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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  April 24, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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but on a monday, yes, this is probably not how you want to start the week. we have the rain on the radar. moving up towards the district. very light rain moving up 95. windshield wipers moving up this morning. heavier rain across 81 from woodstock to winchester. more heavy rain down to the south. pulling up a lot of moisture. this will all keep traveling in our direction really for the next couple of days. temperature wise though, not going to get too warm. good morning, chuck. >> no, we are really going to be stuck in a rutt for temperatures and rain chances. temperatures very hard to move. hardly at all. right now we're at 52 in fairfax county. 5 in arlington. 51 in fredericksburg. a little cooler where temperatures are in the mid to upper 40s. daily grade for today though, it's a monday and it's going to be cloudy and rainy. temperatures today doesn't
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graphic, it will be in the 50s. i'll change that 84. that was friday's forecast. cool and wet today. steady rain likely for tomorrow. probably staying on the cloudy side. the rain should be coming to an end early wednesday. 80 plus starting thursday into the weekend. let's go over to melissa mollet. >> 270 going to have the right lane blocked southbound. inner loop at little river turnpike. the rest of the beltway and even through that area looking quite good here this morning. no major slowdowns. everything is still moving. 66 west before glebe, right. in bound 66 fine. so is in bound on 95. all of that showing rain falling across the area. bottom of the beltway through prince george's county clear. so is 95 from 32 down to the beltway. aaron? >>
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it is 5:02 now. this morning dc police investigating a small crime in the palisades neighborhood. a man stopped at a gas station on mcarthur boulevard. a suspect hopped in the man's bmw and sped off. he didn't get far before he crashed a car and went down an embankment. the car's owner ran to the crash site and started fighting with the suspect just as police arrived. gas station attendant said this all happened so fast. >> he had a lot of money when he came in the station. evidently that was put in the car at some point and that was stolen with a suitcase. >> now the police report is not clear about what was taken, but the 24-year-old suspect from pennsylvania was charged with robbery. police were also reportedly searching the area for a man who ran off with a bunch of crash. >> police are searching for this girl. r
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she was last seen on savannah terrace. you've probably seen these missing teen cases shared on facebook. one post in particular went viral last month. it had a lot of inaccurate information in it. all this week we're clearing up what's actually happening and taking a tough look at dc's plans to keep our kids home. president trump marks his first 100 days in office on saturday. today though foreign matters will be at the top of his agenda. he's expected to speak with german chancellor angela merkel. he will hold a working lunch with ambassadors of the countries of the u.n. security council. north korea could be a big topic of discussion there. another big issue the president will have to deal with is the possibility of a government shutdown. congress has to reach a deal to fund the government by friday in order to avoid that. the white house has complicated negotiations with demands on items like the border wall and increased military spending. news 4's tracie potts has more on where it stands coming up a
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goff at the live desk. >> good morning, eun. in fact we have new video out of france. protestors clashing with police. several hundred demonstrators rallied in bastille square. marine le pen made it to the runoff vote. she'll face off with emanuel macron. the election will happen in may and macron and le pen against it, the results should have real implications for the future of france. back to you. >> angie, thank you. happening today, if you take i-395 in the district, things are going to look different. today will be the first morning rush with that newly opened ramp that allows drivers to merge directly on to massachusetts avenue to 395 south instead of having to use the third street tunnel ramp. this is
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dollar capital crossing project. you can plan ahead by opening the nbc washington app. we have all the details you need as well as the ongoing construction there. search i-395. zwr . five minutes after the hour. the quest for the cup. fans are celebrating the big victory. >> the team is headed to round two of the playoffs. doesn't this sound so good? this was last night's overtime victory in toronto. news 4's carol maloney breaks down the amazing victory. >> the capitals players who only scored two goals in all of last year's playoffs scored two here in toronto sunday night. marcus johansson nick named mojo. he and his mojo working scoring both goals in a 2-1 series clinching win. >> marcus johansson pushes the caps through to round two. >> it's been a tough fight. i think toronto played really well. they gave us everything they had. a lot of credit to them for that. we stuck with it, pla
