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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  April 27, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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students who describe their time with him. for now, scott mcfarland, news 4 i-team. "news 4 today" starts now. 5:00 on the dot. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilcrist. >> i'm eun yang. it's thursday morning. we want to start things off with a look at your weather and traffic. >> melissa standing by with how the commute shapes up. we'll begin with chuck and sheena. chuck got a tie. >> yeah. >> looks good! >> i knew it was aaron's tie. 90% polyester. it was handed to me so i went through all of aaron's stuff. couldn't find it. i didn't find any money, i didn't find the tie. >> i thought you found 10 bucks. we were having breakfast. >> he wasn't listening the first time. more importantly, the weather has taken a delightful turn for the better. first thing this morning skies cleared out overnight and temperatures dropped down a little cooler than was advertised yesterday and as a result it's down closeo
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started to form a little touch of fog outside this morning. no advisories here. there is a dense fog advisory lower parts of the eastern shore, but just know that there could be pockets of lower visibility. frederick, maryland, now only half mile visibility. 6 miles of visibility there at dulles. if you're planning to be outside, nice and cool, dry, little fog around. nothing to worry about. all your daylight hours will be dry. could have a stray shower after 8:00 or 9:00 after we get back to the summer weather. >> we like the summer like weather especially since we have not seen that sun in quite a few days. nice changes today. currently we're seeing a few clouds around. like chuck mentioned, pretty good visibility. 59 degrees in the district right now. you might get a little sun glare this morning for your commute. that will be a change as we've seen so much cloud cover and rain over the last several days. 7:00 a.m., 60 degrees. finally dry. by noon we're looking at t
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73, 5:00 p.m., mid 80s. nice forecast. let's check the roads this morning. good morning, melissa. >> good morning, sheena. taking a look at 270 coming down from 70 to the spur, you can see we are nice and on time here both southbound and northbound. no issues on 270. southbound gw parkway after the overlook, still have just the left lane there getting by. construction, road work here westbound 66 before glebe. the left lane is getting by and that has finally cleared. inner loop and outer loop okay. inner loop at old georgetown and inner loop at pennsylvania avenue. 5:02. following breaking news at this hour out of delaware where a man is locked inside a home. he's accused of killing a state trooper. >> we know corporal stephen ballard was from
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he's 32 years old. >> that barricade situation that started last night is still happening in delaware. this after corporal stephen ballard was shot and killed at a wawa. that happened in the town of baer. two suspects were involved and one in fact was taken into custody at the scene. the other one fled into a home 15 miles away in middletown firing off shots at police as he ran off. a s.w.a.t. team has surrounded the area. we know, again, this has been going on for several hours now. meanwhile, flags will be flown at half staff today in honor of the trooper who was an eight year veteran. his facebook page saying he's originally from bowie. he just got married earlier this year. >> 5:03 now. take a look at some of the other top stories we're working on for you this morning. hagerstown police are investigating a fatal crash. happened in the
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chestnut street and garrett street around 7:00 last night. the crash involved a motorcycle and bicyclist. the bicyclist died. a woman is in jail after causing a tense situation on a metro train. the woman had a knife and was on some kind of illegal substance when she started to argue with another passenger. this happened last night around 9:00. she was arrested at the white flint station. 30 minutes later. none of the passengers was injured. everything is back to normal for your morning commute after a small fire forced passengers off a mark train. this was on the brunswick line in silver springs. investigators tell us the brakes overheated. there may be hope that the government won't run out of money to pay the large number of federal employees who live in our area. there is now a short term one-week extension on the table. it would delay the deadline until next friday night at midnight giving lawmakers a chance to work out
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that longer term extension still needs to be worked on. president trump revealed a tax reform plan. news 4's edward lawrence will explain how repealing the affordable care act is showing new signs of life. 5:05. getting breaking news right now from the live desk. erika, what's going on? >> it appears that there is another case of terrorism, this time not exactly in france proper but on a french island. a french eye land of reunion. two police officers shot. police say the shooter is a man suspected of links to radical extremism. he was arrested but at this time there's little else we know about him. back over to you. >> erika, thank you. 5:05 now. happening today. hundreds of airport service workers plan to walk off the job at ragan national and dulles international
