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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 22, 2017 8:00am-8:59am EDT

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througut well. thank you. keep tabs on lauren's updated forecast on the nbc washington app. we'll see you on air in 25 minutes. good morning. good morning. tough talk. with north korea threatening to conduct a nuclear test as early as today. vice president mike pence warns the u.s. is willing to take military action if necessary. that as president trump promises a massive tax cut and a big move on health care all within just a week to go until he hits 100 days in office. but can he deliver? and airline fiasco. another heated confrontation just weeks after that united airlines scandal. an american airlines flight attendant removed after getting into a confrontation involving a stroller and narrowly missing the
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demonstrators hit the streets worldwide calling for science to be celebrated and not ignored. bill nye the science guy is joining us in studio, saturday, april 22, 2017. ♪ >> we are at the "today" show! >> it's "today" and i'm with my beautiful wife. >> hi, we are on the "today" show. >> this is a lively crowd. >> good morning. we are back on "today" on a saturday morning. we have a lovely crowd out here on the plaza. i walked outside and one of
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hey, my wife looks like hoda. we'll take a look. what do you think, guys? >> she does look like hoda. >> i think it's the hair. hi, hoda. thank you, guys, for coming. we'll begin this half hour. all eyes are on north korea as the rogue nation is said to be conducting another nuclear test that could come as early as this weekend. vice president mike pence says the u.s. is willing to do whatever it takes to confront the threat. kelly cobiella is live in seoul, south korea, with the latest. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: sheinelle, good morning to you. u.s. officials obviously watching this closely and tell nbc news they saw no sign of an imminent nuclear test this morning. however, they say north korea could carry out a nuclear test or a missile test at any time with little warning. vice presideik
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for upping the pressure on north korea but said china needs to do more. and also said that if china doesn't succeed here, the u.s. and its allies will, saying all options are on the table including military action. in north korea, a gas me i dopy. it is not sure if the gas shortage is because of china restricting oil to the country. "uss vincent" is due in the region within a matter of days according to the vice president. here in south korea, the military is on alert. it is apparently on alert in china as well over the government disputing that. and north korea threatening again a great war of justice. craig? >> kelly co
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you. turning to politics here in the united states now, president trump has a lot on his plate promising a massive tax cut and will also try to revive the effort to repeal obamacare and dealing with the possibility of a government shutdown. all within the coming week. nbc's kelly o'donnell is live at the white house. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, craig. buckle up, it's going to be a busy one. and the white house is trying to do two things when it comes to the 100-day mark. on the one hand, they are downplaying that as an arbitrary, media-driven date, at the same time they are ready with proposals and promises kept. the president can tout to say his first 100 days in office showed some successes on the board. rarely does the president simply walk to an event with no motorcade. but his first visit to the treasury department next door to the white house made that easy. while there, the president teed up an unexpected headline for
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announcement on wednesday having to do with tax reform. >> reporter: the president described his tax cut proposal in an interview with the associated press as bigger, i believe, than any tax cut ever. the president's plate is full, closing in on the 100-day mark next saturday. with no legislative achievements yet, the white house is reviving an effort to repeal obamacare when congress returns this week. >> it's going to be great. it will happen. >> health care and tax reform? >> we'll see what happens. no particular rush, but we'll see what happens. >> reporter: white house sources acknowledge the second attempt at repeal is still a tall order, given lingering differences among house republicans. the republican brushed all expectations about meeting this symbolic 100-day deadline. >> it doesn't matter if it's next week. that doesn't matter. >> but the calendar does matter to avoid a government shutdown. the trump team is also negotiating a sweeping spending packageha
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defense and fund a border wall. de top stance on immigration, he told the associated press that undocumented minors known as dreamers who feared deportation can rest easy. he says this administration is not after the dreamers, we are after the criminals. and the president's twitter feed is also a part of his 100-day plan. with a new approach, some videos that show the president in action, one example shows the american aid worker held in an egyptian prison for three years. the president was involved in her release and the video set to patriotic music, lee greenwood's "proud to be american" shows her meeting with the president in the oval office. it's the video that the white house can show the accomplishment the president has made without making it so overt as to say her release is a part of her 100-day success story. >> kelly o'donnell from the white house, thank you.
