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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  March 27, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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lives. >> police tell me leads are slim. but no suspect. they are also neighbors and
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that taylor made a lot of friends. >> he used to cut our grasp. he don't cause any trouble. >> the 15-year-old was would go house to house to cut grandson. the friendly face that many were happy to help. then saturday night the sound of gunfire. >> i have no clue. like i was sitting in the living room here, but i heard the gunshot. >> not knowing first it was taylor. he died a short time later. now at that spot, a e growing tribute of bears and balloons. his sister spoke about the sudden senseless loss. >> husband little brother looks up to him.ç >> at brooklyn middle school where taylor had been a student, on the block where he lost his life, a a call for anyone with information to step forward.
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him. he was a really good kid that was actually trying. >> to give you a sense of how close this block is, we are told that moments after dennis was shot that neighbors with medical training race d over ask tried o save his life. his grandmother tells me this evening they are planning a get together on this block for a vigil in his honor. justin finch, news 4. >> thank you, justin. prince george's county police are working hrd to solve three separate homicides. the first happened on laurel. a man was found dead on the scene there. the second happened saturday night on columbia place. just yesterday a man was found dead at the camden college park apartments. no suspect information has been released onç any of these crim. all morning long crews searched for a reported missing pern
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the search began just before midnight. water crews were called in to try u to find that person. no far, no one has been pulled from the water. we're working to learn how this fire started. it sent smoke pouri ining into air. take a look at those flames. this was near 450. one firefighter was hurt, but not seriously. all of the people who lived there made it out safely. today a woman in secret service says had been busted for jumping fences at and near the white house three times in one week will be in court. the big question today is if if a judge will keep her behind bars this time. the secret service says marci wall is carrying a sleeping bag and backpack when she scaled the fence near the treasury building yesterday. >> wall is from washington state. the 38-year-old was arrested tuesday dangling from the white house fence.
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guilty and the judge ordered her to stay away from the white house. wall was rearrested friday after officers saw her near lafayette park. during her saturday court appearance, she was ordered to stay away. about 12 hours later, the secret service arrested waul near the treasury building. she'll make her third court appearance today. right now, republicans are playing the blame game after their stunning defeat on health care and it's the house freedom caucus getting the brunt of it after president trump criticized them on twitter yesterday. tracie potts has more. >> reporter: america still fuming over the failure to replace or improve obamacare. >> congress just wasn't ready. >> reporter: the white house blames plau llawmakers. president trump shifting focus tweeting just hours ago about success at the border and
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promising to do what congress hasn't in 30 years, tax reform. >> the vision on lowering taxes for every american is what's going to uniteç not just the republican party, but of some of the democrats are going to come on board as well. >> if they do the same on tax reform and the overwhelming majority of the cuts go to the wealthy and special interests, corporate america and the middle class and the poor people are left out, they will lose again. >> reporter: today the president is expected to announce a new office of american innovation led by jared kushner to make america run like a business. also a committee vote on supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. >> i have not made a decision yet, but i was not pleased with his a answers. >> new challenges for the same congress and a president trying to put his first big defeat behind him. president trump says he's not done with health care. he'll come back to it at some point later he thinks after obamacare
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tracie potts, nbc news, washington. turning become to the senate judiciary vote on neil gorsuch, they have used committee ruled to delay the vote. it's expected to happen next week. the president's budget proposal is getting strong ç reaction here in our area. democrats in montgomery county came out to oppose it today. derrick ward is live in silver springs. what did they say? >> reporter: they say though the fog has lifted, they remain in a fog in terms of gubernatorial leadership on the proposal on the budget. leadership in and a budget that could have an adverse skt on the stit of maryland and put it in a state of emergency. local democrats and their supporters say these are critical times tr the state of maryland amid-cuts and programs protecting the chesapeake bay. >> our number one
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resource in the state. >> reporter: cuts to the tune of $6 billion at nih. >> that's not only an employer of 20,000 people here in bethesda, it's a vital source of research and hope. >> reporter: and the affordable care act. >> i would be one of the people who would not only lose insurance, but i probably would die if the affordable care act is repealed. >> reporter: the trump administration unveiled a budget that targets maryland for extreme and decimating çcuts. it would hurt all areas of the state. they are calling on larry logan to be more e vocal on those issues. >> he is silent simply because it's politically expedient to do so. >> reporter: governor hogan indicated some from the agenda and has written letters about how well the state is doing under obamacare as well as support for medicaid extension and he wrote in his father's name on his ballot instead of vote iing for the president las november. but critics say that's not enough. >> if we're going to be vigilant and continue to ask the questions, where's our
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>> reporter: we did reach out to the governor's office e get a response on the claims and some of the things that folks said here today. we're still waiting to hear back. derrick ward, news 4. back to you. >> thank you. we do have some breaking news coming out of great falls. rescue crews just pulled a woman from the water. they got a 911 call around 10:00 this morning after witnesses heard a a splash andç saw somee struggling in the water. crews from virginia and maryland responded. the woman was found ask pulled from the water around 10:30. cpr was immediately started and has been taken to the hospital. no word on her condition. up next, lawmakers are pushing a bill through the state house in maryland that could help keep traffic moving and tempers tr flaring. sglncht the search for the g gunman responsible for a mass shooting inside an ohio nightclub.
