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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  April 25, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it's now tied up. two games apiece. we're going to get it back. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilcrist. we'll get back to what happened to the hawks. chuck bell and sheena parveen here with that. >> then we'll check in with melissa mollet. >> good morning. >> good morning. quiet start to the day today. a little bit of cloud cover. a little bit of a cool breeze lingers out there. there's a view of our fine monument in downtown. can't quite make it all the way to the top for visibility. 555 feet high at the top of the monument. cloud base a little lower than that. pretty gloomy looking day. we haven't seen anything in the way of sunshine since last friday. we won't get any sunshine today. at least the rain will be coming to an end ahead of a major warming trend this week and potentially near 90 by the weekend. for now it is a cool and damp start to the day. temperatures in the 50s now. radar showing just apl
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sprinkles in southern maryland. that's the leading edge of a much larger rain chance arriving mid morning to mid afternoon. temperatures for taking the puppy dog out for a stroll. >> the dogs this morning going to like the temperatures but they're probably not going to like the rain later on today. dog walking forecast, if you are looking for a dog to walk, we have gu ccci. if you're walking the dog, 8:00 a.m. we'll continue to see the rain moving in from the south. rain increasing 54 degrees. by noon we'll have steady rain around the area, some of which could be a little bit heavy here and there. by 6:00 p.m., around 60 degrees. things will start to dry out with some spotty showers. temperature wise right now, we are mostly in the mid 50s. 56 in the district, 52 in frederick. 53 right now in clinton but we have some warm summer like days ahead. we'll show you that forecast coming up.
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outer loop at connecticut avenue, still have a report of a crash. wanted to mention that for you. outer loop at connecticut seeing a slowdown there at the top of the beltway. northbound prince william parkway shut down. this is between ballsford and 66. the southbound lanes though are open and unaffected by that. we have police on the scene working you around that one. 66 and 95 looking quite good there overall this morning. bottom of the beltway also behaving here right now. that is always good. travel times not bad across the area. we'll take a close look at those coming up. a lot of new information this morning about a crash involving d.c. police. we first told you about this late last night. police stopped to help a car that was involved in a crash on 695 at southbound 295. then another car struck the police cruiser. that driver now faces dui charges. the officers inside the
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they're expected to be fine. let's go to angie goff following breaking news out of prince william county at the live desk. >> hi, aaron. we know a fire investigation is a death investigation. learning today early this morning that a man was found dead in woodridge overnight. prince william county police telling news 4 that they found the man on sherbrooke circle where there was also a fire. it is being called a homicide. we'll bring you any developments as we get them. now back to you. >> angie, thank you. right now investigators are back on the scene of this massive building fire that broke out in college park. news 4's justin finch is live there. >> justin, tell us what crews are working on right now. what are you seeing there from your vantage point? >> aaron, eun, good morning. fire crews remain on scene throughout the night and morning. behind us here they're now working on soaking hot spots at two corners
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here. prince george's county fire officials say the 47 fire is shaping up to be one of the largest fire responses in county history. the damage here totaling close to $40 million. county fire crews backed by several area fire departments. some 200 firefighters responding in all. the challenge here is the building has been under construction and it is now fire and water logged. it is at risk of collapse. now this is a mixed use development here. it has apartments above and rents commercial space below. it also spans a city block. we are told that fire did travel about inside and outside that caused smokey conditions that forced the university of maryland to cancel classes and others say it left them feeling quite ill. >> the smoke was so strong. you came outside, it burned your eyes. the coughing, the
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>> reporter: and back as you can see, work still going on on the rooftop over there. you ought to see the hot spot. we are over the street at the gladys spell man living center. they are very close to the development as you can see. many were forced out yesterday due to the smokey conditions. we're live in college park. i'm justin finch, news 4. >> while that fire was burning there was a drone that hovered above the flames. this man is charged with flying it into restricted air space. trevon miller flew hits drone into the direct flight path of a police helicopter. the pilot was able to avoid the drone and no one was hurt. we now know this electrical fire in a fort washington apartment was an accident. news 4 viewers took this video sunday morning at the glen rock landing apartment. witness
