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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  April 29, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> john: we'll take a look at some scoring chances here, brian. >> brian: there's been plenty in this overtime. chris kreider, with wide drives. zibanejad, getting the loose change in front. dicey moments for the rangers here. jesper fast was able to get his skate out of play. and speaking of dicey moments, how about anderson. mishandles that one. out of harm's way. and anderson, a good save on j.t. miller. look at the blocker there by lundqvist. keeps it out the first time. and the second opportunity, fast gets it with the skate. mark stone cannot believe he did not end the hockey game. there's been exciting action in the first 11:0
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this overtime. >> john: this series goes to madison square garden on tuesday night in game three. the rangers attempting to tie it. surrendering a two-goal lead late. j.g. pageau in the late stages of regulation, in his third goal of this one. forced overtime. brassard wins that face-off away from zibanejad. senators get it in. lundqvist, along the boards now. zuccarello. he'll come back. over the cross. there's kreider. chris kreider will cushion it all the way back in. erik karlsson. 12 minutes gone in overtime. stretch pass, does not connect with bobby ryan. icing is called here. more action tonight on nbc, as it will be game number two. the penguins winning game one in
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ottawa and the rangers tuesday night. tomorrow at 3:00 eastern, music city, st. louis and nashville, that series tied at 1-1. later on, edmonton with a two-game lead over anaheim. game three from rexall place. now, out to center ice. j.t. miller. broken up. brassard gets to it. moved in. ryan with a shot blocked. by dan girardi. 7:35 left here in overtime. derek stepan. through center, moves it along at the line. broken up, rolled in on craig anderson. methot, along the boards. gets help from zack smith. girardi had it. he lost it. now, miller. tied up, taken down by marc methot. anderson has time to leave it for cody ceci. >> brian: that was a big hit by methot on j.t. miller. methot, one of the more physical defensemen on the
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>> john: grabner, a stick-check on ceci. turris, over the line, with open ice. he's in. what a play. brady skjei. breaks it up. the rangers survive. and here they come. jesper fast. out in front. kevin hayes. shot down by anderson. the rebound, taken care of by stone. away go ottawa. back out to center. ryan dzingel, on fast. broken up by brady skjei. brendan smith. by ben harpur. icing is called here. >> brian: craig anderson comes up with a huge save here. a two-on-one opportunity for the rangers. kevin hayes takes that puck to the net. anderson stands his ground. and before that, kyle turris gets his stick lifted by brady skjei. a great job by skjei to get back. turris had stuck behind skjei in the neutral zone. and skjei got back with his tremendous skating ability to break up that play. >> john: young man has had a great game.
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timeout called by the rangers. 6:36 in overtime. kevin hayes, looking for his first goal of the playoffs. the last one was a beauty. excellent save by anderson. >> brian: a really good save by craig anderson, for the new york rangers, taking this timeout in their own zone. they have a defensive zone face-off. wasn't icing. i wasn't sure if those guys were extremely tired. it didn't appear to be that case. alain vigneault, not taking a chance. you don't need your timeout for reviews in overtime. vigneault, feeling like, maybe potentially, his players would be tired. decided to take the timeout. and craig anderson, moments ago. and hayes has been snakebitten in these mraf plainti
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but craig anderson has been big in this overtime. >> john: rested bodies will stay out. brady skjei, part of that for the rangers. 6:36 left here in overtime. ottawa gets it. karlsson. lays it along. hoffman, dangling on skjei. he will take it back. pageau with a shot, blocked by smith. burrows, returns it to the point. karlsson, off the boards. dion phaneuf. in deep. alex burrows moves the puck again. karlsson, awaiting. his shot, angled off the skate up top, off grabner. brendan smith out of the corner. broken up by burrows. will move it again to that far wing. karlsson, off grabner. it kicks around. alex burrows, moves it inside. pageau out of the corner. wedged by skjei. now, to the point. dion phaneuf, with a shot, tipped just wide. grabner gets to it. out to center ice,
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knocked out of midair, but turned over by hoffman. here comes fast. his shot, stopped by anderson. dion phaneuf, broken up by nick holden. th reangers are offside. hayes will get to the bench. ottawa back on it. 5:34 left here in overtime. game two. puck is cleared in. icing is called. >> brian: we've seen redirects go past lundqvist in the third period. phaneuf, fires this towards the net. and redirect by alex burrows. goes high and wide. and goes wide. after that, jesper fast, in the neutral zone, and a good play by kevin hayes. it's an offensive opportunity. but craig anderson, shuts down the five-hole. good chances, throughout this overtime period. >> john: zibanejad, kreider, and zuccarello, who has the puck, come out for the rangers. girardi, ryan mcdonagh. he will settle it do.
