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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  March 29, 2017 5:00am-5:58am EDT

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now at 5:00 -- what started as a minor accident turned deadly. how things took a quick and dramatic turn. and she put her trust in her to protect her little girl. but she's now accused of intentionally putting her in harm's way. what a local babysit is accused of. and the last time it happened jimmy carter was president, gas cost $1.19 and michael jackson was on top of the charts. the major win that the washington wizards are celebrating this morning. >> beautiful! >> announcer: "news4 today" starts now. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm angie goff in for eun yang. we're going to get to weather and traffic in just a minute. but first, back to that big win for the wizards. >> here's wall. beautiful alley-oop. >> they got there, the wizards are the best team in their
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almost 40 division, back in 1979, ty call. but maryland was thinking about raising the drinking age to 19 back then. >> the games start april 15th. we are in there. >> my goodness. i don't know if this is true but it's out there on social media but they said that none of the wizards were alive in '75. >> wise right now. >> very wise, chuck. >> what's going on with the weather? >> just a lot of clouds and moisture around early this morning. but i think you can get around without the umbrella today. >> definitely this morning. just a little drizzle but it's really shaping up to be a nice day. 59 in the district, 57 in leesburg and dulles. if you're in clinton your temperature is 58 degrees. many of us in the upper 50
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and your commute looks pretty good t ddles around areas of dr. by 7:00 a.m., sunshine will start peeking in around noon. and 5:00 p.m., look for the highs in your neighborhood, chuck, good morning. >> yes, indeed. 66 downtown today but a lot of our friends and neighbors out in the shenandoah valley probably won't get as warm as we will around time. north to northwesterly breezes 10 to 15 miles per hour so it might be a little breezy at times. that north-northwest is the cooler drier air. it will seal out much of a warmup. we made 74 yesterday. we'll stay in the low to mid-60s across the area. then for tomorrow, another chilly start, 42 downtown. a lot of the suburbs down. not much of a frost or freeze threat, though. temperatures staying in the 50s tomorrow. that leads to a rain chance on friday. sheena has more about that coming up in a few minutes but for now, let's go
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traffic. hbou there at 198, nice and clear there. same thing for the beltway, prince george's county, all of those routes nice and clear as well. taking a look at this, rockway parkway, just cleared out of the way. you don't have to worry about that any longer. 66 to fairfax county to the beltway also running on time. aaron. let's go to erika gonzalez at the live desk with concern of a missing 13-year-olds. >> right. d.c. police last night put out a picture of osharna pittman. she had twists in her hair. a burgundy shirt. white jeans, silver shoes. again, if you've seen her, she's 13 years old. her name is osharna pittman. please contact d.c. po
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a family member called 911 including two young boys. one 10 years old, other 8. take a look at your tv screen. this family, we understand, is homeless, and they live in the aberdeen area. it's not clear when they were last seen. aberdeen say it's possible that they split up and they're living in different places. anyone who has seen them should call the police. bladensburg police want to know if anybody has concerns about a babysitter accused of abuse. >> police say that ismelda ramos mendoza is facing charges after apparently burning a baby girl's feet on a cast iron tortilla pan. police say she got frustrated with the little girl crying on saturday. police believe she's been babysitting for others at her home for quite some time. s
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bond. route crash. at tradeborn avenue in upper marlboro. police telling us last night the two drivers crashed around 7:30. one driver got out to check the damage and that is when another vehicle came along and struck and killed him. police tell us at least three other people were taken to the hospital but we know at this hour that they are going to be okay. 5:05 now. a look at what we can expect from the white house today. president trump expected to launch a commission to address the country's opioid addiction epidemic. sources well nbc news that it will be headed by new jersey governor chris christie. also today, we expect to hear from the leaders of the senate investigation into russia's interference into the presidential election. and there are new reports on former campaign trump chairman paul manafort and his ban
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her son's fight against atiol headlines. a michigan mother will go to capitol hill to fight for cuts in the budget. tammy carr lost her son chad. clad is the grandson of michigan football coach lloyd carr. he died from a form of pediatric brain cancer. carr is taking her fight to the 84 sight committee today demanding that congress reject an 18% to 20% cut to the national institute of health. >> when you think about these rare diseases, and if there's an 18% cut, you're basically telling these kids, we don't really care. >> white house has argued that the cuts will force the nih to reorganize and focus resources on the highest priority research. the carr family started the chad health foundation to help fund the cancer research. montgomery county public schools are launching a new safety
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parents demanded safety changes after a 14-year-old girl was raped in a school bathroom by two classmates. the review will start at rockville high and will continue throughout 24 other schools. officials say the officials will be checking the security cameras inside and out. >> we'll take a look at where they're positioned and if we need to relocate some of them in, angle them differently to provide better visibility. and if there are areas that are blocked, we'll want to add cameras in those areas as well. >> the high school safety review should be finishedly the end of april. the review of middle and elementary schools should wrap up by june. well, police say that a maryland teenager methodically tried to kill her classmates at catoctin high school. this is one story that we've been following and updating all week. coming up, we're going to tell you the steps that police say she took to plan the attack. and the warning signs that her father noticed to help stop it.
