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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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dozens of local teachers, their licenses revoked or cancelled since early last year. why is it so difficult for parents to learn the reason? how a quick thinking d.c. man hel
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daughter for sex. how a planned sick out could effect your friday morning commute. >> news 4 at 11:00 starts now. we begin with a news 4 i-team investigation. dozens of teachers in the d.c. region have been accused of misconduct in recent years, their licenses revoked or cancelled because of it. >> you can find their names online but the i-team discovered you can't see what the teachers are accused of doing to lead to that result. >> scott macfarlane and the i team show us how they trail in other states. now might recall seeing
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>> when that judge read the verdict i felt like the world was off my shoulders. >> describing what it was like to be a teacher falsely accused of sexual assaulting a student. >> i love all of my students and i was stunned a student would make these accusations. >> reporter: he was found not guilty in a trial that captured national attention. he said the girl who accused him made up the story and the jury agreed it. the investigation reveals what he was accused of inside south lake high school where he was employed until last sunday. the school district said he was seen or heard making lewd comments to students calling one his girlfriend and running his finger up the thigh of a 15-year-old sophomore. he said i have 18 years of experience teaching and i have never inappropriately touched a student. however, after the trial, when i returned to teaching tension
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system and me. after five years i decided to move on with my life and surrendered my teaching license. >> does it surprise you that a teaching license was just cancelled? >> it surprised me it took so long. >> reporter: this student said she filed a formal complaint back in the 1990s accusing him of making lewd comments when he was the gym teacher. she called it inappropriate and sexual. he addressed that same accusation calling it a joke. there is no easy way for sarah or anyone to determine what led to revocation of licenses. that's because maryland, virginia and d.c. do not post the reasons or orders describing the allegations that caused a teacher license revocation like many states do including south carolina, pennsylvania and new jersey. instead local states list only
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licenses were pulled. fairfax county top prosecutor says that is a problem. >> when things happen that are of concern i think the information needs to be passed out. we need more transparency in that respect to keep our children safe. >> inside the virginia department of education spokesman charles pile says school districts and state education departments are sharing this information with each other and doing so in real time to ensure teachers whose licenses are revoked or cancelled can't get jobs. >> once the license is cancelled that fact, the cancellation is going to be shared with all 132 school districts in the state and all school officers in the nation. >> reporter: but not with parents unless they type up a formal request under freedom of information act for each and every name they want to check. >> we send our kids to school and the first thing we expect is
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>> d.c. and maryland don't publically list the names of teachers who have had licenses revoked or cancelled. spokesman said a website that indefinitely shames people who have been already removed in many cases after being falsely accused did not make kids safer. instead we need to focus on prevention by setting high standards for entry into the profession. we will see if this is in the public policy debate. >> a lot of parents will be disturbed if not surprised by this. breaking news in the district, disturbing incident where something caused damage to a police cruiser in southeast d.c. police aren't saying what that object was. news 4's jackie bensen has more now from the scene. >> reporter: this is the scene here on martin luther king jr. avenue. you can see it is the second cruiser back there. the suv that sustained only what police are calling
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damage. i can tell you there is a very large police presence here. this happened about 9:15. the officers came close to another vehicle described as when they heard some type of sound, drove forward a little bit, stopped and looked around the driver's side window and saw some type of damage. police won't say what it was. we have looked at it and trying to figure out, it appears to be some type of hole or circle. it is not clear at this point. i can tell you an investigation is going on here right now. there is a lookout for a vehicle associated with this and given the recent events there is a sense of concern. there is a lookout for vehicle. police are not telling us much information about that. ongoing investigation here. jackie bensen, news 4. developing right now uncertainty over just what you should expect if you plan to ride the rails or the buses tomorrow. bitter dispute is pitting met
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as shomari stone shows us the fight could lead to a metro sick out. >> reporter: metro is in a wait and see mode waiting to see what will happen. on wednesday metro said it received nearly 500 sick day requests for tomorrow from bus and train operators. metro denied those requests. this comes during tense, heated contract disputes and changes in policy such as metro sick leave, lack of raises and cuts to all benefits in the new contract proposal. news 4 has learned there is an e-mail going around telling supervisors to step up and be ready to work 12-hour shifts just in case train and bus operators don't show up to work. tomorrow there could be some disruptions. we'll just have to see what happens. in northwest d.c., i'm shomari stone, news 4. a teenager police say stabbed a girl near a public bus stop faces first degree
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charges tonight. investigators tell us that boy attacked a fellow 14 year old in front of eastern middle school this afternoon. the school is on university boulevard here in silver spring. police caught the boy after he tried to get away. they believe he used a knife. the girl is expected to recover. this week we have been focussing on missing children in the district. new steps d.c. leaders are taking to find them. people in the community are determined to do their part to help out. the d.c. democratic women's club invited people to a meeting to bring attention to the issue. the group understands some young people are run aways but doesn't believe that all of them have voluntarily left home. the group wants police to prioritize finding the missing teens. we are bringing individuals to discuss the matter to determine what we can do. we are partnering with other organizations in the district to come up with a strategic plan.
