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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 26, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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unveiling his tax plan. who it helps and hurts? we'll break it all down for you tonight. >> announcer: news4 at 6:00 starts now. >> our team's gathering new leads to this day's top story and doug is tracking some changes for our weekend weather. but first we're going to fairfax county where suspicious activity at a park known as a gang dumping ground has spark aid new police search. we're talking about the hole mz run park. it is just steps away from a middle school. megan fitzgerald is live with there with the latest on what they're doing there. >> reporter: parents and neighbors are very worried around here because once again, they see k-9 units and police officers scouring the woods just behind us here. of course today police tell us they didn't find anything but it was just a few weeks ago that re-human remains were found in this area. >> we wanted a safe and good environment for our kids. >> reporr:
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big concern for parents and neighbors who live near this middle school. >> any time you hear about this things, it's not comforting for any parents. >> reporter: this morning k-9 units and officers searched this park just feet away from the school. investigators say on tuesday evening they saw two teens were smoking marijuana. when they tried to question them they ran through the park so this morning police returned to the same area and spent hours looking for possible criminal activity but nothing was found. >> i think the police are doing the best they can. it is an issue. i think it's an issue throughout the county. >> reporter: the search was reassuring for a lot of neighbors since it was just last month when fairfax county police uncovered human remains in the same area. it was a crime police believe was gang related. so the search today was just another example of officers taking every precaution to keep neighbors safe. >> i think generally it's super safe around here. just little pockets, little areas -- ep
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of glasgow middle school did inform parents that police were in the area searching but they wanted to ensure them that it had nothing to do with the middle school. wendy? >> we are -- thank you. we're still trying to learn more about an pattern armed robbery and a shooting in silver spring that occurred this afternoon. this was chopper 4 over the scene at one person was taking into custody. this is dale drive and coalsville road. this is not far from the famous mrs. kay's tollhouse. police say shots were fired around 4:30 this afternoon and one person suffered some minor injuries. we don't know if that's because it came from the gun shot. there's new fallout tonight as more metro employees are calling in sick ahead of this weekend. news4 broke the story. it comes amid tense contract negotiations and its largest union. as employees prepare to potentially take a stand, supervisors are being told to prepare for 12 hour work shifts. chris gordon has the developments andhe
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>> reporter: these are new developments tonight. metro has received and denied nearly 500 employee requests for friday off. the union responded with a letter to metro's general manager asking what if an employee is truly ill or has a doctor appointment, do you want them driving a bus or operating a train with hundreds of passengers on board? lots of riders will be relying on metro this weekend with the caps home playoff game and the nationals hosting the mets. regular weekend metro riders are concerned. >> this won't effect me because i'm not going to be able to go to school. >> reporter: metro notified its supervisors that due to the threat of a sickout by union employees who operate trains and buses, all supervisors are required to work 12 hour
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lasting through the weekend. >> with their own policy -- >> reporter: today the union responded. >> we're not calling a sickout. what members have done is abide by the rules and regulations that wmata's set forth. their absentee policy requires that anyone that's going sick call out three days ahead of time and that's what they did. >> reporter: so we should expect regular metro service as far as you know. >> as far as i know but i don't know how many called out. >> reporter: the union says it started getting word yesterday that requests for days off were being denied. >> it was a memo that went out yesterday telling the clerks not to accept any more 72 hour notices so with their own policy they are denying the workers to even report whether or not they have issues that they may have to be off. >> reporter: this dispute could come to a head tomorrow at the metro board meeting. top union leaders plan to attend. that's the latest live
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you. >> thank you. we have an update on a story you saw first on news4. an area that should have been a sacred site turned into an eyesore of unfinished work. it was built to honor the nine victims of metro's deadliest crash in history. weeds have crept into the landscape, the park needed a lot of work. after a report by news4 adam tuss the mayor's office sent crews to clean up that memorial. these pictures were from earlier today, electrical and utility work still has to be done. the mayor's office says it's working on it and it does look much better. >> now to president trump's campaign promise to overhaul our tax system. today his administration released an ambitious and dramatic new tax reform plan. the centerpiece is a move to slash the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15%. white house officials say that plan will create jobs
