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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  April 26, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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now on "midday," taxes are the trump team's focus but there are concerns about russia and the former national security adviser. the latest from capitol hill. and it's another cloudy start to your day but we'll be seeing improvement this afternoon. coming up, i'll show you when the warm air and sunshine returns. hello, everybody. we are going to get to all of those stories in a moment. first, we want to check on your midday forecast. >> that's right. storm team 4 meteorologist sheena parveen is here. wee
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>> yes. we've seen clouds locked in all day. 63 degrees right now but the thing is we don't have the rain around. we just have these clouds locked in. big area of low pressure giving us cloud cover. later today, though, it's going to move up into new england and pull the cloiuds with it. a little more in the way of clearing happening farther off to our west. here's what it's going to look like around lunchtime. mid-60s. cloudy skies, happy hour. more clouds breaking and more sunshine trying to peak through, temperatures in the mid-70s and by dinnertime, even more clearing. i'll show you when the 80s return and we'll look at the weekend forecast straight ahead. >> thank you, sheena. we're looking at what is going on in virginia. there's a fairfax investigation going on.
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erika gonzalez has information now. >> reporter: good morning. we're right outside of glasgow middle school. there is police presence here this morning but this has nothing to do with the school. all faculty and all students are safe. there is no threat to the school. however, trying to piece together the explanation of the large police presence that we understand -- or i should say there is a police presence here this morning. but we understand this actually started last night. i spoke with my colleague, david culver, who said this all began with some sort of a tip. officers were called out here last night and apparently there was reason for them to come out here again this morning. so when we got here, we did see a few officers and a canine appear to be walking into a wooded area where we can see visible crime scene tape that
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so again, we do know from the principal here at glasgow middle that word was sent out to parents letting them know that there was police presence here on the scene for several hours, to not be alarmed, that this had nothing to do with the school. all faculty and students were safe. as i mentioned, david culver heard word about something going on here late last night. we should mention, while we have -- while we are not certain as to why this investigation is taking place, what exactly is going on here, what they're being looking for. we should mention that we are in the same vicinity as homes run park. and you remember, that's an area where we have covered extensively, dating back to early march, where the remains of two individuals were found there. police said likely gang activity because it was the scene a few years ago where twood
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found. we have no confirmation as to what this investigation is about but we can tell you there's a police presence here behind glasgow middle school. you can see a few k-9s on the scene and one went into the wooded area. that's what we can tell you live from the scene. erika gonzalez, back to you. >> erika, thank you. first responders are preparing for a terror attack. six drills took pace in d.c., maryland and virginia. these are photos from hyattsville this morning. ems and police and fire crews took part. these are just drills but it's helping crews get ready for the worst. well, that was just one of the heated exchanges during a
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meeting last night between neighbors and officials of t-mobile. they want to build a new cell tower at elroosevelt neighborho. they say it will be dangerous to their homes. >> we have evidence that it's dangerous to the health of children and dangerous to our property values and generally not accepted by our community. >> he says they used a third-party company to check safety at all sites. company officials have set up a website for residents to see what the tower would like like. we have that posted in our nbc washington app. virginia governor tear rry mcauliffe just wrapped up a meeting. >> governor mcauliffe is live with more on the new legislation.
