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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  April 25, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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interview on the "today" show that he plans to file a lawsuit in this case. "news 4 today" starts now. 5:00 on the dot. good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilcrist. >> and i'm eun yang. you might want to give yourself a few extra minutes to get to work and school. >> we'll stalk with chuck and sheena and a look at our weather headlines. good morning, guys. >> good morning. another wet one out there so have the umbrella today. not nice. >> no, not at all. i actually kind of like the dog. i asked the dog if she wanted to go running yesterday, she stuck her head under the blanket. >> same thing here? >> you did the same thing? yeah, you're going to need your insulated raincoat again today and maybe a little hat as well. it will be breezy at times. just know it's not going to be a pleasant day to be outside. not too much rain locally just yet. that will be changing. heavy rain down across parts of north carolina. if you're flyingo
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might have significant delays. pockets of moderate rain right in here late morning until about lunchtime today and off and often periods of light to moderate rain. it will be known as a rainy day today. temperatures also won't be moving a whole lot. let's go over to sheena for that. >> similar to yesterday with our temperatures. don't expect a warmup today. it's going to be mostly in the upper 50s through the afternoon and some areas right around 60. currently if you're about to walk outside, 56 degrees in the district, 52 dulles, 52 leesburg. fredericksburg at 55. temperatures cooler there, mid 40s. here's what the numbers look like today. aside from the rain that chuck showed you, that's going to help to keep the temperatures down. again, by about 9:00 a.m., still looking at the mid 50s. by noon, upper 50s. we'll be topping out around 60 degrees. you see the temperatures not really rising but wait until
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we'll talk more about that. let's check the roads on this wet morning. >> the rain not going to help us this morning. eastbound 66 at 110, brand new crash just reported there. we wanted to mention that one. remember, northbound bw parkway at landover road, all lanes are blocked northbound. southbound is unaffected. outer loop at connecticut avenue, two left lanes get by and outer loop ramp at southbound i-95, the right lane blocked by an accident. live look 270 at montrose road, no problems northbound or southbound. aaron? >> breaking news in northern virginia. angie goff is live at the live desk. >> hi, aaron. this started as a fire but it now appears to be a homicide investigation. this happening on durber circle near woodbridge circle. firefighters found a man dead inside of a burning home. they're not releasing the man's name and it's not clear how he died. the police homicide unit
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with fire marshals are investigating it. >> breaking overnight, two more inmates in arkansas are dead. marcel williams and jack jones were both executed within a few hours of each other. the executions are part of an aggressive schedule. the state wanted to execute eight inmates in ten days before its lethal drug expired. the courts stopped four of those executio executions. williams and jones were sentenced to death in two separate rape and maurd der cases more than 20 years ago. there is one more execution scheduled for later this week. he is accused of going on a deadly shooting spree in maryland last year. today he's expecting to plead guilty. he shot and killed his estranged wife at high points high school before he killed two others at a mall and grocery store. he's expected to plead guilty to first degree murder montgomery county. he faces the same charge in prince george's county. rigow
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massive apartment complex fire in college park. yesterday it was consumed by frames and smoke. >> news 4's justin finch is live there with a look at what's next. justin, good morning. >> reporter: aaron, good morning. fire crews still on scene. you can see them dousing hot spots. they're hoping to get a glimpse of that building, see how much of it is damaged by this fire and what may have caused it. chopper 4 was over the fire showing from the roof of the huge 47 unit complex. this is a mixed use building, retail on the bottom and apartments above. it is now mostly unoccupied. now fire reports came in about 9:30 yesterday morning and by 3:00 p.m. monday that fire was mostly under control. the fire crews were
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other districts. some 200 firefighters in all. with the building still under control, the fire was able to travel causing heavy smoke conditions outside. that forced the university to cancel classes at 1:00 p.m. yesterday. in the area we are told the air was described as unbearable. >> my whole house was consumed with smoke. i mean, it's unbearable. i have to leave. >> reporter: and back out live you are still seeing that cherry picker up dousing the hot spots above. lots of damage to the roof. the beeping is a fire alarm still blaring at this hour. lots of heavy damage inside that building. again, later today they'll get a better look inside hopefully. back in to you. >> justin, thank you. while that fire was burning there was a drone that hovered above the flames and now this man is charged with flying it into restricteir