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j zibanejad, on the corner. starting and stopping. mcdonagh, holding on to it. a wrister off of brassard. captured by kreider. zibanejad, one more time. he will grind it on brassard. and send it back to mcdonagh. a wrister, blocked by karlsson. to the outside it goes. brassard, tied up by kreider. smith tries to clear. good pitch by mcdonagh. here's zuccarello in the high slot. off a body. blocked by karlsson. brassard will pop it out, through center. mcdonagh, gave it away to derick brassard. brassard goes wide. defended by mcdonagh. and back out. 4:37 left in overtime. ben harpur. cross-corner. holden. nash, the toucher. turns a shot. and he directs it out of play.
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>> brian: a good job here by the senators to retrieve this puck. harpur picks this puck up and fires it towards the net. the way things have been going for the senators late in the game, you never know what a redirect by ryan. reloading right there, picking that puck up. and lundqvist, no trouble with the blocker. >> john: stepan wins it back. marc staal. along the boards. cody ceci. out of the reach of lundqvist. getting to it is bobby ryan. taken down by nick holden. it's available. holden, knocking it down. stone's on him. holden, in a tough spot. the senators attempting to jump on it. turris, excellent stickhandling. winding it off bodies. stopped by lundqvist. >> john: some great stuff here by kyle turris. great puck skills. he's able to ede
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new york rangers up high. watch turris stick handle here. a toe drag here. hang on to it. buys some time and space. and the net with the traffic in front, presented by bobby ryan. turris once again here, just flings it, with the traffic in front. and lundqvist has to come up with a tough save and a cover-up. >> john: another face-off in his zone. 3:56 left in overtime. off the draw. mcdonagh. stretch pass, grabner is onside. he'll steer it in. fast, is in first. broken up, karlsson. surviving that forechecking sequence. ottawa back out. claesson, fredrik claesson. on the offwing, hoffman. dzingel, with a shot. blocked. defended that time by dan girardi. girardi, along the boards. dzingel for ottawa. hayes, back defensively. girardi again, will float it
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out. it goes by erik karlsson. icing against the rangers. 3:20 left. >> brian: it goes to three centers. oscar lindberg, just over five minutes in this hockey game. the rangers are rolling three centers right now. stepan, zibanejad and hayes. those are the guys they keep throwing out there. so, something that is overtimes, something to keep on eye on, with a short bench. >> john: kyle turris and kevin hayes in the circle. rally for it. grabner. set it up at the defense. mcdonacdonagh. jesper fast. huddled up by turris and stone. stone, for burrows. his shot. what a block by girardi. mcdonagh, out of the corner. mark stone, held in by methot. the rangers have a man. it's grabner. he's got it at the line. no
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brakes. will lay it inside. play ready dion phaneuf. phaneuf, tries the other side. ottawa, will get it out. turris, with 2:40 left in overtime. brady skjei is back on it. go "d"-to-"d." brendan smith. zuccarello. and now, chris kreider. he has some room. a shot blocked by smith. kreider. on it again. take it to the outside of zack smith. zuccarello, in back of the goal. zibanejad out in front. the defensive play by ottawa. broken up on the back-check by brassard. skjei, ahead of smith. 2:15 left in overtime. brendan smith gets to it for the rangers. tempered by derick brassard. brendan smith, little chip at the line, out to neutral ice. tommy wingels overskates. gets help from cody ceci. we start again. marc methot, along the boards. broken up. rangers, now, start
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rink-wide for stepan. derek stepan. going wide. off the stick. loose in the slot. and taken back to the boards by j.t. miller. out in front, defended by ceci. ottawa, the puck stays in play. they get it out thanks to mike hoffman. now, miller is on it. 1:35 left in overtime. nash at the line. moves in a high stick on hoffman. nash out in front. what a save by anderson. but it's blown dead. >> brian: the senators want a penalty but it's not going to be. dan o'halloran indicating this is not a penalty. rick nash, he gets his stick to the other side of hoffman. you see nash trying to put the puck through hoffman. watch it fall through nash's stick. clips hoffman right there.
