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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  June 7, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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germantown yesterday morning. now shadi's dead, all he can do is ask why? >> why? why you kill my son? what you have to gain? your anger. you're going to be caught. >> police are offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in this case. counselors will be at northwest high school in germantown again today to help comfort students and staff members. >> you are looking at chopper 4 footage of a frightening situation in bethesda last night. montgomery county investigators say at least one child is being treated for minor injuries after a fire inside of a storm drain tunnel near bethesda middle school. officials say apparently there were other childrened involve and it took some time to locate given. the cause. fire is being investigated. >> happening today, a prince george's's mother facing 45 years in
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her son and daughter. she pled guilty to killing the children back in 2014. days before their death, spoon received a mental health evaluation after the children's grandmother called police. she killed the children two days after she was released. >> we're getting new developments in the russia investigation. >> angie goff with details. >> aaron, eun, good morning to you. this centering around an investigation of dan coats and president trump. according to "the washington post" back in march, a couple months ago, the president asked coates if he could intervene with the then fbi director james skommy to get the bureau to back you have at investigation of michael flynn. well, coates told associates that he thought intervening wore inappropriate. and a spokesman said coates, quote, never felt pressured by the president or anyone else in the administration who influenced any intelligence matters or ongoing investigations, end quotes.
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eun. >> angie goff, thank you. we're going to take you live right now to capitol hill where in just a few hours from now, director coates will appear before the senate intelligence committee. and he will likely face tough questions about that "washington post" report. the hearing could also provide new information in the russia information. the witnesses include coates and several other key people connected to the investigation. coates will likely be asked about last night's "washington post" report. but he and the head of the nsa admiral mike rogers could also be asked about a report in the post last month. they said the president asked coates and rogers to publicly deny the existence of any evidence of collusion between russia and the trump campaign. while today's hearing is continue, all eyes are on tomorrow's hearing where former fbi director james comey. our i-team reporter scott mcfarland has a rare look inside the courtroom where coates will te
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washington app just search comey. right now, a 49-year-old woman who lives in a group home is missing. vanessa washington lives on parker drive. caretakers last saw her yesterday afternoon when she left the home wearing a gray shirt, blue jeans and a backpack. police say she needs her medicine. call them if you see her. in prince william county police are on the lookout for another woman. 23-year-old brandy robinson was last seen leaving her home in woodbridge. robinson was wearing a white tank top, she was caring a blue wristette and a black duffel bag. montgomery county police officer noah lyoto would have turned 26 years old. he was hit a drunk driver and later died. today, a meml
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dedicated in his honor in oleny. the other than of the scholarship will be announced. legacy of the officer continues through noah's law. part of the multiuse trail from tilton street to porter street will be closed. crews are repaving the trail towards bluff bridge. this is part of the larger repaving of 2015. the jackpot is up to $375 million. if you pick the cash payout, we always say you pick the cash, you're still bringing home $235 million. this is the 12th biggest jackpot in the history of powerball. you know what, i'm
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>> i deserve to win. >> you deserve to win? what did you do to deserve to win? >> i just do. >> he didn't do nothing. >> did you even buy a ticket, aaron? >> there's still time. >> then you do deserve to win. >> the 12th biggest jackpot are you interested in that one yet? >> yeah, if i remember to get a ticket, i will. anyway, wouldn't that be nice. would you come back to work? everyone always asks that question. >> i would come back in and say bagels are on me today and that would be the last day you saw me. >> i think i would say i'm going to the bathroom and never come back. currently this morning, we did not win, so we're still here. 63 degrees in the district. it's cool, it's cloudy, a little bit of a breeze but some areas are quite cool. look at these low 50s on the map. 52 manassas, 50 frederick. you can certainly get away with a light jacket this
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and you may want one this afternoon. richt now, 60 degrees in quantico. a cool day, it's going to stay cloudy. four things to know before you walk outside. good morning, chuck. >> you may want to have that precautionary umbrella. that's just a little one just in case. we're not expecting a lot of rain today, but it will be a lot of cloud cover for sure. live view over washington early this morning, cloudy skies and radar trying to hint at a few sprinkles. right at the top way of the beltway, rockville to gaithersburg to germantown. just watch out for a stray drop or two early this morning. four things to know for the next couple of days, clouds and drizzle today. temperature s barely near 70. sunshine comes back into the picture on friday. saturday begins the warmup. we'll have that ten-day forecast which is all hot all the time, coming up next week. for now, though, it's t
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time. good morning, melissa. >> good morning, an update again at old keene road and franconia road. now you have the crashing and response on the scene. a little hard to see. we believe it's right there in the district there. taking a look at the beltway, inner loop and outer loop looking fine. outer loop after branch still having that work done. the capital beltway, nine minutes into town and nine minutes out of town. aaron. it is a holiday tradition. this morning, we're getting a better idea of who will perform on the national mall this fourth of july. a look at the lineup. first, she was under fire. now, she's under investigation. why one mother said she allowed a snake to bite her baby. and a threat
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across virginia endorse dr. ralph northam. ralph northam is the only candidate who stood up to the nra after the virginia tech shooting. dr. northam stands out with a consistent pro-choice record and led the fight to stop the republicans' transvaginal ultrasound law. ralph is a leader for education,
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es in virginia. ralph northam: making progress means taking on tough fights, and as governor, i won't let donald trump stand in our way.
