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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  April 20, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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former first daughter. >> win, win, win, clean sweep and important games. we'll show you the moments you'll be hearing about today. "news 4 today" starts now. 6:00 on the dot. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilcrist. >> happy d.c. sports fans right now. i'm eun yang. whether you were flipping between the three games or want to pretend you were going to watch. >> we have you covered. >> each of the votes. more good news from our storm team 4 about today's warm weather. chuck bell, sheena parveen here before melissa mollet checks the morning commute. good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> don't be like sheena today. she was convinced it was friday. >> it was a nightmare. i woke up and realized, it's not a dream, it's a nightmare. >> it is friday eve. we are almost there. still a fantastic day. before you leave iu
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would say the next hour or so, grab the umbrella. i circled it for you. right near hagerstown, martinsburg. rain near winchester. seen some lightning. when i -- by 7:30 moving in. we expect showers early this morning. then another chance later on today. it is mild this morning. good morning, chuck. >> mostly in the 50s now. 58 here in washington. it will be a relatively mild start to the day. it will turn nice and warm. once the rain chance comes to an end between 9:00, 10:00, we will get sunshine back. should be pretty nice out at lunchtime. just sunshine l
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the low 80s for afternoon highs today. by later on this afternoon, another chance for rain comes in between about 4:00 and 7:00 this evening. here's future weather with heit and miss showers coming inside the beltway before 7:00 p.m. more chances for the weekend, too. >> i like when you warn me. pay a techks, lady. inner loop after 4, do have a crash. if it doesn't get out of the way going to start to be a problem. scratch still blocking the left center lane. the crash involving two vehicles. 66 and 95 very normal. ss
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through woodbridge. hearing in my ear brand new crash at 95. we'll take about that and travel times ahead. metro is out with a plan to get you where you need to go on time. >> paul wiedefeld said changes are needed. justin finch is live where riders are weary of hearing metro needs more money. >> reporter: weary and perhaps weary. it's a $ billion in federal money every year on top of that it also calls for a $500 million yearly dedicated fund raised from d.c., maryland,
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on top of all of this, governor larry hogan of maryland saying he's paying the most. his people are having to pay the most because the counterparts are having to depend the most on metro here. let's take this down. >> every time you turn around if it's not raising the prices on the metro fee, the parking. you killing the taxpayer. i don't know how else you can do it. >> reporter: we are going to hear more about the proposal at metro headquarters. >> thank you. the district, police are looking for the same man in two sexual assault cases. the first happened on kenil dlgs worth avenue before 10:00 on
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it happened to a different woman on april 15th. the description was similar in both cases down to a black jacket and green coloring on the sleeves that the man was wearing. developing this morning, authorities are investigating an alleged stalker whom they say turned up at malia obama's workplace in manhattan on three different months. the man had a sign proposing marriage to malia obama. he was detained and taken to a police prep singt where he was turned over to a hospital for psychological evaluation. the nypd, secret service and manhattan d.a.'s office aren't commenting. >> keeping america's first family safe is a top goal of the secret service. the sidewalk in front of the
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permanently closed. coming up at 6:30, news 4's megan mcgrath will explain what this means for your visit to see the white house. lee voi malveaux is headed back to a montgomery county courtroom. he was part of a duo that terrorized the d.c. area in 2002 with a dead lie fight back. they'll argue his six life sentences are unconstitutional. it mace rec trtroactivretroacti. prosecutors say that ruling does not apply to malveaux who was 17 when he was arrested. the hearing is set for june 15th. we are learning more details this morning about another man who went on a shooting rampage in maryland last year. he is expected to
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montgomery county. he shot and killed his estranged wife at high point high school before he went on to kill two others in a mall and grocery store. the washington post reports that he is expected to plead two counts of murder. a memorial service is planned for tomorrow to remember specialist jeremy tomlin. he grew nup chapel hill, tennessee. his mother said he always knew he wanted to fly on a blackhawk. >> satisfy said nothing could stop him not even his fear of fighting. 6:07. space ship getting closer to the international space station. this launch happened overnight. >> hello. take a listen first. >> engine. >> the eng gines firing and theye