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us. we want to begin with -- >> great to be with you. >> women rights activists, this is a move that they are praising. >> well, this is important for the women in the commonwealth of virginia. we will involved in a ceremony where we're signing this bill for hormonal contraceptive to be able to get a 12-month supply. when you have it available, it's 99% effective. this is a smart step. it's to help women. it's a commonsense thing to do and we'll be with a delegate to sign it. once again, virginia wants to lead the way to make sure we're making virginia open and welcoming to everybody. >> can we also talk about metro? the transit agency is looking to get a lot of funding, including om
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virginia, maryland and d.c. where do you stand on funding in virginia on that? >> clearly they need more dedicated funding. we have now asked to have a study done which will be done by former secretary of transportation. we need a comprehensive plan on how we're going to spend money and what we're going to do and that will be done in november which i take to the legislature at the beginning of next year. i hope on friday we don't have a walkout. in my view, that would be inappropriate. the system doesn't need any more problems with public relations. if you have a grievance, there's binding arbitration to do it. this is a great system. paul wedefeld and his team have done a great job on safety. it's got to be done in a manner for the long term. we have to fix metro long term and that's what we're going
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it's a critical system for us and affects the commonwealth. we're all in but we need a strategic plan first and that's what secretary lahood will work with us on. we need an independent outside of the metro system eyeballs on this system. how do we take it to the next level for years to come? >> governor, got to get a little personal here. "the washington post" is reporting that your wife is considering running for congress in the tenth district. can you corn finfirm that for " midday"? >> i'm encouraging her. she's interested in doing it. 8 million more children this year will have access to healthy breakfasts in our school than last year. she's been a leader on veterans issues, active duty, the child military identifier bill. i think she'd be a great member
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of congress. she hasn't made a final decision. people have come to her to ask her to run and she's talking to folks. i would hope she would do it. a family of five children living with us, she's got to make that decision. congress is broken today. we need more people in congress will work in a bipartisan way to get things done. we need leaders in congress. her focus will be all about children and education, something she's fought for for her entire life. we'll see what happens. >> all right. virginia governor, terry mcauliffe, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. you might have to prepare for a metro slow down this weekend. the governor mentioned the potential for a walkout but it has nothing to do with the rails this time. justin finch explains why the transit agency is making plays for this potential sick-out. >> reporter: just in case bus and train operators don't show up for work, the hope is that this
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this is a story you saw first on news4. the normal uptick in requests for sick time on friday. now, another one could this absentee request spill into the weekend and the concern is coming as the union and agency are locked into contract talk. now, legally a union strike is off the table. so some are wondering if this sick-out to be a tactical move, a way for the union to grab the attention of metro. but when asked, union bosses don't believe a sick-out is looming and members who are calling out are just following a 72-hour advance notice policy. riders are still worried a sick-out would do more than just shut down or slow down their commute. >> if they don't show up, they'll get in a lot of trouble. i saw that on the news before this morning. they are going to do the right thing. >> reporter: and should this somehow spill over into the weekend, t
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for sports fans. it might be smart to start planning now. back to you. >> our thanks to justin finch. after a report here on news4, crews are screening up the memorial park for the people who died on the red line. it's been eight years since two trains crashed. nine people were killed. news4's transportation reporter adam tuss noticed that the park was overgrown and reported it. it will get some upgrades in the next few days. the incident on united airlines has people worried about overbooked flights now. >> and as we head into the summer, what you need to know before you board a f fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month onlinefor the first year with a two-year agreement.
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well, a record number of americans are expected to fly and some people will be bumped from the plane. so here's what you need to know. a reservation made well in advance, no guarantee. airlines will go from the back to front of the plane meaning an economy passenger is more susceptible to being bumped. frequent flyers get the priority against bumping and there are guidelines about what you're entitled to if in fact you get bumped. n?
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are taking place tonight in washington. joining us this morning to talk about her work with the national chamber of commerce, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> i love that you brought jiggy. >> we have several reasons. i'm humbled to accept the award tonight and also to enter resolutions and we're having a fundraising event. >> great. so many of us know you from your work at real housewives of beverly hills. wh what's made you get involved in this organization? >> well, i think they are supportive of the lgbt community for many, many years and now more thave
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united and stand up for what we believe in and i was a spokesperson for g.l.a.d. which is the suicide prevention hotline so there's a lot of reasons why i'm here. >> tell us about the agenda, especially with the best of the best. >> well, i don't really work with them. i just work very closely with the lgbtq community. there is a benefit tonight and said to me we'd love to honor you for your work over the years. so that's why i'm here. i love coming to washington and we've spoken at congress and we've tried to change the world with the dog meat trade. >> he was growling