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college park. prince george's county police say trevon miller flew his drone into the direct path of a police helicopter. the pilot was able to avoid the drone and no one was hurt. 5:06 now. it was seen as a big obstacle in getting a spending bill passed this week, and now it may have been taken off the table. a senior white house official says president trump is willing to back away from his demand that money for a border wall with mexico be included in this week's must-pass spending bill. inste instead, he's open to getting the money in the fall. congress can reach a deal to avoid a government shutdown this week. congress has until midnight friday to pass a bill. 5:06 following a crash involving d.c. police officers. angie? >> that's right, eun. this is a police-involved crash as you mentioned. it involves two accidents. stay with me. first off, we've learned the person who struck a police cruiser was arrested for dui. here's the
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cars up against the jersey wall. police say their car was hit as they did a traffic stop for another accident. all in all, one person went to the hospital. two officers went to the hospital but they are expected to be okay. angie, thank you. 5:07. today you may want to plan ahead if you need to drive anywhere close to the jefferson memorial. the national park service will close one lane along east basin drive southwest. they need to replace mild and aging water pipes. the closure will last for two weeks. this morning an effort to reduce bicyclist and pedestrian deaths along washington, d.c., will get underway. the street smart campaign will launch today. it will bring police
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and transit officials to step up enforcement of traffic laws. we want to know what you want to name the two baby eagles at the national arboretum. you have a few options to choose from. you can vote until this sunday on several pairs of names. now here are the finalists. stars and trieps, honor and glory, peace and glory or anna cost yeah and potomac. eagles' mom and dad, mr. president and first lady. >> on the website. >> tweeted it out. i put it on facebook. >> until sunday. >> you like stars and stripes? >> i do like stars and stripes, forever. >> yes. 5:08 now. just getting ready to leave the house. grab the umbrella. >> yes, indeed. it is going to be another day lost to rain drops around here. if you're planning to do stuff outside today, plan on getting wet while doing it.
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virginia is coming our way. the forecast into the weekend, when it's going to start feeling like summer. stay with us. it's something they can't live without, but a recent spike in insulin costs is forcing some diabetics to go elsewhere. why some parents say the black market is the difference between life and death. and our keeping our kids
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people on the west coast of chile remain anxious this morning after a strong magnitude 6.9 earthquake. >> the quake was felt in the capitol city of santiago. people described the quake as very short but powerful. a tsunami alarm was sounded. 5:12 our time. let's turn to sheena parveen and get you up to speed on a wet forecast for today. >> yes, another wet forecast. you'll want the umbrella again. as the rain moves, take a look. satellite and radar right now, it looks pretty quiet across the area. we have the clouds around. the roads are very wet from yesterday. let's take a wide look. you see the rain just to our south as some heavy rain around parts of north carolina. going to be slowly moving up to the north. as we go through the day, we're talking about per
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rain by about 10:00 a.m. to noon. that will become way more widespread. have the umbrella with you. chuck will show you the warmer days. let's check the wet roads with melissa. >> outer loop i think we're seeing a crash off to the right side. almost on the ramp. either way we now know it is on the shoulder. whether that is it or not this morning. northbound bw parkway at 202, i'm not seeing this slowdown. no, all lanes are blocked. police there on the scene here right now. a fire is causing big fears for people in arizona. angie goff is at the live desk with new video. >> take a look at the video. the scary situation as a rapidly burning fire in arizona grows to 11 miles. it's
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evacuations yu evacuations underway. no damage as far as buildings and homes are concerned. hundreds on the ground fighting the fire. 5:14. we expect president trump to sign a new executive order today. it will increase -- it will, rather, create a new task force headed by the newly confirmed agriculture secretary. sunny purdue. the group will have 180 days to report on ways to promote and improve american agriculture and infrastructure in rural parts of the country. more than a dozen farmers will take part in a white house roundtable with the president this afternoon. also today president trump will visit the capitol to remember the victims of the holocaust. he will speak at the days of remembrance ceremony today. during the ceremony six candles are lit by a holocaust survivor and a member of congress. they
