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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  April 18, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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killer was doing while police were searching for him, moments before he took his life. it's an epidemic affecting owl demographics, but we'll explain why women are facing a tougher battle right now. but we want to start, first at 4:00, on capitol hill, and a tragic accident on the grounds of the u.s. capitol complex. >> a man killed by a falling branch as he worked in the area. it happened this morning on independence avenue in southeast, and this afternoon, we're learning more about the victim. news4's chris gordon is on capitol hill now with what he's learned. chris? >> reporter: well, pat, behind me you see crews cleaning up the last of this debris from the fallen tree. an american elm that lost a huge branch that tumbled down, killing matthew mcclana han who is a pipe fitter. he leaves behind a wildlife and young children, he was working here t
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grounds. u.s. capitol police closed parts of independence avenue. this morning, a large tree branch fell, hitting a maintenance worker at the capitol. matt mcclana han was uncon shuns when help arrived. they gave him cpr and rushed him to the hospital where he died. >> that's awful. i'm sorry to hear that, prayers to his family, condolences. >> reporter: tours were detoured while police investigated. the architect of the capitol issued a statement this afternoon, saying that a large branch from an american elm fell and struck matt mcclanahan who was working nearby on an irrigation pipe. crews remained on the scene for hours to remove the tree from the roadway and sidewalk. so many hours later, six hours after this tragic accident occurred, ind
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still closed on the south side of the u.s. capitol, where the house office buildings are, and ahead at 5:00, how the capitol hill community is remembering matthew mcclanahan. back to you. >> horrible accident, thank you very much, chris. we also have breaking news about the death of the so-called facebook killer. police say he stopped to get chicken mcnuggets and that turned out to be the beginning of the end. police say steve stephens killed himself after a short police chase in erie pennsylvania. he was waiting on an order in a mcdonald's drive-through when an employee recognized him, specifically of the video he posted of himself, killing a man on easter sunday. the employee thought fast, tried to stall stephens until police arrived. but he got nervous and drove away. but officers were already
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nearby. >> although this was not the ideal outcome, we are pleased that no one from the community was harmed, including members of law enforcement. the pennsylvania state police extends our condolences to the godwin family in cleveland, ohio. >> police are now trying to backtrack his whereabouts, trying to figure out where he's been since that murder on easter sunday. stephens claimed to have killed more people but that's not confirmed. first at 4:00, we're learning what caused the roller coaster ride to get stuck at six flags america last week. engineers say there was an issue with one of the wheels on the joker's jinx. firefighters had to use long ladders to rescue about two dozen people from the right on thursday. six flags says technicians have finally fixed the problem, the joker's jinx was re-opened today after ride inspectors cleared it ok
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chopper 4 was over the scene of a police chase that ended on i i-270. the car stopped near the middle brook road exit and two people took off. police were able to stop a woman on i-270 and a man was caught in a neighborhood near the highway. chopper 4 also flew over the scene of a messy crash on the beltway. a dump truck overturned in prince george's county. police had to shut down a stretch of highway near richie marlboro road, traffic backed up for miles, but everything's been r re-opened. police are investigating a shooting at a gas station on kennel with avenue. it's unclear right now what led up to this. the woman was conscious and breathing when paramedics arrived. presint
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a "buy american hire american" executive order, it pressures federal agencies to buy more goods and services from u.s. companies and workers. it also clamps down on guest worker visa programs, in an effort to get u.s. companies to hire more american workers. vice president mike pence met with the prime minister of japan in tokyo today. he says the u.s. will stand with japan 100% in the face of new threats from north korea. facebook describes the future of social media as pokemon go on steroids. ceo mark zuckerberg said his company's focus is on blending the digital world with the physical world. turning now to the weather, which was glorious today. but -- >> i already heard him saying, don't get used to
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today is, you're going to be wishing for another couple days like this. really all around the mid atlantic, just some great numbers after the cloud cover we saw yesterday giving way to the sunshine today. 71, d.c. 73 morgantown. 72 towards roanoke. ocean city, still only 57. don't start thinking about the beach just yet. the front came through, you can see it meandering down to the south. it is trying, though, watch it going down to the south, coming back up to the north and yeah, some showers down to the south and west. so tomorrow, cooler with showers likely. we'll talk about the best chance to see those showers and then the warmth is returning. rain chances on the increase for later this week and a weekend wash-out is possible. see you in about ten minutes. >> thanks, doug. she was in her kitchen in l.a. he was in his study in kensington palace.
