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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 22, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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this morning donald trump travels from saudi arabia to israel where angry officials reportedly had to be reprimanded by prime minister netanyahu. >> jury selection begins in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. heavy winds in a rains took out power lines that took the life of 14-year-old boy. a sea lion snachstches a sm girl into the water. is this the next winning ticket for the next president of the united states. "early today" starts now. i'm frances rivera. president trump will arrive in israel after
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>> he'll arrive in tel aviv. he'll mark the second leg of his first foreign trip. the president's journey to israel comes after he spoke before a gathering of more than 50 muslim leaders. he urged the islamic community to drive out extremists. it was a more moderate and pragmatic trump than we've been accustomed to. >> you have a candidate that won't say radical islamic terrorism. >> radical islamic terrorism. >> and unite the civilized world against radical islamic terrorism. >> but nowhere in mr. trump's remarks were those key words. also not mentioned the president's controversial travel ban. instead it was a more conciliatory commander-in-chief as he called for teradication o terrorism. >> a better future if you drive out the
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drive them out. drive them out of your places of worship. drive them out of your communities. drive them out of your holy land. and drive them out of this earth. we will seek gradual reforms not sudden intervention. we must seek partners, not perfection. america seeks peace not war. mr. trump's first trip to saudi arabia was full of the pomp and circumstance befitting a u.s. president and came with tangible successes for the administration particularly a massive $110 billion arms package. it includes tanks, helicopter, ships and intel gathering aircraft, a missile defense radar system and cyber security tools. the deal is part of a $350 billion package over the next ten years. nbc's jay gray joi
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what is the president hoping to accomplish? >> reporter: this trip will be a mixture between diplomacy and a bit of sightseeing. the president will just be over the wall behind me in jerusalem's old city during his stay. let's talk a little bit through the timeline of what will happen. the president arriving just within the hour or so here in israel. he'll land in tel aviv and there will be a welcome ceremony there. he'll take this short chopper to jerusalem where he'll have a meeting with the israeli president. he'll visit the old city as we talked about including a tour of the holy church sepulchre. and then pay his respects at the western wall. he'll have a meeting in a joint statement with the prime minister of israeli, benjamin netanyahu. tuz he'll make a brief trip to the west bank and spe
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president over there, abbas. that brings up the question that he's talked about repeatedly during his presidency, the ultimate deal, peace between the palestinians and israelis. this is mostly a ceremonial trip. day just getting started. a full day. jay, thank you. joining in on the country's traditions has been a well honored pastime of presidents from reagan to clinton, bush and obama each commander-in-chief has found themselves joining in on the cultural friend. president trump may have taken the cake when he jumped in on a ceremonial sword dance in saudi arabia. watch as he's surrounded by ceremonial dancers. the secretary of state and treasury linking arms and also joining in. too good. north korea launched another missile just a week after its t
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step forward for the country's missile program even though this was just a medium-range ballistic missile. south korean officials say it flu a few hundred miles before falling into the water. we go live to beijing this morning. what's the latest on this new missile test? >> reporter: good morning. the missile flew about 300 miles before landing in the sea of japan. u.s. pacific command confirming they believe it is a medium-range ballistic missile. north korea today hailed the test as perfect. the state's news agency said kim jong-un had presided over the launch and then later approved of the missile system for deployment and mask production. this is keeping in line with the very stepped up pace for north korea's program. it's launching more frequently and from a variety of locations. analysts suggest they ar
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also trying to train units in how to use it. experts say in looking at last weekend's test north korea is making significant advances in its missile program, perhaps surpassing pyongyang's expectations, leaving many to believe talks at this point may not even be an option. we have new reaction from the trump administration this morning that's following news this weekend that former fbi dire director james comey has agreed to testify before the senate intelligence committee. the president had allegedly referred to comey as a nut job when meeting with russians officials. here's what national security adviser h.r. mcmaster had to say. >> the firing had been in the news but i didn't know in advance the president would raise it. he raised it in the context of explaining that he feels he's
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cooperation with russia even as he confronts them in key areas. it's very difficult to take a few lines, to take a paragraph out of what appear to be notes of that meeting and to be able to see the full context of the conversation. >> comey is set to testify after memorial day. an exact date has not been set. jury selection is starting in pennsylvania for bill cosby's sexual assault trial. he's charged on charges that he drugged and molested a woman in his home in 2004. he claimed the sexual encounter was consensual. cosby has denied all allegations of sexual misconduct. his trial is scheduled to begin on june 5th and expected to last about two to three weeks. the 12 selected jurors and six alternates will be sequestered. the drafr in the deadlyar
