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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  April 18, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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out. we have some important resources for parents in our nbc washington app search tips for families. i think this is an outstanding idea. >> so important and lessons to learn before a real situation occurs. get your kids involved. >> it's hard for parents to talk about the situation and see it firsthand. >> news 4 continues now at 5:00 a.m. "news 4 today" starts now. good morning, everyone. it is 5:00 a.m. i'm eun yang. >> hi, i'm angie goff in for aaron gilcrist. we do want to help you get out the door wherever you're going this time this morning. melissa's here. >> that's right. we're going to check in with melissa mollet for a look at the roads and rails. first we'll start off with chuck bell and sheena parveen and the return of the sunshine. >> that's nice. >> you brought it back from vacation. >> i did. i did. the weather is cooler. >> okay. >> even cooler tomorrow. now today will be a very nice day, 59 degrees currently in the
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district. this morning it's a little bit cool out so it's very comfortable. 59 lorton, frederick is at 46 degrees. 55 in leesburg right now. as you are heading outside once the sun comes up, you'll notice we have some clouds around. no rain today. more sunshine. what you need to wear. >> enough to be decent. it's a morning show. yes. quiet weather for this morning. a little bit of a hint of coolness. yes, indeed. probably a light jacket not a bad idea early this morning. won't need the umbrella. short sleeves? it depends on how temperature tolerant you are. sunglasses for sure especially for the way home. long or short sleeves. 72 degrees. plenty of sunshine. a plus weather for sure today.
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there may be some hit and miss rain chances. we'll detail that for you. it is traffic time. how's 270 holding up? >> 270 southbound after montgomery village, we have a crash. it is on the right side of the roadway. new one here, greenway westbound after belmont ridge road there as you're heading into leesburg, right lane blocked by that crash. inner loop after 270, the spur, work zone blocking the right lane. rest of the area looks good. in bound river road at goldsboro do have the work zone with just the left lane getting by there. >> melissa, thank you. developing right now, take a look at this picture that could help solve a murder in manassas. police say this man is one of two suspects accused of brutally murdering a ma
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a gentleman walked out of a restaurant yesterday. surveillance video shows him walking by a white suv. two people inside followed him. they shot and stabbed him. the men ran away. police believe one of the suspects was in that photo. the other is a teenager as young as 15. today a team of u.s. army investigators will be in southern maryland to find out what caused yesterday's tragic helicopter crash. the uh 60 blackhawk slammed into the ground. the injured are in a baltimore hospital this morning. you're looking at new video from southern maryland news net. it shows the scene moments after the helicopter came down at the bretton bay golf and country club. news 4's justin finch will be live this morning where that trainings flight took off. 5:03. amazing news from the supreme court coming in overnight. let's go to megan fitzgerald.
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desk? >> this just came down. this is about the controversial situation in arkansas. in just the last few hours here the supreme court rejected the state's request to begin executions. now the high court didn't issue any explanation. the state was planning on executing these eight inmates in a span of ten days. two of those executions were set to take place last night. the high court didn't issue an explanation as we mentioned. the arkansas governor asa hutchinson said he's disappointed. lawyers called the execution, quote, assembly line killing. back to you. >> thank you, megan. president trump will sign a new executive order today that could have a big impact on u.s. jobs. the white house calls it buy american hire americans. it requires federal agencies to buy more u.s. goods from companies and workers. it moves the h 1 b visa program away from the current lottery system to ensure thaty
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the most skilled applicants. the president will sign it at a tool manufacturing plant in wisconsin. meanwhile, vice president pence just wrapped up. he says the u.s. stands 100% behind its ally. more on what came out of the conference coming up. well, it is official. the city of hyattsville will become a sanctuary city. the city council passed the ordinance last night. it prevents police officers and other city workers from providing an immigration status to the federal government. it's a matter of public safety and that all citizens should be able to trust local police officers. >> child, especially a child in elementary school, the child shouldn't have
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whether or not they are safe within their community. >> president trump threatened to cut off federal funding to cities. for hyattsville that could be a loss of $20,000. new security measures coming to jewish community centers. they're looking at a plan to spend a quarter of a million for upgrates. it has newer access controls and reinforced windows. the enforcements are needed after aye series of local bomb threats. >> the county council is also expected to vote on a plan to require more healthy options in county vending machines. it limits the sugar, salt, fat and calories in the items in the machines. it applies to rec centers, libraries and parks. the schools already have stricter rules in place.
