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tv   Today  NBC  May 2, 2017 7:00am-9:58am EDT

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good morning. fists flying. good morning. fists flying. a major brawl between two airline passengers moments before takeoff and just when you think it's over, it's not. >> get off me, please. no stop it. the latest incident on the same day airline executives are summoned to capitol hill. will the skies ever be friendly again. president set to talk with vladimir putin today. their first conversation since trump said u.s./russia relations were at an all time low. the latest from the white house. the kindness of
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the couple trapped into that overturned truck with their two babies. meet one of the men who saved their lives. stay for the emotional reunion. >> and big night in the big apple. the stars come out and push the fashion envelope of new york's annual met gala. we have all the looks from the elegant to the outrageous today, tuesday may 2nd, 2017. >> from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from rockefeller pla plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today." it's a tuesday morning. kind of the fashion oscars. did you check out the outfits? >> it was like a super bowl of people watching. >> i almost wore that this morning. >> just a little bit uptown. there are celebrities
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year's outfit. that's how far in advance they do that. >> how about that video at the top of the show. people on planes need to fasten their seat belts. >> this was a wild scene on a passenger plane. as you saw a fight broke out just ahead of a flight from tokyo to los angeles. some of the nation's top airline executives are preparing to face tough questions about the state of their industry. tom costello has the latest on it. >> reporter: good morning. it's happening nearly every day. something occurs on an aircraft and fellow passengers grab their cell phones and record capturing misbehaving people, and this morning a fight, one passenger charged with assault. this morning another disturbing airline incident caught on camera. two passengers throwing punches at each other aboard a flight about to depart from
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l.a. >> this guy is crazy. >> reporter: according to japan today, the passengers started fighting after the man in the red shirt was asked to leave the shirt after acting in an unruly manner. the man resisted. after the fight seems to be over, the man in red returns taking another punch to the face before the video abruptly ends. the passenger who took the video the tells nbc news the man in red yelled you think i'm crazy in the government is crazy before leaving the plane. the it's the latest in a series of viral videos. a united passenger dragged off a plane in chicago. >> you stay out of this. >> an american united airlines attendant almost coming to blows with a customer. and a delta passenger removed from a flight for using the restroom after being told to remain seated. some execs will face a grilling with members
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pass a new passenger bill of rights. >> passengers have inadequate resource for the clueless and often careless misconduct of the airline. it was just last week that united airlines ceo told lester holt the entire industry has suffered. >> the industry is getting a black eye. you've caught all of us at a bad moment to this degree. >> reporter: in the past few weeks many airlines have announced major policy changes no longer involuntarily bumping seated passenger. offering more cash as an incenti incentive, as much as $10,000. southwest says it will stop overbooking flights. with 83% of seats full, flight attendants say the flying experience can be stressful. >> people are getting packed into a confined space. humans are closer together, and it creates conflict. >> reporter: passenger rights advocates a
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will change. >> i think we're stuck with that for a while until someone comes up with a new way of approaching the public and telling them you can get more for less. >> reporter: this morning passenger rights advocates and flight attendant unions say recent issues are symptomatic of operating at high capacity, and passengers -- >> it's going to be an interesting phone call at the white house between president trump and vladimir putin. it's their first direct conversation since trump declared relations between the countries were at an all time low. kristen welker has more on this. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. it is high stakes for that call today with president trump and president putin expected to discuss a range of topics. it comes as president trump has set alarm bells for
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about some of the leaders. including kim juneon. north korean said tv said the situation in the korean peninsula is being driven to a point, quote, close to nuclear war because of the united states. >> reporter: this morning white house officials confirm president trump will speak with vladimir putin on the phone. it's the third call between the two leaders since mr. trump took office in january and the first since the recent u.s. erair strikes in syria. that in response to a chemical attack. it was criticized by putin. secretary of state rex tillerson met with the russian president last month. >> there is a low level of trust between our countries. the world's two foremost nuclear powers cannot have this kind of relationship. >> reporter: today's call comes as president trump faces backlash over his comments about other world leade
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he would meet with the north korean leader if it would be appropriate for me to meet with him, i would absolutely. i would be honored to do it. but just hours earlier, his own chief of staff said the exact opposite. >> i think the answer is probably not, and i don't see that happening. >> reporter: under fire, sean spicer forced to explain why a meeting would be an honor. >> he's still a head of state. it is sort of -- there's a diplomatic piece. >> reporter: overnight backlash from some of his fellow republicans. >> what you do is you legitimize a person who is one of the really bad actors in the world. >> reporter: and the president surprised some of the officials within his own administration by inviting another brutal dictator to the use. philippi philippine's president. one key topic, north korea's recent provocations. that invi nation despite wide condemnation for executing
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his own country. >> does the suspect have a thing with these leaders? >> the president clearly understands the threat that north korea poses. those are the countries that can be helpful as we move forward to try to prevent the threat they pose. >> reporter: the it's not just foreign policy. the president created confusion about a key component of the republican's latest health care plan saying preexisting conditions will be covered. but the bill isn't as definitive. mike pence was on capitol hill last night and held a number of meetings trying to secure the votes for the health care bill when asked about the prospects of the health care bill, he said stay tuned. >> all right. kristen welker at the white house. thank you. >> may day protest turned violent in oregon. throwing objects at police officers. the group of self-described anarchists set fires in the streets. multiple people were arrested and some downtown bus
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police car which was destroyed. in the meantime, tens of thousands of people took to the streets of paris to protest marine le pen. security forces fired back with tear gas. three officers and several protesters were injured. we're learning more about the university of texas student accused of going on a stabbing rampage. the suspect surrendering to police after killing one person and injuring three others. kerry sanders has more. >> reporter: good morning. there are many heavy hearts here on the campus at the university of the texas where classes are expected to resume today. the president of the school here cancelled classes after a freshman was knifed to death in what witnesses say was an unprovoked attack. overnight beefed up patrols at the university of the texas in austin. students
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understandably angxious and confused by a killing. the freshman was stabbed to death on a busy campus plaza in daylight. his best friend since they were in day care -- >> he was funny and outgoing. lefs a friend to everybody. >> reporter: harrison brown killed three others slashed by the attacker. >> one white male college student. he's been stabbed a couple of times. >> reporter: police say this man, a another student went nuts monday, armed with a large hunting knife. witnesses say at first the stabbing spree seemed unreal. >> he just grab third down guy by the shoulder and stabbed him in the back. >> reporter: as video posted on social media shows, campus police wrestled the suspect to the ground. officials say the arrest coming just two minutes after police were first called. in custody this morning, 21
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still unclear? a motive. >> the individual actually didn't just attack people that were right there. he walked a little ways, and then stabbed another individual. >> reporter: one classmate of the alleged knife wielding attacker said he noticed a personality change. >> he was missing from class for about a month. he was depressed. >> reporter: harrison brown's former school district remembering him as an inspiration to everyone around him. one of the wounded was admitted to the hospital. the other two were treated and released later this morning. the police are expected to hold a news conference to discuss, among other things, charges against the alleged attacker. thank you. with the summer vacation season ahead, the state department issued a travel alert covering all of europe. it says americans should be on guard for possible terrorist
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tourist spots, hotels, clubs, and houses of worship. the alert points to the recent deadly attacks attributed to al-qaeda. it advises travelers to be a plan for contacting family members in an emergency. and it says they should monitor local use reports, check the websites of consulates for any security updates. more turmoil at fox news. another top executive is out. stephanie gosing is here with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. first the it was the network's chairman and ceo roger ailes. then bill o'reilly. now the co-president bill shawn has called it quits. pushed out amid criticism of his handling of the sexual harassment scandal. he was reportedly forced out after mounting pressure to change the corporate pressure. with
7:13 am
may never be the same. >> reporter: this morning another shakeup at fox news. bill shine resigning as the network scrambles to deal with a string of negative headlines about sexual harassment. one of his most high profile defenders, sean hannity reported to reports that shawn was being pushed out saying i pray this is not true. if it is, that's the total end of the fox news channel as we know it. overnight on his show, hannity stayed silent about shine, and not addressing rumors of his own potential departure from the network, instead tweaking the alt left. still shawn's departure may signal a makeover for the network. >> shine was a continuatioconti. the murdochs are turning a
