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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 21, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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breaking overnight, arkansas executes its first inmate in more than a decade after a week of legal maneuvers. american forces on high alert as north korea warns the united states of a supermighty preempl ifr strike that they claim would reduce our military to ashes. one person killed ahead of an election. days before a pivotal election. this single tip that ended a 39-year-old manhunt for a 50-year-old teacher and an 8-year-old girl. bill o'reilly's reported $25 million payout. but that's not all. can you guess
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reason for sleeplessness? "early today" starts right now. a lot to get to today. breaking news out of arkansas. the state carriied out its firs execution since 2005. inmate ladell lee was executed. he was convicted for the murder of his neighbor, debra reese. his execution came after the supreme court voted 5-4 against appeals that would have spared his life. the state originally said eight executions over an 11-day period, that would have be the most by a state in such a short period of time. three executions where canceled because of court decisions and legal rulings. the reason for the rushd timeline? the state says the execution tss need to be carried out before its supply of a lethal injection drug expires on april 30th.
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the u.s. military on high alert for a possible nuclear test by north korea. president trumped arded this in a late news conference thursday. >> we're in very good shape. we're building our military rapidly. a lot of things have happened over the last short period of time. we're doing a lot of work. we're in very good position. we're going to see what happens. >> we're going to see what happens. nbc's kelly cobiella is in seoul this morning. >> reporter: u.s. officials are telling nbc news that a special sniffer plane along with drones and u-2 spy planes have been deployed in this weejon. a wc 135 is especially designed to detect science of a nuclear explosion in the atmosphere. the air force claiming it's a routine mission planned well in
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advance. two u.s. intelligence officials tell nbc that north korea is in position to conduct a nuclear test with little or no warning. last week, satellite images suggested that they were prime pd and ready for a sixth nuclear test. crews playing volleyball at the site in satellite photos from sunday. all preparations could be in place and they could be waiting on orders frommon yang. next tuesday, the 8 a 5th anniversary of the people's army. some test could coin side with that date the. here in south korea, they're on a heightened state of alert. >> certainly a tense time there. right now, investigators in paris are combing the city and nearby suburbs for clues less than 4 hours after an attacker
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champselysees. according to the country's interior minister, the the gunman was in car when he pulled to a police van, open fire on officers, then ran along the pavement firing at others. y isis was quick to take responsibility. the sound of gunfire could be heard as tourists scrambled for cover. in a nearby metro. it has become an all too frequent sight in that country. since 2005 alone, more than 230 people have been killed by terrorist plots there. the attack coming just days before citizens head to the polls to decide on their country's next lead person an important vote that could alter not just the trajectory of the nation but the entire eu. joining me from paris
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we have seen attacks like this before. what makes this so different and so dire for that country? >> timing is everything in in case. we know that the so-called islamic state has been plotting to disrupt the elections if it possibly can because it basic will i wants to sew chaos. we had earlier in the week, a trichlt plot broken up in marseilles. they had kalasnikovs. the next day, after we learned of that, we have this attack on the champs elysees. the location and the timing were important. we're coming right up on the french elections on sunday. the french presidential elections. >> chris, lets talk about
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have on those e legss? are there candidates that could benefit from the situation there? >> reporter: yeah, the candidate most likely to benefit from this is the very far right-wing anti-immigrant, anti-islam candidate, marine le pen. she's been running for years. saying stop the immigrants from coming in. they're the plague that aflipgts france. we have to make frens jast for french people. she doesn't say it explicitly, but what many of her supporters say, she wants to make france just for white french people. she could benefit enormously. she was back and forth in the number one position. would this help her win the second round and become the president of france? it is very well might. >> and le pen also being part of a pol
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christopher dickey, thank you. the missing tennessee teen ager who disappeared more than a month ago has been found. her teacher and alleged kidnapper is set to be arraigned today. they were found at a remote cabin in cecilville, california. 39 days after they vanished. a tip led authorities to his car and then to the cabin deep in the woods. they disappeared on march 13th. they were spotted two days later at an oklahoma city walmart with dyed hair. after 1500 tips, they were found 2500 miles away. thomas' father relooefd to know his daughter finally coming home. >> weaver goi're going to have e out what state of mind she's in, of course. get her some help. it may be a long road. but at least we've got her back now. it was