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grunting. so, yeah, to be here and speak with congress again tomorrow and talk to people about this campaign that we've innovated really and we've got a movie coming up, so, yeah, it's all about protecting these little guys. >> well, we can't let you talk without talking about the beverly hills housewives. >> i do believe -- i hope i won't get in trouble. >> i won't tell anyone. >> it will be our sixth season and i think it was last night that was the final night. i didn't see it because i was out having dinner with jiggy but last night was the final night of season 7. can you believe it? i joined the show seven years ago. here we are. >>
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spots? >> well, i just had a very good time that i've been here and really enjoyed, you know, going to washington even though it's been such an emotional kind of issue that we've invited and i urge people to contact their congressman and try and get it passed and i know that taiwan has said that they've banned the dog meat trade. i understand there's so many problems in the world but this is one fight that we're fighting among a threat thor plethora of >> thanks, eun. beyonce is helping a few young women achieve their dreams. she's launched the one-year
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lemonade. the scholarships will go right here in washington. they are helping young women to think outside of the box and goals of confidence. well, as many students are weighing their college options, many are waiting for financial aid packages. now the department of education is changing requirements to help students get those packages faster. the hold-up comes after the irs suspended the retrieval tool due to a data breach. now colleges and universities are no longer to collect tax return transcripts and this change isru
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sooner they can make an informed decision. if this impacts you, contact the financial aid office immediately and get it out as soon as possible. at 11:20, still to come, the sweetest surprise for an area woman getting off a long flight. we'll take you to the cnn dulles international airport that is sure to warm your heart. hi, the music festival is back. the festival itself doesn't take place until saturday may 6th but there will be events for you to participate in. all you have to do is go to our app and check out other fest
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all right. it's almost time for game five. the wizards are back at the ver ri verizon center. they lost to atlanta. there are still tickets available but not that many. tonight's game is at 6:00. we have home court advantage. back to our winning ways for our wizards. this next story is so sweet. >> i know. david culver caught the very moment when a richmond man surprised his fiancee. tyke a look for yourself. this was the romantic scene. i mean, if you can make dulles international baggage claim
11:24 am
a huge flowers. the two met when they both lived in shanghai. now they are set to marry next month. we posted their full story in our washington app. you should have seen twitter going crazy. they are like, what did she say? that's a lot of pressure. >> and she said yes, thank goodness. it's a little cloudy out there, right? >> a little cloudy but we're on the way to being dry, right? >> yes. temperatures are going to rise. >> we're dry right now waiting for the clouds to clear. that's the thing. the clouds are locked in. we saw this big area of low pressure off shore. we're waiting for it to move away because once it does, which it will later today, it will pull the clouds with it. clouds for most of the day today but we are dry. you won't need the umbrella through the afternoon. that's the good news. we'll see late day gradual improvements across the area and then we go into the rest
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temperatures are heating up. you can see the overcast skies right now. here's a live look at the radar and satellite showing you all of the clouds but we don't have any rain. we take a wider view. there's the area of low pressure spinning off the coast of new jersey. the rain is moving up into new england. that low is going to keep moving away from our area. so eventually later today it will be pulling those clouds away with it. currently in the district, 63 degrees. temperatures are slowly starting to rise. 64 in martinsburg. warrenton, 68. more clearing there. if you're walking the dog today or need a dog to walk, we have dogs to adopt. still cloudy and 66 degrees. still dry and breaking into a nice day with temperatures into the mid-70s. by 7:00 p.m., clouds starting to lead most of the area. tomorrow looks like a nice day. highs in the mid-80s. chance of a passing
11:26 am
none and then we go into friday and a beautiful day. looking at this forecast late chance of a shower. sunday, starting to look cooler. upper 70s. ten-day forecast coming up. you may think that your house is clean but is it really? >> when "news4 midday" returns, we're looking at the dirty truth about common spots in ur home. ehyo.
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president trump is expected to sign a new executive order. he's ordering a review of tens of thousands of acres of federally protected lands. meanwhile, his big announcement for the day focuses on his tax reform plan. news4's tracie potts has details. >> reporter: today, the trump administration unveiled the broad outline on how it wants to rework america's tax code. >> without a plan to pay for it, that's going to explode the debt. >> reporter: it's expected to include a big corporate tax cut. 15% that could severely reduce how much money the government gets. >> moderate income families are going to suffer from the inability to pay for the opportunity-based programs. >> reporter: also today, the
11:30 am
korea. as lawmakers rush towards a friday deadline to avoid a government shutdown. >> it's a big deal and needs to get done. >> the fact that the wall is now off the table, americans should breathe a huge sigh of relief. >> reporter: president trump has backed off his plan for a billion dollars to build a wall with mexico. now the white house is dealing with a new request from congress. paperwork showing whether fired national security adviser mike flynn disclosed payments from turkey and russia. >> you simply cannot take money from russia, turkey or anybody else. >> the white house produced documents not in the possession of the white house is ridiculous. >> that's simply unacceptable. >> reporter: new questions as president trump closes in on his 100th day. not only questions about flynn but also about syria. a couple democrats asking the president to explain those air strikes. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. well, spring i
