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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  March 28, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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. now on midday, breaking news. an evacuation at the white house. secret service agents clear the north lawn for suspicious package. we have the latest. your surfing habits can all be tracked and sold to whoever without your knowledge or even your consent. >> fight for internet privacy continues. why house republicans are trying to roll back a law put into place by president obama and how it could affect you. montgomery county police continue to investigate a shooting involving an officer that left a man dead last night. we have the latest coming up in a live report. and i hope you hadou
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you still need this afternoon. coming up, i'll show you what you can expect as far as thunderstorm chances later on today. and drier weather tomorrow. we're kicking off news 4 midday with a look at the weather. it's cloudy over the capital city this morning. you may want to keep the umbrella handy as you head out for lunch. >> sheena parveen is here with us now. what can we expect? >> you don't with a the umbrella with you. we plaid a large area of rain that moved through and now it's heading up towards pennsylvania. as we go through the afternoon, we are talking about still the possibility of some thunderstorms. here is a look at the radar right ghou. there is that big area of rainy told you about, just leftover light showers. maybe sprinkles near the district off towards frederick seeing the lighter rain. yellows and oranges are a heavier rain move up to the
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north into pennsylvania. but there are breaks in the cloud cover, so that will help us to warm up. and the weather pattern is not drying out just yet. there are some showers off to our west. that will give us a chance of a few thunderstorms later on today. mid-60s though in the sdriblgdi currently. coming up rkt i'll show you when we drive out. breaking news right now, there a suspicious package near the white house grounds. we understand much of that area is on lockdown. this here a live picture. >> we're told secret service snipers are walking around on the north lawn. they tweeted that there are also road closures around there. also the secret service says journal its ists and people wer moved to a safe distance away. we'll keep watching to get updates and we'll also send them out in our nbc washington app. also breaking,ed a man for
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mehi mehiel's murder. she was found bound and stabbed to death inside a row house last week. police originally arrested 28-year-old el hadji alpha madiou toure for having o outstanding warrants somewhere else. this arrest comes three days after police found mehiel's car. in montgomery county, a cop shot and killed someone and now there is an investigation into why it all happened. justin finch is live in gaithersburg at county police headquarters. what is the latest in this investigation? >> reporter: so far detectives have seen the officer's body camera video. as for the officer himself, he has been interviewed and has at least one more ahead. these are all standards investigators will use to help figure out why the shooting happened. montgomery village and center court condominiums at the center of an officer involved
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>> a car and police here and he went for the gun. and then i saw the fight on the floor and i heard the gunshots and i ran into the hallway because i knew something was going to come in. >> reporter: the neighbor robin said she heard four to five shots after 11:00 monday night. >> you could seat police right there, you know, like pumping down on him. >> reporter: what she saw, a county fire rescue team working to save a life. >> first responders located an adult male suffering from an appaa gunshot wound our wobd us and he succumbed to ht injuries. rsht t >> reporter: the dispute escalated into open fire.
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he was investigating a theft. body camera has been reviewed, but authorities aren't yet releasing what it shows. that officer is now on paid administrative leave and in just a mattetter of hour urks offici plan to release his name and the name of the man who died. back into you. two big stories are dominating the day in about politics. president trump is preparing to roll back big parts of former president obama's actions on climate change while democrats want the house intelligence committee chair to step down from the russia investigation. trails ci tracie potts has the latest. >> reporter: after his secret trip to the white house ground, top democrats want the house intelligence committee chair to step down from the russia investigation. >> just has too much called into question whether he has the object differencity necessary to over seat investigation. >> reporter: devin nunes says he saw classified information that could not be brought to his committee
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nothing do with russia. >> nobody was sneaking around, all it was was just a place where i had to go to be able to review the information. >> it's not internet cafe. you can't just walk in and receive classified information. >> reporter: nunes canceled the committee's entire schedule this week. >> and the committee has been put into suspended animation. >> reporter: even some republicans question whether he can head this investigation. >> the problem that he's created, he's gone off on a lark by himself. >> reporter: the senate intelligence committee now wants to talk to mr. trump's son-in-law jared kushner about his ties to russia during the transition. >> he met with countless individuals that was part of his job. >> reporter: president trump tweets the russia story is a hoax. today he is shifting focus, signing an executive order to create more jobs for coalminers and review president obama's policies on carbon emissions. there wact
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bringing in the fbi and cia to talk about that, but items one of it's one of the meetings that has been canceled . the white house issuing a new threat to sanctuary cities. sang clue area cities shelter people living in this country illegally by refusing to help the federal government enforce immigration laws. >> yesterday attorney general jeff sessions was asked about the rape investigation at rockville high school. one of the suspects is an undocumented immigrant. sessions is urging maryland lawmakers to ditch a plan to makt state a sa make the state a sanctuarsanctu. >> is this makes the state of maryland more at risk for violence and crime, that it's not good policy. >> despite what sessions says, hyattsville will vote on whether to become a sang clue area city. and