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employer, huntleigh corporation. the strike comes on the heels of a successful protest last week. the metropolitan air force authority agreed to raise pay to 12:25 by 2020. metro plans to have full bus and rail services after threats of a sick out. nearly 1200 employees asked for a sick day friday. every single one of them was rejected. err' lo they're locked into a bitter dispute right now. according to the contract, union members are not permitted to strike. the problem of missing black children in our area is now getting attention from congress. lawmakers plan to have a report by the end of the year on how to address the problem nationwide. the congressional caucus on black women and girls hosted a town hall at the library of congress yesterday. more than 20 lawmakers are
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challenges impacting black women and girls. speakers pushed for more resources to police, health agencies, courts and social services can better collaborate. all week we've been working for you taking a closer look at why kids in our area go missing. a repeat run away will explain why so many teenagers feel like they have to run away from home. a northern virginia mother breast feeding her baby during church services said she was asked to leave the sanctuary on sunday. she talked about what happened to her during a facebook livid yes. she said she was approached twice as she breast fed without a cover. one woman came over, saturday next to me and started to cover up autumn with a fleece blanket. i'm like, no, please don't cover her up. she's fine. >> now virginia law gives mothers the right to breast feed anywhere they are legally allowed to be. there is no exemption for religious
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news 4 reached out to the church for comment and we are still waiting to hear back. let's go, caps! come on, guys, rock the red. we need this one. >> a lot of love for the capitals right here on news 4, and they're back on the ice tonight. >> now this is the series everybody's been thinking about for, i don't know, 12 months. the caps lost to the penguins in the playoffs last year. >> david with his coat on. rematch tonight at the verizon center at 7:30. it's going to be expensive. tickets to the game, as you can imagine, at least 100 bucks. >> the caps were the best team in hockey this season. megan mcgrath is going to join us in a few minutes with more on what fans can expect. >> the team needs a stanley cup.
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knock it down! >> they're back on top in their playoff series. that's former vice president joe biden getting a standing ovation. back in atlanta tomorrow night where they had their two losses in the series, but a game seven would be back at verizon. hoping we don't need to go all that way. >> wrap there up. 5:09. after a long stretch cloudy, chilly days, we're finally getting a little taste of summer here. >> yes. yes, we are. we're looking for a nice day today. sunshine will come back. a little fog. be careful. keep your low beams on, speeds down. otherwise you may be featured into one of melissa's traffic reports. how about the weekend? got a closer look at that forecast and the five day coming up in 12 minutes. see you then. we are getting word of not one but two arsons at a hotel owned by president trump.
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erika gonzalez is gathering information on an arrest. and from the drive
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it's custom made so you know it's good quality. i'm just speechless because it's perfect.
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5:13 our time right now. want to check that storm team 4 forecast. >> here's sheena parveen to tell us about our warmup. >> good morning, guys. warmup. finally, some sunshine today. you will need your sunglasses for once and not the umbrella. 59 degrees currently in the district. as we get closer to 7:00 a.m., we still have the chance for patchy fog around. temperatures around 60 degrees. by lunchtime, warming up to the mid 70s. by the afternoon, look at that, 84 degrees. it will be a nice day. temperature wise right now mostly in the mid to upper 50s across the area. we do have some problems in there across the district. >> brand-new problem. hi, sheena. 295 southbound after the 11th street bridge. have a crash there. you now know traffic is stopped there. d.c. 295 after the 11th street bridge. obviously if we don't get this cleared quickly we're
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southbound gw at the scenic overlook, still have the left lane getting by. we have delays on the yellow line and take a look at the beltway coming up. 5:14. back to breaking news. a man from maryland, a state trooper was killed. corporal stephen ballard was shot at a wawa in delaware and died. a suspect in the killing is hold up in a house in middletown right now. one of two suspects is barricaded in this home. police are surrounding it right now. the other suspect was taken into custody. trooper ballard was a maryland trooper but grew up in bowie. he was 32 years old. a man convicted of killing troopers in pennsylvania is now facing the death penalty. eric frein was sentenced to death by lethal injection. prosecutors said he ambushed them in their barracks. you might remember, it took
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be caught. a man is now facing charges for fires inside a trump hotel. erika gonzalez is at the live desk with details. >> right. facing charges of burglary and arson after two separate fires at the trump international hotel in vegas. they say the fires were started in piles of totes or other items that had the president's name on it. one of them was in the bathroom, the other on the 17th floor. we know that one person is hurt, we just don't know how badly. again, one personal taken into custody. >> it's 5:15 thousand. president trump says his tax plan will benefit large corporations, small businesses and you. how that -- how is it mathematically possible. we want to give you a look here. the plan shrinks