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mager has to answer to congress about when the program has returned metro to good repair and how safe track are now being used for metro's new back to good campaign. that program shifts focus from track maintenance to railcars. follow news4 transportation reporter adam tuss on twitter for updates. a bus route may make strafl easier along d.c.'s 14th street corridor. the budget will include funding for the new bus route. that will serve commuters between the takoma and federal triangle metro station. it could start as early as december. >> the national arboretum is about to have a new baby eagle. a live look -- oh, we've got movement. we've been monitoring the eagle ca
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we first saw a hole in one of the eggs around 10:19 yesterday morning. at last check, it's about the size of a dime. experts say it could take another day before the eagle hatches. they're hoping the other eagle will break its shell by the end of next week. >> whoa -- whoa -- >> should we go back to the live picture? you can find a link to that live eagle cam on the nbc washington app. just search eagle cam. between that and march madness -- >> just watching. the day is starting out kind of damp for some sfox, but sunshine is on the way. >> yeah, sunshine is on the way. i think we should put the eagle camera in the corner of the screen. temperatures are very comfortable this morning through the day. plenty of sunshine. no umbrella today, not until the end of the week. coming up in just a week, chuck's back with a closer look at t
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ahead. a movie.t looks like something how a biker survived after driving off a
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chasers are beinglove. chuck mentioned this a little bit earlier. the texas department of public safety said one of the storm chasers blew through a stop sign east of the lubbock and collided with another storm chaser. both of them died as well as a passenger. officials have den food kelly williams, randall yarnell and kelly yeager. williamson and yeager are contractors for the station the parent company of this television station. >> we've seen a lot of severe weather. and here, though, nothing to that level. but some rain this morning? >> yeah, i chased for many, many years when i lived and worked out of oklahoma as a student and broadcaster. i'll tell you, traffic accidents are the main concern. one of those drivers ran a stop sign. one of the fatalities, one of the people, wasn't even wearing their seat belts. friendly reminder, put your seat belts on for sure. our weather combhakts nothi
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dampness around here. tomorrow also looks good after a cold start. we'll see you on the cool side. as you get closer to the weekend, your friday looks problematic. a closer look at the weekend. that's what sheena's got for you coming up five minutes from now. stay with us. and taking a look right now at travel tiles and traffic here this morning. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway completely fine. you don't have any issues there. no incidents or accidents. same situation, 66 here and 95 in virginia. and a live look, 270 at montrose road, northbound, southbound, looking very normal. normal volume here seeing taillights headed southbound. aaron. >> melissa, thank you. let's start off by saying this motorcyclist is okay. helmet cam video shows this guy riding in frubts e ing iing in and then barreling off the cliff. look at this.