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critics say it will explode the deficit. blayne alexander is pouring through the plan. what can you tell us? >> reporter: this is just a proposal. a number of steps before this would become a reality. what the president is proposing could effect every taxpayer in this country and the white house says they want to move very fast on this. they want this done by the end of the year but they do admit that there is some work to be done before this is ready for a vote proudly dubbing it the biggest overhaul in history, today the white house unveiled a sweeping tax reform proposal. >> what this is about is creating jobs and creating economic growth. >> reporter: for individuals the proposed plan would eliminate most tax deductions. >> we are going to eliminate on the personal side all tax deductions other than mortgage interest and charitable deductions. >> reporter: seven tax brackets would be reduced to three. for married couples no tax on
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tax benefits to help with child care and eliminating the death tax. >> we're going to cut taxes for the american people especially low and middle income families. >> reporter: but businesses would see big breaks too with rates dropping from a current 35 to 39% down to 15. effecting everyone from major corporations to small mom and pop shops but already questions about how to pay for it. >> we will be attacked from the left and from the right. >> reporter: the white house says money would come from closing loopholes and economic growths not increasing the deficit. critics say that's not realistic. >> this idea that somehow growth can pay for these kinds of huge tax cuts is operating in fairyland. that just doesn't work. >> reporter: the administration has said tax reform will only work if obamacare is repealed and replaced, a major factor in cutting spending. and tonight some very good news
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employees here in our area. it now looks like the chances of a federal government shutdown are highly unlikely. we're told that lawmakers are very close to getting a government funding bill and it looks like they will have that done by the friday deadline. >> thank you. that brings us to our flash survey. you want to know if you support this tax cut 45% say yep. 55% say no. it's going to raise the deficit. our conversation continues online. what questions do you have about the president's tax plan? post them on the nbc washington facebook page and we'll have an expert answering them live on facebook tomorrow afternoon at 4:30. >> within the hour, buses carrying the entire senate delegation returned to capitol hill. the senators were at the white house complex for a preefg on the growing threat that is posed by north korea and its missile program. it is rare for senators to travel to the white house for such a briefing. news4 is
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does not indicate any eminent action. still north korea is believed to be close to a acquiring the means to strike the united states with a nuclear weapon. senator john mccain told us today that the situation could be compared to some extent with the cuban missile crisis. >> maryland's top cop is leaving long time federal prosecutor begins work in the coming days as u.s. attorney general. while rosenstein is stepping into a new role he's stepping away from some high profile local cases, one of the biggest in prince george's county. scott macfarlane sat down with him to talk about the future of that case all new at 6:00. >> he over saw thousands of local cases, serving since 2005 in three presidential administrations. among the big local cases he's handled, the high profile ongoing prosecution of deion
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careway, the former element school aide that have pleaded guilty of exploiting children to produce child pornographies. rosenstein brought federal charges in that case and secured the guilty plea without needing to call any of the children to court as witnesses. >> when they're facing that federal prosecution most defendants who are guilty will realize it's in their interest to plead guilty so you don't have to go to court at all and so it's really important to be able to protect children from being subject to the emotional stress. >> acting lead prosecutor will take over in his office and he says his case is including car oweway's will not slow down. scheduled for sentencing in june facing up to 100 years in prison. his dfts attorney klideclined o request for comment. >> let's go outside. we are about to enter the longest warm stretch
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season. doug's out there already tracking those temps. >> it's beautiful out here. it really is. when you consider the fact that we've been in the 50s the last couple days. we needed rain. it turned everything green around our region right now. you probably have to get the lawn mowed. we've got the blue skies. those blue skies helping to bring those temperatures up and you can see what's happening. there's our storm system just off the coast but it's moving off now and that does mean we're clearing out and those temperatures have responded nicely. 71 degrees right now. look back to the west. 84 ohio, 84 in west virginia and that warmer air is moving our way tonight and it'll be here during the day tomorrow. here's what to expect. a great evening tonight back into the 80s tomorrow. looking hot on saturday. some areas getting near 90 and then a still tough forecast for sunday. i'm not anticipating much in the way of rainfall sunday. just tough as far as temperatures go. are we 85 or
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see you in a minute. >> all right. stay tuned thank you, doug. >> congress is losing a perk, a big perk. why lawmakers will no longer get those v.i.p. parking spaces at national airport and how much that privilege has cost taxpayers. >> who would steal money from the pta? the president of the pta wants to know oh, and so do the cops. that story coming up. >> two air-traffic controllers and one big emergency. four lives at stake including children. how these two air-traffic
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now to a case of missing money sloffing one of our region's largest school districts. an advocacy group for montgomery county students says tens of thousands of dollars have gone missing and police are now looking in to it. pat collins joins us live with details. what's going on? >> reporter: well, doreen, a montgomery county pta group should have $40,000 in the bank tonight. but now they only have $10,000. something's not adding up out here. if i told you someone took $30,000 from the pta, what would you say?
