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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  June 2, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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has no legal basis to hold moles in jail. it was another security scare at the white house last night after seeing a man pace back and forth. secret service approached him. that's when the man attempted to hit the officer and grab his baton. as a precaution he was taken to the hospital. he will be charged with a felony once he's released. we have more breaking news right now. this time about the president's travel ban. molette? >> reporter: that's right. the trump administration is putting pressure on the supreme court to let the travel ban take effect. this latest move was expected. the justice department wants it fast tracked and to be able to start enforcing the executive order while under high court review. now just last week a federal appeals court voted to uphold a ban on enforcement. trump's order imposes a 90 day ban on entry into the u.s. it would sus 13i7d for
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molette, thank you. the wilson building lit up in green. this is for the paris agreement despite president trump's agreement to pull the united states out of the paris agreement. france's president calling president trump's decision a mistake for the u.s. and the world. muriel bowser is agreeing with france. here's how renewable energy will be required in the city. the district will continue to deploy solar energy and integrate more electric
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should follow mayor bowser's lead. >> mayor bowser is standing with other mayors across the united states and other mayors to say we will not turn our back on our responsibility for mitigating climate change. >> coming up, news 4's tracie potts will have reaction from the business community and what this means for america's image around the world. there are growing demands for president trump to take action after a noose was found inside the national museum of african-american history and culture. ♪ ♪ >> hundreds of people sang outside the smithsonian museum yesterday. they were appalled that a noose was found. texas congresswoman sheila jackson lee wants the president to make it clear
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no room for hate in the country. >> what i love is look at the faces. it's america at its best. unbelievably diverse. it's a group of people that help us remember what america can be. >> this is the fifth incident of a noose since the end of april here in our area. in the nbc washington app jim hanley takes a look at the symbolism of the snoos. also coming up news 4's justin finch has more on what's being done to stop this from happening again. right now two people in the hospital, one of them in serious condition after this crash on the i.c.c. the crash happened just before 9:30 last night. you can see a tractor-trailer on its side. montgomery county fire and rescue said it collided with a car causing the car to go up in flames. chopper 4 also flew over the scene of a fatal crash in virginia. they say 45-year-old thomas jefferson iv was killed while
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riding his motorcycle. he ran into a swaung and then into a wall. >> it is now 4:34. molette green is following a bad crash on 270 overnight. >> our partners at wtop say this crash is clear but we're looking at how bad this is. montgomery county fire tweeting that the crash involved a motorcycle and shut down the local lanes for hours. now it happened on 270 at route 28 but, again, the highway back open now. i am molette green at the live desk. back to you. >> molette, thank you. and we do have a traffic alert to tell you about right now that will impact your drive over the weekend. starting tonight three lanes along rockville pike will close near the medical center metro station and national institutes of health. at 10:00 they will shut down two southbound lanes and northboun
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lane between woodmont avenue. construction is happening there to build a pedestrian underpass. safe track work on metro is expected to wrap up at the end of the month. that doesn't mean your commute is going to be easier. metro has repairs to make from august 5th through the 20th the branch avenue and suitland stations will be closed on the green line. red line station tacoma will close from november 25th to december 10th and next year the hundreding ton and eisenhower stations will be closed on the yellow line for about two weeks in may. 4:35. there is a new scripps national spelling fwee champion this morning. >> marocain. >> that is correct. congratulations. >> she didn't flinch. >> look at her. she's like, wait a minute, did i just win this thing? >> that's a
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she's from fresno, california. as you heard there she had to spell marocain. she clinched the title and $40,000 cash prize. her father rushed on the stage to hug her. none of our local spellers -- they were eliminated in the first round of last night's finals. 11-year-old sundar spelled the word -- >> i have no idea what that word is. he's 11 and can spell a whole lot more. congratulations to all these spellers. it's now 4:36. we want to get another check on your weather and traffic. >> another look at your friday morning drive with melissa. first, a look at how the forecast is shaping up with sheena parveen. >> good morning. the forecast is going to be another fantastic one today into the weekend. it's going to continue. we are getting lucky with the weekend weather. it
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four days ago. 4 things to know when you walk outside. more sunshine today. it will be another warm one. the 80s are going to stick around again today into the weekend. the weekend looks mainly dry, and by sunday that's when we have our next rain chance. it's not going to be here until late sunday. currently 65 degrees. by lunchtime we're already close to 80. we'll take a look at the rest of the afternoon forecast and the weekend coming up. let's check the roads. >> good morning, melissa mollet. >> good morning, sheena parveen. we have part of the i.c.c. shut down. westbound lanes pushed off at layhill road. you have to get off and back on because of the bad tractor-trailer crash. the car caught fire here this morning. we have also a fuel sell there which is really taking up some of this as they clean things up. northbound 95 after lorton, we still have two right lanes getting by that milling and paving project. a wide look at
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some beltway road work we'll talk about in a minute. a video people want you to see. >> captured. turning a memorial day service into a sex assault turns himself in. >> it was on, off, now it looks like construction on a major interstate could get the green light, but that may mean a red light for somef your weekend o
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and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia.