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>> reporter: in a memo, the ceo rupert murdoch wrote i know bill was respected and liked by everybody at fox news, but some former employees might disagree. shine has not been accused of sexual harassment, but has been named in two lawsuits against the network and the disgraced former chairman, roger ailes who resigned amid ak sayings of sexual harassment. one of the accusers, a former anchor, claims shine told her when she complained that ailes was a very powerful man and she needed to let this one go. shine denies all of the accusations. now his repolilacement is a wom suzanne scott. >> women at fox news are looking at this moment and saying this is not cleaning house. fox is in the middle of a bid for british broadcaster, sky. industry insiders suspect the recent departures a
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desire to get the takeover approved by the british government. among the criteria being judged is whether or not the company is fit and proper. >> all right. thank you. now to a real life hollywood cliff hanger. a massive writer's strike averted. in new deal was announced an hour after the deadline. it avoids a costly strike which prevents television shows to immediate reruns. important news for parents this morning. the trump administration now rolling back some school lunch rules that have been championed by former first lady, michelle obama. the program required more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. many school districts were complaining that healthy foods were ending up in the trash. under the new standards, schools won't have to cut the salt in meals just yet. they'll also keep the current whole grain requirements and not demand that all
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schools could serve 1% milk instead of the nonfat now required. the new rules will take affect in the fall. an update on what has been a traffic nightmare in atlanta. they are confidence that the i-85 bridge that went up in flames in march will be reopened by memorial day weekend. now, the initial completion date was supposed to be mid june, but the 24/7 work schedule is credited for accelerating the progress in construction. a little bit of a light moment from the nba playoffs. lebron james almost started celebrating a little early. cleveland up by 16 late in the third quarter. lebron grabs a bottle of beer on the court side. was about to take a sip. thought better. he gives it back. cavs go onto beat the happr
7:17 am
over. >> looked good. >> you're not al. >> i'm not. >> can i borrow your dress for my weather report? >> does it fit the forecast? >> it does in some parts of the country. back through the midwest, the sky will be featuring sunshine. we still have flooding because of the recent rain. this is all river flooding. all the diamonds in this reddish pink here, those are the rivers in major flood stage. they are overflowing their banks and causing flooding in some of the nearby communities. t t t the mississippi river at chester is close to flood stage. flash flood watches across the midwest because the water still needs someplace so go. unfortunately, it's over the banks. in the next 24 hourswe
7:18 am
we could see some areas picking up an inch and a half to two inches across kansas. a second storm system regenerating. we'll see two areas. one near st. louis where we could see possibly five inches of rain and along the gulf coast where we could see three to four inches of rain. that's wednesday into thursday. your local forecast is coming up in the next 30 seconds. i'm chuck bell. skies are partly to mostly
7:19 am
the rain is over. temperatures are mostly in the 60s this morning. it will be a breezy afternoon today. temperatures will gradually get back up into the low to mid 70s with plenty of sunshine. again, west to northwest winds today. would be near 30 miles per hour. breezy today and for tomorrow. rel thetively warm today. cool for wednesday and thursday and heavy rain likely especially thursday morning. coming up the family rescued by good samaritans when their truck flipped over in a storm is speaking out for the first time. we were there for their emotional reunion with one of their rescuers. airline passengers tossed from their seats and injured after severe turbulence. this morning how you can stay safe the next time you're flying in less than ideal conditions. but first, this is "today" on nbc. conditions. first this, is "today" onbc. n
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every kiss begins with kay. this is a news 4 today newsbreak. 7:26 is your time on this tuesday, may 2nd, 2017. good morning. >> in the news this morning yarks lot of people are outraged about an apparent incident of racism at american university. several messages were left on campus on bananas tied with black nooses. they had lettered that appeared to reference a predominantly black vor sorority. there's a meeting today and ralty tomorrow. the acting chief for months, the d.c. council is voting to confirm him to the job today. now let's check your commute with melissa mollet and your first 4 traffic. good morni
7:27 am
in manassas. bristol road between patriot ridge place and independent hill ridge. overall no problems here. really to speak of on the beltway. normal delays. inbound i-395 crash on the right. right now on red line delays to glen mont green line. both directions slow. >> we'll check your forecast next.
7:28 am
good morning. the rain is over. the sunshine will be making a return by later this morning. temperatures in the 60s. a mild enough day today. temperatures staying in the 60s in the shenandoah valleys. 70s around town. the diamondbacks are in town to take on the nationals. game time temperatures near 70s and falling into the
7:29 am
around. on the cool side. pretty good chance of showers on your saturday. >> chuck, thank you. another local news update in 25 minutes. >> for now back to the "today" show after a short break. well it's a perfect nespresso morning here, george. hold on a second. mmm. ♪ [mel torme sings "comin' home baby"] hey there. want a lift? ♪ where are we going? no don't tell me. let me guess. ♪ have a nice ride. ♪ how far would you go
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sso. nespresso. what else? 7:30, now, 7:30 on this tuesday morning. it's the 2nd of may 2017. why are all these people on the plaza? because it's national concert day. and we have a concert in honor of that holiday. one republic performing for those people in the 8:30 half hour. >> front row arrived at 1:00 in the morning. >> wow. >> 1:00 in the morning. how about that? >> good weather. >> just a couple more hours. we'll be out there in a moment. let's check the headlines this morning. a phone call sure to make a lot of headlines on president trump's schedule today. the white house says he'll speak with the russian president, vladimir putin. it will be their third
7:31 am
trump took office. but the first since trump said u.s./russian relations were at an all time low. >> a new travel alert for europe. russia, sweden, and great britain. officials say u.s. citizens should be vigilant during the summer months when large crowds may be common. and we showed you this earlier. a disturbing incident on an airplane. you can see two passengers brawling from their seats on a jet that was about to fly from tokyo to l.a. according to reports. the man in the red shirt was acting unruly and resisted. when he was asked to leave, that confrontation ensued. when the man left the plane, he was arrested. he came become. >> and took a shot right to the jaw. >> now some dramatic video we showed you on monday. good samaritans moving to rescue a texas couple and their
7:32 am
waters. this morning we're hearing from that family and the people who saved them. gabe gutierrez is in dallas. >> reporter: first good news. one of the two young children trapped inside the car has been discharged here from children's medical center dallas. the other, an 18-month old girl, remains in intensive care, but she's now breathing on her own. her parents and her rescuers now sharing a special bond. this morning, phillip and emily are thankful. thankful they and their two children survive third down nightmare when their pickup truck flipped over in a flood. >> the water was coming into the cab of the truck. >> it was pitch black in the car. you can't find your kids. you panic. >> reporter: graceful, almost beyond words for good samaritans like this who rushed to the rescue. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: they were once
7:33 am
not anymore. >> you did such a good job. >> i am really so happy that you are okay and the babies too. their babies, unconscious when pulled from the truck. and 18 month old still in her car seat. tom mitchel who shot this video gave cpr to baby marshal. virginia howard first on the scene, provided the prayer. >> reporter: and shortly after she started praying, that child started coming around. >> it was terrifying. >> reporter: cory prox helped bust through the window. >> i could hear someone screaming from the inside, and when i heard that, i went in panic mode. >> reporter: as a mom what's going through your mind when you see your kids like that? >> help them. give them life before you try and help me. i'm fine. i am an adult. i can manage my own. ly get out of this vehicl
7:34 am
>> reporter: as tornadoes cut through east texas, the family went to their car to escape one storm and ran into another. >> helpless. not able to fight my way under the seats. >> reporter: they say if it wasn't for the bravery of these total strangers, their young family would not be here to share their story and their gratitu gratitude. >> very thankful. god bless you. thank you so much for being there, for stopping and risking your lives to shaave ours. >> reporter: that video has been seen across the world. he's seen it. she has not. she says she cannot bring herself to. she just prefers to hold her children tight. >> i can imagine. it kind of restores your faith in humanity. >> there's a lot of good people out there. >> dylan, you have a good forecast? >> for today, it's going to be a decent day. we have another round of storms
7:35 am
later as we go into wednesday. houston over to new orleans and southern mississippi, that's where we could see a flight risk of stronger storms tomorrow. the biggest threat will be for isolated large hail and damaging wind gusts with an isolated storm possible. here we go through wednesday morning. heavier rain working back eastern kansas to oklahoma. eventually it moves to midwest. that's going to exacerbate some of the flooding in the rivers. into thursday evening, more of that heavier rain moving into southern indiana and southern illinois. also across kentucky and into tennessee. today things are fairly quiet across most of the country. gusty back through the ohio valley. in the northeast spotty showers and clouds. that's a look at the weather across the country. >> we have clouds around this morning. here's a live look outside.
7:36 am
away. more sunshine later today. 68 degrees. currently comfortable outside. temperatures are comfortable. 60 degrees. dulles 68 in quantity koe. 64 in frederick. later today cooler than yesterday. 77 degrees. mostly sunny. br breezy. winds could be near 35 hours at the time. rain comes as we go into friday. >> that's your forecast. >> all right. just ahead, a revealing look at princess dianna's life before she was a member of the royal family. >> first staying safe when you fly. >> good morning. i'm jeff rossen. we've shown you the video of the new case of turbulence midair. how can you avoid becoming a victim? >> and what do you do if you're stuck in the bathroom when turbulence strikes? the surprising answer next. you make it detect what they don't. stop, stop, stop! sorry. you make it sense what's coming.
