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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  April 26, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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sheena with drizzle. >> drizzle me this, drizzle me that, that's sort of the pattern that we've been stuck in the last few days. i'm optimistic, i'm a half full kind of a guy. >> me too, chuck. well, girl. we're going to notice big improvements so this morning, there are areas of fog and mist and drizzle. still a wet morning. still damp outside. temperatures still on the mild to cool side, depending on where you are. but if you look around the district currently, we still do have sprinkles on the radar. a lot of clouds around marlboro, seeing sprinkles or very light showers even st. mary's county. that area of low pressure is offshore. it's going to keep us in this area for the first half of the day. you do need to know what to wear. >> probably just a small
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work or school, you can probably get away without it. just a couple drizzly drops around early this morning. but things will improve dramatically after lunchtime today. there's your planner. 30% chance of light rain or drizzle early this morning. kid do kiddos like her they will be smiling. may not be much recess day, but after school, you betcha. sunshine coming back at least by 3:00 or 4:00. and sunshine back in the 70s. let's take a look at melissa mollet and traffic. >> good morning, we're done with the inner loop problem as the truck crashed blocking the right side that is cleared out of the way. the rest of the beltway looks good. i want to show you again, eastbound e street shut down. because of that on the scene
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oakmont, lanes blocked. response on the scene, we showed you pictures from the live desk a couple minutes ago. 270 at montrose, month problems inbound or southbound. it's 5:02. let's check in by angie goff at the live desk with an electrical problem happening in d.c. >> this is important for drivers who drive through the district. this is a story we want to update from last night. pepco is still on the scene this morning. in connection with a man hole 17th street and estreet still closed. new york avenue northwest. still not getting a timetable when these problems are expected to be fixed and those roads are expected to be reopened. no detail about the problem other than there was a fire. and one of mos ma
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we'll continue to follow up. aaron. >> it is 5:03. let's give you a look at stories topping the news this morning. don't be alarmed if you see police. first responders are conducting an emergency terror drill. this is. happening in six undisclosed areas. prince george's county say to expect increased presence around bowie and cheltenham and scalia law school and george mason university. the drill is scheduled to start between 7:30 and 8:30 this morning. fire inspectors are expected back at the monday fire at the apartment and retail building under construction. last night, crews were still putting out hot spots. officials do think whatever happened was an accident. >> you might have to prepare for a metro slowdown this weekend, but it has nothing to with the rail repairs.
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>> news4's justin finch is live for why the agency is preparing for a possible sickout by workers. justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. planning is all right under way. sources tell us that metro supervisors are prepping for a 12-hour worker shift this weekend just in case bus and train operators don't show. news4 adam truss broke this on tuesday, confirming that they're seeing a number of sickout requests starting friday. the impact could stretch through the weekend. and this comes as the union and agency are in contract talks. so the union can't strike with a sickout as a strategy. a way for the union to grab the attention of the manager paul wiedefeld. they say the commute are already complicated. >> people rely on metro for work. and they n
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even on the weekends. it's a big inconvenience. >> reporter: now sh, sports fan could see an impact here. the caps and penguins square off this weekend. and the wizards have a weekend game. >> three people are in the hospital after a bus crash into this group home in kensington. it happening yesterday evening. two of the passengers on the bus and one person in the home were hurt. all are expected to be okay. we're told six rngesidents who live at the home had to stay somewhere else last night. no word on what caused the crash. angie goff at the live desk. more tension in north korea, angie? >> yes, the move coming earlier than expected on behalf the u.s. military. they're now moving parts of their anti-missile defense system to south korea. take a look at th
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trailers hauling what appears to be a launch canister. the final destination, about 155 miles south of seoul, the capital of south korea. met with protesters. hundreds of people who live around the battery site don't want it there. more than ten people were hurt in clashes with police. last year, though, the u.s. and south korea government agreed to deploy that system to counter the threat of any launches by north korea. now back to you. >> angie, think. 5:06 now. it will be a busy day at the white house as president trump nears the first 100 days in office. top administration officials will greet the entire senate on north korea. members of the house will also receive a briefing. meanwhile, president trump is dealing with another legal setback. a federal judge blocked his executive order on sanctuary cities. it threatened to withhold funding from those cities that don't cooperate with immigration officials. and the president is expected to unveil the bluep
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plan. 5:07. that tax reform plan has been a key part of the president's agenda, we know. here are four things that we're learning about this plan. according to "the new york times" president trump's tax plan will include a massive cut for corporate income tax dropping the top rates from 35% to 15%. now, this proposal would -- is expected to also include some sort of benefit for child care, though it's not clear how much at this point. it also increases the standard deduction forces individuals giving a modest cut from middle income earns. the "times" says as of last night, that the plans did not include the president's promised trillion-dollar infrastructure program. today, a battle over airbnb is shaping up at the d.c. council. thousands of people in our area make extra cash by renting out rooms through the online company. at a hearing today, the district is looking on whether to license and regulate some of those owners who are making it a full-time business.
