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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  May 4, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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stepping down from public duties. changes coming to our weather end soon. why the spring temperatures you've been used to won't be back for weeks. "news 4 today" starts now. driven away from oshie. they score! >> oh, this morning the caps torturing us once again with what we all thought could be a win, should have been a win. 7 minutes after that goal our lead was gone. the caps lost to the penguins. that means one more loss and our season is ending. you know what, we still have hope. if we win three in a row we're moving on. >> it's possible. >> good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilcrist. if you're hearing more "star wars" references, make a note, it is may the 4th. >> be
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>> as a trekkie i have a hard time with that. >> we'll look at your day. melissa mollet will have a look at the roads and sheena parveen outside to check on the cooler temperatures. >> it's chilly. i have my arms crossed. they say don't cross your arms. i say, it's chilly out here. i should have brought my jacket. i will say, it is a beautiful start to this thursday. take a look right now. 55 degrees. there's a thermometer behind me. i tried to move it. it says mid 50s out here, too. yeah, it's a little bit chilly with an east wind moving into the area. as we go through the day today, your commute will be dry. you will notice changes this afternoon. more clouds moving in. overcast skies later on today. for your commute we will be dry. temperatures right around 67 degrees by 5:00 p.m. so another cool afternoon. that's head of that rain though. let's take a look for your friday morning.
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of a jacket. good morning, chuck. >> jackets today, umbrellas for tomorrow, jackets for the weekend. live picture outside. sun just about ready to come up. sun is up at 6:07. again, a lot of rain down to our south. this is all going to be lifting in our direction. clouds filling our skies today. dry around here as sheena was mentioning. here's a look at tomorrow morning's commute. 8:00 a.m. friday morning. pockets of heavy rain right through the d.c. metro area. your friday morning, if you can plan it early now, go ahead and do that. tomorrow morning's commute could be badly impacted by rain drops. we'll talk more about the week end and the cooldown in a few more minutes. chopper 4 zoomed in five miles because of the no fly zone showing us 295 near benning road. northbound almost a two mile backup. that is
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work zone. recently southbound. one lane northbound is the only thing getting by. gainesville, quite slow because of an earlier crash. all of that has cleared. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway very good at this point this morning. 270 southbound out of frederick slow here. then things open up. then you're clear all the way down to the spur. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. working on two developing stories for you this morning. the first, police will update us on the capture of an inmate that escaped in jesup, maryland. this is david watson. he managed to break free after he was transferred to a mental hospital. last night he was found hiding inside an 18 inch drainage pipe. and we are working to learn the condition of a woman who was apparently set on fire at a motel. this is video of the scene after v.
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last night. the motel is on 4th street northeast near gallaudet university. witnesses say the woman was set on fire by a man in the room at the motel. we're told he ran away but the motel does have security cameras. 6:04. this morning a montgomery county school resource officer is being credited with stopping a possible attack. >> news 4's megan mcgrath is live with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police aren't sure whether he had a plan or not but they say 18-year-old mario alvarado drove on to campus here at einstein high school in a stolen car. in the trunk was a stolen assault rifle with five magazines of ammunition. now the school resources officer who was here at the school noticed that something was a little suspicious and when he drove off of campus, that officer pulled the car over and that's when the
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discovered. >> we had the s.r.o. there, you know, who potentially could have stopped a tragedy because we don't know what this individual's intention was. >> reporter: alvarado ran when the car was pulled over. he returned a short time later and was arrested. the car was stolen from a rockville county maryland police officer. it was an unmarked car. >> megan live from einstein high school. thank you. today adam evans from alexandria will send off 26 cyclists representing the 26 children and teachers lost to gun violence in newtown, connecticut. they make the 300 mile journey on leg one of the fifth annual ride on washington to remember the kids killed at