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speaking out. telling the "new york post" he was trying to get help before last week's tragedy. 26-year-old richard rojas said he looked out to get a local activity ran counselor but had to wait for several weeks. he went for a drive but doesn't remember mowing down 26 people killing one of them. he said i want to apologize to all the victims' families and my mom. rojas is facing multiple charges including second-degree murder and 20 counts of attempted murder. turning to dangerous and deadly weather. in texas a powerful wind there and pouring rain caused havoc. one 14-year-old boy was electro c electrocutted. it's that same storm system along the gulf coast. seeing a lot of rainfall in southern
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louisiana. this is where the flash flood risk will be. possibility of three to five inches in isolated spots over the next two days. watching wet weather for you in the mid-atlantic to the carolinas. hit or miss showers and thunderstorms all day long. keeping temperatures down on the dool side. here's a close are look at your day ahead. you definitely need the umbrella. chance of showers and thunderstorms from florida through the carolinas. heaviest downpours east texas through the gulf coast states. decent day today in ohio valley and great lakes, northern new england not too bad but rainy weather from southward. greatest show on earth folded its big top. acrobats and animals of the bar number and ringling circus wowed one last crowd. the show has been around for 146 years. animals are now going to
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in theaters june 30. just as notre dame has stood for those who are persecuted for their faith around the world just a short while ago in saudi arabia this president spoke out against religious persecution of all people of all faiths. sunday as vice president mike pence delivered the commencement at the university of notre dame dozens of graduates chose to walk out of the ceremony in protest. they were angry over a range of issues including the trumo administration's stance on lgbt rights and immigration. pence was invited to speak after
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petition asking the university not to invite president trump. leading the news president trump draws a hard-line against iran. in saudi arabia the president used the occasion to go after iran, urging muslim leaders to further isolate the country. just a week after hitting iran with tougher sanctions. >> iran funds arms and trains terrorists, militias and other extremism groups that destruction and acachaos acrosse region. the tragic weekend on mt. everest. three men died including an american. an australian also. an indian man disappeared while desending. the american, a fz from alabama died near the summit at 27,600 feet. no word on cause of
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his daughter says it was his second attempt at the world's highest peak. >> he told my boyfriend and i that being on everest was the closest thing to heaven. and -- sorry. and i knew that he wanted to be there. >> scary moment this weekend in british columbia. a sea lion snatched a little girl into the water. the girl sat down on the dock near the animal. it jumped in and pulled her in. another man jumped in and rescued the girl. the person who took the video said everybody is okay. wildlife experts telling nbc news sea lions usually don't attack people. this woman seemed more curious than aggressive because some people in the video were feeding it. the child was submerged in the water too. just ahead the boss at one of the big three automakers is
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box could had boko haram cap visit. it's a new world record in high lining. a 27-year-old german daredevil walked across a one mile flat rope suspend between two mountain cliffs in france. it took him about two hours to cross the rope. pipa middleton marrying a billionaire hedge fund manager over the weekend. will and kate's children were attendants to the bride. just picture perfect when it comes to that wedding. >> now to a major shakeup at one of the big three u.s. automakers. and a look at the markets. steve, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm back from pipa's wedding. ford motor could be replacing the ceo as underperforming the. the shares are down 40%. jim hackett could
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over. elsewhere the markets will be trying to recover from the trump stumble that we had last wednesday where the market fell 1.8%. keynote, gdp figures on friday. elsewhere, the government or the administration at least will issue a formal budget request on tuesday, including $1.7 trillion in cuts to certain types of spending, some of those entitlement programs and major social programs could well affect lower income americans at the same time they are trying to cut the top tax down to 35%. back to you. thank you very much. coming up the presidential announcement and more memorable moments from snl. cher turning back time at the music
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she turned back time. an emotional moment with celion dion's performance. and drake passing adele for the most billboard music awards in a single year. technically 13 hons. drake also delivered this fiery performance right in the middle of the bellagio fountains. 21 pilots and zane and beyonce were also winners. lots of great winners. look at cher. not many 71-year-old can rock those outfits. >> "saturday night live" closing out its most watched season in 23 years, scoring the highest ratifiedings in six years. a great season. 8 million people watched the finale. for his fifth time hosting the show, duane johnson made a big 2020 presidential announcement alongside his running mate tom thanks.
