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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 24, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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i'm at higher risk fore as depression.ave a stroke. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive. ♪ tonight a d.c. police officer has been involved in this crash along i-695. you can see the crumpled metal on both suvs along the jersey
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wall. two people had to be pulled from one of the cars. at least one person has been taken to the hospital. it's not clear how they're doing or exactly what caused this crash. we'll let you know as soon as we find out. right now, i-695 is closed at 295 southbound until further notice. the rain has been hitting our region all day long. it's not about to let up, folks. good evening, i'm doreen gentzler. >> >> the rain is here to stay through the morning commute. we're kicking this off with doug kammerer who has seen us through this soggy day since the beginning. dreary out there. what's about to happen overnight and tomorrow. >> same thing tomorrow. dreary but breezy conditions. tracking something right now on the radar, downpours that are moving on in. most of the day fairly light to moderate rain. we have seen downpours the last few hours. we saw a couple come through
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window pretty good a little earlier. right now, you see this line of little cells coming on through. not thunderstorms, but intense cells of rain. coming through parts of charles county, calvert county, toward stafford county. these are all moving to the north and west, all around that big area of low pressure to the south. you can see that area of low pressure spinning to the south. look at that moisture off the atlantic. this is the moisture we'll get into by early tomorrow morning for that morning commute. that morning commute going to be a slow one for sure. we'll talk about the rain. the cool day tomorrow and then we're talking about 90 degrees by later this week. kind of amazing. the flipfloppy weather the next couple of days. download our app. great time to do it. you can check the radar before you head out of the house tomorrow morning. thank you, doug. right now, firefighters are still on the scene in college park looking for hotspots after a massive fire ripped thu this
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we just learned that that fire caused about $40 million worth of damage. the building was under construction when it went up in flames. it was slated to have about 250 apartments, stores and a parking garage a the one point, the air quality in college park was so bad, they closed the campus. the entire neighborhood is dealing with the fallout too. derrick ward joins us now. he spoke with people who live nearby. is the air quality getting any better, derrick? >> reporter: indeed it is thanks to the wind and due to some of the rain. to no small part, the firefighters who have been putting the water on the fire. the flames may be under check now, but the threat has come from the smoke, which is indeed done a bit of a number on this neighborhood. to some, this smoldering high-rise is a
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curiosity. for others living in the presume of acrid smoke, it's not. >> i thought someone was smoking in high house. that's when i started unplugging things. >> it became clear where the odor and haze were coming from and it got stifling. >> i suffer from respiratory issues, asthma and things like that. >> having that cloud of smoke settle on her home was too much to bear. >> my house is consumed with smoke. it's unbear anl. i have to leave. >> others will tough it out. but there's a toll to that as well. >> the smoke was so strong, you came outside, it burnt your eyes. the coughing, the choking. >> the university of maryland closed its campus because of the air quality and for some students it was like a snow day. >> i agree. i'm psyched class is canceled >> for at least one student, nothing to be happy about. >> i'm filling my presc
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>> i live right there. you can smell it all over the place. >> you have fewer options beside the mask and medication. meanwhile, she considered staying with relatives who live in the area. >> unfortunately? >> they're all like in the same thing. >> so it's off to a hotel for an unscheduled stay and a breath of fresh air. >> it was unexpected. i'm going to get out of here. >> reporter: route 1 has reopened through here. you'll be able to move freely through there. however, other streets around that fire scene, you still will have blockage while equipment remains on the scene. we're told that the university of maryland college park campus will open at its usual time tomorrow barring any change here at the fire scene. live in college park, derrick ward, news 4. back to you. >> derrick, thank you. a man was arrested for flying a drone in the restricted airspace near that massive college park fire. police say trayvon
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his drone in the way of the police helicopter. the pilot was able to avoid the drone. miller is charged with interfering with police and fire response as well as reckless endangerment. it's time to deliver on dogging campaign promises and the trump administration is trying to make some big plays before the calendar reaches that 100-day mark. his game plan is running against a threat of a possible shutdown by the government. the government could run out of money this saturday if congress doesn't reach a deal on a spending bill. the biggest sticking point, president trump wants it to include money for the border wall. democrats are opposed to that. on wednesday, president trump will unveil his tax reform plan. according to one of his top advisers that, plan will make good on a campaign promise to slash the corporate tax rate from 45 to 15%. he'll also take another swing at health care reform. a major part of his
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to repeal obamacare failed. timing could get in the way of last minute wins because the house doesn't return until tomorrow. that means there will be just three full days to hammer out a deal. breaking news. a federal judge just lifted her court order temporarily blocking arkansas from executing two inmates in one night. attorneys for marcel williams questioned whether the night's first execution of jack jones went properly. the last double execution in the united states happened back in 2000. it's unclear if williams' attorneys will try to delay the execution. his death warrant will expire at midnight. a spokesman for the state attorney general says the execution could proceed. there are concerns tonight that north korea could attempt a missile launch or a nuclear test within hours. this comes as a u.s. aircraft carrier arrives in south korea. u.s. military
