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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 24, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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in a week. why they came back in the first place. news4 at 6:00 starts now. >> first at 6:00, storm team 4 tracking all the rain impacting us this evening. i'm wendy rieger in for jim vance. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. it's been a soggy, dreary monday and that's not going to change if you're heading out tonight. we start tonight with chief meteorologist doug kammerer. when it's going to dry out? >> probably this time tomorrow, we'll start to see some drying conditions. out there right now, storm team 4 radar tracking the shower activity, most moving in from the south and east. you can see the flow off the atlantic ocean, giving us the cooler weather too. temperatures now only in the 50s. you see the rain moving up to the north. a little bit of a closer-in view. more showers, some heavier now. you see the yellows and oranges through i-95, south of d.c. so we have a couple of breaks, but another reinforcing
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i mentioned the temperatures, only 56, and that number's come up four degrees from where we are just a couple of hours ago. 54 in ocean city. average high temperature, close to 70. we're about 15 degrees cooler than we should be. but by the end of the week, we'll be 20 degrees warmer. talk more about that in 15 minutes. >> thank you, doug. the fire at a building under construction in college park is now under control, but firefighters will probably have to stay there through much of the night, keeping an eye on hot spots. earlier today flames were shooting through the roof as you can see in this video from chopper 4, the entire neighborhood and surrounding counties have been dealing with the fall-out from this. tracee wilkins is at the scene. this was a tough one to get under control. >> reporter: this was a tough one to get under control, and there are lots of reasons for why that was the case. i want to show you what it looks like right now as thmo
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george's county firefighters and all the other fire departments assisting them to get this building to this point. a lot of it had to do with the fact that it was still under construction, during a vulnerable time. and now firefighters are saying they're going to have to be out here all night. >> our biggest challenge here has been access. >> i can't believe that they've been fighting it for so long. it's really crazy. >> i feel sorry for the people who have leases. i don't know what they're gonna do. >> i saw this building under construction, and the top six floors are almost entirely only wood. >> reporter: firefighters say it was like battling a wood pile, surrounded by concrete. >> all that wood, it's very hard to catch up to it. >> reporter: as the fire burned at the newly constructed fuse 47 building, university of maryland students who planned on calling this place home watched in amazement. >> i was looking to lease there. >> reporter: this six-story multi use building was nearing the e
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fifth floor went up in flames, spreading to the sixth. prince george's county firefighters say the building was especially vulnerable at this point in its construction. >> normally we would hook up to the sprinklers and that would be activated, but because the building was not occupied, none of that was in service at the time of the fire. >> reporter: residents from across the street were evacuated and campus was shut down due to poor air quality. >> everything smells like burnt electronics. >> reporter: more than 200 firefighters battled the blaze, many from neighboring counties. >> we sent several engines and ladder trucks and ems units. >> reporter: all of the workers who were inside when the fire started made it out safely. >> i've seen all the construction crews out here, like doing their job over the past few months and i was really concerned that, like, wow, what if there's peo i
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looking at another crane. there's a lot of construction happening in college park, a lot of new buildings as this corner of prince george's county continues to grow. that's part of the reason that prince george's county fire officials want to get into this building that was nearly done, and find out what caused this fire. it could be some time before they're able to doo that because of structural issues. but they've already been conducting interviews with some of the workers who were inside the building when it all started. route 1 is still closed down and it could be that way for a few more hours to come. live in college park, i'm tracee wilkins. back to you. >> thank you, tracee. the air quality there was so bad around college park that the university of maryland decided to close the campus at 1:00 this afternoon. some students were wearing masks because of the smell around campus. >> i mean, you can smell it as soon as you walk outside. i live right there. you can smell it all over the place. so it's just everywhere at this t.
