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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 27, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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office building targeted twice. an investigation is under way after a small blast sparked a big police presence and threatening messages were left behind. still a lot of questions as we come on the air tonight. >> what we know, someone set off fireworks and left bomb threats inside a building that includes a health clinic that performs abortions. and although no one was hurt, there's a possibility it could be connected to another threat t at the same clinic months ago. jules? >> reporter: well, good evening, this aging office building along south washington street, just a few blocks from downtown falls church, well known to police and passers by, because it's the scene of daily anti-abortion demonstrations. up on the third floor, there's an abortion clinic and already they're blaming today's threats on a spike in protest activity here and across
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an unnerving day for dozens of employees in this office building after two evacuations. the first time came around 9:00 a.m. after fireworks exploded on an elevator, sending smoke into the hallways. no one was injured. then around 12:30, someone discovered a bomb threat. >> there were two notes left by the rear door that said "bomb" printed on them. >> reporter: employees evacuated again. for more than two hours this time. k-9 teams from arlington and virginia state police helped falls church police check the large building. nothing was found. >> it's been a little unusual. and we hope for better days. >> reporter: but falls church police already keep a close watch on this building. its best known tenant offers abortion services and has been the target of threats before. an employee read a statement, that they believe today's incidents, also aimed at t
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>> pro-choice health care centers have experienced an increase in harassments, threats, and the presence of protesters since the election. but the anti-abortion activists praying here today come here regularly and are not considered suspect. they say the threats are counter to their peaceful demonstrations designed to convince women not to get an abortion here. >> this building is a very sad building. i just spoke with some of the tenants that work here and have their businesses here, and they do not like the fact that there's an abortion clinic in this building. i'm not saying that has anything to do with the bomb threat, but i'm saying this is a very sad building. >> reporter: now surveillance video in and around the building, will be a key source of evidence for police. some of the tenants i spoke to today say while it was an unsettli unsettling events, they plan to continue to be here. andhe
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ago. whether there's a connection, they want anybody who noticed suspicious activity today to give them a call. a 14-year-old girl is being treated at the hospital after she was stabbed at the bus stop. investigators telling us, it was a 14-year-old boy who attacked her. this was near eastern middle school late this afternoon just as school was getting out. that's off university boulevard in silver spring south of east franklin avenue. the boy had a knif, which is upsetting parents and school officials. the girl is expected to be okay. on metro, service is back to normal after a meltdown on the red line. reports of smoke brought the system to a halt at the heart of the morning rush. hours later, union workers formed a human chain to protest the general manager's policies. all of this as the transit agency deals with talk of a sick-out tomorrow. news
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dive and looks at the impact it could have on riders. >> pictures like this one of packed platforms all over twitter today, as the red line shut down for a time. an electrical spark that caused smoke, the reason for the breakdown. some riders saying it was one of the worst metro experiences they have ever had. meanwhile, at metro headquarters -- >> who moves this city! >> we move this city! >> reporter: at tensions between the union and management are the highest they're ever been, scores of union members turned their back on the general manager and the metro board, walking out in protest. hundreds of atu local 689 workers here, they're the front line workers of metro. this is easily the largest gathering of metro workers in recent history. this group, forming a hum chain around metro headquarters at one point. now all of this is happening as talks between the u
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metro management are breaking down. >> any time you're in a contract negotiation, they can be tough. and i think we've had some issues here that i'm raising, that i feel need to be addressed. and so, you know, that's -- it will play out the way it plays out. >> reporter: talking about a possible sick-out tomorrow since hundreds of workers did call out of work, but were denied that request. the general manager simply said, let's see what happens. >> adam joins us now from metro centre. you've been covering metro for years. you got a lot of context over there. what's your take on whether this thing is going to affect riders tomorrow? >> talking about the sick-out, doreen, i think if anybody is wondering if their train or bus is going to show up, they shouldn't. because metro has staffed up levels internally to make sure they put out full service tomorrow. but 4 to 500 people did call out sick for tomorrow. those requests were denied by