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a council member proposing the plan says the legislation targets commercial airbnb operators who rent multiple rooms and undercut the city's housing shortage. >> we want to make sure we keep our long-term retro housing for residents. it makes for higher rents and less affordable housing. >> d.c. attorney general has also filed a lawsuit against a landlord using airbnb. homeowners who rent through airbnb could face new regulations. it's about to get crowded at the verizon center. the wizards have a gig game tonight against the hawks one win away from the playoffs and one win away from elimination. tonight's game is set for 6:00. we're off to another rainy cool start. but that will soon be changing. sheena. >> oh, yes, it will. i think we're ready for
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in the 50s. if you look at the radar, we have a few sprinkles around the area. we have areas of fog, some mist. you might have to use the wind shield wipers this morning. but you won't need the umbrella this afternoon. a look at temperatures coming up at 6:00. it's a diagnosis that brought two families together and hopefully even more. the program that aims to teach kids about classmates who are different. once a reality star, now the acsed killer. cu
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well, it's not just that it rains a lot in seattle, it's raining more than ever before. since last october, nearly 45 inches of rain fell in seattle. that is a new record, breaking a record that was set last year. so we're getting seattle is rainy, even more rain fell in portland in the area. they started measuring rain fall back in 1835. >> i guess more rain in our area, compared to that, it's nothing. >> whenever there's one extreme on the west coast, the other extreme tends to be here on the east. it's been assusuper wet out wes. e
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in rainfall over that same stretch since october 1st. basically our stretch of cloudy weather is about ready to come to an end. weather in fact today, cloudy, it will be clearing out later in the afternoon. for tomorrow, sunny and warm. here come the 80s, melissa. >> i love it. i love the actual 80s and 80s temperatures. eastbound 66 and 17, one crash. the rest of 66 and 95 are okay. taking a look, inner loop and outer loop, don't have any problems. shady grove road westbound at oakmont, we are still closed there. we've got pictures from the live desk earlier. and people feeting about it as well. 95 to the beltway, normal speed. it's 5:13. today, people in ukraine mark 31
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years since the explosion at the chernobyl nuclear plant. it's the world's worst nuclear disaster. people gave flowers for the ceremony. the final death toll is speculation, but generally ranges from 9,000 from the world health organization to probably 90,000 by the group greenpeace. today, a jury will begin to decide whether a man who killed a pennsylvania state trooper should be put to death. the sentencing phase in the trial of eric frain begins today. he was convicted last week of carrying out that deadly shooting at the barracks in pennsylvania in 2015. one person died and another hurt. it was after a 40-day manhunt. the jury can choose from the death penalty or life in prison.