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>> this space capsule took off at 3 -- american jack fisher's first time going into space. and the koz mow not has been there before. they should be there by noon and they will spend the next four months in space. >> well, you have to show some love for all of this winning in d.c. >> not one, not two, but three d.c. teams ended the night with big victories. two of those were playoff games. players and fans got pumped up on social media. take a look. >> that wasn't the only place. >> t.j. oshie, that is a huge goal. >> another heart-stopping game. players, announcers, you name
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opponents shouting as the caps filed on the point. the caps won 5 h. 4. i think it should have been better. we won. >> over the toronto maple leafs and tied their playoff series. >> how about those wizards? another big win. up 2-0 over the atlanta hawks. they are hitting the road. they will still bring the energy. >> we know their crowd is going to be amazing. we know they're going to play a lot better basketball but we feel like we haven't played our best game yet. >> we can get big wins. it will be a lot tougher. nats are in first place
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game. 14-4. new details about a former football star one day after his death. why court cases against aaron hernandez could move forward just ahead. good morning and we're watching some showers on the radar this morning. it will be warmer with thunderstorms. we'll show you the timing and your weekend forecast. stay tuned. plus, air quality problems. whthe d.c. regiony
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breaking news on the beltway right now. >> melissa mollet is in first 4 traffic with more information. what's going on? >>
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breaking news here. inner loop after 4, we are shut down right now. i am not positive because police will not confirm, but it looks like something is on its side here blocking all lanes of the beltway. right now they're talking about pushing everybody off on to 4 to help get around the big problem. we pushed this out on the nfc washington app. if you don't have it, download it for situations and days like these. we'll be following this for you. almost a three mile backup. chuck? >> no way that's going to get pretty any time soon. outside weather wise the next couple of days look pretty nice. today and tomorrow both. there's a risk of showers. our first rain chance is between 6:00 and 10:00. our second rain chance is between 4:00 and 7:00 this afternoon. tomorrow most of our rain chances in the second half of the day. tomorrow the same thing. only good news about rain on sunday, it should start to trend the pollen count down by sunday and
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tomorrow, lots of sniffling and sneezing going on. checking the five day forecast with sheena coming up. do you remember that powerful storm that moved through our area earlier this month? well, now we know that some of you survived several tornadoes in one day. the national weather service has confirmed three tornadoes hit fauquier county. seven tornadoes hit virginia that same day. seeing new video of a dramatic water rescue in the cleveland area. torrential downpour flooded several parking lots there. many trapped in businesses and cars. a pregnant woman had to be pulled from the flooded burger king. the water's force was so strong they say it took three of them to push the restaurant doors open. 6:15. new reaction from aaron hernandez's legal team. the football player was found dead in prison yesterday. he wasvi
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for murder. prison officials say he skmited suicide but his lawyers are now calling his death suspicious. >> very hard for me to accept the fact that he may have committed suicide. >> hernandez's legal team also wants his murder conviction overturned because the appeals process wasn't done. the mother of the victim, odin lloyd, is pushing forward with a wrongful death lawsuit. her lawyers say all that's left for a judge or jury to decide is the amount of damages that should be awarded to the family. former president george h.w. bush could be headed home any day. he remains in a houston hospital recovering from a mild case of pneumonia. they say mr. bush is regaining full strength. bush spent 16 days in hospital for treatment of pneumonia back in january. republican congressman who has had a big impact on d.c. says he is not running for
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i earlier this year he said he was sympathetic to the district's full representation in congress. he suggested transferring the residential areas of the district into maryland. maryland's emergency management agency is partnering up with a popular app to make your neighborhood safer. today it will announce its affiliation with next door. it's helped people across maryland, d.c., and virginia provide information to their neighbors about safety concerns. it's even helped police solve a few crimes. maryland will be the first state to connect. >> well, today a multimillion dollar project to repair or reconstruct eight alleys in d.c. will get
