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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  March 27, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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"news 4 today" starts now. first take a look at this before you head out this morning. this is what you can expect. a foggy, wet start today. there's a dense fog advisory in effect. you want to be careful. it is 6:00 on the dot. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilcrist. >> i'm angie goff in for eun yang. we are keeping an eye on the fog and the rain and how it can impact your drive in. our "news 4 today" team working for you as you get ready for this monday morning. melissa mollet monitoring traffic. >> begin with our meteorologists sheena parvene and chuck bell. >> we're working on it. >> it's not a good commute this morning at all. >> no, lots of wetness and dampness and fogginess early this morning. hard to believe we could make it into the 70s later today. >> later today once the fog lifts, dense fog advisory until
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9:00 a.m. we could see visibility dropping to 1/4 of a mile. if you're in dulles, manasses, fredericksburg dropping below 1/2 mile. your commute, temperatures this morning, 48 degrees by 7:00 a.m. by noon, 61. chance of a shower. so have the umbrella this morning. have it later on today, too. even by 5:00 p.m. a shower south and east of the district. as we go through the morning hours, again, you'll want the umbrella. chuck, what does the radar look like? >> rain drops all over it especially across fredericks county. rain drops from brunswick maryland to show it is going to be a wet start. far western county. northern
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16 loudon county. middleburgh. marshall and faulkier county. this isn't all that heavy a rain. it's not going to be a complete deluge. the mist and drizzle, not a pretty day at all. the return of some sunshine should allow temperatures to get back up from the 40s to the upper 60s and low 70s later today. that will be nice, indeed. i see lots of red marks appearing on the traffic map. >> if i could get an eraser and take those away, i would be a very rich lady. north bound 210 slow as you're approaching the beltway. that's earlier than we normally see it. outer loop still has the crash reported. right now looks like things are moving okay. 95 north at fredericksburg, still slow through that area
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66 inbounds, problem at centerville. still slow. the problem is gone now. 14th street at jefferson, virginia. grief counselors will be at the northwest. >> newport teen is there. police do not believe the shooting here was random. they did find a handgun at that scene. the hope is that that gun will lead police to the shooter. looking at video, police did find 15-year-old dennis taylor
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he had been struck in his upper bod bod body. we're also told a tribute of teddy bears and balloons were standing in the spot where he was hit just a few feet away from his home. after he was shot some neighbors there got to work trying to save his life even before first responders got there. >> he was bleeding heavily and, you know, soon after my sister came out and started doing chest compressions and mouth to mouth. i talked to his mother, she's doing good. she is holding on. i told her to take it one memory at a time. >> very sad story, indeed. taylor's sister says he leaves behind a large family and many friends, all of whom want to see his killer caught quickly. >> justin finch live for us. crews have switched from a rescue to a recovery in the potomac
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someone was reported missing near the key bridge. land and water crews have been working to find that person. the dog and handler are also helping with the effort. police were there. we'll have a live report in a little bit. breaking news to pass along this morning. a firefighter hurt in this house fire. take a look. this is in lanham. melissa mollet talking about the road being blocked off for a while. it opened up in the last half hour or so. we're still working to find out how it started. you can see the flames at the bottom of the house rising rapidly. half of the house is charred right now. we know the people who live here did get out and everyone is expected to be okay so some good news there. the white house still dealing with a stinging loss on health care this morning. president trump's aides are signaling that they will be looking for support from moderate democrats in the
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opens the possibility that the president could revisit health care legislation. in a tweet the president put the blame of the bill's defeat on members of the house's freedom caucus. the influence of president trump's son-in-law is growing this morning. you can expect to see this story trending on your social media time line. jared kushner will lead a new office for streamlining and overhauling the federal government. it is designed to make government run like a business. today a woman the secret service says has been busted for jumping fences at and near the white house three times in one week will be back in court. the big question is whether a judge will keep her behind bars this time. marcy wall was carrying a sleeping bag and backpack when she scaled one of the security fences near the treasury building yesterday. >> this is what we know. wall is from washington state. 38 years old. was first arrested tuesday after she was found dangling from the shoelaces of her sneakers on the white house
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pleaded not guilty and a judge ordered her to stay away from the white house. wall was rearrested a couple of days later, friday, after officers saw her near lafayette park. 12 hours later the secret service arrested wall near the treasury building. she will make her third court appearance today. 6:07. this is the time march madness can make you money or lose you some money. >> money on the gamecocks. how's your bracket? busted. there's maybe 18 million brackets. 108,000 still have south carolina in it. final four set sending love to gamecocks, south carolina in the final four for the first time in the school's history. they were seventh seed but beat higher seeded duke, baylor. south carolina playing
