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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 24, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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president trump in rome this morning for an audience with one of his most high profiled critics, pope francis. details on the man suspected offy carrying out the bombing in manchester and alleged ties to al qaeda. president trump retains a private attorney in the russia investigation while subpoenas are issued for companies owned by mike flynn. a mud slide buries a stretch of california's drives. and remembering roger moore, a look back at the life of a beloved james bond. "early today" starts right now. good morning. great being with you. i'm frances rivera. president trump is on the
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and this morning he met with pope francis for the first time in person. the two leaders went behind closed doors for a private conversation. claudia is in rome this morning and very stark differences between the two, but the goal is to find common ground. >> reporter: yes, while this may have been the easiest meeting he was scheduled to have throughout his foreign trip on paper at least because he was going to be cordial, a courtesy visit t pope had to get out you can hear him he had to get out to deliver his wednesday general audience, something he does every week but certainly this must have been one of the most challenging meetings he had so far at least on a human level because these are two leaders who differ massively on several issues, on climate change, refugees, on migrants, capitalism, and so forth. so wha
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during the 28 minutes they held that closed door private meeting? we'll find out later on from the vatican press office, at least we're going to know the subjects they touched on. but what we know is that after they came out, the president trump told pope francis, they were all smiles so that's a good thing, president trump well, i will think about what you said. so what did he say? probably it was something about climate change, because it's something that is a subject that is very high up on the pope's agenda, the pope is a firm believer that he backs scientific community opinion that it's caused by human activity and trump is not but he knows that whatever the pope told him may influence his decision whether to pull out of the paris climate agreement. >> certainly we don't have official word, we may h
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meeting went. we appreciate your being with us this morning. this morning britain is under the highest possible terror threat level meaning another attack could be imminent. this after suicide bomber killed 22. authorities identified the suspect as 22-year-old salman abedi born in manchester of libyan decent. the investigation is on going and included three raids at three locations. nbc learned that abedi has ties to al qaeda and may receive terrorist training abroad. isis claimed responsibility for the attack but a connection has not been confirmed. for more we turn to matt bradley who joins us in manchester. good morning. >> reporter: thanks, frances. this is the second morning that they have awoken after that tragedy that left 22 people dead in the manchester arena behind me in 59 injured. most of those were you
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fans of ariana grande, the american singer who held a concert here two days ago. now, there hasn't been many pictures but overall last night about every hour there was a van that would come and go from this parking garage, carrying the dead bodies one by one, so many of these young fans and their parents who were killed in this concert, now the investigation is ongoing but the police were able to identify yesterday the man who they say is the perpetrator. he is from here in manchester, raised a couple miles away and attended school here. his name is salman abedi, only 22 years old, and police say that he detonated a bomb, improvised explosive device as fans were leaving this concert. there's more that's being done by the police, there have been raids across the country, only in a couple different locations. especially here in manchester and at least one
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the reason why is police believe that there may have been an accomplice that could have helped salman abedi create this complex somewhat sophisticated bomb able to take so many lives. that's one of the reasons why theresa may t prime minister, announced she was going to be elevating the threat level facing the uk to critical. that means that an attack is not just expected but one is imminent. she also said she was going to be deploying as many a 5,000 armed troops to the streets of britain, protecting the citizens along side police. that's a very jarring sight for people here in britain, wouldn't be so upsetting in new york or miami or even in paris where the sight of heavily armed officers in the streets is quite common. here in britain police officers are famously unarmed. so, this will show how this attack could leave a lasting political impact on this country. frances.
