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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  April 27, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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show some team spirit if you're picking out your outfit this morning. from the sounds of the storm team 4 forecast, you may want to wear short sleeves. >> we'll start with melissa mollet following a big problem on i-295. >> big problem. breaking news on the roadways. a 4 1/2 mile backup here on 295 southbound. this is the problem after the 11th street bridge. all lanes are shut down because of a crash. two people seriously injured here. traffic right now being pushed off onto the 11th street bridge. so it is moving but it is so slowly moving that you're going to want to take a different way into work today. in bound 66 at washington boulevard, still have one left lane there getting by here this morning. southbound gw parkway after the overlook, that crash hanging around with that left lane getting by as well. you can see the delays there on 66 in bound. that's about a three-mile backup. northbound fairfax county parkway after the toll road, heavy vehicle fir
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morning. live look 270 at falls road, no issues northbound or southbound. brand new crash in my ear 270 southbound we'll talk about that in a second. right now let's talk about something nice like the weather. >> great looking day to be outside today. got a little fog here this morning. sun's up in 14 minutes. have some fog around here early this morning. not too thick in and around the metro area. pockets of thicker fog. advice biltd under a mile there. visibility under a mile in la ray. four things in four days. tomorrow it will be warm and dry. saturday, hot little hint of early summer humidity around. maybe a stray shower or two on saturday afternoon or sunday, but no weekend washout is coming. for more on the good news about today, let's go to sheena. >> good morning, chuck. we like today's
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finally the sun has returned and it's going to be with us all day long. once the fog clears up later on this morning, you'll notice all the sun around. a little bit of a glare while you're driving. 7:00 a.m. 60 degrees. by noon, 73 degrees. in the 80s. 7:00 p.m. showers possible overnight. by 7:00 p.m. i think you'll notice the increase in cloud cover a who had of some of that rain. temperatures 59 in the district. 58 dulles. quantico, 58. pretty comfortable this morning, but you will definitely want the short sleeves this afternoon and all the way through the weekend. coming up in just a bit, chuck and i are back with a closer look at the showers overnight and your weekend forecast just ahead. he was from bowie, maryland. killed in the line of duty. breaking news in delaware. >> state trooper shot to death there. corporal steven ballard was 32 years old. we'll have more on
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memorial for him in a moment. erika gonzalez at the live desk. >> two suspects were involved in the situation. police say one of them is in custody right now. but the other one, that's why we're still talking about this this morning, about this ongoing scene that's happening in delaware. that second suspect has barricaded himself inside a home. this is the scene from middletown, delaware. the shooting happened in the town of baer. this is about 15 miles away. a s.w.a.t. team has surrounded the area. the suspect has been firing at officers. this has been going on for several hours now ever since that shooting happened yesterday. we're going to let you know when there are any changes in this situation. from the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. >> erika, thank you. we continue our team coverage with a closer look at corporal ballard. >> pamela osborne from our sister station tells us more.
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here in glasgow. this is where corporal ballard would be reporting to work, but instead you can see the flags are flying at half staff. a visual marker of the mourning that's being felled. corporal ballard was a husband, a father, and he was simply doing his job yesterday when he was gunned down in the middle of the afternoon in a wawa parking lot. state police say corporal ballard, a 32-year-old 8 1/2 year veteran with the delaware state police force had approached a suspicious vehicle with two suspects. one suspect pulled a gun and fired several times at corporal ballard. witnesses say it happened so quick. >> shot him right in the head. i mean, it's sad when you try to save somebody it's even worse when you find out they didn't make it. >> according to corporal ballard's facebook page,
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from bowrie, maryland. our thoughts go out to his family and friends. in glasgow, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. five minutes after the hour. there may be hope that the government won't run out of money to pay the hundreds of thousands of federal workers that live in our area. there's now a one-week extension on the table. it would delay the deadline until next friday night at midnight giving lawmakers a chance to work out a long-term deal. metro expects to have full bus and rail service tomorrow despite threats of a sick out from workers. nearly 500 metro employees asked for a sick day for friday. every single one of them was rejected. metro's leadership and its largest union are locked in a bitter contract dispute. it's so bad sources tell news 4 that workers are telling their supervisors that they're skipping work on friday. according to their contract, union membersre
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to strike. a woman is in jail after causing a tense situation on a metro train. metro transit police say the woman had a knife and was on some kind of illegal substance when she is that righted to argue with another passenger. this happened around 9:00. it happened at the white flint station. 30 minutes later none of the passengers was injured. happening today, hundreds of airport service workers plan to walk off the job. the strike is to protest their employer, huntleigh corporation. the organization is accused of violating federal labor laws. the strike comes on the heels of a successful protest. this last week the metropolitan washington airport authority agreed to raise worker pay to $12.95 an hour by 2020. >> everything is back to normal for your morning commute on the marc train. a small fire forced passengers off the marc train.