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take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®. a school bus caught fire in st. mary's county, causing a scary ride for some high school students. the bus was on its way to leonardtown high school when the driver saw smoke under the hood. he pulled off the road and got all the kids off the bus. moments later, that bus caught fire. the school district is vchthing how it started. in just a few weeks, the city of hyattsville in prince george's county will officially become a sanctuary city. [ applause ]
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>> the city council passed an ordinance last night with an 8-2 vote, preventing police officers and other city officials from asking you about your immigration status or discriminating against you on the basis of that status. the ordinance takes effect june 8th, the council vote followed a public hearing on the matter. >> i'm deeply troubled and concerned with the logic of sanctuary cities anywhere in our country. sanctuary cities harbor criminals, creating a dangerous environment for u.s. citizens. >> translator: and now more than ever, that we as a people of the country must unite. >> president trump has threatened to cut off funding for sanctuary cities, for hi hyattsville, that could mean a loss in $20,000 in federal grants. tod
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if you need more time, you may be able to get an automatic six-month extension. you can find the form on, but this gives you more time to file, not pay. you need to estimate the amount of tax you owe and send a payment today. if you're going it alone, we have a look at the popular products to help you. search tax tools in the nbc washington app. so, did you procrastinate in filing your taxes? hey, i'm not pointing any fingers. we want hto hear from you. go to our nbc washington app and search taxes, or let us know on our facebook page. 70% of you said you got them done early. well, yesterday at this time, a military helicopter had just crashed on a golf course in southern maryland. a day later, investigators are still trying to figure out what happened. we'll tell you what they're looking for right now. and we're taking a look at the numbers to explain why women
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men when it
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the army has been out at the scene of this deadly helicopter crash in st. mary's county all day today. investigators are trying to figure out why the chopper went down on that golf course yesterday. news4's justin finch explains what they're looking for right now. >> reporter: today army investigators will begin their investigation probing through
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factors to determine why that black hawk took off from fort belvoir only to crash in southern maryland. what was tleft of the uh-60 was in pieces. this video shows the helicopter at the breton bay golf course. it was a training flight. the army officials are now saying it ended with a crash after 1:30 p.m. monday, and in a group of other helicopters, witnesses recall that black hawk standing out. they say it was flying low, began losing control before ultimately crashing to the ground. >> we were sitting down on center 40 circle and we watched the helicopter come by, sitting very low, and my brother made a comment, look how low it is. i said, oh, my god, it's going sideways. then it started to go backwards and it went down. >> reporter: threere
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were on board. one died on the scene. two others were taken to a trauma center. officials say their names will be released once their families are notified. i'm justin finch, news4. in montgomery county, help is on the way to a community that's been targeted by a string of hate threats. multiple bomb threats and now they're getting extra money for security. we obtained this video from bender jcc, it shows police responding to the sixth bomb threat there in four months. today the montgomery county council approved another $225 million for security measures such as installing more surveillance cameras and reinforcing windows and doors. >> these are prudent expenditures to make sure that our jewish community, our muslim community, our sikh community, all of our communities f s
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>> the money should help offset some of the costs the centers have incurred to keep their members safe. the statistics are shocking, the number of women battling heroin and painkiller addiction has risen dramatically. so has the number of women dying from overdoses. up 151% in the last decade alone. news4's darcy pencer takes us to a special center designed to handle the needs of women who are misusing drugs. >> reporter: the chrysalis house is designed specifically for women facing drug and alcohol abuse. what's so special here, the women can live here with their children. there's a growing epidemic of heroin and ownershipot abuse and overdose here in the state of maryland. death rates have tripled in recent years. the number of women overdosing is also on the rise. the executive director of chrysalis house s