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the russian opposition leader is going to jail for the next two weeks. he appeared in court after the big protests over the weekend. he was arrested at one of them.ç tens of thousands marched agai
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u.s. condemned. t. it's an app that people use, but the british government is investigating whether a terror suspect actually used whatsapp. >> encorrupt cans messages meaning no one else can access or read them. the suspect use d it moments before his deadly attack. . police are working with the app company to figure out who he was talking to and if they knew about the deadly plot. four people including one american were killed during last week's attack outside parliament. his wife is still in the hospital. her brother spoke to reporters this morning. >> her health is steadily improving and she has been strengthened by the presence of her family. the most difficult part of all of this is that kurt is no longer with us. >> at the toim of the
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the couple had beel&%%9 it was the final day of their 25th wedding anniversary trip. investigators will be from inside a cincinnati nightclub, which became the scene of a mass shooting sunday morning. a 27-year-old man was killed and 1 15 others were joured. police are looking for more than one suspect after they say a gunfight broke out inside that crowded club. they say the venn you has a list of problems. >> saturday night it is a a young crude. we have had incident here's in the past, but this is it the worst by far. >> there have been no arrested made in this case. the wife of a man awe accused of kidnapping his tomorrower student is pleading with her husband. on sunday she called on her husband for a second time to release elizabeth thomas and turn himself in. the 15-year-old has been missing for about two weeks now and despite
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has not yet been any sign of her. a 19-year-old woman from virginia has died and a 17-year-old boy is charged with her murder. front royal investigators say they uhu to near randolph-macon academy because someone reported a possible hit-and-run. the young woman's injuries weren't the kind you get from an accident. it looks like there was some kind of fight in the street. the woman died on the way to the hospital. she was from front royal. right now, we're working for you to help you protect your car from all those potholes that can do some major damage. the department of transportation says it gets reports of anywhere from dozens to hundreds of potholes every day. officials say the drastic change in weather recently has taken a toll on the rods. crews are working to make sure they get filled in as quickly as possible. >> the liquid precipitation
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freezes. then when it thaws, it pops out and forms a pothole. we encourage customers if they see a pothole to contact us and let us know about it. . our aim is to get that taken care of within 24 to 48 hours. >> are you seeing potholes where you live? e we want to help you get them fixed. just take a picture and tweetç it. maryland is one step closer to ticketing drivers who slow traffic down. our news partners report that the bill would fine driver who is drive too slowly in the passing lane and it has cleared the house of delegates. it's now waiting for a vote in the senate. if approved, it would not apply during rush hour or if the driver was turning from the left lane. covering prince george's county now, whole foods repairing to open its first ever store in the county. the organic groesher will open april 12th. you can see it's
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near east west highway. the store will have a self-service express station, pizza counter and stations where you can customize your own. i don't know what goes in there any way. upsets are stillç in play the ncaa tournament. >> some amazing game this is past weekend. i u couldn't get my husband off the couch. those teams are looking forward to the final four. this is video of the south carolina gamgameco cks. the chap game is one week from today. sglz. another big sports event happening. it's nats opening day and
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know news 4 will be there. we learned stephen strasburg will open the game. we know you're wondering about the best nats pitcher matt scherzer. heavy deal iing with the hand injury but shouldn't be too far behind is what we're being told. right now, we're following a developing story out of japan. a deadly avalanche. >> the victims high school students. the effort to rescue the group has been going on for hours now. the new information now being released.