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soules was arrested. the person died at the scene. an attorney for him said his client was devastated after learning the man died. it was near the touvn aurora. the 35-year-old is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on tuesday. >> doctors say former president george h.w. bush has recovered from pneumonia but still dealing with the effects of chronic bronchiti bronchitis, it's a condition associated primarily with age. he's still going to be discharged from the hospital by the middle of the week. two moms are on a mission to help kids with disabilities. both have sons with autism. the two met when their boys were in elementary school. they started to speak to students at classrooms and now
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the moms want to show kids how to be more accepting of those with disabilities. >> he was called the r word. >> we really want the kids to be accepting and not just tolerating. >> and right now, the moms do presentations at two alexandria schools. and would like to help parents in other districts follow their lead. there is new kind of health care facility that is not only helping people feel better faster but also emptying out bank account faster. they're called freestanding emergency rooms. it's an emergency room not physically attached to a hospital but still charging basically the same prices. for example, treatment for bronchitis is about ten times more expensive at an emergency room than urgent care. >> these aren't necessarily the uniforms they're looking for. that's what a lot of people are saying about mcdonald's
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restaurant's new look to the evil empire in "star wars." i see that. the chain is rolling out light and dark gray uniforms for employees. we saw several posts making connections like hang seng "hunger games." and the reference to the "big brother "as well. there are some praising the uniforms some even calling them chic. >> we saw the pictures there. they changed a lot over the years. i think these are more into futuristic looks. >> with "star wars" -- >> i don't think it's bad. listen up, for the first time ever twinkie golden sponge cake have gone chocolate. >> some may say -- hostess saying it's introducing
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response to consumer flavor trends. over the years hostess has created twinkie filling such as ghost busters green slime twinkies but this is the first time they've tweaked the flavor of the iconic gold sponge cakes so the outside will be chocolate. >> and they have a similar type cake snack already. >> suzie qs or something like that. >> ding-dongs. i love little debbie cake rolls. i'll take it. i'll take the weather too. >> yeah. >> this afternoon, it's going to be a lot nicer. this morning, it's going to be difficult to shield your hair from the mist outside, ladies. so, this morning, we have areas of mist. we have areas of fog, a little sprinkle here and there. but it could be a lot worse. we're actually going to see improvements this afternoon. ch
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day. today, you'll notice nice changes. temperatures back in the 70s. then we go back to the end of the week and things heating up again. we're talking about the 80s returning. it's a live look at the radar. we're not talking dense fog this morning. don't be surprised if you run into that. we're seeing a little bit of rain. upper marlboro, mostly to the east of the district right now again some sprinkles around the district. big area of low pressure that gave us rain yesterday now it's offshore. so it's still trying to spin some moisture. once it moves farther up the new england coastline that's when it drys out more. future weather, 8:30, still looking at sprinkles around clouds. locked in lunchtime, still mostly cloudy this afternoon. that's when you'll notice improvements in the weather. temperaturewise right now, we're still in mid to upper 50s. you're dining out today looking pretty good. by happy hour,
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mid-70s. mid-80s tomorrow and friday. going into the week, 87 saturday. by sunday, though, looks like a little bit cooler. we'll talk about that coming up. let's check your roads with melissa mollet this wednesday morning. good morning. >> good morning to you. beltway again, everything looking quite good on the beltway. prince george's county here this morning. just keep an eye out for that. westbound shady grove, we're still shut down. oakmont avenue eastbound lanes are open. that's a bad crash involving a tractor trailer, eastbound, 66 at 17 there. we do still have that crash. just the tiniest slowdown and bottom of the beltway, as i showed you here. just seeing rain. eastbound e street at 17th and northwest. southbound, 17th and new york avenue shut down for that electrical problem. eun. thank you, melissa. tennis superstar said announcing her pregnancy on snap
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an accident. she snapped this picture and it read 20 weeks but last night in vancouver, williams said she's been taking a picture of her belly every week and accidentally pressed the button with this folks. 23 grand slam titles. she realized what happened after her phone started ringing offer the hook. i guess friends had a lot of questions about that picture. congratulations to her. our keeping our kids home series continues thing morning. coming up how social media is playing a role in the disappearance of young kids in our area. >> the clock is ticking with the federal government. what it means for workers if nothing happens friday. and ellen degeneres, powerhouse singer jennifer hudson makes her first appearance in five years.
