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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  April 17, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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route to the scene. he'll have a live report in the next half hour. back to you. >> megan, thank you. the victims of the virginia tech spotting will be remembered in spotsylvania this morning. a ceremony will get underway at 10:00 a.m. to mark the 10th year since the tragedy. an emotional day of remembrances took place on the campuses of virginia tech yesterday. a candlelight vigil was held yesterday. the occasion brought together 29 students and relatives. earlier in the day the parents of maha tell us what the events meant. >> this is a great meeting of our unintended family. that's how i kind of coined it. it's comforting to be together.
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>> i was hoping to find really peace within me and i found it. >> reima was a freshman at the time of the shooting. a virginia woman jailed for years in egypt is waking up free this morning. she was arrested in cairo nearly three years ago. authorities accused her of abusing children through an organization that she founded helping kids living on the streets. yesterday an egyptian court acquitted her. she has dual citizenship. she grew up in falls church, virginia. she returned to her native egypt. she may stay in cairo to keep up the goals of her organization and help care for children. it's 4:31. back to the breaking news in fairfax county and a barricade situation underway. justin finch has arrived at scene. what have you found ou
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morning. still very much an active situation going on out here. negotiators are on ground trying to get the man barricaded in the home on culpepper to come out and speak with them. i'm joined by officer tonya rice who's been here for several hours. what's the latest? >> it's down the road. basically responded around 8:00 p.m. for a call for a man experiencing mental crisis. we're working with them on the phone, off the phone trying to get him to come out so we can provide help. >> reporter: extra concerns given children possibly in the home? >> there are reports of two young children in the home. that makes us approach this even more delicately than we would normally. >> reporter: and possibly that he may have a weapon? >> there's a possibility he's armed. we haven't confirmed that. we're worried about him. we've expressed concern to him and his children. >> reporter: situation like this going on for several hours, there is a c
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that's a concern, too, right? >> we're always aware of the possibility that someone could be in the home or listening to our radios. just, please, we're trying to help. just come out. we're not trying to hurt you, we're just trying to help. >> reporter: your negotiators are working with him. any headway at all? >> it's back and forth. i can't go into the details. we're here. we're waiting. we're talking. we're being patient. trying to resolve the matter peacefully. >> reporter: that is the latest from fairfax. back in to you. >> justin, thank you. new this morning, vice president mike pence made an unannounced visit to the demilitarized zone separating north and south korea. this came a day after the failed missile test. he dauld a, quote, provocation. coming up, we'll go live to capitol hill where tracie potts will have information on how the vice president plans to
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the allies. president trump will welcome kids to the white house for his easter egg role. the specific plans are still unclear. there are usually celebrity guests and costume characters. the most special guest hoping he hops along. >> yes. some of us can't wait for the caps game. it has been a battle against the maple leafs but they have a chance to go ahead in the series tonight tied at 1-1. >> get ready to rock the red. we sent seheerr burrus. >> reporter: tonight game three. each team winning a game in the series. tom wilson is from toronto. he knows the air canada centre will be electric because there's not been playoff hockey here in five years. we have live coverage starting on news 4 at 4:00. from toronto, sherree
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news 4 sports. all eyes are going to be on this guy, john law when the wizards play this week. that is because he led the team to a victory yesterday. he had the best playoff of his career, 32 points. it was actually a comeback win at the verizon center. they will be back there again this wednesday night. eun, he's just good. >> the team was on fire. it was a good day to be a sports fan and what a start to their playoff debut. >> keep going, liz. 4:35, liz. another check on your weather and traffic. >> we have maine ris is a and first let's started things off with chuck. >> a good chance to rinse at least some of the pollen out of the air. sheena is enjoying her easter break. outside on your monday morning. mostly cloudy. no heavy rain expected. scattered showers are around. make sure you have your
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umbrellas. most of the rain should be over by about 2:00, 3:00 this afternoon. will be back with sunshine tomorrow. we need every drop we can get. pollen count remains incredibly high. it is mild. we are in the mid to upper 60s. it feels a lot more like a june morning than it does an april morning for sure. not much lingering coolness out there this morning. we'll be back up to the low to mid 70s. clearing out. by the time you get home from work or school, things will be drying out. let's go over to melissa mollet. >> little problem, in bound 66. the ramp to the outer loop. a tractor-trailer involved in a crash on the right side of the roadway. you can see the response on the scene. hoping that will be out of the way soon. really not slowing things too much. if you're headed out and headed that way, you may see that there as you're headed eastbound on 66. inner loop and outeroo
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prince george's county. no big issues there. we should get rain later. you have that virtual rain falling here. it's going to take you ten minutes on time this morning. might want to add a little bit extra. un? >> thank you, melissa. united airlines under fire again. the couple recently booted off a flight on the way to their airliai wedding. >> chores. a new industry may be closing in. why a lot of people are now outsourcing their housework. a heads up on the better business bureau. why the i.r.s. may call