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over d.c. police's youth and family services division. the department has started sharing information about critically missing people on twitter. police say there were about 2,200 cases last year. so far this year they have dealt with about 730. on our nbc washington app we have pictures of teens who are considered critically missing. the map includes their photos, ages and dates and locations where they were last seen. to see it open our app and search missing teens map. one in the books, round two of the playoffs, caps and penguins. the town rocking red tonight. everybody pumps for this one. >> however, the matchup we have all been waiting for didn't end the way we were hoping. news 4 with more. disappointing beginning. >> it was. the capitals tried to exercise their
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haunt them tonight. the caps clawed back in game one down 2-0 start and eventually tied the game at 2-2. in the third period penguins get the puck up the ice quickly. what makes this hurt even more he is the player who sent caps packing last year with the overtime winner. penguins take game one 3-2. coming up later in the show carol maloney kpp joins us live with reaction including one player taking the blame. don't forget on saturday at 7:00 p.m. we will air the news 4 power play anchored by erika gonzalez. >> and live pictures nfl draft
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washington redskins selected jonathan allen in the first round with the 17th overall pick. more on how he is returning home coming in sports in just about 15 minutes. >> see you in a few minutes. what looked like a done deal to keep the government open hit a snag over health care. senate republicans tried to pass a one week spending extension but democrats blocked it because they want a deal on larger spending bill. whole bunch of babies will take over capitol hill tomorrow as part of the nationwide nurse stand. it is an event to bring attention to breast feeding laws. so mothers will be nursing their babies on the capitol lawn tomorrow. a pretty good day for it out there. temperatures around 80 degrees. looking good there. as far as rain is concerned we have
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radar right now. those showers moving through but that's about it for the shower activity. may see another few showers. by tomorrow morning looking really nice. here is the next band of showers right in here. a few storms farther to the west not expecting storms here. i'll show you what it means for friday and how warm we will get for saturday. thank you, doug. tonight a potential sex trafficker off our streets after a local mother got ahold of her daughter's instagram accounts. prescription pills getting into the wrong hands. a lesson for parents as we learn details about howxanox is brought to school and shared. why youay w ma
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a woman posed as her daughter on instagram and used it to catch a suspected child predator. joshua gibbs faces sex trafficking charges. met a 13-year-old girl on instagram when the victim's mother started pretending to be the under aged girl. the woman exchanged messages and agreed to allow him to send her an uber to pick up who he thought was the girl. police followed him. over the weekend they arrested him. authorities tell him he told them he uses instagram to find girls to offer money for sex. a recent incident where
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school. several ended up in the nurse's office. the medication was mixed into a drink. loudoun county sheriff said there is a possible connection at potomac falls high school where a similar incident happened recently. an organic pet food company is forcing to issue a recall after samples of the product tested positive. this product as well as chick skpn beef dog food so far one report of a pet who experienced discomfort. we posted this on our facebook pages. there have been no deaths reported. search dog food in your nbc washington app for more details. a heads up about a facebook ad scan. this ad says lowe's is
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free $50 coupons in celebration of mother's day. the coupon is safe and so are similar offers. here is what we know. to get the coupon users click on the ad in facebook and it takes you to a page that looks like you are on the retailer's website and asks you tatake a short survey to get the coupon. we learned it is a scam intended to steal your personal information and there is no coupon. news 4 reached out to the are tailors who tell us they are aware of the scams and warn customers to only trust coupons found on their actual websites. the first debate between virginia's democratic candidates for governor will be held this weekend and tom sherwood will be the moderator. they have just six weeks until the primary in june. you can watch a live stream of the debate on saturday night april 29 at 7:00 on ourbc
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it's been a long rainy spell. hope you have good news. >> more rain out there right now. i have great news, i think. fantastic friday in store. take a look out there towards the roadways a little bit of wet pavement. we are seeing rain coming through the area. 74 degrees. 74 at 11:00 at night. very warm night winds out of the southwest at 13 miles per hour. 70 in winchester. it's going to be a very warm and humid night tonight. we have a front still back to the west. we have shower activity now. these showers really making their way through prince georges county and seeing rain towards baltimore. back to the west as we widen this out you can see showers coming through now. this is the front. back here towards portions of west virginia. we may see an enhancement of showers by around 2:00 a.m. we can see that. a few showers around.