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you to metro riders. this morning the largest union will hand out preloaded metro cards to people in silver spring. 1,000 smart trip cards with $10 on it. it's not exactly the best morning if you are a caps fan. >> that's right. >> we're banging on the hope. i'm shell shocked this morning. the caps lost in toronto. they're in a hole. seems pretty familiar. news 4's sherree burruss talked to the team in toronto. >> reporter: the caps enjoyed leads of 2-0 and 3-1 here in tron be tow but another overtime loss puts the caps in a familiar position trailing in a playoff series. evgeni kuznetsov put away a rebound but the leafs take the game to overtime where tyler bozak redirects a pass into the back of the net. toronto wins
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leads the series 2-1. caps frustrated but not panicked. >> we have to move forward. obviously losing is serious, but it's not over yet. >> not everything comes easy. it's not coming easy right now, but at the same time we're right there. three overtime games. heck of a series. >> overtime in every game in the series. one player telling me he doesn't care if it goes 16 overtimes, they just want the wins. we're really hoping it doesn't go that long for game four on wednesday. for toronto, sherree burruss. exciting games. come on. we're ready for this to be done. >> yeah. we want stanley. the cup again. >> ready to head out the door, you might want a light jacket. don't forget the sunglasses, sheena. >> don't forget the sunglasses. you'll need them later. clouds around and we will see increasing sunshine. temperatures are comfortable. i think you could get away with a
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cooler weather tomorrow and warmer wednesday. the roller coaster ride in a bit. chuck is back to talk more about that coming up. it's a case that could have an impact on your privacy and your cell phone. the court ruling that could come down today. and the manhunt continues for the murder suspect police say posted his crime on facebook. the latest on the search for steve s te
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welcome back. 5:12. >> still some lingering clouds this morning, right? >> what, now? >> some clouds out there now? >> a little. nothing major though. these aren't rain producing clouds. don't push the panic button on me, angie. cloudy skies a little bit this morning. on the cool side, too. it will be all sunshine all the time for later on this afternoon with highs up into the upper 60s, low 70s. noticeably cooler weather tomorrow. a lot of clouds around. sheena will let you know exactly how high those rain chances are. cloudy, yes. the rain chances maybe a little hit and miss for your wednesday. melissa mollet says the green way looks all green for her. >> with the eti
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slowdown. westbound greenway after belmont ridge, a little crash. it does look green everywhere. i zoomed in and there's a bit of yellow. 66 into town, out of town, no worries there. fake a look take a look at the beltway coming up. there are still many questions to answer after yesterday's deadly helicopter crash in southern maryland. today investigators will be trying to comb through the wreckage of that blackhawk. >> news 4's justin finch is live with the latest in the investigation. that is where army officials say the training flight took off from before the crash. justin, what have you learned so far? >> reporter: angie, that is right. that blackhawk was from the 12th aviation battalion here at davidson airfield. two people aboard the helicopter are in the hospital and we now know that one has
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now looking out at video from the scene, news 4 was there in maryland where the ua 60 blackhawk chopper went down at the golf course 60 miles east of the district. that crash happening close to 1:40 monday afternoon in what army officials say was a training flight. video from southern maryland shows the blackhawk having appeared to have disintegrated. witnesses say it was flying with other helicopters before it appeared to lose control and plummet. the question now is why. the two surviving passengers were taken to a trauma center. one in serious condition, the other in critical condition. now an update is due out soon. the names of those aboard are due out once their families have been notified. we are live from fort belvore. i'm justin finch. >> blackhawk helicopters flying above us are not
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area. they are a big part of the 12th aviation battalion. defense department staffers tell me the army flies vips to and from the pentagon in those all of the time. the officials say the army national guard is the old ets. it's not clear whether the aircraft that crashed was one of the older models. 5:15. the family of the elderly man murdered in a random attack is remembering him. this is video of the vigil held in ohio last night. cleveland police say that steve stephens shot robert godwin, recorded the video and posted it to facebook. that shooter is still out there. >> megan fitzgerald at the live desk with the latest on the investigation. megan, good morning. >> good morning, eun. the search for steve stephens is nationwide. locally d.c. police say they received reports that stephens tried to check into
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those reports were determined to not be credible. meanwhile, the victim's family wants justice but the mother of two of robert godwin's families says she is thankful for all the support. >> i never knew how many people cared, how many people have shown support, showing me and my kids love. it's just -- i mean, it fills my heart. >> police believe steve stephens is armed and dangerous. anyone with information is encouraged to contact 911. eun? >> megan fitzgerald from the live desk. thank you, megan. d.c.'s highest court has a big decision to make about your cell phone privacy. they have had technology to track criminal's phones without a warrant. the sting ray device mimics cell phone towers. civil rights attorneys say it could let police follow innocent people as well. so far only one ael
