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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  June 6, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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the shooting that killed allmendinger nonhaa algernon harvey. police say the group may have been gambling when that shooting started there. you can see everyone scatters here, taking cover even under cars. the neighbors had strong words for people behind that violence. >> they are acting out like caged animals. they have nowhere else to go and do. >> neighbors camera captured the video. d.c. police have put up a temporary surveillance camera since that shooting. developing this morning, there is another search for suspects connected to the terror attack in downtown london. police are in a neighborhood near where those attackers live. they identified two of the three people that drove into a crowd and stabbed dozens in london on saturday night. neighbors say they reported
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of them to police multiple times. the attackers were shot to death. since saturday they have arrested 12 people but they say that they have released them all. let's get back to the live desk and information we're following about a government leak. >> barely after this hit the internet the person reportedly behind it all named right away. we're learning new details about the 25-year-old government contractor accused of leaking the top secret national security agency document. nbc news has confirmed reality lee winner is the accused leaker of the documents. she reportedly confessed to printing it out and mailing it to an online news outlet. it dealt with russian efforts to hack the u.s. election. angie, back to you. >> molette,
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coming up we will go live to capitol hill where news 4 tracie potts will have more details on what this arrest exactly means. time now is 4:32. house and senate leaders will head to the white house. they're going to talk to the president about the legislative agenda. congress is in session for four more weeks until the 4th of july recess. the topics will be tax reform, regulatory reform and health care. they hope to vote on their health care plan this month. right now they don't know if their bill which hasn't been written will actually pass. the president is once again tweeting about his travel ban, meanwhile. the latest quote from overnight, he says that's right, we need a travel ban for certain dangerous countries, not some politically correct term that won't help us protect our people. that followed a fleury of negative tweets he sent in response to the negative attack. the revised ban was blocked by a federal court. mr. trump's tweets could
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support that ban. a sex abuse trial starts today against john vigna. he's accused of inappropriately touching five female students over a span of several years. we know that vigna taught at clover leaf for 16 years. he coached junior varsity baseball in burtonsville. d.c. police need your help finding a d.c. man who went missing two weeks ago. he wears glasses. he could be driving a 2009 dark blue honda with tags cv 3777. >> this is one that's getting a lot of play. it's not something you would expect tee
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hello. >> whoa. >> it's a coyote. >> all sorts of wliefld. >> one man told us he spotted a coyote when he was walking his dog on glover trail off massachusetts ave.. there was a recent report of a coyote sighting on newark street in cleveland park, not too far away. pet owners and residents, they're a little uneasy. they're on high alert right now. >> it doesn't terrify me, but it's a little surprising in the city. >> there are people in the neighborhood who have talked about it. i guess he screams. it's a very high pitched kind of a shrilly kind of a -- yeah. >> so this is what we've done. there are plenty of tips online. carrying an empty soda with pennies inside, that will scare away the an malls. >> is it
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it. >> anyway, if we spot them around the neighborhood, we'll have to round them up. time is 4:34. let's get another look at your weather and traffic. we begin with melissa and breaking news. >> breaking news, prince george's county. suitland parkway between branch avenue and naylor road. we had that shut down for a fatal crash overnight. all lanes have reopened. you don't have to worry about this one any longer. more details on that throughout the morning. 66 near jermantown road. taking a look at 95, quantico to the beltway on time there. take you 19 minutes to get into town. a little slow just north of woodbridge southbound. outbound you are fine. good morning, chuck and sheena. >> good morning. kind of a cloudy day yesterday, wasn't be it in. >> yes, yesterday was a cloudy day, off and on sprinkles and a little bit of fog left over. not a big deal this morning.