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metro transit police need your help identifying the people in this video. it was taken on april 29th. you can see a woman was punched from behind here and knocked to the ground. if you have any information please contact police. 4:41. wait times expected to drop for victims of sexual abuse. nova fairfax received an infusion of cash to help keep its special forensic unit staffed 24/7. the hospital is receiving more than half a million dollars in grant funding. that money will pay for four full-time and two part-time nurses. it means sexual assault patients will receive faster treatment. >> having people here immediately in my experience at least definitely increases the positive impact of their experience
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they will report or talk to law enforcement. >> fantastic to be outside. maybe you are exercising. heading to the beach. gorgeous start to the morning. some areas might be able to get away with a warm jacket. >> a terrifying new game making the rounds that could put your son or daughter's life at risk. and we'll tell you why one of the d.c. snipers could be facing new charges. 4:42.
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good morning. well, it's a nice start to your finally friday, and if you are making weekend plans, i will tell you it does look pretty good. we do have some rain chances, and i'll show you the timing of that and when you can expect it coming up. it's a daze case that had the d.c. area on edge for months. this morning we're learning d.c. sniper lee boyd malveaux could face more charges. plus, news 4 i-team is searching for answers after a veteran's body is found in a parking lot. i'm molette green at the live desk. we just got word about power being out in northeast d.c. 1500 customers impacted. this is around second and i street and surrounding union station. pepco is looking to see what's going on. once we get more information we'll bring it to you. back to you. the united states will
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accord. >> president trump has pulled the u.s. out of a global agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions. he calls it a campaign promise kept, but reaction around the world has been swift and harsha. the u.s. joins syria and nicaragua as the only u.n. members not a part of the paris climate deal. the president said he can renegotiate the deal but leaders of the other countries are saying no way. there are some who are sticking with the president on this decision. news 4's tracie potts is live on capitol hill now with more on reaction to this major shift in u.s. policy. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: eun, good morning. sticking with the president, more than 3 dozen members of congress who were front and center when he made that announcement, but also new this morning, reaction from china, the world's largest polluter, the only one bigger than the united states, calling it reckless a
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selfish and irresponsible to pull out of this deal. lots of reaction overnight and protests in new york and states and cities saying even if the country pulls out, they will stick with this deal to reduce emissions in the areas where they live and work. and now we're learning, too, that the president can't really do this quickly. the process would not even be able to begin for a couple of years. couldn't complete until after the 2020 election so he has announced his intent to pull out of this worldwide climate deal but doesn't look like it can actually happen anytime soon. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill. tracie, thank you. 4:47 now. one of the d.c. snipers who terrorized this area for three weeks could get a new trial. wtop reports that prince william
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county may prosecute lee boyd malveaux for shooting a man in 2002. they originally opted not to try malveaux because the teen was sentenced for other murders. last week a federal judge in virginia ruled he must be resentenced because the life sentences imposed when he was a teenager were unconstitutional. police are now calling the deaths of two people in anne arundle county found lesli smith and linda mckenzie dead near their car near scott town road and nick road near shadyside. they lived on a house boat together in beal, maryland. yesterday neighbors called police after they heard arguing and gunshots. it's not clear whether the arguing had anything to do with the shooting. police say they had several leads in the investigation. a huge funeral will bring people together in
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virginia. the life of special agent michael walter will be remembered. at the end of may walter was fatally shot by a convicted felon in richmond. visitation will begin at 10:00 in the morning and will be followed by funeral services. the public is welcome to attend. there is a new and alarming social media game that's challenging teens to take part in dangerous challenges. it's called the blue whale challenge. more than 50 days teens are told to take part in tasks that gradually increase in intensity. the last challenge to win the game is for the participant to kill him or herself. howard county schools sent home a letter warning parents about the game. they're encouraging parents to talk to their teens about the consequences of this game. the man that will make the decisions that will affect them, scott
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he's in litchburg, virginia. the selection isn't official. they have to finalize a vote on this appointment next week. if you're headed to the beach, we have information on construction that could impact your trip. this has to do with route 404 which leads to hot spots such as rehoboth and dewey beaches. crews are widening the roads so that there are two lanes going in each direction. it's meant to increase capacity and improve safety. while this will likely impact your trip to the beach this summer, things should be much better this year. work is expected to wrap up by thanksgiving. working for you to make your week end as stress free as possible. one thing you can try to do is avoid 95 in the dale city area. starting tonight at 10:00 crews will be working to repair a hole in the neabscoek
