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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  April 18, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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i'm angie goff in for aaron gilcrist. before we get to sports, news, the terrible loss, we do want to help you plan your day on a nice note. >> melissa mollet and sheena parveen and chuck bell are here with good news about our forecast. good morning. >> we have good news. >> i'm with angie. i'm kind of superstitious. if i'm in one position and something good happens to my team, i don't move out of that spot. >> i don't blame you. you can't move. then you have to wear the same clothes the next time you watch it. >> absolutely. no doubt. >> everything has to be the same. >> nice today. tuesday weather outlook looking good. commute looking nice. nice outdoors today. we're going to see more sunshine developing today. if you want to have lunch out, it will be a pleasant day to do so. currently temperature 57 degrees. you see the sun coming up here comfortably cool. you can certainly get away with a light jacket. as we go through the afternoon, temperatures will rebound
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>> absolutely. looking like a fine day to be outside. a little bit of cloud cover. these clouds are moving on out and that is excellent news. temperatures upper 40s and low 50s in most of the suburbs. temperature, how about 71 degrees by 3:00 in the afternoon. temperatures staying in the upper 60s as late as 7:00 tonight. sun's into the down until 7:30. what to wear? nothing more than a light jacket. you can leave the umbrella at home for today. a couple more rain chances between now and the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up in a few more minutes. for now, let's go over to miss melissa mollet and see how things are coming in on the in bound commute. >> little slow chopper 4 over in bound 295 at east capitol. thought something was going on because we have such a slowdown. not seeing anything right now. just tried to call police. not picking up. try that again and see what's
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beltway are okay. a little slow. outer loop as you're approaching connecticut avenue because of an earlier crash. the right slaen blocked by a crash. 14th at otis and north east still have that tree down blocking the roadway there near the monastery. 270 northbound/southbound near shady grove road, no problems either way. travel times in ten minutes. >> melissa, thank you. take a look at the new picture that helped solve a murder in manasses. this person is a person of interest and they're searching for him and another man in the brutal murder of a man outside of a diner. surveillance shows the man walking out of a restaurant early monday morning. two suspects waiting in a white suv followed the victim and shot and stabbed him. the men ran away. today we hope to learn more
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yesterday's deadly black hawk helicopter crash. >> army investigators are going to be combing through that wreckage to get some answers. news 4's justin finch is live this morning. that's where the training flight left from. justin, good morning. what are we learning this morning? >> eun, good morning. those who saw that black hawk yesterday say things didn't look right. it was flying below and spinning before crashing. i want to take you now to the aftermath of that crash. this video from southern maryland shows that uh 60 black hawk helicopter left in parts and pieces on the britton bay golf course in winter town, maryland. close to 140 monday afternoon army officials say the aircraft went down. on board we know three people, one was killed. two others taken to a trauma center. one in critical condition, the other in stable condition. their names have not
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released. and news 4 did speak with an eye witness who saw that aircraft go down. >> we were sitting down on center 40 circle and we watched the helicopter come by sitting very low. my brother made a comment, look how low it is. oh, my god, it's going sideways. it started going backwards and it went down. >> reporter: army officials say that helicopter was engaged in a training flight yesterday. investigators in from alabama will help determine why and how that crash happened. back in to you. >> justin finch. justin, thank you. >> 6:04. time right now, not unusual to see a black hawk helicopter flying over the area here. they are a big part of the 12th af vee age battalion. defense department staffers tell news 4 that the army flies vips to and from the pentagon in those choppers all of the time. officials say the army national guard's uh-60 fleet