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individual tax brackets so you pay 10, 25, or 35%. it doubles the standard deduction for married couple that amounts to $24,000 instead of 12. it eliminates all itemized tax deductions except mortgage interest and charitable contributions. now it also flashes -- get that to work. it flaslashes the corporate inc tax rate to 15%. one big question, how do we pay for it? >> we will be back here with very firm details. >> we're working on lots of details. >> we will let you know the specific details. >> now the goal of this plan is to -- is to make filing taxes easier and to keep money in your poktd in hopes that you'll spend more money. now watchdog groups say that the president's tax plan will actually grow the deficit
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cost $6 trillion before the next decade and won't come close to paying for itself. there are still a lot of questions about this tax plan and we're working to get answers for you. this afternoon at 4:30 our consumer reporter susan hogan will host a facebook live. post your questions now in our nbc washington's facebook page. >> we are now learning about the first democrat to announce a campaign for maryland governor. alex ross says he wants to bring new and innovative ideas to the state. he advises startup and tech companies. he's an author and former obama technology advisor. virginia's race for the governor will take place this weekend. saturday at 7:00 democratic debate will take place. tom sherwood will be the
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moderator. you can watch a live stream of the debate on the nfc washington app. all right. capitals quest 4 the cup is full on tonight. big day. we play out on the ice in the next rounds of the nhl playoffs. >> for the second year in a row the caps will take on the reining stanley cup winning team, pittsburgh penguin. news 4 megan mcgrath is live at the verizon center. hey, megan. >> good morning. that's right. if you take a look at the doors here, you can see the signs that are posted, enter the playoffs. a lot of excited fans are going to be going through that doors tonight. work crews were busy. the wizards played yesterday. they switched the floor from the hard wood to the
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the caps will take on the pittsburgh penguins tonight at 7:30. this time last year the penguins beat the capitals. this would be a very, very sweet win here. right wing tom wilson said it's a pretty tough crew to lay this low. >> knowing you're a kid you always have big dreams. i was lucky enough to fulfill them. huge privilege. there's a lot of guys that work hard to get to this level. if you get a chance to play in an nhl game, it's special. a playoff game, even better. >> reporter: all the action gets underway at 7:30 tonight. back to you guys. >> megan, thank you. a lot of work having to do that. whole different ball game. >> don't want john wall slipping on the ice and alexander ovechkin slipping on the hard wood. >> i can't wait, chuck. >> yes, indeed. welcome back to
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skies mostly clear but it is leading to a little bit of fog. right here in town not too thick. 59 the current temperatures. the wind is out of the east but fairly light. pretty gusty south to southwest wind. la ray, visibility down to 1/3 of a mile. 1/3 of a mile in maryland. 3/4 of a mile in frederick, maryland. once you're inside the city limits, it's not that bad. most of the day will be dry. a weak weather front is coming our way. by 8:00, 9:00, there could be a lonesome shower in the shenandoah valley. the best chance for any rain is between 9:00 or 10:00 up to
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2:00 tomorrow morning. saturday, no more than an isolated shower chance. saturday's high, not going to go 90, melissa, but how about 89 degrees on saturday? >> i like it. i like it. i'm happy. i have plans for saturday. 295 after the 11th street bridge southbound, still stopped here this morning because of the crash. take a look. we already have about a one mile backup here this morning. that is really getting larger. southbound gw after the overlook, the left lane is getting by. inner loop after pennsylvania still blocking the right side. metro delays to mount vernon square, problem at huntington. the saga surrounding united airlines continues. what we're learning from a report released overnight. keeping our kids home series continues. straight ahead, hear from one teen who said she f
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no other options. >> i feel like that was so meant to happen to me because i'm such a different person. >> and an intense episode of the ellen degeneres show where kim kardashian speaks ou
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all this week we are sorting out the facts surrounding d.c.'s missing children. >> this morning we hear firsthand from a teen who ran away and a d.c. nonprofit that's trying to make a difference. news 4's justin finch. >> reporter: often the young faces on these flyers are running from something. >> many young people don't feel safe, don't feel safe in their community and don't feel safe in their school. >> just need to go. >> reporter: just last month news 4
5:26 am