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addressed it. in that case maryland rules say a warrant is required. today georgetown university is making amends for a dark chapter in the history. in the early 1800s they closed a place to pay off a debt. this morning georgetown is remaining two buildings. mylady hall will be renamed isaac hawkins hall. that's the first slave listed on the sale document. the other one is ann marie day craft hall. named after a freed woman of color who was sold in georgetown. well, you'll likely have been tuning in to the famous april the giraffe cam for months. exciting news to tell you. the web camera is likely coming down. that's because animal adventure park officials say they're
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april was hurt yet when she twisted her ankle. millions of people tuned in to watch the arrival of april's baby giraffe. i think we can still go online to suggest a name for the new baby. >> you know what, give the mom a little privacy. >> poor april. >> i think she deserves it. we've been watching her be pregnant for two years. >> i was going to say, it's been so long. i didn't even know she finally had the baby. >> she finally had. >> finally. >> we're going to see more "sunday today." brought it back from the beach. >> next time take me to the beach. >> i will take you to the beach, eun. you're coming with me next time. nice weather today. we're going to see more sunshine in the afternoon. developing sun. i noticed clouds around this morning but those will start to make their way around tomo
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60s for a high temperature tomorrow. then we get back into the 80s on thursday. up and down again this week. watching rain for part of your weekend. we'll say that in just a second. right now it is 59 degrees in the district. not too bad this morning. comfortably cool outside. if you are exercising today, going to be nice this morning. dry and cool by 7:00 a.m. 56 degrees. by lunchtime, more sunshine. mid 60s. by 6:00 p.m., 72. cooler today than it was yesterday. then as we go into tomorrow we are a little bit cooler, too. clouds around and you can see them slowly shifting down to the south. we'll start to see clearing conditions. nice weather setting up for your tuesday. then we go into wednesday. look at all these clouds moving in on wednesday. chance of a sprinkle. so tomorrow a little bit different. cloudy, much cooler and again that sprinkle chance staying in the forecast. normal high though, 68 degrees. i was talking about that roller coaster ride taking with o
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tomorr -- today in the 70s, tomorrow low 60s. for today, 72 degrees. early crowds, increasing sunshine later on in the day. then we get the isolated shower chance tomorrow. a lot more in the way of cloud cover. kind of locked in. thursday and friday mostly cloudy. going into the weekend, there's the rain chance we're watching saturday. we also expect rain on sunday. coming up chuck will have a look at your forecast. let's check the roads with melissa mollet. >> new problem on southbound gw parkway at the memorial bridge. sounds like a tractor-trailer that cannot continue on its route there into town. the right side is blocked by the tractor-trailer. westbound greenway after belmont ridge. southbound 270 at the montgomery village avenue. still have not turned the camera. inner loop after 270 sp
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rest of the beltway looks pretty good. take a look at safe track coming up in ten minutes. nearly a year after his death, new revelations about prince's final days. the documents shedding light on the music legend's drug use. remember to join us for the ellen degeneres show. carson daly stops by to talk about his busy work schedule and why he wouldn't have it any other way even though it takes him away from his family. you can catch ellen at 3:00 and
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5:24. new details about the death of prince. many were shocked to learn that he died from a fentanyl overdose. prescripti
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in vitamin bottles. >> this is indicative of somebody who has a huge problem. once they start mixing these different types of medications, that's when things can go south. >> we've also learned several medications were prescribed in the name of prince's long-time friend and body guard, kurt johnson. the doctor who wrote at least one of the painkiller prescriptions wrote it in johnson's name to protect prince's privacy. so it seems maryland is a good place for women to work. that state was chosen as the best state for women according to a new rating from move hub. virginia was at the bottom of the list coming in at 42 out of 50 states. all right. so what do you think you do if you found $14,000 on the side of the road? one man turned it
5:26 am
bag as he was driving his family to a park in ohio. he said he thought it might contain someone's laptop. instead, it was filled with $100 bills. benjamins. so he took the bag to police and it was eventually returned to the owner. you know, i hope karma comes back. >> yes. >> rewards him in some way. that is the right thing to do. >> give you at least a little cut of it, you know? >> buying a car, you need all of that money. >> that's right. stopping the cell phone scammers. robo calls can drive anybody crazy. ahead at 5:30, the simple solutions to make sure that they leave your phones alone. and outside for today we're dealing with some sunshine, but as we get towards the weekend i'm getting a little more concerned especially about your outdoor plans on sunday. sunday looks like it could be quite a bit on the rainy side. stuff to do this weekend, get it done early on saturday. sheena and i are back in a minute with a closer look at
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everything from meals to makeup delivered to your door. now a new subscription service will send you murder mysteries as well. details on the local company that's cashing in on curiosity.