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this is film from alley-pa-looza. the work across the district's eight wards will take eight weeks. >> a live look across washington this morning. our beautiful city. while the region is getting its best report card ever on air quality, a new report says smog is still a threat to the public's health. the 2017 state of the air report, d.c., arlg top, prince george's counties received f grades. loudoun and ann arundel got cs. 6:18 right now. another update on the breaking traffic situation on the beltway. >> big problem on the beltway. inner loop after
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again, we have been shut down. it looks like as we're looking at it people are going by on the left shoulder. inner loop, take a look at the backups. outer loop after georgia. the rest of the beltway is looking okay. 95 south after powder mill road, south, 66 looking okay, so is 95 north. just a little bit slow. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 this morning. good morning, sheena. >> good morning, melissa. look at this. i had a school visit yesterday. we had a nice chat with the
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we talked about hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning, all the fans were fantastic. thank you guys for having me. if you're heading out today, here's your thursday weather outlook. the morning commute, we have showers possible. i'll show you the radar. lunchtime warmer with sunshine. temperatures in the 80s. keep in mind an early shower chance. p.m. commute, that will also be the case. most of the area is dry. we've even seen lightning. we'll continue to see this area of rain. that means it would be in the district fairly soon. 7:30 approaching leesburg and into the district by 8:30. time falling
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another round of showers and potentially thunderstorms moving in. watching that closely. fairly mild to start your day. warmer this afternoon. low 80s for a high temperature. early showers and then the afternoon or late afternoon, early evening showers. chance of a thunderstorm. low 80s tomorrow. the weekend, chance of showers on saturday. sunday we could have more steady rain. that could be holding temperatures into the mid 50s. coming up in a bit, chuck and i are back with a closer look at the rain and extended forecast. serena with a pregnancy announcement. she is pregnant with her first baby. her rep confirms. the original post that she was 20 weeks along. big
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serena williams was expecting when she won her 23rd grand slam title in january. >> 35-year-old announced her engagement to the co-founder of read it. congratulations to them. remember a music legend one year after his death. how you can take part in the tributes. trips to virginia vineyards are up next. we'll show you how it affects you. tracy is joining ellen here on nbc 4. be sure to tune in as she tells you the story of leaving her golden globe behind in a bathroom. >>
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you're watching "news 4 today." great news as we head closer to the summer and outdoor dining. it's going to be a good year for crab season. survey by the virginia institute of marine science and the maryland department of natural resources says the chesapeake bay has the most female blue crabs it's seen since they started surveying the population 20 years ago. that means a substantial harvest this year. >> nothing says summer like eating blue crabs. the perfect place, possibly, it could be to let your hair down and have your kids in tow. >> we're talking about the winery at bull run. it's being fee nurd
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in this month's edition of "washingtonian." >> my husband and i were happy because we could relax and enjoy ourselves while the kids played. >> the winery has several acres dedicated to the kids. angie shares more about their offerings and the behind of scenes look. bill o'reilly's sexual harassment scandal. the king of cable news is out of a job. what happened behind the scenes and who made the final decision? white house security shakeup. impact to
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right now on "news 4 today," white house security. the change overnight that will help the secret service keep the upper hand. money for metro. a gut check for riders on how much it's going to cost to get you to work safely and on time. >> watching rain. the timing and the impact on your commute. "news 4 today" begins
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breaking news. and that breaking news involves a shutdown of lanes on the beltway in prince george's county. >> it's a problem that could impact the morning commute for some people. >> 6:30 your time. we are also tracking a cluster of showers approaching the region. >> first, let's check in with the breaking news and melissa mollet. good morning. >> this is a 4 1/2 mile backup on the beltway. inner loop after 4, take a look at this. only the left shoulder is now getting by. that is good but it's not nearly enough to actually get folks out of this big delay here this morning. i circled that with my big flashing circle here. also seeing delays on the outer loop. the rest of the beltway is looking okay. new problem here, southbound 234. all the southbound lanes just shut down. another crash involving another over turned tractor-trailer. again, southbound lanes blocking northbound unaffected. checking in on the weather now.