11:31 am
a nice, deep clean. experts say many of us are missing important little spots breeding grounds for dangerous bacteria. >> i don't know if i want to see this. >> i know, right? >> these are places you may never think to clean or check. have no fear, jeff rossen is putting on the gloves and doing the work in his own home to show you all of the spots that you're missing. >> reporter: all right. let's start looking. i'm nervous to get these results. checking my home for dangerous bacteria. look familiar? oh, my, that is hideous. last year i showed you the disgusting hidden mold where i live. that was pretty bad. but now something new. i can't believe i'm doing this again but thankfully this time we're not checking for mold. we're looking around f
11:32 am
places that you'd never even think to check or clean. even if your house looks entirely spotless, if i do say so myself. we have the bacteria meter here. health experts say anything over 100 on this is considered a fail. so let's go check my home and see what we find. i start right where so many germs get in. the front door. whenever my kids come home, they put them here so they don't track dirt through the house. we're about to see why. maybe i'll be proven wrong. put this in. break it. shake it. we'll see what we get. blah. 290. nearly three times higher than the acceptable limit. gross. i told you, kids, not to track the dirt through the house. i knew it. i'm right. on to the next spot, the tooth
11:33 am
i swabbed my kids and from the looks of it, i'm already nervous. 587. >> nearly six times higher than the acceptable limit. and this is really disturbing, especially because my kids use these tooth brushes to clean their mouths with bacteria. robert glatter is an e.r. doctor. what do you think of our results? >> not surprised at all. we see a lot of bacteria that is dangerous. >> reporter: i swab all over the house and the results aren't pretty but the most mind-numbing number is yet to come at this next forgotten spot. all right. let's check the fridge. move the takeout out of the way. chinese always better the second day. you heard it here first. swap all over the shelf here. oh. you wouldn't believe it if i didn't show you. 904. okay. that's really disgusting. nine times higher than what experts call a fail. nine times
11:34 am
be. where i keep my food. experts say raw meat and spilled milk are just some of the foods left behind on your shelves, combined with cold temperatures, they create the perfect storm for bacteria to thrive. can this make me sick? >> very sick. we're talking about bacteria like e. coli and vomiting and diarrhea and high fever. >> reporter: so it's serious? >> it's very serious. >> reporter: looks like i better start swabbing and start cleaning. >> and you know what else is terrifying? >> that was jeff rossen. many places that we forget to clean, the land drundry basket. what kind of germs it has on it. and then we fold the clean laundry and put it back in the basket. it's important to give that basket a good cleaning once in a while. they say it's really simple
11:35 am
use sponge, soap, hot water. clean the sponges each week as well. >> whoo. prince harry recently opened up about the emotional consequences he suffered as a result of not addressing the death of his mother princess diana. here to talk more about his grief is dr. wiener. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> were you surprised about this? >> a little and a little not. they are trying to destigmatize mental illness. i think it's good that he was bringing this up and i was not surprised. however, he's from the royal family. the royal family's buttoned up, very private. the fact that it was somebody from the royal family doing this speaks volumes. >> what do you think he revealed about his struggles in that interview? >> well, what he talked about is how his mom died when he was 12
11:36 am
buried his head in the sand. he decided he wasn't going to think about it or talk about it and in his words because no matter what i did, it wouldn't bring my mom back. so that ended up causing major consequences for him because he went on to say that when he was in his 20s, he had extreme anger problems and was having behavioral issues that only when he entered therapy did he realize he had this unresolved grief. >> when you're having these feelings and not addressing them, it can lead to serious problems down the road. >> absolutely. what i tell people all the time is say, look, there's no right way to grieve. everybody has a different timeline. it takes a different course for everybody. the one wrong way to grieve is to not allow yourself to grieve. so if you just bury your head in the sand or work or drugs or alcohol and refuse to sort of think about things and just sort of say i need to press on, i just need to move on, that
11:37 am
you're not doing yourself a favor. >> what should someone do, especially if he was only 12. think about how young he was. what advice do you have for people who have family members who are grieving or grieving themselves? >> i think they need to recognize, again, there's no timeline for this. they want to make sure that they are talking about it, they are addressing it and should probably talk to friends and family and say, look, don't feel obligated to tell me that i should be feeling better or try to make me feel better. i'm looking for somebody to be with me when they want company. i think that's a real central piece. what causes problems is they have guilty feelings when they start to feel better. so they start feeling really guilty when they laugh, when they smile, go a day or half
11:38 am
with me, is this normal, is this right? people need to realize that grief comes in waves and it will hit you and diminish. so those are important pieces. a lot of people don't know what to do or say. if you tell them, look, this is what i really need from you, you're going to be doing them a favor as well as yourself a favor. >> and this is an important question. how do you recognize that it's becoming more serious, leading to depression or something else? >> it's very tricky because there are similar symptoms, the loss of appetite or interests. the one key area that people need to keep in mind is if you start to have feelgsz of suicide, that is really not a natural part of grief. grief might entail you thinking that you want to join that person or you can't wait until you actually die but not taking your own life. that's when you want to seek help.