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investigators tell us the brakes over heated. fire crews still at the scene of that fire at college park. according to our news partners at wtop, there are currently four hot spots that keep flaring up. fire crews are expected to be able to leave after day after days of fighting that fire. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> wall going to load up for three. knock it down! >> the wizards are back on top in their playoff series. they'll be back in atlanta tomorrow night where they had their two losses in the series. former vice president joe biden receiving a standing ovation. home is hopefully where the wins will continue to happen, this time on the ice. >> news 4's megan mcgrath is live in northwest with the excitement building up for the caps big game tonight. hey,
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>> reporter: yeah, that's right. there's a lot of excitement about the big game. in fact, it's happening all around town. take a look behind me. we've changed our location. we're behind the hotel monaco. they're rocking the red. >> a little battery issue with megan's microphone there. a huge game tonight. >> that's right. this is the first game of the second series. they have to take the court off, put the ice in. hoping home ice makes a big difference. david culver just one of the many people at news 4 rocking the red for the catchps. we want you to show off your colors, too, of course. send us your pictures on instagram, facebook, twitter with the #rockthered. 6:08. you could begin tonight calling this
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football season. the washington redskins pick 18th. on the defensive side of the ball the 'skins are looking for some youth. they're also in need of help in the middle of the field at both the linebacker and safety positions. they may also want to think of a quarterback they can develop just in case they can't keep kirk cousins signed to a long-term contract. breakfast is about to got a lot easier. how they're making your favorite morning meal just a cell phone click away. good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. a little bit of patchy fog and thicker fog in other areas. temperature wise, we're in the mid to upper 50s now. up, up and away for temperatures today up to about 80 degrees by lunch and low to mid 80s for highs today. a little chance for some showers over the weekend.
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forecast coming up in about ten minutes. new overnight. big changes from united airlines. how it's adjusting the way it treats customers le you after ik
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melissa mollet continuing to follow breaking news in first four traffic. >> trouble on 295. melissa, what's going on? skbl major trouble. 5 mile backup. 295 after the 11th street bridge. bad accident, serious injuries. avoid it if you possibly can. 95 north before powder mill, two lanes blocked. debris there. 66 eastbound at washington boulevard, two lanes getting by the earlier crash. travel times, 270 is okay. top of the beltway okay.
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pretty good there in virginia. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. right now, sheena is looking at fog. >> yes, melissa. patchy fog. you might be running into it. keep that in mind. here's a live look across the district. you see the fog, low cloud cover. clear skies. a lot of sunshine in store. once the fog starts to clear out, 59 grease currently in the district. as you leave for your morning commute, we are looking at nice, dry conditions but, again, remember that foggy just showed y -- fog i just showed you. no umbrella. by noon, 73 degrees. quite a change in our weather. by 5:00 p.m. looking at the 80s in the forecast. a nice, dry evening commute. if you're exercising today you'll also want to have the short sleeves. that goes into the weekend. coming up, chuck and i are back with e in a bit with a look at
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at the neighborhood section of chestnut street and garrett street at 7:00 last night. the crash involved a motorcycle and a bicycle. the bicyclist died. 6:15 now. developing this morning, a man convicted of killing a state trooper in pennsylvania is now facing the death penalty. eric frein was sentenced to death by lethal injection late last night. he was convicted of killing trooper ryan dixon and wounding trooper alex douglas three years ago. he ambushed them in their barracks. you may remember it took nearly two months before he was caught. 6:15 now. president trump's tax plan promises to benefit large corporations, small businesses and you. many economists say it lacks important details. watchdog groups say the president's tax plan will grow the deficit and cost $6 trillion over the next decade and it won't come close to paying for
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working out how the government will pay for all of this. >> we will be back here with very firm details. >> we're working on lots of details. >> we will let you know the specific details. >> now there are still a lot of questions about this tax plan and we are working to get answers for you. this afternoon at 4:30 our consumer reporter susan hogan will host a facebook live chat with a financial advisor. virginia's race for governor will take center stage this weekend in fairfax. the first debate will get underway on saturday at 7:00 p.m. news 4's tom sherwood will moderate that. lieutenant governor raffl northam is running against tom perriello. they have six weeks before the primary. he was flying blind. bad weather, two failed instruments and three other people on board. >> may day, may