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ree with our app. ♪ back, now, back now. on a new rossen report, we have important information you need to see before your next flight. >> more than two dozen passengers badly injured when their flight suddenly hit turbulence. what causes it? how do you feel safe and stay safe? today jeff rossen has the answers for us. good morning. >> a lot of questions and answers this morning. even if you fly off the time, turbulence can be
7:42 am
throwing passengers literally out of their seats. that's exactly what happened in this latest case. what should you do the next time turbulence shaking your plane? this morning rare access to a simulator where pilots and flight attendants are training showing you everything you need to know so you don't go flying next time you're flying. >> terrifying new video just this week. a flight from moscow to bangkok about to land when out of nowhere in clear skies, rough air. carts turned over. passengers thrown to the ground. at least 27 people injured. midair turbulence shaking things here too. on this flight to dallas. >> this is the worst turbulence i've ever seen. someone said we dropped at least 1,000 feet. >> and this one to sacramento. how do you avoid becoming a victim of turbulence? it turns out there are simple things we can all do and to though show you we ca
7:43 am
training facility. they gave us exclusive access today. this is their triple 7 aircraft simulator. and this is a delta pilot. >> nice to meet you. >> reporter: basic question, what is turbulence. >> it's the violent movement of air within the atmosphere. >> it can happen in thunderstorms, air coming off mountains? >> absolutely. air masses coming together which causes an unstable atmosphere. like a boat on the water, with waves it may be unsettling, but it's riding the waves. that's what an airplane does. >> reporter: can turbulence bring a plane down? >> it cannot. >> reporter: but what can a passenger do when it hits? have you experienced it? >> i have. i couldn't go forward or back ward. i'm in the aisles. i could just stay there. >> reporter: you couldn't move? >> i was being
7:44 am
everywhere. >> reporter: imagine a woman or child. >> that's why it's important we make sure to have the seat belt on just in case. the it's like a car. put on your seat belt for the unexpected. >> reporter: and what about our kids? how do we keep them safe? >> reporter: i've seen people buckle babies in different ways including this way which seems to make sense with me. >> if it's a baby in a car seat, that's fine. but that's wrong. the pressure can happen. if you have forward motion, the baby has pressure here. you want to take the baby out of the seat belt. >> reporter: buckle myself? >> buckle yourself and hold your baby that way you and the baby are safe. >> reporter: next up, something i've always wondered. what if turbulence strikes when i'm in the bathroom. you know you've wondered too. this tight space and the plane starts shaking. your first instinct may be to go to your seat, but surprisingly flight attendants
7:45 am
toilet, grab onto whatever you can and brace yourself. whatever you do, don't go back out there. important safety information that could make your next flight a little smoother. here's another question. is there a spot in the plane where the turbulence is worse? some say the back is the worst. they say you should try sitting over the wings, is tentcenter oe plane. delta trying to avoid turbulence. they dropped an exclusive app for pilots that ask for turbulence along the entire route thousands of miles away in realtime so they can call air traffic control ahead of time to ask to move to the left or right or up or down to avoid it. >> i'm reeling from that image of you in the airplane bathroom. >> it seems like every time i go to the bathroom, somehow the plane starts shaking. >> i didn't need to hear that this morning. >> it may not be turbulence. >> up next,
7:46 am
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band-aid® brand. stick with it™ we're back now. 7:50. sheinelle is covering a story that made jimmy kimmel emotional. . >> good morning. jimmy kimmel opened his show monday with an emotional monologue revealing his son billy, born si days ago as a heart defect. in the speech kimmel discussed the terrifying hours after billy's birth. take a listen. >> they did an x-ray and his lungs were fine which meant his heart wasn't. now more doctors and nurses and -- come in. it's terrifying. my wife is back in the recovery room. she has no idea what's going on. billy was born with a heart
7:51 am
doctor starns opened his chest and fixed one of defects and the operation was a success. it was the longest three hours of my life. >> this is the first of several surgeries billy will have in his life. kimmel said he's doing great now at home with his big sister, jane, and kimmel's wife. social media users were touched by his story. one tweets i'm so glad your son is okay. thank you for sharing so openly your emotion and love. your humor and humanity are tremendous. he respond and said thank you for your loving tweets and for your donations to the children's hospital. i can't imagine. >> first thing i did this morning was watch that speech. i have to tell you, it's one of the most move things i've seen. beautiful. >> coming up the glitz and glamour and stars on display at the super bowl of
7:52 am
last night's met gala. >> and we mentioned a live concert from one republic after your local news. concert from o you'll be amazed what happens when you pu♪ your red nose on. you help ensure that children in the u.s. and around the world are safe, healthy and educated. this red nose day, swing by walgreens and get your noses on to help end child poverty. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. introducing ritz crisp & thins. a new chip that's deliciously thin & oven-baked to perfection. with spectacular flavor. crisp & thins. the new taste from ritz. try them. in four flavors.
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hi guys. in the here. at the mall. on the mountain. at school. at the beach. in the big easy. yeah. yeah. today i want to show you guys the next-gen chevy equinox. what do you think? that's pretty. pretty sexy. it's all-wheel drive. look at that. it looks aggressive. but not overbearing. it's not too big. not too small. it looks like it can go off-roading. but at the same time, it looks like a car you can take to a nice event. you can dress it up or dress it down. seems like the perfect car for anybody. i would take it anywhere. i want one. i love it. she's a bad mama jama. chevy stepped their game up.
7:56 am
7:56 is your time now on this tuesday, may 2 nd, 2017. good morning. let's get right to melissa mollet for a look at the commute in your first 4 traffic. good morning. >> good morning. right now we just spoke with police. found out this should be shut down at manassas for some time. this is a crash reconstruction scene. bristow place near patriot ridge. inner loop and outer loop normal. inner loop as you're crossing woodrow wilson bridge looks slow. eastbound redland road after crabbes branchway blocking some lanes. >> we'll check your forecast next. stay with us.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning. comfortable outside. we're going to see plenty of sunshine this morning. 69 degrees in the district. 68 quantity koe. if you're dining out, it will be breezy but nice and dry right around 77 degrees. as we get closer to dinner time, 60s tomorrow and thursday. rain friday. another local news update for you in 25 minutes. for now back to the "today" show after this short break.
8:00 am
♪ . >> it's 8:00 on today. coming up, fashion frenzy. the biggest stars converge in new york. what and who ruled the red carpet? jenna bush hager was there, and she has everything you need to know about the big event. plus the rise of the people's princess. 20 years of her death the fascination with one of the most beloved royals lives on as we look bag at her life before she set foot in the palace. and ready set, rock. one of the biggest bands in the world, one republic hits our stage far special string
8:01 am
today tuesday, may 2nd, 2017. >> you have something to say, don't you? >> one republic is awesome some. >> what time you get up for the front row? >> one in the morning for one republic. >> who are you? >> the biggest one republic fan here? >> you are? >> absolutely. >> come with me. >> nice to meet you. >> best morning ever. >> good morning. welcome back to "today." it's tuesday, may 2nd. the rain has stopped. a little bit sticky and warm. we have a great crowd out here ready to
8:02 am
>> how did you do that? it was raining ten minutes ago. >> how did i make it stop? >> blue sky now. >> we're beckening the weather to be better. >> john mellencamp will be here tomorrow. >> and guess who is here? bruno mars showed up. did you see that? >> he looks just like him. >> he asked for a selfie. >> don't forget our summer concert series is going to officially kick off one week from today on the plaza. everybody is dying for this. we'll do it in style with harry styles. he will be here. >> it's good. a big crowd for that. let's get the top stories. time for your news at 8:00. >> i'm peter alexander at the white house. president trump iset
8:03 am
it's the third call since trump took office. the first since declaring the relations between the countries at an all time low. this call comes with the president under scrutiny for reaching out to leader with wrong records of human rights abuses. critics warn he's giving legitimacy to totalitarian regimes like north korea. president trump saying he would be honored to meet with kim jong-un. no sitting american president has ever met a north korean leader. in washington house republicans on a separate topic are looking for the votes as they try to take another shot at trying to pass a health care plan. the president most recently confusion about a critical provision guaranteeing people with preexisting conditions are covered, but one congressman says he won't support the bill because preexisting conditions aren't covered.