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passenger was dragged off the plane, american airlines is apologizing for their action. the passenger says a flight attendant wrestled a stroller from a woman when another passenger confronted the flight attendant, the two went nose to nose. american issued in a statement apologizing to the women and passengers saying, quote, the actions of our team member captured here do not appear to reflect patience or empathy. the american team member had been removed from duty while we immediately investigate this incident. two of america's biggest cities are recovering from massive blackouts this morning. the power is back on in san francisco after an electrical failure brought that to a standstill. businesses shut down and the famous cable cars needed a tow. and new york city subways are back to normal today after a power outage there crippled the systeman
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passengers. dylan dreyer is out on the plaza with another weekend check of the forecast. >> you had a special request. you asked to be on tv. what do you want to tell the world? >> i have a joke. >> is it a clean joke? >> yes. >> go for it. >> so a grasshopper walks into a bar and the bartender says, we have a drink named after you. and the bar hopper says, really, you have a drink name d speed i. >> there are groans going on in the country. and warmer weather is trying to move into the northeast and will triggered a couple scattered showers today. there are the mid-50s along the midatlantic but it will warm up. pittsburgh, 78 degrees. atlanta back to the
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and kansci will top out in the 70s. that's a look at the weather across the country, here's a peek out your window. we are needing some rain and we are going to get it. nothing like we saw last night and we did have severe storms, but we're looking at rain moving through the region. now we'll have dry spots and wet spots. but the rule of thumb today, it's mainly going to be wet and cloudy. temperatures are going to dip into the 50s right now. that's as good as we'll get. temperatures in the low 50s. most of the day in the 50s. we have rain throughout the day tomorrow, mainly south of d.c. but cloudy. >> that's your latest forecast. guys? >> dylan dreyer letting a little girl tell a live joke on national television. >> i wasn't sure where it was going but it worked out. thank you. still ahead, like father, like son. this little barber putting his hair styling skills to the test. and you won't believe w
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awwwww. (avo) we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin? we're back on a saturday morning and it is time to trend. we're back on a saturday morning and it is time to trend. >> in my family, it is bad luck to put shoes on a table. >> that's on the floor. they are dirty. >> i have gifts for you ladies. >> thank you. >> i'm no expert on fashion. especially for women. but there's apparently a new trend out there, ladies, and it's like the mule shoe with a twist. we have something to show you. this is a brand from everlane. as you can see there, the backs of the shoe can be folded down and stepped on. the brand says the collapsible heel can be worn down like a slide or up like a loafer. >> it sounds
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this. >> i feel like if you're in a rush to go outside to get the newspaper, you slide your foot in you can try to get it. but if you're out for a night on the town, pop. tada. >> they look like they have been stepped on. >> maybe when your heel gets in there it feels it out. >> there's your business, there's your party. it seems to be all the rage right now. gucci is catching on $140. >> $140. >> would you pay that? >> they look like damaged shoes. >>. they are not for me but i can see them being popular. it's a nice balance. >> don't say i don't ever give you anything. as a working mom, working moms, we like to think we're pretty good multitaskers. but according to science, it's probably not true. a recent study found that 2.5% of people are able to do it effectively. that's because people are actually wired to be what they call monotaskers. when we try to do more than
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task at a time, we impair our ability to function at our finest. what is worse, neuroscientists feel the struggle for attention is ruining our overall health. in the long run, it affects our judgment to perform the simplest of tasks. >> would you agree? >> i don't try to multi-task. >> i wonder if it's a guy thing. if you're walking that way, grab this and put this away while on your way. >> too much. >> i agree. you have to see this next video to believe this next video. it shows that talent does come in all sizes. this boy lives in turkey. he's just 4 years old. when he grows up, he wants to be a barber just like dad. and it looks like he's well on his way as well. he's been working at his father's barbershop for the past six months. his dad says people request the