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right now on "news 4 today," return of sunshine and you'll want to soak it up. when rain is heading back to the forecast. plus, a woman sexually assaulted in a shopping nt
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attacker before he strikes again. and protecting passengers. a local lawmaker's plan to make sure this won't happen at the airport you fly out of. "news 4 today" starts now. good morning, everyone. welcome back to "news 4 today." i'm eun yang. >> i'm angie goff in for aaron gilcrist. we want to get to what it's like outside on this tuesday. melissa mollet will have a look at our roads. >> first, we'll check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and sheena parveen. we like the sun coming back. >> yes, we do. we love the sun coming back. >> sunshine today and we can't get too used to it now. there's a lot of cloud cover in our future. today is the day to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. skies are clearing out from north to south. already a little bit of a chill in the air early this morning. mid 40s from northern montgomery county, out towards frederick county, virginia. 54 in
5:31 am
cloud coverage. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. downtown, plenty of sunshine. highs around 72 degrees. gaithersburg, 69, winchester, 68. fine day to be in the shenandoah valley. a chance for a sprinkle. more about that forecast coming up in a few more minutes. for now it is time to go over to melissa mollet working on the outer loop. >> outer loop after coalsville, report of a disabled vehicle blocking the lane just after this. we are seeing a little bit of a slowdown at the top of the beltway here. taking a look at the rest of the beltway, the rest of the main routes. overall looking okay. inside here southbound g.w. parkway at the memorial bridge, blocking the right side of the bridge is a tractor-trailer. right lane blocked. >> thank you, melissa. it's 5:31. here's a look at the the top st
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morning. police want you to see and share this photo. this is a person of interest in a deadly attack outside of a manassas mcdonald's. the photo was released late last night hours after a man was shot and stabbed to death. anyone with information should call police. president trump will sign an executive order today to promote american jobs. buy american hire american will require federal agencies to buy more goods and services from u.s. companies. news 4's tracie potts will have more details from capitol hill in a few minutes. the washington capitals are facing another uphill climb in their quest for the stanley cup. they lost their playoff game last night against the maple leafs in overtime. toronto now leads the series two games to one. we're going to bring it back. the caps have a chance to tie it up tomorrow night. this is the best of seven series. come on, we can do it. >> well, if you have not sent in your taxes, you are running out of time. today is the deadline to have them postmarked or file them
5:33 am
some post offices will be open late to accommodate all the procrastinators. we'll fill you in on how to request an extension. witnesses saw this massive blackhawk fall from the sky yesterday afternoon on to a golf course. now investigators will try to understand how this happened. >> news 4's megan fitzgerald is in the newsroom with a look at the unanswered questions. good morning. >> good morning, angie and eun. we're waiting to find the name of the crew member who died in the crash. we're also awaiting to find out the names of the crew members recovering at the hospital. army investigators from alabama are expected to be combing through this wreckage today in southern maryland. we're trying to find out what caused the ua 60 bloc to go down. it crashed yesterday afternoon on a golf course in leonard town. this was a training flight that took off from fort bellmawr. justin
5:34 am
morning with a closer look at the investigation. 5:33. two children are safe after a father trapped them inside their home during a 17-hour standoff. we brought you the story live from outside the fairfax county home yesterday where police say the man refused to come out of that house where they were performing a welfare check. they eventually took him into custody by using a taser on him. still not clear this morning what charges he faces. now to a new push in northern virginia for information about a sexual assault. you may remember the incident when a woman was attacked in a dumpster behind a fairfax county shopping center. it happened one year ago at a shopping center on commerce street in franconia. police say the suspect was driving a red car with a gray patch on the driver's side. now detectives are trying to jog some memories. they went door to door in a nearby apartment complex handing out flyers about this crime. we don't forget. evy
5:35 am
