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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 13, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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yesterday, we'd be right around 95. that's what he hit, 95 in d.c., 95 in hagerstown. 96 in philadelphia. 91 in richmond. we actually did break a record at dulles at 95 degrees and we tied a record at 97 at bwi, so it's been on the hot side for sure. you could use a little bit of relief as far as showers or thunderstorms go. not in our area, though. back to pittsburgh, and some in winchester, parts of the shenandoah valley, but they're not going to move in. a much better chance tomorrow. the heat wave ends tomorrow. we get a little relief. still hot and humid, though. still humid early in the day tomorrow. storms coming in likely during the afternoon and then not as hot as we end the workweek. back to more seasonal temperatures. we're talking about high temperatures back into the 80s. we'll talk much more about that, how long our next streak goes, because that's going to be very summer-like out there, with scattered showers and thunderstorms just about each day. i'll explain and take you hour by hour for tomorrow in about ten minutes. >> thank
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folks are going to all lengths now to take a break from the heat and chopper4 is live over breaking news of a situation where that may be what's going on. the search now under way for a swimmer who is missing in the rocky gorge reservoir. a group of people were on the shoreline there, some of them went into the water there. one, we're told, did not make it out. rescuers there on the scene, searching for the missing swimmer. we'll continue to watch this scene and bring you new information as soon as we get it right here. but as you can see, they are out there, the rocky gorge reservoir and you can see they're going into the water and we'll keep our eyes on the situation for you. now to a heartbreaking story, a young boy has died after drowning on this very hot day in a small pool in the backyard of his daycare. it happened this morning at the home daycare in northeast d.c., and that's where meagan fitzgerald has been all afternoon, talking with police
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>> reporter: yeah, doreen, as you mentioned, just a sad story all the way around, because we're learning now from police that this young boy was about to celebrate his second birthday in just a matter of days really, at the end of the month. the neighbors in the community say the woman who runs that daycare, which is just behind us, over our shoulder here, took care of those kids, loved those kids like they were her own. it was just before noon that the 911 call went out for an unconscious boy in a pool. >> i know that she's run a home daycare for as long as i've known her daughter. >> reporter: tiffany may said she's known the woman who operates the daycare for more than two decades, and she's never heard about any problems. >> i know that she definitely for years has had an excellent, top-rated home daycare center. >> reporter: but when she saw the ambulance and police in and out of the home, she knew something was seriously wrong. >> the first thing that came to mind after that, maybe something
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children. >> reporter: just before 11:30 this morning, d.c. fire officials got a call for an unresponsive child in a pool. when they arrived, the 1-year-old boy was rushed to the hospital but he didn't survive. police say he was one of several kids rennenrolled in the home daycare. >> i know she for years has had a top-rated home daycare center. >> reporter: parents rushed to pick up their children after learning about the tragedy that unfolded outside. police say it's still an active and ongoing investigation, but at this point they have not filed any charges. to give you some context, the cdc says two kids die a day because of a drowning, and they also say it doesn't take much for this to happen. there could be a little bit of water in a tub or pool for this to happen. it only takes a matter of seconds. leon, first responders are encouraging parents to pay close attention to their children going into this warm season. back to you. >> h
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this tragedy. thanks, meagan. two teens gunned down in montgomery village, the crime has haunted family and friends. now the father of one of the victims is talking about what he thinks happened to his son. the teens were killed last week on the eve of their graduation. police say someone fired nearly two dozen rounds into their car. news4's pat collins is at police headquarters tonight with the developments. pat? >> reporter: leon, so who was the target in that montgomery village double murder? tonight, a candid comment from the father of one of the victims. he says it was his son that they were after, and that the other teen, well, the other teen was just there. 17-year-old shadi najjar, his friend, 18-year-old artem ziberov, died in a hail of bullets june five5th on a dead street in montgomery village, miles away from their homes in
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today shadi's father says he believes his son was the intended target, and that the other teenager was just in the wrong place. >> shadi is the target and artem was just there. the reason they took shadi's phone and they did not take the other person's phone, that make it more understanding that someone called shadi and direct him to be in that area so an easy target. >> reporter: the two victims were honor roll students at northwest high school. they were both scheduled to graduate the next day. shadi's father says the timing of the murder was no accident. >> whoever killed him didn't want him to see his graduation? >> nope. >> and why do you think that? >> too much hate. could be jealousy. you know,s
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>> reporter: police at the germantown home of murder victim shadi najjar, they spent hours in the hot sun harvesting fingerprints from the house. if they can match fingerprints from shadi's home, to fingerprints from the murder scene, it could raise the eerie possibility that his killer was at some point at shadi's house. shadi's parents believe he was set up to be gunned down by someone that he knew. >> the motive here is still unclear, but whatever it was, it was violent. 23 shots fired. murder beyond death itself. doreen, back to you. >> thank you, pat. the testimony today from attorney general jeff sessions wrapped up within the hour. the senate intelligence committee questioned him about his
