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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 22, 2017 9:00am-9:59am EDT

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>> and we'll tell you about the scare for a star player. a lot going on as we welcome you into "news4 today." i'm david culver. >> and i'm angie goff. the caps came ready to win. we have a lot going on today. but first, take a look behind us. not a whole lot has changed throughout the morning. we've been seeing doom and gloom. >> kind of a dreary start with lauren ricketts tracking the rain moving through. what about the day today? we have more rain moving through our area. but the good news is it's getting rid of the tree pollen out there. we'll go ahead and show you what is going on out there. we have the rain moving right on through in batches. so we will get some dry spots out there. and then we'll also have spots where it will be a little on the wet side. so you can see, again, some rain will continue to fall through
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we have another batch of rain down hsouter that will move on tghing the midday hours and into the afternoon. but just expect rain throughout the remainder of the day. so we're going to time it out for you. and we thought tomorrow was going to rain all day, not the case anymore. we'll let you know exactly what we're thinking for that sunday coming up in about 15 minutes. guys? >> lauren, thank you so much. and right now, clean up continues in takoma part and other parts of montgomery county after fast and furious storms swept through the area. this is what it looked like friday evening when the utility pole snapped in half on carroll avenue as the storm came through. neighbors tell news4 they also experienced marble-sized hail. at least a half dozen trees came crashing down in one takoma park neighborhood alone. luckily, no injuries reported in the storm. and right now folks are starting to gather at the washington monument. this is for the march for science. the idea sprung up in response to what some say are president trump's
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policies. news4 is live at the washington monument. derrick ward, how are things looking? >> reporter: we are on the ground of the washington monument. and they are going to have a rally starting here at 9:00. you can see here, we have a person who works for the fishery service. and also a pharmacist. we have a whole sector of folks here worry about the politicalization of science. some say it is being dismissed as part of the argument. and you can see the route, the march is going to come to the washington monument grounds and go up to the capital. that won't be until 2:00 p.m. there will be road closures around that as well. and here now people are gathering for this weekend. and there's passion to that. we talked to folks from all walks of life, scientist, science enthusiasts and people who care like this woman who is a fifth grade
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jersey. >> i'm so worried, i wish that people would take the time to listen to what is being said and not be sold by the rhetoric out there. they really do need to know that. science is fact. it's not something we make up. we study it and research it and come up with the information over a period of time. >> reporter: people are marching from capitol hill to the white house as well. it is about striking a balance. they want science to be on the minds of legislators and the administration, but many are gathering here to reverse the trend. the 2:00 rally will be happening here in the meantime. i'm derrick ward for news4. back to you. >> the one in d.c. is one of several marches planned across the world. we'll take you down under. this is australia.
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enthusiasts and academics rallied in sections across the country. they are calling on politicians to make more policies they call fact and evidence. and new this morning, vice president mike pence is in australia as part of his ten-day tour of asia. he spoke to a group of business leaders. now earlier today, he did hold a news conference as the prime minister malcolm turnbull said the u.s. will honor a refugee resettlement deal with australia. it's a deal that president trump once called, quote, dumb and caused a rift earlier between the two countries. and this time next week, president trump will mark his 100th day in office at his legislative agenda that is still a work in progress. but we could see movement on some big issues next week. the president told the associated press that a big announcement on tax reform will come on wednesday. house republicans are moving forward on a health care compromise. it also remains a potential government shutdown. next friday is the deadline for congress to get a spending bill through to avoid
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and the president's first 100 days will be a topic on tomorrow's "meet the press." chuck todd will have an exclusive interview with nancy pelosi and the white house chief of staff reince priebus. and he'll also speak to marco rubio. "meet the press" airs tomorrow morning at 10:30. starting today to get in from virginia to downtown d.c. is getting easier. after two years of construction and detours, the new ramp to 395 south opens today. it allows traffic to drive onto the highway instead of using the third street ramp. also good news for drivers going east. but for folks headed west on mass avenue, you will see new delays. this is all part of the apple crossing project which will not wrap up until 2019. so it is overtime. >> we don't care how long it took, as long as they got the w. the caps are now three up,