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balcony to people waiting pea low. no one was seriously hurt but 30 people lost their homes. prince george's county fire department said there's about $250,000 in damage there. also breaking overnight, two more inmates in arkansas have been put to death. marcel williams and jack jones were both executed within a few hours of each other. the executions are part of an aggressive schedule. the state wanted to execute eight inmates in ten days before its lethal drug expires. the courts stopped four of those executions. williams and jones were sentenced to death in two separate rape and murder cases more than 20 years ago. there is one more execution scheduled for later this week. he's accused of going on a deadly shooting spree. today tordil is expected to plead guilty. he shot and killed his estranged wife last may. the state said he killed two others at a mall and
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tordil is expected to plead guilty to first degree murder. he faces the same charge in new jersey. >> maurice kirkland jr., you see him here, left his home on fairland home. he was wearing a marvell t-shirt, red letters and dark blue jeans and nikes. he is 5'10". he liked to visit near orchard center mall. give the police a call if you know anything. coming up at 6:25 we'll have more about the missing kids in our community and what's beings done to help them in a special report. a problem on the roads you should know about if you're driving in arlington this morning. a water main break is closing a road. dinwiddie street is shut down and we don't know when it will reopen. metro buses to columbia heights west are having to work around this closure. it's also causing water
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people who lost water pressure last night. that is supposed to be fixed. 6:08 right now. it appears president trump is backing away from his key demand in his battle to fund the government. a senior white house official said the president is willing to back away for his demand that money for a border wall with mexico be included in this week's must pass spending bill. congress will reach a deal to avoid a government shutdown. meanwhile, the president will sign a new executive order creating a task force to be headed by new agriculture secretary sunny purdue. the group will have 180 days to promote and improve american agriculture in rural parts of the country. more than a dozen farmers will take place in a white house roundtable this afternoon. another military show of force. angie goff is following rising tension over north korea. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. north korea celebrating the founding of their military
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enterprise. reports are coming out of the region saying they had a live fire drill. in return a show of force. why the u.s. is sending a guided missile nuclear power submarine. it has already docked in south korea. all of this happening as the entire senate here at home, here in washington, preparing to visit the white house today. we know all 100 senators will be briefed on the situation by top officials, including the secretary of state and the secretary of defense at 1600 pennsylvania avenue today. >> back to you, aaron. former president george h.w. bush could leave a houston hospital by the end of the week. the doctors want to keep him there by a few more days of observation. a sfoeks person says he's in good spirits and is resting comfortably. it's a disappointing morning if your a a wizards fan, let me tell you. >> if you stayed up late to watch the game, they lost.
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now they're coming home with the series all tied up. the wizards were up 2-0. they are coming back to the verizon center. you can buy tickets for the team, cheer them on. it was the academy awards accident we talked about for weeks when faye dunaway gave the oscar to the wrong film. >> for the first time she is sharing how it happened. hear from her just ahead. and good morning, everybody. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. your daily grade for today, much like yesterday, the worst. cloudy skies and rain drops coming back into the area as well. grab your umbrella, you will need it. today's high only around 60 degrees. we're talking near 90 by the weekend. stay with us for that forecast. plus on the stage to behind bars. a beauty queen convicted on child pornography charges. details on this
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you're watching "news 4 today." we have a follow-up on a story we brought you yesterday about a bird -- a pet bird reunion. >> remember the docockatoo who rode along with fairfax county police. his name is sunny and he belongs to edgar who goes by dr. magic. edgar left sunny on a branch while playing soccer. an officer who later spotted the bird was able to whistle him down and reunite the pair. look at that. you know you want to hear the whole story, don't you? >> yeah. it is 6:14 right there. edgar and sunny needed the umbrella yesterday. sheena, i guess they'll need it today, too? >> yes, t
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especially by the middle of the day. that's when we'll have potentially periods of rainy day out there. most of the area not seeing so much of the rain falling but we have some wet roads out there right now. 58 degrees by lunchtime. pretty rainy again. we could see those waves of heavier rain moving in. 5:00 p.m., spotty showers with a lot of that rain coming to an end. here is a look down to our south. we have heavy rains swirling over north carolina. that will start to move in shortly. the roads are wet this morning. let's check on those with melissa. >> 295 northbound, brand-new crash here, sheena. not sure about the delays. the rest of the beltway is okay. prince william parkway shut down between ballsford. southbound lanes are open. as far as travel times go, 270 south is all right.