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welcome back. it's 5:25. all this week, we're going around the viral movement surrounding d.c.'s missing children. >> we're debunking the myths about the number of missing children. news4's justin finch with the biggest misconception. >> reporter: in the shadow of the capitol what became a national conversation prompted by these flyers of young missing nations that many would never have seen until the metropolitan police department put them on social media. do you think with social media more eyes on this has awakened a lot of people? >> without a doubt. we're glad to have that attention brought to you. >> reporter: the thought, the more eyes, the higher the odds the missing would be found. though many came home on their own. >> now that fempeoplfemupeople
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on it great. >> reporter: the cases were overlooked. the claims were proving facility. 2,242 missing juvenile cases in 2016. down almost 200 reports from 2015. >> it's not 50/50 between boys and gouirls and i think one of e misconceptions it's suddenly became a big deal where it's been a big deal for us all along. >> reporter: in the district, the hope is soon no child is left to fend for him or herself. justin finch, news4. >> now, we've posted the facts behind the story. and you can follow along on the nbc washington app. check out our interactive time line of the key moments exploring this issue. search d.c. missing teens. new at 5:30, scare from the sky. a woman knocked out by a falling hammock. how it ended up crashing on to a busy sidewalk. and goo
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team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. it's another cloudy start this morning. but four things to know about the next four days. number one, the rain is coming to an end today. it's going to be toasty warm. back in the 80s for tomorrow. friday looks warm and dry, too. saturday, well, maybe a hint of a shower chance. we'll talk more about the weekend coming up in a few minutes. plus, reading, writing and nance. fi
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right now on "news4 today," metro sickout. how the protests could impact how you get around. plus, an elderly man murdered inside a retirement home. now, the search for clues is moving to a local community center. and cell tower controversy. why dozens are fighting a plan that would boost your cell service. plus college aid from queen "b." the scholarship from beyonce that is helps students succeed. "news4 today" starts now. good morning, everyone, it's 5:30. thanks for waking up up with us early. >> we will get to those stories and much more. first, though, a change finally in our forecast. we're watching a few showers on the radar today but that's a welcome change from
5:31 am
>> chuck bell and sheena parveen. and melissa mollet will check your traffic. good morning. >> good morning. nice changes. i think you'll like it. >> i think so. everybody has been complaining about the cloud cover. we haven't seen any sunshine since last friday. we're about ready to turn that corner and get things in the right direction. rain drops mostly to the east of i-95. howard county, prince george's county, south into calvert and no rain in fairfax out towards the shenandoah and the blue ridge, things are drying out. as a result, it's an improving weather picture. last chance of sprinkles by 9:00 or 10:00, by lunchtime, sunshine in the shenandoah valley. by mid to late afternoon, sunshine back into washington as well. so it will be a nicer finish for the start. >> mid to upper 50s now. aftern t
5:32 am
how about back into the 70s with the sunshine later in the afternoon. >> sheena's looking a little further into the future coming up. let's go to melissa mollet. talking is not as easy as it should be. >> we're on tv so much, it's difficult. back to connecticut avenue, outer loop. be careful there. two crashes there. inner loop, old georgetown, crash off the road. sounds like in the ditch, on the left side of the roadway. right now, the beltway doesn't seem to be impacted by either things but of course, it's going to be quite a different story this morning. westbound shady grove road at oakmont. we have lanes blocked. crash there, response on the scene there. eastbound e street 17th street, that is closed. shut down for that electrical issue. we have travel times coming up, eun. 5:32, metro is
5:33 am
a sick day this weekend. >> news4's angie goff is live in the newsroom with more details about how the transit agency is preparing to keep things running. >> aaron, metro has said it received an unusually high number of requests for the weekend. an e-mail had been sent to metro supervisors requiring them to work 12-hour shifts from friday through sunday. this comes during a heated contract dispute between the agency and its largest union. however, the union says it does not support a sickout. and leaders don't think it's actually going to happen. news4 justin finch is on the ground. he's following every development. coming up at 6:00, he's going to join us live with a report and reaction from metro riders this morning. eun. >> angie goff, thank you. meanwhile, a memorial to honor the victims of metro's deadly accident is getting a face-lift.