department gets the attention of a detective, and that detective holds on to that case until that case is resolved or they retire. >> the 40-year-old victim told police the man who assaulted her also stole her belongings. anyone with information is asked to call police. the search is on for a group of suspects in a robbery aboard this red line metro train. it happened sunday evening at 5:30. right there you see one of the suspects punch a victim. this is 5:30 as the train approached the metro station. police looking for four suspects in total. you see all of them on the screen. if you recognize any of them, you are asked to call metro transit police. 5:35. d.c. police are still trying to figure out if two attacks that just happened blocks apart are connected. the first happened saturday at columbia heights. a tourist from vietnam happened
5:36 am
along hyatt place. a similar attack happened in the same region, same area. police are reviewing security cameras to find images of the attackers. maryland is taking steps to prevent the kind of thing we saw on a united airlines flight. a man was pulled out of his seat and injured. united later apologized. a new law would prevent transportation authority police from dragging anyone off of a plane unless that person is a threat to public safety. there is also a bill in congress to do the same thing nationwide. maryland senator chris van holland proposed the customer not cargo act to keep any passenger from being forcibly removed. a real life lesson to teach kids the danger of sexting. how they're learning about the consequences from inside a real courtroom. but, first, want to stop scammers from calling your phone? the simple way to put an end t o
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you're watching "news 4 today." 5:39 is your time now. seems like every day there is a new subscription service your friends are encouraging you to try. you can get everything from meals to makeup delivered right to your door, but would you pay for murder mysteries to be sent your way? well, two maryland men are hoping you will. they've created hunt a killer. this is a
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that sends clues for a fictional murder to thousands of people across the country each month. >> i think the best comparison is kind of like a television show. each episode builds on the next. your guide or your curator of these boxes is definitely presenting you with different information and he's trying to tell you something and you have to figure it out. >> in the last year it's expanded beyond the creator's living room into a warehouse near baltimore. monthly memberships cost up to $30. >> i'm not surprised this is growing. people really want to solve the mystery at the end. >> yeah. there's so many things that are immediate now. like that element of surprise. it takes you back to the days of dollhouse murders. very, very cool. let's talk about something that we don't like. the robo calls. leave our phones alone. sometimes it feels like scam jers woners
5:41 am
getting your number. you probably heard about adding your name to the national do not call registry. that only blocks calls from legitimate businesses. another way is to try blocking numbers in your call history. >> you can report spam texts by reporting the number to 7726 or spam. there are free apps that block suspicious numbers. fighting threats using your tax dollars. and still ahead, the plans to upgrade security at local jewish community centers and how much that's going to cost. good morning, and the comfortably cool start to the day. more sunshine through the afternoon. a nice day setting up for us. temperatures in the low 70s. tomorrow though it's going to be cooler and then the 80s return this week. chuck and i are back with a closer look at the forecast. let's check the roads. good morning, melissa. >> good morning. a couple of problems on the beltway. inner loop and disabled tr
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5:45 is your time now. it's tax day. only hours to send it in. what to do if you don't make the deadline. >> reporter: we told you about the threats for once. now what they're doing to step up the security. i'll be here to tell you how much that will cost. ride metro for free. the give away that could make your morning commute a little easier on this tuesday. "news 4 today" starts now. well, president trump heads to wisconsin today where he is expected to sign a new executive order. >> the white house, they're calling it buy american hire american and it could have a really big impact on jobs. news 4's tracie potts has the story. >>or
5:46 am
how companies get foreign workers into the united states to work for them. this could have a big impact on tech companies. what he wants to do is overhaul the employer lottery to get those guest worker visas. this would not affect this year because that process is already underway. interestingly, it would not affect a different type of visa for seasonal workers. the type they use at mar-a-lago, the president's florida estate. the other part, he wants to make it a lot easier for government agencies to buy american as opposed to buy goods from foreign agencies. they're going to tweak the rules to make it really almost impossible for government agencies to be able to get around buying most of their goods american and for some things american goods will be required like steel which he's often talking about trying to boost manufacturing jobs. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. tracie, thank you. 5:46. vice president mike pence is in japan right now for
5:47 am