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>> it's not in our apartment, so we thought it was a little weird. we thought it was in, then we realized it wasn't. >> it's worse if you go further down the campus, but where we are, you can't even really notice. it's nice to have an extra day off. >> the college park campus is expected to re-open tomorrow. saturday is going to mark the end of president trump's first 100 days in office. so what happens on friday may set the tone for measuring what he's accomplished so far. midnight friday is the deadline for congress to pass a spending bill, or face a government shutdown. blayne alexander live on capitol hill to break it all down for us. >> and wendy, that is exactly why timing is so important this week, to the president. of course he and his team want to mark a number of accomplishments, including securing funding for that border wall. but critics say that could come at the expense of keeping the government
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his 100th day in office, president trump today hosting members of the united nations security council. showing he is willing to work with a group he wants criticized. >> north korea's a big world problem. and it's a problem we have to finally solve. >> reporter: that has the white house imposes new sanctions against syria. on the home front, the president facing a looming friday deadline. pass a spending bill through congress or face government shutdown. >> they are currently negotiating. we feel very confident that they understand the president's priorities and it will come to an agreement by the end of friday. >> reporter: but lawmakers on both sides ush approximating back against one of those priorities. white house demands for billions of dollars for a border wall. >> frankly it's a promise that he made to the american people. >> reporter: money the department of homeland security has not even requested. >> but if the government shuts down, it's because he's made the demand to build this wall that republicans and democrats don't want. >> i wouldn't risk a trillio
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billion wall. >> the president wrapping his first 100 days as a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows 40% approve of his job so far, 54% disapprove. the white house says those numbers do not tell the story. >> when you think about what he started, tax -- he'll move forward on tax reform, health care, immigration, trade, it's been a hugely successful first hundred days. >> the president, despite calling the 100-day standard ridiculous, still trying to rack up wins before saturday. and on wednesday, the president could add yet another fight here on capitol hill. he's expected to reveal his tax reform plan in what he's calling a major announcement. wendy? >> thank you, blayne. and in our next half hour, meredith summers from federal news radio will be join ing us o talk about the possibility of the shutdown and explain why kicking the can down the road may be the best outcome this
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french presidential election will be felt far beyond this week. the two candidates will take part in a run-off election. voters rejected candidates from mainstream parties. emmanuel macron is a center-left candidate, and he will face off against the far-right marine le pen. analysts say it reflects the wave of populism that resulted from the brexit vote and the election of druonald trump. >> reporter: le pen has been taking a page from the strategy book of president trump. it's time for the french people to be free of the arrogant elites, she said, promising to close borders and stop terrorism. the two candidates will face each other in a runnia uf in two weeks. analysts say macron has the clearest path to victory and that following trump may h
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>> trump was a counterexample for france. people have been looking at the -- what's happening in the u.s. with very critical eyes. >> voter turn-out in france yesterday, 78%. by contrast, turn-out in the u.s. presidential election last november was estimated at about 60% of eligible voters. tensions with north korea are rising to new levels, in part because another american citizen has been taken captive. an accounting professor named tony kim was detained at the pyongyang airport on saturday. north korean state media has not mentioned this, but kim is the third american known to be held in north korea. last year, a university of virginia student named otto warmbier was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor after he alleged he tried to steal a propaganda poster. and a korean american businessman named kim dong-chul is serving ten years after he was accused of
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an emotional battle over confederate symbols is playing out in new orleans. overnight, workers dismantled the first of four monuments that are slated for removal. the ob lisk honors an attempt by a white paramilitary group to overthrow the government after the civil war. the mayor says the removal is a step towards a more inclusive new orleans. opponents call it an attack on the city's history. the work took place before dawn by workers wearing bullet resistant vests and scarves over their faces to protect their identity. and a cliscorey stewart is chairman of the prince william board of supervisors and he has been rallying to preserve the confederate monuments and battle flags. because of his stance, they flew