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oldest in the army. more than half of them started flying 30 years ago. it's still not clear if the army aircraft that crashed was one of the older models. supreme court stepping in blocking executions in arkansas. megan fitzgerald is at the live desk. good morning. >> good morning, un. this came down within the last few hours. the united states supreme court rejected arkansas's request to begin execution. the state was planning on executing these eight inmates in the span of ten days. two of those executions were set to take place last night. of course, they're not happening now. the high court didn't issue an explanation. arkansas's governor asa hutchins said he's disappointed. they called the execution that was scheduled, quote, assembly line killing. back to you. >> thank you, megan. you ain't got to show me your hands but raise your hands if you -- >> incredibly emotional vigil he
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of a deadly shooting that was videotaped and then posted on facebook. robert godwin had ten children, even more grandchildren. he was killed on easter sunday and now there's a nationwide search for this person, this suspect. d.c. police say that they received reports that steve stephens tried to check into a hotel on massachusetts avenue northwest. police investigated but those reports were deemed not credible. and some philadelphia schools were put on lockdown yesterday. when police heard stephens was in the area but they didn't find him, he is considered armed and dangerous at this point. today d.c.'s highest court has a big decision to make about your cell phone privacy. since 2003 d.c. splis had technology to track criminal phones without a warrant. the sting ray device mimics cell towers. it could let police follow innocent people as well. maryland is they
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address limits on the devices. a court in maryland ruled a warrant is required. well, president trump will travel to wisconsin today where he is set to sign a new executive order. the white house is calling it buy american hire american and it will require federal agencies to buy more goods and services from u.s. companies and workers. it will also move the h 1 b visa program for foreign workers away from the current lottery system to ensure the visas go to the most skilled or highest paid applicants. it is 6:07. the city of hiyattsville will become a sanctuary city. they passed an ordinance last night. it prevents police officers and be other city workers to provide a person's immigration status. it's a matter of public safety that all citizens should be able to trust local police officer
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in elementary school, should have to ponder over whether or not they are safe in their community. >> president trump has threatened to cut off federal funding to sanctuary cities. for hyattsville that could mean a lots of $20,000 in federal glands. former president barack obama will make his first public appearan appearance. he's expected to attend the funeral of dan rooney. we are told president obama is not expected to speak at that event. well, you probably checked the score when you woke up. you were beside yourself. >> i just couldn't -- i thought they were going to win for sure. they looked so good. >> it was a tough loss for the caps. >> for sure. another overtime game, another one. this is three in a row against the maple leafs. they're in a hole again. there is still
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burruss is in toronto. >> reporter: they enjoyed a lead here monday night, but another overtime loss puts the caps in a familiar position, trailing in a playoff series. evgeni kuznetsov put away a rebound in the second period to give the caps a 3-1 lead but the leafs take the game to overtime where tyler bozak redirects a pass into the back of the net drawing a win 4-3. lead the series 2-1. frustrated but not panicked. >> forget it and move forward. obviously we're losing the series, but it's not over yet. >> not everything comes easy. so it's not coming easy right now, but at the same time we're right there. three overtime games. heck of a series. >> reporter: overtime in every game in this series. one player telling me he doesn't care if it goes to 16 overtimes, they want the
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we're really hoping it doesn't go that long for game 4 on wednesday. a missing cell phone mystery solved and it turned up dozens more in the process. coming up, the app that helps track down more than 100 stolen phones. good morning, and it is a little bit of a cool start out there. you can get away with a light jacket this morning. your commute though is looking really good. more sunshine as we go through the day today. afternoon temperatures in the low 70s. i think you'll like it. this weekend we have some rain in the forecast. chuck's back in just a bit with that weekend weather. plus, more sunshine should mean more sun screen. now there's a new push to allow kids to bring it with them in school. the details a whynd n in the middle of a storm destiny struck. did may imagine april showers bringing her fashionable, flowers at such a sunny price? never but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find,
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you're gonna love it.