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slow. we'll show you why in just a minute from 95 to 270. going to take you 14 minutes. 66 in bound, 95 north bound no big worries. listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car today. aaron hernandez's family now has his final words. three letters found near his body were given to his fiance and the couple's young daughter attended his funeral yesterday. he was a former nfl player who committed suicide in prison while serving a life sentence for murder. the district attorney said one of the notes was addressed to his fiance. another was written to his daughter. a former beauty queen pleads guilty to child pornography charges. 2014 mrs. orange county megan all was sentenced to 300 days in jail and three years probation just last week. she was arrested in 2015 after being charged with possessing child pornography and lewd acts with a child. prosecutoray
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sold images of a 4-year-old relative to a marine. it is 6:17. angie goff from the live desk following breaking news in pakistan. what's going on? >> we have new video. take a listen. you can hear the gunshots there. this is where a deadly shootout happened in the city of koracci. there was an hours' long shootout. it appears it happened near some type of high rise apartment or high rise building. a woman also among those killed. at this point, though, no one has claimed responsibility for this attack. that's the latest from the live desk. aaron, back to you. >> angie, thank you. 6:17 right now. president trump is remembering the victims of the holocaust today. he'll give the keynote address in the capital rotunda later this morning. during the ceremony there six candles will be lit by a
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by a member of the congress. it recognizes the american troops that liberated the camps. >> it was the biggest gaffe in history. >> warren baity, faye dunaway announced the wrong winner. she read the wrong name, chaos ensued. we're hearing from faye dunaway about how quickly -- she pretty quickly went missing from the stage that night. >> were you angry? >> no, i was very guilty. i thought, i could have done something, surely. >> you can watch the full interview coming up this morning on the "today" show. i'm sure it was so chaotic. people didn't know what to do to fix the problem right there and then. >> live tv, right? >> ask me. when you do a show live? yeah, we leave all the goofs in. >> every day. >> we edit all the mistakes out. >> it wouldn't be fun tt
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it's like watching nascar for the crashes. round and round in circles they go. outside for us, our fourth lap in the cloud cover for today. four days in a row with no sunshine. view outside here this morning, there's our washington monument getting shorter and shorter all the time as the cloud deck gets lower and lower as the rain drops get closer and closer. we are starting to warm up though in spite of how cool and rainy it will be today. our average high temperature today becomes 70 degrees. the warmup continues. our average high reaches 80 degrees around memorial day weekend. we stay with average high temperatures of 70 or higher all the way into the middle parts of october before we get back down into the 60s for average highs. now for today, showers this morning. showers this evening and rain during the middle parts of the day. tomorrow a lot of clouds but boy is it going to feel like summertime this weekend. 56 degrees now with a gusty northeasterly wind at 17 miles per hour. so breezy and cool and
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and wet for today. showers this morning getting over to steadier rain during the noon hours. then backing off to a little bit of light showers by 6:00 or 7:00 this evening. look at all the rain down across tide water virginia. coming up the james and potomac. it will be raining for most of the mid morning and early afternoon hours. tomorrow still a lot of clouds around. not much rain tomorrow. any rain tomorrow will mainly be in the form of drizzle and sprinkles early in the day. late tomorrow get a little sunshine back. by thursday and friday, sunshine, mid 80s. saturday, 90 degrees. that is an early birthday present for melissa mollet who loves the hot weather. >> i do love the hot weather. outer loop here at connecticut avenue. still have the crash here. sounds like it is on the left shoulder right now. right there in front of the temple causing delays, top of the beltway. 295 northbound after the naval research lab crash. we are s
