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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  April 28, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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there and where you need to go. >> hundreds of bus and train operators are threatening to skip work today because of a contract dispute. more than 500 requested a sick day, all of them were denied. >> many told supervisors they will still not come to work. if yesterday is any indication, they are taking the contract negotiations seriously. >> workers turned their backs on general manager paul wiedefeld yesterday. a lack of sick leave policy, lack of cuts. supervisors are told to get ready for 12 hour shifts just in case. we'll bring you live reports at 5:00 a.m. when metro stations open. v dot will
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bridge on 95. the bridge has a hole in the deck that needs to be repaired. the first phase starts tomorrow night at 9:00 and monday morning until 6. next week it will be 10:00 friday night until monday at 6. 95 express lanes will be open southbound. that bridge carries 71,000 cars per day. we have all of your commuting needs covered. it is free to download in your phone's app store. 4:31. another inmate executed in arkansas. erika gonzalez with the details. >> good morning, aaron and eun. another execution in the state of arkansas. 38-year-old kenneth
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death just after 11:00 last night. up until a few minutes before his death the court was reviewing documents. back over to you. >> erika, thank you. to this developing story in the district. police want you on the lookout for a green car, possibly a mazda, they say it was involved in some type of an incident on pomeroy road that left a police cruiser damaged on the right side. police arrested a man they say sexually assaulted a woman in the middle of the day in a busy area in silver springs. they arrested 33-year-old antonio komara. a man dragged her into a wooded area, sexually assaulted her and took her money. he remains
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all week we've been focusing on missing children in the district and the new steps d.c. leaders are taking to find them. last night the d.c. democratic women's club invited people to a meeting in northeast to bring attention this issue. the group says it understands some of the young people are run aways but doesn't think all of them have voluntarily left home. the group wants police to prioritize finding those missing teens. >> we're bringing individuals in from across the district to determine what we can do. we're partnering other organizations in the district to come up with the strategic plan. >> police say there were 2200 cases of missing children last year. so far this year they dealt with about 730. coming up in our 5:00 hour we'll wrap up our special report on keeping our kids home and hear from d.c. mayor mie
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right now it is a race against the clock for lawmakers to pass a short-term spending bill to keep the government open. they must strike a deal today or the government will shut down at midnight. lawmakers are working on keeping the government open. the push for the health care vote threatened the deal on a one week spending bill. coming up news 4's tracie potts takes a look at what they need. it might be a tough morning if you're a caps fan. >> crosby versus ovechkin. two super stars just like we thought it would be. news 4's carol maloney watched them battle it out at the verizon center. >> reporter: a playoff game decided by a single goal. no surprise to the caps. that's all they know this postse.
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the chosen one, that's the nickname for the penguins sidney crosby. crosby finds the goal not once, but twice. ove, the wicket wrist shot cuts the lead 2 to 1. third period matt niskanen evens the game at 2 but nick bonino breaks free in the third period and beats holtby for the game winner. caps lose the first game of the series 3-2. >> we can play against this team. they're skilled. every mistake -- >> reporter: you cannot lose the first two games at home and expect to win the series. caps know they cannot give another one to the chosen one again. >> that's right. we can't do that. caps play saturday night.
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nbc 4. we'll air news 4 power plays right before the game. erika gone zal lez and leon harris will have your news and sports starting at 7:00. carol maloney will be reporting from inside the verizon center. that's all saturday night. 4:36. another check on weather and traffic. >> look at your friday drive into work. it's almost 70 degrees already. >> yeah. we're cheering for the caps. but the chosen one? really? is his first name jesus. >> it's catchy, but it's a little much. temperatures right now, yes, arch, you're right, near 70 degrees outside. in fact, 71 is our normal high temperature for the day and we're going to keep on warming up from here on out. 67 degrees in the
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70s. warm later today. let's take a look at the afternoon forecast. >> good morning. toasty warm today. we are going to be challenging record high temperatures tomorrow. saturday's record at national air mortgage is-- airport is 91 degrees. dulles's record is only 87. i think that one is as good as cooked already. today upper 70s, low 80s. nice day to be outside. back to shorts, short sleeves and sunglasses weathers. the nats forecast, 70s. let's go over to melissa mollet. >> beltway looking quite good, chuck. two pieces of road work we had there are out of the way so you don't have to worry about that anymore. river road between willard and
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one way in each direction there. it's a little bit confusing. this just cleared. this is northbound 95. beltway looking quite good. it is a story you're going to want to hear before you feed the family dog breakfast. the food recall already to blame for at least one death. police credit a mom for stopping a man from sex trafficking. keeping kids in the
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dc's private school voucher program may not be working the way its creator hoped. 11 dc students received scholarships. a new education department study says those students performed worse than their peers in public school. president trump threatens to put more money into programs. they know keeping kids in the classroom keeps them out of trouble. >> prince george's county awards good attendance and shows children they belong in school. students from three middle schools visited boon state university for a pep rally. it was a reward for lowering their school's truancy rate.
