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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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boy, oh, boy what a night to be a d.c. sports fan. we have live team coverage of roller coaster of emotions. a new restriction between you and the white house is going into
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metro proposal that can mean more money for the agency, less for you. >> news 4 at 11:00 starts now. scores! >> playoff fever running high in the district tonight. we have live team coverage from here to canada. >> in toronto with the caps tying up series at 2-2. >> reporter: there is a slight sigh of relief. the capitals stealing a win here in toronto tonight to even up the series. this game coming down to the final seconds. for the first time in four games this game was won in regulation. coming up, tom wilson played the hero again for the capitals. we will send this o
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maloney with more excitement. >> the wizards home court is still abuzz. amid the cleanup the lights are flashing wizards win. squeaking out another single digit victory up 2-0. what does that mean to them? their momentum as the series shifts to atlanta? we will take you inside the locker room. we will learn not much. the guys tell me they are still in attack mode. we will hear from the winners coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you both. d.c. sports fans had to multi task to keep up with the action tonight. >> shomari stone was also at the verizon center. >> reporter: it is an exciting night for d.c. sports fans. i think d.c. now stands for demolishing competition. a lot of f
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at the verizon center. you have the wizards, capitals both won tonight. andrew peterson's two sons are die hard wizards and capitals fans. >> we are all in for the wizards. >> both teams are both from washington. >> reporter: both are playing post season games at the same time. andrew refuses to look at the caps' score. >> i'm trying to dvr it but my guess is we will hear about it. >> reporter: here near the concession stand fans cannot watch on screens because they are only showing the wizards games. some fans tell me they are checking out the capitals score on their phones. the wizards and capitals games are on all screens. angela traverse liked it. >> i'm so glad that the rd
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in the playoffs and playing on the same night. what else can they ask for? >> reporter: how about advancing to the second round of the playoffs? is that too much to ask? andrew says the wizards will do it. >> they will go back to atlanta and take the next two that's it. it's a wrap. >> reporter: he says it is a wrap. i would call it a clean sweep. just to let you know the nationals are also up by ten in the ninth. what a great night for d.c. sports. live here i'm shomari stone. >> getting carried away there, aren't you? >> a little too much. new at 11:00, metro wants a dramatic overhaul of how it is funded and run but the transformation will mean billions of dollars in new money. >> jackie bensen is live with what the plan means for riders and in effect
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release from metro says the plan is designed to keep the system safe, reliable and affordable. that plan calls for a change in the agency's business model. it also calls for a significant dedicated regional contribution, one that would most likely show up in our wallets as some form of tax. metro gm's plan to fix the beleaguered transit system is ambitious and comprehensive. it called for $1.5 billion in capital investment for ten years split between regional and federal governments, $500 million per year from a dedicated regional revenue stream. it would cap jurisdictional contributions at 3% annual growth so there is a limit to what taxpayers would be required to kick in. the plan called for a rainy day fund. >> if this region doesn't get behind him now then the region gets
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>> reporter: d.c. council member advocated for regional funds to be dedicated. >> our riders who are voters should vote out of office every politician that doesn't support this. >> reporter: larry hogan says the federal government should step up and pay more to fund metro. he says maryland is the largest funder of the system paying more than virginia, the district and the federal government. >> the discussion i had with the secretary of transportation was 40% of people are federal government workers and you need to pay more. they are trying to cut. they only say $128 million and 40% of the riders are theirs. >> reporter: virginia democratic congressman jerry connelly released a statement calling the plan, quote, a tough sell but some necessary medicine. live at the metro station, jackie bensen, news 4. >> tough talk, as well. metro gm is going to talk about all of this tomorrow morning and
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says in our nbc washington app. the news conference starts at 10:00 a.m. it's breaking news right now. d.c. police looking for a man who shot someone on florida avenue in northeast d.c. this is right by the metro station. it happened just about an hour ago. this was not on metro property but there was a huge police response in the area. we just learned the man was conscious and breathing when paramedics rushed him to the hospital. new security changes at the white house are kicking in right now. you will no longer be able to stroll the sidewalk along the south side of white house grounds. the secret service announced the closure will be in effect 24 hours a day. agents say this won't mess with picture taking. they say it will allow them to better monitor the area. on the north side the agency is putting in a higher fence hoping to keep fence jumpers off