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this morning. couple of sprinkles way up across northeastern maryland and western virginia. doesn't look like it's going to add up to too much. most of your daylight hours rain free. a chance of an isolated shower or two. rain chances barely 30%. temperature wise we're mostly in the mid 60s across the area now. with peaks of sunshine. more than enough sunshine today. get temperatures mid to upper 70s. little chance of an isolated shower coming our way. doesn't look like a big deal. sheena has it all boiled down to the four things you need to know about the weather. >> this morning it is comfortable. temperatures in mostly the mid to low 60s. you don't need a jacket. we have a little bit more in the way of sunshine. decent day, mix of sun and clouds. isolated chance for shower. that's the heit and miss rain chance. just a few isolated showers possible. dry as we go into the weekend though. that's the good news. the wea
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more into a summer feel. then we have very warm temperatures coming. we're talking about 90s in the ten day forecast. i'll show you that coming up in a bit. >> thank you very much, sheena. he was once called america's dad. now prosecutors are painting him as a sexual predator. the latest on the bill cosby trial as day two gets ready to begin. it's a legislation that could save teen lives. the area measure going into law aimed at reducing bullying and suicide. it's not even over yet but metro is calling the safetrack a success. why they say it's
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you're watching "news 4 today." bill cosby will be back in a pennsylvania courtroom today. he is facing a criminal trial accused of sex assault. prosecutors say that he gave a temple university employee pills at his home 13 years ago and then assaulted her. now a different woman who says he drugged and touched her was the first witness in the case. cosby's lawyer said his accuser changed her story when she talked to police. cosby denies all allegations of sexual assault. well, this next story could have you rethinking how you secure your home or how secure it is. >> absolutely. a woman in northwest d.c. says two men kicked her door open during a brazen break in. it happened in the american university park
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nicole boozer says the noise woke her up. the man threatened her, claimed he had a gun. when she tried to make a run for it, one of the men punched her in the side of the face. >> the guts that it took to walk in between these two houses and kick a door in on a saturday morning is just unbelievable. >> she says the men got away with two laptops. d.c. police are still trying to track down those intruders. yikes. 4:41. ready for a warmup? first we have to deal with a little cooldown, right, chuck? >> absolutely. we're locked in with a cloudy and cooler than average weather pattern in the next few days. you are right. as we get towards the second half of the weekend and next week, here comes the high heat of summertime. sheena has the ten day coming right up. chuck, thanks. two area students harassed for wearing a religious symbol to school. not by who you expect. the school staff member is now apologizing. security changes on the way to metro. what the agency recently
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information at risk. good morning, you're watching "news 4 today."
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tuesday morning off to a quiet start outside this morning. no more than an isolated little chance of a rain shower to interrupt your plans. things are looking up as we get closer to your weekend. sheena is come beiing back withn day. a previous problem, suitland parkway between branch and naylor road. first, more details on the government contractor charged with leaking top secret information. this comes on the same day an online news organization published a top report
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russia's efforts to hack our voting system. so is there a link? >> news 4's tracie potts is live on capitol hill. tracie, the contractor helped the leak and what more are we learning? >> reporter: a senior official tells us, angie, that the contractor was the source of the leaked nsa report. it told us a lot more about what russia was doing in the days before you and all the other americans out there went to vote. according to this nsa document, and it's pretty recent, from just a month ago, russian military operatives allegedly tried to set up a cyber attack on elections software, the soft wear that's used to power the voting machines. they tried to set that cyber attack up against one of the suppliers of that software and that in the days before the election more than 100 election officials all over the country got phishingai
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were trying to set up voter fraud information. there's no indication at all that any of this was successful. tracie, the other news we're following is president trump not using his executive privilege to block james comey. what does that tell us about a possible strategy? >> it's really important because it means comey has no block from the white house, he's gotten the all clear from the fbi. unless there's any classified information, he is free to come and discuss what is the key question, what happened in that conversation between him and president trump. >> tracie potts for us on the hill. thank you so much. in other news, recent acts of hate are putting the district in the national spotlight. half a dozen incidents, six incidents involving nooses have been reported in recent weeks. last night on msnbc mayor muriel bowser said the city won't tolerate them. >> we have locked arms and spoke up loudly