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diplomats and the firing of fbi director james comey. blayne alexander is on capitol hill with some of the tense exchanges. blayne? >> there were quite a few tense exchanges between jeff sessions and a number of democratic senators when they questioned him about conversations he had with the president and he declined to give any details. sessions testified today for the better part of about two and a half hours. keep in mind, he has recused himself from the russia investigation. >> reporter: appearing before his former senate colleagues today for the first time as attorney general, jeff sessions emphatically denying any russian collusion. >> it's an appalling and detestable lie. >> reporter: and downplaying his contacts with russia's ambassador to the united states. >> i have never met with or had any conversation with any russians or any foreign officials concerning a
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interference with any campaign or election in the united states. >> reporter: an investigation from which sessions has recused himself. his testimony coming right on the heels and in the same room as that of former fbi director james comey. today a topic of repeated questioning. >> mr. comey said there were matters, with respect to the recusal, that were problematic, and he couldn't talk about them. what are they? >> i -- why don't you tell me? there are none, senator widen. there are none. >> reporter: sessions not answering any questions about conversations with the president, but explaining his own involvement in comey's termination. >> and it was my best judgment that a fresh start at the fbi was the appropriate thing to do. >> reporter: and sessions says he shared comey's concern about that now infamous oval office meeting between the president and former fbi director. and about that conversati,
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tapes, as the president suggested, sessions said he doesn't know. and one more thing about those memos, infamous memos that comey wrote detailing every interaction with the president that he later ordered shared with the press, those memos will be turned over to the fbi. doreen? >> blayne alexander on the hill, thank you. the attorney general has become a key figure in the russia investigation. we've posted a review of his service in the senate, his history with donald trump, and his work in the justice department. you can find all that on our nbc washington app. just search sessions to check it out during the break. north korea has release the uva student otto warmbier, but he's reportedly in a coma. the medical flight returning him to the u.s. is expected to arrive home in cincinnati tonight. warm be he was visiting north korea in 2016 when he was arrested
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allegedly stealing a propaganda poster. he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. his family told "the washington post" that they have been told he fell ill from bot yu limp and lapsed into a coma. but a senior official told "the new york times" that intelligence reports indicate that he was repeatedly beaten while in custody. gabe gutierrez is in cincinnati and will have a live report in the next half hour. his release comes the same day that former nba star dennis rodman arrives in pyongyang for his fifth visit to north korea. there had been speculation that rodman was trying to win the release of all four americans being held by pyongyang. but a u.s. official involved in securing warmbier's release said there is no connection unless north korea arranged for him to visit today as a deliberate ploy to distract from warmbier's condition. high drama in a pennsylvania courtroom at the b
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assault trial. there have been several questions from the jurors deliberating today. jay gray joins us from norristown, pennsylvania, on day two of those deliberations. what's the jury asking about and where do things stand right now, jay? >> reporter: hey, doreen. back in the deliberations at this point, but you're right, this is a jury with a lot of questions. they just finished up about an hour back in the courtroom, said they wanted some clarity on initial report by andrea constand, the main accuser in this case, when she reported this to durham police in canada. the court reporter read back the entire testimony of a detective that testified during the trial, six days of testimony in all in this case and now in the second day of deliberations. they heard that and went back in and are deliberating at this point. we know throughout their deliberations, we're in the 12th hour, they've asked for excerpts from a 2005 deposition from bill cosby in a civil
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settled out of court with constand. so they wanted some clarity on those different excerpts as well. and then they asked for the definition of the phrase "without her knowledge" where it's seen in one of the three charges he face this year. and basically it encompasses giving an intoxicant to someone before they are molested. the judge said he couldn't define it any further. that that was part of their charge and that was what they would have to deal with. this is a case where the judge has said, you can deliberate as long as necessary, late into the night. they were here until about 9:30 last night, we'll see if something happens on this evening. back to you. >> thank you, jay. a family torn apart as a local mother faces deportation. tonight we speak to her relatives. we'll tell you why they say the fight's not over, even as agents prepare to send her back to el salvador. i'm kristin wright in vienna, virginia, people are
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a northern virginia mother of two has become a symbol in the battle for immigration reform, but before the night is over, lilliana cruz could be deported to el
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d.c., where her case is still in the spotlight. chris? >> reporter: well, doreen, lilliana cruz mendez is being honored here tonight by casa's justice awards. organizers say her story is heartbreaking, but they also say it's an inspiration. >> shame on you, shame on you! >> reporter: immigrant mother lilliana cruz mendez was detained last month, prompting protests against i.c.e., demonstrations at the white house against the trump administration's immigration policies. virginia's governor and senators have tried unsuccessfully to get her released. now the 30-year-old mother of two children who were born here in the u.s. is being deported to el salvador. casa, the immigration advocacy group that has led the fight for her freedom says it's not out of options.