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about those lost. matt bradley reporting. tributes were paid to honor the victims of the tragedy. in rome the coliseum went dark as did the eiffel tower in paris and the empire state building in new york city. attendees held a moment of silence. organizers condemned the tragedy as an attack on culture, youth and joyfulness. at yankee stadium players and fans paused for a moment of silence. the yankees also played britain's national anthem god save the queen as a gesture of solidarity and unity. to new developments in the russian investigation. president trump is expected to retain a private attorney on matters related to the probe. according to sources familiar with the decision. he has represented donald trump in numerous cases in the past, including on his divorce records, real estate transactions and allegations of fraud at trump university. this revelation comes as s
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former intelligence officials testify on capitol hill about the investigation. peter alexander has more. >> reporter: with multiple investigations ramping up former cia director john brennan testifying. >> i felt as though the fbi investigation was certainly well founded. >> reporter: for the first time publicly acknowledging his concerns that trump campaign associates wittingly or unwittingly were cooperating with russian operatives. >> i encountered and aware of information and intelligence that revealed contacts and interactions between russian officials and u.s. persons involved in the trump campaign. >> reporter: still brennan who left the cia in january says he never saw proof of collusion. the white house pouncing in a statement arguing despite a year of investigation there is still no evidence of any collusion. brennan also detailing
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russia's intelligence agency how its brazen interference would backfire. i said american voters would be outraged by russian attempt to i want fear in the election. >> reporter: the director of national intelligence refuse took confirm or deny whether president trump pressured him and the head of the national security agency to publicly push back on suggestionings mr. trump's campaign coloaded with russia. >> i don't feel it's appropriate to character ides discussions and conversations with the 79. >> reporter: also the committee skrog in on michael flynn. ruling out immunity and threatening to hold him in contempt of congress if he refuses to turn over subpoenaed documents. >> i said that everything is on the table. that's not our preference today. we would like to hear from general flynn. we'd like to see his documents. >> that was nbc's peter alexander. in new jersey new york liberty airport is up and running again after an airplane fire forced
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passengers were evacuated from san francisco-bound united flight when flames were seen coming from one of the engines. the crew deployed emergency slides and everyone got out. five people suffered minor injuries. the fire shut down the entire airport for about two hours. passengers were told to expect delays for the remainder of the night. the faa is investigating the incident. a severe weather watch continues as storms slam parts of texas. you can see here fast moving winds and hail to austin. now more severe weather is expected in the southeast. nbc meteorologist bill karins is tracking it all. >> good morning to you. today one of those we have to watch for the potential of isolated tornados. yesterday we had 11 tornado reports most in the southeast. that first batch is gone. here comes round two now moving through areas of mississippi. this is going to head through the
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of the day and georgia, 38 million at risk. the line of storms will push through florida. here is the timing. here we are at 6:00 a.m. we watch the storms, they bubble up the middle of the afternoon as you would expect. and there is that line that could bring wind damage to central florida. throughout the night we could see storms pushing down to the sunshine state. florida rainfall by the way, is actually welcomed rain. that's a look at the big weather story of the day. now a closer look at your day ahead. out ahead of the storms it's warm, behind it kind of a cooler, beautiful air mass. enjoy it while it lasts in texas. you have hot weather heading your way toward the holiday weekend. the northeast not bad in new england but a little rain along the mid-atlantic. seeing these pictures, massive land slide buried a stretch of iconic route 1. these give us a look. covers a quarter mile of the roadway. officials vicinity been able to assess the damage.
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an earlier slide. and frances, picture any car commercial on the side of a mountain in california, that's the road. >> it's stunning. too bad to hear about that. thank you. ahead the shocking death of an nfl hall of famer just 48 years of age. plus, remembering one of the most beloved james bonds of all time. much more ahead on this busy news day on "early today." beco start by taking care of families for 70 years. earn the trust of 32 nfl teams. be there for america's toughest and help, when help is needed america's #1 isn't a status earned overnight. it's earned in every wash, and re-earned every day. tide, america's #1 detergent
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(avo) charmin ultra strong. it cleans better. it's four times stronger and you can use less. enjoy the go with charmin. new this morning a grim discovery in the highest peak, the associated press reports rescuers discovered the bodies of four climbers in a tent at mt. everest highest camp. the identities are unknown. the latest discovery raises this season's death toll to ten. leading the news the jury is nearly full for bill cosby's trial but his lawyers accuse prosecutors of keeping black
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jurors off the panel. of the 11 chosen all but one are white. defense lawyers made the accusation after prosecutors used a cha listening to remove a black woman. they say a diverse jury is quote paramount importance in the trial after black man. prosecutors say they removed the woman over a previous scandal as a police officer. cosby is standing trial on charges he drugged and molested a woman in 2004. he has denied all accusations. reaction pouring in about the death of a beloved bond, james bond, sir roger moore known for playing the spy 007. he passed away after a short battle with cancer. anne thompson looks at his life and legacy. >> reporter: the word suave bass his bond. >> my name is bond, james bond. >> roger moore made him
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debonair. a portrayal he acknowledged marked by humor more than acting skills. >> would you like me to drive? >> his version of the british spy with the license to kill always compared to the original bond. >> martini, shaken, not stirred. >> sean connery. >> sean is a much tougher individual than i am. i cannot say i'm going to kill you and mean it. >> the persona first on the small screen as the saint, a gentleman thief. bond would not be much after stretch. so good looking one critic said of moore he was often prettier than his leading ladies. and while critics didn't love him, the fans did. moore is the actor who played the secret agent the longest. off screen he worked for years as unicef good will ambassador advocating for children around the world. for his work moore was knighted in 2003. born a london police man's son now forever a
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anne thompson, nbc news. sir roger moore dead at the age of 89. football hall of famer cortez kennedy has died. the cause of death hasn't been announced. but orlando police say they found nothing suspicious. the star defensive lineman was an eight-time pro bowl e five-time all pro and among the most dominant members of the seattle seahawks during his 11 years on the team. notably kennedy played in every game for the first seven seasons -- seven years i should say of his nfl career. cortez kennedy dead at the age of 48. ahead, the trump budget revealed but what does it mean for your bottom line?