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the program is being called i belong here. the goal is to show students they can be successful through education. >> you belong on a college campus. you belong in places that will see you as a successful and productive citizen of this county. >> i'm going to be the first person to go to college in my family. >> in the three years the middle schools have participated in this program, they've raised their attendance levels from 70 to 90%. what a great message there. yes, you belong in places where people can see you as a successful person. >> so much of succeeding is showing up to begin with. speaking of that, the nation's premiere science and technology laboratory is right in prince george's laboratory. they hosted a brick your daughter and sons to work. count on me. this is the paint branch high school rotc. i want to extend evelyn bond
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big thank you for inviting me. we think of the army as troops on the ground and we are so appreciative of them, but there are scientists and engineers behind the scenes working to protect those troops and this country. just a great experience. i had a great day. >> we had a few passing showers overnight, but you shouldn't need the umbrella today, right? >> no, it will be beautiful like yesterday. temperatures very warm to start out your morning. mid to upper 60s. near record highs tomorrow. another skimming device found at an area gas station. why you may need to check your bank statements if you recently filled up in northern virginia. dl> and is captain kirk boly
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good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. you made it to friday, everybody. way to go. temperatures are in the 60s this morning, and we will be well above average today and challenging record high temperatures on saturday. what about weekend rain chances? i'll let you know if you're going to be impacted by showers coming up. days after a massive fire erupted we now know the cause. what investigators say is to blame for this five alarm fire. and a warning before you do any shopping for mother's day. the scammers trying to steal your personal information. 4:46. president trump hits the 100 day mark of his presidency tomorrow. giving congress a big to do list that includes tax reform, health care and several high profile investigations. but the bill that directly affects most people in our area is the spending bill to keep the government open. without one the government will shut down at midnight. news 4's tracie potts
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capitol hill. the odds that congress can pass something this morning. >> reporter: eun and aaron, all of those workers waiting to see if within the less than 24 hours congress can keep the government working. the key here seems to be health care. overnight we know the democrats once again blocked a temporary measure to extent the government funding. the issue here is that democrats don't want to see a vote on health care. we learn it's not going to happen this week. maybe next week, but not this week in the middle of the critical shutdown negotiations. here is the schedule for today. sometime late morning to mid afternoon another vote is going to be taken on that temporary measure. if it passes, the government stays open. if it doesn't, it's going to be going until midnight. another issue is former national security adviser michael flynn. tell us the
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facing from the pentagon. >> reporter: right. the pentagon's inspector general is taking a look at whether flynn properly disclosed payments, including $45,000 that he got from a visit from russia. here on capitol hill congressional workers have shown paperwork that says inside the pentagon the dia warned flynn about these payments having to be disclosed. of course, he did not until after the fact. he was fired as national security adviser. the white house is saying they have no paperwork. they have nothing to do with it. >> tracie potts on the hill. 4:48. the first debate between virginia's democratic governors' candidates is going to be this weekend. they have six weeks until the june primary. watch the live stream of that debate saturday night april 29th at 7:00 on nbc washington app. 4:48. another person has died after a
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erika gonzalez is standing by at the live desk. >> right. another person died in the truck attack in sweden that happened earlier. it's a woman in her 60s. while a 39-year-old man has pleaded guilty, police have not disclosed a motive for the attack. a and no extremist group has claimed responsibility. 5 people were killed, one of those an 11-year-old girl. 14 others were injured. from the live desk i'm erika gonzalez. we're learning more about the delaware state trooper from bowie, maryland, killed in the line of fire. investigators still don't know why he was shot. burgeon sealy shot him. a mother took matters into her own
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suspected child predator working on instagram. d.c. police say joshua gibbs met a 13-year-old on instagram. what he didn't know was the 13-year-old mother saw the post and started pretending to be her daughter. the mom exchanged messages with gibbs and agreed to let gibbs send an uber. d.c. police followed the uber to gibbs home over the weekend and arrested him. authorities say gibbs told them he uses instagram to find girls he can offer money for sex. he is now facing sex trafficking charges. another reminder this morning to be on alert as you fill your gas tank. inside there was a credit card skimmer. it was found by fairfax county police after a bank reported irregularities at that gas station. a fire responsible for all of this damage, $39 million worth, was an