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>> good morning, melissa. yes, we actually have showers moving into the area. if you look at the radar, they're mostly moving apart winchester, frederick. we'll watch these closely because they've had lightning strikes. thursday commute, by 7:00 a.m., chance of a shower. by 8:00 i think that area of rain will be getting closer to the district. we expect it to hold together. by noon, dryer. 73 degrees starting to warm up. this afternoon into the low 80s. later on this afternoon and early evening we could see another round of scattered showers and maybe thunderstorms. chuck and i are back with a closer look at timing and weekend forecast. stay tuned for that. metro asking for billions of dollars to keep the metro safe and reliable. metro wants $15.5 billion over the next ten years. it wants
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the tune of dc maryland and virginia. a man accused of shooting himself, do look out for that. former president george h.w. bush, he remains in a houston hospital recovering from a mild case of pneumonia. a spokesman says mr. bush is regaining strength and is in high spirits. >> take a live look at the white house this morning where the secret service has made a security change. megan mcgrath is live with how this could affect your next visit there. megan, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. visitors are going to be kept away. now restrictions have been in place here on the south side of the white house since 2015, but they were only in the overnight
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hours. once the sun came up visitors could walk up to the south lawn. that is no longer the case. the restrictions will be in place 24 hours a day. the closure includes the stretch sidewalk and grass from the south fence to east street and it includes that entire area along the south fence between east and west executive avenue. take a look at some video. secret service has had a problem with fence jumpers for quite a while raising concerns about the president and first family. again, the south fence has been closed. to recap here. you're going to be about 25 yards back. there are no new physical barriers. this has been here, but you can't go through that gate and
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there is no specific incidents that promised this. -- prompted this. you'll have to be further back to take the pictures. a change but the hope is that it will create a larger buffer so that secret service will have more time to spot and react to potential fence jumpers. back to you guys. >> megan, thank you. 6:34 right now. after days of speculation about his future, fox news channel has cut ties with bill o'reilly. >> the move comes after two weeks of allegations of sexual harassment. erika gonzalez is in the newsroom. >> this all started after a "new york times" report two weeks ago that five women had been paid $13 million in settlements involving sexual harassment claims against o'reilly over the years. the parent company of fox news says it made the decision, quote, after a careful
6:35 am
people inside fox say the children of the network's owner, rupert mourdock, believe it was time to sever ties. bill o'reilly released a statement yesterday saying in part, quote, it is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims. thank you. erika, in the district police are looking for one man in a few cases. police say a woman was groped by a man twice. the second incident happened about a week later on 43rd street. this time they say the man had a knife. the description is similar in both cases. wearing a black jacket with green on the sleeves. a man tried to abduct two boys from a playground and exposed himself to a young girl. now investigators are worried there may be more
6:36 am
on easter sunday montgomery county police say this man tried to pull two children into his apartment in white oaks. he tried to get away. officers arrested him on his balcony which is steps away from the playground. >> a love of us can recall where we were when we heard when the massacre at columbine high school in colorado. that shooting created a national conversation about gun laws, bullying, and increased emphasis on school security. there will be more police at southern high school today in anne a rund dell county. someone made threats. right now there are no credible threats but they will increase patrol. saving you time. the
6:37 am
changes that will get you out of traffic and cut your morning commute by 30 minutes. say good-bye to the candy counter. the major move to force you into some healthy habits. this morning we have some showers on the radar. who can expect them for the morning commute. chuck and i are
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indid may imagine april showersy bringing her fashionable, flowers at such a sunny price? never but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it.
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a major mess on the beltway. inner loop shut down after 4. this is a five mile backup. we pushed this out a little while ago on the nbc washington app. if you don't have it on your phone, definitely download it. big, big issue this morning. we're going to pull in jack taylor from wtop in a couple of minutes and talk about a potential work around this
6:41 am
good morning, chuck bell. >> good morning, melissa. we have rain drops moving around the city. don't stray too far. rain drops are now in northern parts of loudoun county, raining in frederick, maryland, and everywhere west of there. so grab the umbrella. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s now. we'll get dry weather late morning through the mid parts of the afternoon. just enough sunshine today to get most neighborhoods back up close to 80 degrees. another chance of rain later today and tomorrow plus the weekend, too, yuck. sheena and i will break it down in a few minutes. >> thank you. 6:41. tomorrow marks one year since music icon prince died. >> know members of his 1980s band are getting ready to hit the road. the band says planning to go on the tour i
6:42 am
with paralympian's untimely death. a winning trifecta. caps fans are not the only fans winning this morning. a scare for the former first daughter. why a long-time stalker was just arrested by secret service. there is a reanable fsoea mmm! [ keys clack ] [ slurps ] make it iced, then make it happen with flavors like butter pecan or new coconut creme pie. it's america's iced coffee, whenever, wherever. america runs on dunkin'.