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troops that ended it. >> a new holocaust museum. it has tens of thousands of items in d.c. holocaust survivors say this new facility means future generations will be able to honor the millions of victims. >> it's part of the evidence. it really happened. >> documenting where hatred has gone, what has happened i think is really important. >> the new center houses prisoners' uniforms and secret pockets sown on the inside. more than 100,000 photographs. thousands of hours of film footage. we told you about the rising cost of insulin yesterday here on news 4. we'll learn how some people are turning to a secret market to get the life saving drug. over the last 20 years the list price has shot upe
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1,000%. that's why some families are choosing to swap different brands of insulin. >> i spent many days on the phone crying with the insurance because i can't not let my daughter have her medicine. >> that woman -- we want to point out that this is not illegal. that woman's daughter is allergic to the insulin prescribed to her. she would have to pay nearly $400 a month to get a different insulin. she trades it in a facebook group. offering a cookie or piece of candy or a treat to your little one when they're upset could lead to unhealthy eating patterns. children whose parents offer them food for comfort can encourage them to ve
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disorders. calm them with hug or words not food. >> a pet bird reunion. we're not talking about any bird, one that belongs to a magici magician. this is edgar, he has a petcock ka two. edgar left the bird on a branch after playing soccer. fairfax county police officers saw the bird and was able to whistle him down. >> the tree, started talking to the bird and to my surprise it actually climbed down the tree and walked up to me. >> sunny was returned you can see here. from now on when he disappears his owner hopes it will only be magic. >> that story has tad collins' name written all over it. sunny, dr. magic. >> is he a real doctor? >> yeah.
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>> i'm going to reshare that story on my facebook page. you know pat, gave it the treatment. >> if it's a magic bird, couldn't he have pulled the bird out of the hat at any time. >> or create extra birds. >> i am worried about this magician. this is tricky stuff. >> yeah, like the weather. >> very tricky. we'd like to pull some sunshine out of the hat. that would be quite a trick. all cloud cover there. again, this is our fourth day in a row without any sunshine. another day, three out of the last four, with rain. showers are likely to affect your plans outside this morning, this afternoon and this evening. tomorrow most of the rain will be over. it will be a slow and steady process to get the clouds out of here. we'll call tomorrow a mostly cloudy day. once the clouds leave it is going to get super warm around here. we may have our first 90 degree day of the year coming up on saturday. if we don't get it saturday, we might get it on sunday. right now it's hard to believe there are
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around the corner. it's only 56 degrees with a pretty stiff northeast wind outside this morning. all of the rain in tide water. late morning until lunchtime. it should go back to occasional showers. cool one. low to mid 50s now. daily grade today, the worst. another cloudy, cool, rainy day. rain chance today 100%. most of the rain is over pretty early. get back to some sunshine but the real corner turner is thursday. 86 thursday, 85 on friday. melissa, maybe our first 90 degree day coming up on saturday. >> i like that. happen to know something pretty cool happening on saturday. chuck, we can talk about it
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later. >> 270 southbound with a crash on the pike. clopper road at steeple, a crash there. inner and outer loop of the beltway. looking good. northbound bw parkway, the crash has cleared out of the way. remember, northbound prince william parkway closed between ballsford and 66. that will probably last for some time. the southbound lanes are unaffected pi that overnight crash. >> i know what's happening, melissa, on saturday. >> i'm so excited. >> am i allowed to say? >> sure. >> happy birthday. >> it was the biggest gaffe in oscar history. no one can forget when warren battie and fai dofaye
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the wrong show. >> were you angry? >> no, i was very guilty. i felt, i could have done something surely. >> you can watch the full interview coming up this morning. >> in the heat of the moment to figure out what you're supposed to do to make it right. >> make a joke. >> i like that. go to funny. keeping our kids home. why a lot of kids in our area vanish when our week long series continues. >> be sure to join us for the ellen degeneres show today. ellen welcomes vin diesel. >> you can watch ellen at 3:00 followed by news 4 a
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all this week focusing on missing ch
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explains why some of these kids leave home in the first place and where most of them turn up. >> reporter: schools, friends' homes, old run down buildings, just a few spots where metropolitan police have found missing young people. >> when your officers find these children, what kind of shape are they in. >> well, most of them are probably a little exhausted, a little drained but generally physically they're not in any bad shape. >> reporter: captain michelle karen of mpd's youth and family services, she finds most of them are children who, for many reasons, run away. >> the vulnerability is immense. that's what scares us most about these situations. we don't want these girls and boys being in bad situations, being the victims of crimes, being the victims from adults who are using them inappropriately. >> reporter: captain karen now looks forward to mayor