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elementary. the video is here. they are leaving at 7:15 this morning. today on capitol hill congressional members who are also members of alpha kappa alpha sorority will denounce this week's hate crime. that's what campus police are calling it. it was targeted by the incident. on monday someone hung bananas from nooses with the sorority's letters and we'll have the interview with the first black female school government president. it's widely believed the hate was a response to her recent election. you may be waking up to breaking news with news about the queen's husband. >> reporter: breaking news this morning from buckingham palace. prince philip will stand down from his royal duties in the fall. currently 95. he'll be turning 96 next month. when we
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broadcast we knew there was an emergency meeting. the duke has remained very active and has the full support of the queen. she will continue to carry out a full program of engagement with the support of the royal family. from the live desk i'm erika gonzalez. thank you, 6:07. house republicans preparing to vote on their plan to replace the affordable care act. after weeks of negotiations republican leaders are confident they do have the votes to replace it. we'll have a look at the changes at 6:30. if you live in the city of alexandria, you may be paying hundreds more in property taxes. it would raise taxes $350 a year. the extra tax money would go to help address years of over
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systems and the metro. d.c. playoff teams could use a win right now and the caps have to win to stay alive. >> must-win situation. they battled back against the penguins last night but it wasn't enough. news 4's sports reporter cher sherry burress shows us what they have to do. >> reporter: the caps are on the edge of elimination. washington scored two goals in just over a minute. snat schmidt's slap shot ties the game 2-2. but pittsburgh' justin schultz provide the difference. they last 3-1. they return home knowing their next finish will be the same if we don't change. >> we have nothing to lose. play like we are free. let
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>> this game is the most important game of the year and if we don't have the urgency that we need in that game, then we won't earn the right to keep playing. >> trotz says he needs his top line player to play like top line players. the caps play at home this saturday and the wizards will be at the verizon center tonight. they lost both games to the celtics on the road. tonight's game is at 8:00. we've been sugar free this week, but news 4's pat collins has been sugar free for two months. coming up. >> how he's changed his lifestyle and how you can do it, too. and you might need a light jacket this morning. it is chilly outside. you will definitely notice changes in the air. many areas in the 40s. tomorrow morning you'll need a heavy umbrella. chuck and i are back
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your weekend looks like coming up. plus, a serious warning from google you need before you check your e-mail. the scam that's sitting in your in box
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good morning. it's 6:13 on a thursday morning. getting closer to the weekend with each passing minute sun is now up in our eastern sky. going to be a nice looking morning. it is chilly though. a lot of the suburbs are in the 40s. you will definitely need to be ready for a bit of a chill. bus stop temperatures, 46. outdoor recess today, afternoon highs in the 60s. kind of breezy as well. don't forget your long sleeves and jeans. might even need a light jacket. more about tomorrow and the rainy weekend coming
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problem on 295. talking about a two mile backup northbound before benning because of a work zone still hanging around. southbound quite slow. beltway overall no major issues. take a look at your travel time coming up. melissa, thank you. 6:14. incredible video out of louisiana. none of the students on this bus was hurt but it must have been a shock to start floating down the street in flood water. when you go to a car auction this is the last thing you expect to happen. take a look, a car plowing into the crowd and crashing through a wall. three people were killed, others critically injured. someone
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cherokee inside the auction site when a driver lost control and hit a wall. the driver was an employee at the auction site. they don't know what caused the driver to accelerate. news 4 is going sugar free or sugar lighter, if you will, all week long to highlight the impact sugar has on your health. we are just past the halfway mark. >> we've been tempted and we've survived that as well. this is what our pat collins has found. take a look at his impressive results. >> i'm pat collins and this is my lunch. i'll show you what's inside in a minute, but first i've got to tell you, do you know what they call people who go off sugar for just one week? amateurs. i've been off it for two months. i've lost 20 pounds. we're good friends. let me show you something. this is my belt.