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many of them do bring their children. he said this facility is on the front lines of this crisis. >> and we often go above and beyond to try to help women find a safe, nurturing environment where other women can relate to each other, and as they leave our program, have a place to go to continue their recovery. >> reporter: coming up, i'll introduce you to a woman who was here at chrysalis house for the second time, battling ea heroin addiction, what she says she did wrong and the advice she has for others facing addiction. >> i hope they get the help they need. first at 4, metro says you should be experiencing a more reliable trip. 218 railcars had to offload because of a mechanical issue in the first few months of the year. that's half the number we saw during the same period last year. metro
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4,000 series railcars which has helped improve reliability. the gm also credits an aggressive railcar maintenance program. soon you'll be able to use your phone at more underground metro stations. metro says 30 underground stations will have free wi-fi by the end of the year. that includes nearly every red line station from union station to medical center. the only exception will be woodley park. right now, only six downtown stations have free wi-fi. metro's hoping to have all underground stations online by next year. and montgomery county's ride-on bus service could have free wi-fi soon. "the washington post" reports the county is testing wi-fi service on four routes this spring. if everything goes according to plan, 12 more routes could get service this summer and eventually the entire fleet of 365 buses will be connected. ride-on is the first public bus service to offer free wi-fi and it costs the
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per bus to do that. >> i get the feeling we're getting to the point where people expect it anywhere and everywhere. you're going to be able to get it anywhere. >> most definitely. you have whole cities with free wi-fi in some areas. so get on the bandwagon. or get on the metro. >> meanwhile, free sunshine today. >> and that sunshine tomorrow, you have to pay for it, because the clouds are coming back in. >> always a catch. >> how great was today. just a beautiful spring afternoon across our region. highs in the low 70s, just gorgeous out there with plenty of sunshine. that's where we are right now. look at that shot. just gorgeous, and yes, a lot of trees out there in bloom and that's why everybody is dealing with the pollen. tom will have more on that about 4:45. right now, 71, winds out of the southeast 9 miles an hour. 70, martinsburg, 67 towards annapolis, it's nice everywhere. no rain today
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in the way of rain. however, a chance for rain tomorrow, from a system back to the west. we had a front come through yesterday, you can see the clouds. watch how they move down to the south, giving us clear skies, and now coming back up from the southwest. the clouds moving to the north and the shower activity will move our way tomorrow. timing it out, around 6:00, not a lot of rain down here, not expecting a lot tomorrow. but it's moving our way. by 7:00 a.m., everybody seeing the cloud cover and the shower activity back to the west. winchester, towards petersburg. by around 10:00, still cloudy. warrenton, culpeper, fredericksburg. watch what happens as it moves to the east, kinda dries out. couple of showers, but not a big deal. during the afternoon, we may see a little bit of sunshine, but more cloud c
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continues too. take a look at this, our reston camera has been down fa while. finally got it fixed. plenty of clouds tomorrow. early showers to the west. and seasonably cool. advertised 68, we'll be 63 tomorrow. that's going to be a cool day. what about a car wash? a lot of people in line. don't go, nod bat, get it done. even with the clouds and a few showers, a great time to get that pollen off your car. i know mine had a lot of pollen on it earlier today. the next couple days -- you had one too? >> yes. caked in pollen. >> 81 on your thursday. 80 degrees on friday. 30% chance of showers each day, but a better chance of rain late saturday into sunday. and hopefully that gets rid of some of the pollen. >> thanks, doug. the british royal family has been showing its commitment to prom
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lady gaga to help. pregnant women who are suffering from depression face a difficult decision when it comes to treating the symptoms. we have some new information just released
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more now on a touching story we shared with you yesterday regardinbr
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harry. he revealed that back in his 20s he sought counselling to help deal with the grief of losing his mother, princess diana. well today his brother prince william is pushing that discussion even further. joining forces with lady gaga to raise awareness about mental illness and erase the stigma around that topic. now this report from london. >> reporter: overnight, the royal family releasing this video, showing prince william and lady gaga chatting on face time about the benefits of speaking out about mental health issues, william praising the superstar singer for opening up about her struggles. >> i read your open letter, and i thought it was very brave and incredibly moving to write down such personal feelings. >> there's a lot of shame attached to mental illness. >> everybody has mental health and we shouldn't be ashamed of it. and having a conversation with