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"news 4 today." i guess it's just one more thing. it's not surprising to anyone at this point, i suppose. >> i thought i was just paying for it. it needs to get better. >> i need to get ready for work. >> warning, we are learning that future fixes to metro could come out of your family's budget. >> metro's general manager is laying out a massive overhaul plan that calls for billions of dollars of funding. news 4's justin finch is live at the west hyattsville metro station. justin, good morning. >> reporter: eun, good morning. if you live in d.c., maryland, or virginia, you could still be helping metro cover costs. it's paul of g.m. paul weidefeld's grand plan. the total, $15.5 billion. let's look at how all of this breaks down. calls for $1.5
6:46 am
over 10 years federal funding plus a half billion dollars dedicated contributions each year from d.c., maryland, and virginia, which could be levied as a tax. those increases will be tapped at 3% per year. now the money raised will go towards repairs, improvements and maintenance. here at the west hyattsville it's impacting service. that pitch is a tough sell. >> it just seems like another tax hike. it seems like one more thing we're paying for. we're not seeing any noticeable results on. i mean -- >> reporter: the plan also calls for a rainy day fund for emergencies, and this morning we should learn more details. back in to you. >> justin, thank you. 6:46. you can cut your morning commute by 30 minutes. >> a new $100 million for i-270 says it can do just that by revamping your drive from
6:47 am
frederick, player ri land, to the beltway. crews installing 23 more lane miles. new express lane from montrose road may help break down one of the biggest bottlenecks. a memorial service is planned for tomorrow at the army base to honor specialist tomlin who crashed. he grew up in tennessee and his mother said he always knew he wanted to fly on a blackhawk. leroy malveaux is headed back to a courtroom. he terrorized the d.c. area in 2002 with deadly sniper attacks. malveaux's lawyers will argue that his six life sentences are unconstitutional. they say a 2016 supreme court ruling makes retroactive a previous order
6:48 am
he was arrested when he was 17 so it doesn't apply. we're learning new details this morning about another man who went on a shooting rampage in maryland. he's expected to plead guilty montgomery county. he shot and killed his ee strained wife at hia high schoo before he went to kill two other people at a mall and grocery store. he'll plead guilty 2u two counts of murder. shorts investigating an alleged stalker of malia obama. >> he turned up at her work on three separate occasions. on one occasion the man had a sign proposing marriage. former nypd sargeant and fbi special agent, while the man isn't formally facing charges
6:49 am
>> there is a reasonable fear that her safety is in jeopardy so that is the classification as per the new york state penal law of stalking. >> now the new york police department, the secret service and manhattan's d.a. office are not commenting on this case. it is april 20th or 4:20, and this year marijuana supporters are taking their call for legalization directly to capitol hill. advocates for legalized pot plan to hand out free joints to members of congress and congressional staffers. this is part of a protest against federal interference with states that have legalized marijuana use. while it is free for them to give away the pot, legal, it is against d.c. law to smoke in public. three is the number you need to know this morning. three of our home teams coming off big wins. number three, bradley bil
6:50 am
helping lead the wizards to victory. the nationals hit three home runs including two grand slams and the caps finally getting it done in just three periods. heart stopping caps game. they didn't have to go into overtime to beat the toronto maple leafs. >> news 4's reporter sherree burruss is in troon tow. >> playing in front of his grand father. the most impressive part, diving into his own net to keep the puck out of it. then racing down ice and deflecting a shot from lars eller into the leaf's net. one of two goals and an impressive game for number 43. >> it's that time of year. there's some fabulous heroes. not always the ones that you think that are going to be er
6:51 am
net and got rewarded. >> i was lucky enough to fulfill them. it's a huge privilege. if you get a chance to play in an nhl game, it's special and playoff game, even better. >> reporter: the caps return to the verizon center friday on a series tied 2-2. 6:51 our time right now. still looking at breaking news on the beltway. >> let's check in with melissa mollet. >> big problem on the beltway. still continuing here this morning. inner loop after 4, we have a five-mile backup. two left lanes now getting by. that really isn't helping very much. take a look at the backup i'm circling for you right now. let's bring in wtop's jack taylor to talk a little bit about this and the work around as well. jack? >> well, the good news is we're hearing from state highway, they've done a fantastic job about moving the