8:04 am
pence said stay tuned. >> peter, thank you. ivanka trump is speaking about juggling her new job and her role as a mom. trump admitted her transition to the white house has been more than a little bit challenging. >> chaos at our house. the only thing that could make everything else around me feel calm on a relative basis is walking in my front door. but i have actually on a -- personally thrown balance -- i don't strive for it anymore. i don't like to intentionally set myself up for failure. it's not -- i did that probably the first two years of my daughter's life, but i've actually chilled out a bit on this front. >> realistic expectations. trump has three children under the age of six. said she makes quality time the
8:05 am
an enormous quantity of time to spend. i think we can all identify with that. >> you can have it all, but not all at once. we have dramatic video of a surfer being rescued after spending spen spending 32 hours of sea. he was spotted just before night fall 13 miles off the coast of scotland. he was reported missing after heading out sunday morning and failing to return. the surfer was hoisted into the chopper, flown to a hospital where he was treated for hypothermia. authorities say the thick wet suit probably saved his life. coming up, they are the rage all across the country with kids. why are schools now banning the digit spinners? >> where has this been all my life? >> plus princess dianna remembers what made her special before she was a royal. >> first unusual and edgy, the
8:06 am
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8:09 am
the it's true. >> nothing like litigating it on national television. >> jenna bush hager was in the middle of the action. >> they call it the super bowl of fashion, and it's easy to see why. it was a parade of celebrities all wearing their monday best. >> kim. >> how heavy is that dress? >> business in the front, party in the back. >> i'm thinking do not fall. stomach in, boobs up. all that. >> we have our best modelling faces. >> we practiced them in the car. >> shout out to the "today" show. thank you for always taking care of me. >> these are the famous steps, and this is where the magic happens. >> i've helped with this event for many years, but each year is very different and always about the exhibition. this year we have an
8:10 am
designer that we're honor, and i hope you enjoy the show. >> when you hope somebody approves of your outfit, do you care more about what your husband things or anna win or the? >> my husband. >> did anna approve this first? >> yes. >> this is not a low maintenance dress. >> i need four people to carry it. >> my dress has a pocket. the it's got a slit. it's got some sequins and heart. >> i'm really happy. that's serena williams. >> hi, serena. you look beautiful. >> look at that. look at that dress. it's too much to look at. it's fun. >> and even at the oscars, you don't get this kind of mix of people. >> it keeps people excited. >> first it's nerve racking, and then it's fun. >> today has been more fun than i usually have at events. i'm usually more nervous. >> how many dresses does it take
8:11 am
to get to the final one? >> he is a genius. he sent me two sketches. they're both gorgeous. this is the one we chose for tonight. >> what is in the canteen? >> rose. >> i love that. >> i have to see your boots. they're so beautiful. are they -- >> pant boots. >> you look so beautiful. >> i love that dress. >> this is a typical monday night for you? >> sure. this is how i dress. this is how i'll dress for the news. >> let me guess. your designer is zach posen? >> i love this museum so much, and the it's really meaningful to me here. >> have a wonderful night. >> you too. >> who are you excited to see? what look? >> i can't wait to see what ray wears. >> and your wife. >> she can killed it. >> i love this powerful trio of women. >> thanks. >> you know what? so do we. >> the it's truly a
8:12 am
stars, there was a lot of talk about who wasn't there. no sara jessica parker, lady gaga or beyonce. >> they usually go? >> yes. and they're usually some of the highlights. >> my favorite part was you screaming at everybody. it's awesome that you do that. >> there were moments when i hid behind the mike. the stars shared fun photos while they got ready. here's kate hudson and stella mccartney, and john legend and chrissy teigen climbing back into bed. j-lo sharing her photo of her and a-rod. and when they walked in, there were some gasps. >> yeah. >> when they walked in, it was a moment. and kylie jenner bathroom selfie joining she and her sisters. also paris jackson, shawn combs, and more.
8:13 am
bathroom. >> evidently it's a unisex bathroom? >> did you spend time last year in the bathroom? >> i may have. >> it's the most unbelievable people watching. everywhere you look is someone really famous. >> even standing on the carpet, i have to say, was unbelievable because it was sensory overload. >> everyone walked by you, i loved how you get into it. >> i shrunk like a wall flower at some points. >> but there are people there who did that awful thing where they're talking to you and then they spot someone more famous over their shoulder and they fawn in the middle of a segment. >> even when i wassed in middle of an interview, they were like serena. let's trend. let's start with music. i'm going to play part of a song. pay attention to the beat. ♪
8:14 am
>> now, listen to this ad from a political race in new zealand. ♪ >> does that sound familiar? right? the artist thought so. he sued the governing party for copy right enfringement. it went to court. the scene unprus deecedented. never have we seen a group of lawyers listening to music to intently. watch this. >> ♪ >> i love that. >> that is amazing. >> look at that. >> i want to see you -- is that how you listen to em and em?
8:15 am
>> that is one of my karaoke songs, though. we have fidget spinners. they're all the rage. and here's how it works. you simply spin it. they cost a couple of bucks. completely have taken over amazon's best seller for toys. if you haven't heard of it here, you're probably going to hear it from the schools. schools are starting to ban the toys saying they're a classroom distraction. they were intended originally to help children with adhd and anxiety. this is just going crazy. >> it could be worse. it could make that noise the rings used to make. >> i forgot about that. yes. >> yeah. >> i have been sitting it. it's calming. >> all right. ready? i want to show you a magic trick. ready? don't look. here it is. hold on. impressive? >> never seen that before. >> anyway, i have something better. a teen shared a trick to
8:16 am
it's gone viral. watch who he does with his fingers. mind blowing. look at that. wait for the big finish. >> he's good. >> he's really good. >> how did he do the last one? >> he actually pulled his finger off. >> your bones have to be something. >> i think he bent it a little. >> he practiced. >> if i could have done that, it would have saved me a lot of time. >> the full my finger bit. >> all right. we begin with janet jackson. her website featured a mysterious count down clock counting down the hours and minutes until we didn't know. the clock ran down and she announced her sta o
8:17 am
husband. >> i thank god for him. he's so healthy and beautiful and sweet and loving. such a happy baby. >> the couple announced their split shortly after the baby was born. but she's going on tour. now to george clooney. everyone is excited for him an he's expecting twins this june. you may remember george once jokingly said he wanted to name his children like his tequila company? george found another use for onesies given to him. he used them as tequila coozies. >> and the beatles is back on the radio. sir sirius xm is announcing a beatles channel. even the artists who insp
8:18 am
18th at 9:09. what did you say? you're like legendary english. >> how do you say cozy? >> cozy is when you put on your sweat pants. >> we call it a coozie. >> the beatles was the group mccartney was in before. all right. i know the beatles. thank you. >> and now a check on the weather. >> "today's" weather is brought to you by zales. >> since the it's the beginning of may, we'll look at the outlook for may temperatures. it looks like it's going to be above average through the month of may in the southwest. look at this huge area of below average temperatures. poss
8:19 am
average. back through the midwest and into the northeast. above average temperatures through florida. precipitation, even though it's cooler than average in the middle of the country, precipitation will be down. it does look wet and perhaps dreary through most of may in the northeast and across the gulf coast states through texas things are looking near average. above average rainfall possible through the rockies. today we're looking at gusty winds through the ohio valley. spotty showers in the northeast. temperatures in the 70s. cooler air working into the midwest. that spreads into the northeast into tomorrow. desert heat expected in the southwest. here's a peek out your window. good morning. i'm chuck bell. still a fair number of clouds in the skies early this morning. the rain drops are gone. we'll be dry for the remainder of the day. current temperatures in the mid to upper 60s around town. we'll get a little recovery later this morning. 77 in washington and fredericksburg.
8:20 am
60s in the shannon doe ya valley. everyone in the 60s with sunshine for tomorrow. clouds thick thursday and heavy rain friday. >> remember, you can catch us on "today" show radio xm channel 108. >> now to one of my favorite people, scott hamilton. he has had some rough patches in his life. he fought off cancer and two brain tumors. recently found out a third tumor appeared. he talks about it all in a new streaming series "scott hamilton today". he gets personal about his life on and off the ice. >> when you see people go through cancer, you think i could never do that, and then you're given a cancer diagnosis, and the fear is overwhelming. it's just
8:21 am
and then at some point it flips, and you become really engaged and strong and courageous, and you have a purpose and a collar thety of mission. >> scott, good morning. >> good to see you. >> i hope you take this the right way. i was reading about this last night and this morning. i was thinking we've known each other a long time. >> we both had too much hair. >> i feel like we've done this interview. we've talked about these things. how are you? >> i'm great. it's been busy. just when i thought i was done with soccer, it just, you get promoted back into soccer. >> but you say i'm doing great. you always say that. that is your gift. i think, and your personality. but what was the moment like at the diagnosis? we should mention third brain tumor, but this one is acting differently, isn't it? >> it is. the first one you're blind sided.
8:22 am
i get a pass. then you get through that and it's like okay, check off the list. second one comes and you get knocked down. i felt like i got hit by a truck. and we suffered through that one. and this one comes and it's like just keep an eye on it. just see where it goes. and we'll just figure it out as it goes. there's new options now and weighing those. it's sort of coming up with the right decision on when it's time to treat. >> when you say keep an eye on it, because this one is actually, or did actually shrink some on its own. >> yeah. >> how do the doctors explain that? >> god. >> social security that simple? >> it's that simple. there was two ways of looking at it. when this one happened, i said keep an eye on it. i'm going to get strong and i'm going to get strong and body, be strong in faith. be strong in nutrition and every way i can be strong. and i'm going to -- when i need to be taken care of this thing, i will.
8:23 am
initial diagnosis was it hasn't grown. the best news possible. and then a few months later i go back and they go, it shrank. and i said how is that possible? and they go it's not. so when you have the benefit of really having a miracle happen in your life, it's powerful. >> the series you share a lot of this. it started out as a single interview. >> yeah. it kind of blew up. >> they posted it online, and 25 million people went -- >> it's up to 30 now. >> sorry. 30. >> it's shocking. >> is that gratifying? is it heart warming or surprising? what's your reaction? >> i just felt like i was being obedient. i did this video, and for whatever reason there was interest in what i had to say, and i felt like if i could minister to people and help people and share with people, and allow them to feel what i feel, a peace during difficult
8:24 am
my life, that was the right thing to do. so when people came to me and said would you do this, i was like i'm not doing a reality show and they said it's not. the crews showed up. and when i toell you the last dy of shooting, i miss them. they were the greatest to work with. >> how do the kids feel about it? you're a public person. you have been for a very long time. how did they feel about the cameras? >> it will be obvious in the cameras. my redhead, max, he wanted to be there all the time. >> he has a little of his dad in him. >> and the other kids were like, i don't know, i'm going to hang out in my room. >> just a little bit of time left. for all the time i've known you through all of these health battles, i've never heard you say why me. >> no. >> how do you get away with that? >> it's just been the condition of my life and something that's -- every single time i've
8:25 am
i've gotten up, there's been something great on the other side. that's part of the deal. you have to be able to participate. you get knocked down, you have to be ready for the great things to happen just by deciding that it's going to be that way. >> do you ever ask why me, why all these challenges, but in your life, there have been blessings as well. >> yeah. >> be well, my friend. i sound like that commercial, stay thirsty. the first two episodes are streaming today on people entertainment weekly network. just ahead, a live concert from one republic on the plaza but first your local news.