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we deserved it and we fought hard for it. >> every game, one goal, five overtimes. listen, margin of error is tiny, tiny, tieby. sometimes it's just a couple millimeters here and there. we came through in the last few games when we had to up the ante. we got the big goals when we needed them. >> up next a rematch with the pittsburgh penguins. bring it on. game one thursday at verizon center. >> that's right, carol. bring it. here is the schedule. games 1 and 2 at the verizon center thursday and saturday. saturday can be seen here on nbc 4. games 3 and 4 in pittsburgh on may 1 ths and 3rd and if necessary game 5 on saturday may 6th. game 6 monday may 8th in pittsburgh and a potential game 7 at the verizon center on may 10th. >> it's con
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five is may sixth but six is monday. too many numbers for this hour. as for the wizards, this he will play tonight in a pivotal game four. >> they lost saturday after they were not able to recover from a fast start by atlanta. they play tonight at 8:00. the wizards lead two games to one now. the week is off to a pretty chilly start but we could be into the 90s by the weekend? >> by the weekend, yes. we have to get through the rain and cool temperatures today and tomorrow. use the umbrella, rain boots, raincoat as we go through both today and tuesday. windshield wipers will be working. take your time on the roads. in a few minutes chuck and i will be back with the timing of this. >> people jumped to safety after a fire broke out in their apartment building. and shocking video of a little girl who falls out of the back of a church van. how she's do
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all right. take a look at this pretty scene. a sea of tulips at skagit valley tulip festival. this is north of
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festival is designed as a driving tour, but this morning take a bird's eye view from a drone. the festival is in its 34th year. tulips as far as the eye can see. >> meanwhile here you can tiptoe through the mud. >> if you've ever been to amsterdam, let me tell you something, the tulip festival in the netherlands. >> always one upping. you want to see something better than washington state. >> we have beautiful tulips around here, too. there are nice ones up there near the netherlands ka ril on. you can see them here in beautiful northern virginia. today will not be a day for tiptoeing through the tulips. a muddy splash. today and tomorrow, too. we'll have great actutulip grow weather. taking a look right now at metro. we have
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blue and silver line single tracking just between these two stops here. we'll talk about between addison road and morgan road. that's because of a deer hit there a short time ago. beltway looks good. everything there has cleared out of the way. had some earlier issues there on the beltway that are now gone. 395 to 14th street bridge, no worries there. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. it is 5:12 right now. this morning 11 families in prince george's county are without homes. >> their apartments were destroyed in an apartment fire in fort washington, maryland. news 4's justin finch is live on the scene this morning with the latest. justin? >> reporter: eun, the damage is dramatic. perhaps you can see that top floor balcony is gutted by fire down there and also on the ground. crime tape still cordoned off the area. this fire was so bad that residents are trapped on their balconies. cell phone video showing the fire ripping through the roof at this glen rock
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glen rock avenue. this fire broke out on sunday morning and by close to 8:30 a.m. the prince george's county fire department says the switchboard was flooded with calls about this. neighbors working quickly had to help each other. a woman lowered an 80-year-old woman to the ground out a back balcony and on the front third floor balcony neighbors say a woman was forced to toss her children into a neighbor's arms. residents said they heard her screams and request to call the 911. >> i heard this lady say, help me, help me, get my kids. call 911. i saw guys running over there. she started tossing them off the balcony, tossing her kids. >> reporter: now five people were checked out on scene. two were taken to the hospital. no serious injuries here. we do know some 30 people have been displaced and the cause of this fire remains under investigation. in fort washington, i'mti
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back in to you. >> justin, thank you. coming up on 5:14. the former teacher who disappeared with his teenage student will appear in court. tad cummins will appear in court. cummins kidnapped elizabeth thomas on march 15th. he's expected to make his first appearance in court today. this morning on the "today" show we'll learn more about who tad cummins is. his sister daphne quinn sits down for an exclusive interview. >> he's done this horrible thing that he has to pay for, but he's still my brother and i love him. >> you can watch the entire interview coming up on the "today" show right after "news 4 today." arkansas is
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the first double execution in that state in more than 16 years. jack jones and marcel williams are set to be the second and third inmates to be executed this month. it is part of the state's plan to execute inmates before one of its lethal injection drugs expires. on friday a federal judge rejected a request to stop the executions based on the health of the inmates. the requests were sent to an appeals court. the executions are set for today. today a marijuana advocacy group will be back on capitol hill. we told you about the group last week when they handed out free joints near the capitol. seven people were arrested on april 20th. the event was meant to get the attention of lawmakers who they say are interfering with states that have legalized marijuana use. congress was not actually in session on friday. today lawmakers return and the group will be back for rescheduled 4/20.