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nothing we can do at this point. they already make a decision. they focus on our families who are honest, who are good people, and they make the decision to deport her, but we are going to keep fighting. >> i spoke with her cousin through an interpreter. >> she said she's not doing well, her heart is broken. >> reporter: she's been separated from 4-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son and husband renee. >> said they have been destroyed by what has happened and the children really can't assimilate what's going on, they can't understand it. >> reporter: on may 18th, she was detained and the deportation process began. now as she faces deportation, casa is honoring her with an award for her courage. >> and she's an extraordinary human being. she was fighting as a member of casa for comprehensive immigration
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supporters who have gathered here tonight to honor mrs. mendez, know that she could be deported from the u.s. at any moment. leon, back to you. >> thanks, chris. chopper4 above the scene of a crash on the beltway this morning, involving a maryland state trooper. the trooper lost control of his cruiser on the outer loop in greenbelt. he was not hurt. a couple of lanes were shut down for a short time. no word yet on exactly what caused the officer to leave the road. meanwhile, another maryland state trooper is recovering after being hit by a car during a traffic stop sunday morning in forestville. solomon flash was investigating a crash when another driver came up and hit him in his patrol car. the driver of that car has been charged with dui. according to a news4 i-team report, at least 37 troopers have been hit by cars on the job since january of last year. a warning for people who drive suvs. almost all of the models
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have headlights that put you or others in danger. the insurance institute for highway safety looked at the headlights on 37 mid size suvs. tests measured how far ahead the beams reach and how much glare is thrown to oncoming drivers. only two earned a good rating. the 2017 hyundai santa fe and the volvo xc 60. 11 are rated poor, including popular models like the kia sorento and the jeep wrangler. turning now to politics. in a matter of hours, we'll know the candidates for virginia's next governor. two being dids want the job, tom perriello and ralph northam. and three republicans are vying for the nomination of their party. ed gillespie, scocorey stewart frank wagner. julie carey is in fairfax tonight with four things to watch for in tonight's primary. what do you have your eye on? >> reporter: hey, leon, obviously the headline tonight oi
6:20 pm
nomination for governor and lieutenant governor in both parties. but there could be other interesting trends. here are four things i'm keeping my eye on tonight. first of all, will we see a trump effect? will democratic voters who might not normally turn out for a primary be especially motivated because of their anger over president trump's policies. and throughout the campaign, democrats have claimed their supporters are newly energized because of the november election. will that result in any sort of record for virginia primary turn-out at least on the democratic side. and if the democratic votes don't exceed gop ballots, what does that say about whether activism is going to equal votes? it will also be interesting to see if virginia voters in both parties end up supporting the more establishment candidates, northam and gillespie, over the candidates seen as more insurgent in both parties like perriello and stewart. and finally, don't overlook the house of delegates
6:21 pm
ballot today than ever before. so i'm going to be looking to see at the end of the night, whether that means a record number of women on the ballot come november. now, i'll be leaving this polling place and heading to crystal city, where ralph northam and his supporters will be waiting to find out if he's going to be the democratic nominee for governor. i'll be posting updates throughout the night on facebook and twitter. back to you in the studio. >> julie, thank you. >> we have a whole team of reporters covering the virginia primary and we'll have all the results on news4 at 11. wawa is coming to d.c. tonight we know where the popular chain will set up shop. and hometown hero, nba star kevin durant remembers his roots fios built its 100% fiber optic network because we knew kevin durant remembers his roots
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doug warned us it was going to be a hot one and he was right. >> and notice he's still indoors. >> he's no dummy. >> he hasn't sent himself outside. >> i'm not going outside. i'm having dinner delivered here. i'm not stepping a foot outside. >> we know your game. >> this hair gel would just melt right off. [ laughter ] hot for sure, guys, we got into record-breaking territory again. we missed the record in d.c., we broke it at dulles with a high of 95 there and tied it at bwi with a high of 97. all it shows is we were hot today. 90 degrees currently, winds
6:25 pm
