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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  April 27, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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on scene. the other fled to a home. we understand that a s.w.a.t. team has that area surrounded now. this is an ongoing barricade situation going on for several hours now. meanwhile, flags will be flown at half staff today in honor of trooper ballard who was an eight-year veteran. from the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. >> erika, thank you. here's a look at our other top stories this morning. 4:30. hagerstown police are investigating a fatal crash at the intersection of chestnut street and garrett street. that crash involved a motorcyclist and bicyclist. the bicyclist died. a woman is in custody after a woman caused a scare at a metro station. she started to argue with another passenger. it happened around 9:00. she was arrested at the white flint station about 30 minutes later. none of the passengers were
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and from metro to the mark train. everything is back to normal after a small fire forced passengers off of a mark train. chopper 4 over the scene last night. this was on the brunswick line in silver springs. vectors tell us the brakes overheated. there may be hope that the government won't run out of money to pay the large number of federal employees that live in our area. that is now a one-week extension on the table. it would delay the deadline until next friday night at midnight giving lawmakers a chance to work out a longer-term deal. that one-week extension still needs to be voted on. meanwhile, president trump revealed his tax reform plan but attention has quickly shifted back to health care reform. coming up, edward lawrence will talk about how repealing the affordable care act is showing new life today. hundreds of airport service workers plan to walk off the job. the strike is to protest their employer, huntly corporation. the organization is accus
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this walk-off comes on the heels of another successful protest. just last week the metropolitan airport authority agreed to raise worker's pay to $12.95 by 2020. metro expects to have full services. nearly 1200 employees asked for sick pay friday. metro's leadership and largest union are looked in a bitter work strike. they're telling supervisors they're skipping work on friday. according to their contract, they're not permitted to. >> it is 4:32. the problem of missing children in our area is now getting attention from congress. lawmakers plan to have a report by the end of the year on how to address the problem nationwide. the congressional caucus on black women and girls hosted a town hall at the library of congress yesterday. more than 20 lawmakers are
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challenges impacting black women and girls. speakers pushed for more resources. police, health agencies, sports can better collaborate. we've been taking a closer look at why kids in our area go looking. a repeat run away. we'll explain why so many teenagers feel like they have to leave home. 4:33. a northern virginia mom who was breast feeding her baby during church service said she was asked to leave the sanctuary on sunday. she talked about what happened to her during a facebook livid yes. she said she was approached twice as she breast fed without a cover inside sum met church in springfield. >> came over and sat next to me and started to cover up autumn with a fleece blanket. i'm like, no, please don't cover her up. she's fine. >> now virginia law gives mothers the right to breast feed anywhere they are allowed to .
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religious institutions. news 4 reached out to the church and we are still waiting to hear back. let's go, caps! come on, guys, rock the red. we need this one. >> a lot of love for the capitals right here on news 4. they are back on the ice tonight. >> this is the series everybody has been thinking about for about 12 months now. the caps lost to the penguins in the playoffs last year. >> they're our arch enemy. penguins! it's a rematch so tonight at the verizon center at 7:30, going to be pretty expensive as you can imagine. this is going to be a hot ticket. at least $100. >> you kind of expect that. the caps were the best team in hockey. they have seven games to show why they deserve to move on here and then they can come back to d.c. with that big piece of hardware. >> big thing. >> i want to beat the penguins in a bad way. >> so
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load up for three. knock it down! >> knock it down is right. fans have a whole lot of se celebrating to do. they're back on top. former vice president joe biden getting a standing ovation at the game. the wizards are back in atlanta tomorrow night where they had their two losses in this series. game seven would be back at the verizon center. so exciting right now to be a d.c. sports fan. the red could be both. >> everybody. >> everybody. >> and it's my favorite color so it's basically for me. >> me, too, i love red. >> i'm more of a purple person than red. >> if you need a red tie, i have two at my desk. >> i've gone through everything. i did find $10. >> breakfast on aaron. >> big change in the weather around here. i think people are going to like it. >>
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it's going to be warmer, sunny, really enjoyable. >> i think so. good running weather has returned. dog and i put our miles on in the clouds. today we're going to be running in sunshine across the area. little chance of rain across kentucky and tennessee, that is going to make it here, but it won't be during the daylight hours today. any chance for rain comes in much later. future weather through 5:00, nothing to worry about. here's 8:00 tonight. maybe a few showers along i-81 and the shenandoah valley. best chance for rain is 11:00 tonight. it should be in and out of here just as fast. what to wear today? yes, indeed, leave that umbrella at home. won't be needing it today. just back to shorts and t-shirts and sun block. good morning, sheena. >> good morning, and sunglasses on this afternoon. a little sun glare on the roads as you make your way out for your morning drive.