daughter were reunited. when asked why teens leave home. >> they're leaving. they don't know what they're looking for. they don't know what they're trying to find. >> reporter: debby shore, a d.c. nonprofit helping at-risk kids since 1974. interest has grown since d.c.'s missing girls cases went viral with many wondering why so many are children of color. >> we'll see the young people that are missing or are coming to our services more often. they are young people from communities and if you look at our society the people that are most stressed are people of color. >> reporter: shore is advising the district that makes child welfare reforms. >> i am seeing this as a wonderful opportunity. >> reporter: justin finch, news 4. >> now we've posted about the facts behind this
5:27 am
nbc washington app. look at the key moments exploring this issue. search d.c. missing teens. ahead at 5:30, a win for women's health. a new bill that made it easier for thousands of women to get birth control. and temperatures this morning pretty comfortable outside, but the one thing you don't need is the umbrella. you're not going to need windshield wipers. little bit of patchy fog out there, but overall you'll need your sunglasses as you're driving around today. coming up, chuck and i are back with a look at how warm it will get. plus, having trouble figuring out what to wear? now amazon's alexa can help. details on a
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developing right now on "news 4 today." a scandal still underway after a delaware trooper is shot and killed. new details about his connections to our area and the ongoing attempt to arrest his killer. new this morning, united airlines announces ten major changes to its procedures to prevent another violent incident on its flight. we'll break down the new rules live. plus, here comes the heat. a storm team 4 forecast with temperatures that feel like summertime. "news 4 today" starts now. good morning, everyone. 5:30. thanks for joining us early. >> we are here to help you get out the door in what's going to be a hot thursd
5:31 am
a look at the forecast. >> then we'll check in with melissa mollet for a look at your morning commute. love that we're going to be in the 80s today. >> loving that. honestly yesterday wasn't a bad day to be on the outside. temperatures did make it up into the 70s. we're looking at a baker's dozen degrees warmer today than yesterday. >> that's right. going to be a very nice day. the sun will be around with us all day long today. yesterday we had it late in the day. today we're going to see it even for your morning drive. some areas though seeing a little bit of patchy fog, low clouds around in certain spots. temperatures comfortable 59 degrees right now in the district. look what's going to happen today once the fog clears out in some areas as we go through the morning. we're talking about the mid 80s. going to be a nice day to get outside. dry right now. look off to our west, we have that line of rain. some of those showers could be here overnight tonight. we'll check on that coming up in a bit. now let's check on the roads. good morning, melissa. >> 295 southbound after the 11th street bridge, still had tha
5:32 am
right now. traffic being pushed onto the 11th street bridge. now outbound 11th street onto the southbound 295 there, that is unaffected. we just got that in. wanted to mention that. southbound gw after the overlook, still had that crash with the left lane getting by. beltway overall looks okay. all the other main routes into town and out of town outside of the beltway are okay. inner loop after pennsylvania avenue do have that work zone still blocking the right lane. remember on the yellow line, delays to mount vern than square because of the problem there at huntington and surge number 14 still underway. closed on the green line until saturday. we'll have travel times coming up. several major stories topping the news right now at 5:32 starting with a standoff in delaware. a state trooper was killed. corporal stephen ballard was from bowie. he was shot at a wawa nearly 14 hours ago. a
5:33 am
nearby right now. today lawmakers will continue talks to avoid a government shutdown. there's a short-term one week extension on the table that will delay the deadline until next friday night at midnight. a woman is in jail after causing a tense situation on a metro train. metro transit police say the woman had a knife and was on some kind of illegal substance when she started to argue with another passenger. this happened last night around 9:00. she was arrested at the white flint station about 30 minutes later. none of the passengers was injured. metro expects to have full bus and train sick out. the requests come amid a bitter contract dispute and there are fears workers could still skip work and impact your commute. 5:33. major changes coming to united airlines. >> the company is announcing some new policies to prevent that violent removal of dr. dao
5:34 am
news 4's justin finch is live at ragan national airport with a breakdown. justin, good morning. >> reporter: eun, good morning. these changes are so new that united passengers we met this morning had no idea they were even made. looking now at the viral video that began it all. chicago police removing dr. david dao from that united flight back on april 9th. dao was aggressively removed after refusing to give up his seat on the full flight. after weeks of criticism, now an about face. united rolling out ten changes to its customer relations procedures including reining in the use of security. passengers will no longer have to give up their seats unless security or safety warrants so. the airline will also offer up to $10,000 to passengers who surrender seats on full flights. they'll also work to reduce overbooking. all are welcome changes to united passengers we met this morning.