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north carolina, unc and oregon, they go at it after that. just pointing out, this could be a south carolina/north carolina championship game. a lot of people hoping to see that. nationals, opening day talking baseball exactly one week away. we now know stephen strasburg is the opening day starter. matt scherzer won the cy young but he's dealing with an issue. the game is next monday afternoon against the marlins. we are also seeing some pretty incredible pictures of the cherry blossoms this year. the best place to share your pictures with us is the nbc washington instagram account. they're supposed to be in peak bloom the next few days. people on the tidal basin, it was pretty busy. you can go to the nbc washington app to see other images. quieter
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experience. 6:08. check it out. an unbelievable scene. look at this, a man hanging on for his life and his son watching. we have a story after this scaffolding rescue. terror in london. what the suspect is doing minutes before tand the investigation. it is a foggy morning out there. some areas seeing fog and rain. be very careful as you're driving this morning. take your time. dense fog advisory until 9:00 a.m. coming up, chuck and i want to ow what thiskn
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> we are working to help you protect your car. the potholes can do damage. the maryland department of transportation says it gets reports of dozens to hundreds of potholes every day. officials say the drastic change in weather recently has taken a
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crews are working to make sure the holes get filled as quickly as possible. >> the liquid precipitation sort of freezes. then when it thaws it pops out and that forms a pothole. we encourage our customers if they see a pothole, to contact us. let us know about it. our aim is to get the pot who will taken care of within 24/48 hours. >> take a picture and tweet it to @4potholefix. >> such a big problem it has its own handle. with the temperatures going from cold to warm we can expect more pothole problems. >> today we get the cold after the warm. >> we haven't been below freezing. the freeze/thaw cycle is what causes the problem. no heavy rain out there now, but you'll probably want to have the umbrella to play it o
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side. some light rain showers up across northern virginia as well. temperature wise we have hardly moved since about noon yesterday. mostly in the mid to upper 40s. now we will start to see some milder weather come back in later this morning but you'll need your umbrella and raincoat early this morning. bus stop temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. fog, drizzle around. wet start today. showers tapering off by lunchtime. recess temperatures in the mid 60s. by later on this afternoon a very good day. a chance of a shower again this afternoon. melissa, that won't interrupt too many after school activities. >> that is good. wilson bridge here, we have a brand-new broken down vehicle just reported here. might see a little bit of a slow down there. rest of the beltway is looking okay. we have this problem though northbound indian head before kirby hill road. crash in the left lane.
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travel times okay. 66 in bound and 95 northbound looking good. remember to listen to wtop 105 fm when you hop into your car. this is an app a lot of people use but this morning the british government is investigating whether a terror suspect used what's app. >> that app encrypts messages between users meaning no one else can read them. khalid masood used what's app before his deadly crime. four people including an american were killed during last week's attack outside the british parliament. you want to go straight to molette green. she has a developing situation out of russia. >> a top critic of russia's president, among the hundreds arrested following protests in nearly 100 cities.
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president putin's most prominent critics, anti-corruption campaigner alexi navalni. the kremlin accusing protestors of provoking violence. back to you. 6:16 right now. the wife of the man accused of kidnapping a former student is pleading with her husband. on sunday jill cummings pleaded with her husband ted for a second time to release elizabeth thomas and turn himself in. the 15-year-old has been missing for nearly two weeks now. despite hundreds of tips there is no sign of her. stay tuned for the "today" show. a man who was left dangling on the side of a resort in key biscayne last week is thanking his rescuers. he was doing exterior work between the sixth and eighth floors.
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and dropped. he was reunited with his rescue team. >> any time we can have a positive effect on somebody's life and see the fruits of our labor, it's a pretty good feeling. >> it was quick thinking and team work that got the whole job done. he was working at his son's. he was there for 45 minutes. are you ready? this is ""the voice." >> on nbc's "the voice." >> d.c. native is among those sipping to keep his spot. ♪ ♪ >> that's malik from southeast d.c. he have says he was inspired to pick up a microphone after watching the jacksons in "american dream." remember that movie? came out in '92. his career started right here in d.c. he pretty much
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anywhere someone would let him sing. >> i've done things like i've sang at national anthems for like the d.c., like, high school football championships. performing at bars and lounges, little spots where they're there singing for happy hour. i've been doing this so long -- >> you remember hearing in the early rounds malik was chosen by adam levine. >> has a beautiful family. enjoy the little girl. you can muwatch "the voice" at 8:00. ♪ this is "the voice" >> i've heard aaron sing. >> oh, you have? >> you have. >> that's how rumors get started. >> oh, boy. sipping in the rain or the drizzle. >> the fog. >> and the fog. >> yeah. yeah. the fog is very thick in some spots, especially if you're on a road that is a little hilly. you'll run into patches of very dense fog and decent visibility.