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eight people, including seven high school students, died in an avalanche. e we just got that information confirm ed in the last hour or so. this is just north of tokyo. the students and the teachers were learning mountain climbing safety when that snow came down. that's pretty intense hail in oklahoma. take a look at that and listen to it. not baseball season yet, but some of the hail that was big and delay ed a school in texas because of buss were damaged. there was also tornado warnings in texas, but the national weather service has not said sade if the tornado pu(rq" down.
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>> and violent enough to put holes in the windshield. we can't complain too much about thing to. >> we have areas offing to. look atthe temperatures rising because of it. 52 degrees in the district. we'll be closer to the 70s this afternoon. 51 in quantico. so now that the fog is lifting, temperatures are warming. but if we go through the afternoon, look at the 68 degrees in front royal. any peek of sunshine is quickly going to warm us up. it's warm higher up in the atmosphere and we're going to see that later on today. . if you're exercising today around noon, still around 60 degrees. a chance of a sprinkle. still the chance of a shower. we'll have the umbrella with you. mostly dry and still pretty warm outside. right now, here's a a look at all the cloud cover th
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it hasn't really cloered. it'sç just lift ed. a few showers riegts around winchester. right across 81. those will slowly be making their way toward frederick. through the day today, this afternoon, still a chance of a shower. even by 6:00. then we go sbo tomorrow. 1:00 p.m. we could still see the shower activity moving in. the better chns for thunderstorms comes tomorrow amp. so 5:00 p.m. e we get scattered showers. you seat gray skies. a chns of a shower, but we'll be warming up tomorrow. still in the 70s. 74 degrees and afternoon thunderstorms. then we really clear out nicely wednesday and thursday. cooler temperatures move in friday after a next chance of rain. a look at your ten-day forecast coming up. might have to stay indoors and do some other
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appreciate a physicist using his degree to come up with a wine bottle that doesn't drip. >> i have been craving wine for six months. i have another four to go here. theç scientists says this desi is additional 2 millimeter groove. you can see the dm moe right there. the groove catches the liquid as the bottle gets tipped back up. it came after the design after spending three years very drunk, i'm just cudding. watching video of the people pouring wine. >> i could have done that in a few minutes. we were talking about this earlier. the twist of the wrist, when you go to a nice restaurant, you try to imitate that. or get the groove in the bottle. by now, we have been talking about this story too. . you have heard about this next story. . united refusing to allow two girls on a plane because
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were wearing leggings. united said they were following policy, but some are calling it sexist. and you're looking at the scene of a four-alarm fire in oakland. why this area is too familiar with a fire like this
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right now, firefighters are still working to put out a massive fire in oakland. take a a look at the cloud of smoke there billowing from what looks like an apartment building. officials say they have rescued several people from this building, but didn't give a specific number there. firefighters have been working on this blaze since 6:00 a.m. four months ago, a fire at an illegal warehouse in oakland killed 36 people. this next story is getting a lot of attention and reaction on social media. united airlines refused to let two teens wearing leggings board a flight. >> the airline says the teens did not meet the dress code for special pass travelers. joe fryer reports how many are callingç the dress code sexist. >> reporter: the outrage began sunday when two girls were denied entry on to a flight by the gate agent. the reason, they were wearing spandex lein
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she's forcing them to change or put dresses on or they can't board. when does united policewomen's clothing? united responded we do have the right to refuse transport for passenger who is are barefoot or not properly clothed. lots who witnessed the incident said they were traveling with an adult man wearing short asks he wasn't stopped. the reaction on social immedime fast and furious. since when are leggings inappropriate? is united airlines fashion police? even patricia arquette weighed in it. it looks like we can't fly. ewe thieted later clarified the girls were traveling on the pass program which provides free flights for relatives and friends of united employees. the airline told us it has stricter dress code requirements for these nonrevenue passengers because they are considered representatives of united.ç the restrictions for them, no spandex, mini securit,