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>> that dirty rat. that's a shame. >> that's bad. that's sad. >> reporter: a lot of support for students in montgomery county comes from school ptas and in turn their helped by the montgomery county council of ptas. it now appears that the mccpta is short about $30,000 and they've turned the matter over to the cops. is it fair to say you don't know where that missing $30,000 went? >> that's fair, yes absolutely. >> reporter: who got the money? >> yeah. >> who wrote the checks for the money? >> right. >> reporter: or what happened to the money? >> right. >> reporter: gone. lynn harris is the newly elected president of the mccpta. she vowed something like this will never happen on her watch. the lesson learned is. >> be vigilant. >> reporter:
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>> exactly. >> reporter: and again and again. >> reporter: and again and again, yes, indeed. now the cops are on the case but they say it could take weeks to figure out what happened to all that money. wendy, back to you. >> former vice president joe biden went to george mason university today to raise awareness about one of his signature issues. fighting campus sexually assaults. while under president obama the vice president launched a campaign called, it's on us. this campaign asks americans to make a personal commitment to stop campus sexual assaults. mr. biden told students he has learned the most effective way to prevent assaults on women is to get men involved. today he directed his most forceful comments about the men. >> here's the deal, guys. you got to pe up. if you're a fraternity brother and you see a young freshman cohe had in his second week dead drunk and him w
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stairs, hey, not in my house jack. if you don't, you are an accomplice. >> students also heard from the star of "13 reasons why," the popular and sometimes controversial netflix series that involves sexual assault and teenage sued side. >> they're going to change the conversation and the way we're going to change the stigma of it by directing it towards boys and men. >> critics of "13 reasons why" say they're concerned the story glory fiez sueside. the executive producer answered that criticism saying the show's developed additional resources to help fight teenage suicide and that includes a documentary. she also advised parents watch "13 reasons why" with their children. >> congress is losing a perk, it's v.i.p. parking at reagan national and it's being closed for five years while the airport expands. the
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contractors to park and stage their equipment. all members of congress, supreme court justices and international diplomats use the lot which is just a short walk to the airport gates. now, they're going to have to park in the garages just like the rest of us except they won't have to pay. that privilege cost taxpayers $132,000 a year. >> he was literally flying blind in the clouds. bad weather. no instruments. two failed engines. three people on board with him. a virginia pilot turned to air-traffic control to get the plane on the ground safely last easter and now new at 6:00, kristen wright is showing us how they did it and the big honor that the controllers received for their actions. >> reporter: inside the washington air-traffic control center, air-traffic controllers are saving lives with amazing technical precision. but it's also the human compassion that will guide
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home. >> i'm so humbled to be recognized in front of all our fellow controlsers tonight. >> they don't do for the rewards. >> this is beyond my dreams. however, i never would wish it upon anybody. >> reporter: easter sunday 2016, cloudy skies above virginia. air-traffic controller jamie steinberg was at the controls. a pilot was in trouble. >> he needs to be told how far to turn, how long, he needs everything. >> reporter: air-traffic controller rick wallace and. >> he's like may day mayday mayday. >> reporter: four people on board, two of them children. >> mayday i just lost two of my engines. >> you use lose both engines it's happening fast. >> point me to the nearest airport i can get him in. >> i'm going to near roads. >> it makes your heart stop. >> reporter: wallace and his colleagues found a road. a
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goes to danville. you probably should be pretty close it. it runs east/westbound. >> reporter: then silence. >> you hear nothing. you see nothing. all you see is a target that is stopped in mid ai and you're not talking to anybody. >> the pilot found that road, a rough landing but everyone on boardwalked away. >> i was happy. very happy. >> reporter: proudly living up to their motto, we guide you home. in leesburg, virginia, kristen wright, news4. >> wow. it's a way for people to make extra money but the rules could be changing tonight. the battle between the city and short-term rentals like airbnb. shocking scenes here on the streets of d.c. and around the d.c. metropolitan area as local law enforcement practiced for the possibility of a terror attack. i'm tracee wilkins coming up on news4 what people thought of what they saw here. >> and the danger of energy drinks, the potential health risk in