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missing youth initiatives. >> we want to have 100% closure rate on all missing persons. more importantly, we want to bring focus on the reasons why people are running away and being reported in the first place. >> reporter: justin finch, news 4. our keeping our kids safe series tomorrow on social media. we have an interactive map. search missing children map. more trouble on the tracks for metro. why fires on the rails are becoming more common despite safe track work. and have your umbrella again today. you're really going to need it closer to lunchtime. that's when all of the rain down to the south will start moving. i'll show you the timing of it and when we'll finally see warmer temperatures. that's next. ♪ and it seems l
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is upsetting some fans this morning. ahead at 5:30, why he's
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and we're looking for a few dreamers to join us. for years, fios has been promising fast internet to small businesses. but for many businesses, it's out of reach. why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than fios. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ right now on "news 4 today," back to class after a massive fire. why you can still feel the effects of this college park blaze. plus a mother's fight to keep her daughter's killer behind bars. why the man who plotted the teenager's death cld
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walking free. expect another rainy day in our area, but some warmer relief is heading our way. we'll tell you when. ♪ ♪ plus, the wait is over. we now know when "hamilton" is heading our way. details on the broadway hit's d.c. run. news 4 starts now. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us early this tuesday morning. be sure to grab your umbrella and maybe a raincoat. >> you'll see showers on the way out the door. melissa has details on the wet roads but let's start with the storm team 4 forecast. sheena and chuck have been refining this for us. >> tweaking it. trying to figure out is it going to rain all day or just most of the day. >> yes. >> more of a most than all. >> it looks like most of the day, especially around lunchtime. have the umbrella if you're heading out to lunch. it looks good right now. things are pretty quiet. we have the wet roads from the rain yesterday and
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clouds are around. a few areas of sprinkles. big area of low pressure. a lot of area of heavy rain in north carolina and this will be moving up to the north as we go through the morning. we will see an increase of pretty steady widespread rain right after sunshine. here's future weather. closer to 8:30 in the morning. there you see more rain moving into the south. yellows and oranges by lunchtime showing us heavier rain moving in. then we go into the afternoon hours and we're looking at temperatures at 60 with spotty showers. closer look at the forecast and warmup. let's check the wet roads. >> had an earlier problem, outer loop at connecticut avenue. outer loop connecticut actually looks to me like it's probably off on the ramp but on the shoulder of the ramp. 270 southbound after 85 crash on the left shoulder. you can still see a little bit of a delay there as folks are headed southbound this morning. in germantown,
5:32 am
in bound 66 at 110 we have a crash. 95 looks okay. overall the rest of 66 okay as well. remember, northbound prince william parkway shut down between ballsford and 66. southbound lanes are open. travel times coming up. it is 5:32. firefighters are back on the scene of a massive fire in college park. >> angie goff joining us in the newsroom with a look at what fire crews are doing this morning. angie? >> aaron, eun, this is a monster. prince george's county firefighters are putting out a hot spot at the building that was under construction. officials saying this has been the most extensive and expensive fire in the county's history. major concern this morning, it's a serious one. the possibility of a building collapse. they will be monitoring the situation and keeping the area secure. so far a cause of the fire has not been found but news 4's justin finch is live on the scene. i just spoke with him. he's getting more information. coming up at 6:00 he
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have been responding. this is having a huge impact, eun, on the people that live around where this fire happened. back to you. >> angie goff in our newsroom. angie, thank you. let's take a look at our top story. 5:33. the wizards have to get their momentum back. they play again at the verizon center tomorrow night. take a look at this picture. montgomery county police need help finding this 15-year-old boy. his name is maurice kirkland jr. police say he did visit the area near call very ton. lawmakers are making progress to avoid a shutdown. a white house official says president trump is willing to back down from his demand to include money for a wall. news 4's tracie potts has news on why this
5:34 am