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you're watching "news 4 today." all right. we're talking about the return of sunshine which makes us happy, chuck bell. >> yes, it does. ♪ here comes the sun >> what a beautiful song. >> right? >> nothing to worry about. if you're already starting to think about the weekend, i know you are because that's what we all do. saturday may start dry, but i'm worried that rain chances may sneak back in on us by 5, 6:00. sunday i'm quite concerned. if you have outdoor plans this weekend, i suggest you get it done before lunch on saturday. sunday could be quite the rainy affair. what about the rest of the work week? sheena has that part of the work week coming up. let's go over to melissa mollet with issues on 295. >> i have some backup. we have a disabled vehicle you can see there. chopper 4 over that. also east capitol, another issue as well. 29 at feather stone lane, traffic alternating around the
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taking a look at the beltway, no major problems. brandywine, suv hit a pole. travel times, 66 looks okay. so does 95 northbound. taking a look at 270, no major problems. top of the beltway, outer loop a little slow. remember to listen to wtop when you hop in your car today. eun? >> melissa, thank you. 6:15. it has been one year since a mother fitness instructor missy beavers was killed and police are still searching for her killer. she was killed when she arrived at a church in texas last april to teach ab early morning fitness class. surveillance video inside creekside church caught someone wearing make shift tactical gear before she was killed. police haven't offered any theories into why she was killed and so far tips have not paid off. the case will be highlighted on the "today" show at the top of the hour. well, today this man will learn how long he will spend in prison for t
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-- etan patz. his body has never been found. only five years ago pedro hernandez confessed to the killing. he said he lured the boy into a basement and then attacked him. although his lawyers say the statements were false, hernandez will be sentenced this afternoon. new details in the investigation into the death of prince. the music icon died last april from a fentanyl overdose. search warrants released just yesterday revealed that prescription medications were found all over his house, often in vitamin bottles. we've learned several medications were prescribed in the name of prince's long-time friend and body guard, kurt johnson. a doctor told police he wrote it in johnson's name to protect prince's privacy. 6:16. check out all of these phones. these wer
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music and arts festival. some people who had their phones stolen were able to track down the alleged thieves. police in the area arrested this man, 36-year-old reinaldo hinau with more than 100 stolen phones inside his backpack. this happened after a couple concert goers tracked him down using that find my iphone app and alerted police. however, he was only behind bars for a little bit because he has since posted a $10,000 bail. can't let your guard down, even when you're partying. parents and lawmakers in washington state are pushing to let kids use sun screen in schools. a number of states don't let kids tuesday at school without a note from a doctor and parent. that includes maryland and virginia. four states have laws requiring schools to allow students to use sun screen. >> it's so important to take the precautions now in children. what we're doing is
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against melanoma later on. >> we'll have more on the push for the law coming up. >> apply the sun screen before they go to school. >> of course. >> after a few hours they go out to recess. >> little kids, they try to get them out as much as possible. >> when you sweat that comes off, too. >> today will be an excellent day to get outdoors. >> nice day today. we're going to see more sunshine going through at of noon. nice today. 60s for a high tomorrow. thursday, the 80s return on thursday. so we're going to go back up again. then we go into the weekend and we're actually watching the rain for your weekend. so we'll show you that in just a minute, but right now it does look like it could be both days. we're definitely watching that through the week. currently in the district, 57 degrees. dulles is at 50. frederick, 43 now. mart continuesburg, 43. winchester, quantico. clinton is
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area. if you're walking the dog today, we have the perfect dog for you if you need one to walk, this is peaty. available at the humane rescue alliance. you can head to the alliance to find more information. 7:00 a.m., temperatures around the mid 50s. by lunchtime, mid 60s. 7:00 p.m. will be nice. near 70 degrees still. if you are walking around and your allergies are bothering you, take a look at the pollen. every day will stay high even as we go into the weekend. some rain will try to help lower those levels. locally nice and dry. the clouds will keep trying to move away. we'll be seeing increasing sunshine going through the day today. here's future weather. dry today. look at the clouds returning. tomorrow the clouds will be locked in. we could see sprinkles off to the west. by the afternoon cloudy, cooler, chance of sprinkles. today 72 with increasing sunshine. tomorrow different with the clouds locked in and
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80. even friday close to 80. chance of a few showers and then the rain chances return as we go into saturday. chuck will have a closer look coming up in a bit. let's check the roads on this tuesday morning. >> good morning, sheena. southbound 295. that is 2 1/2 mile backup headed in bound. this one, chopper 4 is showing us there at east capitol street. disabled vehicle on the left side of the roadway. and then on the right side of the roadway. the beltway, as we said, not bad right now. top of the beltway a little slow outer loop as you're approaching connecticut. 29 at feather stone lane. traffic alternating around the crash. you can see all the other main routes into town and out of town looking very typical. nothing else to be worried about. talking about at this point this morning. brandy wine street between wisconsin and river, suv hit a pole there. we have a crash there. reminder on safe track on the green line, surge 14 now underway. college p
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stations closed until april 29th. 6:21 now. when you take an uber there is no exception -- or no expectation, rather, for you to tip the driver. that's because there's no way to do it in the app. "usa today" reports that a push is on to change that in new york city. that means it could happen in other cities as well. uber's competitor lyft already gives customers an option to tip. a lot of people are saying, that's why we like uber. >> they like that all inclusive package. very appealing. so with aaron off, it's the ladies on the news 4 desk. now we're learning one of the best states for women is right in our area. >> not surprising. maryland, virginia, d.c.? which one made the top five? we'll tell you next. >> reporter: hate crimes and threats targeting a jewish community. i'm
6:22 am
plus, carson daly is sitting down with ellen today. he explains how he balances his busy life on today, "the voice" and last call with carson daly. tune in at 3:00 and then get all
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you're watching "news 4 today." here's an exciting record to break. the new sterling library is a big hit. the state of the art facility is happening saturday.