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already because of that. university boulevard, report of a tree in the roadway blocking some lanes. prince william parkway, again, still shut down between ballsford and 66. southbound lanes are open. fatal crash in manassas. melissa, thank you. after a viral campaign about dc's missing children, we're talking about what it takes to track them down. hear from the officers who spend their days bringing kids home next. still ahead, more trouble on the tracks for metro. why fires on the rails are becoming more problem despite safe track work. don't forget to set your dvr for ellen today. vin diesel stopping by to talk about his new film and his kids. >> you can watch ellen right here on nbc 4 at 3:00 and
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you're watching "news 4 today." 6:24. all this week on "news 4 today," we're focusing on missing children and the new steps d.c. leaders are taking to find them. >> news 4's justin finch explains why some of these kids leave home in the first place and where most of them turn up. >> reporter: just a few spots they have found missing young people. when your officers find the children what kind of shape are they in? >> most of them are probably exhausted, drained, but generally physically they're not in any bad shape. >> reporter: captain
6:25 am
karen of mpd's youth and family services division, she finds many of them are children who for many reasons run away. >> the vulnerability is immense. that's what scares us. we don't want them being in bad situations, being the victims of crime, being the victims from adults who are using them inappropriately. >> captain karen now looks forward to mayor bowser's missing youth initiatives which calls for the youth and family staffing which helps them find more young people. >> we want 100% closure rate on all missing persons. more importantly we want to bring focus on the reasons why people are running away and being reported in the first place. >> reporter: justin finch, news 4. keeping our kids safe series continues tomorrow with a look at how social media and hashtags such as these have brought help and more attention to these cases and we're working for you to help bring kids home. we have
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pictures on the nbc washington app. search missing children map. a new netflix hit drama has everybody talking. it also has some local schools warning parents. the concern for students and what you need to know before you log on. plus, it could be the answer to your dreams of beating the morning traffic. the flying car. look at that. that may not be far off. well, this morning we have rain that we're watching down to our south. that will start to move in shortly. then we could see some heavy rain right around lunchtime, but we have some summer like conditions in the forecast this week. chuck and i are back to
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knew on "news 4 today," radar watch. we're timing the rain for you hour by hour. a fire battle. hours later it is still an active scene overnight. plus, shutdown showdown. there may be some wiggle room for negotiations with thousands of government jobs hanging in the balance. "news 4 today" starts now.
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turning up the heat this week. it is 6:30 right now. >> we are monitoring another round of rain arriving in just a few hours. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and sheena parveen are here to break down the timing and the changes ahead. yes, good morning. it's another round of widespread maybe even heavy rain moving in. >> four days in a row. no sunshine for us and that's not going to be changing any time soon as cloudy skies remain in place for the rest of your day today. we will be warming up a little bit. we'll get back up into the upper 50s to around 60 later on today. 56 now in washington and quantico. 48 in front royal and la ray. radar shows rain drops moving into southern parts of maryland. calvert and st. mary's getting the rain drops. grab your umbrella. temperatures upper 50s to around 60 with periods of moderate to briefly heavy rain for today. for tomorrow, a little bit of an improvement. still, a lot ofud
6:31 am
back into the 70s. we're talking 80s, perhaps even 90 as you get closer to the weekend. for sheena, let's go over to melissa. >> i love that. outer loop at connecticut avenue, looking a bit better than it was. had the earlier problem that was on the shoulder in front of the mormon temple. d.c. 295 northbound after the naval research lab, have the crash slowing things down here quite a bit. university boulevard before new hampshire avenue, sounds like part of a large tree in the middle of the roadway. they have crews on the way to get that out of the way. glebe road at wilson, crash there. 66 at 95, no huge worries. we'll look at travel times coming up. breaking news this morning. a fire now considered a murder investigation. angie goff is at the live desk with details. angie, what's going on?
