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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  April 20, 2017 5:00am-5:59am EDT

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and melissa. >> osi tight. scores! t.j. oshie. >> oh, my goodness, gracious. the caps are now tied in their playoff series, 2-2. another nail biter of a game but they beat the toronto maple leafs. >> feel the jumper. dagger! >> you love sports announcers, right? yes. all the fans excited up on their feet. the wizards won their playoff game last night. now they are headed to atlanta to face the hawks. up 2-0. go, wiz, go caps, go d.c., go sheena, go chuck, go aaron. >> now eun can stop stressing so much. >> yes. >> the next game is going to be a little stressful to watch. >> absolutely. no kidding. each game is critical at this point in the season, that's for sure. >> if you look at the radar, we're watching a cluster of showers. we've been talking about it and
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to the area. this has some lightning in it. heavy rain here and there. all moving into frostburg. this will continue to move into the area. by 7:00 a.m. leesburg can be seeing it, fredericksburg, mart continuesbu martinsburg. let's head over to chuck. >> good morning. what a pleasant way to get the day started today. temperatures a little bit milder than yesterday. yeah, it's going to be a very warm day today. much warmer weather is back in fashion. four things to know about each of the four days. today much warmer. two rain chances, one first thing this morning, another later today. tomorrow most of the rain chances are in the afternoon hours as a cold front comes our way. that front spells very high rain chances for saturday night into sunday. so just know that sunday outdoor plans could be dicey at best from the way things look right now. but highs today, nng
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complain about. right around lunchtime into early this afternoon, melissa, we'll get enough sunshine. >> i do not have a convertible but i will borrow yours. >> all right. sure. >> does that sound good? crash reported -- maybe i'll just go buy one today. that sounds like a good idea, right? southbound at the i.c.c., tractor-trailer still leaking fuel there on the right side of the roadway. that could be a delay before that's totally cleaned up and out of the way. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway rolling along fine. 66 and 95, no worries. 95 north at quantico. not seeing an actual issue, just seeing a little bit of volume there. >> if you're picking up convertibles. >> no problem. very easy. got it. 5:02 our time right now. this morning we're learning that future fixes to metro could come out of your family's budget. >> metro's general manager is laying out a massive new overhaul program that calls for billions of dollars in funding. ws
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with what you need to know about this proposal. justin, good morning. >> reporter: eun, good morning. metro chief is saying that is about needs. any improvement is going to take a lot of money, and that's where you come in. now breaking down the plan here, he's calling for $1.5 billion in federal funding over 10 years and a $500 million dedicated contribution every year from d.c., maryland, and virginia. now that would likely come through a tax of some kind. those increases will be taxed at 3% per year. now that money raised will go to metro capital improvements, repairs and maintenance to keep the system reliably operating which is what riders want. district council man jack evans is also backing this proposal. >> remember, reliability is the key. that's what people want to do. they want to get on and g
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reliability is dictated by train cars that work and we need the $1.5 billion a year which paul says he needs over ten years, to fix the cars, fix the tracks. >> reporter: and we are due for a fuller picture of this proposal at a metro meeting today at 10:00 a.m. back in to you in the studio. >> justin, thank you. 5:04. one politician who may not be willing to pay more to help out metro is maryland governor larry hogan. >> the discussion i had with the secretary of transportation was 40% of the people that ride metro are federal government workers. you need to step up and pay more. they pay $128 million and 40% of the riders are theirs. >> hogan said maryland is the largest funder than its neighbors. lee voi
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one of the people who terrorized the city back in 2002. his six life sentences they will argue are unconstitutional. they say a 2016 court ruling makes retroactive a previous order demanding that the six life sentences are unconstitutional. that doesn't apply to malveaux who was 17 when he was arrested. learning more details this morning about another man who went on a shooting ram pain in maryland last year. eulalio toroil shot and killed his estranged wife at high point high school before he went on to kill two others at a mall and a grocery store. the washington post reports that on tuesday he is expected to plead guilty to two counts of first degree murder. he faces the same charge in prince george's county. police looking for the
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it happened on kenilworth avenue. a man groped her, came back and did it again. the second incident happened on 34th street around 6:30 a.m. on april 15th to a different woman who says the man had a knife. the description of a suspect was similar in both cases. a black jacket with green coloring on the sleeves that the man was wearing. a memorial service is planned tomorrow to remember specialist jerry tomlin. the 22-year-old died in a military crash on monday. he grew up in chaplain, tennessee. he knew he always wanted to fly on a blackhawk. nothing could stop him, not even his fear of heights. 5:06. erika gonzalez working the live