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opposed to the sanctuary ordinarnc ordinance. and meanwhile we're learning that the father of henry sanchez, one of the suspects in the rockville case, is in jail. immigration and customs enforcement tells us adolfo is in the u.s. unlawfully. he's originally from guatemala. his son was charged with rape and sexual offense. the woman arrested at the white house three times in one week will stay in jail until april 3. a judge says there is no reason to believe she will abide by the stay away orders. according to court documents, she wanted a meeting with president trump and said she was motivated by other recent successful fence jumpers. wall pleaded not gilgtsity to a contempt of court charge yesterday. she's expected to appear in federal court today to face unlaufrl entry charges. your internet browsing privacy is at the center of a
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republicans in congress vote to roll back obama administration rules that had not yet gone in about to effect. privacy advocates say the gop plan could mean your family's internet history and so much more would be up for sale without your knowledge to anyone willing to pay. coming up in good ten minute, we'll break down what this means and how you can try to protect yourself. secretary of education betsy devos and ivanka trump visited the national air and space museum earlier this morning. they talked about the importance of young women pursuing science, technolo technology, engineering and mathematics. right now the family of a 15-year-old girl needs your help. no one has seen heaven shamte since saturday. heaven is 150 pounds with brown eyes, black hair. she was last seen on
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in southeast d.c. if you see her, call police. since march 19th, d.c. police have shared information on 11 missing teenagers on twitter. six of them have been found and five are still missing. by now you've heard that an inaccurate social media post claiming 14 girls disappeared in one day went viral. we're working for you by bringing you all the facts in the nbc washington app. we have ways you can help police locate missing children, just search missing girls. the disappearance and death of 13-year-old nicole lavelle in virginia received national attention you might remember. now a judge says police used improper interrogation techniques to get a confession from one of the suspects. parts of the confession cannot be used now at trial. the judge said she was not read
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she played a role in the murder and higd ding of her body. both keepers and eisenhower were engineering students at virginia tech when they were arrested. the serk for the woman posing as a target employee continues this morning. people have retweeted this woman's picture on our twitter page dozens ev s of times. take a look. police in fairfax county say she posed as an employee and made off with with $40,000 in new iphones. officers say she simply walked into the stock room, put the phones in a box and walked out. if you have any information, call police. we did this here at the station not too long ago and i failed. how hard do you haveo work to hit your 10,000 steps? >> if yyou brush your teeth, yo can get super some extra steps in. find out how many steps you should be hitting per day.
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>> reporter: and a student's alleged plan for a mass shooting at this school has been disrupted. coming up, the
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. fred rick countrity investigators say one week from tomorrow, a young woman was pl
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squool b school but she was taken into custody thankfully. darcy spencer is live for us with more information. >> reporter: if you take a look at the parking lot, it is if you would of cars, kids back in their classes. a pretty normal day today. but it was yesterday that authorities announced that their classmate was allegedly plotting a mass shooting. and it wasn't until her own p parents read her diary that they a came forward. students returned for the first time after authorities announced that one of their classmates was plotting a mass shooting at their school here in rural frederick county. >> it was pretty nuts. everyone was -- it was pretty panicky. >> reporter: nicole a coal joe had gun t
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they found a shot gun, allege munition and materials she allegedly planned to use to make pipe bombs. her parents discovered the journal and her father's phone call to the school launched the investigation and in the sheriff's words averted a catastrophe. >> was pre-presented by tvent s parents who stepped forward. >> reporter: she was taken from the squool to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation. no specific person was targeted, but she's expressed a lot of frustrations in her personal al life and she planned to die in the attack. >> it's crazy to think that it could be happening in such a small community. i feel like you know the people at your high school, but really you might not. >> reporter: once she is released from the hospital, she will be taken into police custody. they plan to charge her with two felony charges, each of
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carries 25 years in prison. darcy spencer, news 4. we like to think that our private information is being protected when we go online, but lawmakers could decide as early as today to let your internet service provider sell your browsing history. as we first reported last week, the senate already voted to repeal the ftc rules aimed at protecting your on line data. it appears the house is moving quickly do the same. we're breaking down this story starting with consumer reporter susan hogan. >> if you've enjoyed having control over what your internet service provider has and does with your data, you may soon have no choice but to give up that control. what we know now is the house of representatives is expected to vote tuesday to reverse the fcc rules that limit what isps do and the information that they have on you. right now any of your sensitive datah