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no call is made. after that, a an opportunity for the rangers. a missed call, could have ended the hockey game. for the senators. you can hear the crowd. they are none too happy about that missed call. the high stick by rick nash on mike hoffman. >> john: you see the amazement by guy boucher. 90 seconds left in overtime. pageau, wins another face-off. karlsson, through the middle for viktor stalberg. j.t. miller, sets it up again. rick nash will wind it up for the rangers. here he comes. nash stick handles in. through the blue and out. nick holden moving up. 1:13 left in overtime. nash, through the middle. held in. marc staal with a shot. it goes high. erik karlsson gets to it. stalberg, back out to neutral ice. we approach the
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laid out to center ice for miller. j.t. miller, moving up on karlsson. plays it well. ottawa back out. stalberg. hustling back. jesper fast. bobby ryan, right in, karlsson. just wide. girardi going down out in front. fast has got it. back out, 39 seconds left. kevin hayes, now. a bouncing puck. karlsson, ahead of ryan mcdonagh. ben harpur has time in his own zone. ottawa, with 28 seconds left in overtime. stalberg, through the middle. zack smith. gets by girardi. from the corner, out in front. it ricochets. sent high, dzingel. had a chance. >> brian: man, a couple of great opportunities for the ottawa senators here in the last minute of overtime. you see this puck out in front right here. and lundqvist is out of position. and ryan
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ja zack smith out in front. the puck out to dzingel. and open net. and dzingel fires that over the net. dzingel who scored in game one, top shelf, on henrik lundqvist. this time, fires it just high and wide. what a glorious opportunity for the ottawa forward. >> john: 18.4 seconds left. it went directly out of play from dzingel. so, guy boucher will see a face-off from outside the rangers line. zack smith, wins the draw. mark stone. lays it across for cody ceci. wide of lundqvist. ten seconds left in overtime. nick holden, to the far side for kreider. little chip out to center. hit an ottawa player along the bench. that will stop play. >> brian: the face-off will go outside, which is important. 5.2 seconds. things like that matter. it will be a neutral zone ce
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they would likely go to a second overtime. >> brian: that will be the case. >> john: cody ceci has had a solid game, as brian pointed out earlier. kevin hayes, and zack smith, with five and a fraction left in overtime number one. ottawa, stone. shot clock by holden. that will do it. more needed here in canada's capital. coming up on "the subway overtime intermission report," liam, mike and j.r., look at missed opportunities and crosby versus ovechkin in game two tonight, here on nbc. one overtime in the books. henrik lundqvist doing his thing. we're still tied at 5-5. stanley cup playoffs, presented by geico.