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california driver when his car became wedged underneath a truck. it was all captured on cell phone video. the truck driver did not appear to notice the car and drove for four miles. the driver trying to get free and get the truck driver's attention. other drivers on the road were able to flag the car down. lucky, the stuck driver not inju injured. severe weather ahead for over 12 million americans. bonnie is tracking the storms. >> we're look at dangerous day ahead for oklahoma, texas, parts of arkansas. 12 million people at risk for damaging wind, large hail potentially, a few huge tornadoes. you could see storms if dallas and little rock. keep in mind we're looking at rain accumulating. flash flooding, at least five inches of rain through the ek
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that's a look at the big weather story of the day. here's a closer look at the day ahead. 59 in rapid city. a little cooler in the northern plains. even into montana where highs are in the 40s. not the case further to the east. a warm but stormy day for washington and richmond. wet weather ahead for the weekend. we'll look at showers pushing east ward. that will affect the northeast by sunday. >> i'll tell you, we'll take it. i feel like we're on the upswing here. we're climbing towards warm weather. former president george h.w. bush remains in the hospital. former president george w. said his dad is ready to come home. a medical study and the connection between diet soda
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♪ everybody plays the fool sometime there's no exception to the rule listen baby ♪ ♪ it may be factual may be cool ♪ cuba gooding sr. was found dead in his car in los angeles on thursday. the l.a. kor ronner in's office is looking for a cause. cuba gooding sr. is the father of actor cuba gooding jr. leading news this morning. fallout from the firing of bill o'reilly after accusations of sexual harassment. he'll leave fox with a $25 million check according to sources with knowledge of his contract.
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year of his salary. the deal spelled out for if he did something that did harm to the network. the women who accused ailes and o'reilly, paid $33 million. in seattle, three police officers were shot. they exchanged gunfire with suspects. one was found dead by responding officers. officials have not determined the cause of death. a 17-year-old female was captured right after the incident. a third suspect was arrested hours later. one of the wounded officers is in serious but stable condition. diet soda lovers, you have to listen up to this next story. that no-calorie drink could raise your risk of dementia and stroke. sorry to deliver that bad news. people that drink as
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one diet soda per day had three times the risk ff stroke and dementia. researchers did not find the same correlation with regular soda. it's still unclear why artificially sweetened drinks may be harmful. the best alternative to soda is plain old water. high times for pot smokers across the country. they celebrated the unofficial holiday, 4/20. hallries were held in denver and san francisco. a so called joint session were activists handed out joints to kang nal aides. they ended up in arrests. weed nuns are trying to empower women with marijuana pro ducts. they say their holy trinity is the marijuana plant. their goal to promote the legalization of marijuana at the federal level.
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all right, if you've been tossing and turning at night, maybe it's because you have money on your mind. a new survey from credit finds 65% of americans are losing sleep
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great recession. the most common concern was the cost of health care and insurance. anxiety over retirement savings is a close second. education nal expenses and student loans weigh on millennials. surprisingly, only2% lie awake over credit card bills. to politics now where the president is once again roaring on trade issues. except this time, it's canada that's in his line of fire. take a listen. >> our farmers in wisconsin and new york state are being put of of business our dairy farmers. we can't let canada or anybody else take advantage and do what day did to our workers and to our farmers. >> mr. trump's comments ycome a we hear of a gathering at the white house with ted nujn't, kid rock, and sarah palin. they're hanging out in front of hillary clinton's official first
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lady portrait. the administration just over a week shy of hitting the 100 days mark. here was former cia chief leon panetta. >> i think with regards to foreign affairs, he does have a strong national security team. think he did the right thing with regards to taking action against syria after the chemical attack. so, you know, i think generally are regards to at least foreign affairs up to this point, he probably gets a b, with regards to domestic affairs. the failure of the affordable care act. a lot of the inability to try to get things done within the congress. some of his executive orders that have run into barriers with the courts, i think he probably is getting a "d." so, at this point, i would say probably a "c" is what this administration is entitled to. >> there's word the white house could score a last-minute victory with talk of a health care reform deal if the works. for more, we're joined by