11:39 am
struggling, just do it. >> don't do it alone. >> don't do it ♪ hey allergy muddlers are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® zyrtec® starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec®. muddle no more®. try rhinocort® allergy spray for powerful nasal allergy relief.
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welcome back. welcome sunshine. tell me it's on the way. >> i am grateful and i know you are, too. you are suffering, angie. >> uh-huh. that was the good thing about the rainy days but finally the sunshine is in the forecast. now we're going to start to see some later on today. the clouds are still pretty locked in. 63 degrees. look at this live picture outside. we have the overcast skies. they are not really moving but as we go later into the day, the big pressure offshore is going to move away and drag the clouds with it. you'll be seeing improvements. the temperatures are rising in the low to mid-60s. 64 in quantico and there is clearing taking place. warrenton is already up to 69. here's a look at the radar and satelle.
11:42 am
cloud cover. it's not bringing the rain but we're locked in. baltimore, definitely locked into the cloud cover. a little more clearing down to our south and west. the low is going to pull away off of new jersey and then we're right on the edge of the cloud cover. eventually the clouds will go with it. if you're dining out today for lunchtime, we'll keep the overcast skies around. happy hour, more clouds breaking up. mid-70s. by dinnertime, even more improvement. tomorrow, more sunshine around. we go into thursday and we could see a stray shower late at night at best and on friday, even more sunshine and the weekend is looking warm, too. take a look at these temperatures. mid-8 mid-80s tomorrow and friday. cooler on sunday. stay tuned.
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11:45 am
investigating unauthorized activity on customers' credit cards between mid-march and april. the they have enhanced security and the earnings report came out last night. get ready for live video on twitter. more than 800 hours aired in the first three months of the year during that period it was preand post s
11:46 am
events. twitter lost the contract but cou could add a fight. soon enough, you may get a flight home for dinner. uber is working on bringing flying cars to market. this would be electric cars that lift off like a helicopter. >> well, from flying cars to cupcakes, there's a new collaboration in town that is doing more than brightening up our dessert plate. so great to have you both here. >> thank you. >> this has been a dreary week and you're brightening it up today. you ladies have teamed up now with another powerful name when it comes to the world of pi.
11:47 am
>> we have partnered to create something that benefits the hope for henry organization. >> it's a great fit. she actually started her as making juices and -- >> her friends makes dresses that cover and mask the stains. >> so they came up with a print. and people would say i love your dress. where did you get it? >> it's a great story. we love working with other brands with similar stories to us. >> and it's when things can get pretty messy. especially pink frosting. >> that's
11:48 am
they work with the children at the hospital and provide all kinds of programs and perks for the kids and families who are being treated for cancer. we will donate cupcakes to kids celebrating in the hospital but whenever they need them and it's a wonderful organization and tomorrow we're having an event and i know one of the missions for hope for henry and they are local. >> yes. >> they are locally based. is to make healing fun. so this goes hand in hand. and for those of us who cannot get our hands on the resort collections, you were telling me this is so easy to do to recreate in your own home. >> sure. we'll tell you how to make one of the cupcakes. we have a banana pineapple cupcake. >> uh-huh. >> and you're going to just start in the
11:49 am
go around in a circle. >> oh, in a circle? >> yep. >> great. >> and end with a burst. >> perfect. like that. >> and we jazz it up by toasting coc coconut in the oven. >> i thought this was bacon. >> hey, either way. >> and then we have a gold palm tree. >> adorable. >> and then another beautiful cupcake is the tropical flower. a lot of people wonder how we make these flowers. we have a special tip, a tulip tip. it's a great hack at home if you want to make any flowers on cupcakes. you start in the center and pull up with small bursts of pressure. >> and then you have a rose. >> there you go. exactly. >> you want to give it a try? >> and to make the color frosting, we mix the vanilla and pink profiting together. >> mine aren't like yours. >> i
11:50 am
that's beautiful. >> that's nice of you to say, but -- >> this is great. on top it looks beautiful. >> we know it tastes great. and as we look forward to summer, this is simple to do as well? >> yes. this is our salted caramel. >> okay. i'll circle it around and end with a burst in the middle. >> and then take graham cracker crumbs and sprinkle them on top. and you can actually mix a teaspoon of melted butter in with it. >> just like that. >> i love it. >> some wonderful tips. a great collaboration and you're helping the children in the area as well and doing it while looking fabulous. >> thank you so much for joining us, guys. >> thank you for having us. >> how long can we get these? >> until sunday. we're doing 15% of sales for hope for henry. >> thank you.