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>> reporter: changes impacting the way you'll see the white house the next time you are downtown. the sidewalk on the south side of the grounds is now off limits. used to be it was closed overnight. not anymore. pretty pictures, you'll still have them. this is going to help them monitor the area. the north side, that's going to be getting higher up and deter jumpers. >> erika, thank you. 5:07 now. foreign policy will be a big focus for president trump today. he will meet with the italian prime minister at the white house and then the two leaders will hold a joint news conference. that's where the president will likely face questions on some of the foreign policy decisions that his administration has made in the last several days. one of those questions will likely focus on iran. this comes after some tough talk from secretary of state rex tillerson who called the iran nuclear deal yesterday, a
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failure. former president george h.w. bush could be headed home any day now. he is recovering from a mild case of pneumonia. mr. bush is regaining strength and is in high spirits. bush spent 16 days in the hospital for pneumonia back in january. it is april 20th or 4/20. this year marijuana supporters are taking their call for legalization directly to capitol hill. marijuana advocates are holding what they call a joint session near the capitol building from noon until 4:20. while it's free for them to give it away, it's against d.c. law to smoke pot in public. the joint give away will take place off federal grounds at 1st street and constitution avenue
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so what is 4/20. college students gather to celebrate the day on campuses across the country and in marijuana shops and states where it is legal. that's because their customers -- and they thank their customers with discounts. they say it started with a group of friends from san rafael high school in california call themselves the waldos. right now recreational marijuana is allowed in eight states and d.c. you might remember the powerful storms that moved through our area earlier this month. they ripped off roofs and brought down trees. >> we now know that some of you survived several tornadoes in one day. the national weather service confirming three tornadoes hit fauquier county. each storm had wind gusts at more than 80 miles per hour. d.c.
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you may want to take that umbrella with you today and maybe even your sunglasses. both, sneen? >> yes, both. we're tracking showers and maybe a thunderstorm this afternoon, but this morning we also have another cluster on radar. so in between that and the late showers, i think we'll see some peeks of sunshine warming us up. we'll show you the temperature coming up. it's being called the next making of a murderer. and new details about the apparent suicide of aaron he
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you're watching "news 4 today." very early tropical storm is forming in the lant particular ocean right now. it could become tropical depression arlene. it's not there yet, but it would be the sixth time in the last six years a storm forms this early in the year, including two last year. hurricane season isn't usually until june 1st. it is possible though. see that? >> yeah, all right. let's find out more about our forecast for today. what are you thinking, chuck bell? >> i'm thinking you're going to want to have that umbrella. we have two chances for rain. the first one is running in our direction likely to bring showers i
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frederick county within the next 90 minutes. could get inside the boldt way. another chance for rain coming up a little bit later on. sheena will look at that at 5:20. good morning, melissa. >> good morning. taking a look we sort of start wide overall beltway looking good. inner loop, outer loop no problem. most of the routes are okay. branch avenue, still have that crash reported. southbound 95 at the i.c.c., tractor-trailer leaking fuel. 270 southbound at father hurley seeing the battle there. the issue on river road coming up. 5:14 right now. they can't believe it happened. aaron hernandez's family and his lawyers are reacting to his death in prison. >> they say there was nothing to indicate that he would kill himself. prison officials say it was an apparent suicide. they found hernandez hanging
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yesterday. he was serving a life sentence for the murder of odin lloyd but he was just acquitted of two other killings. >> very hard for me to accept the fact that he may have committed suicide. >> hernandez's legal team is even going as far to call his death suspicious. they also want his murder conviction overturned because the appeals process was not completed. today our country will remember two tragedies that have changed the world we live in today. >> 18 years ago today two students killed 13 people inside columbine high school in colorado. 12 students and one teacher died that day in 1999 when students eric harris and dylan klebold went on a shooting rampage. it. >> the other event took place seven years ago today. the deepwater horizon oil rig exploded in the gul
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causing the worst environmental disaster in u.s. history. 11 employees died and 200 million gallons of oil leaked into the water. bp operated the oil rig and paid billions of dollars of fines and settlement to the government. today kicks off four days of celebrations for the music and life of icon prince. it will happen at paisley park studios where the singer lived, worked and died. people who knew him best will come together for live music, panel discussion and presentations on prince's talent. he passed away at the age of 57. members of prince's 1980s band the revolution is ready to hit the road. this is how they're coping with his unexpected death. stops include chicago, new york, and san francisco. right now two people are flying into space. erika