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have considered running for president. i didn't think i was qualified now. now i'm worried i'm actually too qualified. >> no can agree on anything any more. except two things. >> pizza and us. >> and us. >> yep. anyone can do it. katy perry music guest appearance twitter was buzzing about the teen whose dubbed the backpack kid who stole the show. very cute. we'll be seeing a lot more. where did she find this backpack kid. next biggest hit. a lot of us when it comes to snl will be going through snl withdrawal especially when it comes to trump and spicy. just ahead details on massive entitlement cuts. some teens get a big surprise while taking prom photos. you're watching "early today". we can't stay here!
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hate has no place in america. hate has no place on a college campus. >> they say hate drove one college student to kill another. now they're asking the feds to step in. former fbi director james comey set to talk. what happens after he sits down with a leading lawmaker. the water main break that still has a major roadway shut down. "news 4 today" starts now. first, take a look at storm team 4 radar and the rain hitting parts of our area. before you do anything, put an umbrella inside your
4:27 am
used it when i walked in. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. let's look at the slick commute we have. we begin with smeen na parveen and chuck bell. >> good morning. a very cloudy start. it was just barely starting to rain. >> it was already starting. eun reports rain out there. >> very light in some areas. take a look at the radar. and around the district, we have light to moderate rain. there's more coming for the morning commute. you see the rain do you know to the south and west. this will be the commute this morning. keep that in mind. we'll have the timing of this coming up. le
4:28 am
morning. m he lis is a, good morning. >> one problem downtown, sheena, southbound 17 after constitution avenue northwest, do have all southbound lanes blocked for a crash and response there right now. northbound is unaffected so that's good. taking a look here, inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, no big problems on the beltway. that is the radar. showing us what's going on as far as where it's wet. that's almost everywhere. 66 and 9 5, the commute is going to be a wet one. taking a look at 270 from frederick down to the spur, you are on time. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. 4:28 now. there is fear and concern on another local college campus after a student was killed days before his graduation. army lieutenant richard collins iii was stabbed to death on the university of maryland campus. now the fbi is investigating whether the sus w
4:29 am
motivated by hate. shawn urbansky attacked him while he was waiting for an uber. police are stepping up patrols on the campus. >> i'm unaware of any threats on campus but certainly an increase in fear, fear of the unknown. this could happen to me. >> now urbansky is a student at the university of maryland. he was a member of a facebook group at-reich. richard collins was supposed to graduate tomorrow from bowie state university. instead, loved ones are planning a vigil in his honor. his family pastor said the night he was killed the 23-year-old had been out celebrating he would serve in the u.s. army intelligence division. >> we know the next
4:30 am
the military. this young is exceptional in everything that he's doing and his family is devastated. >> maryland students set up a small memorial in collins's memory at the bus stop where he was killed. maryland's president also held a moment of silence before his graduation. tonight's vigil will be held on bowie state campus. we'll keep you updated. collins's death comes weeks after another investigation on hate-based crimes on the campus. a noose was found hanging in the kitchen of a fraternity. students demonstrated on campus. right now greenbelt police are looking for a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman. the victim says the man entered her home tgh


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