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d verizon wireless customers can stream tv on the fios mobile app, data-free. get the best. go to welcome to "the subway overtime intermission report," brought to you by subway restaurants. >> this is rick nash's 73rd playoff game. he was close to producing his first overtime winner. craig anderson, out of the picture. kyle turris bails him out. just like that, we welcome you to our second subway overtime intermission report. >> the last one was hard to watch. >> so close. that sums up nash's year right there. >> you look at the rangers, though. and 3:19 left in regulation. they're up two goals. they give that up. and all the momentum is in
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what do you think of the rangers' response in overtime? >> i thought it was terrific. i thought they did a great job of regrouping mentally and coming back at it. they had a ton of chances. and the overtime session, right here, i mean, among many. and lundqvist is good when it had to be turris, charging the net. j.r., what did you think? >> we saw turris coming around. and denying j.t. miller in front of the net. can't get off the schneid right there. right in front, kevin hayes. and anderson, stepped up to the net again. >> a lot of good chances. the redirection in front, just wide past lundqvist. and you're going to see some great saved by anderson. this is not your normal overtime period. there were just way too many scoring opportunities on both sides of the aisle. >> the overtime period, you think it's all defense. this is the last opportunity of the overtime. but i will say it. an entertaining overtime period. an entertaining ga
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you like high scoring. >> consistent with the play today. a lot of mistakes. but a lot of fun. >> j.r.'s right. you would think it tightened up. five goals for both sides. you would think that discipline would tighten up. >> and mistakes by the referees. >> should the senators have had a power play? >> no question. when it's a penalty you have to make a call. there's no more blatant penalty than high stick. that's a high stick by brassard on zibanejad right there. up in the face. he called the power play. this is a high stick. rick nash, right in the mouth, trying to stick handle. you have to be in control of your stick. the stick goes right into the mouth. 18,000 people saw it. but two referees didn't see it. you can't blow calls like this, in overtime. the rangers got lucky here. >> it's clearly a move designed to stick handle through the legislation legs of his opponent. >> guy boucher agrees with you. >> he's stunned. and by the rule, if it's
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followthrough on a shot or a pass, it's okay to hit somebody in the head. but not when you stick handle like that. >> rangers/senators, our first of two games tonight. and it's headed to overtime number two. we will preview game two of the pens/caps series. alex ovechkin scored in the opener. but washington fell on home ice. [car engine failing to start] [wind blows] yo- wh- ah- he- [gas pouring] [slurps loudly] [engine starting] [loud slurping continues]
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the sta
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income nbc, brought to you by subway restaurants. >> a look at sidney crosby gearing up for game time. pittsburgh took game one. it is game two from washington, d.c. our coverage at 8:00 p.m. eastern on nbc. sidney crosby had the two goals in the opener. outside of the scoring, what stood out about his game to you? >> he does everything well in the national hockey league and in this game. he has grown so much as a hockey player. i think he's the best player in the world for a lot of different reasons. again, reasons like this. this is sidney crosby backchecking. and the guys on the bench see this effort. this effort to get back to break up the opportunity to score a goal. that's great hustle. wins face-offs, no matter where it is on the ice. really important. but it's his knack for the game and his hockey i.q. makes him so good. his shot, two goals against washington. two, quick strikes. just look at the awareness. how aware he is. comes to support. bang. right on the offense. back. i mean, he's
6:55 pm
the last year and a half. and the playoffs are where he shines. there's a reason why he has two cups and a conn smythe trophy. he relishes this time of year. >> he might be the best player of a generation. alex ovechkin might be the best player who hasn't reached the conference finals. how do you think he responded in the open center. >> i think he's been good all along. he's been composed. he acted with maturity. and he scored a big goal. we showed the hit he could have had on crosby. let it go. would have been easy to run crosby and hurt him. but he stuck around, no penalties. great play by here. and of course, when you give ovechkin this much time and space, he has such a hard shot. such an accurate shot. you know he's going to do some damage. put the capitals in the thick of things. tied it up. and mistakes defensively by the caps turned a corner for the penguins. big game for them coming up. >>
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series, it wasn't cross zee. what was his impact be if he's back in the lineup? >> a positive impact. audio guy with speed. a guy that can score. he can play every different role. he was a very visible player in last year's postseason. this is a shot in the arm for the penguins. if you remember, hagelin, kessel and bonino, one of the big reasons they won the cup last year. killing penalties is where it will really come in with that speed. will be a huge addition. >> let's bring it back to rangers and senators. getting set for double-o.t. the senators don't get the call late. the rangers had some energy in that first o.t. how do they come out? >> they have to come out flying. they need this
6:57 pm
thein tre. hoffman has been quiet tonight. and going to see how erik karlsson handles his leg. this is a long game to be on a bad foot. >> i think both teams have to continue to go after it. but there was a lot of sloppy play there. poor decisionmaking. it's one thing to be forceful and aggressive in a game, trying to take it over in overtime. but another thing to be reckless. i thought we saw reckless decisions. i would be surprise, ottawa dre guy boucher said, tighten it up a little bit. as long as we play hockey, we have to play defense, too. >> we've had 79 total shots. 79 total hits. ten penalties. ten total goals. the next goal, though, is the winner. double-o.t. from ottawa. the rangers and the senators gets started after this. >> you've been watching "the subway overtime intermission
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