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immediately against these types of acts. >> mayor bowser also reaffirmed d.c.'s commitment to the paris climate accord despite president trump's decision to withdraw from the deal. d.c. is among a growing number of cities and states who plan to uphold the goals of the agreement. the bowser administration plans to cut carbon emissions by 20%. if you plan to vote in d.c.'s absentee ballot you have until 5:00 p.m. you have until saturday to request one in person. this is highlighted by the governor's race. >> i cannot believe i am being surrounded by police. >> you are not being surrounded by police. do you understand what he just said to you? >> no. prince george's county said he was blocked from going backstage at a graduation. he has been at odds from school
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maxwell to resign. this police encounter came one day after a graduation where he gave his speaking time to two students left off the program. when they got up to speak a deputy superintendent cut off their microphones. >> we were sitting there in front of our family and friends and they were expecting it. they were ready. we didn't get a chance to speak. >> i never would have thought in a million years he would use his influence as superintendent to have me surrounded by police as if i were some thug. >> four school board members have written a letter to the district ceo saying that burroughs and the students deserve an apology. they say this is a distraction from student achievement. prince williams county officials are apologizing to two students. the girls were harassed for wearing hijabs last week. a school administrator told them they
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were wearing the head coverings for religious reasons. when they protested that request, the school sent the girls home. one of the girls says this isn't the first time that she's been accosted by administrators over the administration to wear that head scarf. the school says the administrator won't be disciplined. it has disrupted use for almost a year. now safetrack just about over. work ends this month and already metro is calling the program a success. they say they completed three years worth of maintenance in one year. crews replaced so many wood rail ties which hold the track together you can stack them as high as the washington monument twice. >> you never know what, i walk down here. is it going to be ten minutes or is it going to be two minutes? there's no real consistency still. >> even after safetrack finishes, crews will continue to make repairs. metro will
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maintenance program to reducer advice hours. metro plans to make security changes after they put hard drives up for auction. the problem, personal and business information was still on the hard drives. thousands of files could have been compromised. when computers are used by metro, all the files are supposed to be erased. that didn't happen with two computers. the hard drives contained thousands of names of users. if you plan to visit the mgm national harbor, new numbers are proving you are enjoying maryland's newest casino. since opening in november, it's generated more than any other in the state. maryland live came in second. in all they generated $156 million in revenue for the state in may. ever had that feeling where your pet has gone missing?
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>> scary. you'll feel for this family. fairfax county firefighters had to rescue a dog from underneath a house in great falls. the pointer went missing last week. firefighters checked under the deck where banks was last seen. then they heard a whine from under the house. firefighters removed some of the decking and found banks stuck against the house's slab foundation. he had been there for two days. probably thought there was something tasty under there and that's where he went. from dogs to birds, one of the d.c.eaglets is growing up. spirit was born in march to liberty and justice. their nest is at the d.c. police facility in southeast. on saturday spirit flew for the first time. how cool? she had been practicing for her first flight for weeks. she returned to the nest in good health after the big adventure. remember that book, are you my snore the bird falls out of the nest. >> i love that. >> successful flight. >> good for her. you know,
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bit of a cold snap this morning, but then here comes the sun. >> well, very comfortable, too, outside. the good thing is we don't have the rain around this morning. that's always good. no rain for the morning commute. little bit of fog here and there. today is going to shape up to be a pretty decent day. mix of sun and clouds for your tuesday. decent weather. then we go into tomorrow and we're going to be a little bit cooler. talking about highs around that 70 degree mark but then we go into the weekend. perfect timing for the weather to warm back up and for the sunshine to return. weekend weather is looking good. 90s in the ten day forecast. we have a heat wave coming. i'll show you that in just a second. currently 67 grease in the district, manassas, 64 degrees. i mentioned some areas of patchy fog. not a big deal. don't be surprised if you run into it. we're not looking at dense fog this morning. rain free right now. the closest rain is up near the philadelphia area and away from annapolis. we don't have to