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ovechkin. >> four overtime in five games. at that time the caps has a franchise record, but they didn't need much time as a familiar hero steps up in the clutch. the caps beat the mapleleafs 2-1. end of the first period, alex ovechkin gets the classic hip-check. watch his left knee as he comes down -- ouch. he's helped off the ice. the caps fans everywhere holding their breath. >> everyone is an important player but there's only one ove. when you see him down like that, you get nervous. >> reporter: ove would return, but before he does they take advantage of the power-play. he brings the post to t.j. oshie on the rebound. toronto would tie it
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fourth time in the five games of the series as we head to overtime. just a minute into the expert session, watch the beautiful pass. marcus johansson to justin williams! he puts home the game winner, the caps win, 2-1, in a thriller. >> these are big moments. and to win a championship, you need to relish the moments and saver the moments. we have done that in two of the four wins, four overtime games, and we are going to come up with big names. >> not just in the playoffs but the regular season. the more important the game, the bigger justin plays. >> he's a winner, plain and simple. his mindset doesn't think anything else but winning. >> the caps lead a seven-game series 3-2. and now have the great opportunity to finish off the
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we'll see you from toronto for game six on sunday. from the brighton center, back to you. another home team getting ready for a major playoff game today. >> we're talking about the wizards down in atlanta to take on the hawks in game three. washington leading that series 2-0. so a win tonight will put them one game away from sweeping this round one series. >> they can do it. and a new push for loosening the marijuana ban here and nationwide. what you will and will not find at today's national cannabis festival. and this is a bizarre story out of fairfax county. a pillar in a senior living community. we'll tell you about the homicide investigation putting neighbors on edge and the crime
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creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy.
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site of a quadruple murder. is underway at the home. the couple and their 10-year-old son and a housekeeper we are killed in the home back in may of 2015. the suspect is set to go on trial in september. the home sold a month after the brutal killing. demolition is expected to be finished by monday. organizers expect thousands of marijuana advocates to come out for the national cannabis festival in d.c. take a look at last year's event being held in the parking lot of rfk stadium today. and the festival highlights include loosening bans on marijuana. and if you're heading down today, remember you cannot consume marijuana at the festival. you will be able to learn how to grow your
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paraphernalia. it is illegal to sell, consume or smoke marijuana in public. it's a good idea they have tents to be under as it will be a soggy and wet one. lauren is tracking the timing of this and how soon it will dry out. here's a question for you, david, why did the turtle cross the road? the creative solution a local officer found to solve a very unusual problem.
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well, at least the rain is getting rid of the pollen and helping out with the deficit drought we have. we will continue with rain showers, but we have a little lull in the precipitation. we'll time it out for you as you get things done. we'll let you know when to expect dry periods between all the rain showers coming up in a few minutes. that's coming up in a few minutes. and safetrack surge 14 is underway in phrase one. so we're talking about the green line. this means college park and greenbelt stations will still be closed. that lasts through next weekend. so april 29th. we do have the shuttle buses running back and forth. as far as day service, regular weekend service during the day on the orange, blue and silver lines here this weekend, but in the evening
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macpherson square and the smithsonian to close. sa here running every 15 minutes between wiehle ands reston. and the yellow line, regular schedule between huntington and mt. vernon square only. and taking a look at the red line, trains running every 8 to 15 minutes. have a great weekend. we'll see you monday morning for "news4 today." and we are still working to get more information on a shooting that happened outside a strip mall in lorton, virginia. chopper 4 was over the scene along route 1 and lorton road last night. now we noticed there are a number of restaurants in that strip. police say one person was shot or one person shot into a crowd before 9:00 and people scattered. we though for a fact that one person was shot and that they are expected to survive. and we're going to stay in fairfax county for the next story. thees
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figure out who murdered aapat a retirement community thursday morning at the little river glen senior retirement community just off barker road. now, residents found the man dead inside his apartment there located in fairfax county really on the border of fairfax and annendale. and the victim's body was found in the apartment bordering the busy river turnpike. he died from trauma to the upper body. police are asking anyone with information to step forward. well, bikers and walkers will have a new trail network in leesburg, virginia. officials are unveiling new signage for the trail at fox ridge park. the blue and green trails will be linked to the w and&od trail. and doing both loops is ten miles wit