6:52 am
and the car over to the other side of the highway. that has been the closure point. anything south of central avenue headed towards ritchie marlboro road. they may try to let the morning rush hour go through by getting the two lanes go by. melissa, back to you. >> i like the big sigh there. looking at a big problem. rest of the beltway is looking okay right now, but you can see the outer loop there as you're approaching 4 a little slow as folks were kind of checking out what's happening. southbound, 234 still had the crash with the tractor-trailer. 66 and 95 looking okay right now. bottom of the beltway, again, still have that problem but all of those routes into town okay to prince george's county. top of the beltway, same situation there. 270, northbound, southbound, no problem. 66 in bound, 95 northbound all rolling
6:53 am
270 a little slow as well. remember to listen to wtop 105 f.m. >> we also have showers to talk about for the morning commute. we are tracking some early morning showers moving through part of the area. warmer weather today. we get a break in the middle of the day. things heat up. there's the rain moving in. fredericksburg to leesburg. future weather 8:00 a.m. moving into gaithersburg. even by 9:00 a.m. we could see some of that around the district. start to dry up by lunchtime. that's when temperatures start to spike. you're walking the dog or if you need to have one, here's dena. don't leave the dog in the car. it will be too warm. by noon, 73. temperatures, low 80s. with another chance for some showers or ahu
6:54 am
the closer look at the timing, let's head over to chuck. >> good morning, sheena. yes, indeed. two chances for rain. you detailed that. later on this afternoon, early -- back in the 80s around the area for today. showers likely to start bubbling up between 3:00 and 4:00 out towards leesburg and winchester. the rain chance comes back inside the beltway between 5:00 and 8:00 this evening. just know you're likely to get rained on twice today. get outside at lunchtime, it looks like a pretty good day. highs today, 81 degrees. tomorrow, another opportunity for a stray shower or two. no washouts coming on your friday. temperatures into the low 80s. unfortunately, more rain chances into the weekend. >> unfortunat
6:55 am
64 for a high. chance of showers. sunday looking like a more likely day for steady rain around. we'll be watching sunday closely. could be holding. temperatures slowly climb back into the 80s. >> reporter: good morning. i'm jackie deangelis at cnbc global headquarters. cvs is getting rid of the canty counter. "usa today" says they plan to give more room for nutritious health foods and products. they'll make the changes at several hundred stores by the end of next year. it's reinventing itself. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm jackie deangelis. it is 6:56. here are 4
6:56 am
morning. the secret service has permanently shut down the south lawn fence. follow megan mcgrath on twitter for more. president trump will meet with the italian prime minister at the white house today. they'll also hold a joint news conference. stay tuned to the "today" show for a look at the day ahead including the administration's tough tone on iran. today we should learn more about the new overhaul plan metro's general manager is laying out. we do know that metro wants $15.5 billion over the next ten years to improve reliability. the nbc washington app has more details on the funding proposal. good time to be a d.c. sports fan. the capitals coming home after tying up their playoffs. the nationals hit two grand slams. follow all of the updates from our winning teams. big problem on the beltway.
6:57 am
inner loop after 4, ninely have two left lanes here getting by. still now a 5.5 million backup. a lot of folks bailing off central avenue. we'll keep an eye on it. if you're trying to stay ahead of the rain drops coming down 270, better leave now. it's heading in towards the city. umbrellas needed twice today. >> that is the broadcast. >> the "today" show is next. see you in 25 minutes. until then,
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good morning. fired. bill o'reilly let go by fox news amid the storm of sexual harassment allegations. his name already wiped from his show. this morning what finally tipped the scales against him and what the now former anchor is saying about the scandal that led to his down fall. >> talking tough on the heels on the war of words with north korea. the trump administration fixes the fire power on another adversary. >> iran spends its treasure and time disrupting peace. >> what action is the white house ready to take to back up those words? >> why some close to aaron hernandez say there's no chance he took his own life. as new repo


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