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such a difference. >> even though it was hard, it was the best thing that could come out of my mental illness was to share it with other people. >> reporter: in a separate interview, prince william made a promise to his own children. kathryn and i are clear that we want both george and charlotte able to grow up talking about their feelings. william's remarks moving away from the tradition epitomized by geen -- queen elizabeth. harry offering praise for his brother who suggested counselling. prince william and harry's charity has been named the official charity of the london marathon which takes place this weekend. the video streaming service netflix is nearing a milestone. ju
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it's about to register 100 million global subscribers. if company projections hold true, the magic number could come this weekend. >> i'm contributing to that. >> i think we all are. we're working on several developing stories in our newsroom right now. >> including new blowback for republicans forced to defend the president's refusal to release his tax returns. and grief turns to anger. a man from maryland discovers he was double-charged for part of his mother's burial months after her death. when he couldn't get hisoney m
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you're watching
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4:00. midnight is the deadline to pay your taxes or face the music. which brings us to a touchy subject for the president. >> yeah, obviously president trump hasn't released his taxes yet and his fellow republicans are starting to feel the sting of public anger about that. for what it's worth, the president is inching ever closer to that 100-day benchmark. blayne alexander is tracking the story from capitol hill. >> we're at day 89, to be specific, and the president is spending that day away from washington. he's in wisconsin right now, and he's been talking about a familiar theme that we've heard repeatedly -- buy american, hire american. talking about jobs, a major campaign promise. but on this tax day, questions about his tax returns are not going away. as millions of americans scramble to meet the tax-return deadline, today the president's returns remain under wraps. president trump in wisconsin
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>> no more secrets, mno more lies! >> reporter: protesters calling on him to release his tax returns. the white house says they have not been released and may never be because the president is still under audit. >> i think people are going to keep demanding it and they're going to keep demanding it and making their voices heard on this. >> reporter: the president and his party already looking ahead to tax reform, but democrats say, unless the president shows his returns, they won't sign off. >> is he doing it to benefit himself, his friends, we don't know. >> reporter: republicans feeling the strffingz at town hall. >> the president says he's still under audit. >> i'm not going to ask the previous president that i served under to show his birth certificate anymore than i would ask this president to show his taxes. >> reporter: a hot topic outside of this d.c. tax office. >> does it bother you at all that the president has not released his tax returns? >> it bothers me a le
4:33 pm
>> i do feel he should release. it's only fair. he's a citizen first before president. >> it's disappointing to me. >> reporter: as the president insists, when it comes to his taxes, the american people just don't care. and while the president has broken from decades of tradition by not releasing his tax returns, he has release the all financial information required by law. pat? >> blayne alexander, thank you, blayne. righting a wrong that happened more than 150 years ago. derrick ward is on the georgetown university campus to show us how the school is apologizing for profiting from selling hundreds of slaves. >> reporter: some alumni might not recognize this name, isaac hawkins hall, this is the hall's new name. who is isaac hawkins? used to be property of the jesuits. the reason for the whole ceremony today. the university said they're sorry and they're
4:34 pm
ways to move forward. >> we pray with you today because we have greatly sinned and because we are profoundly sorry. >> i've been in d.c. since 2003 and to know i've been passing by georgetown all of this time and not realized the connection has been kind of a surreal moment for me. >> reporter: later on news4, more about georgetown university recognizing its slave-owning past and charting a course for the future. several new laws are on the books this afternoon in maryland, all related to sexual assault. governor larry hogan signed them into law. one expands the definition of sexual abuse to include human trafficking. another no longer requires the victim to resist her attacker for a sexual assault charge to be filed. on another front, the governor signed the hometown heroes act, which gives a tax break on retirement income to first
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responders. good afternoon and gesundheit. the pollen count is right back up again and that's to blame. this live view from our storm team 4 city camera, showing all the trees producing leaves and pollen there along the tidal potomac and just about everywhere else. just a few clouds popping up in an otherwise sunny sky and a gorgeous afternoon. i took that picture earlier this morning in northern montgomery county. we are in the high range for trees, it's mostly oak tree pollen. the grass and weeds, still very low. mold spores, still very low. the forecast for the pollen, gonna be in the high range tomorrow and thursday. although it may drop a little bit as we get toward the weekend, especially on sunday, with some rain coming through. temperatures right now in the low 70s. just about everywhere, reagan national at 71, hour by hour and into the evening hours, we'll have it back down into the 50s by dawn tomorrow. a look at rain chances for the