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health, children, financial, even your location can not be used or shared yourt permission. all of that would be fair game and will not need your consent if this bill is passed. the trade group that represents the internet and television industry says it supports revursing trevur reversing the rules calling it a misguided approach and looks to privacy protection that consumers want. but privacy groups say it is sacrificing the privacy rights of merns and tamericans. and if the house does also repeal these rules, the next step is a signature from president trump. nbc 4 is a division of increases universal which is owned by comcast. the nation's largest kanl and internet provider. groups opposing the move are urging you to take action. fight for the future is asking people to call their
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vote no. they also listed the name of the senators who voted in favor of the measure. and promise do the same for house members. and editor-in-chief of the verge is telling readers there is just hours left to take action. and virginia representative don beyer tweeted that he will vote no on this issue calling it a rr revolting attack on the privacy of americans. lawmakers who support the change point out that google and facebook already are using personal information for targeted advertising. >> most of the data gaert gathe gathered by so-called edge providers like google or facebook and they aren't touched by any of the regulations at all. >> pc word says use
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the browser extension makes your system a little bit more secure. and you can subscribe to a paid virtual private network service. the report adds that the steps are not foolproof but can help. keep an eye on our app for updates on the house vote. spinach could help solve a deadly medical problem, the lack of donor organs. here's how scientists in massachusetts turned spinach leafs into human heart tissue that can make a network of veins similar to blood vessel scientists stripped the leaves of their cells and filled the gaps with human heart tissue. the heart cells beat for up to three week and doctors say the inspiration for the human plant fusion came over what else, lunch. despite what you might have he t
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during pregnancy may not boost your child's iq. a group took it daily while another group took placebo. they found no cognitive children when children were 18 years old and at 7, both had similar iq scores. kids whose mothers took dh sea seemed to have more behavior problems. if you try get 10,000 steps of exercise a day, we hear that goal is not enough. a new study shows you should add another 5,000 steps every day. ten was rough enough. international journal of obesity rated male carriers and compared to office workers. mail carriers showed no increased risk of heart disease. 15,000 steps is about seven miles. and you get to eat more i feel like if you walk 15,000 steps. >> you certainly would get
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hungrier. so hea lo of people h phobias about escalators. this scare has officials rethinking safety procedures. details when new4 midday s re
11:23 am
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>> you can see the he escalator suddenly reverse and speed up safety gears went wrong there. this is in hong kong. and you can see dozens of people were are thrown to the ground. 18 people were hurt. one person with a serious head injury. two engineers who were supposed to investigate have been arrested and charged with tampering with evidence. all of that just so scary. you may have seen darcy spencer getting soaked. >> please tell me she has people with an umbrella. >> i was thinking the same thing. but her hair didn't look wet. so something is going on. >> i don't know. >> poor girl. >> maybe standing under a tarp. at least the good news is the rain is light. all the thunderstorms have moved up to the north in
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now. through the afternoon we do have a chance for some thunderstorms. so keep the umbrella handy as we go through the afternoon. temperatures will warm up today and that is really going to help things heat up as far as the thunderstorms. so i think we'll have some later on. dry tomorrow, thursday the rain returns as we go into friday. the weekend so far look pretty good. here is a look at the radar. so the heaviest stuff has moved up into pennsylvania. light rain around frederick, thurmont and continuing to move to the north. and again just spotty light sprinkles or light rain showers around currently. but you see the activity still off to our west, so we're not drying out just yet. we still do have the chance later on today for more rain. so here is future weather, trying to seat showers or storms flaring up across higher elevations and moving in to the jikt or sou district or south of that by 6:30 and then we start to dry out. we're at 65 currently in the district. we'll keep
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68 warrington, 61 leesburg. if you're exercising for the rest of the day, just make sure you have a rain coat with you. we'll be in the low 70s by 5:00 p.m. again with still the chance of a thunderstorm. so by this afternoon, 74 for a high temperature. some scattered afternoon thunderstorms, drying as we go overnight tonight. low temperature in the 50s. tomorrow we're clearing out, 66. thursday upper 50s and sunny. rain returns on friday that could last for most of the day. but so far the weekend looks pretty good. a controversial screening has tsa under fire this morning. >> why a young man's mother is now fighting back.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in customer
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and now you can love fios too. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month, for the first year with a two-year agreement. it's the only internet with equal upload and download speeds. cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of the download speeds. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years. and verizon wireless customers can stream tv on the fios mobile app, data-free. get the best. go to
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right now a lot of people are talking about the tsa and sharing a video a mother says was not okay. it shows an agent pat patting down her son. jacob rascon explains the controversy. >> reporter: overnight growing outrage over this video has gone viral. it shows a tsa agent pats down a teen at the dallas/ft. worth airport last weekend.