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highest day ever than at the old building. this new library has expanded hours. i love to see people going to libraries. maryland fisher men think we're on the verge of one of the best blue crab seasons in years. all right. yummy. the funding may be cut to protect future harvests. president trump wants to slash the epa budget. that includes taking away $73 million allocated to clean up for the chesapeake bay. the administration argues that states not the federal government are responsible for protecting the bay and other water ways. the proposed budget also cuts federal funding for the great lake. well, it seems that maryland is a good place for women. how about that? >> uh-huh. especially if you care about things like how much you get paid. >> care about that. >> we do, a lot. that state was chosen as the fifth and best state for women according to a new ranking by move hub. the relocation company took a look at issues
6:26 am
gaps, education, equality, and health insurance. virginia was at the bottom of the list ranking at 42 out of 50. d.c. did not get a significant ranking was among the top of the list. good news for women in our area. >> shows the disparity in the region. it's 6:26 now. dangerous intersection. the changes made to help make your ride to work a little safer. plus, murder on social media. how a recent attack posted on facebook has a virginia father calling for change. and i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. if you're planning to be outside today, great idea. plenty of sunshine coming your way. plenty of sunshine. there may be more rain chances to worry about. we'll talk about that, or at least sheena will. foroday a plus t
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right now on "news 4 today," a deadly blackhawk crash. what went wrong during a routine
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free ride on metro. heartbreaking overtime loss. oh, the caps are behind in the playoff series, but now is not the time to panic. "news 4 today" starts now. that's right. we have to get it back. get it back, caps. >> right. >> too soon to be down in the dumps. >> we can get it back. i'm eun yang. >> i'm angie goff in for aaron. the time is 6:30 on the dot. the sunshine making a comeback today. going to be big. >> that's right. >> melissa and her stunning smile joining us this morning. chopper 4 also up in the air. >> we begin with storm team 4 meteorologist sheena parveen and chuck bell for a look at your forecast. looking good, guys. >> such a nice day. our tower camera has a live view of the rising sun. gorgeous. part of the area still seeing clouds this morning. more sunshine as we go through the afternoon. comfortable this morning.
6:31 am
cooler spots. 43 in mart continuesburg. clinton coming in at 51 degrees. quantico, 61. maybe a light jacket this morning. here's a look at the satellite. rain is down to the south. cloud cover is starting to move away so we will be seeing increasing sunshine today. if you're dining outside, it will be a great day to do it. by lunchtime, not even that windy. 66 degrees, happy hour. low 70s, dinner time temperatures in the upper 60s. chuck and i are back with a closer look at the change tomorrow and warmer temperatures later on this week. let's check the roadways this morning with melissa mollet. >> chopper 4 over southbound 295 at east capitol again. two different problems in that area. one cleared up. we have a two-mile backup as you're headed in bound. new crash on the beltway. inner loop at route 1 alexandrea blocking the left lane. that will start causing
6:32 am
problems. prince gorges county, everything okay. 14 miles per hour. livingston road area. 66 and 95, no major issues. typically slow as you're headed in bound through woodbridge. 29 at feather stone, traffic alternating around the crash. the beltway looks okay. we're going to get more information on that problem. >> thank you, melissa. it is 6:32. here are a look at the top stories. army investigators will be at the site of a deadly military held copter crash in southern maryland. the bloc slams into a golf course. one soldier killed and two others hurt during the training exercise. take a look. manassas police say this man may be a suspect in a murder. the victim was shot and stabbed by two people outside of a restaurant on centerville road yesterday. police believe one of the suspects is as young as age 15.