that are largely expected to focus on the issue of trade. north korea continues to loom over the vice president's trip. mr. pence says the u.s. will not relent until it achieves its goal of ensuring that the korean peninsula is free of nuclear weapons. he told reporters that president trump was confident that economic and diplomatic pressure could compel north korea to cooperate. jewish community centers across the country have been the target of a series of recent bomb threats and vandalism. this morning we're learning how one county is working to step up security. aimee cho is live with details. good morning. >> reporter: eun, good morning. we're here at the jewish community center where they have been getting threat after threat in just the past four months alone, six of them. they could be getting extra peace of mind at bender if that measure is passed for additional funding. that money would be spent on reinforced windows, security cameras and extra sit
5:48 am
we're talking about a quarter of a million dollars going to j.c.c. in rockville and bethesda. this jewish community center has spent an additional $40,000 in security. that would help. the montgomery county commission is expected to vote on that in hours. back to you. >> thank you, aimee. the montgomery city council is expected to vote on making vending machines healthier. it would limit the amount of sugar, fat in the vending machines. it would not apply to montgomery county schools because stricter rules are in place. metro riders, some of you getting a pretty cool thank you this morning. you might get a pre-loaded metro card at the station in silver springs. metro's largest union is going to hand out 1,000 smart trip cardsre
5:49 am
each card has $10 already loaded on it. the union says there will be more give aways like this coming up in the future. well, you'll soon be able to text, twitter and see facebook at more metro stations. free wi-fi is being installed at 30 more underground stations. right now it's involved only at half a dozen. now they're working to install it at all red line stations from union station to medical center. metro hopes to activate wi-fi to all of its stations by the end of the year. everyone, today is tax day. we have four things to know if you are one of 40 million americans who haven't filed your tax returns yet. here are four things to know. postmarked by april 18th. a lot of your returns if postmarked by today, the i.r.s. will consider it filed on time. to help with that, the post office has several locations staying open today. you can find that list online on
5:50 am
make sure you pay enough postage because if you don't your tax forms will be returned. finally, number four, forget what you've heard about the irs not calling you. this year the irs hired private debt collection agencies to send out mailings and then call people who owe money but be careful about the information you give out over the phone. if you need more time, you can file an extension but there are some rules. in most cases you can file an extension for six months if you fill out form 4868 by tonight. the due date for your full return can be delayed until october 16th. generally that's easy if you expect a refund. the catch is, if you anticipate owing taxes to the irs you have to pay your estimated amount or you'll face penalties and interest charges. that's important because without an extension the penalty for late filing can be ten times higher than making a late payment. every month you fail to file the irs charges
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taxes owed and a .5% penalty. well, how long would it take you to run 26.2 miles? chuck? >> about 3:45. >> okay. well, the winner of the boston marathon, he did it a little faster than that. >> yes, he did. won a million dollars, too. >> yeah. 2:09:37. he was from kenya. so was the winner of the woman's race. she ran across the finish line in 2:21:52. eun, i've done this before. i was at mile seven. >> it would take me three days. give a shout out to this woman. take a look. we told you that kathrine switzer yesterday. she is the first woman to ever register to run the boston marathon back in 1967 and she did it again yesterday at the age of 70. look at her. >> what? >> she doesn't look 70. she said it was the fastest marathon she's run in
5:52 am
>> as they should. >> both of you just finished a marathon. >> good for her. >> at 70 still running marathons. i will not be running marathons at 70. >> how do you know? you will. >> half marathon, sure. the whole distance? >> you still have an ironman in you, i know it. >> oh, no. no. no. too much time in the water. i'm not a natural swimmer. >> it is hard. >> it is hard. it's good for you. good for your core. >> no rain today. no water today to start us off. >> no, just a jump in the potomac, that's all i can do for you. onnen the lookout for water. on the chilly side. not too bad in washington. temperatures not too chilly inside the city. 59 at national airport with a light northeasterly wind. get outside the beltway and temperatures drop back down into the 40s. mid 40s in much of the shenandoah valley. not a bad way to get the day
5:53 am
