold enough where i think you need the warm jacket. 36 in the district but it feels like the upper 20s. a lot of areas are feeling like


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