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this is pat collins now. 20 pounds i've lost, but i didn't do it by myself. i had some help. i want you to meet janet bowman. she's my conscience of calories. she's the one who taught me that sugar is the death. >> what are 4 things you shed never, ever do to stay away? >> skip meals because then your blood sugar level will drop and you'll be starving. two, avoid all carbohydrates. again, your body won't be balanced. three, never avoid fresh fruits and vegetables. four, never drink excessive artificially sweetened items. >> now for my lunch. 100 calorie bag of
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protein bar. less than 4 grams of sugar. i don't think of meat anymore, i think of protein. this is turkey flavored protein. a cheese stick, a really good snack and a big apple. and in my off hours i don't get in the same zip code as beer. no beer. having crabs without beer is like having peanut butter without jelly, but i don't do that anymore either. >> pat collins here with us now this morning. >> i'm on facebook live. that's why i'm holding up my phone. >> nice job. 20 pounds? >> yeah. i have to give janice a lot of credit. hard to do this by yourself. she helps you navigate through all of the food traps you find at work, at home, when you go out to eat. it's nice to have someone to talk to you about thisnd
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website. >> i'm surprised what she said about not avoiding carbs. i thought you were supposed to avoid all the bred and pasta. >> you have to limit what you can have. units. you can have one unit of a carb. maybe you want to have one slice of bread. the point is to not have bread and potatoepotatoes. >> when you go to a steakhouse, they come out with the big loaf of bread with butter, send it back. >> send it back. >> a couple of things we have been doing -- >> hi, emily. love you. >> she knows how to make things taste great. cauliflower. make cauliflower your friend. there's a way to make this into rice. >> i tried that. >> make it into something that tastes and looks like mashed potatoes. it really, really is good. >>
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we're running out of time. >> this is pb 2. i love peanut butter. i sometimes would take a spoon and dip it into peanut butter and lick it. the oil makes it unhealthy. some genius came out with a way to extract the oil they call it pb 2. it's dry. two parts of this, one part water, stir it up and it's like essence of peanut butter. put it on app apple. >> sorry, pat. >> i have to go have breakfast. >> come back. >> sheena? >> or we'll tell you you can keep sending us questions that you have about going sugar free. we'll be joined by a professor in the department of nutrition and food studies. send them by commenting on our social media. now let's check your forekats with sheena parveen. >> good morning. we love hearing from pat collins. it is chilly. 44 manassas, 55 in the
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need one we have nelson here. actually from puerto rico. more clouds this afternoon. by 6:00 p.m. overcast skies. still overcast. here's all the rain heading our way. this will be for early tomorrow morning. here's future weather. we'll watch it move in through the early morning hours. heavy rain in the forecast. some of that could be around by lunchtime tomorrow, too. we will be tracking that. weekend will be a lot cooler. >> thank you, sheena. chopper 4 zooming in for us showing us how good the camera is. you can see we have some smoke over the baltimore area. fire department training activity here at bwi airport. do not be alarmed here this morning. northbound 295, one right lane getting by. seeing real delays
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inner loop and outer loop, no major problems. travel times, 270 south is fine. top of the beltway is getting typically slow. 66 in bound and 95 northbound looking pretty much how they normally do. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop into your car. e-mail scam impacting g mailboxes worldwide. if you're thinking you're immune, think again. plus, watching facebook live for a living. i just did that. why more people will soon be monitoring your social media posts. >> if you have to head out the door before "today," you can catch matt lauer. you'll hear why he's not a fan of savannah's choice of music. >> we like the same
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you're watching "news 4 today." welcome back, 6:24. new this morning, another racial slur was used at a game between the boston red sox and the baltimore orioles. these incidents could mean changes at every major league stadium. someone used the n word after the national anthem on tuesday. this after orioles outfielder adam jones said he was called racist words on monday night. he also said someone threw a bag of peanuts at him. it's now reaching out to all 30 teams to see how they handle fan security. they'll be at nats park next week. >> there is a subject line
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today. it says someone has shared a document on google docs with you. do not open that. google says it is a phishing scam. it gives you a bug and it sends the scam along. >> i'm amazed. this was a good one. whoever did it, i'd be afraid of them. >> now if you click the link, the first thing you should do is change your password. then go into g maim and -- g. mail and revoke access. it has disabled accounts responsible for spasm. it's been nearly three years since robin williams has died. they'll get a chance to see him play one last role. williams doesn't appear on screen but lends hisam
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the film hits theaters may 12th. 6:26 is your time right now. murder at a neighborhood gas station. the reason they believe this was a random attack and what the victim was doing moments before he was shot. >> reporter: campus hate crime. for the first time we're hearing from the young woman targeted on news 4. at the end of the day going through the adversity that i faced in the pat three yeahsrs
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wewe got the keys!ys to our new house! ahhh! wooo! this is exciting we've got our own house! yeah! i'm sorry do you like it here maddie? i love you. i love you too.