of the south at 14 miles per hour. high of 95 in leesburg, now at 93 in frederick. 94, baltimore. but look at the heat index. d.c. is 90 with the current heat index of 98 degrees. that is humid right along the water there. 100 in leesburg. 98, manassas. 96 over towards baltimore. we're on the hot side for sure and we'll continue to be through the next few hours. no rain in the immediate area, but still tracking some showers. head back to the shenandoah county, you can see a little bit of lightning there too. south of wardensville. these storms haven't moved a lot, just west of middletown, trying to drift to the east, but not moving all that much. most of us will remain dry. most storms in this region, very unsettled here, but we're not watching this area. i'm watching a storm to the north that will give us a backdoor cold front tomorrow, and that will change things. so tonight, again, a few showers, but most of us on the dry
6:26 pm
envelope the area. during the day, showers trying to come in from the east and the north. as that storm system brings in more of a northeasterly flow. couple of storms, showers, during the day. these are spotty. not everybody will see them, still a good idea to keep the umbrella handy. by around 8:00, that flow pushes them west of the blue ridge. highs tomorrow, about 89, still warm and fairly humid. mostly cloudy, showers and a few thunderstorms likely during the day tomorrow. but i'm not anticipating much in the way of severe weather. could see severe downpours but that's about it. thursday, 85 degrees. humid a little bit lower, 30% chance of a shower or stor. 84 on friday. saturday, a better chance of showers. high of 87 there. back to 91 on sunday and then this entire ten-day forecast on the warm side. temperes
6:27 pm
summer forecast. notice even the lows, close to 70, just about each night. that's right, ac bill, i got mine today. it was quite high for last month, this month, going to be higher. >> brace yourself, doug. >> going to be that way for a while. >> thanks, doug. a mother of three killed in a murder-suicide, and tonight we'll hear from friends of the victim about how they want her to be remembered. the news4 i-team finds a series of repairs ordered amid safety concerns and reports of a nursing shortage at the va. and a new link between giant has unbelievable pro tip produce prices. :
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i'm chris lawrence at the live desk with some breaking news in montgomery county. we have just learned of another child drowning at a local pool. let's take a live look now. chopper4 is flying over the scene of the montgomery paint branch apartments. this is in the white oak area of montgomery county right off columbia pike near paint branch park. it's an apartment complex. you can see the pool and some first responders and firefighters and paramedics that have been responded as well. what we have learned is that a child was pulled out of the water and when the fire
6:31 pm
team arrived on the scene, the lifeguards were already treating that child. the medics took over and transferred the child to a local hospital. of course this is all coming in the context of that young child that drowned in a home daycare in northeast d.c. today and the fact that we have learned that a swimmer has gone missing up on the border of howard county and montgomery county as well. with the rising temperatures, a lot of people heading outside to local pools and that brings an inherent danger as well. we'll keep on top of this story and update you on the child's condition as soon as we learn it. following up on another very sad story, three children are now ofrans after a weekend tragedy. >> police say their father killed their mother and then took his own life. friends tell news4, sabrina titus was devoted solely to her children. >> now those children need extra help. christian wright explains how the commu
6:32 pm
them. >> reporter: people are stopping by and leaving flowers at the house where just a few days ago, sabrina titus was living with her children. friends say, being the best mother she could possibly be. she was a stay at home mom, recently divorced. her life dedicated to her teenage son and young twins. sabrina's murder has saddened the close-knit town of vienna. laura goye r is a photographer in the community. >> i think we're extremely fortunate that we live in the community that we do, the way vienna rallies around people is magical. >> reporter: source core studio is inviting the community to a yoga meditation session tomorrow morning in sabrina's memory. sarah randal is sabrina'
6:33 pm
from the school pta. >> we're all just heart broken. it's just such a tragic event to happen to sabrina and her family. >> reporter: police say it appears that sabrina's ex-husband, ralph titus, killed her at her home in vienna sunday, and also took his own life. at the house today, pink flowers under a tree. and a wheelchair ramp, a reminder of sabrina's little boy who has special needs. >> just really wanted to provide the best for her kids. >> reporter: left without both parents, but with a community that cares. in vienna, virginia, kristin wright, news4. >> we posted a link to a gofundme page to raise money for her children in the nbc washington app. search vienna mom if you'd like to help. administrators ordered a series of fixes inside d.c.'s major va medical center. the news4 i-team has learned inspectors found safety concerns earlier this year and a
6:34 pm