6:33 am
the city of hyattsville will be a sanctuary city. it came down to an 8-2 vote. the ordinance prevents police officers and other city workers from providing a person's immigration status to the federal government. it will become law an june 8th. >> 6:33. jewish community centers have been the target of recent bomb threats and vandal lymphs. >> we're learning how one community is working to step up at centers in our area. aimee cho is live. >> reporter: good morning. eun, we're here at the bender jewish community center. this is a place where people come to be together. they take classes together, create sports and music and arts. very much a part of the community. recently it's also been the target of hate. six bomb threats in just the past four months. take a look at the video you're seeing. this is from police responding to the most recent bomb threat back in march. thisew
6:34 am
already beefed up security. expect another $40,000. more work needs to be done. we're talking about a quarter million to go towards security cameras. that vote will be coming up. >> thank you, aimee. what's up for a vote in month dwom ri county. the proposal would cut the calories in the sale. covering northern virginia. a fairfax county shopping center, this happened one year ago on commerce street in franconia. you're taking a look at surv
6:35 am
car you saw. now to an yurp date on breaking news we brought to you yesterday. a police barricade in fairfax county ended peacefully. a father was taken into custody yesterday after a 17 hour stando standoff. this happened in mount vernon. the man refused to come out when the police arrived for a welfare check. police say the man's two young children were safe inside the house during the whole ordeal. >> you may notice a change riding on river road this morning. flashing lights now alert you at the intersection with gray burn parkway in bethesda. the lights will flash when vehicles try to make a left from river road onto the parkway. now this is the intersection where a crash killed tree members of one bethesda family
6:36 am
whitman high school. one of the victims was a senior there. his little sister was the only one in that crash to survive. in about an hour someone could hand you a metro smart trip card and, guess what, it could already have some money on it. ten bucks loaded on it. you'll have to be at the silver springs station to get it. metro's largest union and congressman james rapkin are giving away the cards. today is tax day and we have four things to know if you are one of the 40 million americans who hasn't filed your tax return yet. as long as the return is postmarked by today, april 18th, the irs will consider it filed on time. so to help with that, the postal service has several locations staying open late today. you can find that list online, check make sure you pay enough postage for your return because if you don't, your tax forms will be returned to you.
6:37 am
you've heard about the irs not calling you. this year it has hired private debt collection agencies to send out mailings and call people who owe money. it's 6:37. facebook killer concerns. the manhunt stretches to the east coast. how it's already fueling false fears in our area. and this morning not too bad. maybe a light jacket. 57 degrees in the district. more sunshine developing through the afternoon and temperatures will be in the low 70s. tomorrow though we have some changes in the weather department. coming up, chuck will show you forecas
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well, imagine this. what if alexa were everywhere in your home and that may soon become a reality. >> that's right. check out this tweet from a tech guru in ashburn,
6:41 am
image of a smart thermostat. it's supposed to have the amazon virtual assistant built into that device. there's word it could be the start of having the device in things like your fridge, your car, and even in your washing machine. >> in your washing machine? >> yeah. as long as it can start the load and fold it for me, too, imagine. >> separate my whites from my colors. >> now you're getting somewhere. if it will fold the laundry. otherwise, you have kids for that. >> oh, my gosh. >> and there's apps for that. >> i live in laundry. >> i don't doubt it. you're the one that wanted a whole pack full of kids. >> i did. i asked for it. >> you love them all. that's what's important. we have a great looking day today. today will be all sunshine all the time. however, it's not going to stick around as we get into tomorrow, we'll have a lot more in the way of cloud cover coming back into the picture. enjoy the sunshine while we have it outside for today because it's simply not going to last all that long at
6:42 am
the clouds down to our south but tomorrow cloudy skies coming back in. as a result, it will be cooler tomorrow as well. speaking of cool, here's melissa mollet. >> oh, always very cool. even in the heat. inner loop at route 1, chopper 4 zooms in at 8 miles. that's how good the camera is on chopper 4 to show you the delays. a crash at route 1 causing slowdowns. rest of the beltway looking okay. still have this problem on 29. going to take a look at all the other main routes into town and out of town also the travel times coming up. >> reporter: a deadly blackhawk crash. what the final results reveal about the accident and where the investigation goes from here. recording a murder and posting it on facebook. hear from the family and friends who lost a loved one. i just hate that man. i hate that he took my kids' father.