8:26 am
this is a news 4 today newsbreak. >> 8:26 is your time on this tuesday may 2nd, 2017. good morning. right now we want to check on your commute with melissa mollet and your first 4 traffic. right now a new problem, loudoun county parkway blocked between braddock road. outer loop top of the bet way is show. northbound gw crash blocking the center of the roadway. and bris toe road near patriot ridge all lanes block. >> we'll check your forecast next. stay with us.
8:27 am
8:28 am
good morning. a nice day outside. the temperatures are in the 60s now with sunshine starting to make a bit of a comeback. it will be a mostly sunny and breezy afternoon. temperatures in the 70s. if you're going to the nationals
8:29 am
game, first pitch around 70 degrees falling into the 60s after. if you're wondering about the weekend, a lot of clouds and a pretty good chance for showers on saturday. >> get the latest news and weather any time.
8:30 am
♪ we're back, now, 8:30 on a tuesday >> it's the 2nd of may, and the it's turning out to be a beautiful morning here in new york. we're about to be treated to a live concert from the guys from one republic. >> they've had hit after hit like this one. we all know this one. ♪ >> i love that. i raise you a 2008 hit "stop and sta stare". >> let's round things out with one more. take a
8:31 am
♪ >> one of the songs of the summer back in 2014. >> i love the fact we're talking like they're not standing right over our shoulder. you guys like those songs too? >> some of them we like more than others, but we like most of them. >> anyway, it adds up to a great concert in a moment. first, diylan, the weather. >> i don't get to say a song? taking a look across the country. we'll see scattered showers into the northeast. but we are looking for pretty pleasant the temperatures and conditions through the midwest that we still have residual flooding because of the recent rain lately. desert heat into the southwest. a couple of spotty showers in the northwest. tomorrow showers possible. this time through the st. louis area and along the gulf coast. heavy rain. also some large hail and damaging winds possible in the northeast. it cools down back into the 60s. warm and dry in the west. here's a pee o
8:32 am
>> good morning. we're currently comfortable. looking at the clouds around. nice and dry. no rain. 69 degrees in the district. mostly cloudy. but we are seeing the breezy winds. breezy through the afternoon. 66 frederick. now 68 quantico. high 77 degrees. a little cooler. tomorrow sunny and dry in the 60s. better rain chances into friday. and you guys were standing in the rain a minute ago, but it's gotten nice out. what time did you get here this morning? >> 4:30. >> but it wasn't raining then? >> no. >> then we got wet. now we're drying out. the it's a perfect day for a concert. we're launching a brand new series, dianna te20 years later >> this year marks two decades since the world lost her. >> reporter: good morning. we are going to show you some of
8:33 am
some of the earliest interviews. she lived here through the joy and the drama with charles and then without him. kenzing ton palace where harry and william and kate now live. she had tough times here too. you'll see a side of dianna that you rarely see. a shy girl that changed the royal family. like many little girls, this one, perhaps, deemed of being a -- dreamed of being a princess one day. dianna picture in this rare picture on the walls of her home where she grew up with her three siblings. her brother charles who calls fun times and how she used to console him at home scarred after their parents' bitter marriage breakup. chosen by the royal family to ry
8:34 am
king, prince charles who was 12 years her senior, dianna met her prince in her teens. >> we met. >> i remember thinking what a bitter jolly and amusing, and attractive 16-year-old she was. and great fun. i don't know what you thought of me. >> pretty amazing. >> when she worked as an assistant in a london kindergarten that the world first noted shy dia. this first shot of her taken before the engagement was announced. >> the sun came out and we got this amazing silhouette picture of her beautiful legs. >> which she was horrified by. >> she was. i didn't do it on promise. i didn't do it to embarrass her, but it was such a good picture. you could not not publish it. >> reporter: catapulted from
8:35 am
the world's most photographed woman, a royal icon. the teenager who would want day transform the royal family lived in this ordinary london street. she was an aristocat, but not a royal, and first her life had to change. in a big way. the paparazzi starting to follow her every room. fending for herself. lessons that led to more protection for kate middleton decades later. shoving off her famous sapphire engagement ring. later to deck raid the hand of a daughter-in-law she'd never meet. the 19-year-old set out to marry her dream since. >> it's what i want. >> reporter: charles already concerned about the media focus. >> do you find the last six months have beginning to give you -- >> charles. >> i think
8:36 am
of the media every day was getting ready for the job. >> reporter: that media relationship would soon take over her life. >> my life will be a great challenge. >> reporter: and in the end, many believe contribute to her early death. the shy girl who loved frilly collars, started to experiment with more daring styles. and went onto become a global fashion icon. >> i think about her laughter. i think of her great sense of humor. shy dai, she hid behind her fringe and never spoke in public. and who gradually gained this incredible confidence, unfazed by this worldwide popularity she had. >> reporter: and always ready to take risks that iconic short haircut, for instance. >> she said what would you do with my hair if i gave you free reign. i would cut it off short and start again. she said do you want to do it right now. i worked with her for seven
8:37 am
>> reporter: her body guard remembers a surprise dash to venice. >> we arrived in venice at midnight in this storm, and then sort of literally danced across the square. >> reporter: returning to that dancing girl from all the years ago. the source of solace. on more than one occasion. when the going got tough. >> and it did get tough. we'll learn about that through the week. but when you think about that story, you think about kate. you think about harry and meghan markl and whether they can tie the tonight, and dianna taught us it isn't easy to marry a prince. thank you very much. straight ahead, it is finally a concert time. one republic live on our citi stage coming up. but first, this is "today" on nbc. rst, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:38 am
there's the view. there's more to life than the climb. you've gotta stop and look around a little. come, shed life's layers in asheville. let the child inside you out to play. remember who you are. life is for the taking, not for taking it easy. asheville. discovery, inside and out.
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8:40 am
♪ the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. one republic has been making music together for ten years. we get a special performance by them. and performing their chart topping hit, "counting stars" here is one republic. ♪ lately, i've been, i've listen losing sleep dreaming about the things that we could be ♪ ♪ but baby i've been i've been praying hard ♪ ♪ said no more counting dollars we'll be counting stars ♪ ♪ yeah, we'll be counting stars
8:41 am
♪ i see this life like a swinging vine ♪ ♪ swing my heart across the line ♪ ♪ in my face is flashing signs ♪ seek it out and ye shall find ♪ ♪ old but i'm not that old ♪ young but i'm not that bold ♪ and i don't think the world is sold ♪ ♪ i'm just doing what we're told ♪ ♪ i feel something so right by doing something to wrong ♪ ♪ i feel something so wrong doing the right thing ♪ ♪ i could lie couldn't i couldn't i ♪ ♪ everything that kills me makes me feel alive ♪ ♪ lately i've been losing sleep dreaming about the things th
8:42 am
we could be ♪ ♪ baby i've been i've been playing hard ♪ said no more counting dollars we'll be counting stars ♪ ♪ lately i've been i've been losing sleep dreaming about the things that we could be ♪ ♪ and baby i've been i've been praying hard ♪ said no more counting dollars we'll be we'll be counting stars ♪ ♪ i feel your love and i feel it burn down this river every turn ♪ ♪ hope is a four-letter word ♪ make that money watch it burn ♪ ♪ old but i'm not that old ♪ young but i'm not that bold ♪ i don't think the world is cold just doing what we're told ♪ ♪ and i feel something so wrong doing the right thing ♪ ♪ couldn't lie couldn't
8:43 am
♪ everything that kills downs me makes me want to fly ♪ ♪ lately i've been i've been losing sleep dreaming about the things that we could be ♪ ♪ lately i've been i've been praying hard ♪ no more counting dollars ♪ ♪ we'll be counting stars ♪ lately i've been i've been losing sleep dreaming about the things that we could be ♪ ♪ and baby i've been i've been praying hard ♪ ♪ said no more counting dollars we'll be we'll be counting stars ♪ ♪ take that money watch it burn sink in the river the lessons i've learned ♪ ♪ take that money watch it burn ♪ ♪ sink in the river the lessons i've learn ♪ ♪ [ cheers and
8:44 am
>> one republic just getting started. if you want to listen to the show included in live nation's national concert debut go to we're back in a minute. this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
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and welcome back to welcome back to "today." we are happy to have the guys from one republic entertaining us this morning. >> they're all spread out, but they're all here. good morning. good to have you here. >> brian, let's talk about what we were just talking about. savannah and hoda saying you smell good. >> fragrance is critical. >> what is it? >> it's called creed. >> creed? >> it's working. >> it's made by creed. if i tell you the scent, my wife will kill me. >> we have a lot of singers. they don't all smell good.