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>> you can take the blue trail from the w&od up to balls bluff or spend time at any of the parks along the river, edward's landing park and really make a day of it if you so chose. >> for more information, search leesburg trails in the nbc washington app. we now have the answer to the question, how did the turtle cross the road? >> well, apparently, with the help of prince william county officers. take a look at this video from the police department. the turtle is wandering on lincoln hull road. so with the help of a few citizens, the officer was carefully able to lift the turtle right there into the wagon. >> that's a heavy turtle. >> it is very heavy. and everything is going according to plan. very gentle, very slow. and then all of a sudden he's like -- wap! >> but nobody is harmed. >>
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comeses, you see more and more turtles hit by cars as they try to complete the mating ritual. so they go pond and pond and go straight across. >> that one got across safely without getting drenched in the rain. >> yes, the rain continues out there. look at this. the good news is we are getting rid of the pollen because the tree pollen went through the roof. so we are getting rid of that, but at the same time, just in time for the weekend, we are seeing all this rain. in fact, we're really not in the clear until wednesday. so let's go ahead and show you the gloomy day, the gloomy morning, i should say, out there in d.c. right now. and this is our tower camera. and man, it is just foggy and it is just gray. and we're seeing some rain. and that rain is going to continue, as i said, today, tomorrow and tuesday. and then we'll finally be dry by the time we get to wednesday. and then the heat and humidity returns. temperatures out there right now, 62 in d.c. 57
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55 in dulles. most of the day in the 50s. winchester down to 48 degrees. you can see the rain showers work their way through the area. this is not it. we have this batch of rain that will continue to move through the region as well. so again, we're going to continue to see some rain showers throughout the day and even through tomorrow. now, tomorrow is going to be different because they will be mainly south. so 50s today. batches of rain. it's just going to be wet and cloudy throughout much of the day. and again, we're going to hit the dry spots, probably likely in the early afternoon. and then again later on this evening. so it won't be raining the whole time, but we are going to have a good dose of rain. now tomorrow morning, look at this, 7:30. we're stuck in the clouds and could have a little bit of sunshine around the mason dixon line. but other than that, a lot of the rain staying to the south tomorrow. bring the umbrella with you as the showers could sneak north, but down to route 50 in maryland, that's where the rain stays tomorrow in the 50s. we'll get some drying in the afternoon
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ttreling, rainy and exercise. it will be good tomorrow morning with rain showers to the south. we have rain showers on monday and rain showers on tuesday. here we go on when as we start to dry out with a chance of rain late thursday. friday and saturday, temperatures in the 80s and hot and humid. thank you, lauryn. before there was youtube, a group of high school cameras that used a home camera
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this is a cool story. they were a group of local high school students with a camera and called themselves the langley punks. >> more than 30 years ago, they made short comedic films met with critical acclaim. now they are reuniting for a sequel that is actually premiering tonight. >> reporter: if you picked up a copy of the "washington post" over the past three decades, you have seen his work. photographer bill oleary captured iconic moments over the years. he shot his first front page, this picture of marion barry, when o'leary was part of the
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group. >> these were part of "the three stooges" when we had the classic comedy. we just wanted to make people laugh and have a good time. >> reporter: they started submitting their films in local competitions against established filmmakers. >> and then we, just, you know, were drinking peer and throwing things at each other and putting ping-pong ball eyeballs and pretending to be monsters and they would win every time. >> the popularity thing sort of surprised me, yeah. because these are pretty crude and rudimentary. >> reporter: the langley punks went on to produce "hyattsville holiday," "intestines from space" and alcoholics unanimous" where he got to play the bartender. >> i liked better being behind the camera. >> reporte o
9:26 am
the langley punks will reunites film in decades, a sequel to cursee atomic research. >> in 34 years, we have learned nothing. i think it's even dumber than the original. >> reporter: we have wefeveryth you need to get tickets and see the trailer. go to nbc4 and search punks. and at 9:26, we have breaking news out of germantown where two people were hurt in a double stabbing. the information just coming from montgomery county police and montgomery county fire and rescue. this happened before 9:00 this morning about 30 minutes ago. this happened on gray eagle court. we know a woman was stabbed several times. another man was also stabbed. both are in serious condition right now. and they are at the hospital. we'll send out an alert on this to the nbc washington app. as soon as we get more information, which no doubt, will be coming throuou