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or tear its. >> the dress code for friends and family program are common among all airlines. >> this travel blogger says he sees those passengers bar red from flights all the time because of their clothing. >> the policy does seem more sexist than other airlines because they restrict leggings and mostly articles of clothing that women would wear while men are mostly free to go as long as they don't wear flip-flops. >> that was joe fryer reporting. the instructor dress code policy for non-revenue passengers is made clear to all employees and it's up to them to ensure their family and follow it when flying. united's dress code for paying clothes is limited to roper clothing and no it bare feet. right now day two of an annual policy conference is underway at the washington convention center. the american israel public affairs committee is the largest pro-israel organization. people have been listening to several speakers
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morning. paul ryan and ambassador to the u.n. both expected to speak later today. . the vice president spoke to the group yesterday and said that president trump is committed to israel's security. >> while there will undoubtedly have to be compromises, i can assure you all president trump will never compromise the safety and security of the jewish state of israel. >> the vice president reiterated that the president is giving serious consideration to moving the american embassy to je reduce leg lumbar -- jerusalem. >> one candidate appears to be leading the pack in the governor's race. former chairman ed gillespie won a straw poll. he outpaced frank wagner and board chairmanoc
11:33 am
no candidate has been elected governor without carrying the county. the story about missingç teens in the district is still one of the top stories in the nbc washington app. >> an inaccurate post last week claimed that 14 girls had gone missing in the district in just one day. it sparked national attention. this all started after d.c. police shared over two dozen missing persons tlieers on twitter last week, mostly those girls have now been found. the mayor set the record straight about what's really going on. >> we don't have an epidemic of people being kidnapped on our streets. but we do have a lot of vulnerable children and families where children leave home and what we're saying is if they are out without the care of an adult or guardian or a responsible adult, they are a danger. we need them to come home. >>
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of initiatives. we're sorting fact from rumor on our nbc washington app ask we have information about how you can help find missing children. open the app and search "missing." if you have a credit card like most of us, you likely paiç out extra money in interest fees at some point. what if you could get those to just kind of go away? wouldn't that be nice. chris clackum explains how. >> with more and more regularity, fees are disappearing altogether. made so by a simple phone b call. >> a lot of times getting your annual fee waived may be just as easy as asking for it. >> matt shultz says a survey they did found a fe thomal number of people getting big breaks from the credit card companies. >> about 80% of people who ask to have an annual fee
11:35 am
lowered got it. >>. >> reporter: he says another 69% who requested a a e lower interest rate also got it. and 87% who asked that late fees be waived were also successful. >> credit card companies are willing to negotiate because it's such a competitive marketplace. >> he says that means calling now before the competition amonç credit cards cools off. chris clackum, nbc news. >> taxpayers in virginia may have to wait a little longer for their tax refunds. that's so state officials can work to fight against tax refund fraud. according to the richmond times dispatch, just over 100,000 people will get a letter in the mail asking them to verify their identity. the extra paperwork will ensure the refunds go to the right people. a spokesperson for the taxation department says they caught more than $60 million in fraudulent returns in
11:36 am
it's hard to believe it's been a year but last year tragedy struck silver spring when an explosion just tore through an apartment building. seven people were killed and more than 40 others hurt. >> a 32-year-old says that he remembers the moment that apartment blew up. >> i heard a giant explosion ask i don't remember what happened after that. so the next day i found myself at the washington hospital and i was like unconscious more than 15 hours. >> news 4 doreen gentzler will share his entire story tonight at 5:00. we're working on that fog. the warm air is starting to move into the area. we're going to tell you how long it will last. and help for back pain. some rollers can work, but experts warn you need to know how and where to usehem. t
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our weather should be nice laurt today. look at the cherry blossoms that will be at peak bloom for a few more days. . the best flowers will be around midweek. open up the nbc washington app to see the places they have better blossoms this year. just search cherry blossoms. >> there's still some trees down there. we have to get down there. >> still there. >> especially once we get the fog out of here. >> i'm happy to see lots of cherry blossoms to enjoy. . we're seeing big improvements with the fog outside. we had a lot of dense fog this morning. a lot of that has lifted and temperatures are really going to start to warm up through the afternoon. now the cloudy, damp weather around right now, that's going to last until wednesday. so yes, again tomorrow, another round of fog in the morning. better storms in the afternoon. keep the umbrellaç handy. as we go into the weekend, look at the weekend. the weekend lo