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my engine. >> point me to the nearest airport. there is a route 58 that goes to danville. you probably should be pretty close. a virginia pilot turned to the washington air traffic control in leesburg to get the plane on the ground safely last easter. they crash landed, but those emergency commands helped everyone on boardwalk away. controllers who helped guide the pilot down were recently honored for their actions. >> honored and up here to receive this award in recognition is beyond my dreams, however, i never would wish it upon anybody. >> it was a very, very traumatic experience knowing that their lives are in your hands so you have to do everything right to make sure they make it. >> wow. the pilot's only resource after he lost most of his equipment on board. they told him how far to turn to land exactly in the right spot to land.
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briave men and women have a new reason to be honored. they were saluted for their h heroism ceremony. i had the opportunity to emcee it. >> can i just shout out to alexandria police department for their awesome twitter feed? >> a lot of fun? >> yes. you can be among the first in the country to test out mcdonald's new mobile ordering app. this sounds like trouble. >> the fast food company says customers can order food through the app and pick it up at one of 50 restaurants in the d.c. area. you can choose to pick up your order at the front counter, the drive through or at a new curbside spot. the app gives the restaurant your location so the food is fresh when you arrive to pick it up. mcdonald's plans to launch the app nationwid
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first 4 traffic who is still following breaking news. >> big issue on 295 but a good update. southbound after the 11th street bridge, have a five-mile backup. we just heard from d.c. police that one lane is now getting by. that is going to help, of course, still have a massive backup and you're going to want to take your alternate if you have a good one. 95 north before powder mills, two lanes blocked for debris. 66 at washington boulevard, looks like that may have cleared in the past couple of minutes. still quite close to that area. 270 south, a crash report there. still hanging around and a new problem on gw parkway on morning side lane. sounds like both sides of the roadway affected a vehicle down an embankment. hi, chuck. >> good morning, melissa. good morning, everybody. here's a check of our tower cam. a gorgeous shot, a little bit of fog. you can probably see the rising sun in our eastern
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there it is right there. officially sun is up. 6:15 is the official sunrise this morning. early sunrises are one of the best features of this time of the year. visibility now down to zero in maryland. half mile in front role, half mile in warring ton. half mile at joint base andrews. there are areas of thick fog this morning. not too much of a visibility issue. watch out and keep your low beams on and speeds down a little bit. otherwise, a little bit of fog with temperatures in the 50s. this fog won't stand a chance. the strong april sunshine will have it out here. no later than about 8:00 this morning. afternoon temperatures today, upper 70s to low and mid 80s. again, on your way out the door this morning mostly in the 50s. nice cool, dry start to the day with the fog around. by later this evening there is a chance for rain today but probably not until after 8:00, 9:00 this evening. then we're back to a little taste of summer for tomorrow and saturday oh, so summer
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degrees. there's that chance for rain in kentucky and tennessee. that will be coming in our general direction. it won't get here until after the sun goes down. here's 7:00 on future weather. all still dry. once you get past 8:00, 9:00, there is a chance for a passing shower or two. that will be in and out of here by 9:00 tomorrow night and 2 to 3:00 tomorrow morning. there's your five day forecast. 84 and sunny today. 83 and sun any tomorrow. slight chance for a stray shower or thunder shower on saturday afternoon. no big deal. big issue for saturday will be the warmth. sunday a slight chance for a passing shower. still on the mild side. i know you love those 80 degree days. >> chuck, thank you. 6:21 right now. this week we've been sharing stories about d.c.'s missing teens after a nationwide social media campaign. >> we're trying to find ways to keep our kids home. now a run away is explaining why teens are leaving. she talks to our cameras. hear from her and how to help
6:22 am
from police. this homeless man's transformation is going viral. we'll show you that still ahead. i feel like that was so meant be to happen to me, like i'm such a different person. >> and today on ellen, kim kardashian west opens up about how she changed after being robbed in paris. she explains the ordeal and said it made her a better mother. >> tune in or set your dvr for 3:00 today on nbc
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it's custom made so you know it's good quality. i'm just speechless because it's perfect.