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just stay home tomorrow if they want to. as the general manager said, let's see what happens. but i think you'll be able to get everywhere you need to go tomorrow and this weekend. >> might be a little slower, though? >> yes, could be. it thank you, adam. another busy day as president trump looks to rack up the accomplishments in his first 100 days, but the storm cloud related to russia still recovering over that white house. now there's a new investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn and his financial ties to foreign groups. we have you covered with every angle, beginning with blayne alexander on the hill. >> despite the tremendously full plate of this administration right now, between health care, tax reform and avoiding a government shutdown. still today it was russia that took center stage. fired national security adviser michael flynn, now under ag
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turkey. >> we have no evidence, not a shred, that he disclosed his payments. >> reporter: today the house oversight committee's top democrat releasing defense intelligence agency documents showing there's no record of flynn asking permission for or disclosing work for foreign governments despite an explicit warning. >> the pentagon's warning to general flynn was bold, italicized and could not have been clearer. >> reporter: also lashing out at the white house for not turning over documents on flynn as requested. >> these guys are playing games. come on, man. >> i was frankly taken back by his comments today because they're frankly not true. >> reporter: the white house today blaming the obama administration, which last granted flynn security clearance. but white house spokesman sean spicer repeatedly deflected questions about the transition team's responsibility in vti
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adviser. >> i can't believe the trump administration let him get anywhere near the situation room. >> i think there should be absolute transparency in this. >> reporter: meanwhile, congress moving to pass a temporary spending measure by friday's deadline to avoid a government shutdown as house republicans try to shift focus, looking for enough votes for a renewed health care push. >> we'll go when we have the votes. >> reporter: republicans looking to help the president in his first 100 days with a major victory. and as for the looming government shutdown, right now it does appear very likely that congress will avoid that. we do know they're expected to vote on a temporary, one-week extension to give them more time to negotiate a spending bill. live on capitol hill, blayne alexander, news4. i'm pat lawson muse with a closer look at a timeline as we follow the money. in flynn earned $45,000 at a gala for rt, a media organization owned by
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kremlin. flynn sat next to president vladimir putin. then last fall, flynn's private intelligence company received $530,000 to lobby on behalf of a turkish businessman with links to the turkish government. there's now reporting from politico this week that the turkish company may have been funded by a russian oligarch. nbc news has not confirmed that. the pentagon is investigating whether flynn violated a law prohibiting top officials from receiving payments from foreign governments. retired generals are bound by the law, because they could be called back to service at any time. and the big question is whether flynn informed the defense department. we didn't file paperwork as a foreign agent until march. flynn's lawyer said he did inform the defense intelligence agency of his foreign dealings in 2015, but a letter sent to the house oversight committee says there's no record of that. back to you. >> pat, thank you. the fire responsible for all of this
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worth, was an accident. investigators still don't know what caused monday's historical fire at a college park apartment building, but they say they know it wasn't set on purpose. the prince george's county fire department said it could take weeks of sifting through the rubble by hand to find the exact cause. they're asking witnesses to send them video of the fire's early stages before the fire crews got there. the building near the university of maryland campus was under construction and nobody was seriously hurt in this fire. oh, you have just over an hour as the caps quest for the cup continues. >> carol maloney, we're talking bitter rivals, two superstars, and they both want the same thing. >> yeah, we're talking that for sure. a rematch we've been wanting all season. will the caps get their revenge? it's caps versus penguins, but everyone's talking about ovi
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12 years ago. this is their third match-up in the postseason and it's a rivalry embraced on both sides. >> the battle between me and him, it's great. i think me and him enjoy it, you guys enjoy it, fans enjoy it. but right now, it's not about me and him. it's about caps and penguins. >> the expectations are high on both teams. i think that we both understand that pretty well. and it will be a great series. >> reporter: well, you know the series history, you know who has scoreboard both times they've met prior to this series, the pens have won, eliminated ovi and the capitals and gone on to win the cup. i guess it's the understatement of the year that the caps are due. guys? >> all right, carol, thank you. new allegations tonight against a popular teacher acquitted in a high profile sex assault trial. the
