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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  March 27, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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i need them fresh and crunchy. >> well, it's a little pea-like out there. we have a dense fog advisory. quarter mile advisory or less. all of the areas shaded in gray. this includes the district and all major highways. visibility wise, 1/2 a mile. if you're in the district, not too bad. it's been fluctuating. you will see very dense fog. as we go through about 7:00 a.m., some areas could be less than a quarter mile visibility even in the district. keep that in mind even as you head out. we'll start to clear up around 9:00 or 11:00. warmer temperatures this afternoon. make sure you have the umbrella. rain in the forecast. good morning, chuck. >> that's right. we have rain drops on storm team
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two chances for rain today. you should have your umbrella ready to go. there is on radar most of the moment. most of the rain coming into the eastern parts of the west virginia panhandle moving into washington county, maryland. friendly neighbors in frederick, maryland, the rain drops are 15 to 20 minutes away from leaving you. likely to be coming towards the capital beltway. grab the umbrella. have your raincoat coming. fog and rain visible this morning. afternoon temperatures back into the 70s. that is nice. be sure to keep your umbrella with you. it's all about preparation. >> it is. inner loop at 450, a crash here. it sounds like it's on the right shoulder. heads up soubo
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the crash hanging around blocking the left lane. response still on the scene. 95 north of courthouse, there is an issue. there's a broken down bus. sounds like a lot of folks are looking over to the side of the roadway there and we could start seeing some slowdowns because of that. rock creek parkway, difficulty getting by that work zone. this other issue on 450 between seabrook boulevard and forbes road. all lanes blocked. westbound one lane open due to a house fire. 5:02. molette green live at the news desk following a recovery mission on the potomac river. >> the key bridge, aaron. someone fell into the potomac river last night. they have used every bit of apparatus at their disposal, including a canine unit to look for the pers
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information we'll bring it right to you from the live desk. back to you. covering prince gorges county this morning, a landover family is still coming to terms with the death of their 15-year-old loved one. dennis taylor was shot on columbia place. >> this morning prince gorges county police are searching for his killer. justin finch is joining us live with details. good morning, justin. >> reporter: angie, good morning. as police investigate, dennis taylor's loved ones are grieving and so are his friends. this morning at brooklyn middle school there will be grief counselors where he had been a student at brooklyn. let's take you to video at this time. here's another look at taylor. he's just 15 years old. police say he was gunned down just a few doors from his family's home on the 2200 block of columbia place. about 9:40 saturday night police were called to that scene. ta
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upper body. he did die a short time later. suspect or suspects in this case had already gotten away. his sister said whoever they are, they stole a brother who meant so much to them. now police did find a handgun on scene. they don't believe at this point that this was a random crime. back to you. >> justin finch for us live this morning updating the story that we are following closely. thank you. 5:04. prince gorges county police are trying to find the people who shot a man in college park. it happened behind the ikea off of the beltway. they could be seen outside of the camden county apartment project. one man was found dead on the sc
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with a head injury but was not shot. police have not released the identity of the victim. today a woman who's been busted for jumping fences at and near the white house three times in one week will be in court. the big question today is whether a judge will keep her behind bars this time. the secret service says marcy wall was carrying a sleeping bag and backpack when she scaled a fence near the treasury building. >> wallace from washington state, the 38-year-old was arrested tuesday dangling from the white house fence by the shoelaces of her sneakers. a day later she pleaded guilty and a judge ordered her to stay away from the white house. she was arrested friday and during her saturday court appearance she was once again ordered to stay away. and then about 12 hours later the secret service arrested her near the treasury building. this is the third time. she'll make her third court appearance today. the influence of president trump's son-in-law is growing this morning. you can expect to see
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trending in your twitter time line. jared kushner will lead a new office responsible for streamlining and overhauling the federal government. meanwhile, the senate judiciary committee is expected to vote on judge neil gorsuch's supreme court hearing. in the next hour news 4's tracie potts will be live on capitol hill for more on what we can expect on judge gorsuch's nomination. >> new video on severe storms in the south. we'll go to you, molette. >> yeah, we'll show that video. >> sirens are going off here. it's a warning sign and take shelter. >> that was the scene. severe storms in north texas. you heard the warning sirens there. one confirmed tornado in north
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we're hearing about hail, very big hail from golf ball to softball size hail leaving a trail of damage there. no reports of injury. back to you. >> molette, thanks so much. 5:07 here closer to home. milder weather. you have a few more days to see the cherry blos somsoms at peak bloom. the best flowers will be around through mid week. open up the nbc washington app to see places that may have better cherry blossoms and what you'll find. search cherry blossoms. >> it may be very cool and foggy right now, but wait until that sun gets fired up. sheena? >> the fog will lift and clear out around 9:00, 10:00 this morning. we have a few showers off to our west and 81 near win chest jerks la ray. more shower and forecasts. chuck and i are back to talk about that. what you can
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about everywhere. those potholes. this morning we are working for you to get them fixed. how to report the worst where you live. major news for people who suffer with nut allergie s.