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doug, we've been busy watching this bird. >> there was a big bird behind us. we put it on our facebook page. >> it's blown away now. >> go on our facebook page and look. it looked like it was this big. >> let me go check that out. >> but in the meantime we notice how beautiful it looked outside. >> and then we saw the sunlight, gorgeous behind us. >> i
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we've got two tower cams, one normally looking up to the north and another toward the south. the one looking up to the north is showing the sunshine that we've seen across our area. we're really looking at many nicer conditions. you can still see the clouds off in the difference. that's the storm finally pulling away. we saw the clouds just about all day and here's the sunshine and boy have temperatures responded. 71 degrees right now. temperatures dropping a little bit next few hours down to 65 by 11:00 but a beautiful, beautiful evening. now temperature-wise, 73 frez ricks, look at charlottesville, 80 degrees. we talked about this yesterday the disparity between 80 in charlottesville and 65 in annapolis that's because the clouds are just getting out of the way here up toward the north and east and they got out a lot faster down to the south. no rain. here it is and again i just love this picture, just moving right off the coast here almost a nor'easter type storm. it was just about a nor'easter. you could probably call it that but a weak one for
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showers and those northeasterly winds. just a storm making its way up to the north and east. notice this direction, up from the south and that's why we're going to get warm. 82 lexington right now, 80 in roanoke. look at d.c. in 71. buffalo, new york at 75. the warm air is moving in and everybody will feel it tomorrow. 84 degrees sun and clouds. a great afternoon. a bit humid across our region, maybe even a little heat index tomorrow. good day to get the car washed, yeah. i'd say get it done. perfect day to get that car wash done. nice and warm and dry for days. not expecting much in the way of rain for at least the next four or five days. the only exception maybe saturday afternoon with some thunderstorm activity but we're only going 30%. 84 tomorrow, 83 on your friday. 88 on saturday. again on sunday, we're tracking to see where that front is. right now mostly cloudy, looks like a lot of clouds. temperatures around 80 degrees. ma u
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this is what i'm talking about. we've got a storm back to the west, same one if you watch the nationals games last night, temperatures only in the 30s. that storm system moving out of the rockies and out comes the warm area out ahead of it. we got the warm air for saturday. sunday, though, this front may drop down and drop through the region and bring in some cooler weather. it's not a lot cooler but something we'll continue to watch here. so 83 on your monday, 76 tuesday and 76 on wednesday. more on that ten-day forecast. let me get out of the way so you can see the heat moving on in. >> all right. thank you, doug. preparing for potential danger. how police and first responders are staying one step ahead of terrorists. >> but the controversial project hits amid
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y2c5py y16fy
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 6:00. >> now at 6:30 a response to coordinated terror attacks played out in our region today. >> hundreds of first responders and volunteers participating in simulated attacks at six separate locations. >> the sight of police in s.w.a.t. teams was enough to cause a bit of a scare for some of those living and working nearby. our tracee wilkins has
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the terror training. >> reporter: it does bring up that anxiety about oh, no not again. the scene is part of a drill. but for mary craddic it's a reminder of what it was like at the navy yard just a block away. she remembers when a loan gunman stormed her military complex killing 12 people before shooting himself. >> it took an hour or so before anything, you know, or you get that help. >> reporter: that's part of the reason police agencies from d.c., maryland and virginia gathered today for simulated terror attack trainings in six different locations. >> we want to make sure we can respond effectively and efficiently. >> reporter: for people catching a glimpse of this drill in d.c. which included hundreds of law enforcement, and actors pretending to be wounded it was. >> even the military police, i see the emergency -- so i think it's a wonderful thing. it's always good to have a practice, so when