11:31 am
jennifer yim son shows her son aaron standing in a security area while an agent begins what she calleding a agreesufferly patting dounlg her son. furious about what she described as an unnecessary and more filing patdown, williamson blasted the tsa writing we have been through hell this morning. they detained aaron for well over an hour at dfw. he has std and i didn't want my child given a patdown like this. williamson says her son suffers from sensor processing disorder, a condition that can cause anxiety in children when touched. she said she asked agents to screen him in other ways per tsa rules. it was more filing she write, somehow these power tripping ts chlt a agents who are traumatizing children and doing whatever they feel like need to be reined in. the tsa says that it allows for a patdown of a teenage passenger and in this case all approved procedures were followed to resolve an al lerm of the
11:32 am
normally the tsa says only a small number of people are selected for patdowns usually after tripping off a metal detector or image screening machine. but williamson says her son set off no alarms while going through security. let me make something else crystal clear, she writes. he set off no alarms. he physically did not alarm at all during screening. he passed through the detector just fine. the incident comes just three weeks after the tsa put new stricter screening procedures in place. procedures that at least one mother says were too aggressive for her child. williamson writing he is still several hours later saying i don't know what i did. what did i do. i am livid. more than a million people have now seen that video. the mother saying they were detained for well over an hour. tsa says the entire process including checking the bags actually took about 45 minutes. new at midday, changes to school security in montgomery ty
11:33 am
with the information just released. so scat, whott, what do you kno? >> reporter: days after reports of a sexual attack, school official says in april the district will review the security and safety of all 25 of its high schools. it will bring in outside consultants to help with the investigation. they say they are looking for potential vulnerabilities, blibd sp blind spots and potentially any weaknesses that could make students have you livedner shl. t vulnerable. they will do the high schools first and then move on to middle and elementary schools checking among other things the positioning of security cameras, positioning of teachers and other workers in the schools during student transitions between classes and between with periods. and check its own office of security to make sure there are enough security personnel, all this coming days after rourts of an attack at rockville high school and the school district saying they are
11:34 am
because doing the review because of those reports. more details later today. but for now they are launching an internal investigation. scott macfarlane, news 4. and we have floor now on the breaking news we reported at the top of the newscast. we just heard from d.c.'s mayor police we told you arrested man for corrina mehiel's murder. the north carolina artist found bound and stabbed to death inside a rowe house last weekend. police originally arrested el hadji alpha madiou toure. acting police says tips from the public helped them to close the case. >> let me know how important the community tips were to the metropolitan police department in closing this case. we could not have
11:35 am
case without the support of our community and for that we will be ever gritfateful and i'm sur the mehiel family will be grateful as well. >> lots of questions remain. when asked about the motive here, the chief only said it appeared the two did not know each other. pat collins is covering the new developments and will of course have updates on news 4 this afternoon. the popular ride share service uber is getting in about to the car pooling business. our news partner wtop reports that uber is testing a new feature called uber commute. the idea is to essentially create slug lines. drivers will be keblgtsconnecte near by commuters who need hitch a ride. it will only start at i-66, 395 and george washington parkway during rush hour.