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welcome back. it's 5:10. i think we'll get the prompter to back up a little bit for me and we'll tell you that -- >> that's actually northwest
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wow. if you are driving in early this morning, that's what you'll have to deal w. here to tell us how long we'll have this low visibility is chuck. >> i need to be a little lower, too, apparently. >> yeah. what you see is what you get outside, aaron. don't adjust your set. that was all socked in with the fog here early this morning. that will gradually improve but it sure is an ugly start from a monday morning. dense fog advisory goes until 9:00. wet roads and pockets of light rain. be sure to slow down and use your low beams as well. can always stay ahead of the weather by having your nbc washington app downloaded and fired up. give that a free download. follow me on twitter and facebook by looking for chuck bell 4. rain drops coming into western frederick county, western sides of loudoun county. rain is going to move in there. still currently dry in the d.c. metro
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temperatures haven't moved much since about lunchtime yesterday. we're still in the mid to upper 40s. with breaks of sunshine temperatures should be able to get back up into the low 70s around d.c. could be middle to upper in areas south. what about tomorrow? >> melissa mollet and good morning. >> good morning. right now this changed just a little bit here the problem on the inner loop at the end of the on ramp from 450. crash there on the right shoulder. the rest of the beltway looks fine. colesville blocking the left lane. police still on the scene. 95 north of courthouse, we have a broken down bus here this morning. right now wanted to show you the drive picture to show you the fog we're talking about today. going to take a look at 66 coming up. >> melissa, thank you. 5:12 our time right now as london continues to r
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after last week's terror attacks. worshippers gathered for a special sunday service in commemoration of the victims. three people including a police officer were killed there. british police believe the suspect khalid masood who was also killed acted alone in that rampage. they are trying to pinpoint his motive. the u.s. led coalition in iraq is investigating allegations of scores of civilian deaths from airstrikes aimed at isis. u.s. military confirmed they attacked buildings in mosul. there is conflicting information about who is responsible for all of the deaths. the building was boobey trapped. 5:13. right now d.c. police need some help to find this 76-year-old woman. take a good look if you can. her name is
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she has not been seen since saturday on eastern avenue in northwest. police say they are concerned about her right now. if you do see her, know anything, please call police. in news for your health now, if you have a nut allergy, you're ooshly told to avoid all nuts. nearly half the people who are allergic to one kind are not allergic to all. you ingest tiny amounts of the food in increased doses over a period of time. >> people with allergies, if you can liberate their diet allowing them to eat other food, the quality of life is much better. >> researchers say by 6 months old children should have a taste of peanut butter.
