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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 16, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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mikael granlund with a shot stopped by allen. no rebound. >> pierre: it's the right idea. they have plenty of time. they've got the bodies in front. win the face-off. good job by koivu and a little help from granlund. get the puck back. you see stall there. koivu is ready to jump in if there's a big rebound. they do the right things. jake allen doesn't give them the opportunity to do what they need to do and that is get a rebound. >> john: two guys right there for it. empty net situation. koivu their best will take the draw. the top face-off artist in the game. dubnyk will await. minnesota possession again. suter. will settle it down. granlund from the wall. out in front a chip off the side of the goal by you could voi. steen in pursuit. suter. the winder blocked by pietrangelo. it kicks out. 1:48 left. along the boards the
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patrik berglund along the boards he'll dump it out. icing is called here. 1:41 left. >> pierre: this high slot redirect by mikko koivu is something else, john. granlund to koivu presents a target through the legs of berglund. jake allen had to fight that off with the left pad. that is just phenomenal reactions. zach parise. game one. granlund, parise. off the koivu stick to the back of the net. they've done that before, john. >> john: set play. now the strategy, being talked about. st. louis we're ready for that again, i'm sure. 1:41 left. game three. off the draw. spurgeon. suter. parise. ryan suter. zach parise.
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in the screen out of play. >> pierre: you like the white puckle ride, john? >> john: love it. >> pierre: time-out for minnesota. >> john: so minnesota now will burn it. each team has called a time-out. that's all you get. 92 seconds left. >> pierre: jake allen's faced 41 shots in this game. faced 52 in game number one. and look at him here this afternoon in st. louis. i mean he's been all over. he's been anchored. he's been solid. rebound control. more times than not he's been exceptional. and i think the biggest thing is more traffic for minnesota. harder game for them to play. i think he's handled it fantastically well, john. really solid. >> john: from the outside of this series. where he had 51 saves in game one. not as many shots in game two. but lots of quality.
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emerged as a top flight goaltender here in the late stages of his regular season and continuing in the playoffs. everybody up here at scottrade. false start. we'll get this situated again between patrik berglund and mikko koivu. >> pierre: koivu's had his way with him the last two. interesting to see if berglund tries to change his tactics at all. he's not going to win it clean i don't think. he's going to need some help from the support guys on the wings. >> john: kicked out by bouwmeester. gained by granlund. in deep for parise. pietrangelo, steen on the wall for st. louis. parise. 1:20 on the
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bouwmeester. he'll take a hit make a play. try to get it out. they do. berglund a handoff for steen. empty net. third goal! >> pierre: probably the best tandem playing in the national hockey league playoffs. 27 in blue, alex pietrangelo. 19 in blue, jay bouwmeester. you see them look up. strong on the boards. give it up from berglund to steen in the back of the net. the defense tandem makes that happen. what a job by jay bouwmeester and an excellent job by alex pietrangelo. and you can see the teammates and the coaches know it. well done by both of them. >> john: absolutely outstanding. hard work of alex steen. but the payoff the empty net goal. dubnyk to the bench again. 3-1 game
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60 seconds left. attempting to get a tracklehold and a three-game lead in the best of seven series. game four wednesday night. 49 seconds left. under the scrum, niederreiter, along the boards, moving by brodziak. the blues punch it out again. no icing. he'll never make it. spurgeon coming back. 35 seconds left in regulation time. marco scandella, through the middle. nino niederreiter, all the way back. parayko. checked by niederreiter. 24 seconds left here in st. louis. game three. what a game he has had today as he comes back out. parayko. he'll count it down. niederreiter.
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jake allen will be surrounded again. the st. louis blues lead the series three games to none. final score the blues 3 the wild 1. right now on cnbc it's game three between pittsburgh and columbus. on nbcsn right now you can catch complete post game coverage of this one. and at 7:00 it's game three between the montreal canadiens and the new york rangers. coming up next, except on the west coast, it's your local news. tonight on nbc starting at 8:00, 7:00 central, it's "little big shots" followed by an all-new episode of "chicago justice" and "shades of blue." for pierre mcguire, this is john forslund. thanks for watching the stanley cup playoffs presented by geico.