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in the district. 59 leesburg. dulles at 54. frederick at 56. fredericks spur coming in at 56 degrees. look at this forecast. much nicer forecast than what we've seen the past several days. by lunchtime, 73 degrees. by 4:00 p.m., that's when we're going to be in the 80s later this afternoon. mid 80s. by 7:00 p.m. we'll see the clouds starting to move in with very late showers like chuck showed you. we'll take a closer look at that. let's check the roads on this finally dry morning. good morning, melissa. >> got to love that. three different work zones. inner loop at old georgetown and then these two, inner loop after university and after pennsylvania avenue, right lane blocked there in both of those spots here. this morning westbound 66 before glebe, left lane gets by. they're paving
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quite extensive for early in the morning. southbound gw parkway after the scenic overlook. crash with just the left lane still getting by. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. major developments this morning after a united airlines passenger was forcibly dragged from a plane. the report just released and what the company promises to do to make sure it never happens again. a controversial netflix series back in the headlines. what one of the stars of "13 reasons why" has to say about the recent criticism. and tens of thousands of dollars goes missing from a local pca. who
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about 30 thousand dollars has vanished from maryland's biggest school district. the large pta group lobbies and runs events for students and teachers across the county. an audit from the group claims the theft is most likely from someone inside the pta. montgomery county police say it could take weeks to solve the case of fraud or embezzlement. d.c. charter school that gives young adults a second chance at education is at risk of closing. the latin american youth center in columbia heights enrolls students between 16 and 24 years old. right now 150 students attend that school. the city's public charter school board could vote to clo
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and course shortcomings. >> you meet the young people and you hear their stories and you focus on the needs of the young people, the academic needs, the social/emotional needs. we know this school is doing the right thing. >> summer enrollment at the charter school has been paused until the vote. we want to give a big congratulations to montgomery county's new teacher of the year. >> nancy shay. >> nancy shay is an english research teacher. she was honored at the annual champion for the children center. i enjoyed emceeing there once again and meeting the dedicated faculty and staff of montgomery county schools. they recognize not just teachers but paraeducators, volunteers, administrators. all the people together who make it possible for these kids to have a great education and future for us. >> takes
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nice to get a thank you. >> i'm always inspired. i love teachers. we are headed for the 80s today. yes. chuck. >> hey, yeah. good morning, everybody. skies have been clearing out overnight and it's turned nice and comfortable outside this morning. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s in most of the suburbs to around 60 around town. nice o day to be outside. good kite flying weather. a little gusty at times. how about 84 degrees on a thursday. sheena will look at that all important weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. a shutdown of the federal government avoided, at least for now. how long congress has to pass a budget and what it means for you. still smoldering. when crews hope the remnants of a massi
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good morning. we are going to see big changes as we go