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and "pop start." >> dylan dreyer, "pop start." >> how much would you spend to live like old school hollywood royalty? ♪ >> the star of classics like "gentlemens like blondes," marlin monroe is the hollywood icon. it's no wonder people have dropped big bucks to live like the hollywood bombshell. now you can own her home in the neighborhood of brentwood for a cool $6.9 million. it was the first and only home she ever purchased herself. it's also where she died in 1962 at the age of 36. monroe reportedly bought the 1929 hacienda for $75,000. >> wow. >> today it's on the market for
8:17 am
we did the math for you. a hefty price tag. >> someone will buy that in a heartbeat. for some people, $6.9 million, that's nothing. especially in that neighborhood. and at 66 years old, bill murray shows no fear of slowing down or of trying something new. "the groundhog" actor is embarking on a surprise new venture. ♪ >> yep, that's the comedian singing in gershwin standard. in it he'll perform songs from steven foster and songs from oth others. he plans to release the recording in august. nothing he can't do. >> nothing wrong with that. thank you. still ahead, we'll
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san antonio, texas. welcomed a beautiful baby killer whale. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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there's a new addition to the seaworld family in there is a new addition to the sea world in san antonio, texas, what is bring iing joy t the area. >> maya rodriguez has the story. >> reporter: making waves. takara the killer whale swimming protectively with her newborn orca in san antonio. a sight for all ages. >> that aquarium will feature that whale. >> reporter: it's her fifth calf and the third time a killer whale has given birth at sea world. it's also the last time one will ever be born into captivity here. >> this is the most beautiful
8:21 am
veterinarian. imagine, but it is sad because it is our last one. >> reporter: sea world is ending the breeding program and the whale shows. by the time they decided to enter the show, takara was already pregnant. peta is calling on sea world to spare her fifth calf. but sea world says they are prepared to take care of their last addition. >> this is the last time to study and see and watch this baby grow and mature and get all the information we can. >> reporter: so mom and calf will remain here as the baby learns to breast-feed, it playfully swims ahead. testing the waters like all kids do, under mom's watchful eye. >> she immediately snaps right into, okay, now i've got a job to do, and that is to take care of that half. so she's fantastic at it
8:22 am
>> and a mom now focused on bonding with her last baby. for "today," maya rodriguez, nbc news, san antonio, texas. >> hmm. still ahead here on a saturday morning on "today," if you are looking for some inspiration for the big day, don't go anywhere. from the dessert bar to drones, we are taking a look at all the latest and greatest in wedding trends this morning. plus, some autograph collections that you will not believe. >> i have some cool autographs. you have tom brady. >> i don't think so. but first, these messages. i'm pretty sure i don't. ♪ she'l ♪ ♪ all the better just to please you ♪ ♪ she's precocious, and she knows just ♪ ♪ what it takes to make a pro blush ♪ ♪ all the boys think she's a spy, ♪
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it's 8:26 on this saturday, april 26th. i'm david culver. metro rail is tweeting out that red line trains are single-tracking near glenmont and forest glen due to a problem at the wheaton station. be advised, there are delays in both directions on that line. and staying in maryland, cleanup is continuing in takoma park and other parts of montgomery county after fast and furious storms swept through the area. this is what it looked like friday evening. a utility pole snap in half on carroll avenue as the storm came through. they so
8:27 am
marble-sized hail. fortunately, no injuries. and thousands of people are going to be marching on the streets of washington. this is for the march for science. organizers say it's meant to be nonpartisan. it's been fueled by what some say are president trump's anti-environment policies. a fallen officer is bringing people together once again. jacai colson invitational tournament is continuing at oxon high school today. he was a police officer accidentally shot and killed by another officer during the shoot-out. the tournament costs $2 to attend and ends tomorrow. and we'll get a check on the forecast with lauren ricketts right after this.