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potts. isn't there something looming regarding government funding? >> reporter: the three word use haven't heard in awhile. possible government shutdown. and that's one week from today. so when congress gets back on monday, that is supposed to be their priority. preventing that from happening. but now, the president is saying he wants to take another run at health care. soon. maybe as early as next week. already a busy week. can he get it done? three congressional aides are telling us that health care suspect even on the schedule for a vote. despite that, thereon what president trump says he thinks congress can get it all done. >> we're doing very well on health care. we'll see what happens. this is a great bill. great plan. and this will be great health care. it's -- evolving. we have a good chance of getting it soon. i would like to say next week. but it will be, i believe we'll get it. whether it's next week
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some quick hits for you today. tesla recalling 50,000 model sed dance. because the parking brakes may get stuck and stop the vehicles from moving. the recall involves vehicles built last year. there are no reports to injuries or accidents reported. technology that analyzes facial lines and con tours, droops and dark spots. the images could indicate how well you're ages. today marx the one-year anniversary of the death of the musical icon prince. paisley park studios where prince lived, worked, and died, kicking off a four-day celebration of his life and career. you're watching "early today." we'll be back in two, everybody.
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now on "news 4 today," a friday morning manhunt is underway for an escaped prisoner in our area. how the inmate managed to slip away. back on maryland soil. who the virginia woman is expected to meet with after being held in egypt for three years. metro backtracks. why you can forget some weekend closures. "news 4 today" starts now. first we begin with an update to breaking news we brought you at 11:00 p.m. families back in their condos after last night's storm forced them out of adelphi. prince george's county firefi t firefighters say the storms caused cosmetic damage and knocked out power.
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no one was hurt though. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilcrist. >> i'm eun yank. we'll get to melissa mollet with traffic. we'll get to chuck and sheena. >> couple of rain chaps for today. >> yes. a few around right now to start off your friday. >> your friday is that a word? skbr i'm not sure i'm going to have much success spitting this word out with any frequency. outside we've got a whole lot of cloud cover around and up into the panhandle of west virginia. it's raining more than hard enough to get you wet this morning along i-81. hagerstown. showers moving around winchester. not much rain falling inside the beltway. showers may turn into a chance for a couple of rumbles of thunder. >> that is right, chuck. as we go through the afternoon, temperatures are going
4:28 am
up again into the low 80s. it's going to be much of the same today. warm and muggy outside. 65 degrees currently in the district at leesburg. manassas 60. 65 in quantico. we are mild this morning. look at noontime today, we're already going to be close to the upper 70s in some spots but could see a passing shower by 4:00 p.m. that's a better chance for a thunderstorm around. low 80s even as we go towards 7:00 p.m. coming up we'll take a close look at rain. let's check the friday commute with melissa mollet. >> good morning. beltway looking good. what's going on. we do have closures already blocking different parts of our area. rigs road by
4:29 am
west ox road. we'll take a look at 270 and some issues on river road coming up. >> all right, melissa. thank you. breaking news now an inmate is somewhere out there in our area now. take a look at our television screen. timot tim powers left howard county hospital. powers was a minimum security inmate. there is now a warrant out for his arrest. you more breaking news about the breaking news at arkansas. >> the state executed a death row inmate, the first in more than a decade. the first scheduled to die before the end of the month. dell lee was executed last night before midnight. this after the u.s. supreme court declined to hear fiv
4:30 am
attorneys. witnesses say lee remained under sedation during the procedure and the last meal he asked for was communion. he was sentenced to death in 1995 for the death of a 26-year-old arkansas woman. back over to you. >> erika, thank you. right now prince george's county police want people to be on the lookout for this missing 72-year-old woman. helen johnson hasn't been seen since april 10th. johnson may be driving a gray ford taurus that looks a lot like the one you see on your screen here. it has maryland tag number 4 alv 25. this morning a man is recovering from serious injuries after police say he was hit by a car. the crash happened near southeast street and commerce street in frederick, maryland, last night just before 9:00. that is right near the frederick visitor's center. they need anyone who may have seen the crash to call them right


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