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> 6:25. for weeks d.c.'s missing children were brought into the national spotlight. police debunked the social media rumors that large numbers of young black children were missing from the district. >> but as in every city, there are run aways. all this week we've been sharing stories about how to keep our kids home. >> today the perspective of a run away and the group that helps teens in need. >> here's news 4's justin finch. >> reporter: often the young faces on these flyers are running from something. >> many young people don't feel safe, don't feel safe in their community and don't feel safe in their schools. >> just need to go. >> reporter: just last month news 4 was there as a mom and daughter were reunited. when asked why they're leaving home. >> they're leaving. they don't know what they're looking for. they don't know what they're trying to fi
6:26 am
at risk kids since 1974. interest she says has grown through d.c.'s missing kids cases went viral with many wondering why so many are children of color. >> where we see the young people that are missing or are coming into our services, more often they are young people coming from communities that are strained and stressed. if you look at our society, the people who are most strained and stressed are people of color. >> reporter: and now shore is advising the district that it makes child welfare reforms. >> i am seeing this as a wonderful opportunity. >> reporter: justin finch, news had 4. we posted about the facts behind this story on the nbc washington app. check out our interactive time line of the key moments exploring this issue. search d.c. missing teens. distracted driving. samsung wants to help you get to work safely with a new app that could change your habits behind th
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a new pledge from united airlines and the $10,000 offer on the tle.ab
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now on "news 4 today" a delaware trooper murdered. a standoff underway as the case is hitting home in prince george's county. customer service upgrade. united airlines is making a series of changes that it says will give passengers new protections. quest for the cup. the washington capitals are taking on the pittsburgh penguins in just hours and it is going to be an epic clash on the ice. "news 4 today" starts now. huge. epic. >> epic. >> big game. >> it is 6:30 right now on a busy morning. "news 4 today" is working for you. >> from breaking news on a murdered trooper to a big change in air traveller policy, we have you covered. >> but we begin with breaking news in your first 4 traffic. >> breaking news. 5 mile backup headed southbound on 295, crash is after the 11th street bridge. we now have one lane getting by. doesn't matter, sti
6:31 am
old mess headed into the district there this morning. if you can take an alternate, definitely want to do it here. northbound 95 and southbound near powder mill, very slow. two right lanes blocked northbound there. 15 southbound at mountville road, brand new one there. also have a slowdown. gw parkway at morning side, both lanes blocked. vehicle down an embankment. beautiful day today. so looking forward to getting the nice weather back. >> yes. i think a lot of us have been craving the sunshine. we haven't seen it in a few days. it's coming back. >> indeed, it is. live picture from our tower camera. i promise you the disk of the sun is in there somewhere. we do have some fog around early this morning. this won't last long. the sun will totally win this battle here and that fog will be moving on out. so a complete turn around after many, many days in a row with clouds and rain chances. we get back into the sunshine
6:32 am
still at risk of a shower between 9:00, 10:00 until the hours after midnight. it will be dry today and tomorrow. near 90 still it looks like on saturday. sunday a little bit more cloud cover and a slight chance of a sprinkle. get your run on today, temperatures upper 50s to around 60 for morning runners. mid 70s at lunchtime. if you wait until later on in the day, it will be in the 80s. a look at the weekend forecast all coming up. >> thank you, chuck. breaking news in the murder of a delaware trooper and a police standoff happening right now. erika gonzalez is live at desk now. >> this started yesterday afternoon. more than 12 hours ago, corporal stephen ballard shot and killed at a wawa. he was a state trooper for eight years. right now the man police believe shot him is barricaded inside a house. the police shooting happened in the town of baer. the barricade is in middletown. 15 miles
6:33 am
them is in custody. these are images where you can see s.w.a.t. teams have surrounded the house. the suspect accused of firing at officers as well. another sad thing about this, trooper ballard was originally from bowie and was recently married. flags flown at half staff in his honor. back over to you. >> erika, thank you. 6:33. here's a look at other top stories. fire crews still putting out a few hot spots. it was a five alarm fire monday of a building under construction. they're expected to be able to leave later today. economists criticizing president trump's tax plan saying it will add trillions of dollars to the deficit. it reduces the number of tax brackets and doubles deductions for individuals and couples. it cuts the corporate tax rate by more than 50%. >> and wizards fans are waking up in a good mood. the team is back on top in