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and at w. we are also waking up to a lot of showers out there. you can see storm team 4 radar green and very busy and outside a very dreary start. we have lauryn tracking when the rain will move out. and a special way to honor a fallen police officer. how his memory is living
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montgomery county are cleaning up after a line of severe storms swept through the area. look at the aftermath right there. marble-sized hail, at least six large trees and a utility pole snapped in half. this is in takoma park. fortunately, nobody got hurt. and the rally for today's march for science gets underway in about a half hour from now. the march has been fueled by what some say are president trump's anti-environment policies. we'll be live. a late and exciting night for a lot of folks. the cavs leading the series against toronto 3-2. they beat the maple leafs in overtime thanks to a goal by justin williams. game six is happening tomorrow up in toronto. welcome back in on this april 22nd, earth day. >> it should be every day. >> well, we're certainly seeing it today. at least when we look behind us, we see a lot of green happening
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and we have that much kind of precipitation and some rain in the air. and that's why we want to bring in news4's meteorologist lauryn ricketts who has more on the timing of all of this. >> yeah, timing is pretty much all throughout the day where we could expect the rain showers to move through the area. not only today, but we also bring in the forecast for tomorrow. for monday. for tuesday. we really do not break from this pattern until we get to wednesday, which is both good and bad. yeah, we need the rain to get rid of the pollen, but also at the same time, it's saturday. we've got to bring out the sunshine today. we won't see sunshine as the rain continues to move through the area. still storms down to the south and west. that will be our second batch of storms that scoots through later on this afternoon. we'll time it out with you again and let you know what we're warming up to. in fact, we have summer-like temperatures in the ten-day forecast. we'll show you those in a few minutes. lauryn, see you then. a fallen officer is once again bringing people th
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continues today as shomari stone reports his memory is living on. >> it's overwhelming. >> no shot! >> my heart is filled with joy. >> reporter: vavonne allen is excited at the jacai colson basketball tournament. >> this is somebody he would have been involved in. he was so involved. >> reporter: he was killed last march by one of his fellow officers who did not recognize him during the chaotic gunfight. >> to see everyone come together and do this for him in his honor is just a really, really wonderful thing. >> reporter: his fellow officers play on the maryland select team to raise money for the jacai colson scholarship fun. this is the coach, jonathan sanders,
9:33 am
and a detective who worked closely with officer colson. >> every year we can remember him in a great way. >> we are here in support of the fallen. >> reporter: george norris brought his rescue dog to bring the team good luck. >> his name is colson after detective colson. >> reporter: and this woman wears this badge to keep him in memory. >> what a wonderful story. >> reporter: these two trophies will find a place after saturday and sunday. there's still time to get out here, it is $2 to come and watch. shomari stone, news4. and police now know the identity of the killed victim but need help identified the
9:34 am
killer. the 17-year-old te-yja chase was found without an i.d. after leasing a sketch of her, her family members saw her and knew it was her, a $25,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the killer. a loudoun county teacher is under arrest and it happened at school for allegedly driving drunk to work. megan deba was a sixth grade language arts teacher at the sterling middle school. the employee at the school alerted a school officer yet that debo may be intoxicated. officers say she drove to school drunk and charged her with dui and another count for possessing an open container at school. and the prince george's county schools will keep an eye on air quality and mold at an elementary school. the district ordered tests last month for the district heights elementary after students and teachers said they were all getting sick. the initial
9:35 am
classroom with elevated mold levels. after a series of repairs and adjustments to improve air quality, officials ordered more tests this month and found levels had dropped below federal guidelines. well, we are working for you in the community today, in the district's ward eight. volunteers include compact nbc universal employees are working to help identify part of the comcast day. people are working hard to landscapes and paving flowers on the grounds of the school. many say this will have a big impact to the students. >> the kids come in on monday morning and see all the amazing murals, collegiate logos, benches, gardens. and not only is it a beautiful environment for them, but it makes them know how much the community cares. >> well, we will show you the progress made tonight on news4 at 6:00. if you are looking for a different kind of activi h