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a florida mother under investigation now after a letting a red rat snake bite her 1-year-old daughter as a lesson. this mother wanted to introduce the kids to the snake she found in her driveway. the snake had bitten her and her son several times without leaving a rk
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opportunity to introduce the 1-year-old to the snake. the mother posted video of the incident but took it down after receiving backlash. >> this is incomprehensible to me. i don't understand what this mother was thinking. it's a drug that's so powerful one touch could kill you. we're talking about fentanyl. >> now the dea and lawmakers are issuing a report to first responders directing police and emts to complaining how they act when someone needs help, especially in overdose cases. two weeks ogg, kevin phillips was on call and exposed to heroin laced with fentanyl, he said he thought he was going to die. >> it started burning, i broke out in a sweat. i pictured myself lying on the ground and ems trying to revive me. >> fentanyl is a synthetic opioid package
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two milligrams inhaled or absorbed by the skin can be deadly. as d.c. kicks off pride weekend today you can go see a special screening of the screen "milk" for free. you can hear directly from the writer of that film. harvey milk was the first openly gay person elected to public office in america. for free tickets go to our app or website and search pride. sad, we may not need the sunglasses today but you may need the umbrella, sheena. >> yeah, eun, you may need the umbrella. it's mainly a cloudy cool day but don't leave the umbrella at home. you may run into showers. we'll talk about when the sun may return and the heat and the forecast coming up. could it be
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good morning, well, it's going to be a pretty comfortable day if you're out exercising. keep in mind, we have a chance for some showers but it will be cloudy and cool for much of the day. not very hot. temperatures should only be close to 70 degrees. but we'll talk about the 90s coming up soon straight ahead. gone are the days of having a get together at your home if you live in a certain county. why some people now need a permit to throw a party. and kicking off the summer with a bang. literally, who is headlining
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your capitol fourth celebrations. and the investigation is coming to the hearing of james comey. >> and we're learning what he allegedly told attorney general jeff sessions after a conversation with president trump. tracie potts is here. >> "the new york times" is reporting that after former fbi director comey had that last one-on-one with president trump he went back and told his boss, the attorney general, don't leave me alone with limb anymore. according to sources in the time story, comey expected to be shielded from these one-on-one conversations with the president. that were getting uncomfortable because the president reportedly was leaning on him to shut down this russia investigation. now, this may come up today as we see four intelligence officials testify. it could certainly come up when come
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tomorrow. >> tracie, at the same time, there's another report that the attorney general jeff sessions offered to resign recently. blah do we know about that? >> yeah, "the post" is reporting that strange relations between the president and attorney general jeff sessions, it's interesting because they were so close on the campaign trail. the senator was first to come out and endorse then candidate trump. but now because of this travel ban that's had so much trouble, as the president put it was watered down and still hasn't been approved by one federal court. and also because sessions recused himself from dealing with russia. and sources close to the story blamed that for what happened afterwards, appointing a special counsel. these hearings that we're seeing. reportedly sessions briefly said if this isn't working out i'll step down. and the president said no. the president rejected that. >> tracie potts on the hill this morning. a lot of
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will start the impeachment process against president trump. congressman al green said he will make the formal announcement today. green has said that the firing of james comey is the obstruction of justice. articles of impeachment are simply statements of allegations. the president can only be impeached by a majority of volts in the house which is crowed by republicans. we're following breaking news at the live desk out of iran where gunman have stormed parliament. take a look. we have new videos in that shows the rush outside of the chamber. also lawmakers and reporters still unable to exiat the time. this is one of two attacks at the capital of tehran. and at least a dozen others were injured. we also know one attacker was killed and one woman arrested at the shrine. at this point it's still not clear who is behind both of es
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sure stay on top of this developing story. aaron. >> angie, thank you. prosecutors said he brutally attacked and raped a nun in maryland. now, a d.c. man is going to prison for 35 years. a judge sentenced juan randolph to what is considered a tough sentence understand the guidelines because randolph continued to emotionally terrorize the nun after the assault. he is accused of breaking into her home two years ago, raping her and stealing her cash. enough is enough that is the message former university ever maryland students want you to hear in response to recent hate crimes. ♪ >> the group dc united against hate came together at plymouth congregational united church last night. the death
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collins iii. organizers of last night's event want to create an anti-hate movement, similar to the civil rights movement. >> it doesn't look like we're going any further. you know, it's more hatred today i see, you know, than when i was coming up as a child. >> organizers say they want to meet frequently to grow their anti-hate campaign. overcoming their troubled past with communities of color. that's what d.c. police chief peter newsham said his officers must do in today's world. yesterday, a group of officers and cadets toured the museum of african-american history and culture and said there's always opportunity to learn from the past. >> there are people who live in our community and who grew up where police were involved in this type of behavior. where police were enforcing j