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minutes. >> thank you, tom. as the weather gets warmer, it's so important to remember not to keep your pet alone in a hot car. the humane rescue alliance says two pets have already died in hot cars this year and two more had to be rescued. experts say an outside temperature of 72 degrees can lead to a temperature inside a car of 116 degrees. within an hour. leaving the windows down doesn't help much. so you don't want to do that. as the weather gets warmer, please make sure your pets can stay indoors and that they have shade when they're outdoors, also make sure they have plenty of water so they don't get dehydrated. new today, new research proves nearly everyone uses their phone when driving. that's the finding by the driver analysis firm zen drive. the company did a three-month study involving three million anonymous drivers. drivers are on their cell phones for more than three minutes of every
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area, maryland comes out the best when it comes to drivers who pay attention, then virginia, and finally d.c. so here's your chance to voice your thoughts about plans to create a bus rapid transit line in rockville. it's also known as brt. the montgomery county council will hold a public hearing. if you want to testify, sign up by 5:00 on the county's website. zia legget has proposed a plan to install the special bus line along the busy route 29 corridor. the buses would have their own designated path and they'll make fewer stops than traditional buses. about this time next year, there will be no missing link for drivers along moor view park way in loudoun county. crews broke ground today for the section between old ryan road and crosson lane. it would be a four-lane
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road with a crosswalk on one side and a shared path on the other. depression amongst pregnant women is common. new today, why taking antidepressants when you're pregnant may not be as risky as once thought. and in an age when more and more brick and
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in news4 your health. women who take antidepressants early in their pregnancy are not more likely to have children with autism or adhd. that's the finding of a million infants born in sweden over a 16-year period. researchers found no increase of autism or attention problems in children whose mothers took antidepressants in the first trimester. but it was linked to a slight increase in the risk of premature birth. the bottom line, experts say, women should talk to their doctors about taking antidepressants during pregnancy. however this study suggests using those medication system safer than previously thought. it's that time of year when parents start reaching for the sunscreen to protect against harmful rays, but what happens when your kids are at school? in most states, students need
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doctor's note to bring sunscreen to school, because the fda considers it an over-the-counter drug. some states are taking steps to exempt it. about 500 kids are diagnosed with melanoma each year. tonight at 7:00 , on "nbc nighty news," we'll have more on the battle to allow sunscreen in schools and hear from a mother who say her daughters came home from a field trip with second-degree burns. a lot of folks who use uber often wonder should i tip the driver? >> yeah, how a major city could now force uber to add the tip option to its app. and nbc4 responds to a man from maryland who was double charged for a loved one's burial, not once but twice. >> to have people take advantage of you like that, it's kind of like,
4:43 pm
and didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to tie all that space together. with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. bassett had everything that we needed. fabric combinations marry the rooms together. having someone with bassett has been invaluable. we could've never dreamed up this room without bassett.
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imagine getting through the pain and the heart ache of losing a parent only to discover months later that you've been overcharged for the burial. that's what happened to a maryland man and then when he tried to get his money back, he got nowhere. but he turned to consumer reporter susan hogan for help and he got it. susan? >> that's right. doug howell had a hunch his father prepaid for his mother's burial, but the cemetery insisted there was no such payment. after he found proof and still
4:46 pm
called nbc4 responds. doug howell's father made sure his family never had to worry about money. >> my father left my mother comfortable. she never wanted for anything, and that was the type of person that he was. >> reporter: so when doug's mom passed away last year, he was shocked to learn that cedar hill cemetery in suitland, had no record of her prepayment on her burial. >> i said, did my father prepay for this burial and the vault? she said no. so i thought that was kind of unusual because that's not my father. >> reporter: the howells couldn't find any paperwork that showed a prepayment so they went ahead and paid the $4,300 burial cost, but months later, doug made a shocking discovery. >> i came across the certificate that says that the vault and the burial were prepaid for.