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then are 80% less likely to get a peanut allergy. news 4 shows lesbian or gay teens are more likely to use tobacco. experts say this could be due to social stigmas, family rejection. 5:15 your time now. new numbers on a controversial bill. molette green at the live desk. >> the so-called bathroom bill will cost north carolina big bucks to the tune of $3.76 billion. this is all according to a new associated press report about the law that says people have to use the bathroom based on their sex at birth. now critics say the law limits -- limits discrimination against transgender people and
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they tallied lost business over the years. we've seen some financial hints in north carolina to a canceled ringo starr and the ncaa boycott. >> molette, thank you so much. here's a question for you. how's that bracket doing? march madness almost over. the final four stacked. gonzaga, north carolina, south carolina gamecocks and oregon will be playing. saturday the title game is a week from today. so it will be monday. we just want to point out that there is a chance of a south carolina verse verse north carolina championship game. people are already talking about this. a little show and tell today. a lot of people think that would be good to see. >> it would be interesting to see.
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they want that. >> 17 just about after the hour now. >> yeah. so hyped. another little quarterback in the making. redskins quarterback kirk cousins and his wife are expecting a baby boy. >> the couple announced the news this weekend on instagram. you can watch the video in the nbc washington app. you can see how cousins almost messed up the whole reveal thing. search cousins. >> why do you do that? >> we're doing the best we can. >> you're here. brittney is still with us. you're all -- >> that is literally the only thing on the menu, i will eat it. >> look behind us and live power kams. the visibility is really low. >> it is really low. areas can see less than 1/4 mile visibility. 1/il
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that will be the case through the 9:00 hour. look at this visibility now. the gray shaded counties, that's the dense fog advisory. we have areas at a half mile visibility. dulles, manassas, fredericksburg. when you see the half mile visibility, that fog is thick. that's going to go on until 9:00 in the morning. make sure you use the low beams and grab the umbrellas. showers moving into frederick leaving hagerstown. if you are near leaf vitsville showers are approaching there. approaching marshall soon. you see it's not much, but there is just that kind of scattered line that we are watching. later on today we could see a few more, too. here's future weather. here's the shower activity. i think we'll see rain around and foggy conditions for the rush. not a good morning commute. the evening commute mht
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better. we're mostly dry and we have the shower chance again by 3:30. after that it starts to move off to the east and things should be improving. temperatures will be warming. temperature wise right now in the mid to upper 40s. if you're walking the dog, chance of showers by noon. temperatures by noon, 73 degrees. tomorrow 74. afternoon thunderstorms. wednesday and thursday, really nice. friday, next big chance for rain. chuck will be back with a closer look of what you can expect. let's check the roads on this foggy monday day morning. >> foggy monday. 95 north of fredericksburg, a pretty good slow down for three miles. road work and broken down bus. inner loop at the end of the on ramp from 450, still have the cras o
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eastbound between seabrook and forbes. one left lane is open. 66 fairfax county parkway, we'll talk about that straight ahead. >> we are working for you to help you protect your car from all the bumpy roads out there. you have probably already driven over a bunch of potholes. >> the maryland department of highway safety says it gets reports of dozens to hundreds of potholes daily. the change in weather has taken a toll on the roads. crews are working to make sure they get filled in as quickly as possible. >> the liquid precipitation sort of freezes, then when it thaws it pops out and that forms a pothole. if you see one call us and let us
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if you see one of these where you drive let us know as well. you can send it to photo or tweet it to us. we have a whole account just for this. president trump points the finger at lawmakers for his failing health carey placement, but it may not be the party you think who he's going after now. >> don't forget to join us at 11:00. be sure to stay with us with the news 4 show
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you're watching "news 4 today." a lot of people have them at home. we're talking about dogs. this next story may startle you a little bit. 46 dogs are now safe in new york city after they were rescued from a south korean meat farm. humane society volunteers embraced the animals when they
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some of the dogs will be headed to shelters in maryland. the u.s. hockey team could join the women's team in a boycott. they're locked into negotiations with u.s.a. hockey for a new contract and equal treatment. a spokesperson for u.s.a. hockey, they say they will try to reach an agreement with the players. meanwhile, 5:25 here. battle grounds continue. >> right. d.c. native among those sipping -- singing to keep his spot. ♪ ♪ malik devage is from southeast d.c. he was inspired to pick up a microphone after watching the jackson's, american dream, the movie in 1992. he said his career started right here in d.c. he performs anywhere t