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afternoon automatic distrust of the police, it's completely understandable. and that's something we have to overcome. >> now, several of the cadets who toured the museum also shared their experience or a video from d.c. police. >> you have another chance to get tickets for the museum of african-american history and culture. at 9:00 this morning there is a link to the website in the nbc washington app. you have to act fast. they go really quickly. it's no secret we have a lot of wonderful museums in our area that cater to so many different interests. according to a new list, planes are still everyone's favorites. the smith seasonial air and space museum has once again top the list of the most visited museum in the united states. there's so much about aviation history and space travel. 7.5 million people pass through that museum every single
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the natural history museum came in second, followed by the mes s museum of arts in new york. here's a difference, our museums are free. >> yeah. and open every day. >> christmas day is the only day. >> it's a sticker shock when there's a family of five. >> you get off the plane, you throw $100 out the windows. no one knows what happens to the first hundred bucks in new york. >> for us, we have a complete change in the weather from yesterday to today. the sunshine you enjoyed yesterday. the nearly $80 weather yesterday, both, gone. cloudy today. we'll struggle to make it back to around 70. i did a little digging back, we only had two days in the last five june where is we didn't make 70. we have a shot at one of those today. the last time we didn't make 70 in june, back-to-back days in june 2015. right no
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washington. that east to northeasterly flow. 30% chance of showers. no rain at all, but pockets of drizzle a possibility. a mistiness along i-270. not much rain elsewhere. have the umbrella ready to go. here future weather, spotty chances of mist and drizzle all of and on, primarily in the first half of the day today. but even through the remainder of the afternoon. a whole lot of cloud cover around, pockets of light rain and drizzle. possible anytime between now and the time the sun goes down in the evening. temperaturewise, a lot of the western suburbs dropped into the 50s. it will be a mighty climb to get dulles or blue ridge
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most areas will hold in the 60s. there's hour by hour. with temperatures stuck in upper 60s to maybe 70 downtown. but if you like it hot and i know people out there like it hot. the hot weather gets back on sunday with highs near 92. and we could be 90 or higher sunday through thursday of next week. so soak in the cool cloudy weather while we have it. now, let's go over to melissa mollet and see how the traffic is coming in on a wednesday. >> good morning. right now, northbound 95 add old keene mill, we still have that left lane blocked and the response on the scene there. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway looking good. outbound river getting there. and as you're headed northbound nice and clear. they became known as free range parents
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now, one of them is hoping for a new title. the public office that could soon be in their future. we excite to you join us on thursday for a special event called "do more 24" it's a day-long drive with more than 600 participating organizations in the area. raising money and soliciting volunteers and trying to do all of it in a 24-hour period. you have contributed more than $5 million since the first do more campaign. all of the information on how you can donate on thursday
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well, people say out-of-control parties and illegal businesses are destroying their neighborhood. it's becoming a huge initial in residential parts of prince george's county. and now lawmakers are taking action there. the county council voted yesterday to make it illegal to use residential homes for commercial purposes. it says the new rules will help cut down on traffic, notification and cash. in one case, neighbors say a home is being used as a nightclub where food is made and hundreds show up. in montgomery county mother who was accused of neglecting her children by letting them walk home alone is running for the county
4:59 am
and her family made national headlines a few years ago for her quote free range raising style. she said she's worried about the concerns of the quality of education in montgomery county. she filed all of the necessary paperwork to run in 2018. macy and her husband were both charged with neglect in 2015. a judge cleared the couple of those charges. >> we now know who will perform at a capitol fourth. >> the beach boys on independence day. and there are two replacements in the band. sugar ray's mark mcgrath will sing and james stamos will play the drums. other performers include trace adkins. the blues brothers. the four stops and season 12 winner of "the voice" chris blue.
5:00 am
host. who knew john stamos could be a drummer in a band. >> announcer: "news4 today" starts now. it is 5:00 a.m. now. good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. it is wednesday. and we are working for you this morning to get you out the door on time. >> melissa mollet of course keeping an eye on how long it will take to get to work. chuck and sheena have moved outside to the deck. morning, guys. >> cloudy skies. i could see the full moon pretty easily on my way in. that is not the case right now. >> and it was misting a little bit outside currently. anyways, we do have cooler temperatures in the morning. 63 in the district. warrington, 52. frederick, 52. winchester, 48 degrees. 60 in quantico. right now, radar is showing a few sprinkles trying to develop near bethesda,


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