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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 26, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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standing up for breast feeding. a mother's efforts to soothe a crying baby caused a stir in a local church and has a lot of you reacting on social media. we are digging
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the largest tax cut in history. what would you do if you saw someone drop to a ground? how a local teenager sprang into action and saved a man's life. news 4 at 11:00 begins with breaking news. >> a woman arrested tonight for wielding a knife on a metro train. this is video just in to our news room. >> police tell us they got a call around 9:00 tonight. the woman was on a red line train near cleveland park metro stop. it took police at least 30 minutes to catch up with her. officers tell us she resisted arrest and complained she was hurt. she had been taken to the hospital. no one else was injured. we learned the woman was on some type of illegal substance. now to the mother from northern virginia who is sparking a lot of debate tonight on our nbc washin
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>> the woman was asked to leave church this past weekend for breast feeding her crying baby in a church pew. jackie bensen spoke with that young mother tonight and is live at the church in springfield with more. >> reporter: this is getting a lot of attention. good morning friends. thanks for joining me here. i am a little bit nervous. >> reporter: the facebook live post is getting a lot of attention. a mother from northern virginia while nursing her 19-month-old expressed dismay over reaction to what happened when she did the exact same thing at summit church. in the video she says she was in a hallway outside the children's room when she was told to cover up and go to a private room. >> one woman sat next to me and started to cover up autumn with a blanket. i was like she is fine. >> reporter: she says she was
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told the church does not allow breast feeding without a cover because it might make men, teenagers or new church goers uncomfortable. >> she said another thing is what if a new church goer that is a man sees you and he feels uncomfortable. >> reporter: breast feeding has been a legally projected right in virginia. the law guarantees a woman the right to breast feed her child in any place where the mother is lawfully present. i spoke briefly with annie tonight. she did say she feels very strongly about this. obviously, it is getting a lot of reaction. i called the church for comment earlier this evening and we are still waiting for replies. live in springfield, jackie bensen, news 4. new at 11:00 tonight a small fire forced passengers off of this train. chopper 4 on the scene. investigators tell us the
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that is what sparked the fire and forced authorities to stop the train traffic in the area and get everybody off the train safely. because of the disruption metro honored mark tickets tonight. it is not expected to impact the morning commute. a flight didn't make it very far tonight. it had to land at dulles airport and american airlines spokesperson tells us a bird hit the plane just after it took off heading for fort myers, florida. the passengers were moved to another flight. new tonight the wizards on the verge of doing something they had only done twice in the past 11 seasons. >> the team is just one win away from advancing into playoffs. sherry has more. >> the wizards dominant all four quarters tonight escaping with a crucial win over the atlanta hawks. the wiz drop their last two on th
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keep this playoff party going. this wizards fan pumped to see the team back home tonight. and they post a great performance. john wall 20 points and 14 assists in the wizards 103-99 victory. the wiz lead three games to two and can wrap up the series in lant on friday night. it's especially exciting and stress full time. like many of you he is dealing with the ups and downs of playoff basketball and hockey. of course, he has a little more skin in the game since he ownathize wizards. he wants you to know he feels your pain when his teams come up short. >> i share in their excitement. i share in their pain. i feel badly when we let them down. what i want most is really to bring a championship for our city for the
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night at 7:00 during an hour-long special we are calling the news 4 power play. at 8:00 you will see the caps take on the penguins in game two. carol maloney will be at the verizon center tomorrow on news 4 at 5:00 and 6:00 getting you ready for game one. thank you. president trump says his sweeping tax plan will benefit large corporations, small businesses and you. but how? and is it mathematically possible? take a look. this plan shrinks the number of individual tax brackets. it doubles the standard deduction for married couple that amounts to $24,000 instead of 12,000. it eliminates all itemized tax deduction except mortgage interest and charitable donations and slashes corporate
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income tax to 15%. that could extend to real estate empires like president trump's. one big question remains, how will he pay for it? >> we will be back here with very firm details. >> we are working on lots of details. we will let you know the details. >> the goal of this plan is to make filing taxes easier and to keep money in your pocket in hopes that you will spend more creating jobs and stimulating the economy. since the recession, americans have largely used tax savings to pay off their debt. watch dog groups say the president's tax plan will grow the deficit, cost $6 trillion over the next decade and won't come close to paying for itself. now, there are still a lot of questions about this tax plan and we're working for you tonight and tomorrow. our consumer reporter susan hogan will host facebook live with a financial