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now on "news 4 today," a stolen car and stolen police rifle. an arrest that led to a high school scare. you've heard about the hate crime on campus. now hear from the young woman apparently targeted in that crime. a major announcement from buckingham palace. a member of the royal family is ready to step out of the public spotlight. "news 4 today" begins with breaking news. >> we begin with those new developments announced from buckingham palace. prince philip has decided that he will no longer carry out public engagements after this summer. prince
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he is 95 years old. >> in the past prince philip has suffered heart problems but has maintained a vigorous public schedule. the palace did not offer anymore news. it is 6:30 right now. busy morning around here. we're tracking our next chance for showers. >> storm team 4 meteorologist sheena parveen and chuck bell have more on the rain that could roll into your weekend. >> uh-oh. >> you have your choice. you can be cold or you can be wet. >> i don't like either one of them, but unfortunately we're going to be dealing with a bit of a chill and some rain moving in and that rain will be heavy tomorrow morning. currently though i think you'll need a light jacket before you step outside. many areas in the mid 40s. 44 manassas, 55 in the district currently. we mostly have the mid 40s. we're in the mid 50s in the district. by lunchtime, more clouds roll in. 64 des.
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overcast skies in the afternoon. highs around 67. look at all of this rain back to our west. that's moving in our direction for tomorrow morning. you see it to the west and southwest. speaking of the commute, we have some slowdowns in d.c., melissa. >> take a look at the slowdowns, sheena. 295 northbound. just hearing in my ear we have cleared the work zone. we have the delays northbound and southbound here. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, no big issues. looking pretty good right now. 66 and 95. slow spot in bound. very typical. 95 in order bound. after the beltway these routes into town and out of town, nice and light. melissa, thank you. 6:31 now. here's a look at our top tore stories this morning. police arrested a montgomery county high school student who apparently brought a gun on
6:32 am
campus. mario alvarado is accused of driving a stolen car to school. a rifle was discovered in the car. we'll have more on who discovered the gun and where it came mr. in a life report. a d.v. family needs you to be on the lookout for this young girl. her name is dajanay bowens. she was last seen on tuesday. she was wearing a white shirt, multi-colored leggings and blue jean jacket. call police if you've seen her. it will be a tough road to the washington capitals. they lost game four to the pittsburgh penguins last night, 3-2. it continues on saturday. this morning police at american university are still searching for the person responsible for an act of hate on their campus. >> on monday someone hung bananas from nooses representing the alpha kappa alpha
6:33 am
justin finch is live with how congress is getting involved today. justin? >> reporter: aaron, congress members who like au university, they will stand side by side to condemn the hate crime. duncan who is the president says helping au improve its diverse life is why she ran for president. her shocking first day. taylor finding nooses and bananas with aka on them. she's an aka member. she's joining congressional aka members to condemn this act of hate which is now under fbi investigation and to students considering leaving au because of all of this, she has this message. >> as a student who in freshman year wanted to transfer, i can see this on a personaan
6:34 am
decisions that i ever made. at the end of the day going through the diversity i have faced has molded me into the leader i am and who i am becoming. >> reporter: looking now at surveillance images of the person involved in the hate crime incident, you can see more on the video and our investigation on the nbc washington app. >> justin finch live for us at au. thank you. more details about the alpha kappa alpha sororities. the first black greek sorority. founded at 1908 at howard university. there are thousands of members in our area and more than 290,000 members worldwide. students at the university of maryland are also dealing with ab act of hate. a noose was found hanging in the kitchen of the fbi kapca