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property. and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> that forecast a good one for the next couple of days. boy do things change for the weekend. out there today a lot cooler than it was yesterday. high yesterday of 72. we have 63 today. not too bad but definitely cool for this time of year. just back to the west temperatures near 80 and that is the kind of temperatures we have moving our way. something else moving our way showers and thunderstorms. look at the storms pretty strong around pittsburgh moving our direction. they will fizzle out but we will see showers for parts of the area by the morning rush. much more tomorrow. showers, few thunderstorms during the day tomorrow. heavier weekend rain and that could lead to a soggy sunday. i'll see you back here at 11:17. he was afraid of heights but signed up to fly. we are learning more about the young soldier who died in the military helicopter
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specialist jeremy tomlin was 22 years old. his mother said he always knew he wanted to fly on a black hawk. investigators look into what caused that crash. new at 11:00, police have a man in custody accused of exposing himself. he was caught on video at the maple ridge apartments and police told the families to be on the lookout for him. they assigned more officers to keep an eye on the complex. similar story in silver spring on easter sunday. police say a man tried to abduct two little boys from a playground. police say he tried to pull them into his apartment but the boys got away. that happened after police say he exposed himself to a young girl. officers arrested him on his balcony. new details tonight about what is next for bill o'reilly. the long time king of fox news booted off the network today over claims
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five women and paid them millions to keep quiet. the national geographic channel is working on plans to adapt one of his books. as of right now the plans are still in the works. in a statement o'reilly called the claims quote completely unfounded but by 8:00 tonight fox news had already pulled all references. the new host called o'reilly talented broadcaster. aaron hernandez is dead but a lawsuit filed against him may keep going. authorities from the former nfl star say he hanged himself. tonight lloyd's mother is pushing forward. her lawyers say all is left for judge or jury to decide is the amount of damages to be awarded. engineers
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little less painful. it cost $100 million. governor hogan says it could cut 30 minutes off your commute time and he says that is priceless. the project will expand driving lanes and add traffic signals at entrance ramps. construction could start this spring and wrap up in 2019. the ramp to 395 opens saturday after two years of orange cones and detours. instead of using the third street ramp traffic will be able to drive directly on to the highway. good news for folks going east. westbound commuters will see delays part of the capital crossing project which will create two city blocks above the expressway when it wraps up in 2019. the district is getting a taste of a plan that lets robots deliver your food. another state is rolling out a simi
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uc berkeley says it pulled the plug to avoid scenes like this. it's a popular online gaming site for kids, but what are adults doing on it? how one mot
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if you have never heard of roblox chances are your children have. >> predators can be lurking in that online world looking for ways to exploit children.
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a mom whose son was contacted by a man in virginia. >> building legos is about all this 12 year old can do now after his mom took away his computer, phone and electronic devices. >> about a year ago she says her son met another player on roblox which allows anyone to create and play cartoon like fantasy games. many involve role playing mald possible with a chat function. >> why did they start texting each other? >> because of the filters this person was able to talk my son into texting. >> this mom who does not want to be identified to protect her son says the chat filters were able to block curse words and inappropriate language couldn't stop the man from sending his phone numbers. the two sent each other thnd
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>> the texts with this person were very dark and sexual and viole violent. >> reporter: because her son deleted the messages she couldn't read them right away but through a private investigator they recovered many of them and were able to trace the phone number. >> the person told him he was 15. it was traced to a 56-year-old man in virginia. >> reporter: the boy contacted his so-called friend to warn him. his friend wrote if they want to clear up the predator thing they only need to call. i don't want to be charged with a felony. >> you read that to mean? >> i read that to mean this is a predator who is over the age of 18. >> and was aware. >> and was aware my son was under the age. >> reporter: roblox says it is the world's number one gaming site for kids and teens told the, team
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priority. there are several safe guards in place to protect our users that utilize current technology and human oversight including chat restrictions for users 13 and under. she says he changed his account at the urging of his friend. >> they have an avenue to reach the kids and gives them a way to groom them in getting them off of the game. >> scary stuff. r roblox says it is investigating the user and officials have suspended his account. a defiant ann culter is promising to speak even though the school cancelled her appearance. she told the hollywood reporter that her speech will go on. berkeley nixed her event because