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there. he only had a broken shoulder. the motorcycle is stuck in a tree. >> you have to avoid that. >> and deliberately fast trying a little stunt or something there. perhaps on roads all across our area. drivers not just speeding but recklessly flying 30, 40 miles over the speed limit. >> which is a lot. that problem is only getting worse. >> reporter: on the beltway in prince george's county, so many communities in the area, the number of speed cameras is rising, virginia, maryland and d.c. but a new investigation shows all the while the number of cases of so-called super speeding. excessive speeding. reckless driving numbers actually increasing. people who go 30
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chases fast as 100. >> you see it day in and day out. it's something if you're not in bumper to bumper traffic, it's routine out here. speed in excess of 20 miles per hour. coming up tonight in the news4 i-team investigation what is behind the unexpected speeding increase. and five very unexpected cases we saw near speed cameras in just one local community. for new scott macfarlane, news4 i-team. someone fired a gun at a bus at least nine times. this is in district heights the pore night. metro transit police are asking for help to identify the man you see here. they say he got off the bus and then shot it at around
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people stole artwork from the university of maryland and these people are persons of interest in the case. university of maryland said the artwork was recovered but that was back in january. for the first time ever you are going to be able to watch 2018 olympic games live across all time zones. nbc is offering streaming content live. nbc's coverage of the pyeongchang 2018 olympic winter games begins thursday, february 8th. the opening ceremonies will be friday february 9th. and when it comes to clearing up the common cold, mama's chicken soup may have some competition from starbucks apparently. according to "the daily mail" starbucks fans have been raving on social media about medicine ball drinks. the drink is made with herbal teas like peach and peppermint. it includes
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bites -- is that what they're called, egg whites? they're in demand and they'll be back. >> i have no idea what you're talking about. >> no? >> no. >> a little sunshine. >> we'll have the forecast. it's pretty good today, compared to yesterday. you're really going to like today. no umbrellas today. no umbrellas tomorrow. today is going to be nice. mid-60s. tomorrow, a little cooler as we go into the weekend, but in between, that's the area of rain on friday. we have a rainy friday setting up for us. that's the next time you need the umbrella. i'll show you that in a second. temperaturewise, fairly mild. 59 in the district. 58 in fredericksburg, leesburg, 57. frederick, 55. winchester, 54, right now. here's a look at the radar. we're dry, but we do have some areas of
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some of the roads wet from yesterday but no rain today. severe weather down in texas. again, that's way off to our west. and we're not looking at our next rain chance until friday. if you're walking the dogs today it looks really good. 8:00 this morning, 55 degrees. by noon, breezy at times. 61 degrees, by 6:00 p.m., mid-60s. here's future weather, we go through the afternoon, we have more sunshine. right now, pretty cloudy outside. sunny skies, nice conditions. tomorrow, we'll start to see more clouds move in late in the day. that's ahead of the rain for friday. 8:00 a.m. friday. we expect the rain to start to move in. heavier rain through the afternoon and evening. some of this could linger very early saturday morning before it clears out. it will rain for quite a while all day friday. forecast, 66 degrees. early clouds moving to sunshine. tomorrow, a nice day, 59 degrees for a high temperature. so, a little cooler, friday, upper 50s. again, thates
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day. we're looking at rain friday and the evening commute, saturday, clearing out most of the morning. sunday looking good. temperatures in the mid-60s. chuck and i will be back with your forecast but let's look at the roads. >> good morning, a problem on the beltway just before the wilson bridge. there's a ladder on the roadway. somebody on the way to get that out of the way so that doesn't cause any major issues. 66 at west ax road, eastbound and westbound looking quite good. same thing here southbound and northbound. you can see a tiny bit of a slowdown as you approach quantico. we don't have any problem but we'll let you know as soon as we do. well, they are two things you might thought think go together. fast food and clean eating. the chain that says the food goes hand in hand. and the stage gets ready to say good-bye. what youan
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>> announcer: you're watching "news4 today." the food at chipotle is now free of all additives thanks to a revamp of its tour tee yas. until now, the chain had been using commercially provided tortillas with ingredients with preservatives. chipotle says the only preservatives on its menu are the lime and lemon juices used for taste. this weekend, you might have your last chance to see the greatest show on earth. >> ringling