of available nurses at the facility. tonight scott macfarlane fini continues his investigation. >> the giant v.a. medical center on irving street is already under congressional investigation after a news4 i-team report revealed the body of a dead veteran went undiscovered in the medical center parking lot for up to two days. now we've learned the medical center has made a series of new fixes after being alerted about safety problems inside. crews have fixed holes discovered in a wall near the center of the facility, we're told. and we've learned contractors this spring fixed cracks in the floor, in the medical center's surgery area. the agency says it's also addressed a kitchen cleanliness issue, including a cockroach infestation. the i-team has learned the medical center is now addressing a nursing shortage. 105 current nursing vacancies at the center, 12% of all the jobs there. it's below the national average for va. there's been a nationwide shortage for the agency, d.c. being just one oe
6:35 pm
the va cleaned out, brought in this man, a new director to run the medical center, he told us he is making fixes. >> the vast majority of my employees are dedicated to taking care of our veterans and they do so with care and compassion. i've seen that with my own eyes. are their pockets of some employees that aren't on board with that philosophy? sure there are. >> 98,000 patients, 2,000 employees in the medical center and it's just miles down the road from the headquarters of the u.s. department of veterans affairs. back to you. >> all right, mscott macfarlane thank you. more research is linking autism spectrum disorders with fevers during pregnancy. scientists at columbia university found a child's odds of developing audism went up 40% when the mother developed a fever during the second trimester and the risk jumps more than 300% when a woman had three or more fevers after the first t
6:36 pm
developing autism dropped when pregnant women took acetaminophen to treat fevers. excitement is growing in prince george's county. how nba star kevin durant is helping inspire teams both on and off the basketball court. plus, wawa is coming to town. we'll map out one of the possible new locations coming up. >> that's exciting. >> i've been waiting for a meg mans and a wawa, and we're getting both. i just don't know how long we have to wait. if you're waiting on cooler weather, look towards canada, my friends. yes, that's where it's coming from. at least that's where the storm is that could bring it to us. my updated forecast coming up in just minutes.
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rregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive. ♪
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we've been told that wawa's coming to d.c., but where in d.c.? we should know in about 30 minutes. a news conference is under way right now to reveal the new locations. the washington business journal previously reported that wawa's first d.c. location would be at 19th and l streets, just a few blocks south of dupont circle and wawa plans to open nearly a dozen spots in the city. we'll find out soon. >> we know people who can't wait. voters across virginia are getting their chance to cast their ballot in today's primary. david culver is getting a feel for what's motivating some people to vote. he's made the trip to richmond where ed gillespie's campaign is hoping to dec
6:40 pm
tonight. david? >> reporter: hi there, leon. we took advantage of the road trip to chat with some of you voters. folks in prince william county, stafford county, you've heard about the low turn-out, we noticed it at some of the polling places. people would be out within just a few minutes. no line at all. we wonder what drove the folks to come out and vote today in this primary. some were motivated by frustration at the national level when it comes to politics. others tell me they never miss a primary. we also caught up today with ed gillespie, he's the republican leading on the gubernatorial side of things. he was out there shaking hands in stafford and even some folks coming up, giving him a hug at one of the polling places. i asked him how he was feeling, he said interprpretty good, but doesn't take anything for granted. but we wondered what motivated many of to you vote. >> are you passionate about this race, when it comes to
6:41 pm
>> i wouldn't say passionate. i do feel that there is definitely a better candidate. >> i'm actually coming to vote first because of what's going on in our nation right now. >> what is most concerning for you? >> our presidency. >> reporter: as far as the other two republican candidates, state senator frank wagner voted this morning in virginia beach. corey stewart in prince william county. it was interesting, i looked at his twitter feed, he was tweeting he believed there would be a recount when it comes to the republican gubernatorial race and he says it's going to be razor thin, that's his assessment. it's an empty room behind me, but we expect it to fill up as we get into the evening and results start to come in. >> all right, and we'll be checking back with you this evening. thank you, david culver. a university of virginia student is on his way back home after more than a year in north korea. nbc's gabe
6:42 pm
with a closer look at his condition and the unusual circumstances surrounding his release from prison. come to the seat pleasant recreation center. it's hard not to find a basketball court or room without kevin durant's name on vo: delivering cleaner, reliable energy... creating jobs for our veterans... helping those in need save money on their energy bills. it takes 16,000 dominion energy employees doing the job. and now, dominion energy is investing $15 billion to build and upgrade our electric and natural gas infrastructure... creating jobs now and for the future. across virginia, we're building an economy that works for everyone and dominion energy is helping power the companies that power our economy.