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earth with what happened overnight. >> good to be here with you. this happened just a few hours ago in kazakhstan. take a look. >> the engines firing. now building up to flight speed and liftoff. >> that space capsule has two people on it joining the crew on the international space station. american jack fisher's first time going into space. they're still flying at this hour but they should get there before noon and will spend the next four months in space. good luck to them. back over to you. >> thank you, erika. well, nice place to let yourself down. moms say they loved it for more than the wine. >> my husband and i were happy because we were able to relax and enjoy ourselves
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kids played. >> the winery has several acres strictly for children. angie shares more about the wineries offerings. there are a lot of wonderful wineries not too far from here. >> there are. >> quick drive and beautiful scenery. >> gorgeous. >> kid and dog friendly. >> two, i guess, because -- >> who is taking their cat to the winery? >> aaron is going to take his cat on a leash to the winery. >> you'll be like that person we saw, remember? >> oh, my goodness. that's a story for facebook. i'll tell you later. umbrellas for part of the area this morning. even some thunderstorms on your radar. i'll show you that in a second. we are tracking early showers for parts of the area. then we'll have a break. we'll see sun. the temperatures will warm up and see showers later on today. we're watching some rain as we go into the
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parts of the area already starting to see a little bit of rain but as this continues to move in and it holds together could be moving into the district soon. frostburg, a little bit of rain. westchester could be seeing rain. look what future weather does with it bringing it down around 7:00 a.m., leesburg, gaithersburg, martinsburg and thunderstorms in t. 7:00 a.m. 8:00, 8:30 could be moving through the district. then clearing out. by lunchtime looking dry and things will start to warm up quickly with peeks of sun. that could fuel another round of storms this afternoon. scattered showers and potentially thunderstorms. at 6:30 we could be watching more off to the west. exercising, 7:00 a.m., keep in mind we have a chance of showers. near 60 by lunchtime. short sleeves and dry. by 7:00 p.m. chance of showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. for today high temperatures will be in the low 80s.
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tomorrow much of the same. we go into the weekend chance of showers. we could be looking at mid 60s. sunday watching a pretty steady rain chance. rain chance is going to be likely and temperatures held down into the 50s. chuck is back with a closer look at the weather as well. let's check the roads with melissa mollet. >> brand new problem northbound at indian head highway. we do have this issue in the right lane. we are seeing a slowdown if you really zoom in this morning. not exactly sure what's going on. as soon as we are, we will let you know. suite land parkway, a crash. nothing bad on the belt way here today, that would be wonderful. golds borrow road, looks like they picked this up. we still have the position with the milling and paving. southbound 95 at the i.c.c., tractor-traile
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part of a right side of the who he had way blocked. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. a former first daughter stalked. the man detained and what else he's accused of doing to malia obama. >> be sure to join us for the ellen degeneres show. she's joining us to tell us about when she left
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you're watching "news 4 today." caution. >> you are about to enter the no spin zone. >> this morning the "the o'reil factor" is no more. the parent company of fox news announcing that bill o'reilly will not be returning to the show. this comes after a new york sometimes report two weeks ago that five women had been paid $13 million in settlements involving sexual haren
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claims against o'reilly over the years. fox news said that it made the decision, quote, after a careful review of the allegations. o'reilly released a statement yesterday in part saying, quote, it is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims. authorities are investigating alleged stalker who they say turned up at malia obama's workplace in manhattan on three separate occasions this month. our sister situation wnbc cites law enforcement sources saying the man had a sign proposing marriage to malia obama. he was turned over to a hospital for psychological evaluation. the nypd, secret service and the manhattan d.a.'s office are not commenting. your next netflix binge is coming. netflix is releasing a docu
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series of a 26-year-old nun in 1969. >> she was murdered our senior year. it's always haunted many people. >> the keepers looks into the murder of sister katheryn cesnick. this comes out on may 19th on netflix. >> already intrigued. in news 4 your health, we all know sleep is time well spent. according to a report released by credit, money is a big issue. the good news here is that 82% of people who lost sleep because of money last year have taken at least one step to improve their finances. all right. boarded up, windows, dead lawns.