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the group is planning mass chaos at 4:20 p.m. insulin has doubled. the high drug prices are the results of the approach the u.s. has taken to granting government protected monopoliemonopolies. the insurance companies should take a responsibility because they play a role in negotiation price joos about 60,000 children are taking to the emergency room each year because they found medication that was left within reach. >> you can help prevent these tragedies by getting rid of unused medication. susan hogan has a look at why this is the per week to think about cleaning out your medicine cabinet. >> reporter: listen to this. "consumer reports" found in a recent survey that 19% of people have not cleaned out their medicine cabinet in more than three years. this saturday is called
5:17 am
drug take back day, and it's a good opportunity to get rid of those old prescription drugs you have hanging around your house. your medicine cabinet can become a dumping ground for old drugs. "consumer reports" says the risk for accidental poisoning for kids increases as every bottle of pills you keep. over-the-counter medications can be an issue. >> those leftover pills are far from harmless. taking them incorrectly or accidentally could be deadly or land a child in the e.r. >> if you can't drop off your unwanted drugs this saturday, here's how to safely dispose of them. be sure to remove any personal information from the bot am first and then mix the drugs with something unappealing like coffee kbrounds, kitty litter and seal it in a plastic bag and drop it into the trash. a vermont store has launched a new product involving
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bears. these teddy bears embrace differences. each one is customizable to match the type of limb loss of people who will receive them. one woman who lost her leg to bo bone cancer was glad to hear about this latest offering. >> it helps you to accept your body the way it is missing a limb, and that's a very, very difficult thing. it's a very traumatizing event to lose a limb. >> the amputee coalition expects by 2050 3.6 million people in the u.s. will be living with limb loss. 5:18 is our time right now. want to turn to sheena parveen and talk about this forecast. what is it, april showers, right? >> april showers, yes. and we'll have plenty of may flowers, right? >> i hope so. >> to start the week, it's rainy, it's chilly. >> it's going to be much cooler as we go through the entire day. you're going to want the warmer
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tomorrow. not a great way to start the week. the good news is we will see clearing not till wednesday but then we'll start to dry out on wednesday. then it gets hot later on this week. so i think the mid to upper 80s after a rainy, chilly start will be very welcome in the forecast. locally we have a few sprinkles around the district. off to the west, that's where we have the heaviest rain right near 81 front royal. those areas have seen wet roads. we're seeing rain for a few hours. over towards warrenton. we're going to get a bit of a break after the early morning commute. we'll see another wave of rain coming in the afternoon. big area of low pressure coming down to the south. look at all the moisture with this. this is going to keep moving in today and tomorrow so periods of rain both today and tomorrow. make sure you have the umbrella and the rain boots handy. 55 is the temperature in the
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we're going to stay in the 50s through the afternoon. this is future weather, 4:00 p.m. the rain comes back into waves. early tomorrow morning for the commute rain around tomorrow afternoon. rain around again. periods of rain. so for today expect those temperatures to only be in about the upper 50s with the rain. it will stay chilly. tomorrow much of the same. not really a difference between today and tomorrow except maybe some steadier rain through the day tomorrow. today like i mentioned we'll get a bit of a break before the afternoon rain. mid 70s with more drying. look at thursday and friday though. in the mid 80s and plenty more sunshine to head into the weekend. closer look at your weekend. let's check the roads this monday morning with melissa mollet. good morning. as sheena's been sailinying, a of rain. metro still single tracking on the blue and silver ne
5:21 am
was struck near addison road this morning. here's the rain they've been talking about this morning, chuck and sheena have been mentioning across 66, across 95. if you're leaving sometime soon you'll definitely encounter it in that area. beltway clear overall and then 270 south a little slow southbound and then it opens up back to spur. same situation northbound. no major issues. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. 5:21 right now. this video on your screen, it's tough stuff. child is going to be okay. a volunteer firefighter's dash camera was rolling when that child fell out. the unknowing bus driver kept going. the little girl's parents say she has a broken jaw and will need surgery but will make a full recovery here but possibly more shocking is that it took the bus driver 15 minutes to
5:22 am