4:47 pm
proof of prepayment on his brother's plot, but the family had been charged again for that burial. after his sudden passing in 1991. so they had charged us for two burials that had been prepaid for. and at that point, i was like, i was furious. >> reporter: the documents were clear as day. >> and then this is my brother's. he paid for this in 1988. and here's 1991, when he passed away and they charged him 3,400.46. >> reporter: doug reached out to the cemetery but wasn't getting an answer. he called nbc4 responds. we got to work and contacted cedar hill and their owner. after passing our questions from person to person for weeks, cedar hill agreed to issue a refund of more than $3800. in a statement, cedar hill says our core mission is to memorialize every life with dignity, we regre
4:48 pm
and have refunded him. in addition, we waved the overtime charges that were incurred. while he's happy to have his money, doug is still shocked by the entire ordeal. >> they haven't apologized to this day, that they were sorry for basically taking, you know, my family's money. >> while doug has been refunded the prepaid portion of his mother's burial, he's still trying to get a refund for his brother's funeral more than 26 years ago. and if you have a problem you need help solving, open up the nbc washington app and search nbc4 responds to submit your request. >> that's a delicate time because folks are obviously grieving at that point. >> he's like, i have the proof, you know, and no explanation, just -- >> they had it too? >> yeah. real sad. >> thank you. >> sure. subaru is recalling some of its newer vehicles. there's a problem with the fuel system that can make some
4:49 pm
increasing your risk of a crash. the recall involves the 2017 impreza compact cars. subaru says dealers can fix the problem, but it hasn't yet posted a date for when this recall is going to start. a developing story that could affect your next uber ride. new york city is considering a new rule that would let you tip uber drivers. a group of about 50,000 independent drivers sent a letter to the city requesting this change. right now, uber doesn't allow you to tip, because it says it wants the experience to be hassle-free. the rule-change still needs to go through a public comment period and wouldn't take effect until the end of the summer. you remember oven balkers? they had a lot of stores in our area before it went out of business last year. >> well, it's back. with a brand-new name and owner. home escapes has bought the company and opened two new stores called the
4:50 pm
bachers. they started out 45 years ago as a pool maintenance company, but closed in october because of stiff competition from those big box stores. okay, we just got word that d.c. mayor muriel bowser is about to announce a big change for the d.c. police department. >> just one of the stories that we're working on for you in the next hour. wendy rieger's in the newsroom with us with more on this story. wendy? >> that's true. tom sherwood broke the story on on twitter this afternoon. he's going to tell us about this major shake-up. how it's going to change the way police officers are assigned throughout the district. and then also ahead, that's going to be new at 5:00, a murder mystery in prince george's county. a woman is found dead in a stranger's yard and police have no leads. they cannot even identify her. the new clues that police want you to see. they're hoping it will help solve this
4:51 pm
and it's the drink that has everyone on social media freaking out. the unicorn frappuccino. i will see you soon with those stories and more. we'll be tasting them tomorrow by the way. >> not today, tomorrow. >> i know. where are they? this is the tease. >> heck of a tease, wendy. >> we want to taste it and see it. >> thank you. well, what we are seeing, we're seeing a lot of sunshine today, but i noticed there's less pollen. is that in my mind? >> it is in your mind. and it's on the top of your head too. >> because of the rain? >> i think it's in my nose. >> the rain washed a little bit of it away. >> but it's bounced back. we got a fresh coating all over everything now. i asked siri what's the pollen count and all i heard was sneezing. so you know it's -- >> give her an allergy pill. >> that's right. on the weekend, though, the
4:52 pm
patience is a virtue. if you are suffering from pollen allergies, the best idea is stay inside and watch nbc4. >> there you go. >> stay with us. there's the sky now and there's the culprit for all the pollen, those trees, really greening up now. tomorrow morning you're going to need a light jacket and we'll have a rather cool start, similar to what we had this morning, and tomorrow afternoon, you'll be comfortable in long sleeves, but no sunglasses needed. a lot of cloudiness around and have the umbrella ready. a comfortable, gorgeous afternoon, other than the pollen, it's very, very pleasant. and hour by hour into tonight and tomorrow morning, sunset, 7:48, under a clear sky. by 8:00 p.m., mid 60s. near 60 by 11:00 p.m. around dawn, low 50s. then the low 60s by 11:00 a.m. by then, maybe a few sprinkles. for the wednesday commute, might have a little sun at 7:00 a.m., then it's all cloudy after that. th