this man shot and killed his wife, mr. tordil. he shot and killed his estranged wife before he shot and killed two others. today the suspected killer in a cold case will head to court. jose rodriguez faces murder charges in the disappearance of pamela butler. she was last seen eight years ago at her home in northwest washington. a body has never been found. they had been dating for five months when she disappeared. cruz has repeatedly denied any involvement. there is new call to change parole laws in maryland that allow killers to get out early on good behavior. stacy seaton was shot and killed in bowie. she was 17 years old and pregnant. mcdonald abraham used a hit man. he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. now aft
5:35 am
behavior he is eligible for a parole hearing on thursday. seton's family plans to fight to keep him behind bars. >> there is a chance that he could get out and there's not too much i can do about that. >> more than 1,000 people have signed an online petition to keep abraham behind bars. seaton's family wants maryland to eliminate good behavior allowances. this week there is an effort to create more safe spaces for domestic violence victims. right now there are only two shelters for them in all of fairfax county. that means dozens of women who are looking for help are turned away. bethany house is looking to raise more money for more rooms. it allows women to stay for up to four months and gives each a counselor. they're having a gala to
5:36 am
money. it is the show millions are watching, but you may want to keep it away from your kids. still ahead why schools are warning parents about the new netflix series they may already be binge watching. >> a list of top high schos. >> oneol i
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you're watching "news 4 today." ♪ ♪ well, we knew it was coming. it is now official. "hamilton" is one of several shows on the kennedy center lineup for next season. the tony award winning musical will run from 14 weeks from june 12th until september 16th of 2018. not that long. it's one of several broadway productions coming to the kennedy center. other shows include "the color purple," something i really want to see and "an american in paris," "on your feet" and "american mormon." >> a lot of other great productions though. gloria estefan. >> we'll be busy. speaking of music. we have elton john in our thoughts this morning. >> he's supposed to be okay, but he was violently ill with
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he canceled all of his shows in the u.s. in may. he was flying from chile to the u.s. doctors say he contracted some type of unusual infection. >> at 70 years old he is resting comfort pli. he is expected to make a full recovery. spring has sprung and that means mother's day isn't too far away. coming up, why it may cost you more than ever to spoil your mom. and good morning. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. steady rain coming our way, too. have your umbrellas ready to go today, tomorrow. the cloudy weather. the rain is coming to an end. by the time we get to the weekend, it is going to start feeling like summertime. sheena has the ten day coming up at about 5:51. stay with us. still have this closure in northern virginia, northbound prince
5:41 am
between ballsford and 66. we just got brand-new details on what happened. details plus a problem on the beltway. plus the other side of the united airlines story. new documents revealing what police are saying about this viral video.
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right now on "news 4 today," backing down to avoid a shutdown. a campaign promise president trump could soon delay to keep you and the government working. why didn't you say this to me when i was alive? >> not safe for students? a warning about a new netflix series some schools say could encourage suicide. what they want parents to know. new overnight, a list of the best high schools in america released, and a local school is number six. we'll tell you which one. it is
5:45 am
top story. could a government shutdown be on the verge of being avoided? >> that is the question everyone is asking after a white house official said president trump is willing to back away from his demand to include money for a border wall in this week's funding bill. >> news 4's tracie potts is live on capitol hill. what led to the change? >> reporter: the president wanted the money now, eun, but they said he's ready to wait until the budget talks in the fall. asking for the money now threw a wrench into the plans. democrats opposed it and some republicans think they don't want a full wall or they think this is the wrong timing to bring it up in the middle of the shutdown process. with that off the table, both democrats and republicans are confident they can avoid the shutdown on friday. >> tracie, let's turn to health care if we can. what's the latest on the republican efforts to revive their replacement for the affordable care
5:46 am
>> reporter: without this wall issue, it's plan b to get something big done before the president's 100th day on saturday. the plans surround whether people can opt out but it looks like now even the white house admits it's not going to happen this week. it's going to be several weeks away. >> tracie potts on the hill now. the latest wall street journal poll has new numbers. half of americans say they have little to no confidence that gop efforts to repeal the oo fordable care act would make things better. adding to that, 51% say the affordable care act is working well or needs only minor modifications to improve it. and then still 47% believe the law does need a major overall. there we go. and then finally, 18% say it should be totally eliminated.