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sang at national anthems for like the d.c. high school football championships, then performing at bars and lounges and little spots where there's people singing for happy hour. i've been doing that for so long. >> malik is on team adam. as you can see adam shows him right there. that's the way you've got to do it. sing when ever for whomever. >> i think what people like about him is his authenticity, the fact that he wears all of his emotions on his sleeve. he broke down crying. he's a powerful man. >> if you are driving to work or school this morning, you might want to give yourself some extra time. a lot of people dealing with fog, even rain this morning. >> absolutely right. sort of mr. ma goo trying to get to work today. low visibility. umbrellas, have them ready. fog. smaller chance for rain coming up. um
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close things down particularly at the airports. call your carrier to be safe. well, it is something that annoys a lot of us. people who camp out in the left lane but a measure to put an end to it is moving forward in our region. and a popular airline on the defensive. the clothing a pair of teens had on that kt them from boarding ep
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"news 4 today" starts now. it is 5:30 right now. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilcrist. >> i'm angie goff in for eun yang. a lot of people dealing with what we've been seeing all morning and what we drove through. that's a whole lot of fog. melissa mollet will have a closer look at your drive and how it's impacted. we want to begin with sheena and chuck who say be umbrella ready. >> umbrella ready, low beams. it is foggy outside. we have areas of rain. not that great of a morning commute especially for a monday. >> looks and feels like a monday for sure. getting out of bed and getting to work takes extra effort. dense fog advisory goes until 9:00 for low visibility, wet roads, pockets of light rain out there as well. keep your speeds down and low beams on here as you go through the remainder of your morning. temperature wise, we haven't moved a whole lot s
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the mid to upper 40s. new things outside this morning, fog and drizzle. if you can wait until lunchtime it will be a much nicer second half of the day. tomorrow another warm day with a chance of a thunderstorm or two. if you're saying, chuck, when do we get a chance to see sunshine and nice weather on the cherry blossoms, wednesday and thursday are the pick of the litter. for the rest of the morning the rain drops are out in the shenandoah valley and coming into the metro. >> slow here as well. 95 north. disabled bus blocking the right lane causing real delays as you're headed out of fredericksville area. eastbound 66 at centerville, crash with the right side blocked right now. brand-new problem klara barton parkway. a truck is there. taking a
5:32 am
police have this one, 14th street northwest at jefferson street. we have a cyclist that was struck. right now the road there is shut down. should be out of the way in a little bit. see you back here with travel times. >> we'll see you then. taking a look at four things to know this morning. someone is missing in the potomac river right now. d.c. recovery is on the bridge this morning. live report in 15 minutes. this morning prince gorges county police are searching for the gunman behind this 15-year-old's death. dennis taylor was killed in landover and attended a school right there in the northeast. today a woman arrested three times in one week for jumping fences at and near the white house will be back in court. marci walls, washington state, she was arrested yesterday for jumping the fence at the treasury department. today the white house is expected to open a new
5:33 am
it will be led by president trump's son-in-law jared kushner. it's designed to make new runs. the blame game continues to intensify. news 4's molette green is live from the newsroom. hi, molette. >> the trump administration wants to move on to other issues like tax reform and the budget. it's clear the republicans lost on health care and it's having a big impact. now the white house is blaming lawmakers. president trump specifically called out the house freedom caucus in a tweet. here's how his chief of staff reince priebus reacted. >> the president is disappointed in the number of people that he thought were loyal to him that weren't. >> president trump and paul ryan spoke on the phone. they're both eager to get to work on tax reform. one
5:34 am
leading the pack in the race for the gop nomination for virginia's governor. ed gillespie won a straw pole. he took 56% of the votes saturday beating frag wagner and roy stewart. the fairfax county gop said no candidate has been elected governor without carrying the county. this is expected to be a referendum on the trump presidency. you may have to wait a little longer than expected for your tax return if you live in virginia. more than 100,000 people will get a letter in the mail asking them to verify their identities. the extra paperwork will help ensure the refunds go to the right people. the state department of taxation says it has stopped more than $60 million in returns in
5:35 am
and a 17-year-old boy charged. they first went to kirkland avenue near randolph-macon academy saturday night. the victim leah marie adams, she had niech injuries that you would get from a crash or a car. kay, it looks like there was some fight. investigators believe someone deliberately set a fire in this building. they said no one was hurt but they did talk to a person of interest and local people were displaced. this is in tacoma park on lyndon avenue. montgomery officials say the fire caused $20,000 damage. maryland one step closer to ticketing drivers who slow traffic down. wtop reports that the bill that would fine drivers who drive too slowly in the passing lane have cleared the house and delegates.
