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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  March 28, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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executive order on reducing carbon emission and ripping a moratorium on coal. the goal is to have energy i independence and create jobs. yesterday jeff sessions was asked about the rape investigation. it was an undocumented immigrant who is accused. >> i would plead with the people of maryland to understand that this makes the state of maryland more at risk for violence and crime that is not good policy. >> despite what sessions says, high yachtsville will vote on whether to become a sanctuary city. 53% are opposed. 46 are for it. the father of henry sanchez millian i
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immigration and customs enforcement says he's in the u.s. unlawfully. his son whose picture you see here was charged with first degree rape and two counts of first degree sexual. teachers are choosing to remember how 4-year-old leila goodman lived instead of how she died. the school held a vigil for leila last night with balloons and candles. some of her young classmates were there as well. last week the little girl and her 17-year-old sister were killed by their father in chat charles county sheriff's office is called a murder/side. the grand father said all he can do now is hold onto the memories. >> when i took her to the playground and pushed her in the swings. when shess
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looked back at me with that little face, papa. >> so tragic. the school will remember laila by disclosing her diploma. the girl's mother was shot and is still in the hospital. new details in the brutal murder of a d.c. artist may lead to her killer. the d.c. forensic teams are processing fiorina meal's car. her prius was found. her body was found bound and stabbed inside a basement apartment on 14th street northwest last week. they still want to speak to this man about her death. they're calling him a person of interest right now. the acting police chief said there was no sign of forced entry at the apartment and investigators do not think it was a random crime. staying in the district right now where leaders are looking for new officers to hepa troll the streets. today mayor muriel bowser will announce a plan to expand a
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d.c. police could face a staffing crisis if senior officers who are eligible for retirement are not replaced. the national season home opener just six days away. today baseball fans find out what's new at mets park as part of its annual media day. the nationals are showing off the new food options in several redesigned areas for the fans. last year they revamped the diamond club and debuted waffles, gyros and dumplings. 4:33. get another check on weather and traffic. >> melissa has a look at your tuesday morning commute, but we want to start off with sheena and chuck. chuck, i passed you in the hallway and i did not like what i heard. >> you asked me what the day was going to be like and i said, kind of on the stormy side. >> sorry, angie. >> you know, i mean -- how about i tell you a sweet little lie. it's going to be beautiful, outside, angie. you don't need an br
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put your roof down. no problem, you'll be fine. just know that may end up as a big disappointment. storm team 4 showing two thunderstorms one near fredericks maryland and one on top of the city of fairfax, virginia. no severe weather but obviously rumbles of thunder are a real possibility. four things to know about the weather. number one, grab the umbrella. rumbles of thunder a chance and later on this afternoon. dryer weather for tomorrow and thursday. the weekend kind of a 50-50 weekend. sunday looking like the better of the two days. i'll give you the whole ten day forecast coming up. let's go over to sheena and take a closer look at today. >> as we go through the afternoon today we're looking at temperatures in the 70s for the most part but we are also looking at that chance for thunderstorms as we go through the afternoon. so here is a look as we go through the day now, warm this morning but then by noon today, 67 degrees by then. rain likely by
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will want the umbrella for that through the afternoon. we still have the chance for some scattered thunderstorms. we'll be in the 70s. we're still running 15 degrees or so above normal. even by 7:00 p.m. for the evening commute you may run into some soggy thunderstorms out there but, again, just keep that in mind. the roads are wet in some areas this morning. they're going to stay that way as we go through part of your afternoon. chuck and i will be back with a closer look at your forecast. now let's check the roads with melissa mollet. >> third street tunnel being pushed off of massachusetts avenue because of that long standing work zone. that should wrap up here in a little bit this morning. you shouldn't have to worry about that for too much longer. 95 quantico to the beltway, you're on time here going 65 miles per hour. get there in 18 minutes. same thing as you're headed outbound this morning. no big issues there right now. you can see, of course, all of this green rain falling across