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guarantee. i'm tracking rain. what means for tomorrow and will you need the umbrella. that's coming up in the forecast. >> it's a day that the virginia tech community will never forget. ten years later, we're on campus with how the school is paying tribute to the 32 innocent victims. and breaking right now, police say a man screened a murder on facebook live tonight. new fears there could be more victims. >> now at 6:00, an emotional dave remembrance. good evening. it was ten years
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virginia tech campus. killing 32 people. now the victims' families ashgs lum ni and students are coming together to honor their memories. bureau chief julie carrie is in blacksburg with this report. >> reporter: the quiet tribute began not long after sunrise. visitors passing throughout memorial, some dropping flowers on each one of the 32 stones, markers etch wtd names of those killed. later the governor placed wreath tez memorial as a statewide moment of silence was observed. then this afternoon, hundreds came together on the drill field for a commemoration ceremony. >> i lost a friend. >> this woman was in the marching band with victim ryan clark. she drove in from winchester. her presence sending this message to victims a'families. >> we still remember them much it's something we carry with us every day. there something we miss them. >> victims' families and gunshot survivors gathered together to
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hear from senator tim payne, the governor at the time of this tragedy. >> i'm proud of this community. >> reporter: the pledge here, we will never forget. underscored with the reading of each victim's biography. >> rima joseph samaha. exceptionally close to her parents and siblings. >> her parents say this weekend's gathering has been healing. >> this is a great meeting of our unintended family. and that's how i kind of coined it this tenth year anniversary. >> i was hoping to find really peace with me and i found it. >> but the painful memories still clearly overwhelming to some. but perhaps the most emotional moment of the weekend comes tonight with the candlelight vigil. it echos that powerful scene ten years ago when
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broken campus community came together and filled this drill field with flickering lights. in blacksburg, julily perry. news 4. >> stay with news 4 and our nbc washington app for continuing coverage on this story tonight. the school will gather for a candlelight vigil as julie mentioned to recognize students and faculty who were killed. >> we are following breaking news out of cleveland tonight. cleveland, ohio, where there is a man hunt for a suspect police say killed a person on facebook live. and then bragged about killing other people. this is steve stephens, a series of people on the facebook page complained about losing everything to gambling and at one point he wrote he killed 15 people. the other homicides have not been verified. the man's facebook account has since been taken off line. >> and if you're watching news 4 at 11:00 last night, i was talking about s
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afternoon. you're even seeing on storm team 4 radar still tracking some light rain during the early evening hours mainly in charlestown and king george county. this is pushing out of the area. we're mainly drying out tonight. i can't rule out an isolated shower. if you have plans outdoors, i would not change them. 82 degrees right now after a high of 89. and here's your morning planner. some of us get ready for spring break and others get ready to head back to normal routine. there is the chance after shower tomorrow morning. we'll have that umbrella handy. plenty of clouds and temperatures in the 60s. jo overall, cooler tomorrow. a tree pollen report. a rare one on a saturday. we're talking bawl that coming up at 6:18. >> all right. thank you, ma'am. so what better way to start the play-offs than with a win? wizards take down the hawks in game one. news 4 sports george wallace joining us today in the newsroom with much more on how they did it. george, good to see you. >> yeah. no better way to start the playoffs, especially because you work allea
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advantage in the postseason. and the wizards have that in the first round. after watching last year's playoffs at home, wizards are back. today was worth the wait. >> fans pumped for the first ever game one play-off series at verizon center f you want to know why the wizards won the game, it was the play in the third quarter. especially john wall. after trailing at the half, wall takes over. he works his way inside for the hoop. he's fouls. gives wizards a 13 point lead. law was scoring and hustling, too. second night. the hawks bench going after the loose ball. wizards take game one. 114-107 over the hawks. we'll hear from the victorious locker room later in sports and we'll show you how about brice harper's heroics on this easter sunday. from the newsroom, george wallace, news 4 sports. >> the pope c
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mass at the vatican this morning with tens of thousands of worshippers. the easter message he called on world leaders to stop the spread of conflict and also denouncing regime. he called oppressive. security was tighter than usual at st. peter's square, partly prompted by the attacks like the one in london that killed four people. vice president mike pence lands in south korea for the start of a ten day trip to asia. pence arrived just after a failed missile launch by the north koreans. that attempted launch came one day after the north held a massive parade to deflate its military might. the white house says president donald trump and the security team are closely following the situation. let's go to the district now. an easter day killing. police tell us a man was stabbed in the arm a little before 2:00 this afternoon. and he later died. the violence breaking out on c street near sixth not far from instanton park in the capitol hill neighborhood
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smfgs at some time. police are trying to figure out who quild a woman in prince george's county. officers found the stabbing victim when they responded to a home along springdale avenue. they rushed her to a nearby hops where she died. no word on a possible suspect. police have not released the victim's name. >> still to come on news 4 at 6:00, a police investigation in one alexandria community, why people may notice more officers in their neighborhood. a viewer sends us video of a chopper rescue in montgomery county. find out what went wrong here. and we're going to take you to some of the easter sunday celebrations right here in our area.