here. thank god the guy with the camera had the presence of mind to slow down and stop and get out. >> that's really hard to watch. thank goodness there were no other vehicles on the road at that time. this is something we report here far too often. girls missing from the district. how city leaders are banding together to keep our kids at homecoming up in our new week long series. be sure to join us for the ellen degeneres show. ellen bringsj. lo is on t show. shhee
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welcome back. 5:25. you may remember #findourgirls, missing dc girls and pray for dc. well known people shared the missing local teens talking about an epidemic that didn't really exist. >> still, one child gone is too many, we know that. it
5:26 am
action. that is why all this week we will focus on an effort to keep our kids home. >> viola davis, tiriji hen der sen. now talking about them tmz. >> we have to look out for all of us. >> the reality, there was no spike in disappearances. rather, d.c. police launched a social media campaign back in march and that effort sparked an unintended reaction. now city leaders, including the director of child and family services, are coming together, not just to set the record straight but to help find the missing children. >> we appreciate the attention and spotlight shown on our kids who are missing. certainly we know that the response can't be any one particular agency or certainly not even government alone and definitely not just metropolitan police department. it is going to take a community wide effort.
5:27 am
when local child and family agencies came together to launch the mayor's six-point plan. >> whatever we put into place we want to make sure there's an accountability piece to that as well. >> next month mayor bowser will get those recommendations. the keeping our kids safe series continues tomorrow with a look at what d.c. police are trying to do to find children and what they learn from kids that run away. we're working for you to help bring kids home. we have an interactive map with pictures on the nbc washington app. search missing children map. breaking out the red, white and blue after a backlash. the tribute to america from a local high school. why students say they had to fight to promote patriotism. good monday morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. we are tracking rain drops across the dmv this morning. how long will it last and how
5:28 am
that answer coming up. changes coming to a scene of tragedy. what's next for this c.d.
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for the kids, he actually hasn't been so bad. (loud smashing) - oh! (chuckling) that garden gnome came out of nowhere, am i right? - ooh. - i'd love a lemonade, by the way! - but he still has his moments. - [narrator] tame the tuition monster. (tuition monster chuckling) visit right now on "news 4 today," a wet start to our work week. how long will the rain stick around and when to expect a warmup. plus, a professor imprisoned in north korea. new details about the american arrested and forced to stay on the
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good morning and thanks for joining us on this monday. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilcrist. we're here to kick off the week ahead. the forecast not what you'd be hoping for. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and sheena parveen here with a look at when the rain will end and we'll check in with melissa mollet. >> good morning. the weekend rain running straight into the week. >> rainy days and mondays. where's karen carpenter when you need her? >> not a pretty day to be outside today. have your rain gear ready to go. four things to know about the weather. number one, grab the umbrella. you'll need it today, tonight, tomorrow. the cool, wet pattern that moved in will stick around through the end of tomorrow. things will start to warm up a bit by the middle of the week and it's going to be downright hot as we head towards the weekend. so four things to know about today, again, i mentioned that. here's radar. showers pushing in. if it's not r
5:32 am
the rain is coming. how much rain? between now and the end of the day tomorrow could get upwards of an inch, inch and a half. need rain. been on the dry side. since it's a monday we'll take the rain drops, melissa, without too much complaining. >> monday is nasty. blue and silver line, still single tracking there between addison road and morgan boulevard because of the deer that was struck here a little while ago. a reminder, safe track surge number 14, the first phase still underway here. that means the green line affecting college park and green belt station shutting down. there are shuttle buses instead. the beltway, inner loop and outer loop is okay. all of that green showing us where we have rain falling across the area. live look, 66 at fairfax county parkway. eastbound/westbound, no problems there. the capital q
5:33 am
this morning. the caps are headed to the next round of the playoffs. doesn't that sound so good? after another overtime win last night they knocked off the toronto maple leafs out of the running in game six of the playoff series. now they will have to take on our rival pittsburgh penguins starting thursday night. a man is on the run after a fight led to a bizarre scene in the palisades neighborhood. a man crashed a car that he stole. at least one person charged with robbery here, another who appears to have run off with cash still hasn't been found. 30 people are displaced after this fire at a fort washington apartment. several residents were forced to jump off their balconies to escape the flames. at least seven people were hurt. everyone should be okay. news 4's justin finch will be there with a live report from neighbors who helped save the day. lawmakers head back to