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a.m. a couple of showers, clouds move back in. tomorrow morning waking up and we are going to see sunshine tomorrow. it will be a beautiful afternoon. one of the nicer days in a while. 82 degrees. mostly sunny. warm but nice. 82, one of my perfect days with low humidity. that is going to be about it. fantastic friday. tomorrow at the bus stop 66 degrees, nice to start off the day. 74 at noon. 82 by 4:00. no worries for the kids. no rain boots needed. a great day to get out and about. next couple of days. here comes the 80s. 90 on saturday and extremely warm for this time of year. even close to record high temperature. 30% chance of afternoon shower or thunderstorm. sunday still watching this right here. still watching a chance for shower activity making its way through here. sunday high temperature of 80. we will see more cloud cover during the day. that will
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warmer to the south and cooler to the north. late day showers on monday into tuesday. we'll see rather breezy conditions. winds could gust 30 to 40 miles per hour. thursday and friday temperatures only in the 60s. that one could bring us a lot of rain. that is something we will be checking out. showers and cool conditions. all eyes on that 90 degrees. >> let's enjoy that fantastic friday. coming up, it's home cooking for the redskins. alex ovechkin gets on the board but the caps get lost.
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> we're not liking these guys already. >> i feel like i was just coming back down from like the first series and here we are taking on the penguins. it was a slow start for the penguins and capitals but did things escalate quickly. game one at the verizon center between two best teams in the nhl. very cool scene before the game caps fans rocking red with glow sticks. caps down 2-0. fighting back. check this outgoing out for a line change finds himself with the puck. rocks it back into the back of the net. caps trailing by a goal. an open net.
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his bird motion thing. it works. later in the period penguins. banino, the guy who scored last year's o.t. winner nets the game winner tonight. carol maloney just in. what are the guys saying after tonight's loss? >> reporter: he said stuff happens only didn't say stuff. long determined faces for everybody in the locker room. sydnidney crosby scores two goa in 52 seconds. the guy in the net took the most blame. he said if he played better they win. >> it's just i thought friction
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i'm capable of stopping. >> won us a lot of games. if he feels he can be better then he will be better. that is just the way he is in terms of his dna. next game will have to be his best. >> everyone is a mistake. we just have to get closer like that. and everything goes a little bit okay. >> and he was close like that to scoring a few more times. caps have to capitalize on chances. next home game we want to do without the score right there. live from verizon center, carol maloney, back to you. next game is saturday, by the way. thank you. need to bring that back for game two. a washington redskins select a dominant force on defense in the first round of this year's nfl draft. >> the washington redskins
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select jonathan allen, defensive end alabama. >> the local kid taken by the redskins with the 17th pick. jonathan allen went to stone bridge high school less than five miles from redskins park. tweeting welcome back home. >> the nats continuing their offense explosion in colorado this afternoon. harper three run home run part of 11-run seventh inning. goes 7 for 14 in the series. the nats blow out the rockies 16-5, finish the ten-game road trip 9-1. nats back at home tomorrow facing new york mets. on saturday at 7:00 p.m. we will air the news 4 power play anchored by erika gonzalez. we will have your news, sports getting you ready for caps and penguins game two at 8 p.m. carol maloney will report from inside the verizon center
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the wizards are back at it tomorrow. they can advance tomorrow with a win. >> we need that. >> we need a
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talk show host ellen degeneres is celebrating the anniversary of her coming out on her sit calcom ellen. >
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around saying you are gay because they don't need to. so for those words to come out of my mouth for the very first time to say i'm gay even rehearsing it i would burst into tears. >> you can watch that episode here tomorrow at 3:00 in the afternoon. >> that does it for us.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- emma whatson, w. kamau bell, jersey pizza boys,


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