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you can post questions or leave a question in the comments section live tomorrow afternoon right here at 4:30. some sad news in from delaware. we learned the name of a state trooper shot and killed this afternoon. corporal steven ballard listed hometown of buoy, maryland in his facebook page. a man shot him several times outside a convenience store. he died at the hospital. this is video of his body getting an escort to the state medical examiner's office. after the shooting the suspect barricaded himself and continued firing at police. that stand off is still going on tonight. we are keeping an eye on protests planned for tomorrow at reagan national airport. they are protesting their employer. the organization is accused of violating federal labor laws. tomorrow's strike comes on the heels of
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protest just last week the metropolitan washington airport authority agreed to raise worker pay to $12.95 an hour by the year 2020. nearly 500 metro employees asked for sick day leave on friday and every single one of them was rejected. metro's top brass and largest union are locked in a bitter contract dispute. it is so bad sources tell news 4 that workers are telling supervisors that they are skipping work on friday. under their contract union members are not permitted to strike. metro says it expects to have full bus and rail service on friday. and, of course, today we are talking about temperatures and the sunshine that finally made it here. that sun after a couple of days of clouds. sun comes out and temperatures go right up. 79 in
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beautiful day and beautiful evening. we are watching our storm system move out to sea. another storm making its way our way. something else to look forward to tomorrow morning. we will talk about that, as well. a montgomery county principal is apologizing. she admits she allowed teachers to vent frustrations by taking a baseball bat to a rocking chair on school property. >> a lot of you are talking about this story online. parents are just finding out about what happened. tonight principal sent out a letter saying the venting happened in a loading dock away from students. she says she had been inspired after reading articles on how to reduce stress and that this decision was not in response to any teacher comment or behavior, rather it was a misguided attempt by me to provide staff with an outlet. so do you think this is a big
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deal? join the conversation on our nbc washington facebook page. big congrats to nancy shay named montgomery county public school teacher of the year. she is an english resource teacher. she was honored at the annual champions for children celebration at the black rock center for the arts. news 4 today anchor emceed tonight's event. >> an eye opening alert about a growing danger on our roads, one surpassing drunk driving for the first time. why police are struggling to keep up with the crisis. a teenager helped save a man's life while she was walking to school. i will tell you about the heroic story. a surge in home sales. what you should do if you are looking to buy a n home. ew
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now at 11:00, here are four things you need to know. gun fire in silver spring has three people under arrest. chopper 4 flew over as officers led a man out in handcuffs. no one was hurt. montgomery county police think it might have been related to a robbery. the d.c. council considering limits on short term rentals in the city. home sharing websites like air bnb have made them increasingly popular. people who want more regulation say it is needed to protect affordable housing. opponents say they count on that extra income those rentals bring in. members of congress losing one of their biggest perks.
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no longer be able to use vip parking spots at reagan national airport. the metropolitan washington airport authority says it needs it safe for construction crews who are working on the airport's expansion. the funeral for larry hogan sr. will be held on saturday. a former republican congressman and father of governor larry hogan died last week after a stroke. he represented maryland's fifth congressional district. larry hogan sr. was 88. new at 11:00 a local teenager faced with a dire situation. her quick actions helped save someone who was having a heart attack. shomari stone talked to the hero and to the experts who are singing her praises tonight. >> makes me feel good to know that you helped someone else. >> reporter: she was walking to robinson secondary school when an elderly man dropped on the sidewa.
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me just like out for a morning walk or whatever. right about here he collapsed and fell over. >> the 18 year old says he didn't have a pulse. she immediately called 911 around 8:00 monday morning. >> at that time another woman came up. >> reporter: they both did cpr. the woman did chest compressions and heather mouth to mouth. firefighters arrived. >> we confirmed he was in cardiac arrest. we went through normal procedures. >> reporter: he says heather helped save the man's life and said he had a pulse when they dropped him off at a hospital. >> i think she is an incredible young woman, brave to do that and extend herself out in a very uncomfortable and unusual situation. >> reporter: matthew fletcher lives nearby. >> without hesitation she jumped in. >> reporter: one neighbor was so impressed that she delivered flowers and life savers to her. >> she
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definitely. >> reporter: she hopes to meet the man when he gets out of the hospital. shomari stone, news 4. breaking news from capitol hill. congress could get an extension on its deadline to avoid a government shutdown. the chairman of house appropriations committee introduced a short term one week continuing resolution. >> it would delay the deadline until next friday night giving lawmakers a chance to work out a longer term deal. that one week extension needs to be voted on. a new report out reveals growing and deadly problem on our nation's roads. for the first time ever more americans were killed behind the wheel are testing positive for drugs than for alcohol. it's called drugged driving. the reports shows drugs were present in 47% of drivers killed in 2016.