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where you're leaving from. the beltway inner loop and outer loop, no major problems there. >> aaron? >> thank you. a worried father reads his father's diary. if he hadn't, police said several people could have been dead. and it's a story getting a lot of attention online this morning. what this woman walked out of a local target with that left them 40 grand short. and uber gets ready to unveil a new car pooling service and it might look familiar to some drivers. where that service similar
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you're watching "news 4 today." 4:39 now and the principal at catasin high school in maryland wants students to know they're safe. >> after they released disturbing details about a student's alleged plot to shoot classmates and also set off bombs. investigators say that the father of 18-year-old nicole savario discovered the plan in her diary. this is the stockpile of bomb-making materials and the shotgun found by officers inside her home. investigators say all of it was bought legally. sheriff charles jenkins says she wrote about the plan in detail and even compiled information about the school's emergency procedures. the sheriff and some community members think the father did the right thing by turning his
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daughter in. >> that's exactly what he should have done, yeah. he was a good dad really. yeah. you can't let something like that go without taking some kind of action. >> officials say that she acted alone and never took a weapon or explosive device to the school. she's undergoing a mental health evaluation now and once released she will face several charges. right now the family of a 15-year-old girl needs your help. no one has seen heaven shamte since saturday. heaven is 150 pounds with brown eyes and black hair. she was last seen on 30th street just off nailor road. since march 19th d.c. police have shared information on 11 missing teenagers on twitter. 6 have been found and 5 are missing. right now you've heard an inaccurate post claiming 14 girlsen
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in the nbc washington app we have ways you can help. search missing girls. if you are in the other room stop what you're doing and come take a look at your screen. people have been tweeting out this picture on our twitter page dozens of times we are finding. police in fairfax county saying that the woman recently posed as a target employee at a mount vernon store. she made off with $40,000 in new iphones. i think that's the get away car. officers say she simply walked into the stock phone, put the phones in a box, walked out. if you have any info, call police. well, you probably won't need the heat on on your drive into work this morning, but something you might need, the windshield wipers? >> absolutely right, aaron. already some thunder showers out there early this morning. this one here in frederick, maryland. it's headed up towards the pennsylvania border. not alone. a little company. a thunderstorm on top of f
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great falls. sheena's got the ten day forecast coming up. and a heads up for people who use the popular road. the work that could have you taking the long way to and from work. and we are just getting word of two police officers shot in miami. the video just coming into the live desk as well as their condition when we check back in with mette green.ol
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breaking news out of florida where police officers were shot overnight. molette green at the live desk. >> two under cover miami officer shot in what's considered an ambush style attack. incredible video just in. these officers getting out of the back of the pickup truck at the hospital there. amazingly you see they were able to walk in with some help. miami-dade police say the officers were working
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last night. they are in stable condition. police still have to track down those suspects. back to you, aaron. >> molette, thank you. some of the other stories we're working on for you this morning. part of a key confession in the case of a murdered virginia teen thrown out. what the judge said police did wrong. people here have been doing it for years. now uber is trying to cash in on it. the service that could change how some people -- some of you get to work. and we're talking about some spotty showers, even thunderstorms this morning. later on today you're going to want the umbrella. also more in the forecast. plus we have a fairly decent weekend shaping up. we'll show you all of that coming up in a bit. 15 before the hour now. there is new fallout in the house intelligence committee's investigation into russia's interference in the presidential election. >> the committee's top democrat now wants the chairman to recuse himself from the investigation. news 4's tracie potts joining us live from capitol hill. tracie, what led to the
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>> well, it comes after the chairman devin nunez was spotted on the grounds the day before he told president trump about the classified information that no one else has ever seen. nunez said he had to go to the white house grounds because it was the only place he could view the information. the person that turned it over could not bring it to the committee, but it's raising questions now among others on that committee about whether or not he can lead a fair investigation into trump's ties with russia. >> tracie, we know the president is expected to sign an executive order rolling back some of the initiatives on climate change. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: the significance here is we get the first look at what the trump administration's philosophy is going to be about how to go about energy independence. we are told, this just came out overnight, the details from a senior administration official. this