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i'm chris lawrence at the live desk. sorry to say we are reporting on yet another near drowning, this one also in montgomery county. chopper4 flying above the scene now. this one is a private home in the potomac falls area of montgomery county. there were reports that a woman was found
6:45 pm
that woman has now been pulled out of the pool, and the paramedics have started to do cpr on her. of course this is coming 30 minutes after we told you about another near drowning in montgomery county. that was a child that was reported to have been in distress at an apartment complex. all together, four incidents, four water incidents over a period of about seven hours. we'll have the latest, back to you. university of virginia student otto warmbier is on his way back to the united states after being imprisoned in north korea. after more than a year and a half of worry, his parents' relief is tempered with grave concern. their son is reportedly in a coma and there are conflicting reports about how he came to be in that condition. gabe gutierrez is covering this story for "nbc nightly news" and joins us from cincinnati. what do you make of these
6:46 pm
as you mentioned, his family says that otto warmbier's returning home to the u.s. in a coma. he's expected to land here in ohio later on tonight and be reunited with his family. right now, he's traveling to the u.s. from japan, with a medical team and a state department representative. a u.s. official tells nbc news that the north koreans claim that warmbier contracted bot yu limp and he went into a coma after taking a sleeping pill. but that explanation has yet to be verified and his family is very acceskeptical. he was a student taking a tour of north korea when he was detained in january of 2016, for stealing a propaganda poster. he was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor during a so-called trial. president trump was briefed on the situation in february and directed secretary of state rex tillerson to work on his release.
6:47 pm
but officials didn't learn until this month about his medical condition. question sos abo and dennis rodman is in north korea right now, but the state department said his visit has nothing to do with warmbier's release. >> hopefully we'll know more soon. and his reporting continues on "nbc nightly news" with lester holt, that's right after this newscast. >> everybody in seat pleasant, in p.g. county, maryland, in d.c., virginia, it feels good to see it come full circle. so i'm enjoying it. >> remembering where it all got started, kevin durant gives a shout-out to his hometown after winning the nba championship. before k.d. was mvp, he was just a cud from seat pleasant. and plenty of people here watched last night as he got his first title. one of the reasons people haven't forgeten him, he hasn't forgotten
6:48 pm
win was also a win for prince george's county. >> it's almost like that community has that championship. it's almost like when the buzzer went to all zeros, we won. >> reporter: the people who taught kevin durant the game of basketball are still here today at the seat pleasant recreation center. they're teaching teens and up and coming athletes like alexander long, a forward from norfolk state. long has trained with k.d. and considers the finals mvp a mentor. >> i've been inspired by him, worked out and playing with him. i admire his skill set and his inspiration. >> reporter: durant has spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to give other kids interested in basketball a chance to be like him. just last month, durant's mother wanda was here to cut the ribbon on a newly renovated basketball court, made possible with money from durant's foundation. >> he loves the community. seat pleasant is home. he spent his childhood here and adult life here.