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52 degrees in the district. you can see areas with clear skies or some breaks in the clouds already really warming up. coming in at 70 degrees. quantico at 51. we'll see the numbers going up. this is future visibility. this is 6:00 a.m. now tomorrow morning. visibility dropping once again. we expect another round of some patchy fog tomorrow morning. same weather pattern in lace. here's a lock at the cloud cover. we had the 70 degree temperature. some showers right near hagerstown. these are slowly approaching frederick. if they hold together. a couple showers. nothing big, not a big wash out. just keep the umbrella around. 1:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon we expect more showers and a better chance of thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon as well. keep that it in mind if you make your evening plans tomorrow. we have thunderstorms in the forecast. today 3
11:41 am
still a conditions of a shower later on today. it's going;háo get warmer for most of the area once we start to see the clouds break. tomorrow, 74 degrees. afternoon thunderstorms, another warm one wednesday. that's when we finally clear out. upper 50s on friday. that's a little cooler but nice and clear. friday, heavy rain in the forecast before a beautiful weekend. if it you suffer from back pain, a foam roller could be the e key to e relieving it. we spoke with a weight management coach who shows us how it all works. >> start with the foam roller under your shoulder. >> we're looking to find a a tension spot and relax that over the foam roller and come back up. what we're doing is getting some range of motion. we go a little higher. >> the movement of letting your
11:42 am
giving yourself a mini massage. >> in orderç to start. we are going to roll over on to the hip. and we're going to roll until we find a a tender spot. this is one of the techniques we're now going to find that tender spot and sut on it and just let our weightbear down. please feel the pain release a little bit. >> you'll slowly be moving up your glut area and take about five minutes per session. >> good to know. i've seen those at gyms. now i know what to do with them. >> what are you hitting people with it? >> leave it in the corner. you might remember the florida state football player who
11:43 am
for being a rogue scholar. we'll look at the impressive path he's on now. an allergy to one type of nut may not mean you're allergic to all types. the st waybe
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can. the homeless in our area are given the most attention the during the coldest months, but they still have needs when the weather improves in the
11:46 am
there's a benefit tonight in hopes of fulfilling some of those needs. the executive director shows us now how all of us can help. good morning and thank you for being here. you started this group about two years ago. what drove you to do this? what was the desire? >> i had lrned that women and girls were not receiving the same item that men were. lots of items that were donated were gender neutrals like shampoos and coats, yet i also learned women in girls with the majority of the homeless in our area. so i couldn't find any organization that focused on the needs of wimp. >> what kinds of things areç y look iing for folks to donate. >> we're looking for bras that are new. . we want to give them a sense of dignity and feel confident and good about themselves. they are getting back on their feet and working towards undependent. we are looking for new underwear
11:47 am
products. >> if somebody wants to donate. how do they get it to you? >> so we have several drop off locations in the area. they are listed on our website. >> how big of a problem is homelessness in our area. we talk about it when it's cold and then you think it's not so bad to be outside. >> the main issue is domestic violence. the majority of homeless are dmes you can violence. that can happen any time of the year. not just in the winter. and b.r.a.w.s. serve women and girls. so we provide those very essentials for an item. we also provide services in short-term housing. those are
11:48 am
trying to find jobs and gain independent to thrive. . and another big part of our program is we do deliveries to homeless girls. and e we make sure that those girls have pads so they can go to school and do extracurricular activities and stay in sports and don't have to worry about not having the items they need. >> or being embarrassed. tell us about the benefit concert tonight. it's a big thing you're doing. what can we do? >> this concert is the brain child of charles wright, who is another volunteer. volunteers are the heart and soul of brawk. . the performers are donating their time. and they are basically going to spend two hours singing andç or
11:49 am