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korean s will take some kind of action. if attacked, north korea says it will turn the u.s. ship into a huge pile of steel buried at sea. former president obama didn't say anything about his successor in his first public appearance today since leaving office in january. he did talk about this next chapter of his life, encouraging young people to dive into public service. he made the charge speaking at the university of chicago earlier told. mr. obama says he believes the next generation will be able to mend the division in our country. >> the question then becomes, what are the ways in which we can create pathways for them to take leadership, for them to get involved. >> mr. obama says he's been enjoying a little r and r are former first lady michelle obama. the past few months and started working on his memoirs. well, we have new num
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agency still has work to do when it comes to track fires. >> fake a look. the number of -- take a look. the number of arcing insulators, a big electric spark, is up when comparing the first quarter this year to the same time period last year. however, there may be progress when it comes to reducing fires to debris, like newspapers. the numbers of those events is down by more than 50%. still, when you compare metro to other transit systems, metro has the second highest number of fires per passenger miles traveled last year. only boston's system was higher. we also learned tonight that the federal transit administration september metro's general managers about knows who don't follow the -- they have five days to comply with recommended safety changes. right now, montgomery county police are looking for this missing fair land area teenager. 15-year-old maurice kirkland was last seen by
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he was wearing a black marble t-shirt, dark blue jeans and red nike shoes. he's known to hang out at the orchard center shopping mall in the cal ver ton area. it remains to be seen whether a new traffic pattern is helping those between northern virginia and d.c. it was the first weekday that drivers could get on 395 southbound from mass avenue. previously, you had to get on the third street tunnel rim to access it. it's all part of the billion dollar capital crossing project going up between the convention center and union station. >> today is holocaust remembrance day and the united states holocaust museum unveiled its new state of the art collection and conservation center in prince george's county. dozens of holocaust survivors attended today's ribbon-cutting at the david and chappelle center. it's preserving more than 20,000 items. the museum in d
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private for security concerns. local schools sending out a warning to parents about a popular netflix tv series over concerns that it's glorifying teen suicide for those on the edge. priced out by the cost of insulin. how some parents are going underground now to get their children what they need because insurance will only pay for a fraction of it. going cold in hotlanta. i'm sherri
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m popular show on netflix. 13 reasons why could be sending the wrong message to kids. >> we know at least four middle schools in montgomery county sent letters home warning parents. news 4's shamari stone talked to local students and parents who received that warningment. >> seems like a good plot other than the girl committing suicide. >> he's a 7th grader at north bethesda middle school. he explains why he watched the netflix series, 13 reasons why. >> it's about a girl who commits suicide and leaves 13 taipes wih a friend to tell why she did what she did. >> it's not intended for viewers younger than 17. it glorifies suicide. asher told his parents about it after he watched it. >> i didn't think it was a bad thing he watched it. i don't think it glorifies it. >> do you think it encourages other kids to do things like this? >> i mean,
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>> some montgomery county schools, such as julius west middle school sent home letters to tell parents about the series. >> we want to be proactive with our community. >> the north bethesda middle school letter states, mental health professionals are concerned that adolescents watching without an adult available could be at an increased risk of self-harm. we would be particularly concerned for any student who may be struggling emotionally and views the series without the opportunity to process the content. >> the parents should definite lit look out if there are changes in behavior in their child. >> ellen shannon is the director with the national foundation of suicide prevention. she says parents should listen to their kid. >> if they talk about taking their lives, take them seriously. you never want to diminish a child's feelings. >> asher told me the series shows the dangers of bullying and how it can lead to suicide. in north bethesda, shamari stone, news
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in news 4 your health, we're learning about the desperate measures some families are taking to get medication their children need to survive. access to insulin could mean life or death for millions of americans with diabetes. over the last 20 years, the list price has shot up more than a thousand percent. with deductibles rising, patients pay more out of pocket a lot more. that's when some families turn to the black market to swap different brands of insulin. >> i've spent many days crying on the phone with the insurance. i can't not let my daughter have her medicine. >> so who is to blame snp insurers blame prescription benefit managers who blame the drug makers who in turn point back to the insurance companies for the rising cost of insulin. elton john is canceling all of his upcoming shows at caesars palace in vegas through the end of may after contracting an unusual
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during a tour in south america. john became vie leptly ill on a flight from chili and spent two nights in intensive care. doctors identified the infection and treated it. the 70-year-old performer is now comfortably resting at home expected to make a recovery and plans to resume his tour schedule in june. tomorrow, the secretary of education will head to prince william county. during the tour, she will learn about special programs geared toward military families and their children. skbliefrmts m man going on a deadly shooting spree last year in mad md -- maryland. this happened last may before he killed two others at a mall and a grocery store. he's expected to plead guilty to two counts of first degree murder in montgomery county. he faces the same charge in prince george's county.