6:49 pm
was here in person for the opening of the indoor basketball court he also donated too. he's a fundamental part of this room there place. >> if he can do it, why not you? why not anybody else? these kids look up to him. so it's just a good positive role model. >> reporter: if you're wondering where kevin durant got this giving heart, take a look at the man there, coach brown, the same man who helped to train kevin durant years ago. in seat pleasant, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. we don't have a championship team, but we can celebrate. >> we have a champion, and that's good enough for us. >> they're going to need some shade on that court out there, though. that's for sure. >> yeah, outdoor court today, probably not the best idea. it's been on the hot side for sure. three days in a row of 90s. somebody e-mailed me and said didn't we have that back in may? not at dca. we did at
6:50 pm
in may, we had one day at 89. 92, 89, 91. so, yes, this is our first official heat wave and it's been on the hot side for sure. definitely felt like it. temperatures today into the 90s. 91 degrees now at the airport. says 90, but it's now up to 91. winds out of the south, 14 miles per hour. heat index still close to a hundred degrees. extremely humid and that's even the bigger issue here. rain, not really dealing with any rain. back towards winchester, seeing shower activity here south of winchester, frederick and shenandoah counties. may see some come through northern virginia, but most of us will remain dry. tomorrow, 75 at the start, humid around noon, better chance of showers and storms in the afternoon. if you're heading to the pool, it's going to be a hot one. 85 on your thursday, 84 on friday. an
6:51 pm
best chance of storms coming up on saturday with a high temperature of 87. most of next week, it's on the warm side too. we'll be right back, sports coming up next.
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> we have a familiar face in a familiar home, sitting in an unfamiliar chair. >> different role for doug williams. he created history in d.c. and played for legends and became a legend. his journey through football in life was influenced by many coaches, and here in washington, he made history as the first african american quarterback to one a super bowl. now he's hoping to craft the redskins' future. he's the new senior vice president of player personnel. it's a promotion for him. it comes three months after the gera
6:55 pm
challenge, and as he told sherree burruss, carries with him wisdom from another trail blazer. >> when i think about last night, you know, when i went to bed and when i woke up this morning, the guy i thought about most was bobby mitchell. he was the assistant general manager when i got here. i had an opportunity to sit down with bobby. i know bobby is listening today, he's really happy that i'm in this position. and i'm going to embrace it and like bruce and i talked, it's my job to run that department and run it the way that he think i can run it and the way i feel like i can. >> williams' promotion coming as the start of mini camp for the burgundy and gold. >> reporter: this week's camp, mandatory. and the redskins were looking like the redskins. stars trent williams, jordan reed, back on the field with their teammates after working out on their own during otas. matt
6:56 pm
lots of drama surrounding the running back who was absent from voluntary work-outs after slipping down the depth chart. >> we can put a plan together and see where i'll end up with some kind of trade talk during draft. and me and my agent sat down and put a plan together, to try to see and talk to teams, to see what's going on. as far as that, i'm here to work. >> was there any question in your mind that matt jones would be here this week? >> there's no question in my mind, it's a mandatory camp, he's on our team. >> reporter: the question, how long will he be here? for jones to be a factor again, that may not be easy. >> rob kelley's done a great job, matt brown, keith marshall is showing up big after injury. and all those guys can play. and chris thompson has a locked down role as third-down back and maybe more. it's a tough position to crack, but i wouldn't put anything past matt.
6:57 pm
sherree burruss, news4 sports. the nats hosting the braves again tonight. fans struggling with the heat, but even tougher with the bullpen. a thorn in this club's side all season showed itself again in the series opener, blowing a 9-6 lead after the bullpen gave up five runs. 11 blown saves this season. only the mets have more in the national league. joe ross is on the mound tonight. let's hope for another 12-strikeout performance by him tonight. sales are up at christos, they are taking on d.c. united in the fourth round of a competition called the u.s. open cup. a battle between guys with full-time jobs against guys who play soccer full time. christos, like the liquor store will try to bend it like bourbon. [ laughter ] >> that was a good one. >> full credit, i don't write
6:58 pm
my neighbor gave me that. >> for the record, after what i said yesterday about christos, good luck, guys. i'm with you. "nightly news" coming up next. >> we'll see you for
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, an american set free in north korea, sentenced to 15 years of hard labor, now suddenly on his way home. and a mystery tonight, his parents say he's in a coma. what happened to this student from ohio. grilled before congress, fiery exchanges as the attorney general comes out swinging in his defense and senators accuse jeff sessions of impeding the russia investigation by refusing to answer questions. prison break manhunt, the search for a pair of escape inmates who killed their guards, armed and dangerous and on the run. seeing on the road a consumer alert tonight about the headlights on some of the most popular suvs on the road. how many don't get a passing grade. inspiring america, a little girl wishing to honor the men and


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