6:32 pm
comes we are prepared. >> the really good way for different agencies to work together to iron out any kinds of kinks, to highlight strengths, to figure out weaknesses and to work on those in concert. >> reporter: the metropolitan washington council of governments organized this training that spans the d.c. region to get local and federal police agencies working as one. >> big muscles are prince george's county and montgomery, those muscles work well and what we need to work on is that connective tissues between those muscles. >> reporter: neighborhoods where drills like this one were held, folks were told in advance so they would know it wasn't a real emergency. i'm tracee wilkins, news4. >> a teenager is facing charges in connection with a murder of a young man in prince william county. news4 has learned that a 16-year-old boy is in custody and is now charged with the death of will fredo. the moments just bef
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and killed gordado. this happened earlier this month. a man named david sanch aked as a lookout for the attacks. they're still trying to work on a motive. >> thousands of you generate extra income by renting your home or part of it on websites like airbnb but should stort term rentals be regulated. and dozens of people lined up to share their stories. our own mark segraves was there tweeting out the developments. he takes us inside to both sides of the debate. >> reporter: renting homes or apartments or even basements for a day or few weeks through websites like airbnb is a multi-billion dollars worldwide industry. generating tens of million dollars of dollars in taxes for local governments. but today an official with airbnb acknowledged his company has an agreement with the city on h
6:34 pm
collected in d.c. but neither the company nor the office of taxing revenue will make that agreement public. >> the d.c. council is considering imposing limits on how many days a homeowner can rent their home and how many homes they can rent for short-term leases. greg ross rents three of the five apartments he owns on airbnb. he opposed any limits. >> i don't want a cap at all. i pay my mortgage 365 days a year. >> reporter: lauren spokane who rents out her basement supports more regulation. >> for me that seems like a low bar, a small price to pay in order to make sure that as many units as possible are on the affordable housing market in d.c. >> reporter: at the same time the council is considering regulating the short-term rentals. the attorney general is taking one landlord to court. a practice that is already illegal.
6:35 pm
there violating the law. i can tell you that we have a number of cases that we're in the process of investigating. >> reporter: many of those who support limiting short-term rental say it's a way to protect affordable housing. the d.c. council won't vote on final legislation for at least two months. in the district, mark segraves, news4. >> the congressional progressive caucus held a spirited rally today demanding more jobs and better wages. >> what do we want? when do we want? >> the demonstrators say that president trump economic's policy is failing to deliver for them. they're backing a new bill that would raise the federal minimum wage to $15 and hour by 2024. >> we need a government which says that in the wealthiest country in the history of the world, all of our people are going to do well, not just the handful of millionaires
6:36 pm
billionaires. >> the progressive daw cuss noted president trump is in his 97th day in office and they say he has done nothing for working families. a growing problem on our roads, the one thing that's to blame for more deadly accidents than alcohol. a jolt of bad news. why this popular energy drinks may be doing more harm than good and who should be avoiding them all together. >> another drink that i can't drink any more. we've got the sunshine. a lot of construction going on. looking pretty good, though. temperatures going up in a big
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creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy.
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some good news tonight for people who are opposed to huge flyover highway ramp at the metro station. the governor says it is not happening. the 30 foot high ramp was proposed as part of the i-66 expansion that adds toll lanes that runs the dunn-loring metro station, the main unit without a flyover ramp over gal oes road, the power station will have to be moved. a lot of people showed up at the state's meeting over the road construction issue and forced their opposition to the flyover ramp and the state is listening. >> there is a growing danger on the nation's roads, drugged driving. drugs may be to blame for more traffic deaths than alcohol.