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he's accused of 17 years later and why he says he surrendered his license. and a state trooper killed followed by an intense stand-off with the man who pulled the trigger. what we're learning about this crime and the victim's ties on our area. we got into the 80s across most of the area. tomorrow, 80s again and then -- 90? we'll talk about some rlea
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>> the man wanted for the murder of a delaware state trooper yesterday was shot and killed today after a long stand-off with police. a man named burgon sealy barricaded himself inside this house in middletown, delaware, yesterday. police used explosives to blow out the doors and windows but did not enter the house. after a 20-hour stand-off, sealy came outside firing at officers. police returned fire, killing him. sealy is accused of shooting and killing corporal stephen ballard yesterday in a wawa parking lot about 15 miles from the site of the stand-off. >> the loss of corporal ballard is being felt up and down the i-95 corridor. he had ties to our area, graduating high school in prince george's county. this evening, we're hearing from his mentor as we learn about his time here in maryland. meagan f
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of the story. >> stephen ballard's long-time mentor said he was a student at buoy high school when his leadership skills started to be noticed. ballard was part of a civil air patrol, an organization that was chartered by congress and works with the air force. his mentor says everyone who knew ballard knew that he would make an impact wherever he went. sometimes it just takes one person to make a profound impact on your life. >> he was a big, loveable teddy bear, i guess you could say. everyone enjoyed being around him. >> reporter: paul says he has mentored stephen ballard since he was a teenager, but it was ballard, he says, that encouraged him. paul says his passion to help others was evident from the day ballard joined the civil air patrol. >> he was an exemplary example of what civil air patrol's cadet program can produce. >> reporter: it produced a hero. after ballard graduated from delaware state university, h
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became a state trooper. his life ended while helping others. investigators say he was called to check out a suspicious car on wednesday afternoon in the parking lot of a delaware wawa. before he could reach for his gun, investigators say he was shot and killed while the gunman took off. >> he was always serving his community. >> reporter: paul is one of many people grieving the loss of corporal stephen ballard, but he's proud to call him a friend and he knows his memory will live on in the countless people he's helped. >> remember him that he had a big heart, he was always there to help people. and he will definitely be missed by everyone here and i'm sure everyone in delaware. >> another one of his mentors was james brogan from the civil air patrol. what he wanted to mention, he says, it's more than accurate to say that i learned more from stephen than i could ever impart on him. steven brogan leaves behind a
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tonight we're working to learn more about two american special operations team members killed in a firefight in afghanistan last night in the same region from u.s. forces recently dropped that huge bomb known as the mother of all bombs. the area is the primary operations area for isis in afghanistan. three special ops were wounded, two were medevacked and died of their injuries. the third service member was grazed by a bullet and did not require a medevac. military officials say numerous isis fighters were killed. some closure for a maryland state droorp. he survived a brush with death, hit by a drunk driver on i-270. nearly a year later he's still recovering. chris gordon has more on his difficult journey and his connection to the family of a fellow trooper who was killed in the line of duty. >> reporter: trooper tyler dressel was hit and nearly ll
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his cruiser was crushed while he was in it at a traffic stop on i-270 last june. >> this has turned our world upside down. >> every single doctor from neurologist to opt that will molgss to primary care, everybody has said it's a miracle he's alive. >> reporter: puja has been sentenced to 18 months in jail for causing the accident while intoxicated. once released she'll speak to community groups about the dangers of drunk driving. she uses a wheelchair because she was also injured in the crash. trooper dressle and his wife are satisfied with the sentenced. >> she has to go out there and educate the public. she has to live with this every day. when she's in jail, that's what she's going to be thinking about. no one wants to be in jail. >> reporter: trooper dressel and his wife say their son was born on the day that montgomery county police officer noahlyota dayed after being hit by a drunk
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noah's law, today spoke in court at the sentencing hearing. >> when somebody gets behind the wheel of a car, they're playing russian roulette with all of ur on lives if they've been drinking. >> reporter: maryland law says to move over or slow down while passing a trooper on a busy highway. a fairfax county schoolteacher back in the headlines seven years after he was found not guilty of sexually assaulting a student. the i-team investigates a new controversy. united airlines trying to win back customers after that pr nightmare. the settlement that was reached today and the changes you could
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ill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me some gray, some sun, but no rain today, doug. >> what about this weekend? >> we ha