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very different from yesterday. more sunshine, warmer temperatures, and if you're about to step outside this morning, well, it's nice and dry. no rain falling. you don't need the umbrella coming up in just a bit. i have a closer look for your forecast today and the weekend. that's straight ahead. defending a controversial new drama series. the cast and crusade they made sure they worked with when filming "13 reasons why." mark your calendar. when the air show at joint base andrews returns. new on "news 4 today." the internal report about what went wrong on a united airlines flight. erika gonzalez has the details. >> that report released after the infamous video where a customer was grabbed off a flight is shedding new light on how the airlines goes about collecting passengers bumped from a flight. if you pay less
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the list as well. if most passengers pay the same, then they're sorted in by check in time. customers in mileage plus frequent flyer program, they're not going to be first on the list. gate agents do not have any say in who stays or who goes. united has apologized for the incident. lester holt has a sitdown interview with the company's ceo and you can catch a glimpse of that on the "today" show this morning before seeing the entire interview tonight. erika, thank you. 4:47. a bird strike diverted a flight moments after takeoff from ragan national airport. they had to land in dulles last night. 56 people were on board. they were moved to another flight. maintenance crews were called in to check on the plane for damage. members of congress will have to soon park in the same lot as the rest of us at ragan national airport. vi
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congress is being closed for five years while the airport expands. contractors need that space for their equipment. all members of congress, supreme court justices and international diplomats use that lot. it's a short walk to the gate. not allowed to park in the garages with other passengers. they won't have to pay. that privilege costs taxpayers $132,000 a year. >> i didn't know they had that. >> i didn't either. now we know. the white house is racing to get a lot done before the 100 day mark of president trump's ear yeah. >> the attention has shifted back to health care. news 4's edward lawrence is live on capitol hill. we'll talk about how they'll push for a new bill. >> good morning, aaron. monty python would say, not dead yet. now the freedom caucus is saying they could support the bill that's coming forward. the major revision is
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would allow insurance companies to not cover folks with pre-existing conditions, however, those states would have to outline the plan on how those folks in high risk categories would be covered. so the house and republicans are saying they could be days away from a vote. will it happen by saturday? probably not. >> edward, what about the president's tax plan? it promises to make filing taxes a little easier for most americans. many economists are skeptical. is this realistic, the plan? >> the economists are saying it would add $2 trillion to the debt. what it's doing, cutting the corporate talks rate by more than 50%. the plan also eliminates several tax brackets. it goes from 7 to 3 tax brackets. it does give more deductions. double the deductions for single folks and couples which means more money in our pockets but, again, republicans are not saying and the white house is not saying how much it
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cost or reduce the deficit. the democrats and some economists are saying $2 trillion. >> edward lawrence on the hill for us this morning. edward, thank you. 4:50. family and friends of maryland governor's larry hogan will pay their respects this weekend. services will be held at st. mary's catholic church followed by a private burial. former maryland congressman died last week after suffering a stroke. he was 88 years old. he served three years in the house of representative. his son is expected to deliver the eulogy. 4:50. you saw the story first on news 4. now one of the stars and executive producer of the netflix hit show "13 reasons why" are responding to criticisms. they appeared at a sexual assault awareness event at george mason university yesterday. former vice president joe biden was also there calling on men to take action to prevent assault.