5:36 am
bill. as the temperatures warm up expect to see more bicyclists out there on the road. starting today arlington police will begin enforcing the safety rules for both cyclists and drivers as part of the safe bicycling initiative. virginia now has an official state spirit. george washington's rye whisky. they signed the bill into law last week. washington began distilling rye whisky at mount vernon and they continue to distill it still at the property. >> post retirement like a second job. >> yeah. a lot of people back in the day made their own brew. >> yeah. go to the right place. >> drink in the closet. >> we can't stop talking about it this morning. look at the fog out there. normally you would be able to see t
5:37 am
you can't even see the rotunda. sheena will let us know when the fog should burn off. what we have learned about a dozen girls who disappeared in d.c. the controversy that is sure to be filling up your news feed this morning. the airline are under fire for not letng twoti
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you're watching "news 4 today." investigators will review surveillance video from inside a cincinnati nightclub that became the scene of a mass shooting on sunday. 27-year-old man was killed there. 15 others were injured. at least five people are still in the hospital this morning. police are looking for more than one suspect at this hour after they said a gun fight broke out inside that crowded club. they say the venue has a history of problems. the story about missing teens in the district is still one of the top stories in the nbc washington app. >> a lot of interest. a lot of concern about this. this after an inaccurate viral post last week dlamd 14 girls had disappeared in the district in just one day. this sparked national attention. it all started after d.c. police shared more than two dozen missing persons flyers on twitter, on social media last week. most of the girls we want to report have been found. d.c.
5:41 am
the record straight on what's going on. >> we don't have a habit of having people kidnapped or snatched on our streets but we do have a lot of families and children where children leave home. what we're saying is if they're out without the care of an adult, guardian, or a responsible adult, they're in danger. we need them to come home. >> and mayor bowser also unveiled a set of initiatives in the hope of finding the missing women. we are hearing back from rumor on our nbc washington app. we have information on how you can find them as well. open up our app and search the word missing. it is the move that could tie up your tax refund. >> why some of you might have to wait a bit longer to get a check from uncle sam. and you may have to wait a little while longer before you see anything in the way of sunshine. we have a lot of thick fog
5:42 am
milder air will be coming back. i like our chance of being in the 70s a couple of days this week. got your ten day forecast coming up. fog across the area and several new problems. we're going to tkal mmm! [ keys clack ] [ slurps ] make it iced, then make it happen with flavors like butter pecan or new coconut creme pie. it's america's iced coffee, whenever, wherever. america runs on dunkin'.