5:35 am
unfortunate. i think they are making some positive changes. i think for customers a few of those changes to see those wholly are going to take some time. >> reporter: now some changes will go into effect later this month. others will take a bit longer, and after these internal changes united ceo is speaking excludes severally with "nightly news" anchor lester holt. >> justin, thank you. members of congress will soon have to park in the same lot as the rest of us at ragan national airport. vip parking for members of congress is being closed for five years while the airport expands. contractors need that space for their equipment. all members of congress, supreme court justices and international diplomats use the lot, which is just a short walk to the gate. now they'll have to park in the garages with other passengers except they won't have to pay.
5:36 am
$132,000 a year. family and friends of maryland governor larry hogan's father will be held saturday in annapolis. his burial will be private in frederick, maryland. the former maryland congressman died last week after suffering a stroke. he served three terms in the house of representatives. his son is expected to give the eulogy. money missing from the pta. it's cash your kids need for their classrooms. still ahead, the search for thousands of dollars that disappeared from one of our areas largest school boards. plus, breast feeding backlash. a mother's message goes viral after she's told to cover up and it's whe itre we're looking for something that's comfortable but yet durable, and that's going to last us a really long time. i don't want to buy new furniture every couple of years.
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you're watching "news 4 today." welcome back, 5:39. a d.c. charter school is at risk of closing. the latin american youth academy enrolls students between 16 and 24 years old. right now 150 students go to that school. the city's public charter school board could vote on may 9th to close the school because of administrative and course shortcomings. >> when you meet the young people and you hea
5:40 am
needs of the young people, the academic needs, the social/emotional needs, we know that this school is doing the right thing. >> summer enrollment at the charter school has been stopped until that vote. we want to give a big congratulations to montgomery county's new teacher of the year. >> nancy shay. >> nancy shay is an english research teacher at richard montgomery high school in rockville. she was honored at the annual champions for children celebration in germantown. they invited me to emcee again. i've been there for several years now, and it's such a great event because it recognizes not just teachers, the administrators, the principals, the volunteers, so many people in the county who work so hard and who are dedicated to providing a great future for the students. >> thank you and a congratulations. >> there you go. it can be tough to choose what to wear each morning. now a
5:41 am
fashion advice about the items you already own. plus, it's being called a big win for women's health. the new bill that will make it easier for thousands of women to get free birth control. and right now breaking news here in first 4 traffic. two big issues, 66 in bound at washington boulevard, eastbound lanes have shut down right now because of a crash. problems in the district, southbound 295 after the 11th street bridge, all lanes shut down. traffic being pushed off onto the 11th street bridge. big delays really building up here. we're going to look at travel times coming up. hi, chuck. good morning. very pleasant day to the outside. little patchy fog here this morning. don't have to worry about the temperatures in the 50s. most areas up to the low to mid 80s. 84 in washington. breezy at times. help them bring thatil
5:42 am
temperatures in the 80s. the nats are back in town tomorrow night playing the mets. baseball, i have the caps, we've got the wizards. everything is coming up roses. ten-day foreca
5:43 am
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5:45 am
right now on "news 4 today," a new plan to avoid a government shutdown. last-minute effort to extend the budget battle and keep you at work. >> breast feeding backlash. i'm like, no, please don't cover her up. she's fine. >> a woman told to cover up while feeding her daughter at church. hear the virginia mother's message that's going viral. saying story for stress relief. a principal apologizing for the way she let local teachers vent their frustrations. why parents say it went
5:46 am
fashion advice from alexa. how the amazon echo can take the stress out of picking your outfit each morning. your time is 5:46. today on capitol hill lawmakers could voight on a resolution to avoid a shutdown. >> edward lawrence is live. >> reporter: aaron, there are two major sticking points that the white house has backed off of now. one is money for the wall on the mexican border. the second is subsidies under obamacare that helped low income folks afford health care. most republicans have said they're willing to negotiate on both of those. take the wall, you know, restriction out of the budget, but, again, they need another week in order to hammer out the details of these fine tuned things where they can get the subsidies as well