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showers activity on saturday. maybe an afternoon thunderstorm. it's like your typical saturday or summertime afternoon with a chance of thunderstorms and high temperatures near 90 degrees. yeah, that's right. pretty amazing. i want to show you video in virginia, southern virginia, south boston, virginia. this is an area of virginia that saw extremely heavy rainfall from our last storm that we saw. and they're still dealing with flood warnings in that area, parts of southern virginia and north carolina inundated with up to seven inches of rain in that part of the region. so even though we didn't see nearly that much, they got it down to the south, right along the virginia/north carolina border. look at that flooding. there it is right there. show you what's happening around the rest of our region, some cloud cover and a mix of sun and clouds all day today. temperature wise, 78 degrees. temperatures dropping through the evening, but again, very nice. it is a
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some people said it's humid outside. it wasn't that bad. a little bit humid. watch out for some showers around 11:00. here are the numbers at 6:00. 82 fredericksburg and charlottesville, 80 degrees. radar, nothing to show in our area, but back towards frostburg, shower activity there. this is the front we're looking at. you can see it out ahead of the front, making its way through ohio, showers and thunderstorms, those will try to make their way into our region in the next few hours. behind this very cold air. 46, chicago, 35 in minneapolis. now if this was earlier this month or last month, this would be coming our way. this storm moving so far to the north that we'll continue to get that flow and with that warmer air again tomorrow. future weather through the evening, shower activity back to the shenandoah valley,
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nothing in d.c. if you have dinner plans, maybe you want to eat outside, no problem. right through about 9/10:00, that's when we'll start to see a chance for showers, but they'll be widely scattered. tomorrow, nothing but sunshine. that's why we're calling tomorrow a fantastic friday. mostly sunny and warm, but nice and less humid than today. pretty fantastic if you ask me. 90 degrees on saturday. 30% chance of storms during the afternoon, but again, most of us should remain on the dry side. 80 degrees on sunday. still a tough day to forecast. a front will move down. some areas will be the 70s, especially to the north, some areas upper 80s, down to the south. monday, another chance of late-day showers and thunderstorms. that's a system we'll have to watch, rather breezy, if not windy. highs of 83 degrees. more on the ten-day forecast and your weekend in about 15, 20 minutes. >> thank you, doug upon. seven years after a high profile trial, a virginia schoolteacher surrenders his licenseer
6:27 pm
inappropriate behavior with students. up next, the investigation you won't want to miss. >> does it surprise you that his teaching license was just
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>> i love all my students, and just absolutely stunned that a student would actually make these accusations. >> a teacher
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molesting a student, a jury found shaun lan ghan not guilty of sexual battery against a sickth grade girl seven years ago. >> but his name and his story made headlines coast to toast up -- coast. >> an investigation reveals just weeks ago he formally canceled his teaching license. >> reporter: months after winning a not guilty verdict in court. >> when that judge read the verdict of not guilty, both charges, felt like the world was off my shoulders. >> reporter: fairfax county elementary gym teacher went on tfr to tell his side. they were shocked when a sixth grader accused him of inappropriately touching her. >> of grabbing her boob and her rear end. >> reporter: and that she
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up the story. something a jury had agreed with. after his acquittal, he began teaching elsewhere in fairfax county, in reston. but seven years after the trial and the not guilty verdict, there's trouble again for the popular fizz-ed teacher. according to an internal investigation which was obtained by the i-team. in this report, school investigators looked into reports that lanigan had run his finger up the inner thigh of a 15-year-old sophomore. that he was seen holding hands with girls, talking to one about a vibrator, calling another his girlfriend. tripping a student, using inappropriate language and talking to boys about a girl's body parts. the school district memo said he denied the accusations, but said fellow students or teachers corroborated them. it also said he admitted allowing students to access confidential files in his
6:32 pm
computer. in july 2016, he quit. a few weeks ago he completed the process of cancelling his teaching license with the state, acknowledging he did so in response to a petition to revoke it based on the findings of the investigation. he did not admit to the findings. >> does it surprise you that his license was canceled? >> it surprises me that it took so long. >> reporter: this student complained about him in the 1990s when he was her gym teachers. >> what kind of touching was it? >> mostly my shoulders and my arms. >> what did he say to you on your birthday? >> that i should run the mile in my birthday suit. >> he responded to that same accusation by saying he was joking, that the girl had come to class without her gym uniform. sarah said her
6:33 pm