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for most of the area. this includes the district. we expect it to be pretty thick when most people are on the roads. half mile visibility. that dense fog advisory means we could see it lower. i think we could even be seeing some airport delays because of this. frederick not bad, two miles. frederick burr coming in at almost a quarter mile visibility. if you're exercising today, fog this morning, chance of a shower. fairly mild. upper 40s. most of the area should be dry but a couple of showers starting to move in in the afternoon. look at the temperatures in the 70ed once the fog as far as to left and clear. quarter mile visibility. we're seeing some light rain around the baltimore area. that's all we have at the moment. a few showers well off to our west. keep the umbrella around. we could see more
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future weather trying to put more over the district. mostly dry around lunchtime. 4:30, few showers trying to move back. can't rule out the chance of a thundersto thunderstorm. temperature wise, mid to upper 40s. mild outside. 73 for a high today. 74 tomorrow. have the umbrella like i mentioned. chance of thunderstorms tomorrow later in the day. wednesday and thursday looking dry. little bit cooler but still nice and then the rain rushes again on friday. it is foggy out there this morning. how do the roads look, melissa? good morning. >> reporter: i think we are seeing impacts because of the fog. right now as far as the beltway, a little slow. outer loop is cleared. wilson bridge, seeing a tiny slowdown. 15 at monocacy ul
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the green here showing rain falling across the area. southbound b.w. parkway before 32, police activity on the right shoulder. we are seeing son slowdowns there. definite slowdowns inbounds 210 before kirby hill road. crash there in the center lane this morning. still a bit slow there from two earlier issues. 66 in bound, fairfax county to the beltway. no major problems there. taking a look at travel times coming up. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. a night out turns to horror with innocent people started shooting. hollywood star antonio
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you're watching "news 4 today." 6:24 now. investigators will review surveillance video from inside a cincinnati nightclub. it was the scene of a mass shooting sunday morning. a 27-year-old man was killed and 15 others were hurt. at least five people are still in the hospital this morning. police are looking for more than one suspect after they say a gun fight broke out inside of the crowded club. they say the venue has a history of problems. >> saturday night, it is a very young crowd. we have had incidents here in the past but this is the worst so far. >> well, there have been no arrests made in this case. actor antonio banderas says
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attack. it wasn't serious and didn't cause any damage, but now he said he underwent a procedure to introduce three stents into his arteries. every wine drinker will appreciate this. a physicist used his degree to come up with a wine bottle that doesn't drip. >> the trick to the design is an additional two millimeter groove added to the tip of the bottle. watch closely. it gets the liquid as the bottle is tilted up. he spent three years watching slow motion wine pouring videos. it absolutely makes sense. three years. >> three years, slomo, yeah. if they could do this with the honey jar. oh, yeah. it is coming u
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following a developing story this morning on the banks of the potomac river. why you may see police activity on your way to work. plus, black and missing. you've seen the story about d.c. teens missing. now the mayor is setting the record straight. good morning, everybody. trying to get your outdoor planner done for today? fog and drizzle. wetness and puzzles. the warm air will be returning when sheena and i join you next to let you know how long the
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potomac river search. the new developments on the police mission on the shore. are you waiting on your tax refund? if you live in virginia, you may have to wait even longer. and slow drivers may be forced to move over or get a ticket. one of the stories worth waiting to hear before you get behind
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"news 4 today" starts now. just about 6:30 on this monday morning. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilcrist. >> i'm angie goff in for eun yang this morning. the big story, the rain and the fog. using those windshield wipers early this morning. you're probably going to see this when you head out. meteorologist chuck bell and sheena parvene here. they have more on the fog advisory. hey, guys. >> it looks and feels like a monday morning. >> it does. the fog and the rain and the drizzle and all of that stuff making visibility a little tricky out there. we are seeing fog advisory. all the counties shaded in gray. that's going to go until 9:00 this morning. now the visibility in dulles is half mile. quantico, half mile visibility. in the district we have dropped to a mile. so not that bad but there are areas where if you're on a hilly road, you're going to run into thick fog, very low visibility. take your time ande