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he says the radical left is trying to silence dissent by shaming people who celebrate their confederate ancestry and heritage. next at 6:00, a mother's fight to change the law now that the man accused of killing her pregnant daughter could get out of prison. and why it's been an uphill battle. protesters smoking pot on capitol hill and it got them arrested yet again. what they hope to accomplish after an even bigger bust last week. >> i'm pat, this is edgar, and, well, that's sonny. a short time ago, sonny went missing. edgar was sad, but now they're back together again, because of this man. it's the greatest bird recovery. and it's taken off on social media. i'll
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for the second time in a week, arrests on capitol hill. four demonstrators arrested after lighting up a joint on the east side of the capitol. many of them were taken into custody, had already been arrested on thursday of last week, when the protesters handing out free joints on the hill. meagan fitzgerald has more from the capitol. meagan? >> reporter: yeah, wendy, there are about 20 or so protesters that came to the capitol this afternoon, got on the micropho,
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they believe marijuana needs to be legalized nationwide. but as soon as they crossed that line, capitol police were waiting. >> we understand that there's higher powers that be. >> reporter: demonstrators knew it was coming. once they started sparking up marijuana joins on the grounds of the capitol. >> this is one nation! >> reporter: police quickly rushed in and carried four protesters away. but before the arrest -- >> that's why i'm here today, for those mothers. >> reporter: some speakers shared emotional stories about marijuana. this woman says it saved her little girl's life. >> my daughter went from 50 to 60 seizures a day, sometimes 12 to 15 minutes long. since she's been medicating with cannibis, zoe is now 91% seizure free. [ applause ] >> reporter: others tried to make the case that allowing cannibis to be commercialized and taxed in the district would create jobs and help the local economy. >> right now, many people
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developing entrepreneurial activities in their homes. they're developing edible companies in their kitchens. and they can't fully develop these entrepreneurial activities and create jobs and increase the tax base in the nation's capitol. but not everyone believes marijuana should be legalized. many think it's a gateway drug and argue that it shouldn't be used by anyone, especially children. but despite what opponents and the federal law has to say, some of the demonstrators refused to be persuaded. now, organizers say we can expect to see more and more of these demonstrations until congress listens to their demands. back to you. >> meagan, thank you. former president barack obama made his first public appearance since leaving office today and revealed what he wants his next work to be. mr. obama spoke at the university of chicago and moderated a panel on community engagement. he told the crowd he wants to work with young people and h
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he says he believes the next generation will be able to mend the division in our country. >> the question then becomes, what are the ways in which we can create path ways for them to take leadership, for them to get involved? are there ways in which we can knock down some of the barriers that are discouraging young people about a life of service? >> mr. obama did not make any comments about his successor or current events. the president has been enjoying r & r with former first lady michelle obama and started working on his memoir. this story has gotten a lot of buzz on social media and it involves a bird. >> not just any bird, but a magician. >> we sent pat collins to
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>> we call this the now you see it, now you don't trick. the skav, nothing on this side, nothing on that side, then all of a sudden presto bingo, sonny right before your very eyes. voila. this is edgar, he's known as dr. magic. and this is sonny, his pet cockatoo. sonny's not only part of the act, he's part of edgar's family. >> i actually adopted him. he's my baby. >> reporter: sonny goes everywhere with edgar, even to soccer games. but a few days ago, edgar left sonny on a tree branch while he played and forgot to pick him up after the game. did you panic? >> i tried not to. i really -- that actually was like a bomb inside of me. >> reporter: meet now fairfax officer mike thompson. he
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whistled him down. >> i walked up to the tree, started talking to the bird, and to my surprise, it climbed out of the tree and walked up to me. >> officer thompson held sonny until the animal police showed up with a bird box, and the rescue was complete. sonny's home, but from now on, when he disappears, it's just going to be, magic. in fairfax county, pat collins, news4. >> dramatic happy ending. >> yes. dramatic video of an apartment fire in maryland this weekend. people inside had to jump or drop loved ones from balconies. new excitement about long awaited plans to develop the old walter reed site in.c. an dd