formal complaint and pulled the girl from his class. >> it was something that was happening to all the girls. >>a as a man, i'm glad he doesn't have a teaching license anymore. >> reporter: ray muro said law enforcement was notified of the accusations inside south lakes high, but that the families involved did not pursue criminal charges. >> we knew that there were some incidents over there. i don't know if we had all the specifics, but i know the police were in touch with some of the families. >> reporter: lan ghan declined our request for interview and issued a written statement, which said in part, i have 18 years of experience teaching and i have never inappropriately touched a student. however, after the trial, when i returned to teaching, tension remained between the school system and me, and after five years, although i still enjoyed teaching, i decided to move on with my life and surrendered my teaching license. the files detailing what he was accused of in 2015 are kept private in
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records via the freedom of information act did we learn about the new accusations. >> he was very playful, yeah. >> how so? >> like he would always, like, go up to girls, tickle them, or pick them up, swing them around. >> reporter: even the young girl who faced off with him in trial, in court, who is 19 years old, said she never knew what happened to him after his acquittal. >> nobody told you he was teaching again? >> no. >> no one told you he was back in front of kids? >> no. >> about that 2010 trial, and that young woman, lan ghan in his written statement said there was no truth to it. the girl's testimony was found not at all credible. he said the jury took 47 minutes to come back with their unanimous verdict of not guilty. coming up, our investigation continues, we look at why d.c.,
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maryland, and virginia differ from many states in how much information they provide publicly about teachers who have their licenses revoked. or canceled. wendy? >> scott macfarlane, thank you. a man reported missing last month is facing fraud charges for allegedly stealing from his employer. the fbi said he used his role at r & r mechanical to wire money and write a check from company accounts. the court papers show he took more than $200,000. montgomery county police asked for help finding him after he vanished in march and he was found safe a week later. united airlines trying to win back customers after a pr nightmare. the airline reached a settlement with a man who was violently dragged off a united flight earlier this month. the details of that agreement are sealed. ten policy changes are also in place, including cutting back on the practice of overbooking flights. at check-in, customers will be asked if they're willing to be
6:36 pm
passengers will be offered up to $10,000 when they agree to take a later flight. and united said it will better train front line employees to handle difficult situations. united's ceo said the policies will prevent future escalations. >> had we had in place what we've rolled out today, the incident with dr. dao would never have happened, because we would have never called law enforcement to take somebody out of a seat they had paid for and were just on their way home. >> reporter: united now requires crew members to be booked on a flight at least an hour before takeoff. in june, the airline will pay customers $1,500 for any misplaced luggage. for more of lester holt's luggage, tune in to "nightly news" right after this broadcast. still ahead, the strategy one local county is using to keep powerful drugs out of the hands of teenagers and the signs to look for if you are a parent.
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the one thing many of the prince george's county middle school students at buoy state university today have in common is good attendance. on news4, what it means for these students to be on campus here today. and i'm tracking a line of showers and thunderstorms to the west. out there now, reston town center, looking pretty good. you can see a shower over that
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keeping kids in the classroom keeps them out of trouble. prince george's county has a program that rewards good attendance, showing students that they belong in school. news4's kristin wright tags along with middle schoolers who are starting to think they could also belong in college. >> follow me. >> reporter: planting the seed that they belong here. >> i want to come here. i definitely want to come here. >> reporter: prince george's county middle school students on the campus of buoy state university. >> to encourage them to see education as a vehicle for doing what they want to do positively in their lives. >> reporter: lesley cruz said she can see herself at buoy state one day. >> i'm going to be the first person to go to college in my family. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: the pep rally at buoy state is a reward for seventh and eighth grade erds
6:41 pm
jackson academy and massey academy. officials say truancy at the three targeted schools is down while attendance is up, from 70 to more than 90% in three years. >> good morning to you. >> reporter: states attorney angela personally congratulated them. the three schools are part of the "i belong here" truancy reduction initiative, a partnership between the state's attorney's office, buoy state, and the school district. >> this is where you belong. you belong on a college campus. you belong in school, and you belong in places that will see you as a successful and productive citizen of this county. >> reporter: the college students hope their new friends follow in their foot steps. >> these kids will come and truly will see what it means to stay in school. >> i want to, like, come back 30 years and have my mom say to me, i'm proud of you. >> reporter: officials say they're seeing better attendance thanks to a healthy appetite for competition and exactly 91