11:36 am
challenge accepted. d.c.'s own wowed the judges to win the battle round on "the voice." we were there with malik and his family as they watched it from their home. they're really excited, right? it was a night of celebration. malik says he was thrilled with the win. >> won the battle round, awesome experience. going keep rocking. go team adam. >> d.c.'s own malik grew up right here in washington. his family pushed him to pursue a career in singing. the final battle ground is tonight at 8:00 right here on nbc 4. we're rooting for you, malik. and hopefully you did not miss nbc's new drama taken last night. you may be familiar with the movies by the same name. the tv series is not a prequel to the movie, but it does help you understand the movie
11:37 am
is in our studio with more on the series. i caught some of it last night. >> it's a good show. >> now i have to go backwards here. >> people recognize you from gray's anatomy. how is this different? >> more action, more guns, more car choices. >> do you feel extra cool doing something like this? >> it's pretty cool. >> sman wexplain why this is in prequel. >> we like to call it an or begin story.the prequel. >> we like to call it an or begin story. prequelle suggests that we're setting up the movie, but we're not. we're making it our own. >> and tell us about your character in taken. >> i play john. john is smart, strong. he is the
11:38 am
ops team and the guy that christina hart calls on him to lead the team into action and get the job done. >> and as people can see, you're run, chasing, all of this physical stuff. what is it like shooting those scenes? do you have people screaming at you faster, faster? >> no, rkactually, i don't mea sound like a humble gbrag but they were asking me to slow down because i was catching the car. >> tell the guy to hit the gas a little faster. >> no, it was fun just because i group watching action movies. to be only do it was cool. >> are you supposed do something specific to make it looks like you're going faster? >> the hard thing about the run that was last night, i was in a suit. so you're
11:39 am
that real athletic type suit. so in your mind you're thinking i'll be so great because i have my workout gear organization n, suit and dress shoes, you have to try to make it work. >> and we see a lot of d.c. landmarks in the show but you don't shoot here. >> no, we actually shoot in toronto. but they cut in the d.c. stuff as movie magic. >> we like lots of d.c. stuff. >> we can work in a location shot. >> all right. we'll join you. thank you so much. appreciate it. it airs monday nights at 10:00 right here on nbc 4. if you have seen it yet, check it out.
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working on that rain and getting the temperatures up there. >> so eventually we'll get into the 70s. we're close. we're
11:42 am
showers still in the forecast, so have the umbrella with you. 65 right now in the district. we still do have a little bit of light rain hanging around. radar though most of the area just seeing the clould cover. some sprinkles, a few spotty light showers. heaviest is up into parts of pennsylvania. one area still seeing steadier light rain right around frederick, lovettesville and martinsburg. very light rain there. but later this afternoon, we still have a chance for some thunderstorms to develop. mostly cloudy now. still kind of the unsessittled weather pattern. future weather, offer to our west we could have thunderstorms developing trying to move through mainly 95. and then we'll start to clear up after that. so closer to midnight we'll be a little drier. temperatures for the rest of the area, near 60 degrees for most of us. lorton at 64. frederick 55
11:43 am
the dog today, we have one available for you if you're looking to adopt. gucci is at the humane rescue alliance. remember we're looking at scattered thunderstorms around so keep an eye to the sky. weekend looks good after rain on friday, we're look at a nice saturday and sunday with temperatures in the mid-60s. today though there are the mid-70s through the afternoon. scattered thunderstorms. make sure you have the umbrella. you don't need it tomorrow, thursday. you will need it friday. pretty steady rain friday. but again the weekend looking good. it's described as a comedy drama that follows four people studying the human brain's response to race, love, acceptance and identity. it's called smart people and coming to arena stage next month. one of the stars is here with more on what audiences can expect. good morning. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me.
11:44 am
this is wonderful. >> and you're back, is this a local girl from the dmv. >> yeah, it's the best homecoming ever. arena is amazing. it feels so good. >> so in this play, you play an actress? >> i am. >> how hard is that? but each of the characters is wrestling with race inch in their respective fields. set us up on what this is all about. >> all the four different intellectuals, you have a doctor, a psychologist, a neuroscientist and the actress. and so we're all kind of dealing with how we're pigeon holed i feel like in each one of our respective fields. and then of course i like to steal from my amazing director. really all of these characters are fighting to be seen, heard and loved. so amidst ever tof the race and it's set on backdrop of obama's election. so it's
11:45 am
happens when people make bold choices or are careless with their words. >> how did you draw from your real life experiences? >> it is very close in terms of acting because i mean i'm based out of l.a., so when i first got there, the stereo types ever things that you're sent out forks the sassy black girl, punching it up, can you be more ghetto for me, that kind ever stuff. and that's the thing that resona resonates. >> have you heard that in real life? >> absolutely. you can make that sound a little more black. yeah, they will say that. now, they're trying to be better about that now. but that is not unheard ever. you can ask any actor. >> so what is the takeaway that you want audiences to have? >> all kinds of people come tout arena stage. they should walk out with an open mind and just be open to having a discussion and a dialogue so that you make sure the communication lines are open. so much of t
11:46 am
miscommunication, not listening and hearing one another. so you want to make sure that you take away, hey, words are powerful. language is powerful. don't be careless and be open to receptive to new ideas. >> how do you apply that though because this is taking place in the obama era. but now we're in the trump presidential era. and so how does this play out. >> it's called navigating as best you can with trying to be as open hearted i feel like us a possibly can be. because it's extremely, extremely tough. and it's because it is so different. probably why i love being in about this play. it's so hopeful. >> and it's a kocomedy drama. >> it's very funny, so it knows how to handle the weightiness of race inch and everythiism and ed in our mintsd mids. all of the characters has
11:47 am
>> it's call smart people, it opens april 14. congratulations. good luck with all of that and welcome back home. who is in northwest d.c.? it. >> my grandma. >> all right. thank you so much for joining us. an he will may have a new fix for locating gt the lost airpods.