5:34 am
government shutdown is looming. news 4's tracie potts will break down the negotiations. 5:34. tensions between the u.s. and north korea are high. >> now the north koreans have detained a u.s. citizen. news 4's angie goff has four things to know about the man in custody. >> reporter: aaron, eun, details are very limited. he goes by the name tony. he's in his 50s. his name is sang-duk kim. he was trying to leave the country and he was detained. he was in north korea for several weeks teaching accounting. now he is the third american to be held by the regime. former governor bill richardson said they are all negotiating. >> they want something in return from the united states, high level visit or humanitarian visit. the good part about a
5:35 am
lead to discussions on other issues. i think that's what's needed with north korea. still, no details on why he was detained. >> angie, thank you. former president barack obama will make his first major post presidency speech today. he is set to speak at a forum at the university of chicago to discuss civic engagement. it will include a group of diverse students from high schools to graduate school level. aides seau bomb ma is not expected to criticize president trump but he will advocate for his administration's policies. the former nfl star who committed suicide last week in prison will be laid to rest today. aaron hernandez was serving a life sentence for the 2013 murder of odin lloyd. this past week he was acquitted in two other killings before he killed himself. a legal fight is already underway. lawyers are gearing up for a fight over his money and a possible lawsuit over his death. thun
5:36 am
connecticut. today a painful reminder for people who knew and loved the savopolous family will be reduced to rubble. preparation to tear down the house began last week. darryn wentz is suspected in the killings. promoting patriotism at school. thousands of students sporting red, white and blue today. coming up, we'll tell you why some had to say why they had to fight to show off their american spirit. wedding season is here. the regular registries may not cut it
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you're watching "news 4 today." ♪ ♪ students at wheaton college in illinois are heading back to class this morning after a deadly accident at a track meet. a student was volunteering at the competition when he was accidentally hit by a hammer during the hammer throw event this weekend. many gathered for a vigil to honor him on saturday night. friends say the victim was from ohio and played on the soccer team. a group of university studen h
5:40 am
their canoe overturnd in the rap pa han knack river this weekend. it took two hours to find the group and another 90 minutes to get everyone out of the water. no one was seriously hurt. the fresno, california man accused of killing four men because of their race is trying to justify what happened. >> turn myself in, i start thinking about it. i started thinking about the crack cocaine. i started thinking about all the injustice that my people go through. >> kori mohamed was arrested on april 18th. not long after police say he shot and killed three white men in various locations. he's also suspected in a deadly shooting a week earlier. an unusual recall you hear about before making breakfast in the morning may have ended up in the food you
5:41 am
head outside, grab the umbrella and the rain boots. you're going to need them all day. we have steady rain. coming up, chuck and i are back with the timing and some chilly temperatures. melissa? how this rain is impacting your morning commute. we'll also take a look at a couple of issues and metro and your travel time. aaron? >> plus, ramp reopens. a major road down into d.c. back in use this morning. we're there live to show you
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
right now at 5:44, back to work and an uphill battle. a government shut jodown loomins congress heads back to capitol hill. i love this country and i think it was truly shameful. >> plus, demanding america day. why students say they had to fight to celebrate their freedom and what it could mean for
5:45 am
roads for teens. we're breaking down which intersections for new drivers to friday to avoid. "news 4 today" starts now. right now you're probably getting ready to head out the door, but you'll want to stick around for this next story. we're telling you what to expect now that the new ramp on i-395 was open for the fourth morning rush hour. >> news 4 transportation reporter adam tuss with more on what you need to know if you're driving that way this morning. hi, adam. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. new work week and new traffic pattern here in the district. let me tell you something, just by eyeballing this this morning this thing is tricky. the new ramp from eastbound massachusetts avenue to southbound 395 into the third street tunnel is basically right here in the middle of mass ave.. you can easily miss it if you don't come down here and take a look at the area. if you
5:46 am