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and for sale. boats and antique you can catch the free demonstrations and lectures for voters of all skill levels with a taste test of maryland's seafood. the boat show is open at the bay bridge marina in stephensville. if you are heading outside, timing is everything when it comes to showers. if you missed lauryn's forecast, you may want to check can in with her. and words and wine. >> are you slurring your words on this one? >> i am. catering to moms. the wineries are
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of leesburg, virginia, where we just found out that emergency officials have closed off the loudoun shopping plaza as well as mills road. they tell us not much. they say this is due to an aircraft incident. at this point, we are still making calls and working on finding out what it involves and if anybody was hurt. stay with news4 for more on this breaking story. we'll continue to update you there. head over to alexandria now where they have to move faster to replace old town's 200-year-old sewer system. the governor terry mcauliffe signed the bill into law yesterday to replace all the overhaul sites by 2025. the original plan was to address three first and leave the biggest to be dealt with until the mid-2030s. on this earth day, maryland is warning people that cleaning up litter is a waste of time and also a lot of money. the state spends $8
9:40 am
the department of transportation says that money could be used to fix roads. litter can have a bad effect on the environment. storm water can seen trash into streams and rivers and end up in red irvoservoirs used for drink weather. rain tote, umbrella, and storm team 4. we'll provide the latest one for you with lauryn ricketts and how to plan around a soggy start to your saturday. and evidence that a lot of people care about science. the march for science in d.c. we'll tell you all about it ewming up on n
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weathertech. made right, in america well, that rain continues to move through the region. now we're seeing a few breaks here and there, but certainly a cloudy, foggy, gloomy saturday. how much longer can this last? we do have rain in the forecast, at least for tomorrow, monday and tuesday. so we're going to let you know when we can see some breaks and when we're going to warm up again coming up in a few minutes. well, today is earth day. and in just under 20 minutes from now, people will start rallying at the washington monument for the march for science. >> that's right. the goal of this event is to promote the understanding of science and defend it from what they consider to be very attacked, including budget cuts. derrick ward is live at the washington
9:44 am
gathering. a big crowd behind you now, derrick. >> reporter: indeed. it's growing by the second. take a look, we got here about 30 to 40 minutes ago. i think there were half the number of people then as there are now. but this is an important issue for a lot of people. this is about the march that is going to happen later this afternoon. the ground from the washington monument all the way up to the ca capitol building. these people are enthusiastic and passionate about this issue. when you look to those coming here, global warming, fossil fuel emissions, drinking water in flint, michigan. all those things are political issues, but they are scientific issues as well. and the folks say that once science drops them into politics, you don't know what you get on the other end and it is not true
9:45 am
issues people talk about here. and one man from out of town says he has the chance to be here. >> i want to be indifferent to the pressure as much as possible. >> reporter: a diverse crowd here. everyone from professionals to site innethusiasts. we're live on the ground for the washington monument, derrick ward, news4. thank you. the next story has me question what your interceptions were on this assignment. some local wineries are trying something new and angie goff raced her hand to do this.
9:46 am
of the wineries allowing you to spend your entire day with your family. >> reporter: the soft, crunchy ride. the scenic countryside. the winery at bull run is a short drive from d.c. but feels like a world away. >> the land that we're standing on right now is where the first battle of the civil war was fought. >> reporter: the 225-acre winery adjoins the national battlefield park. here, wine tasters sit amid relics found where greats now are where the mansion grew and made for the per fekd backdrop is unique. we cover everything from day trip itineraries to the best wines to drink. >> w
9:47 am
>> reporter: and where to find the most kid-friendly have be l guards. >> in virginia, there are only four wineries that don't allow kids at all. the rest of them, kids are welcome. some have separate areas for families. >> reporter: the winery at bull run has two acres just for kids. a win/win for this mom. >> my husband and i were happy because we were able to enjoy ourselves while the kids played. >> reporter: another big hit on the property, the horse farm next door. from outdoor movie night to yoga, there's no shortage of things to do at wineries. but with local bottles selling out fast, some vineyards are left looking for more grapes. so they are trying to expand their acreage, but that is very expensive. >> reporter: and then there's always the weather. >> we are hoping it will be a good year for us. >> reporter: well,
9:48 am
bottles of wine all made in virginia. fromhere to find the best wines and whites, "the washingtoni washingtonian" has the details. we now know an airplane skidded off the runway at leesburg executive airport. it went down. we know the pilot is okay. not injured. they are investigating this, particularly state police, in browndown county's sheriff department trying to get more det details on the crash. we'll bring you the latest as we get it in.