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and drag down the price of your home. ahead at 5:30, the crackdown to force banks to clean up those properties. and good morning, everybody. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. off to a quiet and kind of cloudy start outside this morning. the warm air is coming back. we've got two chances for rain today and increasing chances for rain over the weekend. sheena and i will break it all down for you coming right up. >> plus, disturbing study about
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right now on "news 4 today," an abduction attempt on a playground and where this suspect lives may have you twice thinking about where your kids play. plus, metro's grand plan. a multi-billion dollar call for help. how you could feel the effects even if you don't ride the rails. storm team 4 forecast. warm temperatures and why you'll want to grab the umbrella on your way out the door news 4 today starts right now. 5:30. you'll have a lot of tired co-workers today after a wild night for fans in d.c. my goodness, gracious. >> we'll get you caught up on the sweep across three sports. first though, a look at the roads and the weather today. >> melissa mollet, chuck bell and sheena parveen
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fill us in. good morning. >> good morning. >> nice looking day outside. did you bring your umbrella in? >> i always have an umbrella, chuck. you don't? >> i'm very impressed. we have some hidden under our desk in case. it's not raining yet. you might want to go get it. it will be arriving on the i-81 corridor in the next 15 to 20 minutes. sprinkles in winchester, and in martinsburg, virginia. moderate rain into leesburg by 7:00, 7:30. pockets of moderate rain between 8:00, 9:00 a.m. temperature wise not too cool. mid 50s now. enough sunshine to get into the 80s across most areas and another chance
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this afternoon. let's go over to melissa who has new issues in downtown. >> i have more problems in downup to. pedestrian hit on 8th street. not too serious. still have an incident in the right lane on suitland. branch avenue, the crash is in bound. lacking a little bit of information. beltway inner loop and outer loop moving without any issues. 66 at nuttily, westbound, everything moving smoothly. travel times for you in ten minutes. eun? >> thank you, melissa. 5:32. d.c. sports, the week, fans of the capitals, nationals and
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series against the maple leafs with a 5-4 win in toronto. another nail biter, the wizards are ahead and the nats blew another atlanta team out of the water with a 14-4. instagram, twitter and facebook pages might be filled with a whole lot of excitement. security changes at the white house means you'll be kept farther away during your next visit. the sidewalk along the south side of the white house will be off limits 24 hours a day. it used to be closed overnight. news 4's megan mcgrath explains. today we should learn more. >> erika gonzalez is live in the newsroom.
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dollars to help with safety and reliability. metro wants $15.5 billion over the next ten years. that's 1.5 a year. it wants to dedicate funding of 500 million every year from d.c., maryland, virginia. that likely means you'll pay some kind of tax. the plan would cap increases at 3% a year. jack evans has long advocated for dedicated regional funding for metro. >> and if this region doesn't get behind what paul's putting out there, our riders or our voters should vote out of office, should vote into office. coming up at 6:00, news 4's justin finch will tell you why maryla maryland voters feel metro should pay more. a man tried to abduct two boys from a
5:35 am
now investigators are worried there may be more victims. on easter sunday montgomery county police say jumbaro gayda pulled two boys into his apartment and he exposed himself to a teenage girl. officers arrested him on his balcony which is just steps away from the playground. in prince george's county, neighbors helped catch a man who exposed himself. this picture shows a man with his pants down. revenge porn law has a law. a man was sentenced to nine years in prison for posting pictures of his ex where people ca
5:36 am
of 2015. it requires materials to be posted in places where others can see it. maryland's department of transportation will announce the details of its affiliation with nextdoor. it's helped people across maryland, d.c. and virginia provide information to their neighbors. maryland will be the first state to connect its emergency management agency with the app. the goal is to communicate with marylanders during emergencies and natural disaster. here's a live look across d.c. a new report says smog is still a threat to the public health. that's according to the american lung association's 2017 state of the air report. louds done and ana
5:37 am
received ds. it's based on the level of days between 2013 and 2015. a new foreclosure fight to protect the value of your home. the crackdown to clean up abandoned homes. a cause that had a whole highchool missing class s.