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later today. if you're out exercising, comfortable by 7:00 a.m. by lunchtime, mix of sun and clouds. 74. near 80 by 6:00 p.m. with isolated shower chance. d.c. weather not showing many sprinkle chances. a few showers around. another day where they're hit or miss as we go through the afternoon or evening. thursday doesn't look too bad either. still, the isolated temperature chance. the temperatures around 70 degrees. more sunshine. warm up 87 saturday, 92 sunday. look at those 90s three days in a row. that is technically a heat wave. hot and humid. feeling like summer zblus tijuse for weekend plans. doesn't look bad weather wise. >> not bad at all. nice and clear. coalsville road, all lanes were blocked. sounds like the northbound lanes getting
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there. not slowing it down too much at least. suitland parkway between branch avenue and naylor moving. outer loop at connecticut and branch, still have the work loans blocking the lanes. 270 from frederick to the spur on time. mandy? >> thank you, melissa. the wage gap between men and women, nothing new. but now a county in our area is paying for it. the changes on the way after a female employee won a discrimination lawsuit. and it's something a lot of kids face on a daily basis, bullying, but a new law hopes to change all of that. the new law in effect today that hopes to save some lives. we continue to follow breaking news right here montgomery county where a double homicide investigation is underway. we have a crew headed to the
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narrator:to do time is what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare.
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progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us.
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we are working for you this morning. a lot of people in our community rely on nonprofit organizations for help, and those nonprofits rely on donations. that's why the united way in partnership with nbc 4 holding a one day fundraising drive this thursday. you can contribute to more than 600 organizations during this effort called do more 24. more than 34,000 donations were received over the last few years. all of the information to join is on prince george's county has se
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paid equally for doing the very same job as a man. the lawsuit says in 2012 the woman was hired for an engineer position with the county stormwater management division. well, before she accepted that job she asked for a salary change. the hiring official said she couldn't negotiate. the federal agency said a man was hired two weeks later for the same position and was paid $10,000 more. prince george's county has since raised her salary and gave her back pay. the county is also reviewing its hiring practices. well, suicide and bullying, they are two of the toughest issues students deal with at school. starting today there is actually a new effort across the state of virginia to help protect your children. >> that's right. news 4's chris lawrence shows us how two new laws are expected to make a difference. >> well, angie, adam, governor terry mcauliffe is going to be at a high school in woodbridge where he will sign two new bills into law. the first requires the pip
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to contact parents within five school days if their child is involved in bullying. the second involved school counselors and mandates training in bullying and suicide prevention to renew their license in virginia. still the teachers at fort park high school have proven they aren't afraid to talk about suicide. for the past few years they have held a suicide awareness walk for classmates that have taken their own lives. they continued that tradition this past weekend to help end the stigma surrounding mental illness. >> i have noticed, what could i have done better? why didn't i pick up on it? and that's a lifelong set of questions that haunt us. >> reporter: the new laws will take effect in just a few weeks on july 1st. in the newsroom, i'm chris lawrence, news 4. >> thanks, chris. mental illness can impact anyone. suicide is the second leading cause of death for teens and young adults. head to the n
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you or someone you know. just search changing minds. "news 4 today" starts now. oh, we are heading into the 5:00 hour here on this tuesday morning. hope you're having a good one so far. thanks for joining us. i'm adam tuss in for aaron. >> and i'm angie goff in for eun. aaron and eun, they're both on assignment this morning. don't worry, we've got you covered. >> yes. we're going to help you get out the door on time this morning. we have a look at the roads with melissa mollet but let's start with chuck and sheena. >> how come we don't get to go on assignment. >> we're outside. does that count? >> no. we are literally still at work and there are fences surrounding us so we cannot leave. >> bet you they're not awake. you know how those two are, you put them on assignment and they'll sleep in. >> dry here in the northwest. what few showers there are radar don't appear to be bothering us at all. nice, dry start to the day. 64 in fairfax.


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