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circus will close. they came to washington years ago agency the circus as the first african-american ring master. he was just 22 years old then. >> i remember it was such a big event. it was enormous. and those people were worldly, you know? it wasn't anything that would cross my mind. i thought maybe i'd be in a theater or something like that. but not circus. it's another planet, you know? >> well, the new circus show that's here friday it's called out of this world. to hear more about the show and the end of the road for all of its performers watch barbara's report on news4 at 6:00. well, right under the wire, usa hockey and the women's national team have reached an agreement to avoid a boycott. the tournament begins in three days. the new four-year a
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the agreement, employers said they were paid $1,000 a month around the olympics. new this morning -- skin care breakthrough. say good-bye to itching and scratching. a new medical treatment promises release for thousands of you. and we have the details. and good morning, everybody. a lot of clouds outside this morning. the rain is over. you can get away without that umbrella. and it's anything but cold outside this morning. temperatures right now in the mid to upper 50s but it will be a lot colder tomorrow morning. i'll give you that forecast in a few minutes. >> and forget florida and arizona. we have a new list of the
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right now, it's 5:29, campus changes. schools stepping up security after a bathroom assault. what it means for your kid's safety at school. from break in to an attack into a space. how a home invasion may have turned into a hate crime. and you've seen the video. now hear the story. a teen opening up about the tsa pat-down millions say went too far. >> announcer: "news4 today" starts now.
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5:30 right now, good morning, ever aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm angie goff in for eun yang. we're working for you to get you out the door this wednesday morning. it may be a little damp this morning. >> we're going to check with melissa for the commute update. >> we'll start with news4's chuck bell and sheena parveen. what are you guys seeing? >> an improving weather picture for sure. i think the rain from late last night has basically come to an end. we had one swipe of the wipers. >> woon swipe. >> i had three. the next rain chance is still a couple days away. all of the weather chances out across oklahoma and kansas. that's the storm system which will probably mess up your outdoor plans this coming friday. for today, though, nothing worry about. sunshine coming back this afternoon. it will be lower to mid-50s and upper 50s right now. that north wind bringing the cooler air in. this timeor
5:31 am
noticeably chillier for u 30s morning to around 40 downtown. tomorrow during the day, a fair amount of sunshine, temperatures staying in the 50s. more about that friday rain chance and whether or not that will linger into the weekend. that's coming up in a few more minutes, let's go to melissa looking at 270 here. >> northbound and southbound, one heading that way, now having to wait a minute on the parking lot, no major problems. ladder still on the roadway you're not seeing anything on the bottom of the beltway. the rest of the beltway looks quite good. route 1, 95, dwf parkway, define, everything there nice and clear as well. 95 to virginia, quantico, the beltway, you're on time. it is going to take you 21 minutes to get there. tiny slow down near woodbridge coming up. >> the wizards g
5:32 am
playfs. they won their division for the first time since the 1970s overnight. it's been a long time. we'll show you the reaction we're seeing coming up at 6:00. the senate intelligence committee expected to hold a closed hearing into the russia investigation. we're also expecting to get an update from leaders of that committee senators mark warner and richard burr. we'll have the very latest coming up. and d.c. police want your help finding his missing girl, osharna pittman was last seen on monday. if you see her, call police. >> the rape of a rockville high schooler at a school is causing immediate changes at your child's school. >> news4's erika gonzalez has more. >> montgomery county schools is going to launch a review of all of its buildings and that will start at rockville high school where that 14-year-old girl that we just mentioned was
5:33 am
chool officials will be vulnerability like make blind spots from the cameras. they're also going to see where fully blocked corridors and hallways for which students could be particularly vulnerable to an attack. coming up, news4's meagan fitzgerald will discuss how the schools could be seeing the changes. it's 5:33 right now. it was a murder that shocked and scared a lot of people in our area. today, the kathryn fuller attack heads to the supreme court. you might remember, fuller was a mother who was gang raped and killed while walking to a northeast washington grocery store back in 1984. seven men were convicted but the attorneys argued key evidence that proved someone else was guilty was withheld. it will be up to the justices to decide if that evidence is significant enough for this case to be retried. an artist who was found dead in northeast d.c. at a home there may have been targeted for a