11:51 am
>> what a great partnership. we'll get a final look at your midday forecast in a few minutes and be sure to join us later today for the "ellen" show when jennifer hudson makes her first appearance in five ye
11:52 am
11:53 am
well, there is this new kind of health care facility popping up around the country.
11:54 am
rooms for people who need medical attention right away are able to get treated. >> some people are confusing them with urgent care facilities and that can cause big problems when the bill arrives. >> reporter: ginger pine knew her daughter needed to see a doctor. >> she was coughing a lot and she was running a fever. >> reporter: she thought she was taking her to an urgent care center until she got the jaw-dropping bill. >> this was coming up to almost $1700. >> reporter: nearly $1700 because pine took her daughter to something called a free-standing emergency room. >> it was in a strip mall next to a nail shop and a phone repair place. it doesn't seem like an emergency room. >> it's an emergency room not physically attached to a hospital. still charging close to the same prices and those prices are generally much higher than urgent care clinics, according to a colorado report. just compare the costs for these
11:55 am
bronchitis is ten times more expensive at a medical facility than urgent care. and that means even those with insurance are on the hook for more money. it's a new trend in health care spreading to 35 states and really catching on in texas. >> we can provide all life-saving stabilizing care. >> reporter: this doctor runs three free-standing emergency rooms in the dallas area, providing she says an alternative to overcrowded hospitals. >> we get people in immediately. >> reporter: the center is open 24/7 with a staff trained in emergency medicine. >> so this is our lab. >> reporter: and more sophisticated equipment than a typical urgent care. >> it's more expensive to order a filet mignon than a hamburger. >> reporter: the doctor says the patients are told the difference in prices. but a lawsuit filed this year
11:56 am
adeptus, the largest in the industry, of an unconscienable failure to inform their patients. they said we actively work to educate patients, including using emergency department signs and patient guidance on arrival. just last week, adeptus filed for bankruptcy. >> it seems to me that patients can be taken advantage of. >> i think that's possible that they can be taken advantage of. for any business, there can be bad actors. >> reporter: in other words, buyer beware. ask questions. >> if we had gone in and said is this an emergency room or urgent care, that's the only way we could have known. to me and my husband, we're educated people, we don't know that "emergency" m
11:57 am
"emergency room." >> we do have a final look at our forecast with sheena parveen. she's telling us when things will change in our weather. hey, sheena. >> i'm sure people are waiting for the clouds to leave the area so we can sunshine. probably not later until today. clouds are locked in but eventually we'll see more break in the cloud cover later this afternoon and this evening. mid-70s today. tomorrow and friday, a lot more in the way of sunshine. temperatures, mid-80s. saturday, mostly sunny. mid-to upper 80s. we have a shower chance for part of your sunday. temperatures could be a little cooler, in the upper 70s. overall, we'll start to see the sun coming back. i think you're going to really like tomorrow's forecast when you step outside. the good news, you won't need the umbrella for the rest of the day. angie and eun? >> thank you, sheena. this is going to do it for "news4 midday." thank you for joining us. we'll be back at 4:00. >> and you can always get the news and weather updates with the n
11:58 am
see you tomorrow morning.
11:59 am
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stand by, everyone, we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> phew. power couples, there they are, shining in golden baton 100 at the red carpet rivals get everyone dazzling as they always do. >> i love this event. you have such a neat mixture of people out. the rain was out, it did not stop the celebs from coming out strong. >> it's such a nice mix. you have all these important leaders of the world, along with those who dazzle in hollywood. so it's kind of a fun room to be in. >> and the fashion. they'll take some risks, but it's usually a pretty classy night. >> a little more conservative than the met


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