6:42 pm
kristin wright, news4. >> great idea. quick premiershipiogramming first debate for virginia's candidates for governor will happen this weekend in fairfax. tom sherwood will moderate. ralph northam is running against tom perriello. you can watch a live stream saturday at 7:00 p.m. on our nbc washington app. coming up next, a roadside reminder. in the face of a national epidemic, what one local county is doing to try to save lives. >> reporter: when you think about the danger of drugs, we often think about hard drugs, but an incident recently happening, involving prescription drugs and middle schoolers here now has the sheriff trying to take some preventative actions. that prevention starts with something as simple as this box. ahead on news4, we'll walk you through what officials here in loudoun coty
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it's an annual event aimed at keeping prescription drugs from getting into the wrong hands, but this saturday's drug takeback day is getting some special attention in loudoun county after a recent incident involving young students and xanax. that case is also the focus of a meeting tonight and david culver has details. >> reporter: in the next 15 minutes, community members will gather here at river bend middle school. the meeting wi
6:46 pm
mod months, but the location changed recently. >> it's seven middle school students, there's conflicting stories. we're getting to the bottom of it. >> reporter: school nurses checked out the students and sent them home to their parents. no reports of serious injuries. still not clear where the drug came from. >> adolescents are out there experimenting with a lot of different things. >> reporter: phil ericsen is a substance abuse manager in loudoun county. he said watch your kids' behavior. >> look out for warning signs, change in friendships, changes in behavior. >> reporter: the sheriff warn to limit access to those prescriptions in your own home. >> a lot of times people leave them in their medicine cabinet. if you're done using them, get rid of them. >> reporter: a perfect opportunity to do that is this saturday's national drug
6:47 pm
you don't even have to wait for that. at the leesburg police station, it's pretty simple. they have a few of these boxes that you're about to see at several of the loudoun county sheriff's office and those local stations there. you walk right in, you have your pills with you. if you have loose pills, they provide baggies, put them in there, or keep them in the container and drop it in there and you're good to go. as far t-- as for the school system, they're -- >> focusing on how not to repeat this mistake, but we don't want to give the idea that there's a widespread epidemic or that people were poisoned. it's a roadside reminder that heroin and killing family and friends. this billboard will be updated every time someone overdoses or dies while abusing the drug. organizers behind the s
6:48 pm
every day on average one person in frederick county overdoses on heroin. and there's a deadly overdose about every ten days. two other maryland counties, anne arundel and hartford, already manage bill boards like this one. this epidemic keeps expanding and here are four things you need to know about heroin-related deaths. they've more than quadrupled thins 2010. in 2014 and 2015, the death rates jumped more than 20%. also in 2015, men between the ages of 25 and 44, had the highest death rate from heroin. and about three in four new heroin users abused prescription opioids before they turned to heroin. doug is back with more about our weather and more about our weekend weather. >> 90. first 90, i think. i think it's going to happen.
6:49 pm
>> yeah. sunday is the day we're iffy about, but even the iffy part is still really nice. show you what's happening right now. clouds have moved back in, ahead of a frontal boundary moving our way right now. and that front is preceded by showers and thunderstorms later this evening. although i'm not expecting much in most of the area. currently 78 degrees. winds out of the south at 13 miles per hour. temperatures really nice. right now, 81 on the mall, 81 towards mt. vernon. this is all on the weather underground network. storm team4 radar clear in our region, but notice to the west, starting to see the shower activity moving in. and here it is, the front well back to the west, but these showers and storms ahead of this, pretty strong storm here, coming through west virginia, this will clip areas around petersburg, western maryland as well. heading up. we'll see more showers tonight. i'm not anticipating much in the way of strong storms tonight in our area, but we'll see a couple of showers. so know that if you're going out
6:50 pm
at 9:00 a.m. 82, warm, but not as humid as it was today. some people are complaining about the humidity. not used to it just yet. gorgeous at 7:00, and yeah, we're talking about a fantastic friday. yard work this weekend, probably better on sunday. because we are talking some pretty good heat on saturday. caps game, saturday night after tonight's win of course. hot and humid if you're heading to the game at 8:00 on saturday night. if your kids have games this weekend, looking pretty good. the french market should be fine towards georgetown. but it will be quite hot on saturday. high around 90. high of 80 on sunday. now, 83 on monday, the next real big storm comes next thursday and friday. notice highs then only in the 60s. so we'll continue to watch that for you. but right now, i'm tracking that 90. >> all righty, weekend looks good. coming up in sports, the big night finally here. and we're not t
6:51 pm
nfl draft. also how the caps at dominion, we're putting our energy to work creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy.