5:47 am
now there are some other big issues to talk about on immigration. 60% believe that u.s. immigration helps more than it hurts and then on the economy, 56% say they're satisfied. that's the highest rating. the poll has an over all margin of error of plus or minus 3.3%. >> back up, guys. back up. >> this is a violation of my first amendment rights. >> for the second time in four days marijuana activists were arrested on capitol hill. they handcuffed four people who lit up joints on federal property. seven people from the same group were arrested last week on 4/20 after handing out marijuana to congressional staffers. the group is calling on congress to end the federal prohibition of marijuana. the secretary of education will visit prince williams county. betsy devos will visit
5:48 am
school. this morning montgomery county officials are warning parents to warn them about a popular new show on netflix. >> it's called 13 reasons why. it's a show about teen suicide. it's not intended for viewers under 17, but the show has everyone talking, including middle schoolers. newsroom's molette green is live with what the school wants parents to know. molette? >> reporter: aaron, eun, good morning. so many students have access to electronic devices and can stream these programs, so they want to be pro active and let parents know what they're actually hearing on some of these campuses. some schools sending letters to parents asking them to speak to their children about this program, even if possible watching the series with them because of the really serious themes addressed here, race, bullying, and suicide. >> it's about
5:49 am
suicide and leaves 13 tapes with a friend to tell why she did what she did. >> reporter: now we want you to take a look at a portion of a letter sent home to parents of north bethesda middle school students. it states, mental health professionals are concerned that adolescents watching without an adult available to process the themes and their own feelings could be at increased risk of self-harm. now coming up a little bit later on, what experts say parents need to be looking out for. we're live this morning montgomery county. back to you. >> molette, thank you. 5:49 now. we have a list of resources about suicide prevepgs in the changing minds section of the nbc washington app. well, we want to give it up for northern virginia. big shout out. it has one of the best high schools
5:50 am
jefferson high school for science and technology in alexandria. it came in six on the u.s. news and world report ranking. arizona has five schools in the top ten. winston churchill made it to number 75. thomas jefferson always comes out on top in these lists. >> alex ab dree yeah section of fairfax. let's turn to sheena parveen and get up to speed on the forecast today. we dealt with the clouds. >> chilly, too. >> it's chilly. rainy and chilly. that's kind of the worst feeling when it's cold and damp outside. goes right to your bones. today though you want the umbrel umbrella. morning commute. we don't have the rain falling. the roads are wet from yesterday and last night. we will see steady rain moving in for the later morning hours and closer to
5:51 am
recess will likely be inside. if you're exercising outside today, probably better to do it inside. we will have heavy rain moving in. dinner out and in the early afternoon we'll have less things around. here's a heavy part of the low pressure. we have that rain though starting to approach from the south. it's mostly on the lighter side. currently we're on the dryer side. we will be seeing those changes, too. look at future weather by about 8:30 to 9:30 this morning. that steady rain moving in on the lighter side. closer to lunchtime, you see the yellows and oranges. periods of rain as we go through the middle of the day. later on this afternoon you see things taper off. that's going to finally lead us to some drying as we go into tomorrow. temperatures into the mid to low 50ed. 56 currently in the district. normal high
5:52 am
rain and the clouds around. 60 again. then tomorrow back in the mid 70s. the warmup coming thursday and friday. mid 80s will be back. rain becoming steady. chilly day. 60 degrees. little windy, too, with the rain. then we go into tomorrow. looking at 74 with a chance of an early shower. more sunshine looking and feeling like summer by the end of the week and into the weekend. we're ready for that after many rainy days. >> a bad crash, a deadly crash. angie goff at the live desk. >> unfortunate update, aaron. this comes to us out of manassas. a fatal accident. it involved an adult male who was pronounced dead on the scene. melissa has been telling you about it all morning. prince william county and ballsford road. tractor-trailer and a driver of a car involved. driver of the tractor trail