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whatever you wore to work or school today i think you can probably swap it out for tomorrow. >> it's that kind of week? >> this morning was kind of chilly. little chilly right now. that moisture in the atmosphere is definitely out there. clouds continue, as well. could see areas with fog and shower activity. the real rain not until the weekend. looks like a pretty picture. current temperature at 61 degrees. winds out of the south at 14 miles per hour. makes things feel a little bit on the cool side. down to 52 in winchester. 57 towards cull pepper. the rain right now no rain in our immediate area. just back to the north and west around pittsburgh notice thunderstorm activity around pittsburgh area. all of this rain making its way to the south and east. it is dying off. i will zoom in a little bit more so you can see what i am talking
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pittsburgh but now starting to lose a little bit of intensity as it moves into our area tomorrow most will be gone. here is future weather. it just vanishes. i think we could see a couple of showers during that morning rush. i want you to be prepared for that. it won't be much. do you need to take the umbrella? if you take it you probably won't use it but it would be a good idea just in case. i think we will see showers tomorrow afternoon. during the afternoon a couple of thunderstorms could develop here. heads up during the afternoon around 6:00 isolated showers, isolated storms could effect the evening commute. they may stick around through 8:00, 9:00 tomorrow night. friday more of the same. clouds, a little unsettled. most of the day dry. what else is coming our way? 88 in st. louis. 81 indianapolis. that warmer air taking place a little earlier this
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tomorrow high temperature 81 degrees. warmer, a bit humid. few showers and storms. most of us will stay dry tomorrow. just remember that. you can get away with it. chris has shorts on under the desk. sorry, buddy. 83 degrees on friday. 40% chance of showers. 64 on saturday. look at sunday. 54 degrees. sunday not a nice day at all. a wash out likely. some rain heavy at times. one to two inches possible. if your kids have games this weekend i think you will get them in on sunday. i doubt we will get them in on sunday. all of next week looking really, really nice. some 60s, some 70s and some 80s out there. right now late next week i have mid 80s. i would not be surprised if we are near 90. that is way off. >> love the change between now and then. >> lots of changes. >> including the ts
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it's worth saying again, this was a great night for d.c. sports. we have you covered from d.c. to canada. the play tha might havet
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this is the xfinity sports desk. hey, everybody. what a dizzying and defining night in d.c. sports. caps up in toronto. we have the wizards game two here at verizon center. and nats going against atlanta braves. it is all good. we are going to take you up to toronto. first let's show you what
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the owner of the caps and wizards, he was here in d.c. courtside wizards and hawks. we pick it up late. john wall throws it down. the verizon center goes absolutely nuts. key moment. 2 of 32 for wall. tied his playoff high. wizards trying to close it out. that is what is called a dagger. wizards win it 109-101 up 2-0 as the series shifts to atlanta. >> the crowd was amazing again tonight like they have been all year. it was one of those things that we have to go there and handle business. >> we know their crowd is going to be amazing. we know they are going to play a lot better basketball. we feel like we
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our best basketball yet. >> we know it is going to be a lot. >> wizards not the only winners tonight. it is a d.c. playoff double. very different feature than here at the verizon center. >> reporter: yes. you know, the capitals promised this would be their best game of the series so far and they held true to their word. it was another crazy scene outside in toronto. inside the caps staying cool. first period the play of the series. caps up 2-1. here comes -- he can't find his puck but todd wilson does. check out how close this was, biggest save of the series. for todd wilson that led to this next time down the ice. finds the stick of wilson who scores on the deflection. ca u
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later toronto down one. caps win it 5-4 evening the series at 2-2. wilson's effort tonight all the talk in the locker room. >> there are some fabulous heroes. he played the right way today. he played hard. he went to the net, got rewarded. >> made a mistake there. those are plays that i think we are realizing that we have to make. >> when you are a kid you always have big dreams and lucky enough to fulfill them. >> all of our guys stepped up tonight. it is fun to win in toronto for sure. >> reporter: carol, alex ovechkin says they are excited to play in front of the home crowd. if you can help them move basketball courts they might appreciate it. >> they drop the puck 7:00 on friday. the nats in action tonight. they are visiting the
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he didn't stop there. bases loaded. grand slam. two grand slams in the game. and the nats win 14-4. so we'll be
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in wisconsin lawmakers are considering a bill that would treat food
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pedestrians. the robots navigate across city sidewalks and slow down or stop when something gets in the way. d.c. already has a similar service. maybe you have seen one of those. >> i wonder if they get tickets for jaywalking like we did.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- sienna miller, anthony bourdain,


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