6:43 am
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you're watching "news 4 today." right now military training mission that was supposed to be routine ends in tragedy. the new steps being taken by investigators this morning after a deadly helicopter crash. the army will be back out on the scene of that crash today. investigators want to know what went wrong. >> it is a big ti
6:46 am
down on a golf course in leonard town. >> that's where we find news 4's justin finch with the latest on the investigation. justin? >> reporter: eun, good morning. this morning the army is now sending condolences to those impacted by the crash. as mentioned, they have assigned out of state investigators to find a cause. what was that uh black hawk helicopter was left in pieces monday, and this video from southern shows the rubble at the britton bay golf course. it was a training flight, the army says, that ended with that crash. close to 1:30 p.m. monday in a group of other helicopters, witnesses recall that blackhawk standing out saying it was flying low, began losing control before ultimately falling to the grou ground. >> all of a sudden we heard this loud grounding noise. >>
6:47 am
something this drastic. >> reporter: we know three crew members were aboard. one died on scene. two others were taken to a trauma center. one in serious condition, the other in critical condition. and their names will be released once their families are notified. we are live outside fourth bellmawr, i'm justin finch, news 4. this comes after an f-16 recently crashed in linton, maryland. the pilot escaped. the government is guaranteeing residents they'll replace soil and trees in that area. a man accused of killing an elderly man in ohio and posting that shooting video is on facebook is someone still at large right now. >> new this morning, fears during the manhunt have hit our area. d.c. police say someone reported a sighting of the suspect that turned out to be false. the shooting occurred in cleveland and the search has now expanded. authorities are cautioning people in ohio,
6:48 am
york to be on alert. nbc's jacob rascon is live in cleveland. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police are hoping a $50,000 reward will urge anybody who might have seen something to say something, though hundreds of tips have actually poured in and from across the country, partly because, of course, that video of the murder initially was on facebook for a time before being taken down. police as far as philadelphia are getting calls from people who say they have seen him, but no sightings have been confirmed. police want to make sure everybody realizes the last time he was ever seen was here driving a white ford fusion and since then there have been no credible leads. they're really looking for help here. the fbi, the atf, the u.s. marshals and the cleveland police. this was a father of nine who was killed. he was out for a walk while his family was preparing easter dinner on sunday. of course, his family is distraught. he has 14
6:49 am
i believe. they're holding a vigil last night for him. also, the cleveland cavaliers during a playoff game held a moment of silence. this is now a nationwide manhunt with a lot of emphasis hoping this reward of $50,000 will motivate anyone to say something. back to you. >> jacob rascon back live in cleveland. thank you. be sure to look for more from jacob on the story coming up on the "today" show. 6:49. the killing is bringing up terrible memories for a family in virginia. you may remember when a reporter for a roanoke station wdbj was killed oniv noop allison parker's father wrote an op ed saying now thanks to social media murder has become a vehicle for notoriety. sadly, for all the good facebook can do, we now see its potential to turn mentally unstable murderers into celebrities.
6:50 am
years ago. the video of the killing was posted on twitter. d.c.'s highest court has a big decision to make today about your cell phone privacy. since 2003 d.c. police have had technology to track criminal's phones without a warrant. the sting ray device mimics cell phone towers forcing phones to reveal their locations to police. civil rights attorneys say it could let police follow innocent people as well. so far only one appellate court decision in the country has addressed fourth amendment limits. in that case, maryland rules a warrant is required. breaking news right now from the supreme court overnight. we want to go straight to megan fitzgerald who's at the live desk. >> ang be gi, this came down a few hours ago. the united states supreme court rejected arkansas's request to begin execution. now the state was planning on executing the eight inmates in a span of ten days. two of those executions were set to take place last night. butha
6:51 am
course. the high court didn't issue an explanation but arkansas governor asa hutch chin son said he's disappointed by the ruling. on the other side, the lawyers for the inmates are calling this, quote, an assembly line killing. back to you. >> megan, thank you. president trump will return to familiar territory today. >> he is heading to wisconsin to sign a new executive order. take a live look here at the white house. the trump administration calls the new order buy american hire american. this would require federal agencies to buy more goods and services from u.s. companies and workers and it would overhaul the guest worker visa lottery. >> the quest for the cup. we all know that's not an easy road. >> especially now for the caps. >> no. no. we don't want history to repeat itself either, but it was a tough loss for the caps last night. one that was unexpected when we went to bed. >> that's right, we were winning 3-2 when i went to wed. another overtime game against the maple leafs. the caps now in a hole again. there is still hope.