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couple of things. it will review the president's carbon emissions policy to roll back carbon emissions at power plants and it will get rid of the moratorium on coal and open up coal jobs which is something he promised during the election. >> tracie potts on the hill, thank you. betsy devos and ivanka trump are headed to the national air and space museum today. they're expected to highlight the importance of young women pursuing science, technology, engineering and math or s.t.e.m. education or careers. they will introduce a viewing of the film "hidden figures" to local students. george w. bush is getting involved in a race for roanoke governor. he will host ed gillespie. he was the white house counselor under mr. bush. tickets range from 1,000 to $25,000. gillespie is facing wagner or cory stewart in the republican primary. the disappearance and d
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received national attention. now they say police used improper interrogation techniques to get a confession. part of natalie keifer's confession can't be used. they should have read her her miranda rights. she reportedly told police she played a role in the 13-year-old's murder and hiding her body. david eisenhower is also charged in lavelle's murder. a grieving father is sharing new details about his daughter who was stabbed to death over the weekend. police say 19-year-old leah adams boyfriend attacked her at her front royal apartment. he believes drugs may be to blame. >> it's possible he was on some type of drug that made him go crazy. their relationship, they got along very well so we were shocked to hear everything that happened. >> the boyfriend is7
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and was charged as a juvenile with second degree murder. his preliminary hearing set for early next month. the time right now, 4:48. fracking will soon be illegal in maryland. state senators voted overwhelmingly to ban the controversial way of getting oil deep in the ground. the bill heads to governor larry hogan. fracking is not being done now but the moratorium ends in october. in the coming weeks you'll have a new option to commute to work. wtop reports that uber is testing a new feature called uber commute. the idea is to essentially create slug lines using the ride share system's app. drivers will be connected with nearby commuters who need to hitch a ride. to start this will only be used on i-66, 395 or the george washington parkway during rush hour. heads up for those of you who use rockville pike. starting next week you may have to replan your route. the crossing project to build a
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pedestrian tunnel under the road near walter reed tunnel moves forward next wednesday. construction crews will close one northbound lane. that will run from april 5th to april 7th from 9 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. d.c. now has a new million dollar program to empower women. it is called rain. the girls program will be available in several schools. it will include after school activities, international travel and other activities to encourage academic and social skills. >> rain will support young women to grow into leadership roles because we know that women can be leaders but they have to be told that and learn that every step of the way. >> and last year the district created an all male college prep school you might recall, and the girls program will begin with a city wide conference for young girls. good for them. if you're one of those people who's
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every detail, that's a good thing apparently. at least according to "the wall street journal." it says people who sweat the small stuff do better when the stakes are high. now we mean this literally. how much you physically sweat -- >> maybe you should have paid attention to the detail. >> how much you physically sweat could indicate how effective you are. we're not sure how exactly to measure that though but feel better about yourself. sweat the small stuff. >> well, sheena's here and i know rain drops are in the forecast. cherry blossom week, we've reached the bloom. some people want to know. is it worth it to go get out or are they going to be impacted by this? >> you can get out but make sure you have the app on hand. then you can make sure you know where the storms are. the nbc washington app. we have a few small storms on radar right now. spotty showers this morning. some lightning with these. thunderstorms in the forecast this afternoon. always looking ahead to the
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here's a look at the radar right now. again, just some spotty thunderstorms. the first one near restin and tyson's corner. nearing bethesda. had lightning earlier and i don't see too much of that currently. if you're in bethesda you can see this closer. that one is moving mostly to the northeast around 30 miles an hour. another one around johnsville. that's where we see lightning strikes. you can see that there. it left fredericks lewis town. that's going to continue to move up near pennsylvania. another one near fair view beach. that one is moving into charles county. very small. some heavy rain there so we'll be keeping that in the morning and especially going through the afternoon. temperature wise, it's warm outside. do not need the jacket. 62 in the district. quantico, leaseberg, in frederick, 54 degrees. if you're walking the dog or if you need one, pooches are