5:34 am
corina miyo was stabbed to death. police say they have photos of a man using her car to withdraw money. toy was arrested monday night. a family came home from vacation to find out that their home will be burglarized but with hateful messages. thousands worth of their belongings were taken. correspo their koran was torn to pieces there. they say it started as a burglary and then turned into a hate crime when the crooks realized they were in a muslim home. >> this is not okay. we wanted to get the word out that this cannot be normalized. this did not be a normal thing. >> their green cards were stolen along with $25,000 worth of jewelry. right now, police do not have a suspect. we have new video of
5:35 am
we brought you yesterday. this is surveillance of a woman who police say stole $40,000 worth of iphones at a target. video appears to show someone waiting for her in a volvo. the woman loaded up the phones in the trunk and jumped in the ba seat. how health your people in your neighborhood? new this morning, we're getting an idea how you measure up against other people in your state. >> brand new county-by-county health rankings from the robert woods health association are out showing who can live the longest and quality of life. loudoun county came in first, arlington, and fairfax number three. in maryland, montgomery county first, frederick conte fourth, calvert county was sixth, prince george's county was 15th. we want to show the live pictures of the
5:36 am
this is at the nationalar one of the eagles was spoking its beak through. we've been monitoring this all through the morning. it was about 18 hours or so ago when well saw the first crack. and then it took about eight hours to poke a hole. at last check, that hole was about the size of a dime. our director and producers are watching it closely. if you have a hatchimal, it's kind of along those lines. >> that was daddy, by the way, sitting there. a breakout, new sun care treatment could be the answer to itchy skin. first comes acceptance and next comes hang
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>> announcer: you're watching "news4 today." 5:39 now. to a big health headline in what's being called a breakthrough in skin treatment. >> u.s. regulators have approved the medicine that cures serious cases of eczema. the dru
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expear company that made the drug is thinking that insurance companies. >> it's important to understand coming up with a treatment of a decemb devastating disease doesn't come cheap. >> in 20 years to develop the treatment, 70% of patients who have used this drug have seen an improvement in their eczema. we're getting a look at some surveillance footage of a wild ten-car crash. police in the town of amityville, new york, saying an elderly man suffered an ailment. people stopped at a light. you can see how the man's car went airborne and slammed into nine other cars. take a look at the aftermath of the crash. miraculously, nobody was
5:41 am
the cruel that police say she gave to an infant and why other parents should be on the lookout. and temperatures this morning, they are pretty comfortable. you will not need the umbrella today for the rest of the day. it will be nice. plenty of sunshine. mid-60s but you will need the umbrella in the end of the week. chuck is back to talk more about rain chances. >> good morning, sheena. right now, still have an issue on the beltway. we're going to take a look at that and travel times coming up. and the best chances to rere are not where you ttihi
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right now on "news4 today," did the tsa go too far? this teenager's pat-down sparking outrage agency the
5:45 am
video goes viral. what you should expect on your next trip to the airport. plus, new video, a fiery scene on a tar mark. what caused this plane to burst into flames. up and vanished. the search for a family of four missing for days. >> announcer: "news4 today" starts now. now, for that viral video of this young boy being patted down at the dallas-ft. worth international airport it continues to raise questions whether the tsa is going too far. >> justin finch has the latest on this story. >> reporter: aaron, flying for a spring break right now, passing tsa checkpoints like this one, some are finding the pat-downs are more thorough than they would expect. check out this viral video. taken by a mom saying her son was held 45 minutes and endured a two-minute pat-down at dallas-ft. worth
5:46 am
despite bei environments. patting down the 14-year-old son, in between his legs and his chest. this month, tsa stepped up screenings after a record number of weapons coming through in february. the tsa said the teen's laptop triggered the alarm and the pat-down. his mother called it horrifying. >> this man needs to get his hands off of my child. i think that was my gut reaction. it was excessive. when he opened his waistband, that outraged me. >> reporter: now, tsa says that it's used for sensitive checks but for the screenings itself, they're usually triggered when someone sets off a metal detector or a screen device. a tsa of the same gender will form your screening. and you do have a right to a