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beams on. rain near baltimore now. as we go through the day we still have a chance for some showers. here's a look at future visibility, 7:00 this morning, dense fog advisory still in effect. some areas could drop below a quarter of a mile. by 9:00, 10:00 we'll see much bigger improvements with the fog. temperatures will start to warm up. we are looking at the visibility issue on the roadways. how does it look this morning, melissa? >> we have fog in the air, that is for sure. you do see sort of the haziness in the cameras. speaking of a brand new problem here, where we are seeing some fog. 270 this morning through montgomery county. problem with 270 southbound. outer loop here, local lanes on the wilson bridge, still have the broken down vehicle. you can see a little bit of a slowdown there. top of the beltway looking normal. southbound bw before 32, police activity still on the right shoulder. quite slow in
6:32 am
kirby hill crash in the center lane. travel times coming up. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. 6:32. recovery crews are busy at this hour trying to find someone who went missing in the potomac river. >> their search began near midnight. derrick has the story. >> reporter: operations have been extended. this after an extensive search of a report of a person in the water. here at key bridge, it was around midnight when that report went in to metropolitan police, fire, a.m. pew lance went along the shorelines. the search effort became a recovery effort. it continued for a couple of hours and then they suspended operations. we're waiting to learn how the person came to be into the water and so
6:33 am
found. derrick ward, news 4. here are the top stories we're following today. prince gorges county searching for the gunman behind a 15-year-old's death. today grief counselors will be at the school to help his classmates deal with the death. the man charged with killing five people in an oxon hill crash killed five people. he was driving on a suspended license. two children and three adults died in the crash back in 2014. the senate judiciary committee is expected to vote on judge neil gorsuch's nomination to the supreme court. that could take a while because committee rules allow any member to delay the vote. a 19-year-old woman from virginia has died and a 17-year-old boy charged with her murder. prince royal investigators say they first went to
6:34 am
avenue because someone reported a possible hit and run. the police say the young woman's injuries were not the kind you could see from an accident. it looks like there was a fight. she was from prince royal. >> religious and community leaders working together to respond to hate in northern virginia. fairfax county has seen an increase in hate crimes. the police chief says there were 23 more incidents last year than in 2015. some of them happening near schools. county schools officials said administrators are teaching students to stand up for anyone who's being targeted. >> trying to teach the youth that as friends we have a responsibility to each other to speak up and to do something. >> attorney general mark herring also spoke. he said equality and inclusivity at this were virginia principles that he intends to protect. thousands of
6:35 am
virginia will have to wait. more than 100,000 people will get a letter in the mail asking them to verify their identities. the extra paperwork will ensure that the refunds go to the people they're supposed to. they said they caught more than $60 million in fraudulent flurns 2015. bhoel foods will open in river dale park station area. you can see on the map right here that's just off east west highway. the store will have a self service espresso station, pizza kounder and planned cooking demonstrations. maryland is one step closer to ticketing drivers who slow down traffic. our news partner wdot reporters reports that the bill
6:36 am
slowly in the passing lanes has cleared the house of delegates. it's waiting f-- missing teenagers in d.c. the story is grabbing headlines across the country. we're going beyond the viral story though with details on the new action being taken now. plus, leggings are the new jeans, right? so why were teens forced to get off of a flight because of their outfits? and it is a foggy start this morning. before you head out, keep in mind you're going to need to take your time, definitely have the low beams on. the dense fog will ten this morning. warm temperatures. ming upco,
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now your storm team 4 forecast. 6:39 on a monday mog.