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letters home to parents warning that the show has adult themes including rape. >> the way that we're going to change the conversation and the way we're going to change the stigma of it is by directing it towards boys and men. >> very, very hard and scary to talk about, but that's why we made our show. and so watch it with your kids and talk about it with your kids and let them know that there's help. >> the producers point out that they also worked with mental health experts before launching the show and have created a documentary and a resource guide to help those suffering from depression or suicidal thoughts. right now fire crews are still at the scene of a five alarm fire in college park. that fire erupted on monday inside a building under construction. according to our news partners at wtop, there are currently four hot spots that keep flaring up. fire crews are expected to finally be able to leave today after days of fighting that fire. they drew the biggest
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response in prince george's county history. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. mark your calendars, the air show at joint base andrews is coming back this year. you can check out the thunder birds and their high flying stunts as well as vintage air show. this will commemorate the air force's 70th birthday. you've seen annual events. it's held every two years because of budget cuts. i've been there a few times. it is worth going. so spectacular. >> 4:52 right now. turn to sheena parveen. we are excited about what's to come here in the next few days. >> yes, very excited. we're going to see something we haven't seen in many days. >> the sunshine! >> sunshine, that flaming ball in the sky. it will be warming us up, too. so it's going to feel like summer, both today and tomorrow, at least compared to the last several days. the sun is back. that's the main headline this morning. as you are driving to work, you
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sunglasses especially if we go into the weekend feeling close to 90 degrees on saturday. actual temperatures will be right around 90. currently though, we're at 60 in the district. pretty comfortable this morning. frederick at 22. near quantico, temperature 61. 59 right now in leesburg. we are nice and dry on radar. if you look off to our west, yes, we have another weather scenario. see some rain where eventually it will make its way through. it's not going to be until after sunset. if you're going to be out and about today, the only changes you'll notice today ahead of the rain are clouds moving in. lunchtime, 73. warm. by happy hour, looking at mid 80s. dinner time, clouds rolling in upper 70s. here's future weather. plenty of sunshine by the afternoon. then we see the clouds move in. 11:00 p.m. showers moving through. while many of you are sleeping, that's when we'll start to see that rain moving through. then we go into tomorrow afternoon. we'r
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look at this forecast. mid 80s tomorrow into the weekend. near 90 degrees. we have a chance for maybe an isolated thunderstorm. sunday around 80. even going into next week we'll look pretty good. the roads are dry this morning. that is good news, melissa mollet. >> very good news for the roads to be dry here this morning. that is helping a couple of different items i want to talk about here. we do have road work happening westbound 66 before glebe road. getting by the milling and paving. they had it shut down for some time. southbound gw parkway after the overlook, we do have one lane getting by. inner loop at old georgetown getting by. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. an area teacher once accused of molesting his student has his teaching license canceled. the i-team preview parents don't want to miss. it might sound like a good
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where a so-called smash space is located. the
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it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy. a place to vent frustration at a montgomery county school. the principal is getting heat from
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teachers were allowed to take a baseball bat to a rocking chair. they sent out a letter apologizing. she said she was inspired after reading articles about how it reduces stress. quote, this decision was not in response to any teacher comment or behavior, rather a misguided attempt by me to provide staff with an outlet. we are already getting comments about this story. check out my facebook page to join the conversation. most places saying they've seen similar studies and it wasn't such a bad idea. he's a fairfax county teacher who made national headlines. accused but acquitted of mow le listing a student. >> the news 4 i-team has tlaernd lanigan has cans eld his teaching
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new accusations. according to investigations done internally investigation obtained by the news 4 i-team. it accused lanigan. in part of a statement to us he said, quote, i have 18 years of experience teaching and i have never inappropriately touched a student. he said, tension remained between the school system intent with the trial and he decided to move on with his life and surrender his license. the parents of the students didn't want to file charges. >> we knew there were some incidents over there. don't know if we had all the specifics, but i know the police were in touch with some of the families. >> reporter: more of what the county prosecutor has to say tonight as part of our full i-team investigation. you'll hare from former
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students who describe their time with him. for now, scott mcfarland, news 4 i-team. "news 4 today" starts now. 5:00 on the dot. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilcrist. >> i'm eun yang. it's thursday morning. we want to start things off with a look at your weather and traffic. >> melissa standing by with how the commute shapes up. we'll begin with chuck and sheena. chuck got a tie. >> yeah. >> looks good! >> i knew it was aaron's tie. 90% polyester. it was handed to me so i went through all of aaron's stuff. couldn't find it. i didn't find any money, i didn't find the tie. >> i thought you found 10 bucks. we were having breakfast. >> he wasn't listening the first time. more importantly, the weather has taken a delightful turn for the better. first thing this morning skies cleared out overnight and temperatures dropped down a little cooler than was advertised yesterday and as a result it's down closeo


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