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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  May 30, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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of two people afterwards. this happened in the same area where 8 people were shot early@morning. algernon jones was killed. they remembered his life with a vigil. >> i have to look at my daughter and see her fatherless every day so this is not going to be okay for a long time. >> now these people have not said whether they believe the two shootings are connected. there will be a crime walk on hanover place on north capitol street. they have asked the mayor to attend. new information on the beating and stabbing death of a man. two people will appear in court on murder and armed robbery charges. 20-year-old rubin ortiz and 19-year-old shawnee copp. they believe this
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group was robbed. ortiz and copp were among a small group to demand their belongings. angie goff at the live desk. breaking news overnight. >> aaron, manuel noriega is dead. the one-time u.s. ally ousted by the american invasion back in 1989 died monday. he was 83 years old. panama's president wrote on twitter wrote, quote, the death of nor reation -- >> this was the scene near the arena in manchester, england, where people held a candlelight vigil to mark one week of a deadly bombing. 22 peopl
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meanwhile, police released a new image of the suspected suicide bomber, salman abedi. the bbc obtained video of him in a dark hoodie. selfless and humble, those are two of the words of a family of a navy s.e.a.l. is describing him as. 27-year-old remington he was part of the mission that made 900 jumps. he died after falling into the hutson river not far from the statue of lib tert at this. -- liberty. president trump marked his fi
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by visiting arlington national cemetery. he took part in the annual tradition of laying the wreath at the tomb of unknown soldier. lawmakers are on recess but the white house is dealing with growing foundation and they're looking to see how the administration can tool back. >> a secretary dem kprat could be clues to looking in. benjamin gel lus will enter the race tomorrow. gel lus works for senator bernie sanders during his run last year. so far one other democrat has officially entered the race. today marks two weeks until the hotly contested virginia primaries for governor.
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vote vote candidates were looking for votes. to learn how they stand on key issues go to the nbc washington app and search virginia governor. >> 4:34. get you another check on treter or traffic. good morning to you. >> zblus glad all of picture goes n. >> you didn't hit that much sflafk. >> into, i came ban on suggest. i i had to do is miss out on memorial tai at the bechb much a risk of showers. as you go through time the first wave of chances moves out.
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thunderstorms fire up particularly across parts of northern maryland. if you're thinking about planning to be outside later on this afternoon, know that there will be a chance for strong to severe storms today. greatest risk for severe weather will be from the pennsylvania border northward. we have a marginal risk for stronger storms here. what about temperatures? let's go over to lauren and find out more about those. >> temperatures right now a little on the cool side. we definitely had the clouds in place. west of the blue ridge mountains temperatures are cooler. we have skies around that area. we'll show you that the temperatures are 65 degrees in the d.c. area. the shenandoah valley, we are looking at temperatures in the lower to 50. that's when we have clearing skies. what about your commute?
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daytime highs. dealing with some fog. i think there could be rain around. chuck 15ids the best chance will be north to get sunshine and temperatures around the area will make it into the 80s. get a little bit more sunshine. am i headed back to jack taylor? >> yes. >> how is traffic looking, jack? >> well, it's early. so far, so good. as we were discussing, 95 northbound you have a couple of calls. a giant piece of steel in the roadway. that are will be beat out and hopefully by you time the get used to it, vick was involved in a crash. eastbound completely
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keep the roads dry. thank you very much. >> thank you. whole lot of people talking about bryce harper and this scene. what's going to happen to him next? harper hand strickland spashlged an all out fight. they have to play again today. the big question is who is going to get suspended and for how long? >> let's walk you through what happened here. strikland threw at harper's fit. helmets went flying, fists flying, hair is all over the place. bryce harper has big hair. >> good hair. >> he throws his helmet first.
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he used it to his advantage. that's what he wanted to do in that situation. you never want to get suspended or anything like that, but sometimes you have to go and get him. >> looked like it was intentional to me. what's a man supposed to do? he's not a punching bag. >> there you go. that's what justin baker had to say about that. it looked like he threw it directly at him. >> this morning a lot of people are saying this year from through years ago is what instigated this. that was more than 2000 in our in the playoffs. >> yes. strickland said he didn't mean for his hip to carry that far. >> he just messaged. harper said, hey, you have a world series ring. why are you going to go
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>> that's what happens. 4:39 right now. another fight on the national stage involving state lawmakers. what caused this chaos in the texas state skap toll next. now the golf star he was not drinking. what's he say? that's still ahead. >> finally -- >> there have you it, a win decades in the making. how the
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you're watching "news 4 today." go maryland. two terp titles. the maryland men's lacrosse team followed up the women with a win of their own. take a look at the trophy they carried off the plane there. all right. the terps beat ohio state for their first championship since 1975. then we talked about the woman's team won the national title this weekend. third in four years. maryland fans made it up to the game in massachusetts. congratulations. love it. love it. especially both teams win the championship. >> 4:42. >> here's chuck bell. >> good morning. a very nice start to your
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back to work, back to school, back to reality although the school's countdown to summer vacation is getting precariously low for most of the districts. down to 10 or 12 days left. i'll show you future weather and let you know where and when those storms are most likely to impact your plans. >> plus, they were the half that unted d.c.ha f
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mainly clouds out there today. that's what you're waking up to. especially a little fog north of d.c. temperatures in the upper 70s, low 80s. watch for scattered rain chances and a few thunderstorms. chuck's going to time it out for you coming back in a few minutes. plus, white house in crisis. new steps being t
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jared kushner out of the spotlight. the latest on the investigation and his ties with russia. >> state capitol scuffle. the latest talk on the fight. tiger woods dui arrest the latest in the fall. >> he was not drunk when he was arrested yesterday morning. he put out a statement that read in part, quote, what happened was an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications. i didn't realize the mix of medications had affected me so strongly. woods had a fourth back surgery in april. in his statement he took responsibility for his actions and apologized to his family and fangs. he said he will do erring to ensure that it doesn't happen again. it was a chaotic scene at the texas state capital. two lawmakers got into a scuffle after one called ic e. agents to come.