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everywhere. even a few pockets of very light rain showers as well. so have your umbrella ready to go. you can always stay ahead of the weather by having our nbc washington app downloaded and ready to go. have active radar on there. you can track the rain drops as they come in and go out. temperatures should climb as the rain comes to an end. we should get temperatures back up into the 70s today. still a slight chance for an afternoon shower. have your umbrella ready to go. >> sounds good to me. taking a look 270 southbound at falls road. have a problem in the main lanes. extra delays there. big look at the beltway. outer loop local lanes on the wilson bridge. broken down vehicle. the rest of the beltway looking okay. we're going to take a look everywhere else. all the other main routes into town and out of town, here's a look at travel times. 6:40 right now. this morning american airlines is still dealing with the social media aftermath of not letting two tee
6:41 am
flight. >> yeah. the conversation heating up on our facebook live. the airlines saying they did not meet a dress code for special pass travelers. some say that dress code isn't fair. >> but united's policy does seem a bit more sexist than other airlines because they restrict leggings, mostly articles of clothing that women would wear while men are mostly free to go as long as they don't wear flip-flops. >> now united airlines explained that pass travelers, family friend passes are typically for employees, family, friends, they're required to abide by the dress code. paying customers are allowed to wear leggings according to the airline. >> they can wear flip-flops. >> the piece that broke yesterday morning is that united in response saying they were -- >> if you are
6:42 am
you are supposed to abide by the dress code. much more on this story coming up on the "today" show as you would expect. that's happening right after "news 4 today." 6:42. the gamecocks are probably trending on your facebook feed. we'll get you caught up on march madness before you go to work. plus, a change in plans for the trump administration. what is next for the republicans after the attempt to overhaul health care. prince gorges county are looking for whoever shot and killed a
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a teenager murdered, shooter stop on the lose. d.c. teens missing. son-in-law strategy. president trump is giving his son-in-law a new role in the white house. you're watching "news 4 today". 15 before the hour now. someone who always made you laugh and was a mentor to his young brother. that's how family members are remembering 15-year-old dennis taylor. >> he was shot and killed in landover saturday night. news 4's justin finch is live at the police station with more on the search for the suspect. good morning, justin. >> reporter: good morning, angie. prince gorges county police are working the case all weekend. they are welcoming tips from the public. so far they have found a gun
6:46 am
in this case. here's another look at the victim here. 15-year-old dennis taylor was shot on saturday night only a few doors from his family's place on columbia. the shooter fled the scene. taylor had been shot in his upper body area. on the block some neighbors said they began working on taylor trying to save his life even as paramedics were on the scene. taylor did die and my little brother looks up to him. it's terrible. >> i want to know why you did it and for what reason why. why? he had a whole life ahead of him. >> reporter: we know that grief counselors will be on hand at brooklyn middle school where taylor had been a student. back in to you at the studio. >> justin finch live for us this morning. thank you. the story about missing teens in the district is still one of the top
6:47 am
nbc washington app. >> many of you are talking about this still. inaccurate viral post last week claimed 14 girls had disappeared in the district in one day. this sparked national attention. this all started after d.c. police shared more than two dozen missing children flyers. most have been found. >> we don't have an epidemic of people being kidnapped or snatched on our streets, but we do have a lot of vulnerable children and families where our children leave home and what we're saying is if they're out without the care of an adult guardian or responsible adult, they're in danger. we need them to come home. >> mayor bowser unveiled a set of initiatives with the hopes of finding the missing women. we continue to sort out the rumor. we have information on how you
6:48 am
well. open the app and search the word missing. breaking news this morning in prince gorges county. take a look at this house fire. this is in lanham. we're finding out one firefighter was hurt here on route 450 near forbes boulevard. we're told the people who live in that house made it out okay. no word on the extent of damage at this point. everyone is expected to be okay. 6:48. last year tragedy struck silver spring. seven people died, 40 were hurt. >> and 32-year-old naymar ayalou says he remembers the very moment that the apartment blew up. >> it exploded and i don't remember what happened after that. the next day i phoned my son at the hospital center. i was unconscious
6:49 am
today the woman who got caught jumping fences at and around the white house will appear in court again. marcy walls of washington state, she's been arrested three times in the last week. the latest arrest came yesterday after she hopped a fence near the treasury building downtown. secret service says wall was carrying a sleeping bag and backpack when she scaled the fence. now to president trump's first 100 days where the blame game on friday's stinging loss is intensifying. in a tweet yesterday president trump cast the blame on the house freedom caucus while its chief of staff talked about loyalty. >> i think the president is disappointed in the number of people that he thought were loyal to him that weren't. >> now the president and his aides are signaling that there will be -- they'll be looking for support from moderate democrats in the future leaving open the possibility that the president could revisit health
6:50 am
trump's son-in-law is growing this morning. you can expect to see this trending on your social media feed probably. jared kushner will be responsible for streamlining and overhauling the federal government to make government run more shoothly. how's your bracket looking this morning? >> probably not good after what these guys did. >> final four teams are set for the ncaa tournament. >> we have to say go gamecocks. south carolina was the seventh seed but they fought all the way through the final four. you are looking at some video of the game coming home to columbia after a third straight upset victory. gonzaga and south carolina take on north carolina and the winner of that game against oregon. that was today's bracket buster. you have a few more days
6:51 am
bloom. the national park service says the best flowers will probably be around through mid week. go to the nbc washington app to see the places that may have better cherry blossoms this year than the tidal basin. ser chb cherry blossoms. >> you might dive through dense patches of road. we're out on the roadways to see what you can expect. >> reporter: yeah, we are on fox hall road right now. if you take a look at the camera that's pointed outside, this is what you're going to see. it almost looks like your windshield is fogged up. this is not your windshield. this is fog out there. on my drive in it was almost surreal. roads that i was familiar with didn't seem familiar at all. you really have to rely on your lanes, the lines, the lane markers and reducing the speed because visibility was greatly reduced.