5:53 am
not injured. on this part of manassas still shut down. >> this will be shut down for much of the morning through the morning commute is what police are telling us right now. northbound prince william parkway shut down between ballsford and 66. the southbound lanes are open. you can see a little bit of a delay there on the screen. no massive impacts. outer loop at connecticut avenue, that has all cleared out of the way. normal volume. 270 southbound that is gone as well. no major problems there on 270 southbound. beltway looks all right and georgia avenue at forest glen road. have a crash reported there. travel times, 270, no problems. top of the beltway nice and smooth. 66 into town and 95 northbound also rolling along quite nicely this morning. remember to listen to wtop when yo
5:54 am
5:53. metro has work to do in order to prevent track fires. there are more problems with insulators along the third rail which can cause sparks for smoke. metro reports that arcing insulator incidents are up. fires caused by debris from newspapers is down by 50%. when you compare metro to other transit systems, it had the second highest number of fires. new information about that story everybody has been talking about. united airlines in trouble after officers dragged a man off a flight. >> now we're hearing what officers said. angie goff joins us in the newsroom with details. good morning. >> good morning. documents. we did get our hands on police reports. one officer saying used, quote, he said minimal damage. people why outr
5:55 am
from his seat. dao said, at one point, i'm not getting off the plane. kill me. i want to go home. there are conflicting reports on how he made that statement. united wanted to make room for crew members. dao's lawyer said monday morning that he plans to file a lawsuit in this case. aaron? >> all right, angie. thank you. samsung says it will fix a red tint problem found by some users of its newest smartphone. some galaxy s8 and s8 plus users say there's a problem. an update will give users control over their screen color. meanwhile, the company says presales for the phone were its best ever. looks like people were planning to spend more this mother's day.
5:56 am
expected to reach a record $23.6 billion. that breaks down to about $186 per shopper. that's $14 more than last year. the increase is expected to be driven largely by jewelry and services such as spa, getting a pedi. >> mother's day, sunday, may 14th. >> people are planning. >> get on it. another major company is coming out of fire for ads promoting its product. >> shay moisture is a product used by black women. the ad talks about women struggling with hair. >> once i got more comfortable with myself my hair went with that. >> they issued an apology on their facebook page their intent, quote, will never be to
5:57 am
a pet reunited with his master using a bit of magic. >> we showed you a photo of this dock a too on police patrol. overnight, the response continues to a massive apartment building fire in college park. we'll have the latest for you coming up in a live report. the best year possible. i thought he was joking. >> and we are hearing from faye dunaway since she accidentally awarded an oscar to the wrong film. hear what she had to say about that blooper next.
5:58 am
5:59 am
new details on the millions of dollars of damage. "news 4 today" starts now. also this morning, washington wizards fans are waking up feeling frustrated after our team dropped the ball. getting kind of nervous in here. they lost another game in atlanta and the best of seven
6:00 am
it's now tied up. two games apiece. we're going to get it back. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilcrist. we'll get back to what happened to the hawks. chuck bell and sheena parveen here with that. >> then we'll check in with melissa mollet. >> good morning. >> good morning. quiet start to the day today. a little bit of cloud cover. a little bit of a cool breeze lingers out there. there's a view of our fine monument in downtown. can't quite make it all the way to the top for visibility. 555 feet high at the top of the monument. cloud base a little lower than that. pretty gloomy looking day. we haven't seen anything in the way of sunshine since last friday. we won't get any sunshine today. at least the rain will be coming to an end ahead of a major warming trend this week and potentially near 90 by the weekend. for now it is a cool and damp start to the day. temperatures in the 50s now. radar showing just apl


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