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might continue. >> yeah, bad hair week, doug. bad hair week. >> what's wrong? >> not for you, honey. >> not yours. >> okay, i wasn't sure where you were going. yeah, that's right. you deal with the humidity out there, because we have the shower activity. the rain for sure, bad hair week today, bad hair day tomorrow, maybe even later this weekend and for a different kind of humidity. we're talking 90 with rather humid conditions there late in the week. so a lot different than right now. right now, it's just the cloud cover, 56 degrees, temperatures dropping, but staying fairly steady this evening. we'll continue to see showers if not just plain rain from time to time. 48 right now in winchester. 53 in fredericksburg. 59, the warm spot in annapolis. the chesapeake bay, starting to warm this time of year, so that's why annapolis is on the warmer side of things. and the rain is fairy spotty across our region. couple of dry
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heaviest rain for waldorf, wood bridge. fairfax, getting heavier showers. manassas, same deal for you. down 95, kind of a mess. part of the beltway starting to dry, but i want to go back to that map. in the northern zones, upper montgomery county, this is all moving up to the north and west. it will continue to do so as we move on through the rest of the evening. now to the wider view, showing the area of low pressure, the upper level low, see the spin? that's the low, it has to move off the coast and up the coast. it has to be to the northeast before we start to dry. we'll continue to see rain throughout the night and more periods of rain into the day tomorrow too. here it is on future weather, showing you what we're expecting. here comes the area of low pressure. more showers tomorrow morning. the morning commute, on the wet side for sure. 10:00 a.m., areas of rain, but not all day
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and then it will be dry, still dealing with the cloud cover, but periods of rain. by 4:00, more of the shower variety. a lot less coverage of rain tomorrow night and by wednesday morning, it's all gone. the rain's all gone, that is. the cloud cover remains. however, after noon, we start to see the clouds get out of here. by afternoon tomorrow, or wednesday, we have some sunshine. that means we have nicer weather. wednesday's looking very, very nice across our region. but first, road conditions tonight into tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon. so tonight and tomorrow morning, just plain wet. give yourself plenty of extra time. by tomorrow night, i think we'll see some areas of just damp roads, maybe not the wet roads as we're conditioning to watch the rain move out. tomorrow, 60 degrees, another wet day, breezy and cool. the breeze is going to be up there maybe 20 miles per hour, that's going to be a little bit nasty. today's a nasty day, tomorrow as well. but then, things change. it may g
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for a different reason. hot and humid saturday and sunday. high temperature near 90 degrees. 73 on your wednesday, 84 on thursday. 85 on friday, and there are those two 90-degree days that we have right there in the ten-day forecast. >> coinciding with our weekend. thank you, doug. coming up, new at 6:30, the countdown to government shutdown. we try to sort through confusion for federal workers already bracing for budget cuts under president trump. i'm darcy spencer in buoy. the man convicted of killing stacy seton right here in this area, more than ten years ago, is up for parole. coming up, what her mom and other survivors are doing to try to change the law. and news4 is getting a rare look inside one of the domestic violence shelters in our area. part of our series called safe at home. one woman's story of survival and how
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6:00. the congressional recess is over. now the senate came back this afternoon. the house comes back tomorrow. >> and together they'll have three days to keep the government from shutting down at midnight to friday. meredith summers is tracking this story for federal news
6:30 pm
that congress will allow another government shutdown. the one in 2013 was so painful. can you talk about why the so-called kick the can down the road approach may be the best thing to hope for on friday? >> yeah, so kicking the can down the road, it's a cliche, but in this case, it might be the best solution for everybody. right now, agencies, let's say you're making -- you're getting $100 million per year. so the first six months, you spend $50 million, you're probably going to be waiting for the other $50 million. if congress decides to raise that amount or lower that amount, everybody has to just their spending and do it in half the time. this is one of those instances where the continuing resolution might keep everything status quo and everybody can keep on spending what they were last year, and we can all focus on this again later on this year in september. >> but meredith, won't that conflict with the president's -- president trump's plan for cuts in his budget
6:31 pm
>> it might very well and that's a question that a lot of us are waiting for. we call it the $64,000 question. the president has proposed a budget that has a lot of agencies, for example, epa might get a 31% cut. and so the question is, will congress, will they pass a spending bill that reflects the 2018 budget, or will it be opposite that, or will it just kick the can down the road? that's what everybody's waiting to see what happens. and congress, you know, the white house can they what they want, but congress holds the purse strings. you have democrats and republicans with their own priorities. so if you end up with a stalemate, that's when everybody starts looking at the clock and people start checking e-mails to see if they're working. and then you wonder if a monument will be open on saturday if you're a tour group because the government has shut down potentially midnight. >> we know that drill. we'll be all over the story.