6:32 am
man was found dead in woodbridge, virginia. there was a fire they were investigating at sherbrooke circle. prince william county police say that's when fire crews found the man dead inside. at this point from their early investigation it is being called a homicide. we plan to bring you more information and more developments as we get them. now back to you, aaron. >> angie, thank you. 6:32. here's a look at the top stories this morning. firefighters back on the scene of a massive fire in college park. they're putting out hot spots at a building that was under construction on berwin house road. it went up in flames and it caused problems with air quality. a crash involving d.c. police. we first told you about this late last night. police stopped to help a car involved in a crash on 695 at southbound 295. then another car struck the police cruiser. that driver now faces dui charges. the officers inside the cruiser were taken to the hospital but
6:33 am
if you're just waking up, the wizards are now tied in the playoff series against the atlanta hawks. they lost last night 101-111. wizards have a chance to get their momentum back on the home court tomorrow night. it was supposed to be a provocative show. >> take a look at just a part of the netflix drama "13 reasons why." >> hannah, i'm not going, not now, not ever. >> why didn't you say this to me when i was alive? >> the series that tells the story of a teen suicide. now montgomery county officials are warning parents about this series. news 4's molette green joins us live in rockville to explain what the concern is about. molette? >> reporter: well, they're warning parents because many middle schoolers are already talking about this series that many agree just isn't suitable for them. they can easily sm
6:34 am
electronic device so parents beware. it not only addresses these heavy topics that young people are dealing with in schools, rape, bullying, and suicide, it also shows these acts in graphic detail. >> it's about a girl who commits suicide and leaves 13 tapes with a friend to tell why she did what she did. >> do you think it encourages other kids, yourself, to do things like this? >> i mean, it could. >> reporter: and that is the big concern, it could. so some middle school principals have sent letters to parents asking them to basically talk to their children. take a look at a portion of a letter sent to parents of north bethesda school, mental health professionals are concerned that
6:35 am
adult available to process these themes and their own feelings could be at increased risk of self-harm. experts say if a child actually is talking about taking his or her own life, you need to take that seriously. that is the latest live from rockville outside julius west middle school. back to you. >> molette, thank you. for nearly four years now news 4 has been dedicated to our changing minds initiative to focus on mental health. we have a list of resources about suicide prevention in the nbc washington app right now. search changing minds. there is a new call to change parole laws in maryland that allows killers to be released early for good behavior. stacy seaton was shot and killed behind a home in buoy in 2005. mcdonald abraham said he used a hit man to kill her and was sentenced to at least 15 years in prison. now after 7 1/2 years, he's eligible for parole for good behavior this week. her family pla
6:36 am
>> there is a chance that he could get out and there is not too much i can do about that. >> more than 1,000 people have signed an online petition to keep him in prison. seaton's family would like maryland to eliminate good behavior and have a state mandatory minimum for killers. the mother of a popular r&b soul singer has been found safe. she's been evaluated at a hospital. she suffers from dementia. this case got renewed attention when the singer posted a picture on social media. a flying car. it's not some scene from "the j jetsons," a very real look at your potential future ride. hot spots. the impact on
6:37 am
what's next on the investigation in college park. >> i'd love to get a flying car. wow, that would be awesome. for us today, the area of low pressure that's been keeping us cloudy and cool for the last few days is going to keep us cloudy and cool for today. there is hope and sunshine in the extended forecast. hey allergy muddlers are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day.
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and now your storm team 4 forecast. good tuesday morning. we're watching more rain today. a lot of it on the edge of your screen moving in. take a look at all of the heavy rain in north carolina. we'll see waves of heavy rain moving in from the atlantic from the late morning hours closer to lunchtime. by 8:30, that rain mostly south of the district. then getting heavier in spots by about 12:30. that's around lunchtime. we'll have areas of heavy rain. look what happens. things start to dry out.
6:41 am
are back with the summer temperatures. let's check the wet roads this morning. good morning, melissa. >> good morning. going to cause a problem for the commute especially later on. outer loop at connecticut avenue, we had the crash in front of the mormon temple. looking better. have a problem in bound on 295 and another brand-new problem downtown. we're going to take a look at all of that. main roads, travel time is coming up. >> melissa, thank you. 6:41. elton john is canceling all of his upcoming shows at caesar's palace in may. >> the singer contracted an unusual bacterial infection during a tour in south america. john became violently ill on a flight to the united kingdom from chile and spent two nights in intensive care. doctors identified the infection and treated it. the 70-year-old performer is resting at home. he is expected to make a full recovery and plans to resume
6:42 am