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> the banner you may have seen hanging from homes near nats park aren't coming down. they're no longer a show of support for the home team, they're becoming political. black lives matter, make america great again are some of the messages hanging from balconies. one sign said nope under a pro trump banner. if they're not taken down o they could get fine joos do you have homes in your neighborhood that look like they're falling apart? >> a lot of people across our area worry that those homes could bring down the value of their properties. now there's a new push to address foreclosed and neglected properties.
5:41 am
montgomery county there are fines for those who don't take care of their properties. >> there are arsons, drug parties, all kinds of crimes associated with vacant properties left to rot there. >> in prince george's county they're looking at a package of bills to go after banks and owners which may include fines of $1,000 a way. changes coming to the most famous home in our area. up next, why you'll be kept farther from the white house during your next visit. and this morning we're tracking some showers about to move in. otherwise, it's going to be a warm day. i'll show you a closer look at the radar and what you can expect this afternoon. melissa? >> good morning, sheena. new information on the problem in bound. the ramp has been shut down because of the crash. more details and a look at your beltway and the travel times next. >> plus, oprah, the actress. she is returning to tv to tell
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right now at 5:45. cutting down your commute. the new plan that could knock 30 minutes off your daily drive. plus, good-bye temptation. why a popular drugstore is getting rid of those candy counters full of junk food. major changes outside the white house. where security is being stepped up and what it means for your next visit. "news 4 today" starts now. it's 5:45. let's get right to that story at the white house with news 4's megan mcgrath. >> reporter: well, yeah, that's right, guys. actually, for the last couple of years there have been closures in place along the south side of the white house. you can see the barriers here, but once the sun came up during the day visitors were allowed to go through the gate, crossover and go through the fence on
5:46 am
south side of the white house, take pictures, take a nice look, take in the scenery. that is no longer going to be the case. these closures are now going to be in place 24 hours a day. that decision, that change going into place last night. no longer will tourists be able to walk along that grassy area and along that sidewalk on the south side of the white house. fence jumpers have been an ongoing issue. 95% of the jumpers have had some sort of mental illness and there have been two arrests in march. the closure is a threat between the south street and west street. so it's kind of a high profile fence behind the white house. it's so popular with tourists. the area has been off limits at night for a while but now that
5:47 am
closure is going to be in place 24 hours. the secret service saying this is going to allow a greater buffer so that their officers have more time to spot and react to potential fence jumpers. back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you. 5:47. the trump administration is focusing on international community. the country is called a threat to the u.s. and the world. news 4's tracie potts is live on capitol hill. >> reporter: the fact that iran is complying with some things but not the rest. the u.s. said iran is a sponsor of terror in five different countries, violated human rights, had americans arrested. a number of things that destabilize the region. the biggest concern is iran's nuclear ambitions. the trump admis
5:48 am
they've certified two days ago. they say if the u.s. intents to walk away and that iran to walk away from this. so they're trying to figure out how to weigh nothing yet up here that a pleers clear. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you. 17 attorneys general including the ag in the district have signed on to a breach asking the court of a puls. they say it would negatively impact universities and museums. they're scheduled to hear oral arguments on the case next month. marijuana supporters are sparking a different kind of rally today in honor of 4:20. high holiday
5:49 am
they'll be holding a joint session on capitol hill. it is legal to give marijuana to anyone 21 or older but it is against the law to smoke pot in public. developing this morning, more police in southern high school in ana rund dell county. nearly 2,000 loudoun county high school students are learning a powerful lesson about suicide prevention outside of the classroom. every student walked yesterday in memory of ryan bartell. he took his life in 2014 in the senior year. they started the we're all human law. they wrote
5:50 am
anxiety and carried it with them. at the end of the walk they tossed it into the fire. >> everyone else has something that they're going through. that's what the dialogue means, you're not alone, someone cares, someone's there for you. >> the walk spread from wood grove and has been going throughout the county. search suicide prevention in the app. how young is too young to let your kids cross a busy street by themselves? a new study from the university of iowa say it may not be until they're teenagers. researchers put children in a simulator and asked them to cross a street. >> then they get the cell phone