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8:29 am
lauren ricketts is standing by. when we go to live pictures outside, it's hard to see. >> we do have fog out there. and the rain. so just a nasty situation as you head out the door on this saturday morning. unfortunately, we'll be dealing with rain all throughout the day. we need it. but we have rain in for tomorrow. and it will be coming back throughout your saturday, so it won't be raining the entire day. but it will be light with some showers light and heavy later in the day. but by 2:00, more rain that will continue to pulse through the region on your saturday as well. so a good rule of thumb, keep that umbrella with you.
8:30 am
and tomorrow. lauryn is getting ready for a full hour of news and weather. that will start at 9:00. for now, back to the "today" show. and we're back. saturday morning, april 22nd, 2017. we have a fantastic crowd on the plaza. >> i feel like ohio is really represented today. >> a lot of people from ohio today. what is going on? >> ohio is always well represented. always folks from ohio. they will get to see us cook up a little bit out here. >> it smells good. still coming up this half hour, we're celebrating earth day with bill nye who is stopping by studio 1a to talk about climate change and his new show on netflix. then we'll take a look at the latest fashion trends from fashion to food to flowers, all things in between. our experts will tell us which items you should buy and which
8:31 am
delicious butter milk pork chop dish. >> those are the largest pork shops i have seen. and if you're looking for an easy way to make money, you may want to select some autographs. you may not believe how much cash collectors are raking in these days. that's next. before we get to any of that, since we were outside last time, it seems like we got a bit of a spritzing. >> yes, we had umbrellas and lost them. it's not enough for the umbrellas is what i'm saying. >> let me move out of your way. >> we'll look at weather going on across the country this weekend. you see a couple spotty showers in the northeast. that's the spritz we were talking about. the heavier rain through kentucky and tennessee. we could see isolated stronger storms tomorrow with the risk of rain spreading to the east mainly across the southeastern states including virginia and the carolinas down to georgia. we
8:32 am
heavier do wnpour much-needed rain returns to florida. that's a look at the weather across the country, now here's a peek out your window. we continue to have rain showers through your saturday, sunday, even into monday. temperatures in the 50s for daytime highs today. we'll continue with rain throughout the remainder of your saturday. and we'll have showers on your sunday as well. mainly south of d.c., but go ahead and keep the umbrella with you. monday and tuesday we'll continue to have rain. not until wednesday do we start to warm back up with temperatures back in the 70s. we'll get some sunshine towards the end of the week where we may be nearing 90. and we are also celebrating comcast day which brings together thousands of volunteers across the country to help communities thrive. here's a live look at what they are doing down in philadelphia. they are cleaning up the boys and girls
8:33 am
up litter and taking care of weeds. i've been out there before for these comcast cares days. it's amazing to see people come together and help the community. >> and the kids' faces when they see it, they love it. there's a growing trend across the country that involves a pen and a piece of paper. >> what was once a free thing from celebrity to fans, here's what she has learned about the celebrity cost of autographs. good morning. >> in the age of selfies, it is hard to imagine that autographs are worth anything, but it is a booming business. a lot of it takes place at comic con. many are underway across chicago from silicon valley this weekend. it's the pop culture phenomenon known as comic con where comic
8:34 am
book fans geek out about video games. >> geek is mainstream. >> reporter: this is the ring leader. >> if you love certain walking tv shows, like "the walking dead," you belong here. >> reporter: this is the biggest comic con ever. fans come here to meet their celebrities and characters and autographs has become a hashtag. it's a growing trend across the country, a $2 billion business. while celebrities used to mainly sign autographs for free, now fans are paying a premium. >> it's something that i'm willing to pay because i'm not here all the time. >> reporter: for $50 an autograph, samantha gates and fellow trekkies let them meet michelle known as bridge commander ohura. >> what is the meaning? >> reporter: what does it mean when people come to talk to you about "star trek" so many years later. >> they love to watch the
8:35 am
so we have a mutual admiration for society going here. >> reporter: the most sought after john hancock is also the most expensive. $100 to get up close and personal to stanley, the marvel of comics. >> good to see you. >> reporter: the bigger the celebrity, the larger the piece tag. taylor swift sells a signed poster for $250. an autograph for madonna auctioned at $1,600. if you want a signed book from j.k. ruling, $3,100. priciest of all? signatures from the dearly departed. the autograph of elvis presley is worth $6,000. james dean, $28,000. all four beatles together, over $43,000. when former new york giant victor cruz sits down for a signing, he can do hundreds of autographs an hour. >> it is great. it's always great to see the s
8:36 am