5:47 am
removing the wall -- or money in the budget for the wall. so they do need one more week to hammer those out. >> edward, meanwhile, health care reform is also back in the spotlight with the freedom caucus getting on board now. what are the odds they could push for a new vote this week? >> reporter: president donald trump has his eye on the 100 day mark. that comes up on saturday. he wants a bill passed by then. now even if this passes the house, which it looks like it will now with the backing from the freedom caucus, it's a non-starter in the congress. that's because the revisions that were made allows states to get a waiver to eliminate the fact that insurance companies need to cover folks with pre-existing conditions. this is the sticking point with the senate. even in the bill passes the house, it probably will be stuck in the senate. >> edward lawrence on the hill for us this morning. edward, thanks. let's check in with erika gonzalez at the l
5:48 am
>> carbon monoxide scare a few blocks from the verizon center. d.c. fire and ems tweeting about the incident on the 900 block of f street. high levels of co from gas powered washers in a non-ventilated garage. medics were on the scene and the building is now being ventilated and the hazmat crew keeping a watchful eye on the scene. back over to you. 5:48. women in virginia will soon be able to have their insurance cover a full year of birth control pills. governor terry mcauliffe stiend into law. the new rules will help women avoid gaps in birth control use and reduce the rate of unintended pregnancies by as much as 20%. d.c. requires companies to cover 12 months at a time. $30,000 has
5:49 am
maryland school district. it went missing from the montgomery county pta. an audit from the group claims the theft is most likely from someone inside the pta. montgomery county police say it could take weeks to solve this case. >> a fairfax county teacher made national headlines when he was accused but acquitted of molesting a student. shawn lanigan appeared on the "today" show back in 2011 to explain what it was like to be a teacher falsely accused. as scott mcfarland reports, lanigan has just canceled his teaching license. >> reporter: about seven years after his high profile trial and not guilty verdict, fairfax county public school teacher shawn lanigan faces new allegations. the investigation accused lanigan of making lewd comments
5:50 am
hands, calling one his girlfriend and running his finger along the inner thigh of a 15-year-old girl. he said, i have 18 years of experience teaching and i have never inappropriately touched a student. he said tension remained after the trial and he decided to move on with his life and surrender his license. the county's top prosecutor said he was informed of the new allegations but that the parents of the students involved didn't want to file charges. >> we knew there were some incidents over there. i don't know if we had all the specifics, but i know the police were in touch with some of the families. >> reporter: more of what the county prosecutor has to say tonight as part of our full i-team investigation at 6:00. you'll hear from former lanigan students who describe their time as his students. for now, scott mcfarlane. 5:50. the way some montgomery county teachers relieve their stress has pe
5:51 am
far on school property. >> erika gonzalez is in the newsroom to explain. this is a big story on our social media pages this morning. >> oh, yes, you can say that again. this has a lot of people talking. now the principal at kensington parkway says she is sorry, she was just trying to give staff an outlet. here's what happened. barbara leese allowed teachers to take a basketball bat to a rocking chair. this happened in a loading dock area behind the school and away from students. she said she was inspired about reading articles about how so-called smash rooms helped people reduce stress. she said it was, quote, not in response to any teacher comment or behavior. a lot of you are talking about this on social media this morning. these are a few of the comments we have seen thus far. you can continue that conversation by heading to eun's facebook page and you can chime in th
5:52 am
gonzalez. back over to you. >> thank you. you may see new young faces today. many offices are taking part in take our daughters to workday. the organization behind it says it's to teach children about balancing work and family life. it's held on the last thursday in april for the last 24 years. we'll see some kids in our station. 5:52. we need to get to melissa mollet with breaking news on i-295 in the district. >> that's right. as you're coming in southbound after the 11th street bridge a four mile backup. all lanes still shut down here this morning. we've pushed this out on the nbc 4 washington an. if you don't have it, get it for problems like these. traffic diverted on the 11th street bridge. a four-mile backup. in bound 66 at washington
5:53 am