6:34 am
they beat the hawks 103-99. >> what a win. expect to see some customer service changes the next time you fly united. the company is changing its policies after a passenger was physically pulled from a flight. >> pretty significant changes in some cases, too. news 4's justin finch live at ragan national airport now with a look at what the airline is trying to do differently here. justin? >> reporter: hey, aaron. good morning. as we hit peak travel this morning, united is hitting the reset button. they're making changes to regain customer confidence. their actions will speak louder than words. april 9th dr. david dao was forcibly removed from flight at o'hare airport. he was pulled off after he refused to give up his seat. that video went viral and that has led
6:35 am
designed to improve relations to customers including limiting the use of law enforcement. unless it's for security and safety. up until $10,000 compensation who volunteer on full flights. the airline will work to reduce over booking. >> you make a mistake, you fix it. they appear to be doing that. >> reporter: the overhaul also calls for annual employee training and also gives workers more in field problem solving tools. some changes will begin this month. others will take a bit longer. perhaps by late summer or so. we are live at ragan national. i'm justin finch. news 4 back in to you. >> justin, thank you. just ahead, an exclusive interview with united ceo. what he says went wrong and what could have prevented the passenger dragging incident. that's coming
6:36 am
minutes. a bird was responsible for diverting a flight from ragan national. this happened last night moments after an american airlines flight took off for florida. it was forced to land at dulles international airport with 56 people on board. all of the passengers were moved to another flight. pretty picture. that's live. women in virginia will soon be able to have their insurance cover a full year of birth control pills. governor terry mcauliffe signed it into law yesterday. lawmakers say the new rules will help women avoid gaps in birth control use and can reduce the rate of unintended pregnancies by as much as 30%. it takes place on the 1st. about $30,000 have vanished from maryland's biggest school district. the money went missing from the montgomery county parent council. they lobby and run events from
6:37 am
country. an audit claims the theft is most likely from someone inside the pta. montgomery county police say it could take weeks to solve this case of possible fraud or embezzlement. 6:37 right now. the sick day protest metro workers plan to call out but now the transit agency says not so fast. surprise encounter. a homeless man gets an unexpected visit from police. the feel good story worth sharing. sheena and i working on the details of your all important forecast. look at that gorgeous golden glow of our sky. those people on the plane made a mistake. this is the day you sy inta
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i'm on it.ect your vehicle? ♪ ♪ ♪ weathertech. made right, in america breaking news right now in first 4 traffic. still a major
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bridge. one lane getting by with a five plus mile backup here this morning. very slow for folks. update on the 95 situation. getting a little bit better now. just off the phone with police. telling us northbound before powder mill the lanes are open. delays still hanging around. we'll take a look at the beltway and your travel times coming up. good morning, melissa. one thing we're seeing today, sunshine, beautiful sunshine. live look outside. there it is. if you look off in the distance, a little bit hazy because we have some patchy fog around. 59 degrees currently in the district by 7:00 a.m. we have patchy fog around 60 degrees. noon we're warming up. 73. 80s this afternoon. mid 80s for high temperatures today. going into the weekend, we're at 90 degrees with a chance for showers. we'll show you that forecast. chuck and i are back in a bit. sheena, thank you. 6:41. here's a story that may pop up
6:42 am
>> facebook post from the police department in the city of rome in new york. officers ran into a homeless man and here's how they responded. they decided to give him a makeover. >> they learned that his name is bobby and he was down on his luck so they gave him a haircut, a shave, a shower, and a whole new wardrobe of donated clothing. how about that? >> i love it. bobby left looking like a new man. hardly recognize him. the story has been shared thousands of times and i plan to share it as well. love it. >> pretty awesome. distracted driving. the one thing that could change how you respond behind the wheel. >> plus f you're waiting for the government shutdown debate to end, we'll tell you why you're going to wait even longer. >> we continue to follow breaking news out of delaware after a trooper was shot and killed. his connection to the d.c. area and where the suspect is now. >> reporter: well, excitement is building around town for the capitals big playoff game. in fact,
6:43 am
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it's custom made so you know it's good quality. i'm just speechless because it's perfect.