them and talk beautiful interaction with them. it's a beautiful thing. >> reporter: the autograph society made this man's dream come true. this is where you started off. >> it was not always like this, trust me. >> reporter: he's been collecting for over three decades. his 40,000-square-vault has memorabilia from every major event in modern sports history. >> this is incredible. this is signed by jeter, mariello and andy pettitte. >> how much would this sell for? >> about $800. >> reporter: the reading of joe dimaggio's journal. >> this is from joe dimaggio. >> reporter: 1942. by the way, autographs have a way of bringing a motley crew of celebrities together at comic con. this weekend we have the
8:37 am
from wwe and stan lee greeting the next general race of fans. >> dylan brought up a good point. these days, everybody takes selfies and you forget to ask for the simple autograph. >> do you have any cool autographs? >> i don't either. >> many people we meet we just forget to ask. >> i always feel so weird asking because i'm there for work. >> that us tris true. up next, america's favorite science guy bill guy is here to explain. but first, these messages. for only $149. plus, get up to $200 off select patio sets. get started with the season's best savings. start with lowe's. if youto treat your tough nasal allergies... ...listen up. unlike pills that don't treat congestion, clarispray covers 100 percent of your nasal allergy symptoms.
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we're back now on a saturday morning that just happens to be earth day with america's favorite science guy, bill nye. >> bill nye is here with a fantastic new show on netflix called bill nye "saves the world." and here to talk to us about climate change, a topic he tackles on his show. congratulas
8:39 am
the way. >> thank you. as we say, there's 13 of them, we want you to bing it. starting yesterday, did you like that? you look pretty sharp. so if you like to worry about things, you're living in a great time. so this is just a traditional demonstration to show you the big problem. so i'm going to make a mark on this red tape. as we warm this water, it expands. here you are, hold the bulb. >> hold the bulb. >> sheinelle, hold the bulb, the bottom part. and you know it will go up, right? >> oh, okay. yeah. >> so the same is happening here. and the same is happening with the world's ocean, everybody. so you get to see this enormous ocean just a little bit warmer, it gets bigger just like this, just like this. and when it gets bigger, exotic places like norfolk, virginia, galveston, texas, to a lesser extent, manhattan, are going to have water coming into your living room.
8:40 am
and who is going to pay in a fe >> i'm walking now because i'm like, right, this is something i have not thought about it. >> but it does go up, right? >> yeah, it does. here's another ham billiexa. here in the world in which we live, we are adding carbon dioxide extraordinarily fast. the carbon dioxide is mixing with the ocean. here's something you can do at home. nothing but fun. red cabbage, boiling water, produce this liquid. >> okay. >> so craig, if you would, put the shrinkiest amount of vinegar into this one. >> just a drop. >> use your judgment. >> whoa. it turned red, as if by magic. it's not magic, it's vinegar. >> science. >> science! >> if you would now, blow
8:41 am
bubbles into this -- so do you breathe it into the earth? >> into the air. as you add carbon dioxide, it makes carbonic acid. this is the homemade indicator. >> now it is changing color. >> it is changing color. as we add carbon dioxide to the ocean, it's becoming more acidic, which is very hard on sea life. imagine you're thinkrsty and somebody hands you a bottle of vinegar instead of water. that's what we are doing to the atmosphere. three things we want for everybody in the world. >> clean water. >> right on. >> clean air. >> yes, clean air. but i was going to say, the second thing is renewbly produced reliable electricity. and the third thing is access to the internet for everybody in the world. so try this at home and think big about climate change. let's change the
8:42 am
>> thank you. if you would like to watch his new show, "bill nye saves the world," you can stream it on netflix. >> or binge it. >> binge it! >> we're back with "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
the weather is warming up, the flowers are blossoming and love is in the air. it's a reminder that wedding season is about to be in full bloom. we are bringing you team coverage of the latest wedding trends in fashion, decor and desserts. i'm going to kick it off with anne from dylan wants this dress and up want that one. they are absolutely gorgeous. >> 2017 is about fun and unique detail. at wedding wire, we work with 200,000 vendors. so we spoke to our friends and they told us the hot trend right now in wedding dresses is sheer and sexy and off the shoulder. >> sheer, sex she a
8:45 am
>> so this look right here, you can see it has a lot of sheer panelling. >> she's the sheer and sexy, i see. >> she's actually covered. so it's not completely there. and so dad will approve. >> and we love the fact that shoulders are flattering on everybody no matter how tall or short. it is just gorgeous. and you look gorgeous. this is beautiful. >> it is ready to wear. they are doing off-the-shoulder everything or cut-outs. and this dress by fashion body is a perfect dress of an elegant and sophisticated off the shoulder dress. >> bridesmaids dressing, people are renting them out now. you don't wear them again. >> this dress by kia is understated. you can rent this for less than $100. >> what?