9:49 am
allergy sufferers, right? >> well, we are seeing rain out there. and it's a gray day throughout the region. scattered showers are continuing to plague the area. not only do we have rain today but rain in the forecast for tomorrow and then on monday and tuesday. wednesday we'll finally break this pattern. oh, boy, look at that out there. the fog is really. and that's the way it will be for a while. we'll see the heat and humidity return getting into the end of next week. now, the current temperatures out there, you can see 61 here in d.c. everybody else in the 50s. a cool spot, winchester, 48 degrees. and there goes a big batch of rain pushing up to the north. but here's another batch of rain right here getting ready to enter southwestern virginia. so we'll hit a bit of a dry spot, but
9:50 am
through the remainder of the day. we'll hold the clouds tough all the way through tomorrow. now, again, spotty rain showers even if you're headed out for dinner tonight. and then rain overnight. but a lot of the rain tomorrow stays south of i-66 south of route 50 in maryland. again, most of the rain will just stay to the south, maybe even a little sunshine peeking out near the mason-dixon livnes. you may need the rain gear for the festivities outside. an umbrella for your dinner. and the car wash? wait until wednesday. we have rain monday and tuesday with temperatures in the 50s. we are back into the 70s by the time we head into wednesday. we've got more news right after
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there she goes! >> this is the principal and vice principal from gaithersburg playing off in an egg russian roulette. they are doing a read-a-thon. this is entertainment for the kids. so far they raised $13,000. jimmy fallon found out about the story and shared very good ne.
9:54 am
for those guys. our friends over at rediwhip. their mission is about sharing joy. they are going to match the $13,000 donation to your school. >> okay. so this happened last night. that brings the total amount raised for the read-a-thon to $26,000. congratulations to them. it's the topic of the facebook live this morning. it's records day. >> so many of you are telling us your favorites like earth, wind and fire. and as we report, today gives all music fans something to celebrate. >> reporter: when was the last time you did this? ♪ for years now, most of us have been buying our music digitally, never actually touching a record or a cd. in fact, many record stores have been going
9:55 am
but that is slowly changing. >> i have to tell you, we are experiencing now a major resurgence in the popularity of vinyl lps. what is old is new again. >> reporter: recently artists of all genres are releasing music the old-fashioned way, on vinyl. jazz is one type that has seen a lot of records drop. zeb has been researching recordings on final. >> decades after these recordings were made, we are still making incredible discoveries from important artists and unearthing the new recordings that are coming to life for the very first time. >> reporter: jazz legends like silonius monk and bill evans. many of these recordings will be available for the first time on saturday. the tenth annual record store day. a chance for music
9:56 am
feel the an experience from the early days of buying records. >> just by going to your record store, by picking up one of these releases or any other records in the store, you are supporting a local business and you're supporting the artist. >> and i can't stress that enough. so important. >> reporter: while it may have been a while since you last visited your record store, saturday could be the day to change that. here at joe's record paradise in silver spring, you'll be able to meet all kinds of local musicians, including billy hancock, mark winner and johnny castle of the thrillbillies. and you'll meet the harmonious monks grandson. we want to get you to breaking news out of loudoun county. we have found out that the pilot is okay and not injured in a
9:57 am
this happened not far from the loudoun center shopping plaza. we note the pilot was approaching to land at leesburg executive airport when the plane went down. the road is now closed near shrevemill. virginia state police are responding to the scene. and we have a little bit of rain this morning that we're dealing with. download the nbc washington app. it's perfect for a day like this. >> we'll keep you updated on the crash as well. that does it for us. thank you for joining us on this saturday morning. here's a live picture of the march for science. >> happy earth day!
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