8:47 am
you have music for us this morning. >> i'm ready. i'm ready to go. ladies and gentlemen, one republic. ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm done with sharing space with people that i don't know ♪ ♪ trading pieces of my heart until i feel shallow ♪ ♪ i had so many empty rooms inside this shat toe ♪ ♪ but ever since i met you ♪ no vacancy because
8:48 am
♪ there's no vacancy no empty rooms ♪ ♪ got no vacancy ever since i met ya ♪ ♪ no vacancy because of you ♪ used to be that elt to empty ♪ ever since i met you no vacancy ♪ ♪ used to be that i felt so empty ♪ ♪ ever since i met you no vacancy ♪ ♪ no vacancy ♪ no vacancy ♪ used to be that i felt so empty ♪ ever since i met you no vacan vacancy ♪ ♪ used to be that i felt so empty ♪ ♪ ever since i met you no vacancy ♪ ♪ i used to be the type to never take
8:49 am
i was a castle ♪ ♪ i spent so many empty nights with faces i don't know ♪ ♪ but ever since i met ya ♪ no vacancy because of you ♪ there's no vacancy no empty rooms ♪ ♪ got no vacancy ever since i met ya ♪ ♪ no vacancy because of you ♪ used to be that i felt so empty ♪ ♪ ever since i met you no vacancy ♪ ♪ used to be that i felt so empty ♪ ♪ ever since i met you no vacancy ♪ ♪ no vacancy ♪ no vacancy ♪ come
8:50 am
♪ oh yeah ♪ no vacancy ♪ used to be that i felt so empty ♪ ♪ ever since i met you no vacancy ♪ ♪ used to be that i felt so empty ♪ ♪ ever since i met you no vacancy ♪ ♪ no vacancy ♪ no vacancy ♪ oh yeah ♪ no vacancy >> thank you guys. >> hear more from pun
8:51 am >> one republic has another song to go. first this is "today" on nbc. o go. fit this, is "today" on rs narrator: nb"the time is always right to do what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us.
8:52 am
♪ >> welcome back. you ready for more one republic? >> guys, take it away.
8:53 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ any friends in new york say hello. my friends in l.a., they don't know where i've been for the past few years ♪ sometimes airplanes you can't jump out ♪ ♪ sometimes some things
8:54 am
don't work now ♪ ♪ when you're happy like a fool let it take you over ♪ ♪ when everything is out you got a take it in ♪ ♪ oh this has got to be the good life ♪ ♪ this has got to be the good life ♪ ♪ this could really be a good life good life ♪ ♪ say ♪ ♪ hopelessly i feel like there might be something that i'll miss ♪
8:55 am
window closes oh so quick ♪ ♪ hopelessly i'm taking a mental picture of you now because hopelessly the hope is we have so much to feel good about ♪ oh this has got to be the good life ♪ ♪ this has got to be the good life ♪ ♪ this could really be a good life good life ♪ ♪ say oh got this feeling that you can't fight ♪ ♪ like this city is on fire tonight ♪ ♪ this could really be a good life ♪ ♪ a good life good life ♪ oh yeah ♪ good good life ♪ good life ♪ ♪ ♪ listen to my friends in new york say i say hello ♪ ♪ my friends
8:56 am
know where i've been for the past few years or so ♪ ♪ paris to china ♪ sometimes there's airplanes you can't jump out ♪ ♪ sometimes there's things that don't work now ♪ ♪ we all got our stories but please tell me what there is to complain about ♪ ♪ the itit's a good good life ♪ >> one republic. guys, thank you. ♪ that has news 4 today newsbreak. >> 8:56 is your time. good morning. right now let's check on your morning commute with melissa mollet. and your first 4 traffic. >> hi. bristow road at patriot ridge place in manassas, all lanes are opened after the crash. investigation, this is closed loudoun county parkway
8:57 am
between braddock and tail cedars parkway. red line delays in both directions. melissa mollet, thank you. we'll take a quick break and check your forecast next. stay with us.
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning. comfortable outside. it's also breezy west wind 12 miles per hour. gusting close to 35 in some areas this morning. we're at 70 degrees. still have the clouds around. temperatures elsewhere comfortable and 78 leesburg. 66 in frederick. through the afternoon 77 for a high tomorrow. upper 60s. 60s on thursday. friday the rain returns and lingers into saturday. >> get the latest news and weather any time in the nbc washington app.
9:00 am
t this morning on today's take, they have all the right moves. one republic in concert. jenna bush hager hits the fashion show. and we ask embarrassing medical questions you're too embarrassed to ask. >> that the today's take from rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning the second day of may, 2017. i'm sheinelle with jenna and dylan. al is on assignment this morning. you're listening to "love runs out". they can't run out of songs. they took over the stage this morning for a concert. we'll h
9:01 am
hits a little later this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> i'm still awake. >> what time did you get home? >> i didn't stay. i was just there -- it was kind of funny. my cousin walks the red carpet and i'm like hey. you want to talk to the "today" show? >> did you say it like that? >> sometimes. >> but we're all looking at you because you were in the thick of it. >> i was in the thick of it. >> what was it like? >> it was awesome. i think we forget this is about the met. it is a fundraiser that raises tons of money for the met, and last night they were celebrating a label from japan. >> very eccentric. >> and the theme was sort of am bigs you. it was like the art of inbetween. >> i saw that, and i was like if you had that on your invitation, how do you dress for that? >> summer casual? >> our friday casual.
9:02 am
i was like so should i wear mom jeans? that's very inbetween. you know what i'm saying? i think everybody just dressed really beautifully. some people definitely went with or based off of the designer. and went with more architectural things, but a lot of people just wore dresses they loved. >> what were some of your favorites in person? >> i mean, seeing some people in person was crazy. like madonna. she was drinking rose. she called it summer water. i'm like you should come and talk with kathie lee. she calls it summer water too. and i loved seeing serena williams. and when sj-lo and a-rod walked in, there was a gasp. >> are they stupidly beautiful in person? >> yes. and they look -- >> i look at the cam like that sometimes. >> let me see it, dylan. >> isat
9:03 am
zoolander? >> are you confused? >> do you have a mirror face? >> no. i can't do that. >> you have one? >> i have a mirror face, and it takes after my mom. >> you mean when you're looking in the mirror? >> yeah. >> you open your mouth. when i'm looking to see how i look, i'm like -- and my mom will catch me looking at myself and she's like -- >> and even walking the red -- they were like do you want to go take pictures? i was like no, i'll just hide back here and yell at other peoples. but ralph lauren in real life. the trench coat dress with a real train. i had to ask her how she was going to dance. >> there's music. there's fun music. >> a dinner? >> do they sit down? >> yes. she said this
9:04 am
>> remove the bottom. >> it comes off like a train? >> i will say being wrapped -- i've never -- that look is very sexy, to be in a coat. i've never tried it. but i thought maybe i'll try that sometime, because as a stress, it's comfortable, and she looks beautiful. it was a real moment. the met gala is about sort of this fashion which none of us can pull off. >> it's like wearable art. >> yes. it looked like it, but it also looked super comfortable which i'm always in for. >> that's a good idea. you can be fashionable. >> when you wear dresses and you're -- let it go. >> i thought blake lively was beautiful. a gold gown with feathers. it was gorgeous. >> she's stunning. >> there were feathers all over the red carpet. i was thinking, like, should i pick one up? should i pick up a feather and bring it
9:05 am
>> i thought that was on the edge of stalking, picking up somebody's old part of their dress? >> i think so. you go to a concert and catch a towel. you get to keep it. >> did you keep it? >> one guy. >> did you frame it? >> i don't know where it is, but -- >> you know what else i wonder. j-lo, her gown, she was one of my favorites. before they snap the picture, do they have a punch of people around them to try to make it perfect? >> yes. and katy perry, they have stylists, of course, who are helping get everything right. and because some of the major trains, they need it. >> it's like a wedding dress. >> yeah. >> katy perry had a dramatic march. hers had a crazy train. it was very artistic. >> i don't think i saw it. >> the red. >> it looked like a
9:06 am
almost. >> i liked gee gee ha deed's dress. it was all business on one side and flowy on the other. it's a mix. >> she's so beautiful. >> do you call them over and hope they walk over? >> the it's sort of embarrassing, i have to say. i've been that person walking and been humiliated. barbara and i were like this is so awkward, so to be like madonna, it's the "today" show. >> the it's jenna bush. >> no. come on. >> if we were there, they'd be like see you. >> embarrassing. -- i don't know why i said that. >> from the facts of life? >> i love that song. remember? >> anyway, i'm
9:07 am
>> it's embarrassing to yell out for people on the red carpet. and there were times where i shrunk away. >> why? >> because people kept walking. you're like hey, reese, we're good friends, it's me, jenna, and she's like -- >> and not to mention you feel pressure to come back with the goods. people don't understand. they see you there. >> you did come back with the goods. >> i came back with some humiliation and sweat. but it was fun. and it was -- >> you could have brought a feather. >> next time i will stalk down a feather for you. >> for your own personal -- >> to put in a strange scrapbook of stalking? i would only get it for you. >> when you put it that way, fine. i liked riley keo. she's also elvis's great granddaughter. look at that dress. i basically skimmed through the pictures and i was like i like that one. and a russian super model, the
9:08 am
>> when she walked by, first of all, have you ever worn a cutout like that? >> no. >> this is what we call a on most people, a muffin top. and i wouldn't want to highlight this area on me. this is an area that can stay -- >> just rock it? >> imagine if we were sitting here with everything hanging out and just let -- >> sit in a dress like that? >> she sat it? . >> because she can. >> i will say it was really incredible. >> i think it was fun. >> next time i will bring you back a bead or a sequins. >> now i'm looking at myself. i'm all wrinkly. >> i spent my time this morning prepping for this conversation jimmy kimmel, he had this emotional monologue last night. he opened his show with this monologue about his newborn son, bill he. he