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now at 5:45, the search and rescue mission on the potomac turns into a recovery effort. the crews are scouring the area. dress code controversy. the item a lot of you probably own and wear when you travel that kept a couple of teenagers from boarding a flight. get your umbrella and turn on the low beams. a morning of rain and fog. you're watching "news 4 today". first though, recovery crews are busy looking at the potomac river. >> before midnight we're near the key bridge
5:46 am
the crews are doing right now. good morning, derrick. >> reporter: good morning. well, they appear to have suspended the search for some time now. it is expected it will resume once daylight happens. the potomac is smooth under key bridge. as always this is a formidable and unforgiving river. around midnight crews got the report of a person in the water. harbor patrol did shoreline searches. nothing was found. at some point that rescue effort did, indeed, become a recovery effort. now it has been suspended. we're waiting word how this person got into the water and how that was reported, whether it was a boater, a jogger, a fesher man, something of that nature. hopefully we'll have that information for you later. as of now it appears the search
5:47 am
later. one person reported in the water near the potomac river near key bridge. we are live. derrick ward, back to you. >> derrick, thank you. last year tragedy struck silver spring when an explosion tore through an apartment building there. seven people killed and more than 40 others hurt. 32-year-old survived that blast. he was visiting an aunt and uncle who stayed with him at the flower branch apartment. he said he remembers the moment the apartment blew up. >> i remember it exploding and i don't remember that. the next day i saw my son at the washington hospital center. i was like unconscious more than 15 hours. >> he was seriously hurt in that blast and recently had life saving surgery on his leg. we'll have his entire story of hope and
5:48 am
5:00. today the man charged with killing five people in an oxon hill crash will go on trial. >> he was driving under the influence and speeding when he slammed into another car in 2014. two children and three adults died including a passenger in his car. and prince gorges county police, they're trying to find the person who shot and killed someone in college park. it happened yesterday afternoon just behind the ikea off of the beltway. officers could be seen outside of the camden college park apartment and take a look at the video here. now these apartment are in the very same plaza as that ikea. a man was found dead on the scene. another man was found nearby with a head injury but was not shot. we continue to make calls. at this point the victim's identity has not yet been released. breaking news on a potentially deadly aftvalanchea >> high school students among
5:49 am
avalanche. we have video just in to the live desk. right now we're hearing at least eight lives possibly lost on the slopes north of tokyo. dozens of students and about 12 teachers taking part in a mountain climbing event. 5:49. day two of the annual aipac policy conference gets underway today. the american israel public affairs committee is the nation's largest pro israel organization. house speaker paul ryan and u.n. ambassador nikki haley will speak today. vice president mike pence spoke yesterday and said president trump is committed to israel's security. >> and while there will undoubt at the timely have to be compromise, i can assure you all, president trump will never compromise the safety and security of the jewish state of israel. >>
5:50 am
reiterated that the president is giving serious consideration to moving the american embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. that relocation is strongly opposed by palestinians who also claim that city as their capitol. president trump's choice for the supreme court is expected to face a big test today. >> the senate judiciary committee will vote on judge neil gorsuch's nomination. tracie potts is live on capitol hill. >> reporter: getting him out of committee won't as big of a deal as getting him into the u.s. supreme court. today's vote is whether or not they're going to move forward with this. the general consensus was that he held his own at hearings, but a lot of democrats are saying he may have held his own but he didn't answer questions that gives them some insight about his philosophy and they're concerned about that. obviously with the makeup of the committee being majority republicans, they can get him out of committee but
5:51 am
full vote. >> what about the full vote, tracie? what could that mean about the 60 vote threshold? >> reporter: tlin lherein lies issue. you'd need 60 people to vote yes. that means republicans would need some help from democrats. they do have some democrats who seem to be leaning toward him, but there are some who are still sore over the fact that president obama's nominee never even got a hearing and they're concerned about some things they heard in this hearing. there is the concern that republicans might use the so-called nuclear option, meaning they'll tweak the rules so he only needs a simple majority. 50 votes and not 60. democrats are pushing back on that. they're saying, look, if you need someone who only gets 50 votes, in that case you need to get a new nominee. we'll see what happens. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you.