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you're watching "news 4 today." one week after this now infamous video went viral, united airlines says it's changing its policy when it comes to bumping passengers for crew members. must-ride bookings for employees will have to be made at least an hour before departure. united says a change is an initial step to ensure a similar incident never happens again. meanwhile, united is coming under fire again
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accused the airline of booting them off a flight to their destination wedding. this all unfolded saturday when the bride and groom were connecting in houston on their way to costa rica. they told a television there they sat in seats they weren't assigned to because there was a man lying down across their row. the flight crew first escorted them back to their correct seats and then told them to get off their planes. united rebooked them today. the passengers repeatedly attempted to sit in upgraded seating which they did not purchase and they would not follow crew instructions to return to their assigned seats. a warning this morning from the better business bureau. it turns out the internal revenue service may call you after all. a new law lets the i.r.s. use contractors to collect unpaid tax debt. here's how to tell the difference. the i.r.s. and the debt collection company will both send a
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first. debt collectors will be able to identify themselves as contractors of the i.r.s. collecting taxes. if the caller asks you to pay them directly, be warned. it is a scam. you are required to pay the i.r.s. directly. you'll likely notice a difference when you leave the house. chuck belch cooler than it was yesterday. >> yesterday afternoon toasty warm across the area, 89 at national airport. no more flirting with 90 degrees this week. there will be a mid week warmup coming our way. best of all, there is a chance for much-needed rain drops. we'll time out your chances for rain drops coming up. if you have to stop for gas, be ready to see a jump at the pump and why prices are the highest in a year and a half. we continue to monitor the late fres south korea where vice president pen madece
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it is 4:45. happening today. newly confirmed supreme court justice neil gorsuch takes his seat on the bench. the pivotal cases that could come down to his vote. the countdown is on to get those taxes done. what all the procrastinators need to know before they file. >> rain to our north and west. chuck bell will let us know whether you will see rain where you live coming up. vice president pence declares, quote, the era of strategic patience is over as it deals with north korea. >> the vice president making those comments during an unannounced trip to the demilitarized zone separating north and south korea. news 4's tracie potts is live. what does that mean? will we hear more over the next few days? >> reporter: we likely will. what it means is all options including the military option still on the table. at
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said overnight essentially in the hot zone right there at the militarized border between north and south korea. they're still trying to figure out how to respond and how to get north korea to back off. vice president pence who delivered the most high profile comments made it clear they have not ruled out anything. >> tracie, the vice president's visit comes one day after north korea's failed missile attempt. how have they responded on this? >> reporter: interesting, eun. we haven't heard from the president but h.r. mcmaster in afghanistan on an unannounced trip. they're talking about dealing with china, getting china involved, some diplomacy getting china involved and to lean on north korea. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill. tracie, thank you. supreme court justice neil gorsuch will take his seat on the bench for the first time
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in one of the most important cases of the term. on wednesday the court will hear a case that missouri discriminated against a lutheran church. the church says it should not be treated differently. the state constitution prohibits it for giving aid to a church. >> the constitution is very clear. the government cannot treat people of faith and their organizations like second class citizens. >> it's a radical departure that if you need something done in your church you ask the parishioners to dig deeper and pay for it themselves. >> as a federal judge justice gorsuch will be there.
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trump signed an executive order that cuts out federal money to sanctuary cities. for hyattsville that could mean a loss of 20,0$20,000 d. a new bus option is set to debut this fall. the ride will begin between bethesda and gaithersburg. it will go to 12 stops between medical center metro station and the lake forest transit center. buses will run every ten minutes and cost the same as a regular ride on bus. it's meant to give people another option to travel along one of the most heavily used corridors in the county. capital bike share is a popular way for people to get around especially when the weather is nice. now the program will expand to prince george's county. the county will launch the program by the spring of 2018. the program already
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the district and many of the areas surrounding counties. 67 stations will be installed with a total of 670 bikes phased in over a few years. it's 4:49. you may be gritting your teeth if you have to fill up today. gases prices, they are on the rise again. summer blend is part of the reason. plus, more people getting out and driving right now. here is what you can expect to pay. in d.c. you're looking at $2.55 on average. that is up about 30 cents from last year. in maryland a gallon will cost you $2.42 those of you that live in virginia, $2.23 is the average across the commonwealth. an historical society is asking for help in paying for damage to the warrenton
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cemetery. they're still looking for suspects. at least $50,000 is needed for cleanup efforts. a somber start to the easter celebration at a fairfax county church. ♪ ♪ >> members of little river united church hiked and began their service at the memorial grove. they sang and wore shipped after the week began with racist graffiti spray painted on the walls. the church and community joined forces. >> this is an incredibly diverse county. we don't always come together, but when we do there is a lot of love for neighbor here. >> the memorial grove is part of a wooded clearing where the church began back in the '50s. okay. so the easter bun any may be on his way to getting a wwe contract