dry this morning. look at all those sunny icons there for your whole day today. afternoon temperatures up right around 70 degrees. the clouds are going to be going southbound today with that weather front, but it's going to come right back on us for tomorrow. and that wedge of cool air off the ocean is going to keep us very cloudy around here for tomorrow. now an east wind will keep us cloudy, but it doesn't really lend itself to a lot of rain. here's future weather starting at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. clouds moving back into the d.c. area. notice how any chances of light rain mainly are banked up along the blue ridge and parts of shenandoah valley. not much of a rain threat even though it will be a lot of cloud cover. planning out tomorrow, cool and cloudy in the morning. maybe an isolated sprinkle or shower tomorrow. temperatures mostly only in the low to mid 60s. you need the warmer weather, it comes back for thursday and friday. thursday, 81 with a chance of an afternoon shower
5:54 am
stray shower possible. no washouts coming until saturday night, sunday and monday. could get one to two inches of rain in that sunday/monday time limit. >> melissa lee, check on traffic. >> we do. parkway at powder mill road, head lieglights are southbound. outer loop after colesville, that's on the shoulder. no big slowdown. inner loop has a disabled truck that's steered out of the way. southbound gw at the memorial bridge, that has cleared as well. taking a look downtown, 14th at otis in northeast, three blocks of roadway there. wanted to warn you of that. westbound dulles greenway, that is still hanging around. remember on the green line, safe track surge 14, college park and green belt closed until april 29th. taki
5:55 am
time, 66 in bound, 95 north bound, no problems on either of those two routes. 270 and the beltway looking okay. remember to listen to wtop on your way in. it's 5:55. virginia middle schoolers are finding out the consequences of sexting. they took part in a mock trial in a prince william county courtroom. eighth graders played a fake child pornography case involving under age teens who sent a nude photo of herself to boyfriends who then shares it to someone else. afterwards, a reej judge and prosecutor step in. >> the only way to protect yourself is simply not to take them and not to send them. that's the only way. >> about a dozen prince william county middle school students took part in the courthouse tour. the program's administrator says parents can
5:56 am
of the program. we have important resources for parents in our nbc watching app search tip for families. five minutes before the 6:00 hour. a long-time employee of the national institutes of health is accused of stealing sensitive equipment inside agency headquarters and then turning around and selling it on ebay. our scott mcfarlane broke this story. federal investigators say they linked this to an ebay user accused of selling high tech n.i.h. equipment to the highest user. the feds found several pieces of equipment to be believed for sale. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. new jobless rates coming online soon. google will hire companies who post job openings and individuals to search for and find their next
5:57 am
will develop and their private information won't be shared. i'm landon dowdy. >> landon, thanks. well, as the spring heats up, it's time to stock up on the spf. >> don't forget to lather up the kids before they head out the door. the new push to allow sun screen in schools and why everyone is not on board. it has been months since former president obama's last public appearance. that changes today. where he's scheduled to make a stop. all new at 6:00. and a manhunt for a murder suspect continues. new details in the search for a man posting a deadlattack on y fa
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now on "news 4 today," deadly crash. one person killed when a military helicopter falls from the sky. new concerns about the safety for those of us on the ground. a supreme court decision breaking overnight. its ruling on a death penalty case and what it means for future executions. plus, another tough night in the quest for the cup. come on, caps. a look at the overtime battle you'll be hearing about today. "news 4 today" starts now. >> o.t. >> what a heart breaker. >> they were winning when i went to bed. tough morning for caps fans. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> we should have stayed up. i'm superstitious. that's the prm.
6:00 am
i'm angie goff in for aaron gilcrist. before we get to sports, news, the terrible loss, we do want to help you plan your day on a nice note. >> melissa mollet and sheena parveen and chuck bell are here with good news about our forecast. good morning. >> we have good news. >> i'm with angie. i'm kind of superstitious. if i'm in one position and something good happens to my team, i don't move out of that spot. >> i don't blame you. you can't move. then you have to wear the same clothes the next time you watch it. >> absolutely. no doubt. >> everything has to be the same. >> nice today. tuesday weather outlook looking good. commute looking nice. nice outdoors today. we're going to see more sunshine developing today. if you want to have lunch out, it will be a pleasant day to do so. currently temperature 57 degrees. you see the sun coming up here comfortably cool. you can certainly get away with a light jacket. as we go through the afternoon, temperatures will rebound


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