11:48 am
stronger is blasting without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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i was diagnosed at age two with a spinal cords tumor. >> and that is kennedy snyder, one of many whose strength is amazing and who will benefit from a big event happening in our area this weekend. it is called chance for life. welcome back. with me we have a full house today. this morning we have the founder and the co-founder of chance for life. and also with us ricardo is the beverage director at mgm national harbor. appreciate all of you coming into talk about this wonderful event. and brad, i want to start with you. what is chance for life? >> it's the most exciting event in washington. this thing has been building for 12 years now. it's a poker event, high end celebrity food pairing with cocktails and incredible after party. we started this to help raise money for pediatric cancer research when my best
11:51 am
daughter kennedy snyder was diagnosed at age two. she will be with us that day. and it's a great event that really creates perspective for all of us that have challenges in our lives that when you look at when a child is battling cancer, it's one of those things that pets perspective in our lives. >> and i know you have a big family, a lot of kids. and that perspective changes once you've become a mom and you've talked about how shocked you were when you learned how much money goes to pediatric cancer and how big the need is. where does all the money go? >> most of the money goes to adults who are fighting contact ser. cancer. only a penny of every dollar goes to podiatric cancer. which is so sad and that's yes with do this, to raise money for research. we've partnered with children's hospital and we get to work with them directly and see where the money
11:52 am
100%. there is not any other charity that does this. >> no overhead. no organization, all the money that is raised is going -- and we're funding three important one clinical trial and two rye search that will be held in d.c. that will really help potentially save a child's life in d.c. and that's where we started really to help save kennedy's life with some research that is just not being done. >> and she's doing great by the way. and while you're doing this great cause, you're also having a lot of fun and ricardo, this event has grown so big and you're hosting this at the new mgm. tell us about one of the cocktails that you will make. >> we'll have different cockt l cocktails. this is made with rye whiskey, red rose petals. and we wanted to have agencies here and the best cocktails and best flavors across also with wine and spirits and different beers that we'll have. >> can we start mixing
11:53 am
>> gentlemen. >> and we have the poker during the day, we have an amazing wine tasting and celebrity chiefs and vegas themed after party. like no other charity event in d.c. we have lots of surprises, live entertainment. >> so fun. and i know for a fact because i've gone year after year. a lot of people from news 4 has gone. doug kammerer always does a stellar job hosting. and these are one of the wonderful drinks that you can taste. >> and this is called rose and rye. >> i tasted a sample earlier and it was incredible. these are the most popularity bellagio and it's like nothing i have 00 ever teever tested befo. a variety ever cocktails throughout the day, six celebrity chefs from the mgm will be putting on different tasting
11:54 am
and the winner?series of poeker tick ticket. chance for life do the we will sell out in the next couple days we hope. >> having a good time but making life changing differences for the children in our area. thank you so much. i can't drink that on television i'm afraid. more news coming up. back to you.
11:55 am
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11:57 am
have the umbrella. temperatures will be in the mid-70s but still the chance for scattered thunderstorms. and then we start drying out late this evening and overnight. tomorrow though 66 and sunny. 59 on thursday. the rain chance goes up a lot on friday. we're talking about several hours of rain. some could be heavy. clearing through the weekend, mid-60s for your saturday and sunday looking pretty good. our normal high this time of year is actually 60 degrees. so aside from the warm temperatures today, we'll be closer to it as we go through the next few days. >> all right. we'll take it. that is it for news 4 midday. thanks for joining us. we're back on the air this afternoon at 4:00. >> you can get news and weather
11:58 am
washington app. have a great day.
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12:00 pm
stand by, everyone. we've live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ i could break down and cry ♪ draw lines in the sand and list all the reasons why ♪ >> okay, are you feeling what we're feeling at home? because the heat index just continues to sizzle. >> oh, my gosh. that is such a fake-out to the audi.


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