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>> i feel like this is not going to end well. >> what happened during the president's race. >> that was slap shot. >> they all laid out byes mascot. teddy roosevelt with a clear line in sight. >> whoa! >> i didn't see that coming. >> check his pulls, people. knocked the ears off. i thought he was going to knock the head off and ruin it for all the kiddos watching. the bun any unphased here. apparently he has a strong history of taking out presidents. one more time, let's watch it. in previous races at nats park, teddy, once again, the loser was so, so close. >> it was one after another after another. >> the racing presidents are going to need secret service protection. >> seriously. that was a hard hit. >> the full body -
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>> with the boys, right? >> that's coming from me. >> you're tackling the kids. get out there and eat your peas. wow, what a dramatic video. hopefully the rest of our day goes a little smoother than that one did for teddy yesterday. at least it led to a nats win. took two out of three out of the phillies. outside this morning, wow, does it feel mild out there. 68 degrees here first thing this morning. grab your umbrella. you're likely going to need it between now and 2:00, 3:00 this morning. cold front is pressing the rain chances down in our direction. again, not looking for any heavy rain. no real threat for severe weather. moderate showers ready to move into warren ton, virginia. light rain from percyville out towards lucketts. sooner rather than later they'll be out to
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county. umbrellas today. by 6:30 most of the d.c. metro will see its first rain drop between now and 6:30, 7:00. by 9:00 here comes the cold front with a little enhanced chance of rain. that enhancement moves into the d.c. metro around lunchtime. shortly thereafter things will start to dry out. by 4:30, most of the rain chances pushing down into southern maryland. mild one this morning. mid to upper 60s now. afternoon highs with a little clearing coming in later on this afternoon. we should be able to get most of the areas up into the low to mid 70s. rain chance at 60%. better to have the umbrella than not. maybe a rain chance late again on wednesday and thursday. dry weather to get the weekend started. best chance of soaking ra
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monday, tuesday of next week. >> sounds pretty good. taking a look at 66, the ramp to the outer loop. still have the situation with the tractor-trailer on the right side of the roadway. eastbound 66 ramp is being affected here. it's the timing as well. folks come around the corner this morning. 66 as you look at the map, you can see we don't see any problems there. 95 northbound/southbound no worries there. top of the beltway looking pretty good. all of those routes into town and out of town, same situation. beltway. no major issues 295 at benning work zone there. still blocking the right lane. remember on the green line, safe track surge 14. phase 1 of 2. college park and green belt station closed down. they have a shuttle bus. not many people like to clean or do chores around the house. one industry is getting a big bo
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why some people are now willing to pay someone to do the housework. the clock is ticking to get those taxes done, but what happens if you cannot finish them by tomorrow's deadline. the extension most people can file for. we continue to follow breaking news in fairfax county where police are on the scene of a barricade situation. officers believe a man may have his kids inside. we have crew oan fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row.
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join mlife rewards and play scratch it rich at mgm national harbor. this is monumental.
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today." april 15th has come and gone, but don't worry, there is still time to file your taxes. the deadline was pushed to april 18th because of emancipation day observance in the district. officials say some 40 million people still have to file. taxpayers can request an automatic six-month extension. the irs has already processed 101 million individual returns and have issued $229 billion in refunds. that leaves you just one day left to file your taxes if you live in the district. you'll probably pay quite a bit. d.c. spends the most perfect person to the federal government. last year paying an average of $37,000 per person in federal income, estate taxes and payroll. delaware, $16,000. one silver lining though, a 2015 studynd
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d.c. sends d.c. gets a return of nearly $4. >> okay. >> have to file the taxes to get your money back. >> that's right. let's talk about chores and how they could teach kids lessons about hard work. but what we're finding more often, families are finding someone else to get all of that stuff done. >> not only that, there is an app to make it even easier. tackle allows you to find someone who will do the mowing, cleaning, even assembling furniture. the founder of angie's list think it's a way people are finding to make their time easier. >> people are evaluating how to spend their time. >> a survey found more than 1,000 members of angie's list hire someone to do the yard work. 800 get a cleaner for inside the house. >> you have to make the kids do it. >> sometimes it's easier than going back and forth and getting them done the right wa
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stay with us. "news 4 today" tips right now at 5:00 a.m. "news 4 today" starts now. good morning, everyone. welcome back to "news 4 today." i'm eun yang. >> i'm angie goff in for aaron gilcrist. >> we'll check in with melissa mollet but first we send things over to chuck bell. is the summer like weather continuing, chuck? >> not quite like yesterday. yesterday afternoon 89 degrees at national airport. clearly our warmest day of the year. almost our first 90 of the year. today mid 70s. but that does come with a chance for much needed rain drops across the area. four things to know about the weather. in up one, grab the umbrella. showers around for all of your monday morning plans. we should be able to get a little sunshine back by very late in the day. it may not come back until after 2:00. not quite 89 but another warm one coming up mid


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