4:53 pm
and temperatures will number the low 60s noontime, may hit the mid 60s, upper 60s parts of virginia in the afternoon. metro area, low to mid 60s. all dry on storm team 4 radar. rain may be moving in the green area, by 9:00 a.m., shenandoah valley. by noontime, lingering sprinkles for the western suburbs and it's pretty much drying out after that into the afternoon hours. might try to get a little sunshine breaking out by the sunset time tomorrow. storm team 4 ten-day outlook is going to be looking a lot like this around the area, with everything in bloom, beautiful spring blossoms there at west potomac park. warmer on thursday and friday, up near 80 degrees. might have an afternoon shower thursday or maybe a sprinkle on friday. but a greater chance of pollen-washing rain saturday afternoon
4:54 pm
cooler as well. and dry into next week. mid 70s by mid next week. >> thank you. a three-day nationwide manhunt for the facebook killer is over. >> what we're learning about the man who broadcast this murder of an elderly grandfather on easter sunday. and what he was doing just minutes before he was found dead. >> you're watching news4, first at 4:00.
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he was one of the most wanted men in america. steve stephens posted that facebook video of himself killing a 74-year-old man in cleveland. despite being the focus of an intense manhunt, he still made a stop at mcdonald's. and as sarah dallof reports, that was the beginning of the end. >> reporter: one of the country's most wanted, no longer on the run. >> the search for steve stephens has ended. >> reporter: the three-day manhunt for steve stephens, ended in erie, pennsylvania, after a worker at a mcdonald's drive-through, recognized him and called police. >> he couldn't have got more than a hundred yards on buffalo road before the police were behind him. >> reporter: following a short chase, stephens shot and killed himself. >> we would have liked to
4:58 pm
exactly why this happened. >> reporter: on easter sunday, stephens recorded himself killing 74-year-old robert godwin and then posted the video to facebook. godwin, a father and grandfather, was seemingly picked at random. the horrific crime raised questions about the responsibility of social media outlet when it comes to policing criminal content. >> this is something that should not have been shared around the world. period. >> reporter: facebook released a statement saying, we disabled the suspect's account within 23 minutes of receiving the first report, but added we know we need to do better. mark zuckerburg also commented at the annual conference. >> we have a lot of work and we will keep doing all we can to prevent tragedies like this from happening. >> reporter: a manhunt over, but promises for change in the future to help other families avoid the grief robert god win's family and now mired in. sarah dallof, nbc
4:59 pm
tonight at five:00, a tragic accident, the new information about the man who was killed when this tree limb fell on him on capitol hill. atoning for the past. george serin apologizing to the descendants of slaves once sold to keep the university was closing. and a deadly epidemic, why women are facing a tougher battle in the fight against opioid addiction. but we start with a death on the grounds of the capitol complex. >> this happened this morning as a maintenance employee was doing work on an irrigation pipe near independence avenue. this evening, we're learning more about that victim and how he is being honored. chris gordon has the story. chris? >> reporter: wendy, you see that independence avenue is still closed as it runs beside the u.s. capitol here. crews are still working to clear the debris from
5:00 pm
a large branch fell on matt mcclanahan, a maintenance employee who worked for the architect of the capitol. d.c. fire and ems personnel extracted mcclanahan from under the fallen tree, gave him cpr and rushed him to a hospital, where he died. >> yeah, that's terrible. i'm so sorry for his family. we appreciate his service, taking care of this beautiful city. we're happy to be here visiting. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan issued a statement saying matthew and his wife lauren have two young children, effie and matthew, their loss is so sudden and unimaginable. i ask my colleagues and everyone in the capitol community to keep matthew's loved ones in your thoughts and prayers. capitol police closed a portion of independence avenue where the broken branches blocked parts of the road and sidewalk. tourists were detoured around the scene, only later learning that a life had


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