tour schedule in june. united airlines controversy. the side of the story you haven't heard and the new audiotape. plus, a call for action. metro needs an immediate safety fix and millions of dollars of funding are on the line. >> reporter: fire crews continue to soak down hot spots at this mixed use development fire in coege park. ll
6:43 am
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right now new twist in the united flight cop throw versy. >> disturbance charlie-3 on the aircraft. flight was overbooked. two passengers are refusing to get off the aircraft. >> newly released audio and the aviation officer shares his story for the first time. a massive fire battle. the university of maryland forced to close early. the flames are out, but the impact lingers. >> my whole house is consumed with smoke. >> urgent fix. the call for immediate safety changes to metro and the threat to take away millions in funding. skip the traffic. this may have you thinking about your next ride to work. 6:45 now. first to that massive fire in college park. the water is still flowing on the building that went up in flames yesterday. >> news 4's justin finch is live on the scene as fire
6:46 am
morning. justin, good morning to you. >> reporter: eun, good morning. we have seen firefighters do sight surveillance of this building. from on high they continue to douse hot spots and other potential flairup points. now chopper 4 was over the scene as that fire broke through the roof monday. this is at the hughes 47 development off berwin house road. mixed use building with apartments above and commercial space below. it spans a city block. we know that fire traveled about that building inside. the building itself now at risk for collapse because it's largely wood inside. once you add fire, smoke and water damage, there is a potential for serious problems. prince george's county fire officials say the hughes 47 fire is shaping up to be one of the largest fire responses in county history. the damage totaling close to $40 mill
6:47 am
helped back the county here. more than 200 firefighters in all. this fire burning for close to six hours sending heavy smoke into the area making the air unbearable. >> my whole house is consumed with smoke and, i mean, it's unbearable i have to leave. >> reporter: as you can see looking live, they're hitting that back corner. they've been doing it throughout the morning. that corner is heavily scorched. also as you can see, it is largely wood. this structure is inside all of this tinder for a very big fire. this whole development was said to open sometime this summer. of course, now those plans are completely derailed. live in college park, justin finch, news 4. >> justin, thank you. a playground is reopening this morning after it was destroyed in a fire. huntington park playground in howard county shut down two years ago. this is a
6:48 am
then. the fire caused $40,000 in damage to the park and equipment. it's all been replaced or repaired. there is a ribbon cutting today so your kids can finally use the park again. today the suspected killer in a cold case will head to court. jose rodriguez cruz faces murder charges in connection with the disappearance of pamela butler. she was last seen eight years ago at her home in northwest washington. her body has never been found. cruise and butler had been dating for about five months when she disappeared. cruz has repeatedly denied any involvement. right now police need help to find this missing 15-year-old from montgomery county. they say maurice kirkland jr. left his home on fairland road on sunday morning. he was wearing a marvell t-shirt, d. blue jeans and red nikes. he likes to visit near the orchard city mall in calverton.
6:49 am
eyes on capitol hill and the white house as we get closer to a potential government shutdown at midnight on friday. >> now it looks like lawmakers could be closer to avoiding it. this comes after a white house official says president trump is backing down from his demand to include funding for a border wall in budget negotiations. that was a key sticking point. democrats oppose a wall while some republicans are skeptical. >> a twin 200 mile wall doesn't make a whole lot of sense. there's not a big appetite for that. >> instead, the president is willing to deal with border wall funding during the regular budget process in the fall. ivanka trump is making her first international trip as a white house advisor. she will be in germany. she was invited by chancellor angela merkel. both women will be part of a panel discussion at an international summit on women. former president george h.w. bush could leave a
6:50 am
hospital by the end of the week. the doctors want to keep him in the hospital for observation. bush was diagnosed with a mild case of pneumonia last week. a spokesperson for the former president says he is in good spirits and is resting comfortably. update to the viral story about a man who was dragged off a united airlines flight. angie goff at the live desk. >> hi. good morning. new audio from the incident on the united plane where a passenger was dragged off. take a look. >> i have a request for paramedics -- police to charlie 3. >> what's going on over there? >> two passengers are refusing to get off the aircraft when instructed by the agent and also supervisor. >> that is when security and police was asked to come help remove the passengers from the plane. we're also seeing the police reports from the day where one officer described the removal of dr. david dao as having used, quote, minimal but necessary force. as you kn,
6:51 am