9:09 am
a heart defect. it was emotional and sweet and inspirational. the baby needed surgery. emergency surgery. he talked about the terrifying hours after birth that ultimately led to a happy ending. take a listen. >> my wife, molly, gave birth to a boy, a baby boy. his name is william. thank you very much. we call him billy. it was an easy delivery. six pushes, he was out, and he appeared to be a normal, healthy baby. it's a terrifying thing. my wife is back in the recovery room. she has no idea what's going on, and i'm standing in the middle of a lot of very worried-looking people kind of like right now. who are trying to figure out what the problem is, and found that billy was born with
9:10 am
disea disease. he opened the valve, and the operation was a success. the it was the longest three hours of my life. so this poor kid, this is what he looked like on monday. he's doing great. he's eating. he's peed on his mother today, doing all the things he's supposed to do. >> it was beautiful. he infused a little humor. >> but all of us are moms, and dylan, you're a new mom. you know that moment after you come out of delivery, all you care about is the health. can you imagine hearing that type of news? >> it was interesting. he said they were doing the wellness checks hours after birth, and all of a sudden a doctor noted maybe something wasn't right or a nurse maybe. they take him back and do tests. he said there was a moment where you realized, wait a minute, something is wrong when more doctors start coming in. you
9:11 am
when he talks, you're holding your breath. i think kudos to him. he thanked the nurses. he thanked the doctors. not only that. he named them by name. and i think that sometimes if you've ever been in a hospital or if you've ever had a loved one in the hospital, you guys know nurses make the world go around. i think sometimes nurses don't get a lot of credit. overnight, those people. i just like the way he handled it. it was beautiful. we wish him the best. >> so happy to hear the surgery was a success for their family. >> and great that it was discovered so early. >> kudos to that nurse. >> you're a golfer, you can handle the next one. >> this is a video that will put a smile on your face. check out this golfer in spring, texas. he had made his shot into the -- then he falls right there. sheinelle, for those who don't play golf. do you? >> no. my dad loved golf, and my husband
9:12 am
my dad tried to teach me, and i hit my sister in the face with a golf club, and he said that was it. >> why was she so close? >> exactly. you have my back. >> coming up, we have your midday wakeup call. we unlock the secrets to beating the 3:00 slump right after this. ouch! ♪ skin-flex™, anna! sit! new band-aid® brand skin-flex™ bandages. our best bandage yet! it moves like a second skin. ♪ dries almost instantly. better? yeah. go! good thing because stopping never crosses your mind. band-aid® brand. stick with it™ especially when it comes to snacking.g new. that's why we're introducing cheese dippers. the creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks that go wherever you do. cheese dippers by the laughing cow.
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9:15 am
up. they brought us cookies. they were double stuffed. >> i don't like the filling. >> i've never anybody who doesn't like the filling. are you messy? >> do you want the filling? the it's like the feather? >> can i please eat your cream? >> i had some of dylan's cream. should i save it? and put it on my wall. >> put it in your stalker scrapbook. >> people save random things. my mom saved a little bit of my cord. she had a piece of it. and put it -- >> i still have calvin's. the it's in a box. >> what? >> it's in a box. >> am i the only one -- >> your mother didn't love you. >> at my baby shower, my mother-in-law gave me a piece of brian's hair when he was a baby. i thought that was weird. >> i actually had that too.
9:16 am
henry's mom gave me a note he wrote with a clip of his hair, and some fingernails and teeth. >> sflareally? >> no. >> do you get tired at 3:00 p.m. >> yes. >> it's the 3:00 p.m. slump. what's the best way to boost your energy? >> coffee. >> i'd say coffee. researchers found 10 minutes of walking up and downstairs at an easy pace is more likely to have people feeling energized. >> really? >> for 10 minutes, stairs is tough. i walk the stairs coming back up to the studio, and -- >> apparently it works. >> do you know savannah and i work out at 3:00 p.m. every week. >> really? >> they say if you work out, it helps your energy. >> i think it works. a new study published in the journal of sociology and
9:17 am
study. but a study, the three of us. savannah and me -- >> let us know. i'm interested on your take. apparently michelle obama revealed how the girls spent their last hours at the white house. she said they said good-bye with pizza and nuggets. >> how cute. >> dylan, how was your last night? >> we spent it with each other. we had the people that worked there -- >> oh. cute. freshman 15 picture. thank you for all that. >> you look adorable. >> thank you for that. we had them cook our favorite things which was tacos. of course. and we spent it with each other. my sister and i slept in the same bed. it was fun. >> now we're out of time. >> too bad. look at that. >> dylan, what was it like for you? you didn't have one? >> no. maybe one day? >> probably not. >> how is the weather. >> there's a billboard coming up.
9:18 am
>> for 100 years, every kiss begins with kay. >> the billboard was so great, i don't have time for weather. now here's a peek out your window. good morning. bright sunshine is going to be back by later this morning. clouds in our skies here this morning. current the temperatures upper 60s across northern maryland and northwestern virginia around 70 in and around town. 70 at national airport. highs today mid 70s for most. warmer along i-95 from washington to fredericksburg. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. there's your extended forecast. breezy weather today and tomorrow. heavy rain on friday. >> coming up next, did you know there's a right way to blow your nose and what causes excessive sweating? we answer all your weird medical questions. >> we'll ask for you. >> after this. yose
9:19 am
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9:22 am
it's time to answer this. let's face it. we've all occasionally wondered why am i sweating so much or am i blowing my nose a little bit too hard? >> here to provide the answers is dr. natalie azar. good morning. >> good morning. >> every single one of these medical questions, we're both quality of. >> we're being honest. >> let's start with blowing your nose. >> you demonstrated for us right before. and there were a few things about your nose blowing that were incorrect, jenna. >> okay. >> first and foremost, lots of pressure is generated when you blow your nose. up to the ten times with coughing and sneezing. when your nose feels stuffed up, it's partly from mucous, but it's also swelling and inflammation. it won't drain. the right way to do it are a couple things. news a
9:23 am
you loosen things up. and you're supposed to do one nostril at a time. doing two -- >> what a clean ex? >> yes. it creates too much pressure and some of the mucous can go into the sinuses. >> i come from a family of loud nose blowers. there's nothing better than that feeling. >> if you have sinus pressure or feel crackling in your ears, you did it too hard. >> let's talk about excessive sweating. >> we both admit swred sweat issues. >> kpexcess sweating. you have it if you're in a cool environment and you note sweating on your armpits and head and soles. up to 3% of people have this. a lot of times you'll find it's a family history. sometimes food and some medications can cause it as well as some underlying medical conditions. problems
9:24 am
glands, thyroid, and diabetes. >> what do you do? >> use anti-perspirant. >> around your face? >> around your hairline, yes. dermatologists are the first line. >> stomach growling? >> when you have a large meal and people can hear it. >> you need to have three things, the muscles of the intestine moving the food through, liquid, and gas. that can be the air you swallow as well as bacteria fermenting. the it's normal. let's say it's truly excessive. sometimes artificial sweeteners can cause it. see your doctor if you're concerned. >> or might be donaybe don't haa burrito. >> why are women always colder? >> they keep their core temperature warmer than their extremities. that's why they feel like their hands and feet are
9:25 am
>> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> coming up, an iconic character bringing king arthur's story to the big screen. advil liqui - gels work so fast you'll ask what bad back? what pulled hammy? advil liqui - gels make pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. heare you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec®
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and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®. tuesday may 2nd, 2017. good morning. today there will be a campus meeting at american university after racist messages were left around campus. university officials say bananas tied with black nooses were found in several places around campus. they had lettering that appears to reference a predominantly black sorority. major bridge work in georgetown. detouring westbound traffic around the pennsylvania avenue parkway. you'll be sent to get around the bridge. we'll look at the forecast when we come back. stay with us.
9:27 am
are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®.
9:28 am
good morning. the it's a pretty day outside right now. temperatures are in the upper 60s and low 70s. by later on today a little bit warmer. up in the mid to upper 70s around town. the nationals taking on the diamondbacks at 7:00. temperature near 70 as the game starts. falling back into the 60s. tomorrow sunni,
9:29 am
temperatures in the 60s. weekend with a lot of clouds. saturday a chance of saturday showers. sunday hopefully will be dry. it won't be warm. thank you, chuck. back to the "today" show.