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murder at wawa. a trooper from our area is dead.
6:46 am
passengers. hear directly from the ceo in an exclusive interview. >> reporter: the customer always right now, is is that going to be the attitude? shutdown showdown. a change that could impact thousands of local federal workers. quest for the cup. the four things to know hours before the puck drops. your time is 6:46. he was shot and killed in the line of duty. >> trooper died on the job was from maryland. >> pamela osborne joins us with more. pamela, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun and aaron. where we are right now is the state police barracks in glasgow. troop q.
6:47 am
ballard would be reporting for duty today but instead you can see the flags are flying at half staff. corporal ballard was a father, a husband. state police say the 32-year-old 8 1/2 year veteran with state police was gunned down at a wawa parking lot after he approached a suspicious vehicle. >> reporter: the woman who we spoke with afterwards, she was one of several people who went and tried to administer cpr to that fallen officer. hundreds of fellow officers lined the way as corporal ballard's body left the hospital. they were joined by citizens who also stopped there to pay their respects. our thoughts and prayers certainly going out to corporal ballard and his
6:48 am
fellow police officers who are still in harm's way as that shooter was firing shots as recent as 4:00 this morning at police. reporting live in glasgow, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> pamela, thank you. a woman is in jail after causing a tense situation on a metro train. metro transit police said a woman had a knife and was on some kind of illegal substance when she started to argue with another passenger. this happened last night around 9:00. she was arrested at the white flint station 30 minutes later. none of the passengers was injured. metro expects to have full bus and rail service tomorrow ahead of threats of a sick out from workers. nearly 500 metro employees asked for a sick day on friday. every single one of them was rejected. they're locked in a bitter contract dispute. it's so bad they tell their supervisors that they are skipping work on friday. but according to their contract, union members are not permitted to strike. hundreds of airport service workers plan to walk
6:49 am
at ragan national and dulles international airports today. the strike is to protest their employer, huntleigh corporation. the organization is accused of violating federal labor laws. it comes on the heels of another successful protest. last week the metropolitan washington airport authority agreed to raise worker pay to 12:95 an hour by 2020. the ceo of united airlines is making changes and speaking out. "nbc nightly news" anchor lester holt spoke with oscar munoz about the passenger dragging incident. >> reporter: is the customer always right? is that going to be the attitude? >> you can say -- never say never and the customer is always right. it's difficult in our world because you do have situations where customers for whatever reason do get unruly or have different views about where they should sit ando
6:50 am
forth. we have to and do need our partners in law enforcement sometimes to help us. >> you can watch all of that exclusive interview coming up on the "today" show. it is 6:50. developing this morning, there may be hope that the government will not run out of money to pay the large number of federal employees who live in our area. there is now a one week extension on the table. it would delay the deadline until next friday night at midnight giving lawmakers a chance to work out a longer term deal. that one week extension still needs to be voted on. new poll about the president is just in. >> nearing the end of president trump's first 100 days and voters who supported him in the election are standing by their choice. new poll numbers from the university of virginia center for politics are out this morning. we're still going through the numbers. here's some of the take aways. 1,000 trump supporters recently surveyed. the poll has the president's approval rating at
6:51 am
voters. 42% strongly approve and 51% somewhat approve. 20% of the people polled voted for president obama at one point in time. the poll was conducted a week ago and has a 3 point be point 1% margin of error. from the live desk i'm erika gonzalez. 6:51. home is hopefully where the wins will continue to happen in the caps quest for the cup. >> news 4's megan mcgrath is live in northwest where the excitement is building for tonight's nhl playoff game. hi, megan. >> reporter: hey, good morning. excitement is definitely building all around town. we're actually in front of the hotel monaco right down the street from the verizon center where the game is happening. work crews were here all morning. they're putting up wires. they're pulling down big capitals banners that they're going to hang from the pillars. take a look at the video we had this morning. they
6:52 am