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football. the work is expected to last through monday morning at 6:00. virginia transportation officials warn that the work could cause extensive delays in both directions. covering prince george's county now a hit-and-run accident left a teenager stuck in a wheelchair during what was supposed to be the best time of high school, senior year. last year she was thrown through a windshield. thanks to countless hours of therapy, she did just that. yesterday she ran across the stage at wise high school graduation. >> really, really, really excited that i can walk across the stage. >> she's my baby again. she's back. i'm just so happy. i'm so happy for her. >> celebrate for sure. diamond will be attending crossburg state university on a
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the hit-and-run driver has not been found. >> i love her beaming face. >> i like how she ran. that was good. that was good. >> it's the season for graduation. graduation parties, outdoors. >> we love it. getting lucky here. >> yesterday was beautiful, today is going to be beautiful into the weekend. just gorgeous. we are getting a nice weather pattern setup. our next chance of rain isn't until late sunday. your beach weather looks good if you're heading in that direction. those 80s will be continuing as we go into the afternoon. right now though some areas are a little bit on the cool side. look at gaithersburg coming in at 52 degrees. 57 leesburg. 59 in clinton. so very comfortable this morning. chuck bell's actually outside. we're going to go live out to him outside at the 5:00 hour. stay tuned for that. currently nice and dry. clear skies in the forecast. later on today, plenty of
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exercisin exercising, taking advantage of it. 79. 84 degrees by noon. future weather, we're going to stay nice and dry. 4:00 p.m., a few clouds. clouds staying up around the philadelphia area. some clouds are around, but a nice saturday. we're looking dry. most of sunday is looking dry and then late sunday, 9:00 p.m., that's when we start to get that rain chance moving back in. so i really think most of your weekend if you have any outdoor activities, you're going to be able to get those in. keep an eye on late sunday. 87 degrees on sunday. rain chance increases carrying over into tuesday. then back into the 70s. we quickly go back into the 80s on our way to next weekend. let's check your roads on this tgif. good morning, melissa. >> good morning, sheena.
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westbound i.c.c. the tractor-trailer involved in the crash, i believe they just trailed it away. we had a fuel spill as well. could be a little bit longer before they get this completely out of the way. in bound river road between gol goldsboro and river road. in bound, beltway looking quite good, inner loop and outer loop. northbound 95 after lorton, two right lanes getting by the paving. melissa, thank you. if you are just turning on your tv, we want to let you know we are following some breaking news in d.c. where a barricade situation has just come to an end. details are slim right now but our team is in the newsroom right now to find out what's going on. an update in just a few minutes. in just
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after the body of a veteran was found outside the v.a. in the district. what a news 4
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you and your dog will love. nexgard. the vet's #1 choice. you're watching "news 4 today." we have an update to a story that received a lot of attention online. the fbi says the man you see in this picture turned himself in to officials yesterday. his name has not been le
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inappropriately touching a minor during the wreath laying ceremony monday morning at the arlington national cemetery. there's no word on what if any charges he'll face. the house committee is calling for an investigation after a news 4 i-team story on the death of a veteran. >> the feds are investigating whether the man went missing for two days in the parking lot of the d.c. veterans center. they're looking into what happened. >> reporter: his family said the military veteran never returned home from a treatment session two weeks ago at the d.v. va center. they called the center to get help and get a search for the man. for 36 hours no one found him until his sister drove the medical center, searched the parking lot and herself found the man's body in the car in the parking lot just outside the entrance. the man's death was coned
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of the medical center says the agency there is investigating what might have gone wrong. >> we met with the veteran's sister that evening, expressed our condolences on that and reached out to her to see if she needed anything. >> reporter: we've learned the u.s. house veterans affairs committee has launched its own investigation into the death. the d.c. va medical center already under scrutiny and a scathing audit was released last month sailing they released a report saying they had a supply issue. scott mcfarland, news 4 i-team. "news 4 today" starts now. good morning, everybody. fast approaching 5:00 on this friday. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. right now on news 4 midday, breaking news in d.c. on a barricade situation that kept d.c. police busy overnight. what we just learned about the tu
5:00 am
last 30 minutes. new overnight, the trump administration asking the u.s. supreme court to allow one of its most controversial policies to take effect. and just when metro riders thought repair work was over, the new 24/7 work zones we're learning about. our crews are up and working for you this morning. check on the weather and traffic. first an update on the overnight barricade. molette green is following the story. molette, what do you know? >> reporter: just moments before we came on air we got word that it ended. it started before midnight in the 500 block of 2 1st street. there was no car or pedestrian traffic allowed in that area from g to e streets northwest. this was south of the gw campus. all clear. still working on what happened. back to you now. >> molette, thank you. we want to also turn the attention to your weather because it is a beautiful start


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