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the number are a dramatic rise. unlike a breathalyzer police have no standard road side test to detect most drugs. the red hot housing market means it is a great time to be a seller. in fac, realtors tell us things haven't been this good in recent memory. on the flip side that means tiemds times are tough. five years after home prices hit bottom we are seeing sky rocketing prices in cities across the country. part of the problem is simple, supply and demand. there are not enough homes for sale and there are not enough new construction projects. things are looking up. we walked outside this evening and the sun was warm. how long can this continue? >> it's over. we have great weather tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow even better than today.
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out there today. a really nice evening as we move on out. as we look tomorrow we will get into the 80s. some beautiful weather next few days. any 80s tomorrow and the longest stretch of 80s we have seen so far this year. current temperature at 62 degrees. winds out of the southeast at 3 miles per hour. the rest of the area starting to fall a little bit. down to about 61 at manassas. temperatures may fall a little bit more. but then by tomorrow morning we will see them on the rise. not much on the way of rain. this shows up as ground flutter here. it just means we have a little bit of moisture in the atmosphere. that can lead to fog early tomorrow. satellite and radar showing one storm system. all of the clouds and rain moving out. this is the one i am watching now. it is a frontal boundary to the west. showers and thunderstorms associated with that. take a look at what happens here. first off, it brings us nice warm air. highs 83.
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indiana 83 and nashville 80. that warm air will move in. 84 is what i'm going for tomorrow. sun and clouds. a great afternoon and a little bit on the humid side. car wash tomorrow looking good for that. get it done. perfect day for it. nice and warm. dry for days. not much in the way of rain over the next few days. might be a better idea friday. could be a better day if we get rain tomorrow night and into the day on friday. high temperatures on friday around 83 degrees. 88 on saturday. we have about a 30% chance of afternoon shower or thunderstorm on saturday. anytime we get summer time storms we could see a strong storm or two. 80 degrees on sunday. sunday still kind of a tough forecast. i'm going for a high of 80. even if we were on the cooler side of the front it wouldn't be that much cooler. saturday extremely warm. here comes the front down across our region on sunday bringing more clouds. right now we
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if it drifts to the south we could see more on cooler conditions and clouds. both weekend days looking pretty good. 83 on monday. 76 on tuesday. next week, late next week we could see another shower or storm or another event like the last couple of days with highs only in the 50s. >> now we can wash the car and cut the grass. >> not that we are wanting to. coming alive in game five. tonight we head to the victorious
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> the wizards now one win away from advancing to the second round. tonight proof that home court advantage is truly an advantage. wiz win 3-0 this series at verizon center. all stars showing up and that includes former vice president joe biden at the game getting standing ovation. the wizards back on track. in the second quarter john wall alley-oop breaks a 36-36 tie. wizards lead by one at halftime. wall dishing and scoring third quarter. lots of room to knock down the three. wall gives the wiz an 11-point lead and tells the crowd this is my house. his backup brandon jennings making plays. jennings goes behind
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nice production from the bench. jennings three assists. this game still coming down to the wire. wiz up two with under a minute to play. wall hits a big jumper to put his team up. 20 points and 14 assists. wiz win 103-99 with more on the big win here is carol maloney from the verizon center. >> reporter: home team wins again. wizards keep the trend going tonight. game five they said was one they had to win and they would get it done and they had the fans leaving saying thank you. >> it was a really close game. competitive game for sure. we are not too happy. we can't get too happy. can't get too high. can't get too low. >> never stop giving up. guys made big plays down
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stretch and made big shots. >> the reason why we are here now in this situation in the playoffs and on the road. we just have to walk in. it will take all 15 guys and try to get a win in that hostile environment. >> they are not going to back down. every game gets harder and harder. we have to be ready and cloe they are really in the locker room. >> another test awaiting the wizards in atlanta. they need to forget that recent history losing game three and four there. and remember franchise history when leading a series 3-2 this team has a 7-0 record in closeout games. it's a streak they will have to protect on the road. at verizon center, carol maloney news 4 sports. game three of four in colorado. turner hitting from the cycle. tonight he had the bat going again and the glove.
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bottom two great play to rob carlos gonzalez of a hit. i mention that bat. solo home run in the fifth give the nats a 3-0 lead. ryan zimmerman would add a two-run shot. 9-2 nats in the top of the eighth. game one between caps and penguins tomorrow 7:30 p.m. verizon center. live coverage. >> caps,
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caps, wizards caps. >> and we will find out later. >> tonight show is coming up next.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- dr. phil. leslie jones. mu


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