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investigators still don't know exactly what caused monday's historic fire at a college park building under construction, but they know it was not set on purpose. they tell news 4 it could take weeks of sifting through the rubble to find the exact cause. it took days for firefighters to put out that fire. he was expected to go in the top ten to the redskins for a win when they drafted jonathan allen, 17th overall in the nfl draft. he is a defensive forward. he's from northern virginia. allen went to stonebridge high school in ashburn. he played for alabama. welcome home. quarterback kirk cousins tweeted back, welcome home. reports that he was going to get traded to cleveland. they were soon denied. >> can you she
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whether you guys enter tand any calls about a potential trade for cousins? >> not one call. >> you didn't take any calls? >> not one. there was no talk about it. no suspecting it, nothing. thank you. >> there he goes. coach jay gruden, nothing, nada. cousin is set to play on the franchise tag. not a long-term contract. if they don't agree to the contract, he's set to be a free agent. >> no hemming or hawing. >> we have number one warmest april in the bag. >> already? >> already. done deal. >> done? >> yeah. our average temperature has been 62.3. the old record is 62.1. more than a degree above. with today, tomorrow, sunday still to go, we are not going to just
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temperatures are going to be nearly 2 degrees than any other report in april. just a crazy, warm year. that's our second month this year. number one warmest february earlier as well. 67 degrees now. our average high this time of the year is only 71 degrees. so we're going to be above average. we should be well up into the upper 70s by earlier this afternoon. did have some showers overnight. those are pushing their way out onto the eastern shore and away from us. we will be 100% dry for the remainder of your friday. tomorrow though these will be records. the record in washington is 91. forecasting 92. the record in dulles tomorrow is only 87. i think that one is as good as
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there is the risk of isolated shower or thunder shower. little better chance on sunday afternoon. late monday and monday night the chance for a shower. let's go over to melissa mollet and see how friday traffic is doing. >> good morning. right now 66 west, that's the only road we have still hanging around. inner loop and outer loop, looking fine. take a look here, river road between willard and western there in bethesda this morning, do have the work zone. lanes affected there. see you back here in ten minutes. aaron? >> thank you. a student scandal that has a lot of parents on edge. students drinking something laced with xanax at school. what you need to be looking for from your kids. >> a popular dog food pulled from the ve
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you're watching "news 4 today." this morning there is a growing investigation in loudoun county concerning young students sharing drinks at school that are possibly laced with the prescription drug xanax. the loudoun county
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office yesterday. this happened during the same week that two potomac falls high school students were also found with a xanax mixture. they're not sure whether the two incidents are connected. tomorrow is national take back day. the annual event to take back drugs. it's getting special attention in loudoun county. news 4 spoke with the substance abuse manager in loudoun county. keep an eye on your kids' behavior. >> you want to look out for some of those things, those warning signs that we sometimes talk about, change in friendships, change in behavior. >> and as for the physical warning signs of xanax, experts say to look out for things including drowsiness, impaired coordination or slurred speech. new recall information -- >> for the maker of an organic pet food. party animals
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recalling two dog foods. the food tested positive for a drug commonly used for euthanas euthanasia. so far one pet experienced discomfort. search dog food in your nbc washington app. heads up about a facebook ad scam. this ad says that lowe's is offering free $50 coupons to celebrate mother's day. it's fake. so are similar offers at home depot, target and ikea. users click on the ad in facebook. it takes you to a page that looks like you are on the retailers website. it asks you to take a quick survey. it's a fishing scam to steal your information. retailers are aware of the scam and they warn users only to trust coupons on their website. >> you have to watch that
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make sure it looks authentic, dotcom. stay with us, "news 4 today" stays with us at 5:00 a.m. "news 4 today" starts now. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gill crest. >> and i'm eun yang. we have to begin with chuck and sheena, the heat is on. >> thank you, eun, we love you, too. >> absolutely. beautiful weather, holy cow. >> gorgeous. >> what happened to springtime? >> i don't know. summer is my favorite season. i don't mind at all. we're looking at another warm but dry day. sunglasses, recess, warm and dry. exercising outside. short sleeves, dinner out. absolutely wonderful. we're nice and dry and had a few showers pass through. conditions are good. look at these mild temperatures.


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