5:52 am
time to check in with this guy. >> yes. >> a little mist and drizzle out there this morning. >> not a pretty start at all this morning. it's all low clouds, fog, visibility down under a mile in many spots. sort of what you went to bed with last night still awaits you outside the door early this morning. we will see big improvements coming through for today. chances of rain moving through this morning. there's a big stretch dry real estate out here. that is most of the afternoon, overnight and tomorrow dryness before the next better chance arrives tomorrow. nothing all that heavy, just sprinkles across southern maryland. a little bit along u.s. 15 there that connects the two towns. farther down to the south. so this little batch of rain is coming through. not heavy. cloudy sky with a lot of mist
5:53 am
throw a few rain drops in as well. it will be a very wet start to the morning. future weather carries the rain in and out of the metro between now and 8:00 or 9:00. most of the morning, early afternoon hours should be dry by lunchtime. a big warmup. most areas back in the '70s. there may be a rumble or two of thunder showers this afternoon. for now out you go. temperatures in the chilly 40s. afternoon highs upper 60s to near 70 north of the city. mid 70s out towards the shenandoah valley. culpepper and fredericksburg, 78, 77 degrees respectively. tomorrow an even better start and a mild day tomorrow back up into the mid 70s. pretty good chance for thunder showers around here in the afternoon. 70% for
5:54 am
afternoon. wednesday and thursday will be dry. friday looks like a washout. the week end remains in the dry column. let's go to melissa mollet. >> outer loop 4 at connecticut avenue, a new crash here. wanted to also show you this picture because you can sort of see that haze still hanging around here this morning. 95 north of fredericksburg, still slow for about 3 miles heading northward because of two different problems. disabled bus and road work. 66 in bound at centerville, right lane still blocked. jefferson, cyclist struck. broken down vehicle there in the right lane where the earlier road work was. earlier issue on 450 where we had the eastbound lane shut down for the fire. that has reopened. 270 southbound looks fine. top of the beltway very normal. 66 in bound and 95 northbound also rolling
5:55 am
remember to listen to wtop when you hop in your car today. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. lyft is trying to position itself as the anti-uber. the company has launched a new roundup and donate program that if you often round up your fare and donate the difference to charity, causes include the environment, the economy and veterans. the initiative is still going. whole foods getting ready to open its first store in prince gorges county. the organic grocer will open a store on april 12th in riverdale park station. they have a self service espresso and pizza station
5:56 am
smoothie bowl. >> annual fees, high interest rates, late charges. if you have a credit card you probably don't like any of those things. >> yeah, they make you cringe. it turns out that that might be something you're able to get rid of. it's very simple. you might just have to ask. today credit is introducing a new survey. it found out many people are having good luck getting rid of pesky fees by simply talking with customer service. the company found that 80% of people who asked to have the annual fee waived or lowered, they got it. nearly 90%, 90% of people had late fees waived. >> credit card companies are willing to deal and negotiate because it's such a competitive marketplace. >>. this morning united airlines is still dealing with the social media after math that has a lot of you talking. this after letting two teens wearing leggings or not letting them board a flight. the teens
5:57 am
code that is for a specific kind of traveller. some say the dress code isn't there. >> united's policy does seem a bit more sexist than other airlines. >> well, united airlines explained that tapped travelers are family, friends, they're required to abide by dress codes. paying customers, you're welcome to wear your yoga pants according to the airline. we're live on facebook around 6:30 this morning. 6:57 dr 5:57. terror rampage in london. why investigators are looking at a messaging app you probably use all the time. plus, teacher accused of romancing and abducting a
5:58 am
5:59 am
murder man hunt. a 15-year-old is dead and grief counselors will meet students at school this morning. it happened again, the same woman who tried to jump the white house fence returns. and have you recovered? march madness lives up to its name and this is a final four you probablyn'
6:00 am
"news 4 today" starts now. first take a look at this before you head out this morning. this is what you can expect. a foggy, wet start today. there's a dense fog advisory in effect. you want to be careful. it is 6:00 on the dot. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilcrist. >> i'm angie goff in for eun yang. we are keeping an eye on the fog and the rain and how it can impact your drive in. our "news 4 today" team working for you as you get ready for this monday morning. melissa mollet monitoring traffic. >> begin with our meteorologists sheena parvene and chuck bell. >> we're working on it. >> it's not a good commute this morning at all. >> no, lots of wetness and dampness and fogginess early this morning. hard to believe we could make it into the 70s later today. >> later today once the fog lifts, dense fog advisory until


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