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>> thanks. ♪ ♪ several faith leaders taken away in handcuffs after they knelt and sang in the atrium of the hart senate office building today, they were protesting president trump's federal budget plan. they call it sinful and immoral. they're worried that the government will make cuts to programs that help children, the elderly and those with disabilities. they say they do not want to fund the border wall or war. tonight, we know this electrical fire in a ft. washington apartment was an accident. news4 viewers took this video at the glen rock landing apartments. witnesses watched a woman throw her children from a third floor balcony to people waiting below. nobody was seriously hurt. 30 people lost their homes. the prince george's county fire department says there's about $250,000 worth of damage here. the
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sharing an important message with residents after the death of one of its employees. department of public works employee marcus cull bert was killed in january as he was standing behind a trash truck when an suv slammed into it and pinned him between the vehicles. the city of laurel has posted a public service announcement to its website, asking drivers to be careful when you're trying to pass a trash or recycling truck. it's hoping that the residents will watch and will share this video. it was produced by fairfax county. he was found guilty of planning the murder of a pregnant teenager in prince george's county. this week after fewer than ten years behind bars, he's eligible for parole. darcy spencer explains how victim's families are teaming up in hopes of changing the law. >> reporter: linda duncan's mother was murdered in her apartment in 1990. she was 67 years old. >> the crime was
6:34 pm
30-something times. her neck was cut. >> reporter: her killer got 40 years, so she was surprised when she got a letter seven years later saying that the man convicted of the crime was already up for parole. >> i just couldn't take it anymore. i said, it was time to do something. >> reporter: so she and other survivors like the mother of stacy seton, murdered when she was 17 years old in buoy, are trying to change the law. they want to eliminate what's called dim in addition credits for those convicted of first or second-degree murder. they're supposed to be an incentive to prisoners to better themselves and be on good behavior while they're serving time. >> but i think if they're going to give them credits those credits should be earned and used within the facilities, not for early release. >> reporter: duncan says her mom's killer is earning those credits, so is the man kikted in stacy's killing. mcdonald abraham is will have a
6:35 pm
serving seven and a half years after receiving a 15 to 50-year sentence. >> there's a chance he could get out. >> reporter: but so far their efforts to change maryland law haven't worked. the women promise to keep fighting. >> the fear that i have, that i had, i've turned it into energy, because it really has controlled my life a lot. >> reporter: in buoy, darcy spencer, news4. there's a lot of confusion about sentencing rules in maryland. we have some resources to help you understand the rules. head to the nbc washington app and search victim's resources. still to come tonight, how the holocaust museum is making sure it will have stories to tell for decades. and why there was secrecy surrounding this ribbon cutting. and a warning about food that may be mixed with bits of golf balls. doug? we're talking about rain
6:36 pm
low pressure moves to the north. we'll talk about that and i'll show you what's coming next. it's a change of seasons,
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world, holocaust remembrance day is one of reflection. in prince george's county it's an occasion to unveil a secret archive. the united states holocaust museum is preserving the memories of those killed by displayi
6:39 pm
conservation and research facility. it's location will be kept private for security purposes. the david and fila chappell center is home to tens of thousands of items the museum in d.c. doesn't have room to display. holocaust survivors on hand for today's ribbon cutting say the new facility means future generations will be able to honor the millions of victims. >> it's part of the evidence. it really happens. >> documenting where hatred has gone, what has happened, i think is really important. >> the new center houses prisoners' uniforms with secret pockets sewn on the inside. more than 100,000 photographs and 1,000 hours of film footage. the campus of the old walter reed medical center in northwest, d.c. is about to get a major makeover. >> they cared for tens of thousands of military families for more than a hundred years. tom sherwood explains what it will bringex
6:40 pm
the city that needs it. >> reporter: the old walter reed army hospital off georgia avenue first opened in 1909, closed in 2011 when it moved to bethesda. now, three million square feet of retail and housing will take its place. >> it will be a fantastic collection of housing and retail and park space and a wonderful school. >> reporter: mayor bowser also says thousands of residents living nearby would no longer have to travel to the suburbs to shop. stemming major tax losses here and in other parts of the city. >> that we had about a billion dollars every year leaking out of the district into the suburbs. >> reporter: the massive redevelopment could bring traffic problems on georgia avenue. future street car lines could be in the work. >> ultimately there will be continu continued discussion on whether street car will come up to
6:41 pm