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assault. there was audio on the cell phone video here. all of this came as hundreds of people filled the state capital to protest the new anti-sanctuary cities law. buy have to follow those laws and have penalties for those who don't comply. it will be a quiet week. >> they're pushing back on mounting stories about russia which involve the president's son-in-law. news 4's tracie white has the story. >> the president's been said to be quite a noud by you will the questions announcing it. they're setting up a war room just to deal with that issue. the people in charge of that were supposed to be reince priebus, steve bannon chief strategist and jared kushner, his son-in-law and one of his closest vi
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kushner plagued by these questions about setting up secret communications with the russians. we haven't verified that. it has been reported. so we're hearing that some of the white house want him to lay low and step back. the press saz they have total confidence in kushner. they're bringing in fresh people and fresh ideas from the campaign. remember cory lewandowski that trump fired. he may be playing an official role in this administration soon. not to mention sean spicer who we've heard daily rumors. that could be happening as well. >> a lot to watch out for today. tracie potts, thank you. i'm angie goff here at the live desk following a developing story out of iraq. women and children among fami e
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popular ice cream shop when a car explodes. new video from the aftermath. this is one of two attacks that killed 20. the attacks come as iraqi forces come as they continue to push them out of mosul. more insurgent attacks are likely. 4:49. this morning portland oregon's mayor is making a controversial request after a deadly train stabbing. he's asking organizers to cancel an upcoming rally. the man went on a rapist rant before killing two people. jeremy christians stabbed two men on friday when they confr t
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he'll be arraigned on domestic terrorism. local chapters of naacp are calling for action today. several chapters of the group plan to stand in solidarity with the family of richard collins iii and speak out about hate crimes. collins was attacked in a random attack at the university of maryland. today a 19-year-old woman will learn her punishment in a brutal ms-13 street gang murder. montgomery county prosecutors say he was lured into the park by being promised sex. three other
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it was a hit. there is new reaction this morning to the supreme court's decision that heeding to recy e recycling. >> malveaux was 17 at the time and was convicted montgomery county and spots of vain yeah county. two victims were also shot in prince george's county. the state's attorney decided not to prosecute. >> he was convicted in both jurisdictions. he said, you can't sentence juveniles to life without patrol as a death penalty. it came out after he was sentenced. usually they don't go back and make the change. >> he's serving numerous life sentences. he doubts that will change. a
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was shot and called. he was working a traffic detail when he was shot. police tracked down travis ball and charged him with murder. walter will be remembered this saturday at a public funeral. walter was an aim year veteran. he leaves behind two sons and a daughter. 4:52 now. it is a charge did i that shocked the entire country. a virginia boy accidentally shot and killed himself after finding a loaded gun. he was 4 years old. stories like this one played out in e.r.s all over the country. children's national hospital says more than 20 children are sent to the hospital with gunshot wounds every day. the research reveals 40% of tharnts wrongly support that in
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if. >> i think parents have a false sense of security about having these firearms in their home. they believe children don't know where they are or they've never accessed them. >> before a child visits a home, ask where the guns are and if they're secure. 4:53 is our time right now. a comfortable 65 degrees outside our studios. open window drive into work again this morning. >> he have nice. >> it was nice. a better chance for rain and thunderstorms coming back in until early meeting. you may need to have the umbrella for most of this morning. 65 at ragan national airport with a light east wind. little
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skies cleared out overnight. little bit more cloud cover. low to mid 60s around town. future weather, first chance for showers around lunchtime today. hit and miss. nothing severe and heavy at lynch time, that will lied to had:00 or 5:00 until this evening. here's the forecast. north of washington, northern maryland, a little more under the gun than southern maryland. rain chances pretty solid just about everywhere. thunderstorm chances today, marginal risk for severe weather. up across southern pennsylvania, northernmost maryland. have your nfc washington app loaded and ready to go.
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thunder, at least 50%. rain chances dropped to just the occasional shower chance for tomorrow. thursday and most of your friday will be dry as well. friday evening we may have to put a chance for a thunderstorm in there. unfortunately, jack, we have a chance for rain over the weekend. doesn't look like a watchoushou >> i'll figure it out today. accident activity in centreville. good news there. looks like anybody that was left there has cleared the scene. 95 northbound north of triangle sounds like v dot or state police with a vehicle on the left shoulder. that a parnsly has been activity. sounds like now soup and park
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he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us. you're watching "news 4 today."
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>> distracted driving is putting maryland state police in danger. news 4 review found a spike in the number of troopers hurt on the job on busy local highways. at least 38 troopers were hit last year. that's in addition to 20 other accidents where survivors smashed into unoccupied cruisers. adam thatcher survived a seven car pile up three hours into his first day on the job. >> it was a crazy feeling being my first day by myself, not knowing exactly how to do everything, how to handle every situation and then just feeling that collision. it sends you into panic mode. i got out and made sure everyone was okay. >> montgomery county alone 3400 tickets have been written for violating the law. if you're in the market for a new car, get ready to shell ou
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is more than $34,000. that is nearly $4,000 higher than last year. the price for a used car about $20,000. aaa recommends sticking to the 20/40/10 rule. put 20% down, limit the lone to 4 years and cap it to no more than 10% of the income. >> no. right now on "news 4 today," your back to work weather and it includes some showers. what to know before you head out the door to start this shortened work week. and from holiday travels to your daily commute, after these beach backups, looking for you to show you how your rooblg -- we're hearing from bryce harper about the fight


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