8:46 am
>> go to rent a runway's website. and if you are looking more something borrowed, they have a store in new york you can play dress-up. and for $200 to $600, some of these you can borrow. some of them are up to half a million. for $600. >> that's a win. >> it's amazing. >> i put this on for this segment. >> oh, my gosh. it is gorgeous. >> yeah. >> now we are talking vid yog i videography. people are using drones? >> yes. it's giving you views from the wedding that you never could have before. you have to get faa clearance so you won't get in trouble on your wedding day. >> it is legal. >> you just want to make sure you're not flying into trouble. >> now we are standing in front of a beautiful wall from winston flowers in boston. >
8:47 am
this is real. >> so these are hundreds of roses. and this is an hombre effect from lavender to -- >> are these expensive? >> this is is $15,000 because it is real. but you can do one that customizes for your wedding and use a smaller size, you can use paper flowers or fabric flowers or mix and match it. but the one thing is you get a lot of bang for your buck here. >> i had a friend that mixed it. you couldn't tell and it was amazing. >> let's do this. >> selfies, is this the real deal? >> you can do this for your cocktail hour. you can frame your sweetheart cable at your reception, you can do a lot with it. so it can be a lot of money, but you are getting a lot of use out of it. now we have sweet treats over here with craig. >> who needs a wedding cake anymore, huh? >> well, you have to take the photo, but you can definitely have more than one dessert now. >> so many ice cream options. >> ice cream is huge right now.
8:48 am
and now icewhooesn't love ice c? >> amen to that. >> this is a really g idea. it's a diy ice cream bar. it is iced, if your ice cream. you have whip cream and sprinkles and customize it to your favorite stuff. you can have a soda jerk behind you. >> and that doesn't seem ridiculously expensive. that will not cost you $15,000. >>s unless you go crazy. these are milkshakes. you can find them on instagram. so we have a shamrock one with whiskey. that one has vodka in it. >> i will try one of these. >> you can make it fun. if you want to be crazy like i am, i am
8:49 am
and will serve this because this is the palate. this is a homer simpson moment right here. >> we have from the sweets to -- experiences? >> it is really important for couples to register for gifts. you are doing your guests a disservice if you don't register. today there's more options than going to the brick and mortar store. newlywish is a website to register for experiences like concert tickets, you can register for your honeymoon items or give it to charity if you don't want anything. >> these are really good tips. >> yeah. >> and it is so much fun. >> you can do something like the experiencive wall but then rent the bridesmaids dresses. >> don't go anywhere. because next up, we're going to grill some delicious buttermilk pork chops and we are inviting you to
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this morning on "today's" food, we are making the most of the spring weather by cooking out on the plaza. here's our executive chef. a big hand for the executive chef, sweet home cafe, and the new national museum of african-american culture in washington, d.c. good to see you. we are excited you are here. before we get to the recipe, my understanding is the food is designed to be an extension of the mission at the museum. >> yes, it is. our cafe is an edible exhibit. we coincide with our food exhibit upstairs that really tells the story of the african-american people through our food. >> so let's make this dish. first of all, these pork chops, my goodness. what kind are these? >> these are porter house. you can use a pork chop or tenoi
8:53 am
we have taken buttermilk. >> this is the most amazing pork chop i've had in my life. >> thank you. >> so good. >> dylan dreyer just interrupted our segment to say it is so good. >> well, we add a little hot sauce to it. >> i love it. >> some honey. that will sweeten it up. >> and how long, how long do we let this marinate? >> 12 to 24 hours. generally i go overnight with it, just to really bring in a lot of the flavors and also -- >> that's a lot of garlic. >> the thing is, we are not bringing heat to this, so we want to get the buttermilk with the garlic. smash it in there with a good amount of salt. >> all right. so if you're on a diet, this is not your dish. >> it's still your dish, even if you are a on a diet. then we throw a little pork in there and let that go overnight. >> all right. so we take it from that overnight. we are on the grill er