6:35 am
this morning a maryland mother is mourning the loss of her son after he was killed during a robbery at a gas station. prince george's county say wayne pope had gotten out of his car to fill up his car and that's when he was approached by a man with a gun. the two got into a struggle and the suspect shot pope. someone who knew him as a special one. >> the mother was very attentive to him. she loved her son and i believe he loved her so i -- i think it's going to hit her really hard. >> the person who shot wayne pope is still on the loose. it is 6:35. house republicans hope this will be a big day in their effort to replace the affordable care act. >> they are scheduled to vote on that bill later today. it comes as lawmakers have spent weeks
6:36 am
news 4's erika gonzalez is in the newsroom with a latest look at this bill. >> republican leaders are confident the latest changes will get them over the finish line. here's a look at 4 things to know about it. it aims to help people. states would be able to opt out of the requirement that insurers cover the benefits like maternity care, mental health care and hospitalization. states that opt out could charge people with pre-existing conditions much more but they would have to provide a way for people to get coverage. and the bill would replace subsidies based on income with tax credits based on age. this would help people buy insurance in the individual marketplace. if this passes the house it would then go to the senate where it could end up looking much different once they're done with it. in the newsroom, i'm erika gonzalez. the escaped inmate manhunt
6:37 am
how he was caught and where he was hiding all this time. protecting your facebook feed. the action the social media giant is taking after two murders were posted online. and we have rain in the forecast for tomorrow morning. this morning it's chilly, but you see that rain getting closer on radar. those showers are going to be here for your friday morning commute. make sure you have the umbrella. updates on the timing
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and now your storm team 4 forecast. good morning, everybody. 6:40 on your thursday morning. beautiful day to be outside. already a little bit of a breeze out here. there will be another breezy day today. there's a live view of capitol hill. a great day for baseball as well if you're going down to the nationals game. a 1:00 game playing against the diamondbacks. highs in your hometown today, 62 in gaithersburg and wihe
6:41 am
65 in beautiful manassas, va. check of the ten day forecast with sheena. >> good morning, melissa. >> good morning, chuck. the beltway behaving itself pretty nicely. in bound 395 after the beltway there when it turns into 395 a little bit slow headed in bound. don't have an actual incident there. only southbound 295 as you're approaching benning is slow. the northbound issue has cleared out of the way. that cleared just a couple of minutes ago. we take a look at all of the major routes into town and out of town and check on the travel times straight ahead. thank you. we wanted to make you aware of a training exercise underway at baltimore washington's bwi marshall airport. there has been some reports on social media of smoke spotted in that area. chopper 4 live. if you see smoke in the area, this is just a drill involving the fire department at the airport. facebook plans to hire 3,000 people in the next year. they'll be responsible for making sure what your
6:42 am
sees on the social media site is face. facebook's chief executive mark zuckerberg made the announcement yesterday. facebook has been depending on automated software to identify those posts. we're staying on top of the breaking news out of buckingham palace this morning. prince philip cutting his workload. a report just ahead. misery in the midwest. dramatic flooding there and more on the heavy rain headed our way. >> reporter: where did an einstein high school student get an assault rif andle f