6:52 am
here on the ground not so bad. if you're a pilot, i'm sure it's a different story. don't use your high beams because the fog diffuses the light, you get more haze and not more visibility. it will burn off as the weather folks have been telling you earlier. right now just be careful and expect to see some fog. live here. back to you. >> good advice there, derrick. back to you. 6:52 our time now. >> we want to head on over to melissa mollet. she has more on how this will impact traffic. >> if we go anywhere we're going to have a major problem i can tell you that. inner loop before braddock road, crash in the left lane. rest of the beltway looks okay. 270 at south falls road, you can see the fog there. we have a problem in the main lane. a crash on the left side.
6:53 am
left shoulder blocked. multiple incidents they're telling us now. 95 north of fredericksburg. north bound 210 from kirby road, in the center lane there. southbound b.w. parkway before 32. still have the accident on the shoulder. 270 southbound a little slow there. it's okay. not terrible. live picture there of the fog and ran in some spots. 66 in bound and 95 north -- 30 to 40 miles an hour is pretty typical. >> good morning, melissa. the fog is obviously the main story. here's our live camera. can't see anything because we have so much fog around. dense fog this morning. dense fog advisory goes until 9:00 a.m. keeping your umbrella around we
6:54 am
in the district the visibility has dropped to 1/2 mile. quantico the same. fredericksburg, close to 1/4 mile visibility. we have areas of very dense fog. temperatures not that cold. about the mid to upper 40s. mild foggy start. the dense fog advisory like i mentioned runs until 9:00 a.m. expect visibility to be fluctuating to where it could be down to a quarter mile in some areas north of the district dealing also with some sprinkles around right now. future weather showing by 8 c:0 a.m. showers. once the fog lifts and we start to dry up we'll be warming into the 70s. if you're walking the dog, be wear of more fog. thunderstorms in the afternoon. chuck,ou
6:55 am
that? >> absolutely. another rain chance before we really get back to sunshine towards the middle of the week. tomorrow's rain chance is out near st. louis and memphis. we have thunderstorms along the bend of the mississippi river. this is the wave of the low pressure passing over us tomorrow afternoon. future weather through your tuesday. 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning, mainly dry across the area and dry across most of the area. one little round showers mid to late morning. after 3 or 4:00, another opportunity of showers, maybe even a rumble or two of thunder tomorrow afternoon before things start to dry out after about 9 or 10:00 tomorrow evening. best chances for thunder showers between 2:00 and 9:00 p.m. >> not wednesday or thursday. cooler temperatures.
6:56 am
50ed. rain returns friday. so far the weekend is looking pretty good. >> thank you. it is 6:56 right now. here are 4 things to know before you head out this morning. grief counselors will be at brookland middle school in northeast d.c. saturday night 15-year-old dennis taylor was shot and killed in land jaefr. >> and recovery crews are searching the potomac river. they searched near the key bridge using boats and a canine team. the senate judiciary committee expect the to vote on judge neil gorsuch's recommendation. check out the app for any changes in the story. today, a woman arrested three times in one week for jumping fences at and near the white house will be at court. marcy wall was arrested for jumping the fence at
6:57 am
treasury department. follow scott mcfarland on twitter for any breaking news. one of the biggest issues is 270 at falls rodad. we have delays on orange metro orange and blue line. fog continuing through the morning. 9, 10:00 it will start to lift. continues will continue. showers this afternoon. >> sheena, thank you. thanks for joining us this morning. "today" show
6:58 am
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good morning. blame good morning. blame game. president trump going after republican lawmakers for failing to replace obamacare. but who's responsible for the setbacks yet for the white house? spring storm. baseball-sized hail near dallas. this funnel cloud spotted in oklahoma as severe weather pushing east this morning with six more states bracing for more bad weather. frightening scene. an escalator going up suddenly reverses direction, sending shoppers tumbling. at least 18 people injured. an investigation leading to two arrests this morning. and


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