captured on video by passengers and they show a little bit of a different story. dao was hurt when pulled from that seat his face striking one of the armrests. dao physically responded swinging his arms. witnesses say that was not the case. there are some conflicting reports there. >> angie, thank you. 6:51 now. metro is at risk to lose millions of dollars in funding if it doesn't take the steps to fix safety problems. federal transit administration has given metro five days to make changes. in a letter to the system's gm, they say metro needs to protect worker's safety. it outlines issues of unauthorized workers and trains entering protected work zones at regular speed. parents, you can feel proud we have some of the best high schools in the country. >> new this morning, u.s. news and world report put out
6:52 am
list for 2017. thomas jefferson high school for science and technology came in sixth place on this list out of 6,000 schools. after t.j., winston churchill montgomery county made the list at number 75. school without walls in northwest d.c. was 84. arizona had five schools in the top ten. >> t.j. always comes up near the top ten. >> great schools around virginia. we want to check in with melissa mollet. what's going on? >> good morning. a couple of things happening here this morning. first of all, the beltway looked good. earlier problem there on the beltway. that has cleared out of the way at connecticut avenue. crash reported there. ramp northbound from pennsylvania avenue, left lane is the only thing getting by that crash. independence avenue 12th street southwest, dislodged manhole cover causing issues there. through prince
6:53 am
the rain is running through that area. bw parkway 24 miles per hour after 32. 270 at shady grove road, no issues there looking good both lanes main and local. northbound prince william parkway close between ballsford and the morning commute. travel times looking good. 270, beltway 66 and 95. remember to listen to wtop 105.4 f.m. >> melissa, quiet weather outside this morning. very cloudy as well. certainly on the cool side. 56 now in washington. winds are out of the northeast averaging 17 miles per hour and they're going to stay pretty stiff northeast wind is going to be with us for the remainder of the day as the area of storminess comes up the coast. northeast winds means clouds and rain chances all throughout the day. not really much rain out there yet, just a couple of showers around here this morning. but steadier rains coming in for late this morning into this
6:54 am
virginia north carolina border. that is spinning northbound. heaviest rain likely to be across central virginia. now you can see the rain coming up moving into southern maryland. it will continue to move 2009 the d.c. metro and 9:00 or 10:00. right around lunchtime into early afternoon. that have, things should start to wind down a little bit. you won't get anything in the way of sunshine for today. another cloudy and cool day but april is going to go down as a warm one. in fact, it will probably be the warmest april on record. we have some big time warmups coming our way. for more on that, here is sheena. >> good morning, chuck. yes, we are talking about summer like weather for the end of this week. big change from what we had today, yesterday, and what we had over the weekend. temperatures for today will be cool again. take a look at our future air masses here. once the rain leaveshe
6:55 am
air starts to move in tomorrow. we're talking about highs for your wednesday back in the mid 70s. then look what happens as we go towards the end of the week. the hot air moves in. talking about high temperatures around 90 degrees for your weekend. normal high 70 degrees for the rain and the clouds around 60, mid 70ed. mid 80s thursday and friday night. let's look at your weekend with the ten day forecast. chuck? >> bordering on hot as we head towards the weekend. both saturday and sunday we have a 90 degree forecast. that will be our first 90 and perhaps second 90 degree day of 2017. i'm sure it won't be the last. cooler weather returns early next week. you know traffic can be a big pain in our area. there could be a new option though soon. >> how about a flying car? kitty hawk is the flying car company financially backed by google founder larry paige. the company released the first
6:56 am
the kitty hawk flyer is all electric aircraft designed to operate over water and doesn't require a pilot's license to fly. a consumer version will be available by the end of the year. no word on how much it would cost you. >> we're going to let chuck try that out first. 6:56. 4 things to know before you head out the door this mornings. a lot of fire crews in college park working to put out hot spots. working on a building on berwin house road. the building was under construction. so far no cause has been found. a white house official says president trump is backing away from his demand to include border wall funding in this week's must pass funding bill. the bill could have caused a government shutdown. today tordil is expected to plead guilty to first degree murder. prosecutors say he shot and killed his
6:57 am
principles george's county. the state says that was before he killed two others montgomery county last night. prince william county fire crews found a man dead in an apartment that caught fire around midnight. homicide units are investigating though. we'll let you know when we learn more in the nfc washington app. brand new problem 95 northbound at route 7. beltway has recovered. >> thank you. that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. backing down. president trump backing down. president trump says he's willing to delay the fight of the border wall to avoid a government shutdown. significant flooding across the south leading to risky rescues, and widespread outages. more heavy rain on the way from the carolinas to new england. before and after. new video and audio recordings from the united airlines passenger dragging accident shedding more light on what happened. >> it's something we oversaw. >> as documents attained by nbc news reveal one of the security


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