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you're watching "news 4 today." a stolen car, stolen guns and two teens arrested near montgomery county high school. it's the scare that has one school community on edge this morning. >> this all comes after a montgomery county resource officer found a police rifle inside a stolen car driven by a student. >> news 4's megan mcgrath is live at einstein high school where this all started. megan? >> reporter: well, good morning. police aren't sure whether he had some sort of a plan or not, but they say that 18-year-old mario alvarado drove on to campus here at einstein high scho i
6:46 am
stolen assault rifle and five magazines of ammo in the trunk. a school resources officer thought something didn't look quite right and when he drove off of campus he pulled the car over and that's when the weapon was found. alvarado initially ran away when he was pulled over you about he was arrested a short time later. another person was taken into custody, a juvenile. they were arrested as well. the rifle was stolen from an unmarked rockville city police car last weekend. officers also found another car parked near the school also stolen that had been stolen on april 22nd. inside that car police found a stolen shotgun. now alvarado is facing a variety of charges, including possession of a deadly weapon on school property. back to you guys. >> megan mcgrath. thank you. we're working to learn the condition of a woman who was apparently set on fire at a motel. th i
6:47 am
dc police arrived around 9:00 last night. the motel is on 4th street northeast near gallaudet university. the woman was set on fire by a man in the room at the motel. we're told he ran away. the motel does have security cameras. >> incredible record levels of flooding. parts of missouri are underwater. >> it follows heavy rain that brought images like this one to several states. nbc's blake mccoy joins us live from valley park missouri with more. blake, good morning. >> reporter: eun and aaron, good morning to you. check out the incredible scene. look at all of the water over the highway entrance here. you can see the water coming almost all the way up to the signs there. we are getting more rain right now. we're told this rain isn't going to add to the flood levels, instead it's just going to have the floods persist a little longer. we have daytime video to show
6:48 am
the black river in arkansas, ten feet above flood stage right now. in fact, it breached the leafy yesterday which sent thousands of residents near pocahontas, arkansas, evacuating. the rivers are about to recede. the rivers have been like this since monday. that's when the investigation started. things are going to get better throughout the course of the day. folks can get back to their homes hopefully tomorrow. the question is what are they coming back home to. >> tough situation. nbc's blake mccoy live in missouri. check out blake's full report coming up next on the "today" show. now to a developing story. in a few hours police will update us on the capture of an inmate that escaped in jesup, maryland. david watson broke free while being
6:49 am
hospital for an evaluation. they found him hiding inside an 18 inch drainage pipe. the choppers went up in the air near where he escaped. he faces charges in delaware for attempted murder. we've been following breaking news at the live desk. prince philip is stepping away from public service. here's a live look at buckingham palace. the queen is there right now. erika zon dal lez is at the live desk with what this means for the family. good morning. >> breaking news from buckingham palace. prince philip will stand down from his royal duties in the fall. when we first began this broadcast we knew that there had been some sort of an emergency meeting with palace officials. the duke has remained very active and has the full support of the queen. we understand that she will continue her duties as we mentioned before, the prince has the full support of the
6:50 am
he is currently 95 years of age. he'll be 96 next month. at the live desk i'm erika gonzalez. >> erika, thank you. 6:50 right now. president trump will return to new york city today for the first time as president. that is where he will meet with the australian prime minister malcolm turnbull. they're expected to talk about trade and isis. he'll speak at the intread pip sea, air and space museum. take a live look right now at the national harbor where every thursday is date night. if your sweetheart is a fan of "star trek", then you might want to head there tonight at 7:00. the harbor will be showing ""star trek" beyond." be sure to dress to impress. the best costume wins two vip tickets.