5:47 am
oere will be two your choosing. we're live at reagan, news4, justin finch. and aaron, this is incredible video that's come into our newsroom from overnight. look at this scene. and this is a huge plane. this is a commercial blaney. this is in lima, peru. this is forced to make an emergency landing before this happened. incredibly, everybody was able to make it off the plane all right. no major injuries being reported here. local media reporting that the plane's right wing broke. and that that's what started the fire. but of course, an investigation now in place as to exactly what happened to that plane. incredible to think that everybody made it out all right. back to you. 5:47 right now. prince george's c
5:48 am
open after this deadly here, th marlbo marlboro. you can see the scene from chopper 4 over the crash scene. police tell us two drivers crashed into each other around 7:30. one of those drivers got out of the vehicles to check the damage. and that is when another vehicle came along, struck him and killed him. police also telling us that at least three other people were taken to the hospital, we checked on their latest condition. we're told they are going to be okay. police have not said if smith will be charged in this fatal crash. in montgomery county, a dangerous intersection there will soon have a new safety signal. the maryland state highway administration announced plans to install it around weiers mill road and turkey branch parkway. several members of a family are missing in maryland right now. they live in aberdeen, about 30 miles
5:49 am
laura best and thomas junior and their son are missing. a family called with concerns. you see them in the photo. aberdeen police say it's possible the family split up and they're living in different areas because they're homeless. a bill that allows your internet service provider to sell your browsing history, that's moving forward. the house of representatives voted to scrap the fcc privacy rules that requires you content to share that data. when you answer medical questions data online, date online or use an app, all of that information is going to be free to sell. it can be sold. the bill now heads to president trumble for his signatures. nbc4 is a division of nbcuniversal, by the way, which is owned by comcast, the nation's largest cable and enter in the provider. a michigan mother who
5:50 am
testify on capitol hill today. tammi carr is fighting cuts to research funding in president trump's budget. 4-year-old chad die in november 2015 from a rare form of pediatric brain cancer that is called ditg. tammi is taking the fight to the committee demanding that congress reject an 18% to 20% cut to the national institute of health. >> when you think about these rare diseases and if there's an 18% cut, you're basically telling these kids, we don't really care. >> well, the white house had the view that the cost savings in the president's budget are more of an effort to focus that funding more effectively. the carr family started the chad foundation to focus on research. >> the focus on the russia investigation now turns to the senate. >> and the senate intelligence committee will hold a closed
5:51 am
live. tracie, this comes before an open hearing tomorrow and expecting to update the media. are we learning anything new? >> tomorrow, they're talking mostly to academics and cyber security experts. today, we could get some sense of what direction they're heading with the investigation. we haven't heard as much from the senate side. we've heard a lot, obviously from the house committee. the house intelligence committee headed by devin nunes and they cancelled all of their meetings this week, including one that would have included the fbi, cia, and they're still trying to get sally yates, the former acting attorney general in the seat here to testify bhab sabou she knows about ties between russia and the trump transition. the white house says nothing of this has anything to do with president trump. >> tracie potts on the hill breaking it down. thank you so
5:52 am
5:52 just abchuc back in th morning. we got through that early rain. >> yep. >> and sunshine abounds later. >> and that's for the rest of the week, no rain? >> if you having in to do friday afternoon and friday night that is going to be outside, you might want to start looking for tent options at this point in time or move it indoors. because your friday is looking like a wet afternoon and evening time frame. we'll just try to get it out of here before the weekend. your wednesday morning starting off on the mild side. the average temperature here for the entire month of march has been 46.6 degrees. that's just a smidgen above average. remarkably enough, it's still colder than february was. we'll see if we can finish the out month for only the seventh time in 140 years to have march colder than february. right now, it's anything but a cold start. we're in the mid to upper 50s right now. our average high this time of the year is 61. so, it will be a milder than average today but it will turn cooler as the days