there. southbound gw parkway after the scenic overlook. still have the left lane getting by. we do have delays as we widen out. other main routes are okay. yellow line here, trains back on schedule so that is good. and on the green line, college park and green belt station closed again until saturday. travel times 270 south looks okay. top of the beltway no worries. in bound on 66 and northbound through virginia, okay. be sure to listen to wtop. >> hi, sheena. god morning, melissa. one thing drivers will notice, it's going to be a nice, dry commute. little bit of fog. patchy recess. looking good. for the commute you will need the sunglasses. you can see in our camera, a little bit hazy. that will be some of the low cloud cover across the area. if you're exercising this afternoon, short sleeves. going to be warming up. dinner out tonight. going
5:54 am
currently 59 in the district, 59 leesburg. manassas 57. if you're exercising today, well, this morning i mentioned some areas of fog out there. otherwise, we're dry. 60 degrees by 7:00 a.m. by noon, warm and sunny this afternoon. short sleeves. off to our west you see that lain of showers and cloud cover? that's going to be moving in. here's future weather today. we're going to be nice and sunny. afternoon forecast, 5:00 p.m. clouds off to the west. showers overnight. that's 11:00 p.m. so, again, it's going to be after your day is over. then tomorrow another dry, sunny day. looking pretty good. for today, 84 degrees. mostly sunny and warm. breezy south wind. that will keep warming us up. another sunny, dry day. mid 80s. near 90 on saturday.
5:55 am
chance of showers near 80 degrees. a northern virginia mom who was breast feeding her baby during church services said she was asked to leave the sanctuary on sunday. she talked about what happened to her during a facebook livid yes. she says she was approached twice as she breast fed without a cover inside summit church in springfield. >> one woman came over, saturday next to me and started to cover up autumn with a fleece blanket. i'm like, no, please don't cover her up. she's fine. >> virginia law gives mothers the right to breast feed anywhere they are legally allowed to be. there is no exception for religious institutions. we've reached out to the church and we are waiting to hear back. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. samsung is trying to combat distracted driving. it's testing a new app called in
5:56 am
automatically sends a free sent message when you're on the road and uses gps to determine when the car is in message. the app should be in samsung's play store next month. cnbc business morning report, i'm landon dowdy. 5:56. if you have trouble deciding what to wear each morning, amazon now thinks it can help with that. it's unveiled its echo look. a hands free voice activated device with a built in led camera. just ask alexa to take a picture or video of you in your favorite outfit. those images are stored in a companion app. if you can't choose between two looks, alexa will tell you which looks better. >> oh. >> the style check rates your outfit. the echo look will set you back 200 bucks. >> i get enough criticism to tell
5:57 am
when it looks good. >> all right. it does sound like a good way to plan for your week. another way to make your morning a little easier. getting breakfast on the go. >> how mcdonald's is making your favorite morning meal one click on the phone. the caps playoff match-up is getting personal. we'll fill you in on everything you need to know about the quest for the cupp at 6:00. >> new details. more on his connection to prince george's county, that's next.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now on "news 4 today," a standoff continues after a trooper's death. new details from this developing story and the delaware officer's connection to our area. plus, a new plan to avoid the government shutdown and keep thousands of you on the job. how the budget battle could be extended another week. well, here at the verizon center, they are ready. you can see the signs, enter the playoffs. thousands of excited caps fans will be going through the doors for round two, game one of the playoffs. "news 4 today" starts now. fast approaching 6:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilcrist. >> i'm eun yang. you want to wear that red
6:00 am
show some team spirit if you're picking out your outfit this morning. from the sounds of the storm team 4 forecast, you may want to wear short sleeves. >> we'll start with melissa mollet following a big problem on i-295. >> big problem. breaking news on the roadways. a 4 1/2 mile backup here on 295 southbound. this is the problem after the 11th street bridge. all lanes are shut down because of a crash. two people seriously injured here. traffic right now being pushed off onto the 11th street bridge. so it is moving but it is so slowly moving that you're going to want to take a different way into work today. in bound 66 at washington boulevard, still have one left lane there getting by here this morning. southbound gw parkway after the overlook, that crash hanging around with that left lane getting by as well. you can see the delays there on 66 in bound. that's about a three-mile backup. northbound fairfax county parkway after the toll road, heavy vehicle fir


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