5:34 am
northeast washington had become overgrown. nine people were killed there when two red line trains collided about eight years ago. the city now tells us legacy memorial park will get a face-lift and upgrade in the next few days. right now, congress is in the middle of a budget negotiation to avoid a government shut down on friday. here are four things to know if you work for the government and it does close. this is according to federal news radio. you will probably still get paid. in the 2013 shut down, workers received back pay. federal employees would still receive health benefits and it's likely to cost a lot of money. the 2013 government shutdown cost the government roughly $2.5 billion in loft productivity. fairfax county police say they're working around the clock to find out who murdered a 71-year-olds man in his
5:35 am
retirement community. one spot detectives are focusing on is the eden center. police say cong nguyen went to the eating center around the same time every day. it's about 15 minutes away from the retirement where nguyen lived and was killed last week. we now know the name of a man killed inside of a woodbridge apartment. prince williams police dented fi the man from manassas. the firefighters were called to put out a fire in an apartment on sherbrook circle in woodbridge monday night. that's when they found lynn dead. the cause of the fire and investigation under investigation. a woman determined to give her neighbor a proper burial will get her wish. thanks to the generosity of the community. a gofundme account has raised nearly $3,000 to bury the
5:36 am
his body was headed to a mass burial spot. his neighbors learned he is entitled to a military grave. so they started raising money for a funeral that will now take place on saturday at metropolitan community church in northwest. bed rugs, vermin and mold, those are just some of the problems named in a lawsuit against a columbia heights apartment building owner. a d.c. attorney is suing ssc management. the company owns an apartment building on 11th street northwest. the lawsuit claims that tenants have been forced to live in deplorable conditions. the company's attorney said the suit is baseless. and as says that the landlord wants to renovate the building but tenants don't want to move out during renovation. beyonce is helping a few ladies to head off to college. she's launched the
5:37 am
scholar award. the scholarship will go to one woman at howard, salmon, boston, berkeley college of music and new york city of design. it's to encourage and support young women who are unafraid to speak outside of the box, and are bold, creative, conscientious and confident. >> can you imagine having that on your resume? i have a beyonce scholarship. howard said information for applying is not yet available. big break for thousands of college-bound students. changes just made for financial aid applicants before an important deadline. plus, a skarl you'd never expect walking down a sidewalk. how a woman was hurt by a flying hammock. and a crackdown on drugs that claims to cure cancer. >> a warning from the fda you'll want to sha with yreou
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>> announcer: you're watching "news4 today." well, imagine this happening to you on vacation. a tourist was walking down the street in new york city, when a 12-foot wooden hammock fell on top of her. this happened yesterday in lower manhattan. police believe wind may have blown the wooden frame hammock off the luxury building's
5:41 am
boom and saw the woman on the ground. >> just a loud -- you know like bang! >> boom! i heard the noise. i turned back around, and there was the hammock and the lady laying on the floor. >> the woman was taken to the hospital for head and back pain. >> building owner there in new york city, they're supposed to secure objects when the wind is above 45 miles an hour. but the winds that were -- that day, were apparently only expected to reach about 25 miles an hour. >> and with the wind, the velocity of that thing. >> and the distance it falls. >> yes. president trump has been promising a tax overhaul. the day is now here. a look at his proposal and how much money it could save you. good morning. we have a few sprinkles outside this morning. areas of fog. nothing very dense, though. you will not need the umbrella later on this afternoon. coming up, chuck and i are back to show you the forecast and the warmer t
5:42 am
in here. melissa. >> thank you, sheena. on top of the beltway, because of the crash, another issue on the beltway and another issue just happening. we'll have all of that coming up. and what you're ordering at restaurants may not be what you end up eating. we'll tell you which meals
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right now on "news4 today," tax overhaul. president trump's proposal to slash the amount of money you pay the federal government. a proposed 100-foot cell phone tower right here in greenbelt. and the community is not happy about it. i'm erika gonzalez. that story is coming up. breaking down finance and personal finance. a class that teaches cash. >> i'm learning how positive spend
5:46 am