6:40 pm
suggests drugs were present in 43% of the drivers who were killed in accidents in 2015. >> the first time there are more dead drivers showing positive for drugs than for alcohol. >> the study includes both illegal and prescription drugs. traffic safety experts say the trend is especially concerning in the district and in 29 states where at least some form of marijuana is now legal. >> those energy drinks might give you a temporary boost but what's the cost to your overall health? that drinking 32 ounces of an energy drink can cause abnormal electric activity in the heart just two hours after consumption. and while both caffeinated and energy drinks raise blood pressures, it stayed higher longer after the energy drink. the usda considers 400 millie grahams of caffeine
6:41 pm
conditions will want to avoid energy drinks all together. politics and the power of flowers. tonight a look back at history and the one thing the obamas say theyiss the m
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6:43 pm
president trump packing up for italy later this month. he'll be hended to sicily the g g-7. there will be a weekend of talks, there's always one language at the table that is universal. >> yes, indeed. barbara harrison is here to tell us what
6:44 pm
do you think of as the universal language? some people might say that it's english, others may say french but if you ask the person responsible for setting the mood at the table for talks, the answer would probably be the language of flowers. >> reporter: this was camp david the last time the u.s. hosted the summit of the world's leading economic powers. for the eight different languages spoken here interprets were available but for one, you might call silent voice at the table, no translation necessary. ask the person who arranged it. >> for me the floral diplomacy means that flowers are more than just decorative placements, that they are a very powerful tool for communicating diplomatic messages. this bow okay was on the dining table for all the leaders had symbolism and
6:45 pm
>> reporter: the yellow roses. flowers communicate all kinds of messages and have for centuries. take a look. george washington may never have slept here but at his river farm on the banks of the potomac the beds are still filled with those subtle misses. color met fors you might say. yellow flowers represent friendship, trust and respect. but if flowers are talking, is anyone listening? it seems there are some roles in life that require knowing the language of the garden. as former chief floral designer of the white house, laura dowling says it should be part of the job. in 1985 when she moved to d.c. from washington state, she worked on the hill in public administration but on a trip to paris with her husband in 2000 she fell in love with the french language of flowers, that is. she went back for classes, then translat h
6:46 pm
flair for floral design into a little shop in her kitchen. in 2009, she heard about the job at the obama white house. >> it's not like it's posted on 1800 jobs or something. what happened was that i just ended up sending a letter of inquiry and a resume to the white house. i was so surprised when i did get an e-mail saying that i was a semifinalist. >> reporter: this design won the face-off. laura dowling's first big challenge the obamas first state dinner for the prime minister of india. >> we felt like it was such a beautiful decor, the apple green linens with the purple flowers. >> reporter: but it seems that all people remembered when it was over were the gate crashers and generally no one visits the white house who doesn't remember the flowers. no matter the season or the reason, laura dowling shows us a white house filled with the beauty a
6:47 pm
flowers. >> the governor of washington state, my home state, came to the governor's ball a few years ago. he was seated next to the president at dinner and asked president obama what will you miss most when you leave the white house and apparently the president said, well i'll miss the flowers. they're special here. >> awe. >> and you can understand why, they are beautiful. now if you want to see proof of how far back this fuss over the flowers goes at the white house check out the many photographs on the website of the white house historical society. it has hundreds of photos and etching that are proof of just how important flowers have been in our nation's history and if you want to get a sense of the meaning of certain flowers, you can check that out on the internet as well. >> and i'm sure you have to research that before certain people coming in from certain countries, everything can have a meaning. >> you could send the wrong message. >> you have such a gift with flowers. >> i love the flowers of all
6:48 pm
>> that was wonderful. >> and we needed it and we're ready after all that rain for some of those may flowers, right? >> they're coming up. april showers brings may flowers. that's a very nice segue. i love it. the showers came and now all you need is the sunshine and we can get everything blooming again including some pollen. look at this. abundant sunshine after all the clouds we've seen, we're seeing nothing but sun. high temperatures 71. winds out of the east at 7 miles per hour. 68 potomac, beverly beach, along the chesapeake 64. no rain. we're not going to see any as our big storm has now moved off but for us we are now going to start being impacted by this next storm back to the west. that flow coming out of the south that means a nice warm air mass. temperatures into the 80s tomorrow. i want to show you what's
6:49 pm