8:54 am
pork chop. how long on each side? i mean, this is a pretty thick cut of meat. >> this is a pretty thick cut of meat. we'll move it around to take 20, 25 minutes. we'll get some marks going to move it around and find our sweet spot on the grill. >> and how can you tell when it is done? >> generally i check it with a thermometer. 135 to 140 degrees. >> all right. so there is the chop on the grill. here's the finished product. those are some beautiful-looking pork chops. >> they are beautiful. >> in addition to the pork chops, you brought along salad as well. >> yeah. so i like to serve this in the spring and summertime with a corn salad. down in d.c., with eget super sweet corn from the eastern shore. it is like a batch of candy. you add a little char to it. so what we have done is charred it off, grilled it off, cut it off the cob. this will balance out the sweet. it's just a simple straightforward. >> and use red onion in there as well
8:55 am
>> that's it. >> craig, you have to try this. >> this salad is really good. >> this salad is amazing. >> i would have interrupted for the salad, too. >> how did you become a professional chef? >> i always enjoyed cooking. and i found myself at the american museum working for american associates. and we have transformed dining around the world. and i said, to be at the african-american museum, that's a winner. >> that is amazing. >> could you make this with a center cut pork chop? >> you can, but it's not as fun. >> this is like three meals. >> thank you so much for joining us today. if you would like to get the recipe, head to for more. >> oh, my goodness. >> wow. >> i am supposed to say, that does it for us this morning. we'll sit down with marcus samuelsson to talk about his journey from surviving the
8:56 am
>> have a great day! good saturday morning. i'm david culver. >> and i'm angie goff. straight ahead on "news4 today" -- >> we have rain out there to start off your weekend. lots of it. but we could have some dry patches, so we'll time it out for you and let you know how warm we're going
8:57 am
that's all coming up in a few out of the lab and into the streets, the march for science comes to d.c. i'm tell you what it is all about and what you need to know coming up on news4. and also coming up, this could be a regular part of your commute. and it may be getting easier for you. we'll show you why some drivers get relief while others see a new challenge. and making a comeback. the old school tunes going for another spin and the unique mission to bring your vinyl back to your ears. do you have a favorite record? that's what we are talking about live on facebook. >> do we have to launch that in a few moments? we'll be back on the air in 90 seconds. see you then.
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning. welcome to "news4 today." many are cleaning up from the severe storms that hit us. and the march for science. many are gathering from the east to the west. we are live. and score!
9:00 am
>> and we'll tell you about the scare for a star player. a lot going on as we welcome you into "news4 today." i'm david culver. >> and i'm angie goff. the caps came ready to win. we have a lot going on today. but first, take a look behind us. not a whole lot has changed throughout the morning. we've been seeing doom and gloom. >> kind of a dreary start with lauren ricketts tracking the rain moving through. what about the day today? we have more rain moving through our area. but the good news is it's getting rid of the tree pollen out there. we'll go ahead and show you what is going on out there. we have the rain moving right on through in batches. so we will get some dry spots out there. and then we'll also have spots where it will be a little on the wet side. so you can see, again, some rain will continue to fall through


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