spend the right money and how to do it. >> how fourth graders are getting a start on their financial future. and dirty pants. you'll never believe how much they're selling for. right to that top story out of prince george's county. t-mobile is proposing to build a new cell phone tower in greenbelt. >> yeah. the company says the tower would help improve network coverage. but the proposed location is getting heated trons eed tron e the community. news4's erika gonzalez is there. >> reporter: right. that cell phone tower, aaron, would stand 100 foot tall and be right here on the property of eleanor roosevelt high school. this is an ongoing fight. this isn't the first time we've talked about this between
5:47 am
community. t-mobile teaming up to meet demands and improve cell service adding that radiation from cell towers is well below limits said by the scc. but people are not happy. at a community meeting last night, residents voiced their concerns. >> it's dangerous. it's dangerous on behalf of children. it's dangerous to have property value. and it's jegenerally not accept by our community. >> reporter: as you mentioned, this is a story that we've long covered on news4. like the one that david culver reported on at crossfield elementary school in fairfax county where there's about a dozen cell towers on school property. back to the time line, there is no proposed plan when the cell tower could go up or how long the fight could last. i'm erica gonzalez in
5:48 am
is expected to unrail his tax reform blueprint. >> it's a plan that the president says is a massive tax plan cut. news4's tracie potts is live on capitol hill. what kind of taxes are we talking here? >> a business tax. a corporate tax cut of 15%. from 35%. pretty big tax cut that some critics are fear will have a negative impact on families. it's a lot less money coming into the federal government. meaning programs that benefit poor people. programs that benefit families might have to be cut. >> all right, tracie potts, live on capitol hill. tracie, thank you. a federal judge blocked the president's executive order banning funding for sanctuary cities. what was the reason behind that, tracie? i'm sorry, that ruling comes hours after attorney general jeff sessions met with a group of mayors and police chiefs including montgomery county police chief. and they talked a
5:49 am
immigration enforcement and policies. and the group is seeking clarity on what exactly a sanctuary city is and detainers. a detainers gives custom and enforcement up to two days to look into a person's status. and montgomery county public schools have completed a security review of rockville high school. it's the first of about 200 schools being reviewed after an alleged rape inside the bath room at rockville. the school district would not say, what if any, charges have been ordered but an official tells news4 there is a follow-up review conducted next week. last month, two students ages 17 and 18 were arrested and charged with raping a 14-year-old girl during school hours. if you've ever had your phone go off at church you've had high-level company. supreme court justice steven breyer had to turn off his
5:50 am
phone. it rang when lawyers were arguing the case. those arguments are timed. this is a sketch from the courtroom. breyer on the left there. he looks a little embarrassed. >> supreme court justices, they're just like us. it happens to the best of us, yes. >> oh, those devices are actually forbidden in the courtroom. they're not supposed to be there. >> that makes it different. 5:50. news for your health. don't believe everything you hear especially in a company promises a miracle cure. federal government is cracking down on businesses that are marketing treatments for cancer. the fda is warning 14 companies to stop making claims that their product can cancer. >> you may be paying for top shelf seafood but
5:51 am
cheap stuff. researchers ordered the seafood in top restaurants. in four cases, they found the expensive seafood swapped out for cheaper. d.c. restaurants are doing a good job and giving diners exactly what they ordered. the question is, you can tell the difference? >> i think i can tell the difference on certain fishes. the key is it shouldn't be fishy. it should be fresh. >> can you tell the difference between salt water -- >> but fish like tilapia -- >> i just order the steak. >> are you getting steak or all parts ground beef -- i'm just kidding. yesterday morning, we couldn't even see the top of the monument because of the low clouds and the rain. things are starting to see improvement, at least we can see all the way to
5:52 am
toothpick and downtown this morning. temperatures haven't moved a heck of a lot. a milder start than the last two days. upper 50s in the area. still a lot of clouds around. and there are still a few lingering drizzly drops and sprinkles in prince george's and calvert. the rain has stopped west of leesburg and shenandoah valley. it will be 100 dry along i-81 today. a little chance for showers on i-95 and towards the bay. this will be tapering off by 9:00, 10:00 this morning. then with time, low pressure moves away from us, the sunshine moves back in. so it will be a big change in temperatures by later on today. plan on your outdoor. this morning, cool and damp. a few sprinkles around. nothing major to mess up your plans. by this evening, mild and dry. a taste of summertime coming your way thursday and friday. the weekend still looks pretty good. we have a little chance for a shower on saturday and sunday as well. no
5:53 am