a look. we took a ride inside this tunnel today. it is expected to improve the commute through here and all of this, of course, is happening because of the massive capital crossing project that's recreating the city grid above the open air section of the third street tunnel. but everything down here in this section of massachusetts avenue, third street, fourth street, northwest, h street has been basically ripped up and is being resurfaced. the good news, because this portal is open to get to the tunnel, this whole area can be re-created. they can put in sidewalks, repave the area. so that can improve everything for all commuters not just car travelers. this will take extra time to get used to. >> we'll count the number of people who try to back up when they realize they went the wrong way. >>
5:47 am
congressional crowds will be back. >> lawmakers first priority is to avoid a government shutdown. they have to reach a funding deal by midnight friday to avoid it. news 4's tracie potts is live on capitol hill. how are negotiations going right now? >> reporter: well, there's a deal on the table to pay for the border wall. that's what the president wants, the money in the spending bill to build that wall that he promised with mexico in exchange for helping some of the most vulnerable families on obamacare paying for some of those subsidies. in the middle of all of that, the white house hasn't given up on getting the big deal done on health care. >> tracie, the president will meet with some members of the u.n. security council today. what do we know about this meeting? >> that's interesting. they're coming to the white house. five prominent members of the council including china. we learned overnight that
5:48 am
north korea was one of the things they talked about. this is an area where they're not completely on the same page, china insisting that the united states back down to some degree or exercise moderation in dealing with north korea. so that's sure to come up. >> tracie potts on the hill for us this morning. tracie, thank you. 5:48. president trump's first 100 days quickly coming to an end here. saturday marks his 100th day in the office. he will mark it with a rally in pennsylvania. meanwhile, we're getting a look at his job approval rating. according to the latest nbc news wall street journal poll it stands at 40%. that's down 4 points from february. angie goff is at the live desk with a confederate statue removal. >> we have livid yes. the removal begins today. the new orleans
5:49 am
first of four statues are being removed today. this signals the beginning of turning a page on our divisive past he says. a statute of confederate general robert e. lee is one of the four stat use. in march a federal appeals court blocked the move from trying to keep them up. the stat use will be stored in a city warehouse until the city can determine what to do with them. eun? >> angie, thank you. today is holocaust remembrance day, and the u.s. holocaust memorial museum will officially open its new conservation and research center in prince george's county. the dedication for the new center will happen at 11:00 this morning. they will house the collection of the record of the holocaust using more energy. we've learned that the number
5:50 am
are up. there are 541 antisemitic incidents. that's 380 harassment incidents, 155 vandal lymphs and 6 physical assaults. they unanimously voted to use additional funding to increase security at jewish centers. today is america monday at low down loudoun county in leas. the young conservatives accused the school administration of refusing to have an american day because it would be too political. the administration says that's not true. >> to think american is not a political thing. >> i believe the administration was too afraid that they might have offended somebody with american day. >> this is something where they talk to their advisors they might haveot
5:51 am
perspective in context for what they were saying. >> members of the student council say they hope america monday will bring the school together. prince george's county leaders are trying to bridge the gap for kids living without a father figure. the county voted unanimously to create a 13 member commission on father, men and boys. according to our news partners at wtop, they believe the county executive will sign it. kids raised by single moms suffer from emotional, development and health problems. nasa astronaut peggy whitson is making history again. as of today whitson has spent a remarkable 535 days in space. that is longer than any other american astronaut. whitson is 57 years old which also makes her the oldest woman in space. she was the first woman to command the international space station and
5:52 am
command it twice. she's doing it big. >> very impressive. >> i wish i could get on that space station for a quick visit. >> i wish you could. >> 535 days, aaron would miss me too much. >> he would miss you after one day, chuck bell. >> maybe he would. so i've been looking through the record books. check this out, you guys. we are on pace to not only set a new record but to obliterate the old record for warmest april in washington. we are currently 6.7 degrees above average for the month and that's when you figure in how cloudy and cool it was on saturday, yesterday, both today and tomorrow will be cloudy and cool. even with all of that taken in, as i run the forecast out through the end of the month, we are going to obliterate the old record for warmest april on record. the warmest record is 1981. we should be at least 1.5 degrees above. these are not climate records a
5:53 am