6:51 am
over it. >> i have an event. >> as a "star wars" fan can i just say may the 4th be with you? >> yes, you may. >> i want to share the fah ndom here. >> live long and prosperous. >> he is not going say it back to you. >> no. this proves i should have bought you the costume. >> you gave me the cuff links. >> they look weird outside. chopper 4 over the parkway here, nice light traffic. beltway, no major issue there. slow inbound 295. pretty normal. the outbound or northbound lanes are looking a little bit better than they were. bottom of the beltway looking good. 66 headed into town, slow in manassas. 95 slow in woodbridge. broken down vehicle in the left lane. 270 at montgomery village avenue, no
6:52 am
270 looks good. top of the beltway, 66 and 95 as they normally look. remember to listen to wtop 105.3 f.m. >> a little chilly outside this morning. you probably need a light jacket when you step outside. i walked outside, didn't have a jacket. i needed a jacket. jacket early this morning. more clouds move in. you will notice the changes today. we have heavy rain coming tomorrow morning. still need to swap the jacket out with an umbrella. currently really nice outside. 5 55 degrees. cool. 44 manassas, 48 frederick, 51 clinton, 53 in quantico. if you're exercising today, it will be dry. you will notice the overcast skies. by 6:00 p.m. around 67 degrees. we have all of the rain off to our west and south. that's a lot of heavy rain, too. that's all going to come together and move through early tomorrow. look what's going to happen today as the rain gets
6:53 am
our cloud cover increases. for a closer look, let's head over to chuck bell. >> good morning, chuck. >> good morning, sheena. the early morning flights tomorrow morning will be problematic. the usual drive into work and school it will probably take you extra time tomorrow as areas of heavy rain likely. this is our future weather model at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. pockets of moderate to heavy rain right on the i-95 corridor. that lasts up through 8:00 or 9:00. may get a little break before lunch. more moderate rain just after lunchtime around here. by later tomorrow afternoon it should taper back to showers. might even see a sliver or two of sunshine late tomorrow afternoon. don't put the umbrella away, you'll probably need it again on sathd. how much rain? on average an inch to
6:54 am
nava cross most of the d.c. metro area. thereafter though it is going to stay on the chilly side. tomorrow at least it will be mild with the rain drops. temperatures in the 70s with that cooler pattern back for next week. here's sheena with a ten day. >> that was an umbrella with rain on it i hope. as we're going through the weekend, looking at a chance for your -- rain over the weekend. the cool pattern setting up next week. we'll be in the 60s all week long. >> sheena, thank you. 6:54. news 4 is going sugar free this week. trying to highlight the impact sugar has on your health. >> imagine giving up sugar for two months? >> our pat collins has done it and he's lost 20 pounds. 's working with ainu trigsist who says you have to get creative. >> there are lots of
6:55 am
substitutes. use plain yogurt rather than sweetened. you can use unsweetened coco powder to make a sauce. there are lots of things you can do to make food tasty without the high added sugar content in prepares foods. >> tomorrow morning we'll be joined by a professor in the department of nutrition and food studies at george mason university to help answer your questions. send them to us by commenting on our social media posts. we want to give you an update now on some breaking news about a training exercise at bwi washington international airport. a lot of you calling in seeing smoke. chopper 4 flew over. this is just a drill involving the fire department at the airport. you can see some
6:56 am
drill at bwi marshall. 6:56. here are four things to know before you head out the door this morning. police arrested a montgomery county high school student who brought a gun on campus. 18-year-old mario alvarado is accused of driving a stolen car to the high school. there was a stolen gun and magazines in the car. congressional members of the alpha kappa alpha sorority will denounce this week's hate crime at american university. follow news 4's justin finch on twitter @justinabc4. they're ready to vote on the replacement for the affordable care act. it comes weeks after getting the majority of the members on board. somehow john wall and the wizards will have to overcome isaiah thomas. we can do it. they play at the verizon center tonight.
6:57 am
>> that's right. taking a look right now, chopper 4, light volume, bw parkway. in bound 395 not so hot. here's a check of that forecast for tomorrow there you go. we can take a look at max, too. you can look at the ten day forecast. it will be a shower ri day tomorrow. tomorrow is the only warm day out of the next ten. all of next week colder than average. i feel like i'm talking to my dog. who wants a cookie. >> smell it. >> oh, they smell so good.
6:58 am
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>> good morning. moment of truth. republicans plan to try again to repeal and replace obamacare after repeated false starts. leaders insisting this time they'll get it across the finish line. is president trump on the verge of his biggest victory yet? royal retirement. a surprise announcement from london. 95-year-old prince phillip stepping down from his official duties. could the queen be next? what the palace is saying this morning. widespread and devastating. historic flooding across the south and midwest. evacuations ordered. levies breached. entire buildings washed away. new storms re


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