and healing. it's from 8:00 to 10:00. >> thank you so much. thank you for starting such a great organization. >> thank you so much. in news for your health, when patients are diagnosed with a peanut or tree nut allergy, they are advised to avoid all nut tobs safe. a new study finds half of those who think they are allergic to all nuts are not. erika edwards has detailed. >> if you're allergic to walnuts like i am, stay away from them. but a new study suggests people with a e peanut or single tree nut allergy may not need to avoid all nuts in their diet. the research from the american college of allergy and as ma examines 109 people known to be allergic to a specific nut. despite blood or skin prick tests that show this, 50%
11:50 am
when doctors had to actually eat the other çnuts. and very few of those diagnosed with a peanut al lergy in the study ended up clinically allergic to tree nuts. >> in patients with multiple allergies, we can liberate their diets allowing them to eat other foods. the quality of life is much better. ask. >> this past january most children by age 6 months should have a little taste of e peanut butter or another food with peanut in it. the babies exposed to peanuts by then are less likely to develop a peanut allergy. . erika edwards, nbc news. >> a few safety reminders. never give whole peanuts to children under the age of 4. they could choke. also those diagnosed with a nut allergy, it's important to
11:51 am
other nuts only under a doctor's supervision. up next, we'll dro you to "the voice" contestant d.c. and how he got his
11:52 am
11:53 am
it's must-see tv. the battle rounds continue on "the voice." >> that's tonight. a a d.c. native is among those singing to keep his spot. ♪
11:54 am
>> he's from southeast d.c. he says he was inspired to pick up a microphone after watching the jacksons. he says his career started rougt here in d.c. and performed anywhere they would let him s g sing. >> i have done things like i have sang at national anthems for the d.c. high school football championships. then performing at bars and lounges and little spots where there are people that sing for happy hour. i &ho long. >> he's on team adam. you can watch "the voice" tonight at 8:00 here on nbc 4. from sports to medicine, one young man who has already had a successful career on the field is taking a shot at a second career. >> mya rodriguez, plains how a former nfl player is hoping to save lives. >> on
11:55 am
right moves. >> i played football for a a long time and made people happy by my performance on the field. >> reporter: but off the field, he hit the books with dreams beyond the gridiron. >> i think people want to place us into silos. you can only be a jock or a nerd. you can't do both. >> reporter: he set out to prove he could do both graduating early from florida state and being selected as a scholar studying at oxford. all before heading off to spend time with the tithe tans and steelers. then back to florida state to study medicine. >> education, knowledge is power. it's enduring and can help you save a life. >> reporter: he's dreamed of becoming a doctor since he was in the fifth grade. not just any doctor, but a neurosurgeon. >> there are parallels. in football you need to work together as a team
11:56 am
you're working together to achieve the goal of helping save the patient's life. >> and for myoran, that will start this summer. >> he's matched at harvard. >> beverly roles beaming with pride as she announces her son is heading to the medical school program at massachusetts general hospital. . his father overjoyed. >> i'm very proud of what he has done today. and i'm excited to see what he's going to do in the future. >> a future where he will focus on the brain and head trauma, potentially making a difference on the game he left behind. >> i'm walking with purpose and i'm excited about it. >> reporter: with a chance to tack al a. problem in the sport heç loves. nbc news, florida. >> i lovem
11:57 am
is he single? >> i have a couple girlfriends. but for him to be able to do some of the research in it that field where we talk about the head injuries, that's going to be fantastic. we'll be hearing from it him. another look at the weather. >> the weather is slowly going to be warming up into the 70s this afternoon. some areas off to the west seeing the sunshine already in the 70s. today, 73 for a high temperature. clouds are going to hang around for most of the day. we have a shower of a shower, but 73 is the frft high. we'll be in the 50s so a mild night. still another round of fog moving in form morning. tomorrow afternoon, 74. chance of some thunderstorms later in the day. tomorrow, look at wednesday and thursday. we clear out, heavy rain friday, nice going into the weekend. >> we're getting there. i promise we did not plan the threesome with the purple. >> it just happened. >> that's going to be it for news 4 midday. thank you for joining us. we're back thaf
11:58 am
4:00.ç >> you can get news and weather
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stand by, everyone, we're live in five, four, three, two, one. i had surgery on my uterus, because i'm going to have one more baby. you're in so much pain. don't do something that would put you in great danger. >> kim wants another baby. that was last night's headline in "keepingwith the kardashians." >> what do we think? >> she could have died with the last pregnancy. this is so serious. but her kids are so cute. i watched some last night. i only caught the last half. but the best part 5b89 this show was when you see the whole family come together for kim's birthday, they met her in the driveway so they didn't scare her. >> because of the robbery. >> so


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