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somebody fired shots at an apartment complex in alexandria along kenmore avenue. this just off 395. we're told that shots did go into one of the units but nobody was hurt. police are driving through that area. you may notice a bigger police presence. wee told that fairfax county police are sending up their choppers to help with this investigation. alcohol and speed, police say they're both factors in the crash at the hospital and killed two adults. one of the victims hit a tree and that vehicle burst into flames. maryland state police say that the two vehicles
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leonard down road near parkland town road in charles county late last night. troopers say two adults guide and two others wound up in the hospital. montgomery county fire rescue helping an injured hiker. investigators tell us the woman somehow hurt her leg while walking the trail late last night. and so they had to use a chopper to transport her to an area near the clarabarton parkway. she was taken to a nearby hospital. she's going to be okay. >> so you may have heard the church bells ringing from the national cathedral this morning. did you know what it takes to make that sound? the cathedral's carol honor showed us how he does it. he said some of the bells weigh 17 tons so playing them can be pretty serious workout. >> i find these are the most beautiful bells. they speak to me and speak to the public. i
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don't play, you learn how it wants to be played. >> they say for every hour he performs, he puts in ten hours of practice. can you hear him play the bells every saturday and sunday at the cathedral in northwest d.c. okay, so think your taxes are too high? you're not alone. tonight we'll break down how much people in our area pay in taxes and compare that to the rest of the country. >> this church was targeted on monday. now it's surrounded by love, a special easter observance at this chur
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this easter sunday a number of churched held sunrise services and for members of one place of worship in fairfax county, they felt a sense of coming together. after somebody vandalized it. we have the story in annandale. >> the short walk between the church and memorial growth behind the united church of christ was bate more contemplated this easter sunday. the sun shown warmer and brighter on this year's sunrise service. this despite a dark start to the holy week at this annandale church, hateful graffiti greeted members earlier this week. it didn't just xart walls. >> i sat on the steps and weeped. >> neighbors rows to the challeng
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embracing the congregation. >> this is incredibly diverse county. we don't always come together. but when do you, there is a lot of love for neighbors here. >> love strong enough to clear the wind yoez and clof the guidance of the faithful that awarded when the church had lz been targetted by intolerance for bucking the jim crow policies of that time. >> in those days, here in virginia, count have african-american lay people worshipping with european americans. >> on monday ate pears they lived on only in the minds darkened by hatred. these members emerged from the woods into a celebration of light and one of the holiest days of christianity. >> here i am today, this beautiful morning, celebrating peace, love, unity. >> i'm so thankful for this community. but i'mha tnkful also for not just this church community but for the larger community that came out. >> i love this church. that i can truly say. >> annandale, derrick
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4. >> okay. so it is that time of year, right? just two days left to file your taxes. and if you live in the district, you spend quite a bit. d.c. sends the most to the federal government. they paid $37,000 per person in federal income payroll and estate taxes. the next closest is delaware and they're only at $16,000. the reason, a lot of high incomes. one silver lining. in 2015, studies found that for every dollar d.c. spends, we get a return of nearly four bucks. >> tax time. don't you just love it? but do you love this weather. it was hot today. a little bit humid. we look to the upcoming work week, we're talking about up and down temperatures. that's going to be the second headline. the high, 89. it is cooler tomorrow. more comfortable overall. and how about small umbrella handy? you may not need to use it.
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showers moving through the area. i'll show that you on future weather. and then as for as rain chances go, keeping a close eye on next sunday and monday. that is april 24th for the potential of very heavy rain. why am i talking about this snt pollen, tree pollen is through the roof. and we definitely need the rain. we're still in a moderate long term drought across the area. you need six to nine inches of rain in a month's time to get rid of that drought. the showers on the radar, they're not lowering pollen and they're not helping with our drought. they're quickly moving out of the area. again, maybe an isolated shower overnight. but for the most part, i think we're dry f you're considering having dinner outdoors, i would recommend you take the risk. take a look at future weather though. tomorrow starting off with 7:00 a.m. this say cold front moving through. notice this line of showers from haguers down back through petersburg. putting it into motion and stopping you at the mid morning hours. this is a chance of showers in montgomery, frederick and loudoun county. as we move towards the midday hours, you can see
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most of us are dry. the best chance for any rain in the metro will be tomorrow around lunch time. and then during the afternoon, that rain chance shifts south of us down into southern maryland, fredericksburg and partsst northern neck and northern virginia. areas like culpepper county. by 4:00, we're continuing to track clear. and that sets us up for a spectacular, fabulous monday evening. but the pollen is high enough today for us to get an official pollen report. i can't recall this ever happening. a trees coming in very high. and you can tell just by looking at your car. i noe know mine is flooded in that yellowish green pollen. looking ahead, the only relief to lower the tree pollen would be next weekend on into the following monday. take a look at our temperatures though. we're in the upper 70s. we're in the low 80s here in the metro area. tomorrow morning we start off cool around 66. that chance of a shower mainly north of 7:00 a.m., mainly in the d.c. metro area around lunch time. othe
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sunshine just gorgeous tomorrow evening. 4:00 we're in the mid 70s. we're in the low 70s. so the weather having a low impact on your day. that commute may be an isolated shower for some of us to deal w heavier lunch out doors, exercise about it afternoon and evening hours. really nice. just taking the dog for a walk. if you're having dinner out tomorrow night, it is going to cool quickly. sun sets around 7:30. erica 'tis dale looking really comfortable. upper 6 o's wednesday. low 80s by thursday. very spring like up and down the area. >> my car is covered. don't even get it washed. it's not worth it. >> and my head and eyes and sneezing, i know. okay. the wizards, they win game one in their play-off series and the home crowd had a lot to do it with. speaking of the fans, brice harp sent them home happy.
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