6:52 am
news 4's reporter sherree burruss is in toronto where she talked to the team. >> reporter: the caps enjoyed leads of 2-0 and 3-1 here in toronto monday night, but another overtime loss puts the caps in a familiar position trailing in a playoff series. evgeni kuznetsov put away a rebound in the second period to give the caps a 3-1 lead but the leafs take the game to overtime. tyler bozak redirects the pass drawing a win 4-3. leads the series 2-1. caps frustrated but not panicked. >> just forget it and move forward. obviously losing isn't good but it's not over. >> not everything is easy, it's not coming easy, but at the same time we're right there in three overtime games. heck of a series. >> reporter: overtime in every game in the series. one player telling me he doesn't care if it goes to 16 overtimes, they just want the .
6:53 am
go that long for game four on wednesday. from toronto, sherree burruss, news 4 sports. >> tie things up on wednesday. we want to get to some news about your commute. we have some backups on the bhelt way right now. >> that's right. melissa mollet tracking the traffic troubles. >> a couple of miles. inner loop out at route 1. chopper 4 over this. awesome hd camera zooming in eight miles to show you the slowdowns. inner loop as you're approaching route 1. kra shall is on the shoulder. that's good. beltway, rest of it looking okay. toop is slow. feather stone lane, traffic still alternating around the crash. west of the main routes into town and out of town, nothing too severe. in bound 295 there, 14 miles per hour as you pass 50. 50 at columbia park road, new crash reported there. brandywine street between
6:54 am
that hit a poll. taking a look, 270 at falls road. travel times 66 and 95 in bound both ways there, both roads looking quite good. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car this morning. good morning, sheena. >> good morning, melissa. temperatures this morning on the comfortable side. a little bit cool though so probably you can get away with wearing a light jacket this morning. your tuesday weather outlook, the commute drive nice outside. more sun as we go outside. lunch outside. nice day to do that. mid 60s by lunchtime. currently 57 degrees in the district. sunshine through part of the area but clouds happening mostly south of the district. temperature wise 57 in lorton, 49 dulles, 43 in frederick, 61 in quantico. clouds for part of the area. most of them to the south. as we go through the day today, we're talking a
6:55 am
the low 70s. tomorrow will be a bit of a different day. more clouds move in. it will get cooler and then we have the roller coaster ride for the rest of the week. let's check that forecast with chuck bell this morning. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, sheena. yes, indeed. the flip-flop on the weather for the next couple of days. today we get the flip and back to the sunshine. tomorrow we get the flop as we get back into the cloud cover. here it is on satellite and radar. the northerly wind is pushing the clouds down to our south. that's the flip from the cloudy yesterday to the sunshine for today. then the flop comes tomorrow when all the moisture comes right back in courtesy of an easterly breeze off the ocean tomorrow. looks a lot cooler around here. not a big rain threat coming our way. here's future weather. most of the rain out of the d.c. metro. light rain and sprinkles along the blue ridge and shenandoah valley. ten day forecast now with sheena. >> chuck, today you see the low 70s.
6:56 am
65 tomorrow. clouds locked in with isolated shower chance chuck mentioned. thursday, 81. still near 80 friday, saturday and sunday. we're in the 60s again and we have those rain chances moving back in. and it is time for 4 things to know before you head out the door this morning. army investigators will be back at the scene of that deadly black hawk helicopter crash in leonardtown, maryland. a team from alabama is expected to comb through the wreckage. new updates in our nbc app. new security measures montgomery county. they'll spend a quarter of a million on security upgrades. that includes new video surveillance system and reinforced windows. follow aimee cho on twitter. president trump will head to wisconsin to sign a new executive order that the white house is
6:57 am
hire american. the "today" show will have a look at the president's day ahead. today is tax day. you have to get your tax returns postmarked today. we have five things you need to know about tax day on the nfc washington app. am i the luckiest guy in the world or what? >> certainly are, chuck bell. >> beauty on all sides. >> very well. >> i'll be in the middle. >> it's chuck's angels, the modern day version. >> all right. thanks for joining us, everybody. the "today" show is next. ha a great
6:58 am
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good morning. breaking overnight, the man hunt expands nationwide for the suspect who killed a perfect stranger in cold blood and posted the disturbing footage online. friends urging him to surrender. >> i know you are in pain. but, brother, you got to turn yourself in. >> the victim's family and neighbors gather for an emotional vigil. the white house standing firm on the president not releasing his tax returns. as critics around the country turn up the heat. >> he's still under audit. >> will the white house will forced to give in? the president's top agitator here exclusively. burning issue, did


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