tomorrow morning we'll wake up with some clouds. i don't think we'll see many fog. heads up for that. tomorrow afternoon, nothing but sunshine. a great day but then look at this. that front moves closer by 9:00 already seeing some showers and thunderstorms around the 9:00 hour and then by 11:00 some showers maybe a couple of storms there too and out of here by early friday morning and most of friday looking good too. some light fog developing into portions of our area especially to the east on friday. bus stop forecraft, a nice stop. so when the kids get off the bus coming home, looking really good for them. get on their bikes and go over to jimmy's house. that's a buddy of mine. on friday 88 degrees. on saturday a 30% chance of storm. nice for most of next week except for the end of the next week. >> it's a long way away and we posted jimmy'
6:50 pm
facebook page. >> take your bike down there. >> are you rockin' the red? well, we are and we're gearing up for the big game tomorrow. >> let's go caps! block the red, we need this one. >> come on, caps. tie up the penguins. let's get this thing done. >> let's go caps! >> no o.t.s. i'm out of blood pressure medicine. >> let's go caps. i'm not taking off my red cocoon until they win. >> go to our facebook page to see our video. >> but first here's lester holt on what's ahead. >> the white house unveils a massive tax cut plan. what it could mean for your family or business? also eclipsing alcohol as the biggest killer on the nation's roads and some unlikely defenders offer support to conservative fire ann coulter
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i'm at higher risk fore as depression.ave a stroke. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive. ♪
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xfinity sports desk. >> so how are they doing? >> they've never trailed in the series. i just got an update that they
6:54 pm
said they've never trailed in this series and they're hoping to keep it that way but that could be in jeopardy a crucial game five happening right now at the verizon center. talked more than recently scoring and just nine points in the last game in atlanta which is why we saw good things from him in the first quarter. he just keeps knocking down the jumper and this would tie the game at 13. bradley beal, the star earlier on, though, 11 points on five of eight shooting in the first quarter but the wiz would be down two after one. in the second quarter, wiz down six, john wall asserting himself, gets the hoop and one right now at we told you, the wizards are up two. and then there was a special joe biden sighting on top of that. >> he's had a busy day. >> it's the last capitals,
6:55 pm
indication of what might happen in this upcoming best of seven series. we are in for a ride. 15 goals in that game in 8:7 over time. defenseman karl alzheimer'sner still not cleared to play yet so his status for tomorrow still up in the air. a lot of faces on the caps and pen still the same. there are several new ones too, so when it comes to history being in their heads, that's just not the case. >> i think that mental part of it is the city and the fans. they've been around through all the years. this team is a new teep. it's not new personnel. we're playing a new team in a new series and there's going to be new situations and that's the great thing about hockey. every year is so different. >> obviously some of the guys have been here for a long time. that cloud hang over them a little bit. i think every year the group is
6:56 pm
haven't been a part of any of the previous seasons. >> a lot of people are like thinking it's so mental and just hand wringing and inside here you guys are what. >> clean sheet in here. it should be clean sheet out there. they turn the page on the season. there's only one team that ends up winning it. there's still the defending champs. that's something they have in their cap but something for us, i think there's just a different energy. not a timid energy but an excited, we're ready for the challenge. this had to happen this way. it couldn't happen any other way, right? >> that puck drops tomorrow at 7:30 at the verizon center. guys, can they do it? >> oh, absolutely. >> do you have all your red ready for this week? >> i'm already rocking. >> there you go. >> i love that
6:57 pm
next door because this is the best story of the day right here. >> nationals playing in his second year in the big leagues. in the huge 15-12 wind turner had himself a night becoming the third nats player ever to hit for the cycle. turner had seven rbis in the second most game in history. the 23-year-old needed a triple for the cycle in the seventh inning, the bases were loaded. turner promptly unloaded them and slides into third to get there in style. the short stop accomplishing the feat and he said he didn't even know he was about to complete the cycle until he's running the bases. >> i really didn't know until probably hitting second base. i was worried about getting the runs in, making sure -- trying to get some runs put up on the board because i know they they can score prett
6:58 pm
last year i had a chance to hit for the cycle and that's all i thought about it and it's funny when you don't think about
6:59 pm
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tonight, trump's tax plan. our first look at what's in it, what it could mean for millions of families, saving them money, including the trumps, and how does the president plan to pay for it all? north korea secrets, heavy security for an unusual briefing, all u.s. senators at the white house. what were they told? hot housing markets, surging prices, in some places higher thabefore the recession. what buyers and sellers should know. drugged driving. for the first time it's now blamed for more traffic fatalities than alcohol. and dancing dreams. amazing kids getting their chance to shine. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new


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