5:53 am
have a light jacket at the su. a lot of severe weather across the midpart of the country. that's our next rain chance. it doesn't arrive probably around the time sun comes up on friday. nothing to worry about today. breezy at times, that northwest wind will prevent much of a warmup. we'll number the low 60s. you can track rain in the washington app. and by tomorrow morning, that northwest wind today is bringing cooler air into the region. so, by tomorrow morning, it will be a little bit of a cold start. not much of a frost or freeze threat. but certainly chilly enough to require one extra layer of warmth. as we get farther on down to the weekend. temperatures will be at or above average. the main concern will be friday afternoon and friday night looks very, very rainy. 50s today, 60s tomorrow. drier weather
5:54 am
let's go tog, chuck. colesville road, hearing about a brand-new problem with a crash on the left side of the roadway. not sure what it might be blocking we're seeing a tiny slowdown on the maps. and on the roadway, still hanging around. northbound side, a crash reports there. and taking a live look, 95 at prince william parkway. northbound, southbound, everything looking pretty typical as far as volume. southbound, 270 here. you can see we're a little slow there, very normal for this time of morning. as you look at travel times the relevant of 270 is fine. tom of the beltway looking pretty good as wells. outer loop hoping it doesn't kick in here 65 inbound, and 95 northbound rolling along nicely. remember to listen to wtop
5:55 am
pham. it's about that time of year when college seniors are getting those college acceptance letters. it's also when people start scrambling to find ways to pay for the next four years. consumer reporter susan hogan has tips on what to do when financial aid package just isn't enough. >> well, you should appeal to both the financial aid office and the college admissions office. those off two types of aid. if your fafsa aid came up short, appeal to the financial aid office. you can do this by e-mailing them or sending them a letter. there's no guarantee, of course, since colleges are pretty strategic on what they dole out to students but if your financial information has changed since filling out fafsa, you should let them know. contact the admissions if you've received a scholarship, especially for merit aid. they may fill out your award. and there is also one word you
5:56 am
appeals letter. i'll tan we'll also have two mo strategic movers that you can make to increase that financial package of yours. we'll tell you about that coming up on news4 at 5:00. good morning, i'm landon dowdy from cnbc headquarters. wells fargo will pay $110 million to settle a class action suit for accounts opened for customers without their permission. it's the first private settlement since the bank paided $187 million to regulators last year. the settlement covers customers going back to january 2009. that's your morning business report. i'm landon dowdy. >> landon, thank you. a new report ranks the best states in which to retire. the traditional spots like arizona, florida, they don't even crack the top ten. a study by says new hampshire is atop the list. colorado, maine, iowa and
5:57 am
minnesota round out the top examined to come up with the list. they include the cost of living, health care quality and crime. well, a wild ride caught on camera. a woman struggling to hold on to the hood of a car. why she did it to protect her job, she said. i'm meagan fitzgerald outside of rockville high school nearly two weeks after police say a 14-year-old girl was raped inside the building. the school is taking measures to keep students safe. we'll tell you coming up. and a shootingoiled by f a
5:58 am
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right now on "news4 today" stepping up school protection. plus, babysitter arrested. the dangerous punishment police say forced on a toddler and the fear that there may be more victims. and a historic win for the wizards while you were sleeping. why everyone will be talking about last night's game and a look at the party after this victory. >> announcer: "news4 today" starts now. just about 6:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'mie
6:00 am
yang. eena parveen.lp yesda and melissa mollet shows us how the roads are shaping up on this hump day. hey, guys. >> good morning. >> nice and quiet in the weather department. no real threat for rain at least until friday. >> yes, friday. at least the good news here, we can see a light at the end of the tunnel with the rain on friday. that will be clearing out and that's good news. 58 degrees in the district. it's not very cold this morning. it's actually pretty comfortable. 55, frederick. lorton is coming in at 55 degrees. we're nice and dry on radar. we have a few areas of maybe some drizzle. but you do not need the umbrella today. some of the roads, though, still wet from yesterday. we will not be seeing the rain for the next couple of days. severe weather down in texas. there's a lot of rain way back. the next rain chance won't be here until friday. we'll talk about that coming up. as far as what you need as we go through the day


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