5:51 am
>> i'm telling you. it gets harder and harder. even if you have the walk pedestrian sign. >> situational awareness is key. you have to really be paying attention at all times. texting and doing anything else, people forget the human brain is a single file processor. it does one thing really well, it doesn't do the next thing so well. my brain is exceptionally single file processing. as a cloudy start to the day. not cold. this fine morning it's mostly in the 50s. yesterday was exactly average for temperatures which gives you an idea how mild it's been. only two days have been cooler than average. for the month, more than
5:52 am
degrees above normal. already some pockets of moderate rain. martinsburg, winchester, v.a., getting rain drops in here. and this rain is going to quickly be moving in towards the d.c. metro area. by 7:00, 7:30, rain in the northern western side with the d.c. metro area. 8:00, 9:00 in the morning, that's when pockets of briefly moderate rain come through the city. things should dry out by coffee break time. daytime heating, bubbling up. 58 degrees in washington. 55 in leesburg. 58 in quantico. a mild start turns into a warm day. up into the low 80s today and tomorrow. i'm getting
5:53 am
concerned about your saturday night and sunday plans. a pretty good swath of rain comes in here the time the sun goes down saturday. dry out early parts of next week. we'll be back in the 80s before next week is done, too. nothing but warm air around today and tomorrow. let's go to melissa mollet and check on traffic. >> brand-new problem outer loop after georgia avenue. a new crash involving two vehicles blocking the left center lane. we'll talk with police. the ramp is still blocked here this morning. 66 and 95, no major issues. looking actually pretty calm. 7 in bound after 9 as you're headed into leesburg, crash blocking left lane. beltway looks okay right now. if they don't get that brob blem outer loop of georgia out of the way, definitely going to change. live look 270
5:54 am
boulevard, no major issue there. same situation there, quantico to the beltway. 95 over to 270 on the outer loop right now, we'll see how that changes in the next couple of minutes. remember to listen to wtop 102.5 when you hop in your car? how would you like for a shorter trip on interstate 270. new express lane from montrose road to democracy boulevard will break up the biggest area of congestion. you won't need gas money or even a car to get to the beach this summer. megabus is adding a virginia beach sto
5:55 am
you can catch a bus for the three hour trip from union station in may. they stop in hampton, richmond, virginia. some fares are low as $1 each way. that's a deal. good morning, i'm jackie deangeles at cnbc headquarters. cvs is getting rid of the candy counter. they plan to reduce shelf space for junk food giving more room for nutritious food and healthy products. cvs will check it out. the move comes three years after cvs stopped selling tobacco products. >> thank you. more than 1/3 of americans experience chronic work stress. that's according to the american psychological
5:56 am
reducing the work related types. the most important thing is to start your day with the right mind set. >> i'm going to work from 7 to 6, 7 to 5, whatever it is, and then you stop. say, enough, shut the computer off and go play. >> if you don't find that work/life balance the doctor says you can make yourself sick and even shorten your life in the process. she was a queen of daytime tv. now she is making her way back to the small screen. >> all i got to say about that is hallelujah! finally somebody want to talk about my mama. >> oprah winfrey is playing the role of henrietta lacks. she died of c
5:57 am
doctors found her unique and aggressive cancer cells were the first to grow in a lab. they tested a polio vaccine, developed in vitro permission, they never knew they were being used. >> the significance of her, the world needs to know and now they will. >> this premiers this saturday night on hbo. whether you are a fan of sports or not, it is a big day here in d.c. >> peel the jumper. dagger! >> wizards fans on their feet. everyone talking about the clean sweep by our teams. we'll get you caught up on the big moments people will be talking about today. plus, a day of fun the whole family can enjoy. a look at why you may want to bring your kids to a
5:58 am
>> and paying for metro even if you don't
5:59 am
are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®. right now on "news 4 today" a multibillion dollar plan to revamp metro. how much it could cost you even if you don't ride the rails. >> developing now, stalking
6:00 am
former first daughter. >> win, win, win, clean sweep and important games. we'll show you the moments you'll be hearing about today. "news 4 today" starts now. 6:00 on the dot. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilcrist. >> happy d.c. sports fans right now. i'm eun yang. whether you were flipping between the three games or want to pretend you were going to watch. >> we have you covered. >> each of the votes. more good news from our storm team 4 about today's warm weather. chuck bell, sheena parveen here before melissa mollet checks the morning commute. good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> don't be like sheena today. she was convinced it was friday. >> it was a nightmare. i woke up and realized, it's not a dream, it's a nightmare. >> it is friday eve. we are almost there. still a fantastic day. before you leave iu


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