silver spring. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: despite the ceremony today, one setback is still unresolved. weg man's dropped out of putting its first d.c. store here, but developers are promising a high quality market. 30-year resident steven wally says upper george avenue is long overdue for change. >> it's going to be wonderful, we hope. >> reporter: it's being called the park at walter reed. in the district, tom sherwood, news4. there's an important recall to tell you about, ask it may have you wondering, how does that happen? frozen hash browns are being recalled in nine states because they may have pieces of golf balls in them. mccain foods usa said the golf balls were inadvertently along with the potatoes and they all got chopped up together. they're recalling harris frozen
6:42 pm
it affects stores in our area. check to see if you have any of these products included in the recall. go to the nbc washington facebook page. this room, all set up for a mom and her kids, escaping domestic violence. remarkably, this is one of only two shelters in fairfax county that caters specifically to victims of domestic violence. coming up, why bethany house is
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6:44 pm
here's something that may surprise you. in fairfax county, there a
6:45 pm
violence victims and their children. dozens of women call for help every year, and have to be turned away, because there's just not enough room. now one shelter is hoping contributions from the community will help with its expansion dreams. bureau chief julie carey takes us inside bethany house. >> this is typically what a family sees when they come in. >> reporter: this room all set up for a mom and kids may look crowded with beds, but to a family fleeing domestic violence, this room at bethany house is a sanctuary. there's a welcome basket full of toiletries, games and toys for the kids. >> we provide them with brand-new towels, brand-new bedding, brand-new pillows. >> reporter: a room like this became an oasis for this woman and her two children. we'll call her mary. she asked her identity be concealed. for years, she and the kids endured frequent verbal abuse from her husband. >> the table not being set the way he liked it, or a question, or a tone of
6:46 pm
always on the edge of blowing up, when things were at their worst. >> reporter: for her, the abuse also became physical. >> in general, i just stopped wearing sleeveless shirt. i'd always cover the bruises. >> reporter: at one point, she moved away with the kids, but a strong desire to keep her family together brought an attempt to reconcile. until one day she heard her son musing about how to kill his father. >> i could see he felt both helplessness and rage, and i didn't want to set him up it do something terrible later in life. >> reporter: mary made a call to bethany house and made the move into the shelter. >> i was so relieved. reliev relieved to have a room where nothing crazy and unpredictable was going to happen. >> reporter: twomen are able to stay for up to four months. each is assigned a counsel are on to help them regr
6:47 pm
finding jobs. we're helping them with financial literacy education, with interviewing, all of that. so set them up for success. >> reporter: last year, bethany house sheltered 43 women in these rooms, 57 children. but they get calls for help from more than 300. their annual gala will help raise money for the services provided, but the dream is to add more rooms to the smaller of the two shelters. more than $100,000 is still needed from the community to reach the capital campaign goal of $350,000. >> to say yes to two or three more families will make a world of difference for a mom trying to flee. r. >> reporter: for mary, it meant realization that she could navigate as a single mom. she's now a teacher. >> there's always hope.
6:48 pm
i'm julie carey, news4. >> to learn more about services for domestic violence victims and bethany house, search domestic violence in the nbc washington app. sdoug joidoug joins us now, good not only for the area, we need some rain. >> way behind on the rainfall still. >> i feel like i get more done on a rainy day, because i'm not torn between going outside and doing chores. >> how else do you feel about rainy days? [ laughter ] >> i'm going to get a lot of chores done this week. >> bad hair day, we've already established that, bad hair week. >> yeah, for different reasons too. today it's because of the rain. later this week, it could be because of the humid thatity in atmosphere. i'm going to be talking heat index by the end of the week. yeah, that's a far cry from where we are now. look how green and lush everything looks, though. really nice picture. now we have seen rain and been a little bit above average for rainfall over the bapaix
6:49 pm
rain to get up the aqua fors. the wind will be a thing in the next 24 hours as the storm moves up the coast. winds up wards of 25 miles an hour making it feel cooler. here's the rain right now, you see it over the last four hours, periods of rain. we have seen some breaks. up with of those in through most of maryland. just some scattered shower activity. but the heaviest rain right along 66. if you live out northern fauquier county, waiting for somebody to come home from d.c. look at all the rain they're going through, even some of the heavier rain around manassas, gainesville. watch out, give yourself extra time if you're thinking about getting on the highway. it's going to be a wet evening toward wood bridge as well. all of this rain making its way up from the south. take a look at the wider view here. look at the spin toward the south. this area of low pressure spinning, bringing in the moisture off the atlanta. that's going to cone