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lines. spotty showers this morning. by noon rain is likely. 67 degrees. 6:00 p.m. scattered thunderstorms. we'll be getting into the 70s. 10:00 this morning there is quite the rain moving through through the afternoon though. we have just that chance for some scattered thunderstorms tomorrow though. we're really going to be clearing out. look at tomorrow, thursday, lots of sunshine. much dryer. 66 though. a little bit cooler. 59 on thursday. rain on friday. some of that could be heavy. the weekend looking dry. let's check the roads on this tuesday. good morning, melissa. >> hi, sheena. a couple of things to talk about just as far as road work. rock creek parkway north of virginia avenue there in northwest, left lane gets by the work zone and 295 at benning work zone blocking the right lane here. a couple of things. one other item of note northbound third street tunnel being pushed off at massachusetts avenue because of that work zone here this morning. taking a look a
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into town or out of town. everything looking quite good here on 66. remember to listen to wtop when you hop in your car. when we come back we'll take a look at 270. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. it could be a major shift when it comes to your privacy. who could soon start selling your online browsing history if lawmakers vote through a certain measure. next at 5, she is tasked with being mom and dad. no matter which role she was that day, the single mom was not allowed to take her daughter to dance. why officials wouldn't let the pair in. we continue to follow the breaking news. one spern dead after an
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you're watching "news 4 today." you could get 300 bucks if you upgrade to a new iphone. target is offering a $300 gift card for people who upgrade at their stores. you have to do this by this saturday. this promotion is also only good for at&t, sprint and verizon customers. well, we'd like to think that our private information is being protected when we go online but lawmakers could decide as early as today to let your internet service provider sell your browsing history. this is a story that affects all of us. as we first reported this week the senate reported to repeal the fcc rules aimed at
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it appears that the house is moving quickly to do the very same. consumer reporter susan hogan has what this means to you. >> reporter: if you've enjoyed having control over what your internet service provider has and does with your data, you may soon have no choice but to give up that control. what we know now is the house of representatives is expected to vote tuesday to reverse the f.c.c. rules that limit what ifcs do with the information they have on you. right now any of your sensitive data, such as information on your health, children, financial and even your location cannot be used or shared without your permission. all of that would be fair game and will not need your consent if this bill is passed. the trade group that represents the internet and tell l televis industry reverses that calling them a misguided approach and look forward to restoring a consistent approach to online privacy that consumers want and
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saying it's sabotaging the rights of americans and the interest of protecting profits. if the house does also repeal these rules, the next step is a signature from president trump. susan, thank you. nbc 4 is a division of nbc universal which is owned by comcast, the nation's largest cable and internet provider. "news 4 today" starts now. just about 5:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilcrist. >> i'm angie goff in for eun yang. depending where you are this morning, you might need the low beams or the wipers. >> melissa's going to have a look at the roads and rails for us. want to start with chuck and sheena and what you'll face when you step out the door this morning. hey, guys. >> definitely need the umbrellas today. >> you'll need it this morning and then you'll also need it around lunchtime and possibly this afternoon with thunderstorms. >> time to dust that thing off and get ready to use it. we have quite a few chances of rain
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cincinnati and a cluster of thunderstorms. south side virginia. that will be here probably around the second half of the morning commute. so be ready for that. thunder shower up here just northeast of frederick, maryland. headed towards union town, union mills. it will eventually be in southern areas. now it's a pocket of moderate rain moving on the northwest side to bethesda. that's headed up to the 270 corridor. a few showers moving into charles county. be umbrella ready. on the up side, it is going to be anything but cold. good morning, sheena. >> good morning, chuck. another warm day today if you liked the temperatures today. going to like them today. closer to lunchtime going to be in the 60s. it's another warmup. we're in the afternoon. we expect to be in the 70s. that's going to help with some of the thunderstorms later on today. by lunchtime you definitely will not need a jacket. you don't need it


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