records. we had the number one warmest february on record this year as well. 2017. i hate to break it to you, climate change is real. we won't budge today. in spite of all of the talk of the warm weather, it isn't today and tomorrow that will make you realize it, it's the forecast. 58 for a high. kind of breezy in addition to the rain so have your rain gear ready to go. no heavy rain out there yet, just a couple of showers around. there's the heavy rain down near charlotte, north carolina, now. that's the moisture coming in our direction for tonight and for tomorrow. so off and on showers for today. heavier rain tonight into tomorrow. could get upwards of an inch of rain in some spots. upwards of shenandoah valley might be as much as an inch and a half of rain. here's the reason we're going to be in the record books. we are back in the mid 80s to upper 80s for highs starting on thursday, friday, all the way through the weekend. sunday
5:54 am
degree day of the year. let's take a check of monday's traffic. >> beltway looking pretty good. take a look here. no major issues. you see all of the green though in the western part of the beltway here this morning. out here on 66 and 95 it is nice and wet here this morning. northbound as you're approaching quantico, 24 miles per hour and then as you get into woodbridge it slows down at 17 miles per hour. taking a look at metro, blue and silver lines still single tracking because of a deer that was hit earlier this morning. surge number 14. college park and greenbelt closed and they have shuttle buses running. as far as travel times, the other routes into town and out of town, looking pretty good. 270 south to germantown on time. same situation, top of the beltway nice and clear. 66 in bound and 95 northbound not soad
5:55 am
95 north. remember to listen to wtop. before your teen heads off to school this morning, here's some new data we want to share with you. fairfax county tells our new partners at wtop that these following roads are the most dangerous for teens. braddock road and fairfax county parkway. centerville road and new braddock road. braddock road between clifton road and union mill road and braddock road at ox road. the county says last year there were 1840 crashes involving teens. two were fatal. both of those crashes involve high speed. bizarre breakfast warning for you this morning. roundy's brand frozen southern style hash browns are being recalled because the potatoes have golf balls in them. they were sold in nine states including virginia, d.c. and maryland. they say the golf balls w
5:56 am
potatoes and then chopped up. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. having trouble following that story. speaking of food, panera is expanding its delivery service. the company is being bought by the owner of krispy kreme and says delivery will be available in 40% of its stores this year and customers will be able to track their orders online. panera will deliver lunch and dinner seven days a week between 11 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. with a $5 minimum order and $3 delivery fee. >> thank you, landon. heading into wedding season, and there is good news for brides and grooms to be from our area. bank found the most generous gift givers live in the northeast. they usually spend at least $200 on a wedding gift. like many o
5:57 am
today's life, millennials are changing what to give or gift. many are asking their friends to give cash or check as gifts instead of actual items. another popular trend is a honeymoon registry that allows people to purchase an excursion or activity that the couple do. i find that a little -- i think many people in many generations find it a little off putting to ask for cash. >> i don't know. >> you want to give cash? >> i think i'd prefer that rather than going out and giving a pewter dish. >> how much cash is okay? >> good question. a family pet flying with a local police force. >> it's a photo many of you are sharing this morning. the story behind it. birds that ended up riding shotgun on police patrol. plus, a terrifying video showing a young girl falling from a moving van. the rescue that saved
5:58 am
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right now on "news 4 today," cool temperatures and rain to kick off the work week. when we'll see a warmup and dryer days. plus, forced out by flames. families displaced after a fire that had residents jumping to safety. rebound. score! marcus johansson
6:00 am
through to round two. >> yes, yes, yes! a look at the caps overtime win in the quest for the stanley cup. the rematch now ahead in round two of the playoffs. "news 4 today" starts now. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilcrist. >> and i'm eun yang. thanks for joining us early this monday. want to start things off with a look at how your commute is shaping up. melissa mollet has your traffic. >> first the forecast with sheena parveen and chuck bell. going to be wet, i'm guessing. >> yes. >> not exactly the prettiest monday. but we do need the rain. >> we do. >> we'll take it. boy, is it going to be warm by the end of the weekend. >> rain today and tomorrow, chillier temperatures. monday commute, not looking that great. 53 degrees by 7:00 a.m. showers around right now. we already have the wet roads out there from the rain we've seen all morning. by noon today, 56 degrees. still the showers falling but maybe a bit of a


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