6:50 pm
create the wet weather for tomorrow. for the kids at the bus stop, yep, it's the umbrellas tomorrow. showers during the afternoon, rather cool and breezy. kids might not have recess. they hate that indoor recess. i don't know if you know that. anyway, 73 on wednesday, 84 on thursday. here comes the heat. 85 friday and a pair of 90s saturday and sunday, and we stay on the hot side next monday. >> thank you, doug. coming up in sports, so much playoff action and now the wizards are up and it's been a war of words with the hawks. players calling each other cry babies. >> no! >> but is this trash talk too much? dave johnson fills us in from atlanta. but first, here's lester holt with a look at what's ahead on "nbc nightly news." ahead for us tonight, barack obama jumps back in the spotlight, but not in the way some democrats had hoped. also why neens is erasing symbols of the
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confederate history. and priced
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this is the xfinity sports
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for d.c. sports fans tonight. the wizards back to work in atlanta and looking to get their first road win of the series. our good friend dave johnson is the radio voice of the wizards and joins us live from atlanta. on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being super confident about a wiz win, 1, not really at all, where do you stand? >> i stand at 8. a very solid 8. it's always very difficult to win on the road in the nba. and especially so in the playoffs. but let's face it, this was a team that was fachased out on saturday. but yesterday, spending time with them at practice, a very confident team. and they accept responsibility for the bad performance on saturday. life on the road is great with all the expense accounts and all the fun we have, but the wizards don't want to come back here, they want to win it tonight and get game five wednesday at verizon center. >> they jumped out to a 2-0
6:55 pm
gas a little bit, an 18-point loss. some people figured that might happen, but others are starting to feel nervous they let the hawks back in the series. what can we expect from them coming out tonight? >> well, defensive intensity and effort has to be paramount tonight for the visit ardwizard. the wizards knew what was going to happen, that the hawks, down two games would be a desperate team. what happened to the wizards on saturday, they reverted to really old habits, of a team that was 2-8 at the start of the season. it was a team that would have missed shots and let them be affected on the defensive end of the floor. that happened on saturday. they started the game, missing shots, and then they did not contest shots at the other end. as head coach scott brooks addressed the team yesterday in practice, he pointed out to them, if you had brought more
6:56 pm
defensive effort, just little things, providing the energy and effort that got you 49 wins in the regular season, you might only have been down about eight points, and then it's a competitive game. instead, they were down 25 points very early, in a playoff game, that was too much to overcome. >> and there's a lot of chippiness, one of my favorite parts, a lot of trash talk in the series between john wall and dennis shooter, markies morris and let's take a listen. dave, after we play the sound, we want to hear your take because are these guys getting too caught up in all the talk? >> cry baby. get all the calls when you're a cry baby. that's how i look at that. >> no. it definitely got personal now, yes. i mean, i don't care. so what. take his loss and go back to the hotel, be ready for the next game. >> that's where i think the focus is. look, before markieff morris used that cry baby term,
6:57 pm
complimented paul millsap. so, yeah, there is an edge, and it does get personal. millsap says he enjoys the barking that goes back and forth, and there's been some of that between john wall and dennis shrewder, but dennis shrewder also talks about wanting to work out in the office season with john wall. so yeah, there's an edge, but i think the focus will be between the lines tonight. >> you can hear dave johnson tonight on 1500 a.m. at 8:00 p.m. they call it the radio party. you can catch dave also mornings on wtop. thanks so much. if you thought the caps match against toronto, prepare yourself. their rival, the pittsburgh penguins on thursday. this is marcus johansson getting that game-winning overtime goal, and game one against pittsburgh thursday at the verizon center, 7:30. game two right here on nbc4 on
6:58 pm
>> it was. that was stressful. >> an exciting finish. it happened so fast in hockey. thank you, sherree. >> "nightly news" is coming up next. we hope to see you for news4 at 11:00. have a good evening.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, showdown over the wall. president trump demands money to pay for it and not from mexico. democrats say no chance. an escalating fight days to avert a government shut down. breaking his silence, former president obama, what he signalled today about leading the charge against trump. new uproar on a plane, an american airlines flight attendant allegedly grabbed a stroller from a mom, nearly hitting her babies. how her case is tied to the dragged united passenger. black market medicine, unable to afford the pumped up prices, parents taking desperate measures to get the insulin their children need. and the oscar goes to, faye dunaway talking about the botched envelope. what she was thinking in that awkward moment.


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