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watch out for new road closures. the national park service has to replace miles . so the left-hand lane of east basin drive southwest will be closed between maine avenue and ohio drive. one lane in both directions of east basin drive southwest will remain open. the closures are expected to last for about two weeks. be careful. you'll be looking through wind shield wipers trying to figure that out tomorrow, right? >> they'll be going pretty good. i think parts of the day and some parts each faster. you got them on the high-speed. not only rain but downpours that i think are going to be developing. we've seen a couple of those moving through earlier tonight. let's take a look outside. currently, it's a cool night across the region. rain continuing. we don't have any rain in the district right now. but the temperature is sitting at 54 degrees. that rain is moving in from the southeast. the winds are out of northeast.
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cooler. that's why we call these things nor'easters. this one not a true nor'easter. just about that. overnight rain tonight. this is what to expect. breezy and cool conditions for your day tomorrow. now, as we look down toward the south, look at the rain moving back in across the region. hagerstown, frederick, we saw downpours earlier. you're out of the woods for about the next hour or two. here's what's coming. this is moving at 30 miles per hour. it's into fairfax county, prince william county. look at some of the cells through calvert county, charles county, towards king george county, east of fredericksburg. these are moving to the north and west. they'll be in the area in the next half hour or so. you'll start to see the rain out there on your window. as far as that storm is concerned, here's the area of low pressure. an upper level low. look at the moisture off the atlantic around this lull. they'll see a lot of rain.
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early tomorrow. let's bring it down for you. hour by hour on future weather. by early in the morning, here comes the rain by 7:00 a.m. i think we'll see enhanced rainfall at this time as the storm develops off the coastline. by the 10:00 hour, you'll see heavier downpours. a little bit of a break tomorrow afternoon. that's what's going to happen. the bulk of the rain tomorrow, most likely before noon. after noon, we'll see a couple of showers here and there before the rain gets out of here and watch wechblts we start with clouds and then get rid of the clouds, we see sunshine and we say hello to the 60s and 70s out there. looking like a pretty nice day wednesday. again tomorrow, dreary, jackets needed for sure. breezy too. temperatures tomorrow morning around 52 degrees. coming back, around 60. but still rather breezy. look at this. i mean, 85 on friday. let's talk about wednesday first. looking good. 73. thursday
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835 on friday. 90 on saturday and sunday. you guys up here just talking about the forecast, i see that. it's amazing. >> we're making our weekend plans. >> we were making sure we were siepd up for the nbc washington we app -- weather app. >> i signed up a long time ago. coming up, not the way the wizards wanted their trip to go. how the hawks tied up the series. the teams head back to d.c. a lot different than they
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this is the xfinity sports desk. well, all tied up but at least we're back in town on wednesday. >> yeah. they have to pull it together somehow. they were talking the talk. but wizards, not able to walk the walk in atlanta tonight. washington hoped to take a commanding lead over the hawks. instead, they're heading home with a tied-up series. john wall and company, a slow start on saturday. not the case today. first quarter, wiz turning up the d. burst on the other end. wiz up by 7 after one. in the second quarter, dwight howard comes alive for the hawks. didn't score in double digits in the first games. 14 of the 16 points in the first half. hawks up 9 at the break. third quarter, wizards fighting back. bradley beal picks off the hawks pass. he's going to head it up to porter who has a full steam ahead and one. this game tied
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quarters. but in the fourth, atlanta just too much. schroder, the miss. i think that describes this night. >> somehow he gets it go. hawks win it 111-101. this series now tied at two games apiece. game five at verizon center on wednesday night. to baseball. beautiful shot of the rockies. visiting the colorado rockies. for someone up expected because of someone expecting. jacob turner starting in place of steve strasburg. his wife set to give birth to their second child. turner in some trouble. that's colorado catcher, tony walters driving in gonzalez. turper gives up three runs over six nipgs. top of the sixth, nats offense, rendon at the plate trying to break the 1-1 tie.
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ryan zimmerman, red hot ryan continues his streak to start the season. a two-run home run. his 7th of the year. puts the nats up 4-1. bullpen problems for the nats. now, 4-3 in the 7th. romero facing charlie blackmon. that is out of the park. a two-run home run gives the rockies the lead. colorado up 7-4 in the eighth. orioles win over the rays. also 6-3. the nfl draft only three days away. scott mcclue en was the redskins general manager. his draft his time to shine. no longer with the club. but the 'skins preparing for their big weekend with a game plan still inspired by the former gm. >> he certainly had influence on it. we all met as we always did, the last couple of years, you meet right after the all-star games before you go to the combine and get an initial ranking of how yoik
11:28 pm
hasn't been here since. like when he was here before, there's adjustments to the board with the new information. we did that with scott also. it's not just like we used that information and then we're done and sitting around waiting for the draft. certainly, his influence is there from the initial board. >> and skin picks 17th overall starting thursday. we've got a full plate this week. so much going on.
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that's for us. stay dry out there. the tonight show is coming up next. see you tomorrow. good night.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kobe bryant. kathryn hahn.


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