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>> this is the xfinity sports desk. the
6:54 pm
players have waited for. tonight the capitals hosting the pittsburgh penguins. live for us at verizon center, carol maloney. a year later caps have their chance for revenge. >> reporter: man, revenge would be sweet. we have a long way to go. but it's already a classic because it's the top two teams meeting on playoff ice. the last time that happened was a stanley cup finals. this is the second round, it has a playoff, stanley cup final feel to it, and for the caps, the biggest series ever. >> it seems like that next series always feels like the biggest. them being defending champions, i think it's going to be a tough task and it's going to feel like the biggest. so it's exciting, it's going to be fun, it's going to be a challenge. >> the next series is the biggest series. so next game's the biggest game, and we gotta make sure game one we're focused and ready to go. because we know they will be, they're an experienced team and they got some good pieces. >> score!
6:55 pm
familiar puzzle the caps couldn't solve last year. an excruciating exit, now of course they're meeting again. >> there's a history with the penguins and i think it's fitting that we have to go through the penguins at some point. so change of narrative hopefully this year, that's what we intend to do. >> it has to be this way. no matter what, you have to play these guys. so it should be a really entertaining series. i'm excited for it. >> these are the moments that you love, to play a rival in the playoffs and get a chance to send them home and get that good feeling feeling going. >> reporter: so the only thing bumming us out pregame, karl alzner at morning skate, he's ruled out for tonight. played 530 consecutive games for the caps. then suffered an upper body injury last series that's keeping him sidelined. he's day to day. so, yeah, we're bummed, but we come in and guess what we se
6:56 pm
all of a sudden i feel better. this is the same give-away from game one last year against the pens. i hope to light them up again tonight. we're working for you in the caps quest for the cup. saturday night join erika gonzalez and leon harris for an hour-long special. we're calling the news4 power play. at 8:00, you'll see the caps take on the penguins in game two right here on nbc4. tonight, the lives of 32 young men will change and their dreams come true. for one of those athletes, the redskins will be making that dream of playing in the nfl a reality. the nfl draft starts in just over an hour. just the first round tonight. redskins pick 17th. and more news today from the redskins, the team signing offensive lineman morgan moss to a five-y ct extension. the deal makes he second highest paidig tkle in the league. moses and
6:57 pm
kirk cousins tweeting about the move, saying congrats to morgan moses on his extension. well deserved, fortunate to be playing with him and the rest of our o-line. afternoon game, nats give-away day in colorado. 26 runs over the last two games, and oh, yeah, way more today. top of the fifth, eaton breaking a tie with a solo shot to right. putting up the nats, 3-2. in the seventh, nats put up 11 runs, bryce harper, already an rbi in the frame, adding three more, with a three-run bomb, putting the nats up 14-2. nats go on to win 16-5 and finish their road trip with an impressive 9-1 record. nats scored 46 runs in this four-game series. >> wow. >> good time to be a washington sports fan. a lot going on. >>
6:58 pm
i don't get it. >> "nightly news" coming up next. n hope to see you forews4 at
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, paying the price. late word of a settlement between united airlines and that passenger violently dragged off a plane as we sit down exclusively with united's ceo. what he says is to blame and what changes are on the way. standoff. a state trooper gunned down and a 20-hour drama. the swat team blows the door open as he comes out shooting. american special ops soldiers killed in a raid on isis in afghanistan. two dead, another wounded. what happened? tv controversy, a new series about a fictional teenage girl and the 13 reasons why she took her own life. some schools sounding the alarm accusing the series of glamorizing suicide.


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