9:30 am
charlie hunnam knows how to get our hearts racing. he took us on an emotional roller coaster on "sons of anarchy". >> now he plays king arthur before he realizes he's december the tinned to take the thrown. it's good. take a listen. >> i was born in a brothel on a bridge. >> the word can only be drawn by the dragon or his direct heir. you felt it, didn't you, the power? it's what put you out. you just don't know how to
9:31 am
control it. >> charlie, good morning. >> whoa. what's going to happen next? >> we were into it. >> i was trying to explain to my friends, it's so good. i'm the kind of person, i like my best friend's wedding. i thought, let's watch king arthur. it's so good. >> it's jammed. >> how would you explain it to someone? i couldn't. i just said the it's so good, and they're like why. >> i don't know. the people that are familiar with guy ritchie's work will get it. that was the thing that immediately when i heard the one-line pitch of guy ritchie's king arthur, it made sense. it's cool. there's a lot of heart at the sen thor the of it. i think there's something in there for everyone. >> there was a lot of fun onset, and you credit that to guy? >> i tend to be a little too serious. i'm getting to live my dream, so
9:32 am
and guy recognized that i had a tendency to be a little too serious sometimes. the mandate for me was we have to have fun and make each other laugh. if weir having f're having fun, audience will. >> it's fun to see you joking around in costume. >> what were some of the training involved going into these fight scenes? did you have sword exer the piece? >> i didn't going into it other than every kid in my backyard trying to fight with my big brother. a lot of sword training. not only just to learn all the choreography, but to make sure that mistakes don't happen onset. because i've done a lot of fighting onset, and unfortunately, accidents happen. i've broken a couple of noses in my career, given out a few black eyes. it's all bad when it happens, but we can laugh about it a week later. but if you -- thankfully nothing happened here. but if an de
9:33 am
while you're sword fighting, it's a big problem. >> did you have real swords? >> we would have real swords with a blunted edge, but metal heavy swords and then plastic swords. i had a tendency to break the plastic swords so we graduated the metal swords, but you make a mistake with one of those, it's a big mistake. >> when they first told you this role is going to happen, was the ten-year-old boy inside of you going nuts? >> it was. when i was sort of circling around what i wanted to do with my life as a young man as a child, when we all dream about what we want to do, when i was six or seven, i became obsessed with an adaptation, and i watched it over and over. and so it was definitely
9:34 am
30 years later so actually take stock of the journey i've been on. >> you're living out these dreams. >> it inspired me to be an actor in the first place. the it was pretty cool. >> is it true you were discovered in a shoe shop an christmas eve? >> i did. i was already putting everything i could into the idea of hopefully pulling this career together for myself, and getting to live a life as an actor. went to film school learning. it was christmas eve, i think 1997. >> what did you say like can i fit your shoe that made people think i could be a great actor? >> no. i just -- i was drunk. i was. that was my ritual. i would wait until about 3:00 p.m. on christmas eve and have a few berc
9:35 am
best pal, and then we would shop in the one hour before the shops closed. and so my brother and i had the same shoe size. i was trying on some shoes that i was thinking about buying for my brother and dancing around. there was a lady across the room staring at me, i blew her a kiss. i gave her a little wink, and -- >> that would do it. >> and it turned out she was the production manager of the only tv show that shot in about a 200-mile radius of where i lived. and so she brought me in, and they gave me three episodes on that show, and i got an agent. before i knew it, my career had started. >> kindness. the it's the key. >> being drunk. >> thank you for being here. >> i appreciate it. >> "king arthur legend of the sword hits theaters may 12th. >> coming up, one republic sings a hit for us. people don't stare.
9:36 am
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now you can indulge your sweet craving without apologizing for it. new sargento sweet balanced breaks, find it in our cheese section. grammy award leading ryan teter topped the charts with his band one republic. >> chopped? >> topped. >> his resume includes song writing credits for some of the biggest artists of our time. >> ryan, good morning. >> good morning. >> i told them ryan is an old pal, and when i was with you, i have asked you because i can't even understand how one can be as talented as you are. when you write for all of these people -- right in it's amazing. when you're writing
9:41 am
like beyonce and adele, do you get their voice in your mind? >> yeah. if i'm not physically in the room with them, if you're with adele, you know, she's going to outsing anything i'm going to think of, but i'm always picturing their vibe. if it's a new artist, i'll ask them where are you from? what do you listen to? i try to channel that as much as possible. >> how do you decide in this is a side question. how do you come up with a song that's so good but you guys are on tour yourself. how do you just not want to keep all the songs for you instead of giving them away? >> probably 80% of the artists out there are female. i don't do a ton of rap music. i write for a lot of females. the lyrics, if you take an example of, an adele record like turning tables. it doesn't make sense from me. there are certain songs lately now the lines are blurred, and i'm starting
9:42 am
i'll be straight up. i did a strong with ed sheeran a few months ago and texted him, i was like i think this song is for us. he was like i'm going to fight you for it. i was like i'll win. >> explain this to me. most of the tile when you write a bunch of songs, then you release an album. >> i'm done with that. >> why? >> we spent disappearing for 12 to 18 months to write a record is just at this point kind of feels antiquated. and by the time you get to your third or fourth single on an album, that song was written and produced two years ago. it feels dated. we put out a song called "i lived" that i loved. by the time it came out, the production was two years old. now if i write something on a monday, i can put it out on friday. i want to do that as frequently as possible. we dropped
9:43 am
>> what about an album? >> i think it's fluid. if i get to the end of 2017 around christmas, and these ten songs that we've dropped make sense as an album, and we want to give fans something physical, then i might siefind art work, i'm not suppressed about it. >> you're traveling with u2. and you're going out. >> i love that you said y'all. >> that says oklahoma, y'all. >> y'all. >> what y'all doing? >> i sort of feel like i'm sitting around a table talking with you. i forgot this is tv. >> if you want to get me talking like this, i'll do it. >> we're going out with u2 in june. july, august, and asia after that. >> we're coming. >> can we go? >> yes. i'm going toex
9:44 am
i'm bringing henry and my girls. >> you're invited on the list. >> on the list? >> oh, y'all. >> ryan and one republic have another song for us. dylan, what about weather? >> yes. nice weather in the northeast today. skies are clearing out, and we're looking at a couple of spotty showers through the rockies. that turns into a bigger storm system for the midwest for tomorrow. here's a peek out your window. >> nice conditions. currently we're going to be seeing more clouds clearing out this afternoon. 70 in the district. 66 in frederick. if you're dining out today, lunchtime looks pretty good. low 70s. breezy. more sunshine around happy hour time. temperatures will be around 77 degrees. even dinner out will be nice. breezy at times. tomorrow 69. cooler but breezy. thursday more clouds. a rainy friday. some of that lingers into your weekend. >> that's your latest forecast.
9:45 am
sings "apologize" just for us on "today." performs "apologize" ahh, sir? you the law? we've had some complaints of... is that a fire? there's your payoff, deputy.
9:46 am
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you by citi. >> here to perform their hit song "apologize" one republic. ♪ i'm holding on your rope ♪ holding on your rope ♪ got me ten feet off the ground ♪ ♪ and i'm hearing what you say but i just can't make a sound ♪ ♪ you tell me that you need me then you go and cut me down ♪ ♪ but wait ♪ you tell me that you're sorry ♪ ♪ didn't think i'd turn around and say ♪ ♪
9:50 am
♪ it's too late ♪ i said it's too late to apologize ♪ ♪ it's too late ♪ i'd take another chance take a fall take a shot for you ♪ ♪ and i need you like a heart needs a beat but it's nothing new ♪ ♪ i loved you with a fire red ♪ now the it's turning blue ♪ and you you say ♪ sorry like the angel heaven let me think was you but i'm afraid ♪ ♪ it's too late to apologize ♪ the it's
9:51 am
♪ i said it's too late to apologize ♪ ♪ it's too late ♪ oh ♪ >> now you all can sing this if you know it. all right ♪ i said it's too late to apologize ♪ ♪ it's too late ♪ i said it's too late to apologize ♪ ♪ it's too late ♪ it's too late to apologize ♪ it's too late >> it's toottle to
9:52 am
♪ yeah ♪ because i'm holding on your rope ♪ ♪ got me ten off the ground >> thank you. >> hear more from one republic an all our today concert artists at >> one republic, thank you. they'll have another song for us in the next hour, but first this is "today" on nbc. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month online,
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9:55 am
>> a continuing of the concert. >> one republic will continue singing. >> and scott scott hamilton. >> jenna did a great job at the met gala. >> and i'm staying around the talk met ball. >> first, there's something else. i'm not sure what it is. >> i think it's your local news. >> and there will be weather too.
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:57 is your time on this tuesday, may 2nd. good morning. there is a new effort to make affordable housing more available in the district. today the mayor is breaking ground on a new project near the navy hard metro station. more mixed income apartments including 36 affordable units. the ground breaking is set for the t
9:58 am
let's check your forecast. it looks pretty good. 73 degrees. breezy. through the afternoon the wind is still going to stay with us. temperatures will be in the 70s. we're not looking at a hot day. it's a comfortable day. breezy winds even tomorrow. a little cooler. 69 for your wednesday afternoon. we'll see the rain chances really go up into friday morning. we could see heavy rain through the day on friday. 75 and lingering into the weekend. temperatures in the sibts. >>. >> coming up. we'll have the latest on a meeting at american university after a racially-charged incident yesterday. we'll see you at 11:00.
9:59 am
10:00 am
test test. >> announcer: from >> from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello. it is tuesday. that means it's booze-day tuesday. >> and spanky tuesday. >> it's may 2nd, 2017. that's one republic. that was called "good life". they rocked the plaza today. >> by the way -- >> i think you're going to hear this from me and be stunned. >> you liked it? >> i love them. i think they're brilliant. >> he worked on


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