temperaturewise, mid to upper 50s now. we should be back in the mid-60s with sunshine by lunchtime. afternoon highs today. low to mid-70s for most, a few spots. and might hold in upper 60s same as along the bay. for tomorrow, that's when things really start to get nice. back into the 80s for tomorrow. honestly it's going to be toasty warm. thursday, friday and saturday. we had a find for saturday and sunday yesterday we had to trim those back a smidgen. but saturday looks mostly warm and 87 degrees. new troubles on the beltway. let's go to melissa. >> take a look at this, outer loop to connecticut avenue. a problem on the right side, might also have one another on the right side. quite slow on top of the beltway at outer loop. inner loop, old georgetown, crash off to the left side of the roadway. 395, northbound. pentagon crash there on the right. 66 and
5:54 am
old keel road ramp, blocking the ramp there to the beltway. eastbound 66 after 17, left lane is blocked because of debris on the roadway. remember, westbound shady grove at oakmont was shut down westbound. so that's everybody headed to 370 this morning. or 270, right now, we still have the response on the scene. but it was a big crash involving a tractor trailer. 270 looks okay southbound. top of the beltway again quite slow on the outer loop near connecticut avenue. inbound 66 and 95 northbound looking pretty good. remember to listen to wtop 105 fm when you hop in the car this morning. as many students are weighing the college options next week, many are waiting for financial aid packages. >> now, the department of education is changing requirements to help students get that faster. the holdup
5:55 am
cited a data breach. as a result, thousands of students were unable to complete the application process or were chosen for further verification. now, colleges and universities are no longer required to collect tax reform transcripts or verification on nonfiler forms. this change is crucial because as soon as students get financial aid packages, the sooner they can make an informed decision. if this impacts you, contact the school's financial aid office immediately. ask what is needed and get that out as as soon as as possible. a group of students is also thinking about financial future. they're only in fourth grade but learning about financial lessons. it's part of the free partnership between vienna elementary and ubs financial services. it includes interactive lessons and games. >> the tools that they're receiving now are going to help them with borrowing and credit, in decisions they'll make as a young adult. >> i'm learning how to spend your money. why to spend your
5:56 am
and how to do it safely. >> students can earn a certificate like this in several personal finance topics including saving, budgeting and debt. this is real life. you don't need financial lessons to know this next story is pretty crazy. have you heard about the new nordstrom's jeans that appear to be predirty. >> we'll show them to you, these are them. the barracuda jeans have what they're calling caked on muddy coating. you see the brown there? they're going to cost $425. >> yeah -- no. >> the description says if you wear them, you're showing everybody that you're not afraid to get down and dirty. >> nobody cares, first of all. >> to spent $425 to show people that? >> yeah. people buying $200 jeans
5:57 am
ago. >> i know. >> you may want to the pull out your clean jeans today. it's denim day. >> annual event, a good cause. out your outfit can help raise awareness about sexual assault. and what we use now a crackdown to keep airbnb out of d.c. that story ahead. >> reporter: a possible sickout by workers of metro could have an effect this morning. this morning what we know about a possible sickout and what thuld be at
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now on "news4 today" -- metro sickout. how workers' frustrations over their jobs could impact your commute this week. plus, slashing taxes. president trump's tax plan unveiled. how it will change the amount you'll owe the government. and saying good-bye to showers and hello. we have the storm team 4 forecast. >> announcer: "news4 today" starts now. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. the forecast is just what will we need for the week. we've had so much rain here. chuck and sheena are here with good news and melissa mollet has a look at your commute. good morning. oo
6:00 am
nicer. >> we're starting, we can almost feel the turn the corner. >> a little bit. a little bit, kind of misty outside in some areas, a few sprinkles around, you may need a couple swipes of windshield wipers. 58 degrees in the district. 57, manassas. 57 degrees in leesburg. here's the radar. we still do have a few sprinkles across the area, right around the district and parts of prince george's's county. as we even head south towards clinton we're seeing light sprinkles. a big area that brought us rain yesterday, it's right off our coastline. that's going to keep moving towards new england. and as it does so, it's going to pull the cloud cover away with it so that means we're going to see improvements this afternoon. the four things you need to know before you walk outside. good morning, chuck. >> yeah, cloudy skies. as you said, just a couple sprinkles and drops out there. no major amounts of in


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