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this morning the trump administration's first budget proposal is getting pushback from both sides with some republicans calling it dead on arrival. the plan would slash federal spending $3.6 trillion over 10 years, with deep cuts to medicaid and assistance programs. casey hunt brings us the details. >> reporter: on his campaign's first day. >> save medicare, medicaid, and social security without cuts. have to do it. >> reporter: president trump promised he would protect the safety net. but his first budget released wouldn't do that. instead making deep cuts over the next decade. $72 billion from social security disability insurance. and aas
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medicaid. the cuts could devastate americans like adrian who has multiple sclerosis. >> my medicaid coverage takes the burden away from endless medical bills. >> reporter: administration's defense. >> we're not going to measure compassion by the amount of money we spend but by the number of people that we help. >> reporter: president trump's $4.1 trillion plan would make good on other promises including infrastructure, paid parental leave, defense and border security including a $1.6 billion downpayment for the border wall. president trump says he can do all that, cut taxes and still balance the budget in ten years. but that assumes the economy will grow even faster than it did in the booming 1990s. the plan landed congress with a thud. some in the gop echoing the number two senate republican leader john cornyn who warned it could be dead on arrival. >> is it dead on arrival? >> yes. >> is this budget dead on arrival? >> i don't think i served in kong congress
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>> the president's budget is going to set the concourse to consider but at the end of the day it's the republicans in congress who are going to write the heart and guts of this budget. >> ahead how much would you pay for this bag of moon dust? plus, need for speed. is tom cruise ready to return to the danger zone? is there going to be another volley ball team. you're watching "early today." f, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ i love ya, tomorrow in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto helped more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren.
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in today's quick hits, just one alcoholic drink a day increases a woman's risk of breast cancer. a new report from the american institute finds consuming a small glass of wine or weak cocktail raises risks 5 to 9%. a pouch containing moon dust is up for auction. neil armstrong used it to collect lunar samples in his mission to the moon. after he returned it was brought to a lab, lost and finally turned up. the auction expects it to fetch as much as $4 million. and tom cruise going back to the danger zone. a top gun 2 is happening without revealing details he says filming could start as early as next year. coming up a look at some of the young victims of the terror attack in manchester.
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>> now on "news4 today," great britain raises its terror alert to the highest level possible. what you need to know ahead of memorial day weekend. they had planned to celebrate his graduation yesterday. now the family of the slain bowie state student is planning his funeral. >> the line we just learned getting new 7000 series cars. >> announcer: "news4 today" starts now. now before we get to all of that, take a look at storm team 4 radar here. some areas lit up like a christmas tree this morning. you can s
4:27 am
from culpepper, silver spring and beyond. >> look at you knowing your geography. >> it was in the script. >> the radar. we're proud of you. >> good morning, everyone. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we're going straight to your weather and traffic. >> melissa is going to have the traffic in a bit for you. >> we'll start with sheena parveen and chuck bell. >> it's going to be lit up like the christmas tree. >> aaron will get it right next time. most of the overnight rains are gradually coming to an end here this morning. yes, still a lot of wet roads and you'll be doing a lot of puddle jumping. but the steadier rain is pushing on out, by the time people get on the roads, most of the steadier rain will be gone. don't plan on much in the way of sunshine today. it will be full cloud cover all
4:28 am
moving out. we're in the upper 50s for temperatures. we'll get back up to perhaps even low 70s. most of the rain in the early part of the commute. more rain coming back later today. sheena joins me. >> i can't definitely going to say it's going to rain, but i can tell you it's adding to the pain here. two problems on the beltway, first this one, inner loop, kenilworth, and the left lane getting by there. a lot of activity. northbound, bw parkway after 197. we do have that crash reported there here this morning. and southbound, 395, the ramp to southbound gw parkway, crash there on the scene. all of the green, we're showing where you we have rain falling right now, where you are going to have that wet messy commute is just about everywhere.
4:29 am
trump's trip to europe and the middle east this morning. >> eun and aaron, yes, to the live desk. we're following the president's trip. and the president just met with pope francis. we want to take you live to vatican city. it's kind of a wide thought there, but we do have the pope there sitting in the middle, i do believe. now, earlier, there was a meeting, and there was a gift exchange. and we know at this point that the president gave the pope several books by martin luther king jr. so some video from earlier. and you know the pope also gave president trump a medal created by an artist and said is this a symbol of peace. also the first lady and president's daughter ivanka trump and son-in-law, jared kushner, they were there as
4:30 am
and now they are heading to the sistine chapel. this is president trump's first trimp of t trip of the year. they're also going to brussels. back at home, the russia investigation is heating up. coming up news4's tracie potts will have details one week after a special counsel was named. now, total latest on the manchester bombing. land marks around the world went dark in signs of solidarity and to honor the 22 people killed. take a look. the lights were out in rome at the colosseum. and in great britain, they've raised their terror alert to the highest security. >> and the man was on the radar. british intelligence officials have identified him as salm


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