rock the red. they've got red spotlights going along the side of the building. of course, getting fans excited about tonight's game. round two game one tonight. now crews at the verizon center, very busy last night. of course, the wizards played yet as well. they spent their time swapping out the floor from the hard wood to the ice in preparation for today. the capitals take on the pittsburgh penguins. this is video from last year's heart breaker. the penguins beat the capitals and then went on to win the stanley cup. now i spoke to a caps fan this morning and he said a win tonight would just be amazing. >> reporter: this time last year the penguins didn't go so well. how sweet would it be tonight? >> oh, sweet. absolutely sweet if we could just knock them out. that would be great. >> reporter: tonight's game, 7:30. back to you guys. >> all right, megan. thanks. >> going to be so
6:53 am
melissa mollet has a look at the roads and some problems out there. >> breaking news in first 4 traffic. a big backup here on 295. still sticking around but all lanes just reopened. still a five mile backup. southbound 295 after the 11th street bridge is where that initial crash was. 270 southbound at buckiestown pike. very slow there as well. they've had some lanes blocked. 270 at falls road. main and local lanes looking a lot better. gw parkway at morning side lane, just got off the phone with police. southbound we are shut down here because of this vehicle down an embankment. big look at 9 bethe beltway. looking pretty typical right now. when you're looking outside the beltway. travel time 66 okay, 95 northbound pretty normal for this time of day. 270 all right. remember to listen to
6:54 am
f.m. >> good morning, melissa. beautiful day outside this morning. bright sunshine. the sun is going to do everything it can to eat up the fog around the area. 59 at national airport. most everybody in the mid to upper 50s. there are pockets of relatively thick fog around early this morning. visibility down to 0. only 1/3 of a mile in winchester. visibility down near front royal and la ray. some of the sheltered valleys are a little fuzzy. up, up and away we go. back into the 80s by later on today. the warm weather sticks around all weekend as well. for more on the weekend smiling here is sheena parveen. >> good morning, chuck. i'm smiling about the weekend. it will be so nice as we go through both your saturday and your sunday. if you like temperatures close to 90 degrees, i think you're really going to like the way your weekend is shaping up. future weather. let's look ayo
6:55 am
go into saturday mostly dry. we do have the chance for maybe a couple of isolated showers or thunderstorms later in the day on saturday. it will still be a hot day. temperature trend, normal high 70 degrees. today and tomorrow the mid 80s. by saturday, near 90. staying well above normal on sunday. right around 80 degrees. running 10 to 15 even 20 degrees above normal. going through the weekend, looking pretty good. let's take a look at the ten day forecast. >> temperatures, keep in mind,s a you mentioned, sheena, 70 is our average high. all of the next four or five days way above average. a chance of showers until we get to monday and monday night. that's our next big chance of a soaking rain. let's go back to the news. >> chuck, thank you. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. samsung is trying to combat distracted driving. it's testing a new app that
6:56 am
automatically sends a preset message on the road. it uses the gps to determine when the car is in motion. it sends an automated reply or animated image to text or call. the app should be in samsung's play store next month. with your cnbc morning business report i am landon doughty. >> 6:56. four things to know this morning. a man is hold up inside a home in delaware after he was accused of killing a state trooper. corporal stephen ballard died in the shooting yesterday. he was from bowie, maryland. the "today" show will have more. gop lawmakers hope they can hold a vote on health care reform before the week is over. yesterday republicans got the support of the freedom caucus. even if it passes the house the american health care act could still face a tough battle in the senate. metro expects to have full rail and bus threats tomorrow. nearly 500 employees asked for a sick day friday but were rejected. metro and its employees are locked
6:57 am
>> the dragging incident has required them to make changes. they're reducing over booking on flights and improve customer satisfaction. more details up next on the "today" show. that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. enjoy your day and rock the red. >> make it a great thursday, everybody.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. deal or no deal? president trump now says he will not immediately pull the deal or no deal. the president says he won't immediately take the u.s. out of nafta. what's the fate of what trump once called the worst trade deal ever, and how will he pay for what may be the biggest tax cut in history? what went wrong. the internal report on the united airlines mistakes and vowing to change. this morning lester holt's interview with united's ceo.


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